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tv   CBS2 News Live at 5  CBS  November 13, 2015 5:00pm-5:30pm CST

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a paris theater.
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french media are reporting french media are reporting that at least one man opened fire at a restaurant.others say there was an explosion seeming to target a bar near stade de france.that's where france was hosting germany for a soccer match.the french president was at that game but is not hurt. cbs 2 news will bring you the latest details as they become available.. and also stay tuned for the cbs evening news for a full report. in russia - the international association of athletics federations have temporarily
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and field team over a doping scandal. the scandal began after a world anti-doping agency accused the country of supporting a doping program for their athletes. the suspension will last three months. back in the corridor, it is a huge weekend for university of iowa athletics.tomorrow a historic wrestling match takes place at kinnick stadium and hours later the undefeated hawkeye football team will take the same field. 2 news reporter mellaney moore is live at the pentacrest where fans are getting ready. a lot of fans are out here showing their support of hawkeye we also me the group showing support by helping to get ready for these big events. events. there's another team heading to kinnick stadium for gameday. they are tackling friday set up and this time... it's double.austin wilkens, senior, crew hawk04:50:38 right now we're setting up for grapple on the gridiron, so that's going to be oklahoma state
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says the first dual competition of the season for both schools will make college wrestling history.mike patterson, assistant director of facilities for operational events04:41:53 its unprecedente d to host a wrestling event outdoors like this and you know it's just a unique opportunity and something that we're really, really excited the same time, ui athletics is trying to break an ncaa dual meet attendance record set by penn state a few years ago.patterson says iowa is the state of wrestling and they needed somewhere bigger than carver hawkeye arena to do it.katie ortmann, athletic facilities attendant04:48:19 a lot of equipment is coming over herethe crew doesn't think there will be an issue pinning that record.04:42:07 penn state's record was just shy of 16,000 and obviously last count i think we've sold over 35,000 tickets.then the 9-0 hawkeye football team will take the field for their last of two prime time games this season eight hours later. 04:44:39 when you have this wrestling meet on top of that it's just... it just doubles the preparation.4:51:49 go hawks! patterson expects another three to six thousand people buying tickets for wrestling at the door.
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door.covering the corridor in iowa city, mellaney moore, cbs 2 news live at five. the university of iowa is sending a warning - look out for counterfeit tickets to saturday's game. the sold-out game is in high demand so fans are being warned to be cautious of scalpers looking to unload fake tickets. and how is the weather looking for this weekend of everything
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a national sorority has become the e first to break rank and go against the safe campus act. a statement given to the huffington post says alpha phi is not endorsing the legislation. the safe campus act was proposed in july and blocks colleges from investigating sexual assault cases unless the victim also reports to law enforcement. in those cases, the school could not make a judgement until the criminal
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investigation ends. the sorority says they believe their sisters who are survivors should have a choice in who they go to for support. more than 100 women are suing a drug company over a birth control mix-up. the women say they found out they were taking sugar pills instead of contraceptives and some got pregnant. the suit says the manufacturer packaged the pills incorrectly so women were taking placebo _ills when they thought they were taking the active pills. the f-d-a issued a recall of the pills back in 2011. hearing loss is something millions of americans deal with everyday. but children who are *born with it, can often fall behind in school, and that can lead to learning and speech problems later in life. cbs 2 news reporter joy howe is hear to introduce us to one cedar rapids girl, doing her part to help put an end to that. a brand new study that was
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just published, took a look at kids with hearing loss. and there's a cedar rapids middle schooler who was part of the study and shared her story with us. haley walstrom was born with mild hearing loss in one ear, and severe loss in the other. her mom michele says, they were approached by researchers at the university of iowa, who were studying something new. they said a lot of research has been done on children with *compete hearing loss, but not a lot on kids with mild to severe loss - like haley. they wanted to see how it was affecting kids as they went on in life, and haley and her family were happy to help. we felt it was really important to be part of something that was going to provide morereinformation, more resources to families that have children with hard of hearing 09.47.58 what are the opportunities for them, what do they need to be successful. we were proud to be a part of it, and haley did a great job 09.52.34 that's a really cool feeling to have, knowing that i'm helping other people today and in the future. what the researchers found because of studying kids like haley - was what they said
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they expected to find - that if you give kids the right tools, the hearing aids that fit properly, the audiologists who can watch them, their risk for speech and language development issues, goes way down. haley is proof - she's an active prarie point middle schooler on the volleyball team - and she wants to be a doctor, maybe even an audiologist herself. joy howe, cbs 2 news live at 5. new government figures on autism - just released - are stirring up controversy. the numbers suggest the condition may be more widespread than previously thought. they say one in fourty-five children have autism. right now, the c-d-c says one in 68-children have the disorder.the latest number comes from a 2014 questionaire sent to parents. experts say the jump may be because the order ofhe questions was changed along with h e content.
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purely a methodological issue." (sot: michael rosanoff, autism speaks) 23:34 the most important takeaway message here is that autism is more prevelant than we currently we believe. believe.even skilled experts say diagnosing autism is difficult - there is no simple swab or blood test. despite the new figures from this new patient-reported survey, doctors emphasize they will *not replace the government's official *one in sixty eight* number. democrats are preparing for their second national debate. it happens right here on cbs 2 tomorrow night. hillary clinton leads bernie sanders and martin o'malley by a wide margin in the latest cbs news poll.but many experts say it's too early to look at poll numbers as deciding factors in the race. meanwhile, people across the world start honing in and focusing on iowa when caucus season iowa when focusing on in and start honing the world people across the world start honing in and focusing on iowa
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when caucus season begins. some of the crowd watching the political process is made up of the media -- and political scientists doing research -- others are voters from other states who are just cbs 2 news reporter kevin barry explains, one group of students in des moines is taking a closer look too. too. in a room where democrat martin o'malley is trying to offer answers -- ben verhaslet has questions. questions.he's part of professor david redlawsk's team of students -- studying the iowa caucus -- talking to anyone who has a second to spare at events like the polk county democrats fall dinner dinnerredlawsk studied the role iowa plays in the presidential nomination process back in 2008 in his book "why iowa". iowa".this time around we're doing what i call and what political scientists call
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of voter questions on what candidates talk about. about.we're tyring to figure out why and how the caucus works and what makes it so special.they each have their own area of expertise.sarah is a history and journalism student. student.lizzy studies psychology and sociology... sociology... i'd like to think that i'm coming at it with how society functions as a whole like collective thoughtsand ben... ben...studies political science and -- "rehetoric -- media and social change." change."it'll be invaluable to get a feeling for how this works and what people think and what they're looking for in candidates and once you get a good grasp on that there are a lot of opportunities you can havethe focus for now -- is broad.but when they're done -- they'll have documented all different kinds of mailers sent out during the campaign season and will have a comprehensive look at what led to the election of a president in 2016 -- and how it all started -- by fielding questions -- from iowans. iowans."when the media talks to them, they can iiore them. but when the votots talk to them, they can't, and i think that's a really interesting
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angle." coming up on live at 5... unhappy? there might be a simple solution. the one thing we all do that experts say we sake. meanwhile, another live look in paris where we're now learning officials are closing the country's borders and declaring a state of emergency. stay with cbs 2 and we'll keep on top of this
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unhappy in life - apparently there is a simple solution - quit facebook. the social media site depends on users to spend hours combing throught their feeds and posting - and that's just what most users do!but a new study shows what you're looking at is friends' manicured lives, and comparing yours to that leads to feelings of envy and discontentment. the happiness research institute found people who quit the site for an entire week reported greater feelings of
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still ahead live at five... hollywood lights in cedar rapids. a movie filmed right here in the corridor premiers tonight. scott sanborn joins
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if you think there's no solution to the climate crisis, think again. in iowa, wind energy is already producing enough power for over a million homes, reducing our dependence on foreign oil and supporting six thousand jobs. i'm tom steyer. with bold leadership and an endless supply of wind and sun, we can do that across america. the goal is 50% clean energy by 2030.
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making industry is back on the upswing and nowhere is that more evident than right here in the corridor. 2 news anchor scott sanborn is live on the red carpet for a special premier tonight. scott scottkaren, it won't be long before "the summerland project" will be out, a science-fiction movie written, produced and filmed in cedar rapids. but,
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historic paramount theatre for the premier of "up on the wooftop" a christmas movie produced by corridor-based backrow's the story of toby, a talking dog who gets lost in iowa and must find his way back to the north pole. the entire movie was shot in iowa city, coralville, the quad cities and dubuque over a two week period in february. it also has a local cast and crew with some help from hollywood. dennis joining me now is bryan dover, the owner of the star of the movie, sammi. sammi is a three year old russell terrier who plays
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way from los angeles to be here tonight. there are some forty other dogs that are also in this movie.several investors and a lot of volunteers came together to make this movie happen. following three previous movies, this is backrow studios' largest production to date. it will actually hit the united kingdom, france and germany next week. the festivities get underway at 6pm with photo opportunities on the red carpet, a pre-show cocktail party with cast and crew and refreshments in the lobby. the move itself starts at 7-o'clock. tickets are 15- dollars. the movie comes out on dvd, video on demand, itunes and other platforms next tuesday. covering the corridor in cedar rapids, scott sanborn cbs 2 news live at five. "here's a live look a&
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an update to the devastating breaking news out of paris. local reports say the death toll has now hit at least 40 in the multiple attacks. the french president is closing the country's borders and declaring a state of emergency. red alpha plan, an emergency response reserved
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president that's cbs 2 news live at 5 this . coverage continues now
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we'll be >> pelley: an explosion at a soccer march is just one of multiple terrorist attacks
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