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tv   CBS 2 News 10  CBS  November 21, 2015 10:00pm-10:30pm CST

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moment,we begin tonight with the hawkeyes** - - playing in the snow -- and gog - for eleven - and - ooooh. crews worked *hararthrough the storm last night so the field would be clear today at kinnick stadium. their hard work paid off - the hawkeyes had a smashing performance today against the purdue, the hawks are looking ahead, at what could be their toughest competitor yet: the nebraska huskers. 2 sports anchor pat moroney is here with more. when iowa opened the season againsillinois state baba in september... it was one of the hottest days of the year... ten wins and two-and-half- months later... the stadium was colder... and a berth in the big ten championship game was onthe line... c-j beathard ananthe number-five hawks... with their eyes on win number eleven... first quarter... already up a touchdown... beathard hands to leshun danielg... huge hole... easy money for big 2-9... second score of the game for daniels... iowa up 14-nothing... purdue would cut it to 20-13 in the second
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half... but iowa had an answer... beathard floats it over theiddle to a wide open george kittel... and hhas eyes for the end zone.... touchdown hawkeyes... and iowa gets to 11-0... they'll be in indy for the big ten title game in two weeks... we'll have more hawkeye coverage later on in sports... "for us to have a good football team, i've said that many times, we need our seniors to play their best, and they're doing that, and then also they've got to lead, and they've done a great, great job. to me they're the players of thegame, if you will. just really, really proud of them, and very, very happy fofothem." them."we'll have much more hawkeye coverage later on in sports.... - the first snow fall of the winter season - came down fast - and piled up in a hurry. check out the - time lapse - right outside e the studio - - here at broadcast park .between early evening - last night -- to this morning - some areas received - more than a foot of snow**.after a sunny day - - now we're i ifor an rctic** blast - - and some - icy - streets. streets.the temperatures are
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dropping.we'll check in with marissa scott in just a moment for your complete forecast. but first, a lot of the e ow gone, but those temps are now freezing what's *left on the roads.our cbs 2 road tonight. cbs 2 news reporter - steffi - lee - joins us with the conditions.steffi. ((take lu2))))we're driving throughout cedar rapids on interstate 380- thanks to hard working city crews - you can see these roads have cleared up drastically drastically- now take a look at this video - mother nature's snowstorm led to many cars stuck in these ditches.- i even saw some accidents this morning on my way to the hawkeye game.- the cedar rapids police department says they've received more than 40 accident calls since 4 p.m. yesterday - we've learned that's average for weather like this.- but the linn county tow - but the linn like this.for weather that's average we've learned sterday - since 4 p.m. acacdent calls than 40 received more says they've received more than 40 accident calls since 4 p.m. yesterday - we've learned that's average for weather like this.- but the linn county tow ban was lifted earlier this afternoon so many tow trucks have been helping drivers since then.- some tips for you as the cold
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air sticks with us this evening and throughout this weekend - you can always check www w 5-1-1 i-a dot org and even download their app to keepepp with road conditions. we'll continue to bring you the latest - on road conditions - in the cocoidor. corridor.and a remininr - you can f fd that information - - 24 - 7.just down-load - - the weather-first** app. it is free - - for apple - and android devices. amid all the snow - two corridor kids - - got to tness history** today at kinnick stadium - - for free. free.the non-profit experience the game partners with boys and girls clubs across the
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country to bring kids - right to the sidelines. 2 news news reporter s sffi lee shows us how they make this possible. possible. for hawkeye fans.... undefeated record is sweet. sweet. "i don't have any words to describe it."but for connor drury and vernita maide (may-dee) - their college gameday experience... experience... "wanna find a hat? a t-shirt?" shirt?"from the sisilines... sidelines...was much sweeter. sweeter. "being the only two kids - out of basically iowa to do all this."university of iowa senior alex sheck started a non-profit called experience e game with h s ther michael. michael. "i was lucky enough to have those opportunities and we really wanted to give back"after he planned a trip for both of them when he was a teen, he realized how sports games. games. "i don't think nobody else would do it."that's when he knew most kids don't get an exclusive behind-the-scenes tour..
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do stuff like this."much less attend one. one. "95 percent of the funding has come from alex and myself."that money out of pocket helps michael and alex buy souvenirs souvenirspress box tickets - and food f the kids - all staples to a meaningful day. day. "i don't have any words to describe it."to the shecks - they just want the kids to remember how they landed a sideline experience. experience."they feel that because of their hard work, (snap to) some of the leadership they've shown, they've been chosen to come here." experience the game has already helped more than 200 kids see their favorite teams play.michael and alex say the non-profit is always lookin for more volunteers. the e ow - - was no match - - for hawkeye fans - - determined - to do some tail-gating. tail-gating.some of them - - fired up the festivities - at seven** oclock - this morning.they packed the kinnick parking lot - - fofo thth pre - game.some of you told us - it was worth - - dealing - with slick streets - to cheer the say - they
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about the snow covered seats the stadium. "being in the snow, it's a once in a lifetime experience, you many times do you get eight inches of snow come out and tailgate and go to a football game? big ten - it's a great time." time." "the only thing at it impacted was me putting these boots on - and these gloves, everything else was the same" same"some tail-gaiters - told us they stayed up late - getting everything - ready - - and then - shoveled out eir spots - early this morning. overseas tonight, the belgian capital of brussels is on edge. edge.that's because french *security forces believe one of the last suspects responsible for last weeks paririterror attacks may be hiding there after being seen crossing into belgium.police and soldiers are on guard across the city and subways are *closed as authorities warn of a possible terror attack similar to the ones in paris.ople *there are still reeling from the grim scene, and say the mood still hasn't
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returned to what it was. "2 and a half million people in paris and everyone has been touched by those 130 people who lost their lives." lives."french police stopped the attacker they're looking for at the border the morning *after the paris assault-but let him go, not realizing it was their suspect. tonight - fafaly and friends - - are remembering the american - killed yesterday - - in the terrorist attack on a hotel - in the african nation - of molly.41 - year old - anita - da-tar - - was a peace corpvolunteer - - expert in global health - - and mother of a seven - year old boy.her family says - she devoted her life to helping others. the woman from maryland - traveled all over the world - and was one of 19* people - killed in the attack.k. "she was just looking for peace in the world and wanted everyone to get a long and the fact that her life was taken because of such terrorism it's just so sad." sad."an air france - and turkish air-line crew - were also among those held hostage
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- but they are all belived to be safe. how does today's thanksgiving compare to what it was 100 years ago? today at usher's ferry historic village in cedar rapids, people got the chance to find out. tonight, was the "thanksgiving candlelight tour."it's a great tradition and opportunity to take a step back in time. "its building community with family. so they come and they have to interact as a family. it brings you back in history. 1890 to 1910 and the fun part is that people have to interact. " "and the snow? peope said, it only helped make the holiday scene, that much more special. a quick programming note.some online and print postings incorrectly reported which n-f-l game we'll air *tomorrow afternoon on fox we want to make sure all of you know that the packers and vikings are sceduled to play on fox 28 *tomorrow afternoon at 3
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o'clock. it'll be a cold day - for foot-ball - - and anything else - in the upper mid-west. west.marissa scott is here - with the latest - in your
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there! the good vibes continued at the good vibes continued at kinnick on saturday... coming up next in sports... iowa goes for their 11th win against the boilermakers... all the hawkeye coverage is hey! this holiday, u.s. cellular's giving you 50% more data
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on cbs -2 this morning,if you're the type that loves to
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travel the wine trail, we have the perfect spot.we're road trippin' just south of the corridor, monday on cbs-2 this morning. meaningful football games in november... it doesn't get much better than that... and when you think of november football... you think of cold weather... and with a win today... iowa fans are thinking... about the big ten championship game... the hawks clinch the big ten west with a victory over purdue... and the fans were feelin' it... already up 14- zip in the second quarter... c-j beathard swings it to matt vandeberg... he's got some blocks... and he dives face first in to the end zone... six more points for iowa... they're up 20-0 before you can say "boilermaker"... it was 20-13 in the third... but the offense got rollin' again... beathard lofts it up to george kittel... nothing but green grass... 35 yard touchdown
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pass... iowa leads 27-13... then in the fourth... they dial up the play action... beathard rolls out and gets it to henry krieger coble... and the senior lumbers home for a score... iowa did a lot of scoring today... they beat purdue, 40-20... once again... a total team effort for the 11-0 hawkeyes... zach hanley has more from iowa city... all offseason the hawkeyes talked about changing the culture -- today against purdue iowa did that... and more -- by winning the big 10 west title for the first time in school history, clinching a spot in the big 10 championship game, and sending the senior off right right"seems like a dream come true for any senior in his last go around.... i'm almost at a loss of words... i'm almost at a loss of words even thinking that it's possible. you can't look for any better one than that." that." "it's just like unbelievable. it's so surreal and again it just has not hit me yet, but it's amazing just to have this, be blessed with this." this.""i hidn't actually
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invision it this way, i invisioned winning, but for it to go down like this... to become 11 -0, continue to make history, and then for it to be the game that wins the big 10 west division title, it's a huge accomplishment for us." us.""no matter what it is you'd rather win something out right no matter what it is you are doing so they can be very, very proud of that... and they even got hats t-shirts all that stuff."even though there is plenty to celebrate, the hawkeyes aren't satisfied. they know it won't be as fun if they finish the season 11 and 1... at kinnick stadium, zach hanley cbs 2 sports. so who will the hawkeyes play in the big ten championship game?... michigan state made their case today... fourth quarter... gerald homes powers in for touchdown... game tied at 14... and then in the final seconds... michael geiger... drills it... from 41 yards out... to beat ohio state... if the spartans win next week... they'll meet iowa in the big ten championship game... it all changed for northern
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panthers knew then... that they had to win out to have a shot to make the f-c-s playoffs... five weeks later... and they're still in the hunt... u-n-i hosting southern illinois on senior dayaaron bailey not a senor -- but he was playing like one -- panthers already up 7 nothing -- bailey puts it on a button for micheal malloy -- and he does the rest -- 49 yards on the score -- bailey threw for 181 yards and 2 scores...but he was even better rushing -- here's one of his 3 t-d's on the ground -- another huge day for the q-b...and then the special teams got into the act ( -- makinton dorleant fields the punt -- and check out his vision -- from one side of the field --- all the way to the other side -- side steps a would be tackler -- and takes it to the house housethe panthers win their 5th straight -- 49 to 28 -- u-n-i will find out tomorrow if they're in the f-c-s playoffs paul rhoads and iowa state looking for their fourth win of the year... at kansas state... and it all started
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out so good... up 14-7... joel lanning was on point in the first half... lanning steps up and fires it to allan lazard.... he high steps in for a cyclone t-d... they go up 21-7... they were up 35-14 at half... but then it came unglued... after a fumble... 46 seconds left... charles jones runs in for a touchdown... and somehow... someway... we're all tied up at 35... next drive... the meltdown continues... lanning... gotta hold on to the football.... it's a k-state sack fumble... and at that point... it was like dying a slow death for the cyclones... the 42-yarder is good... a stunning loss for iowa state... 38 to 35 the final... they fall to 3-8 on the year... they'll try to end things on a good note next week at west virginia... in d-three football... dubuque's season comes to an end in the first round of the playoffs... the spartans fall to saint john's out of minnesota, 51-7... still ahead in sports... the number one team in the nation visits cedar falls...
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highlights from the mcleod
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dear future, please help. the present is kind of a scary place. i have no money, no job, no clothes. i feel completely helpless. but i hear good things about you, future. like i'll have hair, and friends, and bookokand music.
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supposed to be a nice little homecoming for north carolina and marion nativivmarcus paige... except... paige couldn't go due to an injury... and u-n-i... had their own ideas on saturday at the mcleod center... roy williams and the number-one ranked tar heels in cedar fafas... first half... panthers down... but wes washpun was up... way way up... all the way to the tenth floor for the thunderous jam... everybody's jacked up... then at the end of the half... washpun throws up a prayer... and swish.h. panthers down nine at half... but they got hot from three after recess... paul jesperson
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hit eleven threes on the day... and they went on a 22-4 run in the second half... here's washpun to the hoop again... he was unstoppable all day long... and the party was on in cedar falls... northern iowa with a monumental win over the top ranked am in the country..... 71-67 the final... washpun and bohannon among the vets who stepped up big... doesn't get much bigger than this for the panthers... to have it happen for our guys... boy.y. i just think it's great... it's a great way for them to build a little momentum and confidence... and on our home floor like this... for some guys changing roles and having some young guys... it could not be any bigger... it's gotta be up there.....ow many times do you have the number one team in the nation coe to your home floor... it's a pretty special feeling...
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like beer? stay thirsty, my friends. tonight, it was time for the america on tap beer festival, at the doubletree downtown.the event showcases more than a hundred releases from some of america's best craft breweries and imports as well.the atmosphere was rockin'. "i am here because i love tasting beer. and it is my 25th birthday and i figured what better way to celebrate then come and taste some beers. " "they do these types of festivals all over the u-s, but this was the first time
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thanks for watching your cbs2 - news ten.
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see you back . >> ring of honor wrestling is brought to you in part by the health alert hotline. if you have knee or back pain and have medicare.
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