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tv   CBS This Morning  CBS  November 19, 2015 7:00am-9:00am CST

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did this soda can bomb bring down a russian plane? and director george lucas tell charlie why he's staying far far away from the new "star wars" movie. we start with today's eye opener, your world in 90 seconds. >> the suspected master mind behind the paris attack is confirmed dead.
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>> it is the goaoa of terrorists to intimidate. we will not submit to their wishes. >> isis has released a picture of what it says is the bomb that brought down the russian plane last month. >> president obama said he would veto a bill that wouldlock the u.s. from taking in more syrian refugees. . >> a storm also brought down trees. up to four inches of rain fell. >> severe turbulence on boaoa an american airlines jet. >> more unrest in minnesota. >> they're angry over the ooting death of jamar clarke. >> a run away san francisco tour bus loaded
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>> the chopper spinning out of control and then caught fire. >> the protester was removed after shouting. >> i mentioned food statas andnd that guy, who's seriously overweight, went crazy. >> ben carson's campaign released this map in a show of support for the governors say nothing to the syrian refugees. look how off the map is. you don't have to thedraw it free hand, mr. carson. you can trace it. go places. w%lcome to " welcome to "cbs this morning."ased a newly released isis video suggests the terror group is
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the city's mayoresponds, new yorkers won't live in fear. this follows the paris attacks that killed 129 people. and a it shows images of manhattan and a s a man building what looks like a suicide bomb. officials insistt the video threat is nothing through. >> reporter: the footage that includes times square appears in the fina the final moments of this latest video.his isis has used this footage oes before which sececity says doesn't present a problem, but at this time they say there's no credible or specific threat. >> the people of new york city will not be intimidated. >> reporter: the video appears to show to show a man constructing an explosive device, strapping it around his waste and zipping his leather jacket.s it then cuts to a shot of new york's times square and other are before crowded street scenes.
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been hastily produced. >> bill bratton spoke from new we york's times square.that >> in new york we understand rorist that we are a terrorist target.flects it reflects the importance of city the city. large p >> reporter: a large portion of th the clip shows isis supporters praising last week's deadly massacres in paris. the terror g gup has long used videos to spread their message. and the release of this latest fferent. video is no different. >> this is isis doing what isis and al qaeda and terrorist groups do, which is propaganda. when we see the video, we make like note of it. of the but it's like a lotot of the videos we've seen. >> reporter: earlier this week the nypd enlisted an additional 500 officers trained to handle terrorist threats.
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importance of see something, say something. nypd commission er bill bratton is us here. there >> that video to us nothing new. been there, done that. it appears to be a hastily produced video. some of it fbom a video in august. some of it in october, threats august, s against israel. so it really didn't change our tha stance at all. citi we're constantly prepared. we wanted so much from mumbai many years ago, the multiple attacks. we totally changed how we would respond to that type of to t incident. similarly here we have detectors already in paris. taking
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we are constantly taking a look at what happened there, what cananarn. we learn. is a and there's a lot to learn from of paris. >> as part of that learning process, this week you announced that the nypd has ramped up counter terrorism units. what will they be able to do?>> >> quite a lot. over the last year we've been planning. ironically the first wave of that came intoeffect. 527 new officers in a counter terrorism unit to protect ent facilityies fafilities, to defend. we have a new 800 person equipp tactical response team. and then we also have our 600 s person swat unit. >> it's notot just preventing an attack. at it's being able to respond to multiple attacks quickly. >> it's all about e/defee. we're on the offense all the se
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intelligence capabilities.ence defense, protecting facilities.liti a lot of what you see here is defense. >> the "new york times" reports es" reports today that at least three dozen people in the u.s. suspected of ties to the islamic state have been under electronic elec surveillance for months.ce. are you worried that what h happened in ris, that video thth we just talked about may inspire these people? >> the whole effort is intended to have an effect of inspiration ation. and prpraganda. what they're trying to do is pump much more oxygen into the system.stem. we're prepared to respond to it.ware but we tell people is to be ato be aware but vigigi don't be afraid. it >> i heard you say be vigilant, m don't be afraid. and there's been no credible threat to new york.hey i think in paris that's what they said to, there was no par
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credible threat in paris and then their whole world exploded.sure people thanksgiving parade is coming. how can we live without being toade is a goo afraid? >> i'll be here with my family. b i'm bringing them in m specifically for it. anyb i'm going to be here.threat. i'm going to enjoy it. >> then you hear somebody with a that coke can could cause some damage. >> we're also tatang a look that the. the. we're constantly learning but the world we live in is t unfortunately a world that generates fear. but wean't let it overwhelm us. assure we're trying to assure people wo that we are working very hard all the time. this is not something that we respond to a threat. the we're constantly on the offense and improving our defenses. >> thank you, commissioner.
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now to this breaking news in france where the suspected planner of the paris attacks is confirmed dead. the paris prosecutor's office said that abdelhamid awas killed. elizabeth palmer is in central paris with dramatic new video. good monoing. >> reporter: well, i think everybody who's been following this story has wondered what it would have been like to have been there, to have been caught in the attacks. now we have a better idea. surveillce cera video that was obtained shows what happens when a simple night out in second turns into a nightmare. as the bar staff stands chatting, suddenly b blets fly. everyone dives for cover.
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the video shows the gunman in - the upper left-hand corner coming into the cafe. he aims his weapon at a customer on the g gund and thehe turns away. incredibly she survives and so do two others who get up and run. the gunman leaves in a car. it was all over in less than a minute. and diners scrambled out from their hiding places heading for the basement. france's prime minister spoke to the national assembly this morning. he said they're constantly inventing new ways to kill peoplele the statatof emergency gives security services extra power to search and detain people without a warrant. yesterday's predawn raid in a paris suburb has s sken the country. police fought an hour long gun
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holed up in saint-denis. forensic technicians examine the building this morning and to identify the dead. french police can now choose to be armed even when off duty. and soldiers will remain at prominent landmarks. a short time ago the emergency powers legislation that i referred to has been passed by france's lower house of assembly. it will go to the french senate on friday for approval. russia's defense ministry says its bombers are targeting sine the isis oil business. s government video shows the ednesdsd russian air strikes on trucks controlled by isis in syria. may the terror group may earn as a much as $40 million a month from those oil sales. investigators are working to down a
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confirm whether isis brought a can down a russian passenger jet with a soda can bomb. it claims this bomb broughtht down the plane last month. >> good morning. even as u.s. officials work to verify these isis claims it warned law enforcement to be on the lookout for similar types ofthe pho bomb components. the photo shows just three components, a can of soda that's sold widely in egypt, a detonator and a switch.hat bring could that bring down a plane? >> i think it would depend on where they placed it on the i plane and how much explosives were in the soda can.rele but i this it would. >> revenge was exacted upon those who felt safe in the e cockpits of their jets. while officials have not yet confirmed this is what brought
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down the plane, the russian tuesda government confirmed that the crash was caused by a home made bomb containing about two pounds of tnt. an insider in sharm el-sheik may have planted the bomb. som how do you stop this? >> good security, screening vet methods, vetting your people, things of that nature.y a >> a department of homeland security audit found that under manage cover investigators managed to smuggle mock explosives or 5% of weapons through checkpoints 95% made of the time. in testimony on capitol hill cap earlier this month the ts administrator tried to reassure members of congress that the tsaer is up to the task. f
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the failures in that under cover test were across the board from technology to human error. the house is expected d put new limits on syrian and iraqi refugees. the white house is threatening at veto.meri >> most americans are against to the president's plan to resettle00 10,000 syrians. 53% oppose it. 2 28% say the program should be kept as it is. 11% say only christians should be allowed in. major garrett is in washington with how the debate iss changing. >> for republicans seeking the trocities presidency, the isis atrocities changed everything.
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fight isis. >> we could not take a chance that some of these people coming in are isis. >> donald trump says some of the president's anger was misdirected. >> he was primarily angry at the press and the republicans. it didn't look like he was angry at the avenuesavages that did all the destruction. >> i would encourage you, mr. president, come back and insult me to my face. >> overnight in manila president obama again defended his policy which seeks to bring 10,000 syrian refugees into the u.s. by next year. >> the idea that somehow they pose a more significant threat than all the tourists who pour into the united states every single day just doesn't jive
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>> in interviews with c c marco rubio and john kasich both in endorsed u.s. combat fighting isis in syria. >> isis can only be defeated through ground force, the bulk of which is made up through sunnis themselves. that would be up to our military tacticians to decide. i'm positive it's more than 50. >> kasich said the ground war must begin soon. >> we need to go on the ground and in the air and dewe need to destroy isis. we can't wait. b it's going to lead us to even more violence and we'll be mp saying why didn't we act sooner. >> trump also said if he were osques presesent he would c cse down fall mosques in america. here's one thing that hasn't france changed. in france the government will
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still resettle 30,000 syrian number commi refugees, the same numbert committed to before the senseless bloodshed of last friday. ahead former defense secretary robert gates w wl be f with . the that's ahead. protests over the police man shooting of an unarmed bachman h in minneapolis are intensifying. de officers sprayed a chemicalo push push the crowd back. the identityies of two officers involved in the shooting of jamar clarke were released in wednesday. investigators are not releasing any video. they they say the footage does not capture the entire incident. die a san diego airport is closed this morning after a helicopter crash killed two ws people on board. the helicopter spun before it t loses it tail, tips over and federa cashes fire.
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keading to that scene. but no life threatening injuries. >> no passengers were hurt. an earthquake overnight in the southern plains woke people up. the magnitude 4.7 quake rocked northern oklahoma this morning centered around 100 miles north of oklahoma ty. people in seven other states as far away as arizona felt the ground shake. isis faces a new threat online. the anonymous hackers who are warning the terror group we w wl
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firs this national weather support sponsored by american
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car liners. a california judge orders a woman to destroy her r ozen embryo embryos. >> why the woman's legal dispute with her ex-husband may not be
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last week's tour bus crash in san francisco's union square. the bus crashed through a number of barricades and plowed into a construction site. the bus driver says the brakes failed. 20 people were hurt. >> one p psidential campaign literally redraws the map of america. why critics are calling for ben carson to get a geography
7:25 am
george lucas tells usat least two people were killed during the raid on wednesday.this morning -- authorities don't exactly know who they are -- but they are using d-n-a tests to try to figure it out.a french prosecutor is also backing away from a statement his office made that one of the dead was a woman who set off an explosive vest.police are is also released new images of what they claim is the bomb that took down the russian metro-jet plane over egypt last month.the picture shows a soda can, a wire and what appears to be a switch.the plane crash killed all 224 people on board.earlier this week, russian officials said the plane was downed by a bomb, and offered a 50 million dollar reward for info episcopal church filed a lawsuit to keep the 1 1story project from moving forward. the e church says rezoning the property goes against the city's comprehensive plan.
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you get better water, and service you can actually i've seen fire and i've seen rain i've seen the rise and fall of the beanie babies trend i've seen myspace and the baha men but i never thought i'd see a new star wars again >> the voice is the same but the lyrics are different. how timely that we run that today. that is james taylor on the late show last night with an update to his song "fire and rain." >> look at colbert singing. >> more star wars news coming up.
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george lucas may be the father of the first "star wars" movies but kept his distance from the upcoming seventh installment. he explains why he and film makers are okay with that. hackers are targeting the terror group in online attacks. we show you why experts question how effective those hacks are. time to show you some of this morning's headlines. the wall street journal reports on signals that the reserve could raise interest rates in december minutes from last month's fed meeting show most anticipate it would be a good time for an interest rate hike only if economic conditions do not worsen. short term rates have been near zero for seven years. >> the washington post reports on a new map that had some campaigns. the map was designed to highlight carson's opposition to
7:30 am
he didn't five states northeast. this is a correct map showing where the states belong. carson's campaign deleted the map and had no comment about this. >> the "new york times" reports on cooling market. half of 14 offerings are below their ipo price. dating site and tender owner match group priced shares at $12. square set up at $9. gl the "boston globe" reports doug flutie yesterday lost both his parents, his mother and father died of heart attacks within an hour of each other. the patriots player said they were married for 56 years. he called them incredible parents and grandparents. >> as sad as the story is something so touching that they died so close together. >> he said his parents were the
7:31 am
mom died after his father died of a broken heart. >> i believe that happens. >> i do, too. variety of reports of the band that performed at the bataclan. the eagles of death metal lost a crew member saying they are proud to stand together with our new family united by a common goal. they say response proves love overshadows evil. anonymous says isis is their new enemy. the hackers claimed they attacked the online presence and they say there is more to come. our digital network is here to look at the tech war against isis. good morning. >> as the international community seeks to stop isis anonymous says it is fighting in cyber space by shutting down isis related twitter accounts in addition to a strategy shift by a major tech company that could
7:32 am
hinder isis. >> more than 20,000 twitter accounts belonging to isis were taken down by anonymous. >> reporter: on wednesday launching a cyber attack against isis in retaliation for last week's violence in paris. >> isis, we will hunt you, take down your sites, accounts, e-mails and expose you. >> reporter: it offered a link to a list of thousands of twitter accounts it says belong to isis claiming to have taken them offline. while twitter has proven to be a valuable recruiting tool for the terrorist group experts are down playing the impact of anonymous's action. >> they are not going to be able to disrupt operations or coordination within the isis network. it's much more of an annoyance really, i think to them, than anything else. >> reporter: yesterday u.s. intelligence officials stressed the need for greater cooperation between government and tech
7:33 am
encrypted messenger apps which allow undetected communications between users. >> they find someone might kill on their behalf. they move them to a mobile messaging app that is end to end encrypted. at that moment the needle we have been searching the nation to find and have found goes invisible to us. >> they have been able to use great advances in technology to further their aims. >> reporter: amid growing concerns berlin-based telegram announced a significant shift wednesday. it says it has blocked 78 isis-related channels which the group had been using to dissim nate propaganda. that is a different tone than the company took in december when tele. >> privacy ultimately is more
7:34 am
things happening like terrorism. >> reporter: even though they took the 78 channels offline users are free to communicate
7:35 am
these stand offs between months. and our legal expert is here. this decision is very significant. >> it is in part significant because it is california. and california is a state where people look to that state to see what is going on in law. it's also significant because of the 1 million embryos that are frozen, 10%, 100,000 of them are frozen at this clinic. so what we have here is a clinic that has a form. and what the plaintiff, what dr. lee had said was when i signed that form it was a consent form. what the defense, the person she was married to said wait a minute it is called informed consent and agreement.
7:36 am
because they are no longer together. >> it was a very acromonious divorce. >> some people calling the decision harsh because she had cancer and she said this is the last chance. is the court saying the contract trumps your desire to have children even though you probably cannot have children anymore. it seems very harsh. >> it may be harsh emotionally but it is not harsh legally because we know -- i have said it many times and i will always say it. we cannot agree in society to exist and co-exist peacefully unless we have contract. we have to be able to honor our words. and in this particular case when you look at this inform consent and agreement form it gets very particularized. it has differed options that they can consider. they had the contract for a week.
7:37 am
some 160 times. it talks about agreement or words like agreement 27 times. >> does she have no other option? >> she has an option to appeal. we have to remember it is not her cancer that the judge says is the reason. it's her age. the judge also did not find her credible. >> thank you so much. >> thank you. >> i know the law is the law. george lucas had no problem taking a back seat in the production of the new "star wars" movie. >> i said if i get in there i'm just going to cause trouble. >> george lucas cause trouble. the star wars"star wars" creator reveals why he had no say in the seventh movie. if you are heading out the door to work we understand. we ask you set your dvr because we are here until 9:00.
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you don't want to miss this. mary j.blige and jimmy eileen will be here i we'll be right back. hello, can you hear me i'm in california dreaming about who we used to be when we were younger and free i've forgotten how it felt before the world fell at our feet there's such a difference between us
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we do it a lot. it's why edward jones is the big company that doesn't act that way. people are sick and tired of establishment politics, and they want real change! [ cheers and applause ] bernie sanders -- husband, father, grandfather. he's taking on wall street and a corrupt political system that keeps in place a rigged economy.
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people like you, who see the middle class disappearing and wawa a future to believe in. i'm bernie sanders, and i approve this message. less than a month from the premiere of episode 7. this is the first sequel george lucas is not involved in. he says you go to make a movie and all you do is get criticized and its not much fun. the force awakens is directed by j.j. abrams. lucas will not get a say in any
7:43 am
of the new disney-owned movies. asked about handing over the reins. >> the issue was they look at the stories and they said we want to make somethingor the fans. so i said all i want to do is tell a story of what happened. it started here and went there. it is all about generations and about the issues o fathers and sons and grand fathers. it is a family soap opera. >> i am the father. >> people realize it is a soap opera. it is all about family p pblems and that kind of stuff. it is not about spaceships. so they decided they didn't want to use the stories. they decided they were going to do their own thing. so i decided fine but basically i'm not going to try -- they weren't that keen to have me involved. i said if i getn there i will just cause trouble because they are not t ing to do what i want to do. all i would do is muck
7:44 am
i said i will go my way and let them go their way. and it really does come down to a simple rule of life which is when you break up with somebody first rule is no phone calls. the second rule you don't go to their house and drive by to see what they are doing. the third one is you don't show up at their coffee shop. you just say gone histoto i'm moving forward. >> he is so right. no phone calls. no how are you doing? >> he is one of m favorite people in the world, speaks his mind. >> i love how heaid it is really a soap opera because it is. an skywalker gives birth. then he tries to kill his own son.
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at least two people were killed during the raid on wednesday.this morning -- authorities don't exactltlknow who they are -- but they are using d-n-a tests to try to figure it out.a french prosecutor is also backing away from a statement his office made that one of the dead was a woman who set off an explosive vest.police are is also released new images of what they claim is the bomb that took down the russian metro-jet plane over egypt last month.the picture shows a soda can, a wire and what appears to be a switch.the plane crash killed all 224 people on board.earlier this week, russian officials said the plane was downed by a bomb, and offered a 50 million dollar rewardrdor info episcopal church filed a lawsuit to keep the 15-story project from moving forward. the e church says rezoning the property goes against the city's comprehensive plan.
7:54 am
& acro it is thursday, november 19th, 2015. welcome back to cbs this morning. there's more real news ahead, including breaking news from paris. elizabeth froemer reports on the death of a key terror suspect. plus former defense secretary robert gates shows us how to fight isis. but first here'u today's eye opener. french prosecuteors say the suspected mastermind of the paris attacks was killed in yesterday's policeraid. times square appears in the final minutes of this latest deo. isis has used this footage before. >> fear is to oxygen what terrorism. we help people to be aware but don't be afraid. >> videos obtained by daily show whals happened when a night out turned into a nightmare.
7:55 am
to verify those isis claims an advisory went out nationwide thatat warned law enforcememe to be on the lookout for similar types of bomb components. >> ridicule republicans as political opportunists, accusing them ofsing un-american tactics. >> bernie sanders, the presidential hopeful, joined snapshot. maybe not a great idea to post a drawing of yououelf as a ghost. >> i'm charlie rose with gayle king and norah o'donnell. the parisprosecutor's office says this morning that the man suspected of plotting last week's terror attack is dead. >> abdelhamid abaaoud's body was identified outside of paris. elizabeth palmer is in paris with the latest details. >> reporter: good morning. the prosecutor said his body was found in the ruins of that building that was raided
7:56 am
yesterday morning, riddled with bullets. killed by a sniper. fingerprints. his data would he been on file here in france because he did have a criminal record. he was 2 2 years old. he had been named as the logistical head, if you like, of other attacks, besides the paris attacks, these most recent one, including one on a high-speed train in august which was foiled by three americans who tackled the gunman. abaaoud was not physically there in augugt but he'd since returned to france and he had been spotted in belgium a few weeks ago. another footnote, we just had it confirmed the woman who blew herself up in that house yesterday y s, in fact, abaaoud's cousin. >> there are growing efforts around the world to coordinate med forces and intelligence in the fight against isis. but thee process comes with challenges.
7:57 am
robert gates served as defense secretary under both president george w. bush and president obama. before that, he worked for the cia for 27 years including time as its director. he joins us now from philadelphia. secretary gates, good morning. >> good morning, charlie. >> tell us how you assess the threat now that we've had the paris attack, lebanon and the sinai from isis and what we ought to do about it. >> well, i think what those three attacks demonstrate, along with the success that isis has had in gaining control of the central part of libya, is that the reach of this organization goes far beyond theyrian iraqi areas that their troops control. and while the capture or killing of the mastermind of the paris attacks is obviously important and a good ing, the truth is, the snake has many heads. while this is a setback for then, the truth is, i have a
7:58 am
feeling there are many others prepared t take his place. >> what more do you think, mr. gates, that the u.s. could be doing to stop isis, what do you think? >> well, i think that first of all we need to loosen the rules of engagement for the forces we already have in iraq. and perhaps think about sending some modest increased number. we need to let our special operations forces be more active. we need to implant or embed advisers and trainers with the iraqi forces down to the battalion level as well as with sunni tribes and with the kurds who are fighting. we need forward air controllers to help make the air attacks more effective. that may require some modest increase in forces but not a large one i think. i think we need to assess whether our intelligence operations there arere as
7:59 am
aggressive as they might be in terms of getting inside isis or in terms of sabotage and other covert operations. i think we ought to -- i think the president and the congress ought to have the director of the national security agency tell them what capabilities does nsa have to track these guys that they arere prevented from using now and what would those capabilities give us in terms of added capability of tracking potentiaia terror plots in the united states or elsewhere in the world? and then if he says there are capabilities that can be helpful, we ought to take advantage of that. i think frankly it may be time for a very -- for a heart to heart talk between the president and some of the leaders of the tech companies in terms of them providing me help to the government on some of these highly sophisticated encryption devices. as former secretary of defense, want to ask you about
8:00 am
the debate over u.s. combat troops. you've heard t president saying no more u.s. combat troops.. marco rubio who's running for president said we need a sunni ground force. what do you think the likelihood of that happening is? >> i think the odds are low. the truth is is we areorking with some sunni ground forces and those are the tribes in the area of iraq and afghanistan that have not been taken over by isis. and that are defending their home villages, their home area. the more we can support those people, provide them arm, provide them with training and help, the more we should do. but the idea that you're going to get significant military formrmions from saudi arabia or turkey or other countries to go on the ground in iraq or syria to take on isis i think is -- the likelihoodf that beiei done is very remote. >> so what do you think about the debate among republican candidates in opposition to what the president said he's prepared
8:01 am
to do, that they want to see american ground troops on the ground to defeat isis? >> combat troops on the ground. >> i spent a lot of time listening to politicians. ady to send our young men and women into conflict and the trouble is when the going gets rough, the politicians are nowhere to be seen. so the question is how many troops, what would theyy do? are you talking about tens of thousands of american troops? if you're looking for an urgent response, that isn't going to happen quickly. the logistics involved. the training involved. i would add, you're dealing with an army that, first of all, has been cut back dramatically. second, that's been at war for 14 years. so these are some realities that i think some of t tse folks don't take into account. it would take a lot of time to get a force of tens of thousands
8:02 am
is the nonmilitaryry component of the strategy? what is the humanitarian assistance? wpat is the governance? the political side of it? those are the aspects we alwdys struggled with in afghanistan and iraqq and, frankly, i don't think our capabilities in those arenas have gotten any better. >> secretary gates, thank you. >> my pleasure. apple music looks to win back the listeners.
8:03 am
j. blige and jimmy yimy we final we final know who's so vain. singer carly simon reveals one of the men who inspired her popular song. ahead, the end to a musical mystery. to a musical mystery. >> not at all.
8:04 am
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you're so vain you probably think this song is about you you're so vain
8:08 am
you're so vain i bet you think thiss song is about you don't you don't you ou h!d me several years ago i'm not that high pitched. you had me several years ago i know i can't sing, i get it. >> let's hear you. >> that's right, let's hear you. we finally have an answer this morning to one ofmusic's big mysteries. carly simon revealed to "people" magazine she was singing about -- wait for it -- warren beatty in her 1972 hit "you're so vain." the mystery of the man behind the fan has puzuzed fans for decades. michelle miller told us why beatty may not be the only man who's considered so vain. imagine, there's more than one in man in the world. >> "you're so vain" quickly rose to number one after being released 43 years ago this month. while the song's popularit has endured all the way to 2015, soo
8:09 am
has one of the greatest questions in music history. for more than 40 years, carly simon has left her listeners wondering - they be your partner who inspired her 1972 hit song. you're so vain you probably think this song is about you >> reporter: in an interview with "people" magazine about her upcoming memoir, "boys in the tree," simon confirms the second verse is about warren beatty. when you said that we made such a pretty pair and that you would never leave ut you gave away the things you loved and one of them was me >> reporter: beatty was just one
8:10 am
of simon'ss well known lovers speculated to be the song's protagonists. others are mick jackgger. but the pop star has dismissed them all. including in a 2001 interview with cbs sunday morning. >> everybody thinks "you're so vain" is about mick jagger. >> oh, they don't really. >> yes, they do. >> is it? >> oh, no, no. >> and then i read it might be warren beatty. >> don't listen to what other people tell you. >> well, do you want to solve that mystery here for usus? >> you know, i could never solve it because if i solved it then no one would have anything to talk to me about. >> reporter: what simon will not talk about is the men in the song's other verses. telling "people" magazine she's keeping quiet at least until they know it's about them. >> in terms of market, it's reat, because carly is about to release a book, right, and still she only gave us one of the three names. so i think she's going to take
8:11 am
>> well, truth be told, beatty did think the song was about him, yes he did. and admitting to britain's daily express in 2007 that simon's memoir "boys in the tree" is scheduled for release on tuesday. >> i w wondering why this was coming up now. >> well,l,ou know, the big question i have obviously everyone has is who's the yacht man and who's the learjet man because those are two separate guys out there. >> wouldn't you know it's you? >> it keeps me up at night, speculating. >> you too charlie. >> nothing keeps me up. >> charlie is real worrie he's not vain, how about that? thank you. first on cbs this morning, consumer reports is out with the new findings on our holiday shopping habits. we show you the impact of those
8:12 am
cash in on unwanted gift cards. this is a body of proof. proof of lesjoint pain. and clearer skin. this is my body of proof that i can fight psoriatic arthritis with humira. humira works by targeting and helping to block a specific source of inflammation that contributes to both joint and skin symptoms. it's proven to help relieve pain, stop further joint damage and clear skin in many adults. doctors have been prescribing humira for 10 years. humira can lowow your ability to fight infections, including tuberculosis. serious, sometimes fatal infections and cancers, including lymphoma, have happened, as have blood, liver and nervous system problems, serious allergic reactions,
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with american-made clean energy, we can end our dependence on foreign oil... spark new innovation... and create millions of new jobs. solving our climate crisis starts with 90% clean energy by 2030. so, what are we waiting for? the holiday season is almost here this rning. but are americans ready to open their wallets when it comes to giving gifts? consumer reports looks at how much people plan to spend and what items they're looking for during black friday sales. we're revealing results of the holiday poll first here on cbs this morning. our guest is a senior procts editor at consumer reports. are people going to snd more or less?
8:16 am
>elieve it or not, they're going to spend more, about 21% more this year on average versus last. we were astonished at that given all the economic turbulence and the fact a lot of people are still struggling in a post-recession world. the average is a little over $500, up from 400 and change last year. up 21%. but the interesting really tidbit if you d d through the numbers. >> we like a tidbit. >> 27% of people are actually going to spend less while only 14% will spend more. >>ut why do you think it's going up? >> i think it's more because people told u u in our consumer reports poll they're feeling more generous, they're feeling more flush with cash. actually, one of the interesting things, 45% told us that they've got a raise or a better paying job and a quarter of those already said the lower cost of gas is fueling their desire and interest in spending more money. >> black friday are they talking specifically black friday or expanded?
8:17 am
>> this is the holiday season. but black friday, now that you mention it, which had been on the ropes like punch drunk fighter for years has made a rebound. last year, 40% of people shopped black friday weekend. the year before 30%. everybody's saying the deathth nell because of all the deals available via the internet. this year, 47% of people told consumer reports they're going to be out and about this black friday weekend. so there is a lot of kind of enthusiasm and excitement, even though half of the people surveyed told us they thought black friday was more about hype and hassle than about actually something they'd love to be involved with. >hey so like their trtritions. i heard you say cash is king, todd. >> cash is king for a number of reasons. people tell us it's a better way to control their spending and stay out of debt. actually, 72% of people told us they're going to be paying with cash this year. more than 50 with debit cards. and 40% will also use cash. but that's really gone down.
8:18 am
and one of the big key reasons why they're kind of becominin reluctant to get involved with credit cards is because the fear of data breaches. 25% of americans said they actually won't use a credit card because of fear of a data breach. compare that to a year ago, only 11% felt that way. >> hot items? >> clothing. clothing flies off the s`elf in big numbers. that's the number one gift that people tell us this year. followed by small electronic devices, smart phones, earphones and then it comes major things, the electronics realm, like laptops and things like that. >> when is it better to go online? >> i'm sorry, what? >> when is it better to go online? >> price transparency has made it no longer clear those door buster specials are worth it. you can always do a priri check online and chances are it's cheaper. >> you have the last word, thank you so much. grammy winner i'm _______it's eight-25 on this thursday morning. your
8:19 am
just a moment...but right now - - let's take a look at what's happening outside --
8:20 am
french authorities say the mastermind of the paris attacks last friday, , abdelhamid abaaoud, was killed in a police rd yesterday in saint denis. denis.prosecutors say they identified him based on skin samples.his body was found in
8:21 am
the apartment building targeted in the chaotic raid where hundreds of rounds were fired and several explosions were heard.8 other suspects were arrested. one issue that continues to cause a stir back here in the united states, is the debate over whether the country should welcome syrian refugees. corridor mayor says he's willing to accept thth into his city without's in response to governor terry branstad's opposition to accept syrian refugees into iowa.swisher's mayor -- christopher taylor -- signed a proclamation saying he'll help out.the mayor says it's part of our duty as humans -- and americans.he admits that he doesn't have a solid plan for housing the refugees yet.-but is willing to figure it 2 did lk to some residents inin swisher. who didn't think it was a good idea. waterloo police are now investigating a pair of shootings. shootings.around 9-30 last night officers responded to ray's market on franklin street for a report o oan armed robbery.someone shot a gun in the store but nobody was hurt.police could not say
8:22 am
stolen.just moments later - officers went to the intersection of west 8th street and leavitt street for a shooting report man suffered a gunshot wound, but should be okay.right now - police are not saying if the shootings are connected. right now -- a consumer alert from cedar rapids police. police.residents are telling the department about phone calls from someone claiming to be with bank of america asking for a 16-digit card number. police want to remind you that you shshld never give your debit or credit card information over the phone. phone.also today -- the johnson county sheriff's office says calls made about jury duty and threatening fines or arrest are a scam.if you get a suspicious call -- contact your local auththities. that's a quick look at your thursday morning news.get more news anytime online - at cbs 2 iowa dot com!have a great day.
8:23 am
oh! >> this is -- dude, stop. stop. stop taking his photo. stop. stop it. he has to live like this. this is his life. i don't know how y y do this. >> you don't know what it's like. >> give him a minute. >> always have a good time. so busy watching the video. justin bieber returns to car pool karaoke on the late late show.
8:24 am
they are so fun to watch. >> i love it. >> they have a good time together. >> coming up, how apple is answering critics of its streaming music service. you know that voic two of music's biggest movers and shakers. mary j.blige. we are here to reveal the next chapter in the rollout. that is ahead. right now it is time to show you this morning's headlines. pope francis writing his first children's book consisting of responses from children all around the world and willl be published by march. illegal in new york city. self balanced motorizeze scooters are prohibited since they are considered motor vehicles that cannot be registered with the dmv. hover board riders can be fined up to $200.
8:25 am
a woman who won a million dollars in the lottery for a second time. she won the million dollar prize on a scratch ticket coming 20 years after the first jackpot. she bought both tickets at the same supermarket mere her home. executives feature editor said the awful truth is that there is no minority actresses in genuine contention for anan oscar r is year. there are hardly black film executives and too few producers. the debate by lax commissioners on a proposed exclusive lounge at the airport. the facility would cater to the wealthy. these could be up to $1,800 per trip.
8:26 am
rm. lady gagaga, eminem and black eyed peas. maryblige selling more than 50 million albums world wide and co-stars in the ad. and you are seeing it for the first time in cbs this morning. >> what makes you feel sexy? >> summers in thebronx. you know that hometown neighbor next door.
8:27 am
>> but the knife down. [ laughter ] >> apple music h hes to change the way that we listen to music. welcome back to the table. we are so glad that you two a a here for your debut appearance. it debuted at the emmy's and said apple musich just gifted us. best friendship erotica this world has seen. what was your thinking behind the story? what were you trying to tell? >> music streaming -- streaming is a technology. what this is streaming rvice. what it does is tries to make -- it sort of gives you 30 million songs and serves them up to you and makes it easy to find music. i know women find it difficult at times to find music. >> hees talking about me because i was -- >> i found it out a minute ago.
8:28 am
with play lists curated by real pepele not made by algorithms alone. and it makes it a lot easier to find music. >> you have the three women together like we are looking at three friends. what d ds this commerciaia mean to you in? >> the day jimmy brought the idea to me like why didn't i think of that? one ofy real friends -- i didn't know her as well. being on a set with her whwhe doing thth commercial was amazing. it was a genius idea to have girls because that is what we do. we get together and listen to music and talk about life, lovel marriage, things like that. it was jusus beautiful to have jimmy choose me to be a part of their world and be a part of mine. >> your creative concept was what?
8:29 am
>> i thought of a problem. girls are sitting around talking about boys. and/or complaining about boys, heart broken or whatever. they need music for that. so it is hard too find the right music. not everybody has the right list or knows a dj. you need great lists for moments like that. originally i said i know mary, carey and oprah originally. so we tried to convince oprah to do it. we got that close. >> and then you ended up with this. >> i wanted it to be four women. when oprah didn't want to do it we are -- and it came out fantastic. and she just killed it.
8:30 am
gave it out free in terms of the streaming for 11 million dropped to about 6.5 million now. where is apple in terms of the landscape? spotify has been out there for a while. >> we have what that is referring to is three-monthh trial for everyone even now that signgnare up. and after that three month trial decide to keep going or not. and we are well over 6.5 million paid sucribers and it is going well. we are around about five weeks as far as after the trial is ended. we are really happy with it. >> you and i were talking about this. i still use i tunes to download my play list. my husband said you are living in the past. you have to get on to streaming. how much is itunes a share of it when streaming becomes streaming the future. >> i mean, everything ends.
8:31 am
people are buying vinyl. weweelieve that musicic streaming especially when cureated by real people, these things have to be upserviced to have them work. and we think this is really easy way to find music. >> mary, do you worry how people are going to get your music? do you worry about that? >> sometimes i do. >> what have you c ce up with on how best to get -- >> best for the fans to get your music. i hear artists are wondering, complaining and worried sfwhmpt krsfwhwht -- i think the best way is through beats, apple music, online. these are the best way and only way i see that a multitude of peoplean get your music. > we have a new list called the a-list. what that is all the new music editors get together and put
8:32 am
musisi you haven't heard before. we keep moving and keep servicing until you tell us the kind of music you like. we grow and learn. and d learn who you are and your musical taste. >> you have been a player since way back when you joined a recording studio. and you h he had such influence. it is said that apple bought your company simply because they wanted to buy your talent. >> that's not true. we have an incredible. -- that is very nice but not true. we have an extraordinary head phone company and speaker company. >> you and dr. dre. >> we started this head phone and speaker company that did really we. it was very, very successful. and we also built a stream s service. i wanted to work with apple because when i met steve jobs the record industry was in shambles. en i m m them i said the party
8:33 am
is over here. >> the party is over. >> the party is over here. what they were on to was so brbrliant. stayed and helped them out and did whatever i could and they taught me a lot and started a head phone and speaker company. when steve passed i went to eddie and tim and i said i can really help with music up here. we have trent resner, let us come in and help you with your music service. >> took about a half a second to sayes. >> a little bit that company doesn't say yes very quickly. >> go back to the day because you could have been in the sneaker business. >> i wanted to use music's power to show the world what music can do in pushing a product or influence in popularultural. dre said he was dissatisfied when people listen to music the
8:34 am
weren't investing in audio like we did. and they said one day my lawyer wants me to sell sneakers. i said let's go@ speakers. and it worked and we did very well. >> you worry about not being able to sell albums in a big-time way. >> of course, all the time. i make my music for my fans and i want them to be able to get it and i think all the time how am i going to be able to get my music to them? where is it going to go? the record business is not -- >> it's changing. >> quickly changed. >> so muchh easier t t get music now cht there is an ocean of music that is very complicated. some services are really helping people do that. >> great to have both of you. >> great to have you here. >> great to have you here. >> check out this story we have coming up.
8:35 am
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the road to super bowl 50. deon sanders played on back-to-back winning super bowl teams. they each brought a golden football to their shared alma mater in orida. nfl films is capturing the journey. james brown takes us to north fort myers high school. >> before he went primetime deon sanders shined under the friday night lights. >> pulling up to the school old memory closeo the football field where it started. i remember coming back once i was a pro to this school and they say this young kid is going to be nice and the kid shook my hand and his hand covered my hand. . i said my god. that was kearse. >> seeing deon there like he is here. i can do this, too. >> i was in the same position
8:40 am
y'all were in in '93. somebody walked in and it was this guy here. let me tell you, it changed my life. it was motivation. it lets me know that somebody walking through these hallways can make it big. >> one thing i think i said was there were some who did go t to the nfl and some maybe as good as some of those guys who didn't make it because they didn't do the other things well. one of our teachers was teaching an honor's social studies class saying he may be trying to get out of it. >> she like stepped in front of memeike youreot getting out of my class. she said i know you can to it. after that i graduated with honors in high school and it worked out. >> feels so good to see you guys. >> please, man. >> you get off work, did they
8:41 am
>> coach changed my life because he had thea dasity to kick me off the team because if you got suspended you couldn't be on the team. i am the starting quarterback. how could you eveve kick me off and he did. he taught me so much discipline, respect, i n ner gave him another problem. he changed my life. >> coach hoover, i love you, i appreciate you, i love you to life. you have no idea the impact you have had on my life. for that, i'm grateful. >> i w wld like to take the time to present this 50th anniversary super bowl edition ball to my
8:42 am
favorite guidance counselor, mikey. they gave me gold, education. >> once a red knight -- >> always a red knight. >> hopefully i can be a small glimmer of hopeor some of these kids. >> our thanks. tonight in florida the tennessee titans take on the jacksonville jaguars on thursday night football on the nfl network.
8:43 am
6 . really interesting. >> that does it for us.
8:44 am
for i'm _______it's eight-55 on this thursday morning. your top stories are coming up in
8:45 am
just a moment...but right now - - let's take a look at what's happening outside -- --marissa has your cbs 2
8:46 am
an eastern iowa felon has been jailed while he faces a federal hate crime stemming from a fight outside of a bar last winter. winter.randy metcblf was in federal court wednesday in cedar rapids for an initial appearance.a criminal complaint says he repeatedly stomped on a black man during a racially motivated bar fight in dubuque last january.the complaint alleges he used racial slurs in the bar before the fight.dubuque police tell cbs 2 news a hate crime charge is rare, but when it does happen, it brings more jail time if concted. right now -- a coralvillelean accused of ofkidnapping his 10-year-old
8:47 am
stepdaughter is back in jail this morning.court documents say 49-year-old kenneth johns was convicted of two counts of child endangerment and sentenced to time a plea deal -- kidnapping and other charges were dropped. authorities say since he violated parole -- he's now heading back to prison to serve up to 71 years for crimes committed in four counties. counties.johns has maintained thth he took the girl from her solon home to get her away from her abusive mother. mother.shelly johns is the girl's mother -- she pleaded guilty to child endangerment charges back in april. don't forget -- cbs 2 connects with you - call cbs 2 if you see news happen.800 222 kgan. you can also email tips, pictures, and even video --to news -- at cbs 2 iowa dot com. that's a quick look at your thursday morning g ws.get more ws anytime online - at cbs 2 iowa dot com!have a great day.
8:48 am
dear future, sailed through that diaper stage, learned to walk, and i'm reading like a third-grader. but now it's time e go out into the world. and from what i hear, it's not all toys and games out there. will you look out for me, future? you can ride my new bike.
8:49 am
[ cheers and applause ] bernie sanders -- husband, father, grandfather. he's taking on wall street and a corrupt polilical system that keeps in place a rigged economy. bernie's campaign is funded byover a million contributions -- people like you, who see the middle classisappearing and want a future to believe in.
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