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tv   CBS 2 News 6  CBS  November 19, 2015 6:00pm-6:30pm CST

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the incoming storm has brought on some major changes to the state football championships in cedar falls. all three games scheduled for tomorrow have now been postponed until monday. those games include the 1-a championship with regina, the 2-a game with mount vernon and the 4-a championship involving
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cedar rapids kennedy. all three will now be played at the uni-dome on monday. the approaching snow storm isn't the only thing that will affect the tens-of-thousands of fans heading to the *hawkeyes' football game saturday morning. the university of iowa is increasing security at kinnick stadium. 2 news reporter mellaney moore is live at kinnick to tell us what fans can expect. this is the purse i carry around daily... but purses like this one won't be allowed into kinnick on saturday. saturday. the university of iowa's department of public safety wants safety first... and a hawkeye win second...on saturday.david visin, interim assistant vice president and director of public safety. 11:03:50 there's a lot of international events going on, things that are concerning regarding attacks on stadiums and we just want to make people feel might notice more visible officers and squad cars.12:04:41 anytime you have 70,000 people and a number five team in the country, things can happen.for
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this weekend, the university of iowa is adopting the nfl's clear bag policy.11:05:00 we're not going to allow any purses or bags inside the stadium. we will allow gallon-size ziplock bags, clear bags into the stadium or really small hand-sized clutch purses.there will be a bag check in the recreation building from nine in the morning until an hour after the game.11:05:39 to be able to see immediately, look into, through a plastic bag look at all the contents without having to dig inside a dark bag really enhances our safety and speeds up the process. gates open at 9:30.hawkeye fans have mixed opinions on the added security.meredith olson, senior11:14:44 i think that our football games are such a positive experience, i think that this could bring a negative damper to it.alyssa senese, senior11:19:32 its only a few minutes of your time. i mean you walk in, pat you down and you're good to go. i'd rather that happen than something else happen. public safety is asking everyone to arrive early to make it as easy as possible.we have a list of what will and will not be allowed into
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iowa dot com.covering the corridor in iowa city, mellaney moore, cbs 2 news. you may want to get into iowa city even earlier to find parking - the university says there will not be any parking allowed on grass surface parking lots.that includesthe finkbine driving range, and lower finkbine near the outdoor track and field complex. waterloo police are right now investigating two separate shooting incidents just minutes apart. the first happened around 9-30 last night.officers responded to ray's market on franklin street for a report of an armed robbery.someone fired a gun in the store but nobody was hurt.police couldnt say if any cash or items were actually stolen. stolen.just moments later - officers went to the intersection of west 8th street and leavitt street for a shooting reported man suffered a gunshot wound, but should be okay.police are not yet saying whether the two shootings are connected. november is usually a down
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month for burglaries, but the cedar rapids police department says it's already received 67 reports of homes broken into all across town - most of which are happening in broad daylight. "they are knocking on the front door, if somebody doesn't open the door or answer the door, they go around to the back of the residence and force entry into the home. there are things police say can be done to protect yourself before you become a victim and even after a break-in. that story tonight on the cbs 2 news ten at 10. the cedar rapids community school district districtis planning to open another magnet school. school.the kenwood leadership academy magnet school will open with the start of the 2016-2017 school year.the school wiill focus on leadership developement, as well the school curriculum and the iowa core standards.the district opened the johnson steam academy magnet school in august. right now... now...some iowa middle school students are getting a taste of how the caucuses will work
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in february.with the help secretary of state paul pate and both major political parites, the iowa youth caucus is teaching students about all the candidates before actually caucusing all - 12 hundred students schools from over 2 dozen counties are taking part in the event today. a handpicked student from the corridor will take part in one of the biggest spectacles of the year - the macy's thanksgiving day parade. linn-mar student mellanie sullivan submitted a youtube clip of her playing the flute. in april she fould out she would be one of 200 members in this year's macy's great american marching band. sullivan says she never thought she would be part of the parade she grew up watching every thanksgiving. "i was really surprised. i wasn't expecting it at all. i just got a letter in the mail and oh, you know i opened it and i was in shock. my mom couldn't believe it." it."mellanie leaves this saturday and will rehearse with the band all next week,
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before the parade on thursday. some of cedar rapids' favorite athlete gave back to the community today. members of the cedar rapids titans and rampage held a stuff the bus drive at the walmart on 29th avenue southwest.donors brought all sorts of things from food to hygiene products.everyting given to way-point services. "it means the world especially during the holidays, i mean we rely so heavily on community donations and for the titans and the rampage to think of waypoint every year and host this drive is just, we are so greatful." greatful."they just wrapped up their drive a few minutes ago but don't worry - if you have something you'd like to donate, there's another stuff the bus drive on sunday. bells ringing ringing you may have seen some other familiar faces in cedar rapids today--ringing bells and collecting money. members of the cbs 2 news team collected donations for the salvation
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fareway.the army set a lofty goal for this year's christmas campaign - 790-thousand dollars- so they could use your can also donate to the red kettle campaign online and sign up to ring bells like we'll find a link on our website cbs 2 iowa dot com. university of iowa hospitals and clinics is one of biggest hospital systems in eastern iowa, but it's getting bigger. just ahead on the cbs 2 news at 6 6the newest facility in the
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america's never been a country of quitters. it's not who we are. we don't ignore threats like climate change. we face our problems head-on. with american-made clean energy, we can end our dependence on foreign oil...
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and create millions of new jobs. solving our climate crisis starts with 50% clean energy by 2030. so, what are we waiting for? tomorrow on cbs -2 this morning,the best ways to baby-proof your home. home.the hidden dangers parents must pay special attention to tomorrow on cbs-2 this morning. ((kelly))this is the time time now for this week's c-b-j report reportand joining us live from the corridor business journal is editor adam moore. adam, the corridor's getting a new health care facility? university of iowa hospitals and clinics is making plans for a new clinic and warehouse on the southwest side of iowa city.developer build to suit has filed plans to construct the new building on nearly eight acres of land. that's across from billion automotive on mormon trek boulevard.
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facility will include a medical clinic, pharmacy, milk bank and a warehousing/di stribution concepts and costs have not yet been determined, according to a uihc spokesman, but leaders hope to break ground in spring or summer of next year. we also hear the city of marion is seeing something new going up for seniors.'s begun on the arbor at lindale trail, a 70-unit senior living facility in marion.that's one of two senior housing projects happening along blairs ferry road.according to developer full circle communities, arbor at lindale trail is expected to take about 11 months to complete. as its name suggests, it will offer the nearby trail as an amenity for residents.we also learned this week that senior housing management of cedar rapids will be taking charge of windmill point & hawthorne inn in coralville. those retirement communities will be undergoing a $2 million renovation, and changing their
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name to brown deer place. finally tonight, we here at the cbj were happy to host our inaugural workforce awards this morning at the hotel at kirkwood. twelve corridor companies were honored for their work in helping to attract and retain skilled workers, which is a real imperative among area leaders. among the local companies honored were don hummer trucking, which won for offering the best employment opportunities to veterans, while dupont won an award for creating the most and highest-paying jobs through the state's 260e program. greatamerica financial services got a nod for having the best hiring strategies for iowa graduates, while highway equipment company was honored for having some of the best existing employees. for more in-depth coverage of these stories and more, be sure to check out monday's edition of the corridor business journal. the corridor is bracing for the first snow storm of the season - chief meteorologist terry
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breakdown of it in your cbs 2 'weather first' forecast. it was another windy day around the corridor!we saw sustained winds around 40 mph and wind gusts get up to 50 in some locations.we have a wind advisory in effect until 6 pm tonight because of the strong winds.current temps right now....satellite and radar shows some high clouds in our northern counties.predcitor shows clouds build through tomorrow morning. it looks like snow flurries will start falling around the lunch hour in some of our western counties. most of the snow will fall during tomorrow's evening commute into the morning hours on saturday. we are looking at a record breaking snowfall. usually we only see around an inch of snow during the month of november!the low pressure system will move out of the viewing area saturday but
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temperatures with highs in the 20s and 30s, and lows in the teens and 20s! bundle up! tonight: mostly clear with clouds building in the morning hours. lows will bottom out in the 20s.tomorrow: we'll see cloudy skies with snow. our highs will be in the 30s and 40s.our seven day forecast shows snow through saturday, then sunshine on sunday. highs
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you can always stay up to the minute with the latest alerts on our website and with our cbs 2 weather app. it's available for android through
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i-phone through the app store. zach? taking the crown -- coming up in sports the rebels ran wild early on the westerners -- but was it enough for gladbrook-reinbeck to take home the title -- next on cbs2 cbs2"cbs 2 news connects with us at 1-800-222-kgan email us at news at cbs 2 iowa dot comconnect with us on facebook at facebook/kgan cbs 2. 2. it took alexis 4 years to earn her college degree.but it will take her 25 years to pay off her student loans. join the fight to make college affordable. join the fight for alexis.
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gladbrook - reinbeck entered the uni-dome on championship thursday -- with some unfinished buisness -- last year the rebels were in this exact spot -- but took home the runner up trophy this year -- it's championship or bust -- g-r taking on akron westfieldand the rebels were running wild --- first possession for g-r -- eric stoakes takes the toss --- and he gone -- 79 yards to the house -- rebels go up 7 notihingand that was the start of a huge quarter -- later in the first -- jake schuman -- keeps it on the read option -- gets a little help from a friend -- and finds the endzone -- gladbrook - reinbeck led 28 to nothing after the first. it's 28 to 12 in the third -- more stoakes -- he takes the pitch -- and outruns everybody again -- for one of his 4 t-d's on the day -- rebels take the crown -- 52 to 20. "definitely could not have drawn out a better first
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quarter. i mean, big plays on offense, defensively with the coverage we are running.when things click like that, it's a pretty big deal." deal.""we didn't expect it but we took what we could get and we found some holes in the scoring." after a year away from the dome -- don bosco is back with vengece -- the dons avenged last season's playoff loss to newell fonda in the semis -- now they get a shot at redemption against m-m-c in the finals the eagles beat the dons in the 2012 championshipand don bosco wanted to return the favor -- brandon bagby -- drops back -- and drops it right on the money for caleb rigdon -- and the dons jumped out to a 14 point leadbut m-m-c would score 43 unanswered -- to take a 43 to 14 lead in the third -- don bosco not going away -- bagby finds joel sweeney wide open -- and the comeback is onbut ben specht and jacob speeler could not be stopped -- the
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yards and 5 touchdowns -- don bosco falls 57 to 52. "these guys should be proud of what they've done. i mean 3 championship appearances in 4 years so we are right there.... can't say much. these guys have only lost 3 games in their career. pretty remarkable for those guys. we have nothing to hang our heads about. we came to play football... we left it all on the field today.. you know we got beat." kinnick should be rockin' saturday -- not only is it senior day against purdue -- but if iowa wins -- the hawkeyes wrap up a west division title and clinch a spot in the big 10 championship game -- but that doesn't mean there's nothing left to play for in the regular season "it's mathematical. i mean, if we win, then we're in, i guess, right? not to get cute, but that's the way it is. that's a really good thing, and that would mean we're 11-0 and that would mean we're 7-0,
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we will be right back to take one last look at your forecast
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