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tv   CBS 2 News 10  CBS  October 31, 2015 10:00pm-10:30pm CDT

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off - the iowa hawkeyes - were back at kinnick - - trying to run up - - an incredible - eight and - oh - winning - season. season.they tooooon the maryland *tarrapins at home. our cbs 2 sports team is there tonight, and we begin with pat maroney joininus with a first look at your highlights. if at the beginning of the season... you told iowa fans that the hahaeyes were ranked coming off the bye week... they would've been thrilled... but instead... they're in the top ten... and trying to stay rfect and get to 8-0... . .the hawks hosted maryland at kinnick this afternoon... with zach johnson on hand... 2nd quarter... iowa up a score and going for another... here's akrum wadley.... he hits the hole... juke move... touchdown hawkeyes... they jump out to a 14-nothing lead... it was 24-7 in the e urth... maryland threatening... but not anymore... it's desmond king with the interception... surprise surprise... his 7th of the year... but he wawa hungng for more... king takeses it all the way back... and iowa wins again, 31-15... here's more from kirk
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ferentz... i don't know how good we are as a football team, but our guys are playing hard and they play together, and really proud of them to move to eight and all that. it's a very significant accomplishment. it hasn't been done an awful lo and really happy for the guys that way, but that being said, we're still halfway through the big ten. we've got a lot of work ahead of us. certainly we'll see a lot of things to correct and improve on we'll have more hawkeye and college football coverage a little latat on in sports... overseas tonight, there are *no survivors after a russian plane carrying 224 people - crashed. happened in the sinai peninsula region of egypt shortly after take off. the red sea region is popular with russian tourists.tonight, isis is claiming responsibility for bringing down the plane.but some are questioning th - the terrorist group isn't known to have weapons capable of that high. new tonight, tonight,a man marching down
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springs, colorado - shot and killed three people, before being killed by police in a shootoutpolice say officers were responding to a report of shots being fired when they spotted a suspect matching the description of tpe person they were trying to find. officers say e suspect opened fire,e, and police fired back.there are still details that investigators say they're still trying to work out - some witnesses have implied there *could be more victims. it's happened again - at least 27 people are dead - after pyro-technics - - started a fire - - and then a stampede - in a night - club. witnesses inside t - dance club in romania - say some were burned alive - others over-comeby smoke.are least 180 - people - mostly teens - suffered injuries.a night - club blaze - two years ago in brazil - killed 235 . and a decade ago - one- hundred died in rhode - island - amid - pyro-technics - at
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flames - - caused an emergenc- over-night - - for some students s at the university of iowa. iowa.the alarms started d ing off around 1:30 this morning at slater residence hall- west side. 2 news reporter what happened next. severastudents are still trying to clean up the ater damage after the fire set off the sprinkler system this morning.but when the alarms first went off, the freshmen and sophomores living there didngt imdiately think it was a fire. fire. "at first i didn't know if it was real or not." not." "we thought it was a drill. so we were just hanging out in the middle."that's what several students say they assumed when alarms woke them up saturday morning at slater residence hall.but once officials told t tm to evacuate... evacuate... "you could see the smoke coming out of one of the rooms. the university says that smoke came from one room on the ninth floor. floor. "the sprinklers aaas anticipated, as we're grateful they did, which did help minimize the damage."the fire caused water and smoke damage. the students from that room are temporarily living in
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other residence halls. halls. "my room's pretty wet right now."but working sprinklers - mean a lot of water.students still living in slater are now left waiting for their building to dry up. up."like i know on the sixth floor, when you stand on the carpet as soon a ayou stood of water." water." "some of her books are damaged and our rug was completely drenched in water." the university says its working to handle the water damage - what matters is the evacuation and sprinkler system went as planned. planned."they worked as they should, students are safe and that's the goal." the university will be workind with risk management and its using department over the next few days.they'll be alerting students on how they can file damage claims. investigators are still looking into what caused the fire, but they don't think it was set on purpose.steffi lee, cbs 2 news, ten at ten. being halloween tonight, it's sidewalks - and on the roads. and national numbers show
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on weekend this year - *could be mamanot think of halloween being a big night for drinking and driving - but the national highway traffic safety admnistration says crashes involving drunk drivers are 3 times more likely to happen on halloween - than new yearsrsthat means the iowa state patrol will be out tonight, and they urge you to use caution. we work really hard to make sure we're focusing on high volume traffic roads but anytime we have holiday traffic, we have extra people out, we have extra people in this area. area.trooper conrad says even with extra patrol, every driver needs to take safety precautions. that jack-o-lantern - - that's sitting in the window - or on your front - porch - - looks pretty - cool - - tonight. . .but you know what happens - - the toothy grin - starts to droop - - and jack turns to jello mush.but there's help.should your pumpkin - survive - the gobblins - now you can - compost** it.the nutrients - are good for growing - a vegetable garden - or flower - iowa city - -
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waste bags - to be picked up by the cedar rapids - - you can put them - - right in your - yardy** - containers. the game isn't until - well after halloween - - and even - after thanks-giving - but in iowa city - you can get - up close and personal - with a replic- of the heroes* goes to the winner of the iowa - nebraska game.this copy - is making the rounds - at hy-vee's at the first avenue hy-vee - in iowa city y now - and the north dodge street location - on sunday. everybody's getting in on the halloween spirit, including kids and their families at the jane boyd center in cedar rapids., dozens of them showed up for their trunk-or- treat event.they moved it inside because of the damp weather, but it was still a whole lot of fun and there was a whole lot of candy to go around.why trunk or treat? because it offers something for everyone. if you're looking for a freight** night - for halloween - north - west cedar rapids - is the place to be. be.the haunted garage* - will be very - scary - -
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all week-end .this is the tenth* year for the spooky attraction - on - stoney point's closed now -- but open until ten - sunday night.admission is free. - but you're asked to bring a canned food donations - for the salvation army. "the concept is very unassuming. people come up here, they don't see a lot of lawn decorations or anything that's threatening or anything and so when they walk in, we just throw everything at them and it's just an assault on the nerves and people come out just 'what the heck was that?'" that?'"if you plan to visit the haunted garage - tomorrow - the address is - 69-14 - terrazzo - drive - north-west. if you're still looking for something to do, it's nonoto late to head to "the monster charity branch" at the longbranch hotel in marion.all proceeds from the event benefit the american cancer society.the hel wants people to have a good, but *safe time
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- they even have discounted hotel rates for anyone who joins in on the fun and just stay put. "we want everybody to be safe. everybody who comes to our party - we have slap and tickle in the back, and then we have a dj out front" front"there's still time - the event continues until 1 in the morning.
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the trick or treaters tonight! our temps will be in the 50s and low 40s through the evening. here is a look at our temps right now....winds are from the south/southwest so it's a bit breezy right now. satellite and radar shows showers off to our east and decreasing clouds.predictor
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clear skies overnight. we will see lots of sunshine e tomorrow with temperatures warming into the
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will keep us warm and nice for the next couple days!tonight: staying dry with partly cloudy skies. lows bottom out in the upper 30s and low 40s. tomorrow: sunny with highs warming into the mid 60s.our seven day forecast shows sunshine and 70s monday- wednesday. a cold front brings rain us thursday and friday and drops our highs in the 50s to kick off the weekend next in sports... the hawkeyes are back on the gridiron... and they go for 8-0 against the maryland terrapins... stay with c-b-s two for full highlightsts. "cbs 2 news connects with you. call us at 1-800-222-kganemail us at news at kgan.comconnect with us on facebook at
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trippin' out of state, to a scenic college town just a few hours away.that's monday on it's been two weeks since the tenth-ranked iowa hawkeyes have played a football game... and three weeks since they've been on their home field at kinnick stadium... today... they returned to the gridiron... anantried to keep the perfect season going... zach johnson in town to help the hawkeyes welcome maryland to kinnick... first quarter... no score... welcome back leshun daniels.... the big fella rumbles and tumbles into ththend zone... that gives the hawks an early 7-0 lead... and the ground game kept grinding in the second... it's akrum wadley from eleven yards
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quicks.... dadaels, wadley, and d derrick mitchell all rushed for scores against the terps... and the defense dominated all afternoon long... fourth quarter... desmond king gets hisands on the rock once again... that's his 7th i-n-t in eight games this season...and then he shows what he can do once he has the ball.... all the way back to the house... iowa wins, 31-15... not a huge day from c-j deathard and the offense... but the defense was stingy onon again... and the hawkeyes improve to 8-0... here's zach hanley with more... available. available... captioning not
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it's now the joel lananng era at iowa state... the cyclones at home against texas... first quarter... hand it to the young gun... mike warren having a huge freshman season... he runs in for a score... 7-0 iowa state early on... and this defense was as good tonight... as it's been in years... the pressure forces jarod heard out of the pocket... and look at the leaping ability from jordan harris.... that's an athletic linebacker... second half now... lanning with all day to throw.... and he makes a good throw... to dondre daley... that's a touchdown....that makes it 17-0 iowa state... and after a week of turmoil... paul rhoads and the cyclones shut out texas... 24-0... joel lanning was pretty good... but the defense stood out... they'll try to keep it going next week at oklahoma... still ahead in sports, panthers look fresh.why playoff dreams aren't dead yet in cedar falls.more sports
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@ the players and coaches will be the first to admit it... u-n-i dug themselves a hole with three straight losses in october... but playoff dreams aren't dead yet in cedar falls... they just have to win out... the panthers were looking fresh in the new all-black unis... down 7-0 in the second quarter... look at this play design... fake run... aaron bailey finds braden lehman wiiiide open... that ties it at seven... then next drive... bailey wants to taste the end zoneimself... calls his own number... and the panthers push the pile... took awhile for the signal... there it is... u-n-i goes up 14-7...and
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defense... south dakota goes downeld here... but dfiondre hall... always in the right place at theheright time... he picks it off... one of two u-n- i turnovers on the day... and the panthers move to 4-4 on the season with a 20-7 win... and it was more dominant than that... they outgained south dakota by over 200 yards... they're back at the dome next week against indiana state... here's a quick check of some iowa conference scores... coe gets off the schneid th a 44-22 home win over luther... and wartburg put a beat down on buena vista, 55-0 the final there... all around the state... high school kids have been running... and running... and running... and today... the best of the best ran for a state championship... it's the state cross country meet in fort dodge... and several local kids moved ahead of the pack... let's start with the two-a girls... monticello'spaige holub... back to back state titles... thatat a rare feat... on the boys side... aplington- parkersburg's c-j may was tired at the end... but it was all worth it... he's your
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two-a boys champ... those are your individual winners... we also had some team winners in fort dodge... mount vernon- lisbon teamed up for a three-a boys state title... cascade took home the two-a girls crown... and last but not least... the central elkader girls are one-a state champions.s. now to the swimming pool... linn-mar hosted a girls regional meet on saturday... let's start with a couple of kennedy cougars... in the 50-yard freestyle... it's kirsten siebenga... that's a photo finish.. and the senior gets it done by a h hr.. in the 100-yard freestyle... maddie bagby was cruising... the kennedy junior finishes well ahead of the pack... finishing in just over 53 seconds... and then it was a washington sophomore who shined in the 100-butterfly... lauren havertape takes the regional crown... as a team the warriors finished second in the region... kennedy finished first...
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kids in north liberty - may be in a candy coma* - - by now - after a huge halloween party tonight.the fire department - hosted the included - plenty of activities - for all those kids - - including a oto booth.the treats- included all the favoritete - plus - cookies - and hot chocolate. "they are a huge factor for us being able to get out and help people, medical , fire, they allow us to do our job." job."kids also got an up - close look - at the fire trucks - - during this third year - - for the
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>>announcer: z wrestling is brought to you in part by the health alert hotline. tonight on "ring of honor" i face two very different snridz a triple threat match.
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