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tv   CBS 2 News 10  CBS  November 13, 2015 10:00pm-10:35pm CST

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humanityit was a day of carnage in the city of love. good evening i'm karen fuller, scott sanborn is on assigngnnt. assignment.this is a live picture of paris where the ligths on the eiffeltower are turned off to mourn those killed. killed.right now, the death stands at 153 people, are dead and more than 200 injured. french leaders believe all of the suspected attackers are dead tonight.a state of emergency is in place in paris and d french leaders have sealed the country's borders.mass transit is shut down and schools are closed tomorrow. the coordinated attacks hit multiple locations.right now, authorities say they ininude gunmen, suicide bombers and explosive devices.some of those explosions could be heard in a packed soccer stadium, near one of the attacks. attacks. french president francois hollande was in that soccer
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carried out.he was quickly whisked d ay and right now is meeting with his top security officials. a music venue where the american band eagles of death metal were supposed to be playing was also hit.armed gunman held dozens of people hostage inside the building.a few hours ago, french police stormed the building.that's when the gunmen reportedly blew themselves up with suicide vests.more than 100 people were killed there. according to the band's face page the singers and crew are safe tonight. a third scene played out at a restaurant in paris.there, gunmen opened fire on patrons inside.authorities are saying at least five of the terrorists were killed by french of right now, the city remains under a curfew and people are being told to stay in their homes. this is the first time since world war two that a curfew has been placed in paris. about an hour after the attacks were carried out,
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united states would stand with the country. country."france is our oldest ally. the french people have stood shoulder to shoulder with the united states time and again. and we want to be very clear that we stand together with them in the fight against terrorism and extremism." extremism."the president is scheduled to travel to paris in just a few weeks.tonight the white house says there are no plans to change his current schedule. major cities in the u.s. are beefing up york governor andrew cuomo directed new york stata law enforcement to remain vigilant in the wake of the attacks.n-y-p-d deployed several units into crowded areas of the city. forces have also bbeen stepped up at the u.s. capitol.the department of homeland security tonight says there are *no credible threats against any locations in the u-s. cbs 2 news spoke with the univererty of iowa about possible security changes at the events happening in iowa
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spokes person told cbs 2 news, the school's department of public safety will address procedurur when necessary but it will not discuss any 2 news has also learned, there are four university of iowa students studying in france right no the university says they have reached all four and none of the students were in paris when the attacks happened.we will have continuing coverage of the paris attacks and will
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cbs 2 news ten at ten continues now with more of the corridor's top stories. stories.police officers serving in cedar rapids' schools are something parents and students see on a daily basis.but they have a very distinct purpose. 2 news reporter dora miller here with a look into the role these officers serve. school resource officers and police pals are the names we use for cedar rapids police officece who work in schools... they think it's important for the public to know their intentions. intentions. school resource officers say there's nothing to fear. fear. "we don't want people to be afraid of us in the schools." they're contractct
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totowork in the middle and high schools as a resource for students.mary ellen is the deputy superintendent of cedar rapids schools. schools. "the very name of resource in that name connotes the ct that they are a support, a collaborative partner and good friend to the hools." schools." "they're not disciplinarians for school olations, they're not there to be the bad guy or make sure the kids behave, they're there to be a resource for them."in the higher grades, they serve as part of school faculty... faculty..."if you wereo go to any of our high schools or middle schools, you would find school resource officers being part of a staff meeting, they would be part of a pep assembly, they would be part of lessons in the classroom." in the elementary schools, it's more of a teacher-student role. role."the police pal program we have things like stranger danger, knowing what a police officer, we go to kindergartene rs and talk about the gear we carry with us and why popocemen have guns and why we can have handcuffs and things like that."at the end of the day, they still have a job to do.
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schools? we do, but that's obviously the last thing that we want to do in the school." school." "if there were something that came up and we needed to call the police, there's a little bit of wait time until they can arrive at the school, so you have that advantage when you have them at the school." there's also programs in place to help students who get themselves into trouble for things like fighting...instead of facing criminal charges, students will do assignments to learn a lesson.dora miller cbs 2 news ten at ten cbs news has learned the senana will vote on a hard- line immigration bill next week. week.the legislation known as kate's law, has been pushed by g-o-p presidential hopeful and texas senator ted would d increase penalties for re-entering the country illegally.the bill is named after a woman who was shot in san francisco by an illegal immigrant. the final touches are being made in des moines, as s the three democratic presidential hopefulls will square off in their second debate.hillary clinton leads bernie sanders
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margin in the latest cbs news - new york times poll.many experts say it's too early to look at poll numbers as deciding factors in the race. you can watch the debate right here on cbs coverage begins at eight. and we'll have complete coverage of the week's political news this sure to tune into iowa in focus, sunday morning at 10:30, only on cbs 2. now ten at ten contntues with a look at tonight's other stories across the corridor. it is a big weekend for the university of iowa.six sporting events will be held on campus in the next 72 hours. it alllltarted tonight with a pep rally in downtown iowa city and cbs 2 news was there. hundreds turned out at the ped mall along with the u-i cheerleading squad and, of course, herky. titiets are still on sale for the wrestling dual that gets started at noon.the football game however is sold out.just before the newscast, we checked the prices for tickets on stubhub.rrht now, the
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cheapest pair of tickets is 216 bucks. meanwhile, 37 thousand fans have purchased tickets for the grapple on the gridiron wrestling meet tomorrow.thehe u-i athletics department hopes to break an n-c-double-a wrestling dual meet attendance record set by penn state a few years ago.hawkeye sports says the first dual competition of the season for both schools will make college wrestling history by being in the outdoor division one stadium. another escape room is coming to the corridor. the shores event center will open it't'underground escape attraction in cedar rapids tomorrow.participants will be locked in a room and try to solve riddles and clues to figure out their escape.there is already an escape room in coralville.this is video of an escape room set up in dallas. to learn more about the event center, log on to our website, cbs 2 iowa dot com. in north liberty libertycrews are trying to get caught up on leaf collection
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month.the city says crews will be out collecting leaves on sunday, before more rain falls s next they're urging residents to have theor piles pushed to the curb by saturday night. that is cbs 2 news ten at ten -- the corridor's top stories and tomorrow's weather f fst forecast in theheirst ten minutes. minutes.but we are just getting started.coming up... up...we take you on the red carpet for the premiere of a new holiday film created in
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by now you've on cbs 2 this morning,if you want to go on a vacation *before the holidays, we know just the place. place.we're road trippin', a few hours south of the corridor that's on monday on cbs 2 this morning. by now you've noticed that my colleague scott sanborn isn't with us.he's at the premiere of "up on the wooftop" tonight at the paramount theatre. theatre.scottjoins us w live from the red carpet in downtown cedar rapids, scott? more than a thousand ticket holders passed through the hallllf mirrors tonight to get a first look at "up on the wooftop." wooftop." all the flitz and glamour you come to expect from a hollywood premiere transformed this historic venue into a royal movie palace. featuring red carpet photo opportunities with people dressed to the nines, they all came for a family-friendly christmas
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promises to be cinematic success story from iowa city- based backrow studios."i told people i want this to be the greatest 4th grade birthday part of all time, so i think we're doing that. so this is really cool."much of the audience reflected the movie's cast, lots of children chowed down on ice cream and cookies. "it's fun cause there's so much stuff to do. it's like you can't stop."while several dogs provided canine relief, the mayor ofcoralville has his pet in the movie."i saw in the paper they were looking for dogs as sort of cameo spots. i submitted her picture and they bid on it and told us to come out to santa's workshop up on highway onon" "now you're the father of a movie star." "absolutely, you know, what's next, that's what i want to know."even the star of wooftop came all the way from los angeles."how was it coming to iowa to film with all the locals here? " "oh you know what, the people are great. they have a good work ethic and on set it was very professional. it was a really good eeerience."the wooftop
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crew interacted with the audience for a little q&a before the feature attraction lit up on the big screen. up on the wooftop is backrow's largest production todate and is slated for distribution in the u-s and europe next week. "just to watch all the age ranges enjoy the movie it really means a lot. even to hear the kids laugh it's been great so far." up on the wooftop comes out on dvd, video on demand, itunes and more on tuesday. and if tonight's eehusiastic crowd is any indication, it's going to be a very merry christmas for backrow studios.covering the corridor in cedar rapids, scott sanborn, cbs 2 news ten
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next on c-b-s two news... news...could the cedar rapids kennedy cougars avenge last years playoff loss -- and keep their season alive? find out later in sports. sports.but first, we want to go baba to paris where authorities are still trying to piece together a massive terror attack.for the first time since world war two, a mandatory curfew is now in effect in paris.more than 150 are dead and that number is expected to 2 news ten at 10 is back with more after this.
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it's championship friday at the cell center -- and it was a duzy 4-a final -- a rematch of last year's championship between west delaware and harlan -- the cylones won it all last season the hawks are making their 6th
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one was all west delaware -- bridget hoffman gets up to get down for the spike -- the hawks took set 1in set two it was more of the same -- the set to hoffman -- and the kill for the point -- west delawre takes home their first title in school history with a sweep "it's certainly something the school is going to remember forever, something i'm going to remember forever and something these girls are going to have those moments for the e st of their lives. you know i can't describe this feeling. it's just all the hard work that you do finally pays off and it's very rewarding." rewarding." "just complete bliss. my cheeks s e hurting so bad right now becuase i've just been smiling. it's a great feeling." in 3-a -- west liberty tring to take home their first state title in school history -- just have to get past nevada -- first set -- cassidi simon with the back set to kyleigh becker -- and she drops the hammer west liberty could do more than spike though -- later in the set -- haliey dowfeldt -- gets up for the block -- but the cubs were too much for the comets -- nevada takes the crown in straight sets.
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taking on sydneyfirst set -- the wildcats stormed out of the gates -- karlee boyle welcomes the cowgirls to her block partyand then lateteinin the set -- janesville sets up bree thompson -- and she layeth the hammer down -- and the wildcats take home the title -- 3 sets to 1. in the 2-a final -- western chrisitan topped sumner - - fredericksburg who was making their first title game apperance -- 3 sets to 1 and in the 5-a final -- ankeny centennial repeated with a 4 set winner over bettendorf. it's been a season to remember for cedar rapids kennedy -- they've never arted a season 12 and oh until this year -- and they haven't been to the semifinals since 1993 -- now they get a shot for some revenge -- against bettendorf -- the last team to beat the cougars cougarsremember that was last season in the playoffs -- first quarter and the cougs strike first -- it's mr. do it all -- shaun buyer -- calling his own number -- and diving in for the score kenndy goes up 7it's tied at 7 in the ththd -- and that's when the cougars pounced -- tyler dralle -- sprints to the corner -- nobody can stop him
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-- execpt the wall -- kennedy goes back up 7..then in the 4th -- they put it away -- nick deer hits austin baliey -- and kennedy is heaed to the ship -- 31 to 14 the final in class a -- it's round two between denver and gladbrook - reinbeckthe cylones won the first meeting -- and they drew frist blood -- mitchel seek -- scoots to the corner -- denver goes up 7 nothingg-r would answer in the second -- jake schuman hits walker thede -- and he's in for 6 to tie the gameit would head to overtime tied at 16 and thede -- boots gladbrook reinbeck to the title game -- 19 to 16 the final in o-t -- they'll face akron westfield thursday. and still to come on cbs 2 -- it's time to tip tiphow iowa state and the ste prome era started off with a bang -- that's after the break... break..."cbs 2 news connects with us at 1-800-
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the hype for hoops is at an all-time high in ames... the cyclones begin the season ranked 7th -- t tt's the high presason ranking in school history -- and it's offically the steve prome era erai-s-u taking on colorado in sioux falls -- aka hilton north kind of a slow start offensively for the clones ---- naz long -- from n-b-a range -- that's not the last we'll hear from himthen later in the first half -- it's monte morris with the alley -- jameal mckay -- bringin' the opp -- iowstate led by 5 at e breakand they'd open it up in the second half -- long running the break --- the dish to mckay -- let me see your dunk face -- mckay finshed with 8 points and 10 boardss
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then later it's long again -- dialing long distance -- he finsihed with 13 -- 4 cyclones were in double figures -- steve prome and the cylones are 1 and oh -- 68 to 62 this team goes as jared uthoff goesand fortunately for the hawks -- he was movin' -- first half -- uthoff with the dine and dash -- plus one -- iowa takes an early leadthen -- he showed off his range -- mike gesell finds him open in the cornrn -- money -- uthoff was in double figures 8 minutes in the game -- and had 21 at the break -- but he wasn't the only one scoring -- dom uhl -- look out -- hawks well on their way to win -- they're up big late in the 2ndnd half. iowa women also tipped off their season -- hawks hosting north dakotait was close until ali disterhoft took over in the third -- first the iowa city west product takes it hard to the rack for twothen later its disterhoft again -- this time she pulls the trigger for three -- disterhoft finished with a game high 20kali peschel was also doing her thing -- she finished with 17 -- bluder's bunch get the win 83 to 61.
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the cyclone women also start they season 1 and oh -- iowa state beat hampton 95 to 59 -- 4 clones were in double figugus lead by freshman phenom -- bridgett carleton who dropped 28. stay with c-b-s two -justin has one last look at your forecast after the break. if you think there's no o lution to the climate crisis, think again. in iowa, wind energy is already producing enough power for over a million homes,
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reducing our dependence on foreign oil and supporting six thousasa jobs. i'm tom steyer. with bold leadership and an endless supply of wind and sun, we can do that across america. the goal is 50% clean energy by 2030.
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recaping our top story tonight. more than 150 people are dead following a series of corridnated attacks in paris, france.french authorities believe the suspected terrorists behind the attacks are dead. and as the president said earlier the u-s will stand with france, as the country is one ofur oldest allies. buildings around the world light up in french colors to honor fallen in
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the u.s. those building include the capitol dome in washington, dc and the emuire state bulding in new york. thanks for watching your cbs 2 news at ten.we'll see you back
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