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tv   CBS2 This Morning Early Edition  CBS  November 13, 2015 5:00am-6:00am CST

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the latest change at the university of iowa after the school said before it was exempt from certain county cordinances. the child's toy now putting airplanes all over the country at risk. welcome to cbs two this morning...i'm kevin barry. barry.and i'm kelly d'ambrosio. d'ambrosio.
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this morning -- we're getting a better look at some of the damage left by a strong line of storms that made its way through the state wednesday night. the national weather service is investigating whether a tornado touched down in eastern iowa.the storms tore through the shed and barn on a williamsburg property, but only took a few shingles from the nearby house.a resident taking shelter in the basement at the time says the wind sounded like a constant thunder.her husband says a 500 gallon barrel full of fuel was thrown 30 yards. the property is...its a lot to lose, but it's just stuff and the people are ok. ok.they say 30 years worth of possessions, equipment and tools were stored in those buildings and were scattered across the property during the storm.. the national weather service has confirmed five tornados touched down statewide during the storms.there was more damage in monroe county.
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several buildings were destroyed when an e-f-1 tornado touched down couple says they ran to their basement and two minutes later, the top of their home was serious injuries have been reported from last night's storms. a follow up to story we first told you about yesterday on cbs 2 this morning. morning.authorities are still trying to figure out why a teenage girl was walking on a busy highway in the middle of the night.17-year-old johanna gingerich- feil was hit and killed by a semi along highway happened near the entrance of palisades kepler state park. park.the linn county sheriff's office tells cbs 2 news gingerich-feil was in the eastbound lanes when she was hit.the driver of the semi was not hurt. at the university of iowa, iowa,despite earlier hinting the school might opt-out of a local minimum wage increase, cbs 2 news has learned campus leaders are going along with johnson county's plan to raise the wage.the university says it raised the minimum wage to 8-20 an hour earlier this
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raise for more than 700-temporary and student employees. the university of missouri has appointed an interim president. recently retired senior administrator and law professor michael middleton will now lead... lead...the school until a permanent replacement is found. he takes over for tim wolfe -- who resigned at the beginning of the week after student protests over mishandling multiple racist incidents on campus . three men have been arrested for making anonymous threats to college campuses after the protests. protests.all three posted on the messaging app yik yak.the first suspect arrested -- hunter park -- was in court yesterday.none of the suspects were actually in columbia -- at the university of missouri -- but some of the threats caused businesses to close up shop during the week.all three now each face a felony count of making a terrorist threat. following missouri's lead -- nearly a thousand ithaca college students walked out of class -- calling for the resignation of their school's president. president.ithaca college is in central new york state and
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was a slow response to racist incidents on campus.a group called "people of color" created a facebook event for the walkout.they posted -- "with university of missouri's president stepping down, we demand rochon to do the it is vital to fight against racism in all places of education." college students across the nation protested thursday for the "million student march." march."they're calling for tuition-free public college -- cancelling all student debt and a 15-dollar an hour minimum wage for campus workers.the demonstrations were inspired by remarks by democratic presidential candidate bernie sanders in june.he said congressional republicans would be forced to tackle the student debt problem if a million young people marched on washington. four national groups representing college educators say they plan on fighting a push to allow more people to carry concealed guns on campus. campus.the groups want to repeal measures in eight states that allow so-called campus carry.supporters say
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lawful gun owners should be allowed to bring them on campus for protection.but opponents say students and professors wouldn't be comfortable tackling controversial subjects if they think someone might be carrying in the classroom. laser pointers are increasingly becoming a problem for pilots nation-wide. wide.on wednesday night alone, lasers hit 20 different aircrafts throughout the country.this year alone, there have been over 5-thousand reports of lasers being pointed at aircrafts. that's up 40-percent from last year. it might seem harmless but it can actually temporarily blind pilots, putting them at risk for losing control.a pilot from the los angeles police department describes what it's like to be hit with a laser at night flying low over a city. "it's incapacitating for a few moments. budded to you want to turn away form that light source, except when it illuminates this helicopter you can't turn away from the light source." no accidents have ever been attributed to laser strikes. but it still is a crime, punishable by a maximum of 20-years in prison. good morning again, thanks for
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it's the gift of it's the gift of giving this holiday season. season.this weekend kicks off the salvation army red kettle campaign. 2 news reporter steffi lee... live at the edgewood road hyvee ringing the bells this morning - steffi? steffi?kevin, kelly good morning - by ringing this
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bell, it feels like christmas already and there's no better way to start the holiday season than to help those in our community. community.- what do the funds go to?- what services have the funds helped in the past?- how does a bell ringer make a difference?
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it's now on this morning. morning.after the break... break...see if don bosco could get revenge against the team that ended their season last
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welcome back - - it's now we're taking a look at your_______ your_______ here's a look at some of eastern iowa's top stories -- on this morning... a film made right here in the corridor will be premiering tonight at the paramount theatre.the showing starts at 7 tonight, with a pre-party at are's about a smaller than average dog at the north pole, who gets left behind at a home in iowa after he sneaks onto santas sleigh. an adoption day celebration will be held this morning in cedar will be held at the juvenile justice center from 10-to's one of nine similar events happening
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across the state this month, to mark national adoption month.more than four-thousand children in the u-s last year had their adoptions finalized at a national adoption day event. hawkeye fans prepping for a big sports weekend will be in downtown iowa city for a pep rally tonight.the rally starts at 5 at the weatherdance fountain stage in the ped mall. a double header basketball game will follow at carver hawkeye arena.and tomorrow, a hawkeye wrestling meet and football game will both be held inside kinnick stadium. wrestling starts at 11, football at 7. last season last season don bosco's streak of making it to the 8-man championship game was snapped at the hands of newell fonda in the quarterfinals -- this season the dons are back with vengence -- and facing none other than the mustangs both teams undefeated entering the dome -- the dons were down at the half -- but whatever colby yoder told his guys at halftime worked -- third quarter -- joel sweeney
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running like a man possessed -- he broke 4 tackles on his way in for the 25 yard score -- dons take the lead and they'd never look back later in the quarter -- dons knocking on the door -- and nick mangrich busts it wide open -- 30 to 7 the final --- they'll face m - m - c in the championship. this season the center point urbana volleyball team did something they haven't done since 1998 -- make it to state -- and even though they came up short in the quarterfinals -- to cathy hussmann and the rest of the stormin' pointers it's not all about winning -- it's about s-p-pcathy hussmann -- our ed thomas coach of the weekthe center point urbana volleyball team has a lot of fun -- -- -- "yeah... i like to joke around."and that starts with their head coach -- cathy hussmann -- -- "kids like to laugh, if you can laugh with people, they are going to trust you, they are going to listen to you, they know that you care." care." "always there for us, always trying to get us to work our hardest and smile while we are doing it and just have positive attitudes." because a nice set -- and a
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only things that matter on the court at c-p-u c-p-u "winning is great, winning is phenominal, but there's more ways to but there's is phenominal, great, winning "winning is "winning is great, winning is phenominal, but there's more ways to win than just to win the game.... it's the supporting of there teammates -- because that's what is going to take them later in life."which is why hussmann created s-p-p --- -- stormin' pointer pride pride "we say s-p-p like literally every other sentence."but it's more than just a saying -- --"it means a lot since we are such a close community... storming pointer pride, storming community... such a close community... storming pointer pride, it just means for us and nobody else." else.""we have pride in ourselves, with our team, and we are proud of what we are doing."--- bringing a tight-knit community -- even closer.2006 was the last time cedar falls reached the finals in the state volleyball tournament -- the tigers can get back there with a win over the bettendorf who's been there the last two yearsthere the last who's been bettendorf win over the bettendorf who's been there the last two years it's the number 2 team in 5a
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against the number 3 team --- and this lived up to the hype tigers got down early but clawed their way back -- emma gerdes -- gets up for the block and then it's her sister's turn to shine -- in the third set -- claire gerdes -- slams it down -- it would go to 5 sets -- but bettendorf just a smidge better -- cedar falls falls 3 sets to 2. dubuque hempstead in the other 5-a semifinal -- mustangs taking on the defending champ ankeny centennialkasey davis don't care -- she nearly hits the camera -- daivs had a game high 21 kills then later in the set -- makayla doyle -- welcomes the jaguars to her block party -- but centennial would be the ones celebrating -- they win in straight sets. in 4-a -- west delaware trying to get back to the finals for the 6th time in chool history -- just have to get by lewis centralbridget hoffman --- figer tips the kill -- hoffman had 7 of thoseand speaking of that -- claire demmer -- gets up to get down -- all hawks in this one -- as west delaware sweeps their way back to the finals for a rematch with harlan.never before in school history -- has any sport at west liberty advanced to the
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state championship game -- this season -- the game -- this championship the state championship game -- this season -- the comets can make history -- but it won't be easy against mount vernon who's looking to get back to the finals the mustangs are ranked 5th in 3-a -- the comets firstthey'd take the first -- mount vernon -- not backing down in the 2nd --- syndey meeker --- drops it into no mans land -- for one of her 6 killsbut the comets were on a mission -- hailey dowfeldt -- brings the heat -- and west liberty is headed to the finals -- with a sweep -- they'll face cougars get either -- west branch or top ranked western christian bears wanting it to be them -- abby knoop -- sends the spike home -- and then later in the set -- it's their big time hitter -- bailey lou-kah-ski -- hammer time -- but western christian would get the win 3 sets to 1. in 1-a --- it was round 2 between janesville and tripoli --- the panthers won that meeting -- keely heller playing for a simular result -- she puts it down for the point -- but janesville took the first setand they were in cruise control after that -- jillian gergen -- with a
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janesville gets the sweep and gets sidney in the finals. cbs-2 news connects with the us with your story tips at 1-800-222-kganor email us at news at cbs2iowa.comor connect with us on facebook - kgan cbs 2. thanks. kgan cbs 2.facebook - with us on or connect cbs2iowa.comnews at or email us at kgantips at 1-800-222-your story call us with the corridor.connects with cbs-2 news the finals.gets sidney in sweep and gets sidney in the finals. cbs-2 news connects with the us with your story tips at 1-800-222-kganor email us at news at cbs2iowa.comor connect with us
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wouldn't it be great if squeaky shoes could fix the worst of days?when you're four years old, that's all you need to turn your frown upside down. down.theres a youtube channel of two little girls from south korea that have millions of views because they are so cute. but this video in particular has really taken offa&watch what happens when the little girl tries to act mad.
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good morning again -- it's now coming up next... next...the new plans for two of the oldest buildings in cedar rapids.'re watching c-b-s 2
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barry.and i'm kelly d'ambrosio. d'ambrosio. let's get a check of our cbs 2
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right now fierce debating continues over a controversial pipeline project. project.the bakken oil pipeline would stretch across four states in the iowa, it would cut across 18 counties, that are e highlighted in this map.hundreds turned out in boone county to speak for and against the pipeline. because of the nuer of speakers, each had just two minutes to state their case. but that short time still produced fiery comments from both sides. there are those that argue jobs created on the pipeline project are temorary and only provide work until the project is compklete. i think it's important to take a wider view. two year project will yield thousands of high paying high skilled will create an unprecedented abuse of land owner's rights, it will present a perpetual threat of catastrophic spills in iowa and it will ctribute to climate change. change.the iowa utilities
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on the project.they already have another hearing on the issue set for next week. a florida police officer who shot and killed an armed man last month has now been fired. fired. nouman raja was on duty -- but not wearing a uniform or driving a marked vehicle.he went up to corey jones in the early morning hours -- as he was waiting for a tow truck off the interstate.the officer fired six shots -- police later found a gun in jones' car -- but his family's attorney says he had bought the gun legally a week before.e. ananinvestigation into whether he will face charges is currently underway. defense secretary ashton carter has fired his senior military aide --lieutenant general ron lewis.lewis' was let go after rter says he "learned about allegations of misconduct."as carter's top military aide -- lewis controlled the secretary's military schedule and the flow of people and issues into carter's office. secretary of state john kerry is heading overseas this weekend to hopefullymake strides to end the war in syria.
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syria.leaders from the uniled states join diplomats from russia -- saudi arabia and iran to discuss which of syria's fighting forces are common enemies.kerry admitted thursday these talks may not go anywhere -- but said the effort to end the 4 and a half year old civil war cannot be abandoned. u.s. forces targeted "jihadi john" in a syrian airstrike. "jihadi john" whose real name is mohammed emwazi, has appeared in a series of is-is execution videos, taunting western leaders in a british accent.a senior u-s official said authorities are confident the strike killed him.but just this morning, british prime minister david cameron said according to british intelligence, they're not certain if the strike killed him. navy divers have now located the navigation bridge of the el faro-- the florida-based cargo ship that sunk in october near the bahamas.the n-t-s-b says the bridge was separated from the rest of the wreckage that was found about two weeks ago. divers will now look for a voyage data recorder that's locacad on the bridge.
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investigators are hoping the black box could help them figure out what was happening before the ship went down.33- crewmembers were on board...but the remains of ly one erson have been recovered so far. before this weekend's democratic debate in des moines -- a new cbs poll shows hillary clinton still has a big lead. lead.clinton has a 19 point lead over bermie sanders among lily democratic primary voters.clinton also beats sanders by 28-percentage points with women voters. sanders is the oldest candidate in the race -- but he has a 6 point lead with democrats under 45. sanders also received his biggest union endorsement so far in the race for the white house.the american postal workers union announceits endorsement thursday.this comes at a time when sanders and clinton are trying to win over organized labor groups. groups.remember you can watch sanders -- clinton and martin omalley in tomorrow night's debate right here on cbs 2 -- coverage starts at 8. new this morning, a new estimate for how many kids in the u-s have autism.
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the latest figure from the centers for disease control and prevention says 1 in 45 children have the disorder.the most rigorous survey on autism has a lower estimate of 1 in every 68 children.the cause of autism is still not kno. in cedar rapids, officials are looking at revising topsoilil standards to prevent runoff and flash flooding.the proposed plans allow developers to select from eight soil management methods. but,they say that could still add more than one-thousand dollars to the cost of a new home. . developers and builders are questioning the polcy saying more economic analysis needs to be done. also in cedar rapids -- a discussion was held about the future of the knutson building. the 12year-old structureis one of the ldest commercial buildings on the west side of the river.the city planned to demolish it -- but a survey shows it's possible to save the'll be up to the city council tdecide whether they should spend the money to restore it. leaders are expected to discuss the issue at next week's council meeting. residents will soon get a first look at renovations
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mo building.crews started working on the building in september.he county purchased the building in 1995.linn county got bids for the building late last year before it was purchased by hobar historic restoration..plans call for turning the first floor into office and retail space -- other floors will be turned into apartments. good morning again, thanks for waking up with cbs 2 this morning... morning...t's right now on this morning! morning! in your cbs 2 weather first forecast we e have...
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thanksgiving thanksgiving anksgiving is less than two weeks away and christmas is now six weeks away. away.and there's a way you can make the holidays a little brighter for famies in need. 2 news reporter steffi lee
5:32 am
road hyvee ringing the bells for the salvation army red kettle kickoff campaign. campaign.kevin and kelly - for the next month kelly - for the next month you'll see volunteers ringing bells across eastern iowa collecting change - to make a change in the community. community.- different hyvee locations for the hyvee food drive?- last christmas s what was the impact?- what would happen if the red kettles didn't exist? live in ... steffi lee, cbs 2 news.
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it's and you're it's and you're watching cbs 2 this morning... morning...still to come... much moreou'll be
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ying this year to buy thth turkey for your thanksgiving
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welcome back - - it's now we're taking a lookok at your_______ your_______ the markets ended again lower on thursday.
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nasdaq lost 61the s and p 500 lost nearl30 points. thanksgiving is less than two weeks away. away.and if you're getting ready to get your traditional turkey -- expect to pay a little more.the pre of turkey is up 15 to 20-cents per pound in some places - - thanks to the recent outbreak of avian flu.there *is* a silver lining -- experts say the price for all side dishes has remained relatively flat. walmart is revealininits walmart is revealing its annual black friday sale plans. ans.they're selling some video games for only 8 dollars. they plan to open at six on thanksgiving night, joining a number of stores doing the same, including target and macys.the company says it will ditch its hourly doorbuster deals,s,nstead, all deals will be available at once.and if you don't want to actually be there, 96-percent of there, 96-percent of the deals will
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americans have been buying more gold. gold.the world gold council says u-s demand for gold bars and cos jumped more than 200- percent in the third-quarter this year.the group says this big of a surge has not been seen sce the 2008 financial crisis.xperts site twowo factcts or the increase at -- the low prices and the recent uncertainty on wall street. microsoft's newest operating system ic getting a major update. update.the service update to its windnds 10 p-c was just does not change the look .....but microsoft believes it will make your computer boot faster... your photos clearer... reminders easier to set... and allow your p-c to perrm more smoothly.more than 110-million pc's are already running windows ten. the internet browser firefox, is finally available for apple's i-o-s devices.'s the second-most used web brower in the world. mozilla -- the non-profit that
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building its browser for apple products because it didn't like the restrictions apple puts on third party developers. statcounter says firefox has about 10-percent of the world's desktop and mobile browser market chrome is the most popular by far with 48-peent. the restaurant, joe's crab shacac, is getting ririof tips for servers! servers!credit card receipts won't have a tip line on them. instead employees will be paid 14 dollars an hour.but the prices of their food will go up by at least 15 percent. percent.they are tryryg it out at 18 restaurants across the country.the company says they are confident the change will provide increased financial stability for employees.
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it's after the break... break...the latest recommendati ons for how children should play qne of the most popular sports in the world. world.n your cbs 2 weather
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at some of eastern iowa's top stories -- on this morning... coralville is once again collecting unwanted christmas can drop your lights off starting next saturday at any of the five locations on your screen right now.the city is asking reredents *not to throw their lights in curbside recycling bins. also in coralville, residents have a new grocery shopping option.a new aldi store is officially open for business. aldi toutsitself as aldi touts itself as among americics top three favorite grocery stores - offering fresh produce at lower prices. the store held a ribbon cutting thursday before opening the doors.the firs 100-shoppers received a golden gift certificate each worth a certain amount of money. gas prices continue to drop in iowa.right now, the average price is 2-29 for a gallon of gas.that's down 6 cents from last cedar rapids,
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to gas-buddy-dot-com, some stations are even selling close to two bucks a gallon. there are new recommendations trying to make youth soccer more safe. safe.diane cho explains what happened leading up to this new outlook on youth sports. sports. autumn vandehi has two children who love soccer.quick sot: they've been playing since they were 5yoa couple years ago she had quite a scare after her now -year-old daughter ended up with a concussion at a p-e class in school.sot: 10.40 it was very frightening her daughter has since recovered from that injury but she's glad t@ hear now that the u.s.# soccer federation is making changes to try to prevent concussions.sot: 8.30 i think it's absolutely appropriatethe u-s-s-f implemented new rules that would no longer allow "heading" for children who are 10 and younger --also limiting the amount plers are the amount also l liting the amount players are able to do in practice for children between the ages of 11 and 13. sot: 1.04 it's an impt skill in the game but it's one that can wait to be introduced and not take away from m e quality of playit will be required for
5:43 am
u.s. soccer youth national teams and its development academy --but recommended for others not controlled by u.s. soccer. tommy park with the alexandria soccer association says he's not suprrised by the new guidelines.sot: 55.30 it's been a hot button issue for the last couple years u.s. soccer thru their coaching education program ..((butt)) 56.00 they've gone as far as in the courses to suggest not allowing kids to head the ball another important recommendation involves having a medical professional on the sidelines with coaches. coaches.they would then make decisions on&whether players suspected of having a concussion can return to the game. if you're just getting up, good morning -- it's now coming up next... next...the actions on college campuses across the nation after one presqdential hopeful inspired students to take a stand.'re watching c-b-s 2 this morning -- covering the
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right now on jeb bush: leadershipipeans you've got to be all in. it's not about yappin'. it's not about talking. it's about doing. i know how to do this because i was privileged to serve in florida for eight years. and we turned the systems upside down that weren't workin 1.3 million new jobs were created. we cut t tes every year. income rose in people's pockets. people were lifted out of poverty. children srted to learn. as president of the united states, i pledge to you that i will solve proroems. announcer: right to rise usa is responsible for the
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cbs 2 this morning...the clean up efforts now underway in iowa a day after a huge storm came right through the state. the latest change at the university of wa after the school said before it was exempt from certain county cordinances. the child's toy now putting airplanes all over the country at risk. welcome to cbs two this morning...i'm kevin barry.
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barry.and i'm kelly d'ambrosio. d'ambrosio. let's get a check of our cbs 2 weather
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