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tv   CBS 2 News 6  CBS  November 17, 2015 6:00pm-6:30pm CST

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those who witnessed the paris terrorist attacks are still trying to understand. understand.a cedar rapids native was at the soccer stadium, as bombs were exploding in the streets.. streets..tonight, cbs 2 news reporter steffi lee brings us his story of how france is overcoming the tragedy. imagine being thousands of miles away from home and not being able to call your family. that's what happened to trevor luebe - in a study abroad
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experience he'll never forget. forget. "everyone's cheering, the normal soccer stuff.." stuff.."juststike that... that..."everyone just thought it was part of the game for the first one, for the second one, you could see some people look a little worried."and a simple game of soccer... soccer...became part of one of the deadliest ssnes - transforming the city of transforming the city of love... love... "you could hear people screaming, we didn't really have time to think - you just knew you needed to run."into chaos. chaos. cedar rapids native trevor luebe was right in the middle. the iowa state university junior is fulfilling his french minor through a foreigngn exchange program in paris. paris."so as we're walking, it's kind of like the scene of a movie, we're like in a huge crowd of people, they're singing the national anthem of france, and everyone turns around and just tarts sprinting."as they ran - trevors friends grabbed onto
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media. "they can just mark you and tell your family as soon as possible."they used the facebook safety check feature and tagged one another "i can only imagine what the news was like at home."to alert loved ones thousands of miles away.trevor says military presence escalated in these streets for days... days... "just a lili of police cars, and the police are out there, behind their cars, with rifles, just waiting."now the blue, white and red, candles and flowers line these busy streets to honor lives lost. lost. "you hear about it in the news and all that, but actually experiencing it, you can't comprehend it."but there's one thing he'll alalys able to comprehend. comprehend."seeing how people come together and just support each other and love each other just to get through." trevor says his program ends december 19th but he plans to travel to other parts of
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europe before returning home. steffi lee, cbs 2 news. the aftermath and security concerns from the paris attacks were also felt on iowa's presidential campaign trail today. martin o'malley said he was proud when president obama told the international community that the united states would welcome refugees of all religions -- not opting to exclude muslims as some republicans had suggested.he admitted that this is a time when there is a lot of fear in the air. "it's easy for leaders to become a part of that fear and to play to that fear. what we need right now are leaders that actually speak to the truth of our character and the truth of this situation." situation."o'malley says the u-s won't be successful on the battlefield if it also doesn't step up to do its part to solve the humanitarian crisis involving syrian refugees. and new tonight, tonight,within the last hour, louisiana governor bobby
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jindal suspended his campaign for president.jindal spent most of his time as a presidential candidate polling at or ar the bottom of most polls, at the same time making several stops in iowa.jindal saying, simply, that this is not his time. also new tonight at six, six,coralvillelepolice need yoyo help tracking down a woman accused of passing counterfeit bills. bills.take a look:police say the fakes were used at the hy- vee store on eighth street last thursday.they say the womamadrove away in a light- colored s-u-v.anyone with information should call iowa city area crime stoppers at 3- 5-8 tips. the cooler weather means more people are turning on their furnaces and other heaters. that's prompting an urgent call for safety from the american red cross.they say they've responded to more than 15 fires across the state in just four days.they're urging people to keep items away from heaters, never leave fires unattended, and to always turn
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leaving a room or going to bed. bed.we put more important information on cbs 2 iowa dot com. if you're preparing to travel for the upcoming thanksgiving holiday, prepare to share the road.triple-a says more than 46-million americans are expected to travel next week, , the highest inineight years. it's all thanks to those lower gas prices which are about 74 cents, on average, lower now than this time last year.area law enforcement agencies, meanwhile, are preparing to step up their patrols.they're particularly going to be making sure those on the roads are using their seat belts. one group is already working to help drivers on state highways.the d-o-t's highway helper program focuses on quickly clearing crashes and stalled vehicles to keep people safe and keep roads free of congestion.the program recently expanded to cover cedar rapids and iowa city. today, they held an open house to show how they can help. "if their cars aren't working
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the trucks are actually big enough with the crew cabs to put a family inside and take them to the nearest say gas station police station wherever they need to go so really it's for motorist assistance." assistance."highway helpers also work on with flat tires, jump starts and fuel delivery free of charge. as cbs 2 news first reported yesterday, two middle-age iowa men have died from the flu. flu.the iowa department of public health says iowa is one of three states with the highest flu activity in the nation right now. 2 news reporter mellaney moore is live to show us what you can do to try to prevent the virus from coming into yououhome. experts tell me getting your flu shot is the best way to keep yourself from getting the flu. flu. did you want to get ththhigh dose shot today? it's recommended for seniors...yes. connie bramble has been diligent about getting her flu shot for several years. years. i have not had the flu and i don't want to get the flu. following the news that the flu is here and there have
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been two flu-related deaths in the state, this pharmacist says more people have come in trying to prevent the virus. virus. the last couple days especially, we've really had an increase in the flu vaccine we've been giging.the iowa department of public health says an average of 300,000 iowans get the flu every year and the vaccine is the best defense. defense. even if it doesn't prevent illness, one of the things that it does even better is to prevent severe illnene and death.there are other things you can do too. too. we talk about the three cs. covering your cough or sneeze, cleaning your hands with soap and water or alcohol sanitizer and en containing the virus. weigel says there are certain groups of people who should talk to their doctor right away if they start developing symptoms like fever, sore throat or congestion. congestion. the people that have ththmost complications usually are people under two, over 65, pregnant women, people with other complications like asthma.state health officials say the e n who died were
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between 41 and 60 years of age. age. i had it in the back of my mind that i needed to get it done so that reminded me to get going and get it taken care of. state health officials say the flu season generally peaks in february and can go through may.covering the corridor in iowa city, mellaney moore, cbs 2 news. today marks an important day for millions of mothers and fathers everywhere. this is world prematurity day - which brings attention to the urgency and global work being done to address pre-term birth. premature birth is the number one killer of babies - and many times, parents have little to no eastern iowa couple is one of 15 million families affected by a premature a mother, amber hansen says women need to listen to their bodies. "listen to your instincts, if you feel like something is nono
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righta&if you feel like e you're not sure, go into labor and delivery and check" the hansens say they learned so much about prematurity from the march of dimes, which continues to raise millions of dollars for research. life-long iowans know the mccoy septuplet name well. well.and the mccoy kids, are turning 18 and preparing to leave their parents nest in carlisle, just south of des is already married. another is headed into the military.and others, are looking at kenny mccoy says he hopes he did a good enough job raising the bobbi says, it'll be hard to let them all go, but she's learned many lessons along the way. "kids thrive on structure and if you can establish that early..and maintain it..your kids will be happier..and you'll be happier."
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born in 1997.some of them are headed to hannibal-lagrange university in missouri, which offered them free tuition when they were born. coming up next, on the cbs 2 newswst six, steals before sunrise. sunrise.the big game that had the u-n-i basketball team hitting the hardwood at an unusual hour.
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as the second part of our two part series, we'll look at ways to improve that number.tomorrow on cbs-2 this morning, how women can improve
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status. rise and shine -- it's basketball time timecoming up in sports -- the panthers tipped off at 7 am -- how they shot the lumberjacks back to sleep -- next in sports. sports."cbs 2 news connects with us at 1-800- 222-kganemail us at news at cbs 2 iowa dot comconnect with us on facebook at
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people are sick and tired of establishment politics, and they want real change! [ cheers and applause ] bernie sanders -- husband, father, grandfather. he's taking on wall street and a corrupt political system that keeps in place a rigged economy. bernie's campaign is funded byover a million contributions- people like you, who see the middle class disappearing and want a future to believe in.
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saturday is huge for the iowa football team -- the hawks have a chance to go 7 and oh at kinnick for just the second time in school history -- they also can wrap up the west divion title and clinch a spot in the big 10 championship game for the first time ever. ever.but there's another thing -- that's kind of getting overlooked -- it's the final game in iowa city for 21 seniors -- and this team wants to win on saturday not for for the history or the title --
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but for the senior class. "you know we always talk about leaving the jersey in a better place, so i've hoped that i'v'v done that and it's somemeing that is in the back of your mind, but all i know is that i just want to go out there on saturday and play the best that i can and get a win for e team." team.""they've been through the ups and they've been through the downs of different hawkeyeyseasons so you know for them, for us to go out there and play as hard as we can for them on senior day, i really think will be big because you know they want to go out with a bang." bang."the lastest cocoege football playoff poll will be released at 8:30 tonight -- the hawks currently sit 5th -- remeber the top 4 are in the playoffs. it wasn't bacon and eggs this morning at u-n-i -- it was basketball and egeg -- the panthers hosting steven f. austin at 7 a.m. -- yeah, i said a.m. not p.m. -- it's part of espn's 24 hour tip off marathon marathonlast year -- u-n-i won by two in o ortime -- this game not that closethe panthers were bright eyed and bushy tailed -- wyatt lohuas
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bo know threes -he finished with 15 -- u-n-i jumped out to an early leaeaand it would continue to grow -- aarias austin uses the bounce and jeremy morgan uses the glass -- the former west high trojan had 9 points in the first 11 minutes of the meaustin could to more than pass -- later in the first half -- he knocks down the triple -- the panthers led by as many as 19 the lumberjacks would ttle back and cut it to 8 -- but that's t t closest they'd get because wes washpun took over in the second half -- the three the old fashion way there and then later the stop --- and pop -- the former washington warrior scored 9 of his 14 points in the second half -- 14 points in the scored 9 of his warrior washingtononormer pop -- the the stop --- and pop -- the former washington warrior scored 9 of his 14 points in the second half -- as the panthers get win number 1 -- 70 to 60 -- thanks to a much better defensive performance. "the most important thing for me was to see the adjustments the guys made and the determination they played with defensively... had wwon or lost, we got ten minutes in and i felt like, "okay this is more like our basketball team." team.""we gave up way too many points last saturday, and we just really had to focus in on getting stops. i mean, the offense is gonna be there for us -- we have a lot of guys that can make a lot of
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plays... so we just really came together as a unit and just focused on a defensive effort." last night steve prome and the clones improved to 2 and oh with a 106 to 64 win over chicago state -- and the win looked like that video game -- n-b-a jams every time jameel mckay touched the ball -- the dude was a dunking machine -- mckay dunked on the cougars 9 times -- in one game -- and finished with a career high 25 points to lead iowa state. "just try every game to be the best player in the country and play off my teammates because i know they are ing to get me if i get t open. so i just try to find an open spot and they did a great job today getting me the ball." ball.""we just feed off his energy. he's the key guy for us and when he gets dunks and he gets us going, he really anchors our r defense. you saw he only had two blocks today, but he's just the anchor back there. he holds it down defensively and today he was just tremendous on offense for finishing around the rim." that's a check of sports,
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than i owe about $68,0000 i owe $44,000 in student loans. my plan, the new college compact, says you should not have to borrow money to pay tuition if you go to a plic college or university. and you ought to be able to refinance student debt. and i don't believe the federal government should be making a profit off of lending to young people who are borrowing to be able to get their education. we have got to make college affordable.
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