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tv   CBS Morning News  CBS  November 5, 2015 4:00am-5:00am CST

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did a bomb bring down the russian plane? britain says there's a significant possibility. and it suspends some flights. also tonight, a police officer is accused of staging his own suicide to make it look like murder. >> gliniewicz committed the ultimate betrayal. > d no engine, no airprpt, no problem. >> announcer: this is the "cbs overnight news." the british government says there is what it calls a significant possibility that a bomb brought down that russian jetliner in egypt last weekend. the british foreign minister said intelligence points in that rection, but he did d t say what thahaintelligence is. u.s. officials are telling us mechanical failure has still not been ruled out. the airbus a-321 broke apart at
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31,000 f ft, raining wreckage e egypt's sinai peninsula. it took off from the seaside resort of sharm el-sheikh, bound for st. petersburg, russia. all 224 on board were killed, anallen pizzey has the latest. >> reporter: the british government said it was temporarily suspending flights to and from sharm el-sheikh over fears the russian jet may have had a bomb on board. it is also sending britishsh aviation experts to the egyptian airport to assess the security situation further. foreign secretary phillip hammond. >> we have concluded that there is a snificant possibilityty that that crash was caused by an explosive device on board the aircraft. >> reporter: it comes on the same day an isis affiliate in sinai released an audiotape daring investigators tprove that "we did not take the plane down." egyptian president abdel fattah al sissi has dismissed the isis claim as propaganda.
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angered by russia's air strike campaign against them in syria. today egyptian authorities said they had successfully extracted data from the plane's flight data recorder but ththcockpit voice recorder is partially damaged and weeks' more work will be required. out in the desert investigators have widened their search field to 15 square miles. theories about what caused the crash also include an engine fire or a fuel tank explosion caused by some mechanical failure. bodies of passengers in the front and rear seating sections reportedly have different injuries, with the ones from the back showing evidence of being burned. u.s. intelligence officials still aren't ruling out the possibility that mechanical failure could have caused the plane to break up in mid-air, scott, but they aren't dismissing the british conclusion that it could have been a bomb either. >> allen pizzey in cairo tonight. allen, thanks. now with some insight into this we'll go to michael morel, former number two at the cia and now our cbs news senior security
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michael, what do we know and what do we not know? >> scott, what we know at this point was that there was an explosion on the aircraft. we know that from a heat flash picked up by satellites. we don't know whether that explosion was caused by a bomb or whether it was caused by an internal problem on the aircraft such as in the fuel. we also know that is has claimed responsibility publicly. and wewelso know that u.s. intelligence has picked up conversations among isis members saying that they brought the plane down. but there's not enough specificity in those convsations to give you confidence that the guys actually know what they're talking about. so scott, i was a cia analyst for 33 years, and this is not enough i iormation to make a definitive judgmgmt that a bomb ought down the aircraft. we're still going to have to wait and see. >> and what would be enough information? >> scott, either forensic evidence, bomb residue or bomb fragments, or conversations among isis members that are specific enough to give you confidence that they were actually in on the plot and know
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what they're talking about. >> and we don't have that tonight. michael morel, former number two at the c)a. michael, thank you >> you're welcome, scott. when a fox lake, illinois police officer was shot to death in september, swarms of cops joined a dragnet to find the three men he said he was chasing. the cocowas hailed as a hero, cut down in the line of duty, until today when we learned it was all a lie. the officer, an inructor who created fictional crime scenes, had done it one last time. and here's dean reynolds. >> reporter: after a two-month, $300,000 inquiry involving 150 investigators, it came down to lieutenana joe gliniewicz was s crooked cop who killed himself but tried to make it look like a murder. george falenco commands the lake county major crimes sk force. >> gliniewicz committed the ultimate betrayal. to the citizens he served and community. >> they're going to come in -- >> reporter: investigators say
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for seven years gliniewicz stole tens of thousands of dollars from a youth program he oversaw. the explorers program for prospective police officers was turned into his personal piggy bank for first-class travel, mortgage payments, and subscriptions toornographic websites. >> he behaved for years in a manner completely contrary to the image he portrayed. >> reporter: that image was of a straight arrow g.i. joe kind of cop. so popular with the public thousands turned out for his funeral. they say he drove on patrol to a secluded area and radioed he was following three men. minutes later a backup unit found his lifeless body with two bullet wounds. but as investigators looked deeper into his death through 6500 pages of his texts and 40,000 e-mails they found evidence pointing in a troubling direction. one text threatened that the body of a local administrator looking into gliniewicz's
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finances might wind up in a swamp. the shooting scene also raised doubts. with things likekeis pepper spray and eyeglasses scattered on the ground to suggest a struggle. but the coroner found that gliniewicz had shot himself twice -- once in his bulletproof vest and once under it with his own semi-automatic hbndgun, which he threw into the weeds before he bled to death. what investigators called a carefully staged suicide. richard morrie was a gliniewicz neighbor. >> g.i. joe went from a hero to criminal. >> repepter: commander falenco later told us the episode left him feeling ashamed. >> those acts reflected on the entire police community. we took a black eye. >> reporter: a day before his death gliniewicz was told that his program was being audited. so, officials say, he tried to make it appear as if he had died in the line of duty because, scott, he wanted to be remembered as a hero and not as a thief. >> dean reynolds tonight.
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in the race for the white house the latest poll shows donald trump and ben carson neck and neck on the republican side. marco rubio and ted cruz are the only others in double digits. the poll also found that against democrat hillary clinton trump could not win but carson, chris christie, rubio, and cruz could. for rubio a rise in the polls means rising scrutiny. and here's major garrett. >> reporter: marco rubio's personal finances faced scrutiny at last week's gop debate. >> you accidentally intermingled campaign money with your personal money. you faced fofoclosure on a second home that you bought. and just last year you liquidated a $68,000 retirement fund. that's something that cost you thousands of dollars in taxes and penalties. >> you just listed a litany of discredited attacks from democrats and my political opponents. >> reporter: these are the
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while a member of the florida house of representatives rubio failed to disctose $34,000 in personal expenses charged to two separate political funds. a home he owned with a fellow lawmaker fell briefly into foreclosure when the co-owner failed to make mortgag payments. rubio soldhe home at a loss earlier this year. and in 2005 he stataed using a state republican party charge card for personal and party expenses. rubio insists he paid off the personalharges as they arose. rubio admits to sloppy bookkeeping. he was cleared of wrongdoingngy a florida ethics watchdog in 2012. today in new hampshire rubio addressed his financial past. >> what i said that i would do differently is i just wouldn't have done any personal things on it because i would have avoided all that confusion that it's created in the minds of some. but it's been coming up for five years. so it's not a new issue.
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stopped rubio's rivals like donald trump from atcking him. >> marco rubio has a disaster on his finances. he has a dister on his credit cards. >eporter: one chaptererf rubio's financial history remains hidden. scott, rubio's campaign has those records and told us the senator has "nothing to hide" and under pressure may release those cords before esday's republicananresidential debate. >> major garrett in the washington newsroom. thanks, major. speaking of money and politicians, one of the clinton family charities said today it will file amended tax returur for 2012 and 13. the clinton health access initiative said that there were minor errors. republicans are calling for an irs s dit to see if all contntbutions from foreign governments were reported. in yesterday's elections ohio rejected legalized marijuana. many were opposed because it would have given exclusive growing rights to just a few investsts. houston voted 61% to 39% against
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discrimination in housing and employment based on age, sex, or gender identity. omar villafranca reports the gender identity part overwhelmed the issue. >> reporter: the measure was called the houston equal rights ordinance but opponents dubbed it the bathroom m ll and made the name stick through a series of ads that claimed women and children would become vulnerable to sexual predators in ladies' rooms. >> protect women's privacy, prevent dadaer, vote no on the proposition 1 bathroom ordinance. it goes too far. >> reporter: the ordrdance made no m mtion of bathrooms, but it wawathe inclusion of gender identity that opponents like lieutenant governor dan patrick seized upon. >> and i'm glad houston led tonight to end this constant political correctness attack on what we know in our heart and our gut as americans is not right. >> reporter: houston mayor anise parker, who is lesbian, had
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>> this is a calculated campaign of lies designed to demonize a little-understood minority. >> reporter: 17 other states and 200 municipalities including five major cities in texas have e similar language banning discrimination based on sexual orientation and gender identity. jared woodfell helped organize opposition to the bill. >> when the people finally had an opportunity to express their will on it, to show how w ey felt about it at the ballot box, they overwhelmingly said no to the mayor's personal agenda. they said no to her bathroom ordinance. >> reporter: lou weaver is transgender and a community activist. >> right now i'm disappointed. but i also know that it's not over, that i'm going to get up and i'm going to continue this fight, i'm going to continue to educate about this, and that we will win. >> reporter: already some groups are calling for a boycott of houston businesses if the
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that could be significant, scott, because houston is in the running to hososthe 2017 super bowl. >> omar villafranca reporting tonight. omar, thanks. two books out today claim to expose some of the vatican's most closely held d crets. and our elizabeth palmer had a look. >> reporter: the pope is spiritual leader to millions of catholics. he's also ceo of a multibillion-dollar enterprise, the vatican. but, say the two new books, behind all this magnificence lies a financial mess. emiliaia fitipaldi is the auauor of "avarice." is it incompetence inside the vatican when it comes to handling money? or is it corruption? >> [ speaking foreign language ]. >> reporter: "both," says fitipaldi, "and at the highest level." for example, the book focuses on
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one of the church's charities. catholics werefrom around dhe world sent in money to help the needy. but ininhe end, of every $10 that came in, 8 went to the vatican bureaucracy and only 2 went to the poor. then there's the price of sainthood. it can cost up to half a million dollars for the vatican to approve a canonization. meanwhile, the books say the vatican's pension fund is $800 million in the hole. today, the vatican said the book's facts and figures are oust date and a massive cleanup led bybyope francis is already under wawa in fact, the book's revelations may actually help the pope take on the powerful vested interests that oppose him, says cbs consultant father anthony sigareno. >> this is an institution 2,000 years old where things have been done in a certain way for thousands of years. the holy father wants s all sorted o o. absolutely. and if this is going to help
4:17 am
him, good. >> reporter: as for the pope himself, scott, we have heard from him, though indirectly. in a tweet by his chief of staff. his words simply "onward with serenity and determination." >> liz palmer in front of st. peter's basilica at the vatican tonight. liz, thank you disaster averted because a plane had a parachute. we'll show you how it works. and a new list of the world's most powerful people. geico motorcycle,
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a small plane lost power yesterday over fayetteville, arkansas. but it floated to earth with only minor injuries. krisisan cleave shows us h h. >> oh, my god. >> reporter: cell phone video shows the four-seat cirrus airplane drifting slowly to the ground thanks to its on-board parachute. at the controls when the engine issues surfaced was former walmart ceo bill simon. >> we're going to try to find a place up ahead that's clear. >> reporter: this cirrus aircraft test video shows how the chute works. launched by a rocket out of the back of the plane it fully deploys within eight seconds. >> none of the people i'm sure if you interviewed them would ever think they were going to need a parachute device but they did, and there's a lot of thankful spouses and parents. >> reporter: boris popov invented the device that's now in more than 30,000 aircraft. the idea came to him after his hang glider broke hundreds of feet in the air.
4:20 am
myself, i could have had some sort of parachute device on board. so i promised myself if i survived that i would develop some sort of a ballistic or rapid deploy parachute. >> reporter: earlier this year a pilot flying to hawaii d dloyed the chute on his cirirs over the pacific ocean when he had a fuel problem. in 2009 a chute brought this plane down safely into a d.c. suburb. >> you pull down and then with two handndyou pull straight down. about 40, 45 pounds of pressure. and the parachute, which is in the back of the plane, will deploy. >> reporter: it is a standard feature in barry goldberg's 2015 cirrus. >> ultimately, t t parachute is a safety feature of last resort. i have one more tool in my bag as a pilot, to ultimately end a situation successfully. >> reporter: the parachute maker says its d dices have saved at least 361 lives.s. scott, in this most recent incident the faa and ntsb are now investigating. >> kris van cleave. thanks, kris. an uber driver wants a
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that's next. today "forbes" put out its annual ranking of the world's most powerful people. china's president xi jinping is fifth. pope francis fourth. president obama fell to third. replaced at second by german chancellor angela merkel. and for the third straight year vladimir putin, president of ruruia, was first. in business target will close 13 underperforming stores in january, mostly in the midwest. fo company kraft heinz will cut 2,600 jobs shuttering seven
4:22 am
factcties over two years. on the help wanted front nasa says it has space for a few astronauts. you can apply next month. today ananber passenger said he wants to apologize to the driver he attacked in southern california. a dashboard camera caught the whole thing. it may be too late for apologies, though. the driver, edwin can, sued benjamin golden for more than $25,000. golden's already charged with assault. folks in brooklyn are inviting classical music and perfect strangers into their living rooms. bach in a mome. woman: what does it feel like when a woman is having a heart attack?
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we end tonight in the birthplace of jay-z, with the rebirth of j. bach. here's michelle miller. >> reporter: after a busy day at work it's a mad scramble for eileen trilly and her family to tidy up their brooklyn, new york home before guestsrrive. >> so exciting. >> reporter: not just friends. >> i'm don. >> reporter: but strangers. gathering together, relaxed and unwound, to tune in to this. it's called groupmuse. offering music lovers a chance to experience clasascal chamber music in an intimate setting. creator sam bodkin says it's the way composers intended their music to be heard. >> you sw up, you socialize
4:25 am
for r hour, you sit down on the floor, you listen intently as a group for 25 minutes to, you know, three movements of a tremendous masterworor it's not quite a concert and it's notuite a party. >> reporter: anyone who wants to host a concert can connect with perfororrs and guests who sisi up on the groupmuse website. there's no cover charge. but the hat is passed for musicians just starting out. juilliard violinist annika jenkins says it's a way to get valuable performing g perience. >> the audience is literally right in your lap. it's right there, and you can feel them next to you. >> does it change the way you actually play? >> definitely. you just get their energy. and it rebounds off the group and incorporates into the music. it's incredible. >> reporter: in the comfort of home formality g gs out the
4:26 am
the experience almost amounts to a group medication. a shared moment of beauty. >> when the music stops, everyone's like, whoa, whahawas that about? and there's just the warmth of the atmosphere is unbelievable. and if you have, you know, a pulse you will be moved. [ cheers and applalae ] >> repepter: michelle millerer cbs news, new york. >> and that's the "cbs overnight news" for this thursday. for some of you the news continues. for others check back with us just a aittle bit later for the morning news and of course "cbs this morning."
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york city i'm scott pelley. captioning funded by cbs captioning funded by cbs it's thursday, november 5th, 2015. this is the "cbs morning news." was the russian jetliner ought down by an act of terror? u.s. and british security officials believe the crash in egypt may have been caused by an onboard bomb. backlash against nbc. protesters demand the network drop donald trump as the host of this weekend's "saturday night live." the uber passenger caught on camera attacking his driver says he is sorry, but will the apology be accepted? good morning from the studio 57 newsroom at cbs news headquarters in new york. good to be with you.
4:28 am
there are no final conclusions, but this morning, british and u.s. officials say there is indication that the russian airliner that crashed in egypt may have been brought down by a bomb and sources say islamic terrorists may have been to blame. johnathan vigliotti is in our london newsroom with the latest. gogo morning, jonathan.. >> reporter: good morning. egypt's president is in london today for a previously scheduled meeting with officials. the uk's decision to suspend flights after saturday's deadly plane crash will likely be a part of that discussion. meanwhile, the bodies of 140 passengers have been recovered from the egyptian desert. mourners gathered in russia today to say good-bye to o o of the 224 victims killed in last weekend's plane crash over egypt's sinai peninsula. the first funeral comes as authorities continue to investigate what brought the plane down. u.s. intelligence officials there is a possibility isis or
4:29 am
an affiliate planted a bomb on the flight, but some experts caution more information is needed. >> either forensic evidence, bomb residue or bomb fragments, or conversations among isis members that are specific enough to give you confidence that they wewe actually in on the plot. >> reporter: isis has insisted it did cause the crash, releasing an audiotape wednesday daring investigators to prove otherwise. the flight was traveling from sharm el sheikh to st. petersrsrg, russia, when it t broke in pararmid air 23 minutes after takeoff. after an abundance of caution, officials in the uk have suspended flights from the egyptian resort, stranding thousands of passengers. >> we have to put the safety and securitytyf british nationals s above all other considerations. >> reporter: authorities in russia have questioned whether isis is to blame. the country has been carrying out air strikes against a group in syria and now plans to send antitiircraft missiles to syria
4:30 am
forces in the region. there are about 20,000 british tourists stranded at the holiday resort town. uk officials say they are planning ememeency measures to evacuate them. >> johnathan vigliotti in london, thank you. the race for the republican presidential nomination is coming into focus this morning. a new fox news poll shows four candidates pulling away from the crowded field. donald trump leading the way with ben carson in a close second. while senators ted cruz and marco rubio e both tied with 11%. trump is hoping a big television appearance this weekend will help widen his lead. don champion is in rockefeller center here in new york. dodo good morning. >> reporter: g gd morning. donald trump is scheduled to be the guest host of "saturday night live" this weekend, while millions are expected to tune in, nbc faces pressure this morning to, once again, dump trump. >> donald trump has got to go!
4:31 am
hey, hey, ho, ho! >> reporter: demonstrations outside nbc headquarters on wednesday. a coalition of advocacy groups are calling on the network to cancel donald trump's appearance on "saturday night live." they say they have 500,000 signatures supporting them. >> all they are doing by inviting donald trump is attacking their ratings and that is the most important thing they care about right now. >> reporter: trump kicked off his presidential campaign by >> reporter: trump describing illegal immigrants as rapists and drug dealers and he is already use "snl" to attack his political foes. he takes a shot at his competitors. >> because of equauarules for television mr. trump can only speaker for four seconds in this promo. >> let mjust say this. bern carson is a complete and total loser. >> reporter: however, carson is drawing controversy of his own. buzzfeed published a 1998 speech
4:32 am
in which he refused archeologists saying the pyramids were built in accordance with a biblical story to build grain. >> my only personal theory is joseph b blt the pyramids in order to store grain. >> reporter: the former neurosurgeon tells cbs news he still holds that belief. >> the pyramids were made in a way they had hermetically sealed compartments. you wouldn't need hermetally sealed compartments for. you would need that if you were tryi to store grain over a long period of time. >> reporter: marco rubio is talking about a credit card while he was florida's house speaker. trump has called rubio a financial disaster. >> the only debt i have in the world is a mortgage on my home. at a pretty good interest rate, bybyhe way. so i don't know what he says. he says a lot of things. i can't respond to everything he says. i wouldn't be able to run a campaign. >> repororr: and back here at t nbc, trump seemed to welcome the protesting.
4:33 am
they will only boost for the ratings for saturday's show. nbc has yet to respond to a petition that was delivered here last night. it is worth mentioning that the network did s ser business ties with trump this summer, after his controversial comments. >> don champion at rockefeller center, thank you very much. coming up on "cbs this momoing," presidential candidate and new jersey governor chris chchstie and his emotional plea on treating drug addiction. an investigation is under way into the death of a 6-year-old louisiana boy with autism who w w killed after marshals opened fire on the car he was riding in. jeremy martis was riding with his father tuesday evening in central louisiana. his father chris few, was running after marshals tried to serve an outstanding warrant. few was backing into the officers when they opened fire >>rom all indications on my investigation at the scene came from the outside of the vehicle coming from the driver's side in towards the passenger side where
4:34 am
the victim was located. >> the 6-year-old was shot at least five times. his father is hospitalized, in serious condition. a construction worker is being hailed as a hero this morning after he broke up a knife attack at a california university. a kne wielding student ran into a classroom at the university of california merced yesterday morning. he stabbed two students. byron price was working outside when he heard the commotion. >> i went to open the door to break it up and see if everybody was okay and they all screamed "run" as i opened the door. kicked the attacker. the suspspt ran out and stabbebe a schoololmployee. he was shot and killed by campus police. all four stabbing victims are expected to survive. a man in san diego is in custody this morning after police say he opened fire from a rorotop apartment. the gunman held police at bay for more than five hours. a standoff interrupted air traffic at the san diego
4:35 am
the gunman eventually surrendered after throwing several weapons, including an automatic rifle, out of the window. investigators say an shooting death sparkrk national outrage wasn't a hero after all. lieutenantntoe gliniewicz claimed that he was chasing three suspects back in september. the discovery of his body prompted a massive manhunt that came up empty. police say gliniewicz killed himself and that he had been stealing money from a youth program for seven years. >> thousands of dollars were used by gliniewicz for personal purchases, travel expenses, mortrtge payments, personanagym memberships, adult websites. >> officials say gliniewicz killed himself because he was about to be exposed. two others are uer investigation. coming up on the "morning news." a high school football tragedy. a kansas teenager dies after collapsing during a game this
4:36 am
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twitter got rid of favorites and replaced it wiwi likes. now, instead of stars, we have hearts. twitter users were heartbroken or as i still think of it, star broken. twitter claims they made the change because they thought the star could be confusing, especially to newcomers. yes. the concept that a gold star means good might, indeed, confuse newcomers to kindergarten. on the cbs "moneywatch," netflix has helped for bedtime ttles with kids. and nasa posts a help wanted sign. jill wagner is at the new york stock exchange with that and more. good morning, jill. >> good morning. the e. coli outbreak linked to chipotle restaurants is growing.
4:39 am
at least 39 people have been sickened by the bacteria in oregon and washington state. so far there is no progress in finding the souse. samples from ten restaurants are being tested. chipotle has voluntarily closed more than 40 of its restaurant. fed chair janet yellen says a fed rate hike is a likely. yellen says the economy is performing well including domestic spending. the e deral considered raising a key interest rate at its two dunn day meeting that starts december 15th. yellen and comments pushed the stocks slightly lower. the dow lo 50 points and s&p fell 7 and the nasdaq lost 2. retail giant target is closing 13 of its stores across the country. target says the decision to close the store usually follows several years of decreasing profitability. those stores will closon january 30th, 2016. target has nearly 1,800 stores if you're a parent you know bedtime can be a challenge.
4:40 am
that sleep time stall is a universal problem. now the streaming video provider netflix has s mething that could help. new five-minute videos based on the animated series "dyn[ truck." it can be offered to kids who want just one more show. >> nasa wants to know if you have the right stuff. nasa is hiring. they are currently 47 active nasa astronauts. the new group will likely have chanan to fly on the two n n commercially made spacecrafts and they will be considered possibly beyond. >> i know i do not have the right stuff. i did a flight with the blue angels once and i threw up and passed out. >> whoa! >> i think i am disqualified. jill wagner at the new york stock exchange, thanks a lot, jill. >> still to anchoring. >> yeah, right. still ahead, martian findings. nasa is ready to reveal big news about the red planet.
4:41 am
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4:43 am
collapsing during a game. a suspect in the stabbing g an american hero. those are some of the headlines on the morning newsstand. "the san francisco chronicle" repor on an arrest in the stabbing of a hero u.s. airman who helped stop a european terror attack on a train. air force staff sergeant spencer stone was knifed last month in sacramento. surveillance video captured the attack. police arrested james trtr for attempted homicide. "the las vegas view journal" reports on a death stence of a man convicted of triple murder on the las vegas strip. in 2013, omar harris opened fire into a car after a dispute. the car crashed into a taxi and burst into flames on the las gas strip. the car's driver and two people inside the cab died in the fireball. "the wichita eagle" reports on a hoorl football player who died after collapsg during a
4:44 am
game. 17-year-old luke schemm scored a touchdown when he ran to the sidelines and collapsed on tuesday. his father wrote that his son suffered trauma to the brain. he was taken off life support on thursday. since july, 11 reported deaths of high school football players, that is according to the national center for catastrophic sport injury research. the center says seven were directly tied to game injuries. "usa today" rererts nasa has another big announcement plan later today about the red planet. the space agency says it will reveal key science findings about the fate of the martian atmosphere. in september, nasa announced it discovered the strongest evidence yet that water still flows today on mars. still to come, kick up your cowboy boots! big country music winners from last night's cma awards. and the crossover performance with justin timberblake that blew away the crowd.moderate to severe plaque psoriasis... ...isn't it time to let the..... ...real you shine...
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here's a look oday's here's a look at today's forecast in some cities around the country. let me tell you something, you little [ bleep ] [ bleep ]. >> the southern california man captured on this video viciously beating an uber driver is speaking out. benjamin golden is apologizing for the attack. golden lost his job monday as a taco bell executive and he is facing a lawsuit. acy butler of our los angeles station kcbs reports. >> i've been trying not to read what is being said but, you know, i'm no-- i'm not that person. so if people could understand that, i would really appreciate it. >> reporter: in an exclusive
4:48 am
jones, ben golden, the newport beach man beating an uber driver on this now viral video breaks his silence. >> it's not me in the video. you know? it's not me. and it was hard to watch and i'm ashamed, a a what has taken me so long to talk to anybody is bebeuse i've been scared. >> reporter: police say it was golden who assaulted edward caban caban who told golden to get out of his car after golden couldn't give an address where he was going. we showed the video to edward caban. >> he says it's s t him. it was him who had the first drink. it was him who made the decision to go out that night. it was him who made the decision to get into the uber. >> reporter: tonight, caban said any apology golden wants to offer isn't welcome. >> i don't trust him. becaususi am is not sure if he would feel the same way if this didn't go viral. i don't know if he is crying because he has been outed. >> reporter: golden is facing charges of assault and
4:49 am
being sued by caban. caban told me he is afraid of golden. he said if he ever showed up to his front door to apologize, he would run. for cbs news, stacy butler, lo angeles. it was a big night for untry music ashe cmas were handed out in nashville. for the second year in a row, luke brian won entertainer of the year. other winners included miranda lambert and little big town who won single of the year for "girl crush." the biggest performance was a duet between justin timberlake and chris stapleton. steal -- stapleton later stunned many by winning male vocalist. they did a rendition of george jones "tennessee whiskey." and "take you away."
4:50 am
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. welcome to rentco. we don't j jt rent a car, we rent care. name? >> bond. james bond. >> i don't have that. here w whave it. bond. let me check your rental history and -- oh, my. oh, sir. oh, oh, oh, no. ah. it says here you crashed your car through a building. >> that was unavoidable. >> you drove it under water. >> quite wet. >> you drove it into a russian
4:52 am
army while they were firing -- >> yeah, yeah, yeah. but i did bring it back with a full tank of gas. >> better get all of the insurance available. stephen colbert having some fun on "the late show" with daniel craig. krieg's latest james bond movie "specter" opens nationwide tomorrow. "star wars" is feeling the force. disney teamed up with a french department store to mount a christmas display. performers dressed as storm troopers and crowds lined up to see the window displays. "star wars" opens two days before the u.s. premiere in france. melissa matheson, screen writer behind one of the biggest box office hits of all time, has died. >> e.t. phone home! >> matheson's "e.t." is the
4:53 am
story of a home-sick alien stranded on earth. stephen spielberg directed the iconic film. matheson was married for harrison ford for more than 20 years. they divorced in 2004. melissa matheson was 65 years old. a dog with a long way from home this week. a group of sailors spotted a labrador puppy paddling off aly's west coast. they called the dog over to the ship' bow and pulled it on board. it turns out she was on a ferry when she slipped out of her leash and fell overboard. the puppy is now back with her owner. coming up after your local news on "cbs this morning," we will hear from a former member of secretive church where a teenager died last month after a vicious beating. plus, e fight against customer gag clauses that prevents y y from posting negative reviews about a company. and boomer esiason joins us in the studio with a preview of "thursday night football." that is all ahead on "cbs this morning." finally this morning, it was
4:54 am
carpool karaoke time on the late late show with james corden. last night, the host teamed up with pop star jon durolo and the duo took their act on thee road when they jumped on a hollywood tour. i'm anne-marie green. this is the "cbs morning news"
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