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tv   CBS 2 News 10  CBS  November 2, 2015 10:00pm-10:35pm CST

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release a statement agreeing with a proposal to ban firearms on city property. "the board agrees and consensus that we are following our missssn statement, being responsive to community needs, and taking responsibility fothe future success of the library by supporting a apons ban on city property." property."the city council did not discuss the issue in tonight's council meeting because the library board was not able to attend. it's not clear whether they will discuss it at a later time. this isn't the first time the iowa gun owners group has launched a campaign like this. last year, the group posted on social media congressional candidate anessa kajtazovic's personal contact info after she called for new gun legislation..she said that led to threatening messages and phone cas. cbs 2 news ten at ten continins now withthore of the corridor's top stories. stories.the man accused of
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killing a woman outside the marion hy-vee will soon face a judge. judge.jury selection began today in the first degree murder trial of nicholas luerkens. luererns.he's accused of fatally stabbing 29-year-old lynnsey happened in the crowded marion hy-vee parking lot in april. prosecutors say luerkens was stalking donald and plotting to kill her.he says he's not guilty. cbs 2 news has learned, the state will pay 235- thousand dollars to settle a lawsuit filed by a forme resident of the state-run juvenile home in toledo. toledo.jessica turner, who is now 21, claims she was kept in isolation cells for 280 days in 20-11 and 20-12.turner says she could only leave the cell to use the restroom, and wasn't allowed any homework or reading material.concerns over the treatment of residents there prompted governor branstad to close the home last year. a strong el nino has developed this year in the tropical pacific, and it's gettininbigger. bigger.some are calling it godzilla because of the potential damage it could
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cause around the globe.but what does it mean for eastern iowa this winter? winter?chief meteorologist terry swails joins us knono with the storyryyou will onlnl see on cbs 2 news. news. the kind of winter we have here in iowa is determineda&in parta&thousands of miles away in the pacific ocean. winds that usually blow east to west can slow down or even reverses at this time of year, causing a giant pool of warm water to form along the equator. that warm water - covering an area about half the size of the entire u.s. - packs more energy than a a milllln atomic bomom. as that water tracks eastward, it sets off a ripple effect of weather conditions across the globea&causing severe storms, floods and droughts. it's called "el ni" - spanish for r "the b b child" because it peaks in december around the birth of the christ child. child.this is a strong el nino yeara&and it is still strengthening. we're already seeing signs like hurricane patricia that struck mexico recentlylya&as the strongest pacific hurricane ever
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recorded. el nino has an 84% chance of peaking in late fall or early wier. the climate prediction center says there is a 95% chance that these conditions will last through the winter, gradually weakening through spring 2016. here in iowa, that often means above-normal temperatures. cold weather still happens, but extreme cold is generally less severe and less frequent. snow tends to be lighter too. the last two strong el nino years in 1982 and 1997 gave iowans warm temperatures and less snow. snow. but here's where i i have a little differenentake on el nino than the weather service. several very cold iowa winters occurred during el nia episodes including the winters of 1976-1977, 1977- 1978 and more recently 2009- 2010. in other words, el nia does not guarantee a warm winter, but tends to shift the probabilities in that direction. direction.this year's global sea surface temperatures do not resemble those of the warm
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el nino winters. the data i'm looking at points to the colder el nino's of 1963 and 2009. those years in iowa b bh hahawarm october's that carried into much of november. then the pattern abruptly turned cold and wintry come december and january. i'm leaning heavily on those analogs to shape my forecast. while there's no sure way of knowing, i think this winter in eastern iowa has a good chance of being colder than what noaa is predicting with at least average snow and normal precipitation. i'm expepeing our heaters and snow shovels will get their fair share of work. my sense is that this year's el nino will be more of a foe than a friend. as the saying
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today was the first day on the job for university of iowa president bruce harreld.both harreld, and the state board of regents, have faced backlash ever since he was appointed on september, protestors took over campus. they say harreld's appointment was unfair and biased.i spent part of the morning with him - and asked his thoughts on the negative publicity. "it comes with the territory. i've been part of these transistions multiple times, and everyone gets a little nervous, anxious, they don't know me, they anticipate the worst it seems, , d quite frankly, some bad behavior starts to pop up". up".harreld says the protests had nothing to do with his decision making over the job. he aid it was somomhing he and his wife talked a long time about - and ultimately made the choice to be a candidate. can see my full interview with bruce harreld
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now ten at ten continues with a look at tonight's other stories across the corridor. the iowa city school district is one of three districts in the state with the highest number of reported bullying data shows the district had 4 4cases reported last year.district officials say they aren't sure whether the report shows the full picture.the district has adopted a new code defining bullying, which includes name calling, physical olence, and bullying on n social media. the clinton campaign is coming to coralville.the former secretary of state will hold a town hall tomorrow at s.t. morrison park.that event is scheduled to startrtt three. clinton will also hold a similar event at grinell college. on the g-o-p side,ben carson is now the favorite among repubican voters.according to a new nbc news-wall streetet joururl poll, carson has a six point leader over donald trump. florida senator marco rubio rounds out the top three with 11-percent. voters across the corridor
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will head to the polls tomorrow for ity elections. cedar rapids voters will decide the fate of a 27-cent tax levy that would fund public library marion, voters will elect a new mayor. sentee ballots must be postmarked before midnight tonight.polls open tomorrow morning at seven and close at tomorrow night at eight. a cedar rapids company companyis celebrating a, thomas l. cardella and associates marked 20 years of business in the corridor.the integrated contact center thanked all of its ployees, but especily three who have been with the company since the beginning. kiki across the corridoror pounded the pavement this weekend for a few sweet treats. treats.but today, some traded in their stash for cash.the cedar rapids smile center held its annual candy buyback program dollar was paid out for every pound of candy. that is cbs 2 news ten at ten -- the corridor's top stories and tomorrow's weather first forecast in the first ten minutes. minutes.but we are just getting started.coming up...
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up...another playoff meeting between west delaware and solon.could the spartans end the hawks' hot streak at home? zach hasthe answer coming up on the "o-t".
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next on c-s two news... news...the b brs were ready to roar at the little rose bowl -- but would it be enough for a west branch win? the "o-t"
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in second week of the playoffs -- we move from 16 teams in a class to 8 -- cedar rapids kennedy -- wanting to be one of those lucky 8 -- but this season hasn't been lucky for the cougars -- from start to finish they've been the monster from the metro -- 2013 was the last time they reached the quarterfinals -- a win over north scott -- get's them thereand from the start it was a heavy dose of tyler dralle -- first drive of the game for the cougars -- finishes with a dralle touchdownthen after a lancers fumble -- dralle plays hide and seek with his lineman -- and finds the endzone -- kennedy up 14second quarter more of the same -- handoff to dralle -- touchdown kennedy too easy for the cougs -- so they decied to switch it up -- nick deer --- drops one right into shaun buyer's hands -- all kennedy in this one 49 to 7 the final. both washington and jefferson know a thing or two about the playoffs -- the two schools have qualified for the
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postseason -- 31 comibined times -- but in all that time, they've only face eachother twice in the playoffs -- the last one was 1979 1979tonight it the 3rd postseason meeting -- and the offenses came out firing.... first drdre of the game... and the j-hawks get six... jared evans to brock hunt on a quick hitter... and just like that... it's 7-0 jefferson... but wash answered in a big way... t-j vogel... looking deep... drops it in the bucket to isaiah nimmersrs. what a throw and catch... we're tied at 7... and then on the next warrior drive... they chuck it downfield again... this time vogel throws a strike to a wide open keion wills... and he wills is way in for six... they're in the 3rd at kingston... it's 35-21 wash... for the third straight year -- solon and west delaware are facing off in the second round of the playoffs -- two years ago the spartata me away with the win -- last year -- it was the hawks -- so you could call tonight's meeting -- the rubber match matchwest delaware hasn't lost
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no score in the first -- hawks driving -- max ride-en-our -- lofts one up to josh nagel -- west delaware goes up 7 nothing and they weren't done -- second quarter it's ride-en-our --again -- this time with his feet -- to make it 14 nothingand the kid plays on defense too -- ride-en-our -- breaks up the pass in the endzone -- as west delaware es on to win 37 to 14 the final. staying in 3-a --- xavier hosting decorah..rough start for the saints.. right after a fumblele. decorah with a run fake that fools everybody... and big marshall johnson keeps the legs moving... he falls in for a t-d... 7-0 would be 10-0 decorah before xavier answered... brice schulte rolling to his right... he tosses it to blake whitten... touchdown?... touchdown... xavier cuts it to 10-7... then later in the first half... schulte's gonna a keep it himself... he motors in for a score... but in the end it was the vikings who pull off the upset... they win, 30-21... .
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last week it was a raider rumble in a-town -- and anaomsa kept their season alive -- this week -- same situation -- it's the blue raiders of anamosa hosting the red raiders of williamsburg williamsburgonly one raider will win -- first drive of the game for anamosa -- collin shulte running the option -- pitches it to boone whooseman -- and he's off to the races -- 30 yards on the score -- blue raiders go up 7 nothing back come the red raiders -- vic malloy -- rolol out and finds noah heits-hue-sen in the endzone -- game tied at 7 still tied in the 2nd -- shulte -- calls his own number and breaks the tie -- anamosa goes back up 7williamsbubu answers again -- malloy -- pulls a shulte and keeps it -- the dive gives him 6 -- but the blue raiders get the win 42 to 14. it was a heavyweight fight at ed thomas field -- a-p hosting waukonjump to the second -- falcons down 20 to nothing --
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haden hammel -- rips the ball away -- and he's going all the way -- the other way -- the strip and score makes it 26 to nothing indiansand they weren't done -- third quarter now -- peyton hesse -- the younger brother of parker who plays for the e hawks -- drops a dime to wyatt willeand that would set up this --- mitchell snicker -- takes the pitch -- and runs in for 6 -- as waukon gets the win 42 to 21the final. and still to come on cbs 2 2could regina continue their impressive streak of 26 straight postseason wins -- that after the break.
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with you if you think we can grow our economy while ignoring climate change, think again. america's most innovative companies are already moving to clean energy using existing technology to improve their bottom line. now we need a plan to help businesses and families across america to save money on electricity and create millions of new jobs. it all starts with 50% clean energy by 2030.
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what they're expected to do in the postseason --- win -- last wednesday was no different -- regina's post season win streak is up to 26 straight -- extending it to 27 might not be as easy as it sounds hudsds -- has been a tougugout to every team they played.and the pirates struck first -- blake hottle -- runs the keeper --- and hottle gets to the corner -- hudson goes up 6 nothingbut after that it was all regina and nathan stenger -- he fakes the handoff -- and fakes out our camera -- stenger is in for 6 -- regals take a to 6 leadand it worked so well the first time -- hy not do it agianan- this one mumu easier -- regina gets
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to the little rose bowl -- west branch hosting pella chrisitanless than two minutes before half --- eagles on the move -- but the bears dedense comes up big -- drew finnegan -- pounces on the fumble -- and the dude is fired up -- that kept the score 13 to 6 west branch at the halfthird quarter -- pella on the move -- levie jungling takes the handoof and scoots in for the score -- to take a 14 to 13 lead..but not for long -- devin kindon -- caps off the drive with a score -- west branchchgets the win 42 to 27. dike new hartford hosting panorama -- in a top 10 tilt. but this one was all wolveriines -- no score in the first -- tren johnson -- dragging defenders inside the 10 --d that has d-n-h -- knocking on the door -- guess who -- mr. touchdown himself -- trent johnson scores -- 7 nothing wolverinesand they% weren't done -- jacob moore -- air mails one to connor
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new-roth -- pagake delivered -- 60 yards on the score -- and the wolviernes are headed to the quarterfinals -- 48 nothing the final. no one has slowed down the don bosco offense -- 54 points was the fewers amount they've scored in a game this season -- but what's been even more impressive -- the dons defense -- they've given up 4total points and that defefse would be key toninit against turkey valley - - the trojans like to score too and it didn't take long for turkey valley -- cody hackman lets one rip --- and william ein-walter -- sumersalts into the endzone -- 6 nothing trojansbut the dons come right back -- nick mangrich -- simply will not be stopped -- 48 yards on the score -- don bosco takes an 8 to 6 leadand they'd a a to it later in the quarter -- joel sweeney takes the handoff -- and runs right at hannah -- dons go up 10 -- and they'd go on to win 74 to 34 staying in the 8 man game -- janesville hosting west bend - mallard... first quarter...
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wolverines strike first... nolan dahl-houser is down... but not all the wadown... janesville doesn't finish the play... and that's a 41-yard t-d run... 6-0 west bend- mallard.. janesville got it back in the second though... noah dodd... play action... fires a dart to josiah ho- vevea... missed extra point makes it a 6-6 game... but the ground game got to janesville... there's a big ol' hole for travis fehr to run through.... wolverines go up 14-6... and there were plenty more points aftete thth... janesville is upset... 75-45 the final... stay with c-b-s two -terry has one last look at your forecast
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dear future, sailed through that diaper stage, learned to walk, and i'm reading like a third-grader. but now it's time to go out into the world. and from what i hear, it's not all toys and games out there. will you look out for me, future??
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it's that time of year again, no shave novemberlots of men love the reduced grooming workload, but as you may know, it also has a deeper meaning, cancer awareness.johnson county sheriff's deputies, as well as iowa city police officers wilbe taking part. theieileaders will be relaxing the rules and encouraging them to donate the money they'd normally spend on might also see them wearing lavender.
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