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tv   CBS 2 News Noon  CBS  November 24, 2015 12:00pm-12:30pm CST

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countries and air strikes. number two, no additional ground troops according to both leaders, and number three, they both stress that a political solution with syrian president bashar al assad out of office as part of those talks that are going on in vienna too remove him from offffe at some time. i think the other important thing to note here is that both leaders stressed the importance of russia in finding a solution about what's going on in syria. the president obama just saying there, there is already an international coalition, but russia is the outlier. russia has complicated matters wiwi this air base in syria, which is close to turkey. we have this international incident today where now a turkish plane has shot down a russn plane. and russian president vladimir putin isis saying that it't' like being stabbed in the back. and so you heard president obama saying today his top priority is making sure that this does not
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chip reid is in the easas room o the white house, and, chip, extraordinary to hear these two leaders for more than an hour talk about what they want to do next. >> reporter: well, absolutely, norah.h. we know that hollande came into this meeting pretty fired up, saying that isis is is up an extraordinary danger, that it is actually threatening the stability of europe, but we did not hear any specific militity commitments that president obama made on behalf of the united states. and that is consistent with what he has said before, that the plan is basically working. yes, it does need to be reimplemented here and there, but no dramatic changes in the works for the u.s. military effort here. you did put your finger on the most important thing here, norah, and this is how much they talked about russia. in particular the president said russia has the right to protect its air space, with regard to that shoot-down -- excuse m turkey has the right to protect its air spacece with regard to
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russian plane earlier today. they also talked about the importance of coordination. they said, if russia would stop focusing on propping up assadd in syria and focus on fighting isis, then you wouldn't have this kind of incident. and then finally at the end, really unprovoked, the president said, look, we have a coalition of 65 countries, and russia has a coalition of two propping up syria. norah? >> anchor: chip read at the white house. there has now been a worldwide travel alert issued by thehe u.s. state department. president obama making clear today that the homeland is as safe as it can be, that officials are working every hour of every day for our security, and they will not stop in his wowos. there will be much m me about this on your local news and on this cbs station and on our 24-hour digital news channel, cbsn. it's available on all devices at, and scott pelley will have the very latest on tonight's "cbs evening news." i'm norah o'donnell.
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i'm hillary clinton, and i approve this message. if you are headininto iowa city.there's some traffic you need to know about right now. on i-380 south bound the road is blocked tween forever green road and swan lake road in north liberty. the d-o-t website says it's because of an accident.they have set up a detour.we will ke our eyes on this for you and update you on the show this afternoon as ll as on our
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the president of france is in washington right now, pushing for e u.s. to expand its role in the fight against isis. isis.francoishollande arrived at the white house this morning.along with the u.s. - hollande wants the rest of its allili to also ramp up their efforts against the terrorist group.france began beefing up its campaign against isis after the attacks in paris earlier this month, but the country is now seeking a coalition wiwi the u.s. and russia to wipe the militants out completely.just a few minutes ago, president obama wrapped up a news conference with hollande, where they both discussed the efforts against isis.
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i reviewed our coalition's progress. more than 8,000 airstrikes along with local partners on the ground have pushed isil back from territory in both iraq and syria. today president hollande and i agree that our nation's must do more together. together.president obama will travel to france later this week to discuss climate change with other world leaders in paris. a worldwide travel alert from the state department is now in effect for all americans until next year. year.the agency says terror groups like isis and al-qauda continue to plan attacks in multiple regions.the alert does not ask americans to avoid traveling, but urges them to be on the look out in blic or when using mass transit.the travel alert will expire february 24-th.this is the first worldwide travel alert since last december. meanwhile back in france - popoce say an explosive vest was found in a suburb on the southern edge of was
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used in the paris attacks, and was found by a street cleaner in a pile of rubble.the vest was found in the same area where the cell phone of salah abdeslam was traced to shortly after the attacks. also in paris - police briefly evacuated a city square this morning due to a security alerttauthohoties at the scene said there was a bomb threat at a metro station near the place de la republique. multiple entrances to that metro stationere shut down, but re-opened when police gave the all-clear. the a-c-l-u is suing the governor of indiana for halting syrian refugee resettlement in his state. state.the lawsuit filed says mike pence violated the equal protection clause in t t constitution when he suspened the programs last week.that's because pence allows refugees from other countries to come to indiana, but not those from syria.pence said in a recent editorial he's "deeply moved" by the plight of syrians.but that the federal government must close so-called "security gaps", before they
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there are confliliing reports this afternoon about the fate of two russian pilots whose jet was shot down by turkey early this morning.earlier reports indicated that one of the pilots was shot dead while trying ttland in their parachute after they ejected from the plane.but now a turkish official believes both pilots are still alive.russia says the plane was on a bombing mission in syria and s over syrian territory the whole time.speaking today - russian president vladimir putin called the downing "a stab in the back" by "accomplices of terrorists." now a cbs 2 news update... update...a judge now says video shows the beating of a black man earlier this year was racially motivated. motivated.randy metcalf was charged with a hate crime last week for the attack outside a dubuque bar in january.on monday - the judge said the video hows metcalf kicking and stomping on the victim. witnesses have also reported metcalf used racial slurs and displayed a swatstika tattoo during`the incident.metcalf has been ordered to stay behind baba until his trial beginsns
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in north liberty tonight... leaders will meet to talk about guns-one of the most hotly debated issues in the county.right now - there's a proposal to ban firearmson city property. supporters say the resolution would be the safest option for everyone in the community - including law enforcement officers and other safety officials.however - gun rights groups are opposed to it, and are planning to protest during tonight's meeting. donald trump is back in the lead among likely republican caucus goers. goers.but there's a new candidate making the race a dead heat. heat.according to quinnipiac university's new poll released this morning - ted ruz trails trump by just two the same poll last month - cruz was in fourth place - but has since seen his numbers more than double in october - trump was eight points behind then-leaderer doctct ben carson who has now slipped to third in the g-o-p race. coming up on the cbs 2 news at noon, who'll bjoining the hawkeyes as they play nebraska this weekend., a financial expert has tips on how to teach your kids about finances this christmas season.
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the hawkeyes are just hours away from finding out if they've finally cracked the
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football rankings.the black and gold have been number fiv the st two weeks.but that was before their win and ohio state's loss to michigan state on far this week - the hawkeyes have been moved up to number three in the country by the associated press. they play at nebraska on friday. and when they take the field against the huskers - they'll be joined by kid captian reagan kopsieker.reagan was diagnosed with a rare birth defect in which her left side of her heart is substainially underdeveloped.her parents feared she wouldnt see her first birthday.but now - reagan is a 16-year-old who likes shopping and being on social media with her friends. justin checkckin now with your cbs 2 'weather first' forecast. main weather- your planner shows what's ahead for the next hoursa&- now a live look outside courtesy of our weatherfirst skycama&- a bit of fog in the area this morninga&-temperatures around the areaa&- taking a look at regional temperatures we see highs are mild all around iowa - the regional satellite/radar
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keeping conditioio quiet - let's move ahead in time by taking a look at the midwest surface mapa&- moving into a closer view with our 'predictor' forecast we see mainly quiet conditions -- today's forecast features clear skies & cooler temperatures- tonight's forecast has us looking for mainly clear & chilly conditions- the next three days show more dry and cool weather- our 7 day forecast does bring more cool weather to the area
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a chicago police officer has been charged in the fatal shooting of a black teenager. the city announced plans to release dash cam video of officer jason van dyke shooting laquan mcdonald last october.those who have seen the footage say mcdonald had a knife, but was on the ground when van dyke shot him.there are concerns this afternoon that releasing the video could spark racial unrest like what happened in ferguson and baltimore. police in columbus, ohio say it's unclear why a man shot and killed three people and wounded another. anothebarry kirk w!s shot and killed during a short chase last night, shortly after he killed a mother, father, and their seven year old son.police say kirk also wounded a 12-year-old daughter, who is in critical condition.investigators are searching for a motive - including whether r rk knew the victims.
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noon, a financial expert teaches us how to stick to our holiday spending budgets and how to teach our kids about
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we're making our list and checking it twice...but have we prepared that much for our holiday shopping budget?rachel cruze, financial expert from ramsey solutions joins us this morning with some tips!thanks for joining us can we set a realistic budget?know ur boundaries set a budget make a detailed list of who you're buying for and how ch you're cash and once it's gone, it's gone!we can get caught up in the wave of culture andndreallylynd up gogog over board each year. what are your thoughts on staying grounded amidst the holiday hype?don't get pressured it's easy to let our culture drive our decisionif you don't have the money, don't buy it.your kids won't be traumatized if they don't get the latest "it" items. this is a great time of year to teach our kids about
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family affaiaiinclude your kids in the budgeting process so they know what to expect. find an organizion you and your family can donate time one saturday.consider encouraging them to buy gifts with their own money. find out more at rachelcruze
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that does it for us here on the cbs 2 news at noon.our next newscast is this afternoon live at five.and you can see us right back here tomorrow morning at 5 a-m. enjoy your afternoon.
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>> eric: mmm. [ muffled ] there's only a little bit left. >> brooke: i want that little -- >> rick: the kitchen counters are literally covered with food. i don't know how you found the stove to cook. >> maya: [ chuckling ] oh. >> eric: your wife is a marvel,& and so is this pie. >> rick: hey, you know that pie's for tomorrow, right? >> eric: it's a sliver. >> maya: hey, in this house, whatever eric wants, eric gets. >> eric: there you are. see? [ laughter ] >> brooke: we should probably start on the seating arrangements for tomorrow. unless, of course, you want to do it. you're the hostess. >> maya: oh, no, no, no, no. i would much rather people blame you.
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