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tv   CBS2 This Morning Early Edition  CBS  November 3, 2015 5:00am-6:00am CST

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let's get a check of our cbs 2
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new university of iowa president bruce harreld harreldis being welcomed to his new job with some controversy. controversy.protesters say choosing president harreld was unfair to the other candidates candidatesand did not reflect the opinions of the university community.they say t tt makes the new president and the board of regents incapable of being stewards of iowa's public education.many protesters are calling for their resignations. "the peoplplwho the institution is supposed to be serving are the people whose voices are least respected by the board of regents." regents."the board of regents says the group has the right to voice their opinions -- but they are ssisfied with the process and look forward to working with president harreld.
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cbs 2 news spoke with harreld on his first day on the job -- we asked what his thoughts are on the negative publicity. "it comes with the territory. i've been part of these transitions multiple times, and everyone gets a little nervous, anxious, they don't know me, they anticipate the worst it seems, and quite frankly, some bad behavior starts to pop up". up".harreld says the protests had nothing to do with his decision making over the job. making over the job.he said it was something he ananhis wife talked abobo for a long time -- and ultimately made the choice to be a candidate. can see our full interview with bruce harreld on cbs two-iowa-dot-com. voters across the corridor will head to theheolls today for city elections. ections.cedar rapids voters will decide the fate of a 27- cent tax levy that would fund public library marion, voters will elect a new mayor. polls open abouou two hours from right now, and close tonight at eight. be sure to tune in to cbs 2 news
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city leaders in kalona might soon have to decide whether to ban guns on cici property. property.the debebe started recently when a citizen saw another person carrying a gun in the kalona public library. that person complained, which prompted the library to release a statement agreeing with a proposal to ban firearms on city property. "the board agrees and consensus that we are following our mission statement, being responsive to community neeee, and taking responsibility for the future success of the library by supporting a weapons ban on city property." property."but the debate didn't end there.the group iowa gun owners,s,ased out of des moines, says the proposed ban is not rational.on monday they came to kalona, handing out flyers asking citizens to stand up for their second amendment rights. "all these areas where we've seen innocent people being murdered happened in areas where government officials, local or state or federal,
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have to clear those areas off-limits to law-abiding citizens" citizens"the city coununl did not discuss the issue in last night's council meeting because the library board was not able to leaders now say the issue is dead, until the library board brings it back up. this isn't the first time the iowa gun wners group has launched a campaign like this. last year, the group posted on social media congressional candidate anessa kajtazovic's personal contaet information after she refused to fillllut survey from m the organization. she said that led to threatening messages and phone calls. jury selection continues today in the trial of a man accused of killing a woman outside the marion hy-vee. hy-vee.nicholas luerkens is charged with first-degree murder, murder,in the fatal stabbing of 29-year-old lynnsey donald. it happened in the crowded marion hy-vee parking lot in april.prosecutors say luerkens was stalking donald and plotted to kill her.he has pleaded not guilty. cbs 2 news has learned the
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dollars to settle a lawsuit filed by a former resident of the state-run juvenile home in toledo. toledo.jessica turner is now 21 -- she claims she was kept in isolation cells for 280 days in 20-11 and 20-12.turner says she could only leave the cell to use the restroom -- and wasn't allowed to have any homework or reading material. concerns over the treatment of residents there prompted governor branstad toclose the home last year. today, a legislative oversight t committee will hold the firir of two hearings to review the governor's plan to privatize the state's medicaid program. program.critics have been raising questions about the ojected savings, how contracts have been awawded so far, and how the plan will impact patients.yesterday governor branstad defended his plan saying it will streamline service at a lower cost. "the dept of human services has shared with me the spreadsheet and the citeria and the approach that they used. i think that we acted in an appropriate way. and we
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25 other states haha been able to move forward with this." this."iowa's medicaid program provides care to poor children, families, disabled people, and low-income-adultsts it's funded with more than 4-billion dollars in state and federal funds. an update on the controversial keystone x-l pipeline. pipeline.the canadian company behind it has asked the u-s state department to pause its review of the project.the pipeline would stretch from canada to the u-s gulf coast. transcanada said they wanted to suspend the review while they're working with nebraska authorities for approval.the obama administration was expected to reject it. a follow up to the russian plane that crashed in egypt over the weekend. weekend.experts will soon be decoding the black box recovered from the debris. investigators spent yesterday combing the crashsite.a u-s infrared satellite detecteded heat flash along the same area the plane went down on saturday.right now -- a bomb has not been ruled out -- but the u-s director of national
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intelligence says there's no proof terrorisis were behind the crash -- even though an isis affiliate has claimed investigation could take months. the president says the u-s is not putting troops on the front lines in syria to fight the islamimistate, despite his decicion to deploy special ops troops on the ground. ground.these are his first comments on the issue since the deployment was announced. he says it's just an extension of what the u-s was already doing.the comments coco three days after the white house announced plans to send up to 50 special ops troops to help kurdish and arab forces in the middle eastern country. the democratic front-runner front-runnerin the race for the white house returns to the corridor today.hillary clinton is holding a town hall meeting in coralville.doors open at 1:30.after that, she'll head to central iowa for another town hall meeting in grinnell at 6-forty five. a republican running for the white house is also in eastern iowa.ohio governor john kasich is talking about balancing the budget at a town hall meeting at loras college, in dubuque. that starts at 11 this morning
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-- doors open at 10-30. and we'll have a full recap of all the week's political news on iowa in focus.i will be hosting that program sunday morning -- on c-b-s 2 at 10-30 and our sister station fox 28 at 9-30. kids across the corridor pounded the pavement this weekend for a few sweet treats. treats.but some traded in their stash for cash.the cedar rapids smile center held its annual candy buy-back program dollar was paid out for every pound of candy. the group hopes this will help cut down gingivitis and cavities in local children. it's coming up next... next...the golfer trying to break world records over and over again. your cbs 2 weather
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a man in texas has a knack for breaking records on the golf course. course.yesterday he was presented with his official guinness world record certificate from last year. year.shardae neal expxpins why one record just wasn't enough. enough. (nats)you can definitely say-- - there's nothing *miniature* about michael furrhs' golf game ...(michael furrh/world record holder)last year i set the world rececd with a 19 foot 5 inch driver hitting 89 yards!yeah ... this local golf pro has *topped* all *guinness world records* when it comes to the *loooongest* driver ... (michael furrh/world record holder) we set the world record probably ababt 9 times last what do you do when you're reigning king of the ... uh... *club?*well, you try and beat your *own* record, right?(michael furrh/world record holder) at 22 feet 6 and 3 quarter inches where i just hit a ball at this point 70 yards on the fly for another new guinness world record.not the farthest drive furrh has done ---guess this
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the less powerful *the swing* ...but furrh isn't just *breaking* world records ... he's been able to raise 54- thousand in *charity* bucks ... hey! you can't beat *that* with a stick!hmmm... now, all he needs is for someone to make the world's largest *golol
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it's now on this morning. morning.after the break... break...all the action from a busy night of high school football -- while the fifid of 16 is cut down to 8.
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you get better water, and service you can actually count on. dad: hey, culligan man. culligan m m: hey! dad: this is great! culligan man: i know. anncr: leave it to the experts. with a culligan whole-house water softening system, you get better water, and service you can actually week of the playoffs -- we move from 16 teams in a class to 8 -- cedar rapids kennedy -- wanting to be one of those lucky 8 -- but this season hasn't been lucky for the cougars -- from start to finish they've been the monster from the metro -- 2013 was the last time they reached the quarterfinals -- a win over north scott -- get's them thereand from the start it was a heavy dose of tyler dralle -- first drive of the game for the cougars -- finishes with a dralle touchdownthen after a lancers fumble -- dralle plays hide and seek with his lineman -- and finds the endzone --
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all kennedy in this one -- 49 to 7 the finalboth washington and jefferson know a thing or two about the playoffs -- the two scscols have qualified for the postseason -- 31 comibined times -- but in all that time, they've only face eachother twice in the playoffs -- the last one was 1979tonight it the 3rd postseason meeting -- and the offenses came out firing....first drive of the game... and the j-hawks get six... jared evans to brock hunt on a quick hitter... and just like that... it's 7-0 jefferson...but wash answered in a big way... t-j vogel... looking deep... drops it in the bucket to aiah nimmers... what a throw and catch... warrioio get the win -- 42 to 21for the third straight year -- solon and west delaware are facing off in the second round of the playoffs -- two years ago the spartans came away with the win -- laststear -- it s the hawks -- so you could call tonight's meeting -- the
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hasn't lost at brown field since --- 2012 no score in the first -- hawks driving -- max ride-en-our -- lofts one up to josh nagel -- west delaware goes up 7 nothingand they weren't done -- second quarter it's ride-en-our -- again -- this time with his feet -- hawks win -- 37 to 14. staying in 3-a --- xavier hosting decorah..rough start for the saints.. right after a fumble... decorah with a run fake that fools everybody... and big marshall johnson keeps the legs moving... he falls in for a t-d... 7-0 would be 10-0 decorah before xavier answered... brice schulte rolling to his right... he tosses it to blake whitten... touchdown?... touchdown... xavier cuts it to 10-7... but decorah gets the upset 30 to 21last week it was a raider rumble in a-town -- and anaomsa kept their season alive -- this week -- same situation -- it's the blue raiders of anamosa hosting the red raiders of williamsburg
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first drive of the game for anamosa -- collin shulte running the option -- pitches s it to boononwhooseman -- and he's off to the races -- 30 yards on the score -- blue raiders go up 7 nothingback come the red raiders -- vic malloy -- rolls out and finds noah heits-hue-sen ininhe endzone -- game tied at 7 -- but the blue raiders pull away -- anamosa wins 42 to was a heavyweight fight at ed thomas field -- a-p hosting waukonjump to the second -- fafaons down 20 to nothing -- trying to come back -- but haden hammel -- rips the ball away -- and he's going all the way -- the other way -- the strip and score makes it 26 to nothing indians -- waukon wins 42 to 21. the regaga did what they're expected to do in the postseason --- win -- last wednesday was no different -- regina's post season win streak is up to 26 straight -- extending it to o 27 migig not be asasasy as it sounds hudson -- has been a tough out to every team they played.and the
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hottle -- runs the keeper --- and hottle gets to the corner -- hudson goes up 6 nothingbut after that it was all regina and nathan stenger -- he fakes the handoff -- and fakes out our camera -- stenger isin for 6 -- regals take the lead and never look back -- 35 to 6 the finalto the little rose bowl -- west brarah hosting pella chrisitanlnls than two minutes before half --- eagles on the move -- but the bears defense comes up big -- drew finnegan -- pounces on the fumble -- and the dude is fired up -- and west branch holds on -- 42 to 27 the final. dike new hartford hosting panorama -- in a top 10 tilt. but this one was all wolveriines -- no score in the first -- tren johnson -- dragging dedenders side the 10 --and that has d-n-h -- knocking on the door -- guess who -- mr. touchdown himself -- trent johnson scores -- dike new hartford win 48 to 7 no one has slowed down the don bosco offense -- 54 points was the fewers amount they've scored in a game this season -- but what's been even more impressive -- the dons defense -- they've given up 43 total points and that defense would be key tonight against turkey
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score tooand it didn't take long for turkey valley -- cody hackman lets one rip --- and william ein-walter -- sumersalts into the endzone -- 6 nothing trojansbut the dons come right back -- nick mangrich -- simply will not be stopped -- 48 yards on the score -- don bosco takes the lead and wouldn't look back -- 74 to 34 the final. cbs-2 news connects with the us with your story tips at 1-800-222-kganor email us at news at cbs2iowa.comor conne with us
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thanks. the worlds most famous beagle was honored yesterday with a star on the hollywood walk of fame! fame!snoopy's star is right next to his creator, charles schulz.schulz's son, craig spoke at the ceremony.the new peanuts movie premieres this weekend. snoopy's star joins several other animated characters, bubu bunny, nald duck, the e rugrats, the simpsons, and many more iconic characters have their stars on the walk
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good morning again -- it's now still to come... come...the hero's welcome for one midwestern prprsports team after they became the newest world champions.'re watching
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@right now on cbs 2 2his morning...the troubling bullying statistics in iowa city -- and why the district says it might not be so bad. the terrifying video from inside the car during an uber ride gone wrong. the new efforts from south african prosecutors to put oscar pistorius in jail for murder. welcome to cbs two this morning...i'm kevin bbarry.
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t's get a check of our cbs 2
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e iowa city community school district is one of the top three districts for reported bullying incidents. incidents.they had 46 incidents in 20-14 and 2015. equity director kingsley botchway says the distrtrt reports everything from name calling to physical violence and they look on social media too.he says the high numbers don't necessarily mean there's more bullying going on in iowa city schools. "i think t tt it probably happens at every school district within the state, we just might report it differently."budded to "our teachers are doing more of a job as far as as soon as it happens, they try to identify it right away." awaw."the e wa department of education says it's also working with school administrators.they say while the system is imperfect, they're hoping to get more training out to school
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districts to get a more concrete definition of bullying. an act of bullying was ccght on camera inside an uber driver's car. california -- the driver edward caban had just asked 32-year-old benjamin golden -- who's a marketing executive at taco bell -- to get out of his car. golden then started swinging from the back seat.from the beginning -- caban said golden was belligerent and refused to give him a drop off address. "especially, as of lately, have made e me uncomfortabl and that's why i stopped driving at night. and, the scary part is, this happened at the end of my day shift, at 8 o'clock." o'clock."taco bell fired golden last night.they say he's now seeking professional help.uber has banned him from ever using their services again. right now in iowa city, city,police right are still looking for a pair of suspected car burglars.a witness told police they spotted two men breaking inin caca early y nday morning inin the 900 block of west benton street.but they were able to get away.police are asking others who had their vehicles broken into, or anyone with information, to call them.
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police in des moines say they'rere they'r'rlucky a half-hour long chase happened in the early morning hours on monday, when there weren't too many drivers on the's a story we first told you about yesterday morning, just hours after it happened.investigatoto say a suspect was swerving through several lanes of traffic during the chase, trying to get away.he finally ditched the vehicle, and attempted to run, but that's when a k-9 unit tracked him down.police had to call in paramedics s for the suspect who had been injured by the dog.the man was wanted on drug charges. an idaho rancher is dead after a shooting incident with police. police.authorities say it happened sunday night when a driver accidentally hit a cow. paramedics came to the scene to try to help the driver and a passenger in that car.that's when the cow charged at the emergency crews.when deputies tried to put the animal down -- its owner came out with h rifle. "there was an altercation that occurred, we can't release any further details other than all three occupants, the two deputies and mr. yantis did
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mr. yantis was fatally wounded and pronounced dead at the scene." scene."one of the deputies suffered a minor injury.the two people inside the car that hit the cow were both injured and wwt to the hospital. more incidents of halloween horrors have been reported. massachusetts, police were notified when trick-or-treaters were given first glance it may look like a piece of f ue candy, but police say it's a toilet bowl cleaning tablet. somebody on halloween night handed it out to a 6-year-old and a 14-year-old.police say this serves as a warning to look closely at your child's trick-or-t-tat candy. an update to another halloween trick-or-treating nightmare, a report of a needle being found in a child's candy has now been ruled a hoax.on sunday, popoce in brainerer minnesota sent a warning out on facebook about the needle-like object being found in the child's candy.but in a statement monday, they say the child made up the incident. another updada -- two men have been arrested for vandalizing
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an islamic center in massachusetts.cameron cappella and derrik demone are right now facing numerous charges -- including malicious destruction of property and tagging property.police say the two 18-year-olds spray- painted the letters "u-s-a" on the building numerous times. they're also accused of throwing eggs at the structure and authorities are treating this as a hate crime. oscar pistorius' case was heard by south africa's supreme court of appeals today. prosecutors are again pushing for a murder conviction.they say a judge made an error in acquitting him of the murder of his girlfriend reeva steenkamp.he was instead found guilty of a charge comparable to manslaughter.a panel of five judges will now decide if his conviction will stand. they could also order another trial. a nebraska woman is still recovering this morning from a tiger bite.police say she snuck into the omaha zoo to try to pet a tiger. tiger.authorities have cited jaqueline eide for trespassing. she was taken to the hospital with serious injuries and may even end up losing part of her fingers.zoo officials say the incident happened on halloween
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night when eide tried to pet one of the zoo's main attractions -- an 18-year-old tiger with 3 legs. we mentioned eaeaier that today is election day. residents in ohio today will vote on whether to legalize marijuana. marijuana.this is the first time voters in a state election will decide whether to approve recreational *and medical marijuana at the same time.under the measure, residents would be able to grow up to four plants for personal use.growing commercial marijuana would be allowed on ten farms throughout the state.if approved, ohio would be the fifth state e to legalize the recreational use of the drug. that's after colorado, washington, oregon and alaska. a new study to be released later today says teenagers spend nearly nine hours a day on some sort of media. and television are still the two favorites.the study found two-thirds of teenagers say they listen to music every single day -- and 58-percent watch t-v.but only 45-percent say they use cial media every day.the study is from the organization common sense media.they wanted to see
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how kids relate to various devices. cheering fans greeted the kansas city royals outside kauffman stadium monday after their world series win sunday night.the royals beat the mets in another come-from-behind win.they scored five runs in the 12-th inning to seal the royals first world ries championship inin0 years. "it's unbelievable. this is something they've been waiting for a long time as well, so i think this is unbelievable and they deserve it as much as we do." do."a championship parade will begin in kansas city at noon today. it's after the break... break.k.the new way you can cross one major errand off
5:29 am your cbs 2 a new local service has many people in the community talking. talking.word is spreading quickly because it simplifies a to do list item. item.i saw the chatter online, and decided to find out why aisles online has become so popular. popular. abby stern is a busy hairstylist, wife and mom of
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on her to do list, there's one thing she didn't have to do today.grocece shopping!g!aining popularity is hyvee's service called aisles online. instead of you walking down the aisle. the aisle comes to you.i used aisles online, ordered my groceries online and had them load it up for me.abby sayay itit pretty simple, all you do is make an account, specify your location, then go through a list and pick out the groceries you want. then, there are two ways to get them. you can drive to hyvee and let them load your trunknk or hyvee will deliver the groceries to your house! abby likes having them delivered to her house the best!i just think it's really great. it's super conveniant to have yoyo groceries delivered and he was really friendly. he came in and set everything on the counter. i didn't even have to go outside.abby says her normal grocery store trip would take 30 to 45 minutes. and it takes about that long to pick out the grorories online, but each time you order online it gets a little quicker because it holds your past order just simplifies my day. with kids
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at home, one of the big things is just getting llded up and going out. there's been lots of chatter about this service online, abby heard about it through her friends facebook page.she even got a starbucks order with hers and i'm like hmmm i'll try thatwith the conveniance and stress relief brings it's like a circus going through the wonder it's becoming so popular. (broll: show abby playing with kids) less time buying groceries, means more time for that to-do list-and the sweet moments that wwl be gone too fast.
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it's and you're watching cbs 2 this morning... morning...after the break... break...the new policies one major company is putting in
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place to make life a l l
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welcome back -- it's now we're taking a look at your_______ your_______ a strong day for the markets, thanks to big earnings for the biotech aa computer sectors.
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the dow jumped more than 165. the nasdaq added 73.the s-and-p 500 added nearly 25. the environmental protection agency is expanding its probe into the volkswagen emissions cheating scandal. the agency says diesel s-u-v models of porsche and audi are now included in the investigation. in september, volkswagen admitted to cheating emissions testing on 1111million cars around the world.the new notice of violation includes about 10- thousand more vehicles. another company wants to soon be using a drone delivery program. program.a google executive discussed the company's drone delivery program -- ccled project "wing" -- at an air traffic controllers conference on monday.he said the goal is to have it up and running by 20-17.right now -- drone programs are still facing potential regulatory roadadocks from the governmenen an online shopping giant is already giving customers discounts for holiday shopping. launched its black friday deals store.the company says it will feature sale items every day, now until december 22-nd.d.they will
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30 minutes before everyone else. amazon announced a major overhaul to employeeses parental benefits the new benefits allow up to 20-weeks fully paid leave for new moms -- six-weeks full salary for new dads -- and birth mothers and primary caregivers can ease back to work on a flflible schedule. the new policies go into effect next year. t-mobile is giving its customers mini-cell towers to help make sure they always get a signal itheir home. home.the company announced the offer yesterday.the mini tower blasts out t-mobile's 4g-lte network signal in a 3-thousand foot radius.t-mobile is giving them to customers for a 25- dollar refundable deposit. other carriers have similar mini-towers but they cost hundreds of dollars. victoria's secret has unveiled a two million dollar will close out their fashion show this year. year.victoria secret angel -- lily aldridge -- will have the honor of wearing it for the first has more than 6 thousand five hundred gems --
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sapphire and blue topaz that are set in 18 karat gold. also features diamonds wieghing more than 375 carats and a matching detachable diamond took them more than 685 hours to create.the victoria secret fashion show will air december 8th. it's after the break... break...the latest information about planning your holiday traveling so you can see your family without a hitch. hitch.ininour cbs 2 weather first t recast we have...
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here's a look at some of eastern iowa's top stories -- on this morning... new figures are pointing to a slowdown for the midwest economy.the latest mid- american business condndions index shows nearly a six point drop since last month -- putting the number at 41- point-nine.anthing below 50 in the index suggests economic decline.analysts say weakness in the global economy is partly to blame. north liberty is having a problem picking up leaves.the city says one of its trucks accidentally sucked up some concrete, destroying the, the city onlylyas one truck, which is slowing down pick-up.officials are asking residents to keep a closer eye on their leaf piles. that includes removing any sticks, rocks or other debris. they also ask to avoid parking your car in front any piles. corridor officials are offering alternative ideas for what you can do with your halloween pumpkins.they're suggesting you turn them into compost because the nutrients in pumpkins can be used for things like growing a vegetable iowa city -- pumpkins can be placed in
5:39 am
yard waste bags to be picked up by the cedar rapids -- you can put them in your yard. it's only days following halloween, but experts say you shouldn't wait to b bk your *thanksgiving trip. trip.mary moloney explains what you need to do to make that flight, while saving some cash, in today's consumer watch. watch. every year we hear the same story.the wednesday before thanksksving is the biggest travel day of the year.but just because the adage is repeated -- doesn't make it right.according to the department of transportation -- the actual busiest day for air travelers is in the summer. and every year -- it's a different day.that doesn't mean you should wait much longer to book your turkey day the time ticks on -- prices go up.typically -- the dighest fares happen on the wednesday before thanksgiving or the sundadaafter.some experts suggest traveling thanksgiving day.not only can it save you money -- but a morning flight may get you on the ground in time for that turkey dinner.connecting flights may also help your wallet.but weather could cause e delays and make your travel day longer.also when
5:40 am
determining your budget -- check baggage fees.depending on how much you and your family bring -- the overall cost can go up.fofoconsumer watch -- i'm mary moloney. if you're just getting up, good morning -- it's now coming up next... next...the fun way some corridor families got rid of all that candy after the halloween weekend.d.'re wawahing c-b-s
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right now on cbs 2 this morning...the rocky start to the bruce harreld era at the university of iowa -- we have his reaction -- in his own words. the second amendment debate now happening in one rural washington county community. the latest details about a settlement the state agreed to over eatment of people at a state-run juvenile home. welcome to cbs two this morning...i'm kevin bbarry. barry.and i'm kelly d'ambrosio. d'ambrosio.
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