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tv   CBS 2 News 6  CBS  November 20, 2015 6:00pm-6:30pm CST

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terry, thanks. now ththlatest information from the streets of eastern iowa. iowa.reporter joy howe is riding shotgun in the cbs 2 news road warrior tith real-time condions.
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in cedar rapids, the city has been preparing to keep the toads *clear of snow. snow.s 2 news reportrt marissa scott continueueour team coverage with all the work the city has done to get ready for what promises to be a record-breaking snowfall.
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tells me they're ready, no matter h h rapids. crews put out 16 thousand gallons of brine yesterday and put down another 2 thousand five hundred gallons today. the city also has 45 hundred tons of salt to spread down on the total - the city has 90 plows and other eces of equipment - a lot t which will be out overnight after the strongest part of the
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storm is done.they say the priority is to get the main roads before hitting the residential streets. sometimes when you get over thta four inch mark, it doesn't really matter if it's six or it's nine. with an early event like this, we'll have the staff here to make sure we handle it. being that it's tracking at an overnight hour like this, we can really get our equipment out, our staff can handle it when it's not as much traffic and that really helps out quite a bit as well. the city of cedar rapids has a snow emergency in effect until 5 p-m saturdaymarissa scott cbs 2 news. we've recieved plenty of we've recieved plenty of snow emergencies and event cancellations through out the can find all of those the minute all of those you can find the day.through out cancellalaons and event cancellations through out the
6:04 pm can find all of those the minute they're in--on our website cbs 2 iowa dot com. right now, crews at the university of iowa are trying to figure out how to handldl all the snow for the hawks' last home game at kinnick. 2 news reporter mellaney moore is in iowa city where the snow has just started to fall. many people are probably wondering about shoveling their driveway.think about if you were responsible for clearing snow here so thousands of fans can watch h the undefeatededhawkeyes. hawkeyes. planning for snow is a sign of changing seasons in iowa.but that won't change the support of hawk fans.todd m manus, fan 23:21:00 were going to tailgate with the iowa football clubthe potential for record- breaking november snow isn't slowing fan todd mcmanus. you might say he's embracing it 23:21:34 i'm hoping that it's'soing to be lili the year danan hughes did the snow angel in the end zone. hopefully we could recreate that.that was 24 years ago. mike patterson, assistant
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director of athletic filities 23:23:59 this is new territory for us. we haven't had a situation like this since 1991. while fans and players rest up for the game, there won't be any sleep for the snow removal crew.23:24:18 we're just going to throw some manpower at it, basically take care of the steps inside of the stadium. they'll attack stairs, major walkways and the field a few inches at a time.snow on the field will be pushed to the north end and removed by tractors.tony senio, sports turf manager23:35:16 they're 10-0 and we've got to do our job to help them get to 11.the crew hopes kinnick is as safe as possible for 63 thousand fans who already have tickets. 23:22:21 its a big deal. we've hit every other home game, so why would we miss this last one? patterson says crews will be out trying to clear parking and tailgating areas as much as possible until fans start arriving.covering the corror iowa city, mellanan moore, cbs 2 news. we have the latest watches and warnings for when you're on the go on the cbs r weather's available on the
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store.just search cbs 2 w-x. the teenager accused of shooting a 15-year-old to dedth will be tried as a yohful offender for first-degree murder murder14-year-old robert humbles had his first court appearance today todayand cbs 2 news reporter dora miller was there.she joins us with the latest details on this case. karen and scott, the status of "youthful offender" is part of a plea deal. deal.that means humbles will go to adult court for the plea deal phase...but he'll go to juvenile court for sentencing. on september 9-th, humbles was turned in by his family members days after 15-year-old aaron richardson was killed. richardson was shot around the 1600 block of park avenue and later died.humbles bond has been set at one million dollars cash...his prelimininy hearing is scheduled for the morning of december 1-st. st.the details of the plea deal have not been released yet...but we'll continue tracking this ca and bring more information bs we get it. dora miller cbs 2 news nearly 5 thousand students studentshave taken the mumps vaccine after a recent
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outbreak at the university of iowa.over onehundred cases have been reported on campus this year.the univererty going to continue to offer the vaccine to any student under 25 starting monday, novemember 30th after thanksgiving break. all students need is their student i-d. a follow-up now to a cbs 2 news story on iowa's growing heroin problem. problem.a clinton woman faces charges after bringing drugs into a delivery room at the university of iowa hospitals and clinics.syringes and spoons with drug residue were found on heather rice back in april.she admitted to police they were hers and that she shot up heroin four urs before arriving at u-i-h-c to deliver her baby.rice is charged with possession of a controlled substance - the sixth time she's been charged with that crime the dubuque man charged with a federal *hate crime will have to stay in jail until his trial. a hearing was held this morning for randy metcalf.a criminal complaint says
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a black man and used raciaia slurs during a bar fight last far, a trial date has not been set. the u.s. attorneys office has thirty days to indict metcalf. young people struggling with mental health and behavioral needs have a new resource to take advantage of in marion. four oaks opened a new residential site with updated bedrooms, a kitchen, a gym and class rooms.something those with four oaks sasahas been a need. "it's been highly needed for a long time . the kids and families have multiple needs today. and this facility just meets all those for kids and our families. four oaks will be partnering with linn-mar high school and other agencies to fill the need of the resisints at the new site. representatives from mercy medical center travelled to area schools today to donate potentially life-saving equipment. equipment.a-e-d's are portable devices used to restore a regular heartbeat in case of
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an episode of sudden cardiac arrest.the folks from mercy say it's crucial to have these devices in schools. "we think that this is a really imimrtant and tangibib way that we're able to give back to the community and provide the equipment that they would need in a type of emergency ent. and so we're happy that we're able to do that for them. after giving out four today, mercy will be donating more a-e-d's to local schools and non-profits over the next two weeks. here's another live look at the cbs 2 news road warrior - we'll continue to monitor road conditions as the storm moves in.
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on cbs -2 this morning,if you're the type that loves to travel the wine trail, we have the perfect spot.we're road trippin' just south of the corridor, monday on cbs-2 this
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to the mats -- coming up in sports sportshow 4 duals in 1 day uldn't slow down tom brands and his hawkeyes -- next on cbs 2. "cbs 2 news connects with you. call us at 1-800-222-kganemail us at news at cbs 2 iowa dot
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the grapple on the gridiron was fun for all parties involved -- but the matstsre no longer in kinnick -- they're back inside carver -- and so are the iowa grapplers for the iowa city duals
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brands and his hawks -- up first -- maryland for their big 10 openenand this was all iowa from start to finish -- at 149 pounds... brandon sorensen... controled the match from the start -- the take dcwn there gives him two -- sorenson would win with a 1212o 2 major decsion then it was the sammy brooks show -- the 184 pounder puts his terp his back -- never good for a turtle -- but good#for a hawk -- brooks wins with the pin... and at 1 1 pounts -- nathan burak... spins around for the takedown -- burak would get win with a 21 to 5 tech fall -- iowa dominates marylandnd6 to 9 and that domination continued all day -- the hawks didn't allow another point on the mat -- iowa beat grand caon 44 to nothing, cornell 58 to nothing, a a iowa cenenal 54 to nothing tomorrow at kinnick should be fun -- i mean who doesn't like playing in the snow? plus -- the big 10 west title is on the line -- it's senior day -- but ththe's one thing nobody has been talking about --
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in his press conference on tuseday -- out of the 31 questions asked -- just were about purudue -- but st cause the media wasn't talking about the boilermakers -- doesn't mean the hawks weren't. "we're going to have to line up and go to work, and we're not taking anything for granted, i can assure you of that. i know the conversation today hasn't been on purdue. our conversations have been strictly on purdue, and we've them."we have to have that focus in practice that... it doesn't matter what the record is or anyththg... it's big ten play... . ey always play tough and they're gonna play tough against us and we know it's gonna be a tough fought game... speaking of the hawkeyes -- the head hawk -- kirk ferentz was named one of the 18 sesefinalists for the george munger collegiate coach of the year award -- the winner will
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announced will be last look at the road warrior near urbana on i-380 southbound
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inside sofia and joe's wild wedding preparty just h hrs from
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