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tv   CBS Morning News  CBS  November 25, 2015 4:00am-5:00am CST

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morning news and cbs this morning. from the broadcast center in new york city. peey: a russian warplane is shot down n ter it strays into turkey. >urkey, like every cocotry, has a right to defend its territory and its airspace. >> pelley: also tonight, a warning about a copycat terror attack in the u.s. > don't be afraid. be aware. >> pelley: a white chicago police officer is charged with murdering a black teenager. and the nation's highest civilian honors presented to a group of great americans from yogi berra-- >> it ain't overerill it's over. >> pelley: to james taylor. taylor.captioning sponsored by >> pelley: the incident has major implications for the war on isis and peace in europe. the head of nato is calling for
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calm tonight after turkey shot downwn russian warplane kikiing at least one of two pilots. it is the first time the north atlantic alliance has downed a russian or soviet plane since the 1950s. russian presesent putin insists the plane was in syrian airspace, but the turks released this radar image, which they say shows the path of the plane, that dotted red line, as it briefly entered turkey. holly williams begins our coverage. >> reporter: turkey says the russian warplane strayed over a mile into ththairspace. after 10 warnings without a response, a turkish fighter jet shot it down. this video is thought to show its fiery descent, crashing down in northwest syria. turkey says this radar map shows where the aircraft briefly crossed over, but russia denies the plane ever left syrian
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airspace, and the visibly angry russian president vladimir putin called turkey's actions a stab in the back, describing the turkish as terrorists' accomplices. turkey had already warned moscow about violating its airspace and says russian planes did so twice in october. a syrian rebel group posted this video, which seems to show the bloody body of one of the russian pilots. the fate of the other pilot is unknown. russia and turkey are on opposite sides of the syrian civil l r. turkey, like its ally the u.s., supports the syrian rebels. rebels, while russia backs the syrianegime and in septembmb began launching airstrikes. moscow claimed to be targeting isis, but the u.s. says it's also hit so-called moderate
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rebels because russia's real goal i ito prop up syria's dictator, bashar al-assad. there were hopes that russia could be coaxed into cooperating with the u.s. and its allies in the fight against isis, bubu scott, after this incident, that now looks even more uncertain. >> pelley: holly williams reporting from istanbul tonight, holly, thanks. david martin reports the shootdown has the potential to draw nato allies into a conflict with russia. >> reporter: from the moment russian warplanes began operating out of that airbase in syria, it was an international incident waiting to happen. russian planes violated turkish airspace on at least two previous occasionsflew within 500 feet of american aircraft striking isis targets in syria, and bombed opposition groups supported by the u.s. and its allies. to avoid incidents, a hot line was set up beten the russian defense ministry and the u.s.-run commama center for
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isis. but to no avail. after vladimir putin's angry reqction to the shootdown, the russian military said a cruiser armed wiwi surface-to-air missiles would be stationed off the syrian coast ready to shoot down any planes that threatened its aircraft. president obama urged both sides to remain calm and described the incidede as a consequence ofof russia's policy of flying airstrikes in support of the syrian regime of bashar al-assad. >> i do think that this pots to an ongoing problem with the russian operations in the sense that they are operating very close to a turkish border, and they are going after moderate opposition. >> reporter: turkey is a member of nato, which has spent the past year and a half scrambling troops.
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to counter what is seen as increasingly aggressive russian behavior. the sudden appearance of russian warplanes in syria represented another threre to nato, this time on its southern flank, when the u.s. sent planes to turkey in an effort to increase the number of strikes against isis, it also sent air-to-air fighters to defend turkish airspace against russian warplanes. russia may be causing problems, but in this particular incident, scott, u.s. officials blame turkrk for over-reacting to a minor violation of its airspace. >> pelley: david martin at the pentagon tonight. thank you, david. as holly williams mentioned the u.s.#and france were hoping to bring g ssia into an anti-isis alliance. isis bombed a russian airliner last month. as chip reid reports today, french presidentrancois hollande visited the white house where presidenenobama said this about isis. >> it cannot be tolerated. it must be destroyed. and we must do it together. >> reporter: presint hollande said france wowod ramp up its air campaign, targeting isis command centers, training facilities and the hearts of cities controlled by the terror
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group. president obama said his national security team had alalady put together a p pn to accelerate pressure on isis before the paris attacks. >> and we intend to execute on those plans. >> reporter: but, mr. obama gave no details and instead talked more about what's already been accomplished. >> we've taken thousands of strikes, have taken thousands of isil fighters, including top commanders and lders, off the battlefield. >> reporter: the president again called on russia to stop propping up the regime of syrian president bashar al-assad and join the u.s. coalition of 65 nations fighting isis. >> russia right now is a coalition of two-- iran and russia-- supporting assad. given russia's military capabilities and given the influence they have on the assad regime, them cooperating would
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be enormously helpful and would allow us all to refocus our attention on isil. >> reporter: from washington, president hollande will head for russia where he plans to ask president tin to shift his focus to fighting isis, but, scott, it's a request that's been made many times before without success. >> pelley: chip reid at the white house. thanks.
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if you dig your bones, protect them. all: cbs cares! with unique insight into all of this, we turn to ambassador nick burns, a career american security council dirececr for russian affairs, and former u.s. representative for nato. he now teaches diplomacy at harvard. mr. ambassador, what are the stakes in what we've seen today? >> well, it's been a consequential day, scott. we haven't had a nato member
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aircraft since 1952, and so the stakes are very high, that the russians learn the lessons of what happened but also that this can be de-escalated so that there's no further action, and russia and turkey and the other countries can go back, hopefully trying to combat isis. >> pelley: welel the russian president called it a stab in the back. could this escalate? >> it could escalate. i think there's-- i think the united states and president obama are going to work very hard to see that it doesn't, but there's an important principle at stake here, scott. every nation has a right to protect its own borders. and president obama sided with the turks today inaying that they have that right. it was a gross violation of international law for the russians even to fly close to that border, but to cross it, that's a red line that can't be crossed. and so i think the lesson here for the russians has to be they're fairly isolated right nono the middle east. attack and defeat isis but they're not really fighting
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>> pelley: you know, the turks fired on this aircraft after it had been in their airspace for only about 30 seconds or so, we're told. why do you think the turks would make a point of shooting this airplane down? >> i think because there's a history here. the russians have violated turkish airspace several times since the russians began air operations in syria two months ago. and the turks have warned the russians pubficly and privately that there's going to be a response at some point. the russians may have thought that the turks weren't serious but they found out today that they were. it's a tragedy. it's not something, obviously, that the united states wants to see happen, but the turks do have a right to protect that border. the emphasis now has to be on making sure it doesn't happen again. >> pelley: ambassador nicholas burns, thank you very much. >> thank you. >> pelley: well, the war on isis means thth security at home wiwi be tighter as millions of americans head out for the holiday. here's jeff pegues. >> reporter: police at los angeles international airport today were armed with automatic
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weapons. this thanksgiving week, amid isis threats, there will also be a larger police presence than usual in new york. police commissioner bill bratton. >> i think it quite clear what we're advocating through you, certainly is this idea of don't be aware. >> reprter: a new intelligence bulletin sent to law enforcement round the country warns that there could be copycats in the s. looking to replicate the paris attacks. ron hosko is a former assistant director of the f.b.i. how much of isis' strategy is about fear? >> i think a large proportion n about fear. could something happen? yes. but is there a greater likelihood of being struck by lightning or struck by a car on the way to d.c.? yes. >> reporter: today, president obama tried to reassure the public.. >> what happened in paris is truly horrific. i understand that people worry that something similar could happen here. i want you to know that we will
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continue to do everything in our power to defend our nation. >> reporter: and that strategy involves studying tactics used in paris. intelligence officialselieve the e tackers conducted pre-operation surveillance. police in the u.s. are being advised to be on the lookout for suspicious people conducting surveillance on soft targets. >> pelley: j jf pegues, thanks. in another big story tonight, a white chicago police officer was charged today with murder more than a year after shooting a black teteager in the back. released tonight and chicago is bracing for a reaction. here's dean reynolds. here is dean reynolds. >> police said nothing as he turned himself in faces first-degree murder charges a cording to his lawyer scared to death.
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state's attorney. >>his officer went over board. >> van dyk's trouble began in october of last year along this street when he and seven other officers pursued a robbery suspect. 17-year-old laquan mcdonald who was acts e radically and waiving a three-inch knife. no other officer felt the need to open fire accept van dyk, who prosececors say, 6 seconds after arriving on the scene shot mcdonald 16 times. it took 14 seconds, 13 of which the teenager was on the ground. prosecutors say van dyk w w preparing to reload when ordered to hold fire. van dyk said mcdonald lunged at him and that he feared for h life, but the prosecutor said a police videotape tells a far different story and so did an eyewitness. >> the motorist stated that mcdonald never movered toward, lunged at or did anyththg threatening towards the officer before he was shot and fell to the ground. >> for 13 months chicago
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the video arguing it would jeopardize local and federal investigations of the shooting. a county judge last week over rode that argument and ordered the tapes be released the video is graphic, violentntnd c clling and there's concern once it's available for all to see it could provoke a violent reaction and painful questions about why it took so long to arrest the shooter seen on the tape. >> reporter: now here at the police headquarters the mayor and the superintendent of police have just held a press conference where they insisted th officer van dyk is no way representative of the chicago police department. scott, if van dyk is convicted he faces 20 years to life behind bars. >> and the video is in the process of being released tonight. dean, thank you. we now know where the paris attackers were planning to strike next until the police took them out.
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that the men who planned the paris attacks planned a bombing days later in the city's financial district. those e anners were killed in a raid last week. tonight, debora patta has learned of another surprising revelation in the assault on paris. (gunfire) >> reporter: while police were still rescuing hostages from thehe attack on the packed concert hall, french investigators revealed today that the presumed mastermind of the paris attacks had actually returned to the scene of the criri. abdelhamid abaaoud used his cell phone near the bataclan that night according to prosecutor francois molins. he also revealed that abaaoud, along with an accomplice, was planning another suicide bomb attack, this time at la defense, a busy parisian business district. abaaoud was killed in a fierce police gun battle last wednesday, and now there is a
4:21 am
new addition to europe's most wanted list, 30-year-old mohammed abrini. police believe he may have been traveling in the same car with salah abdeslam, the terrorist who escaped last week and is still on the run. abrini's d.n.a. was found in a car used in the attacks. in brussels, belgian police are still trying to root out a is on lockdown, but tomorrow things will start returning to normal. most of the subways will reopen, and, scott, children will be going back to school. >> pelley: debora patta reporting for us tonight. debora, thank you.
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refugee crisis next. >> pelley: today, presidents obama anhollande defended their plans to accept syrian refugees. mr. obama said america is strengthened by people of every faith. but opponents say that terrorists could hide among the migrants. well as america prepares to observe the holiday that celebrates theheirst refugees on our shoreseswe asked adriana diaz to look into the controversy in kentucky. >> reporter: it's a first thanksgiving for america's newest pilgrims, refugees, some who arrived from syria less than two months ago, all breaking bread in their new home in kentucky.
4:23 am
koussay ghalyoun, and 18-year- old nour alkunuss. >> when i remember my country, i feel like i'm dying. >> reporter: why? >> because people in my country die every day. every day. >> reporter: they met here at a school for refugees in kentucky, far from the front lines of syria, but now, they're facing another brewing problem. since the paris attacks, protesters have taken to the streets across the united states voicing their opposition to syrian refugees coming in. more than 30 governors across the country agree, including matt bevin, who takes office here in kentucky in two weeks. people have to go through years of background checks, interviews that last hours at a time. why change things now. >> let's be thoughtful. let's pause. let's use a measured approach. that's all anybody is saying. if we are delusional to think there are not evil people trying
4:24 am
to do bad things to ourselves we are going to do so, be >> reporter: shadi, who asked us new arrival. "if there is an explosion in a country and syrians are stopped from coming in, of course, that creates some fear," he says. "it's the same kind of fear we felt when we were in syria." he says getting to the u.s. was grueling. nur is eager to start a new life here. these new arrivals say they're thankful for the warm welcome they've received here but are worried with what lies ahead. adriana diaz, cbs ne, louisville, kentucky. >> pelley: an extraordinary group of americans was honored
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>> pelley: today, president obama awarded the medal of freedom to an incredible array of great americans. people who need people >> pelley: people like streisand and sondhe, berra and mays, and shirley chisholm, the first black woman in congress. >> i want to be remembered as a catalyst for change. >> pellele 17 people who changed america for the better.
4:28 am
here's bill plante. >eporter: they've enriched our lives with music. don't bring around a cloud to rain on my parade. >> reporter: thrilled us on the field. made movies leap off the screen. james taylor was honored for his 50 years of exploring life. >> that's the thing about james- - you always feel like he's singing only to you. in my mind i'm goin' to carolina >> the i iues that i comple me are still the same ones. you know, it's what i love to do. i think that over me, you get incrementally better at it. >> reporter: how long can you keep doing this? >> it's hard to believe i'm not closer to the end than i am to the beginning, but i'll carry on as long as-- as long as there seems to be support for it. >> reporter: because, in the words of another one of today's honorees-- >> it ain't over till it's over.
4:29 am
yogi berra, amazing. >> reporter: and as the great yankee catcher also said, "you can observe a lot by just watching." i've seen fire and d ve seen rain. >> reporter: watching a play, an impassioned speech, a concert. thought they'd never end >> reporter: 17 americans who all made a mark on our national life. whenou could not find a friend >> reporter: bill plante, cbs news, washington. but i always thought i'd see you again. [ applause ] that's the overnight news fo this wednesday. for some of you the nene pcontinues for others check back with us a little bit later for other news of course, cbs this
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york city. captioning funded by cbs it's wednesday, november 25th, 2015. this is the "cbs morning news." anger in chicago. protests aimed at police after a video is released of a black teenager being shot more than a dozen times by a white police officer. as millions of americans head out for the holiday, they are seeing stepped-up security, after the government issues a worldwide travel alert. and nativity newborn. an infant is found abandoned in a new york city nativity scene. good morning from the studio 57 newsroom at cbs news headquarters here in new york.
4:31 am
thanks for joining us. i'm anne-marie green. > ere are new calls for calm in chicago this morning after protests over the release of a video that shows a black teen shot to death by a white police officer. we have a warning for you. the police dash cam videdeis graphic and it's disturbing. the video shows 17-year-old laquan mcdonald in the street. police are on the left, including the officer charged tuesday with murder. he fires 16 shots at mcdonald in about 14 seconds. officer jason van dyke is the first chicago police officer charged with murder for an on-duty murder in decades. hundreds of demonstrators slashed with police overnight and gathering near a police station and briefing blocking traffic. marlie hall reports. >> reporter: the videorom the october 2014 incident shows laquan mcdonald jogging down into a street and slows down into a walk. two officers approach.
4:32 am
van dyke started shooting six seconds after he got out of his vehicle. the silent video shows van dyke continued to shoot mcdonald while the teen was on the ground. a few hundred protesters took to the streres shortly after the e video was released. some biefly scuffled with police and were led away in handcuffs. >> protest what we are mad about. >> people have a right to be angry. people have a right to protest. people have a right to free speech. but they do not have a right to commit criminal acts. >> reporter: prosecutors say van dyke fired 16 shots in 15 seconds, despite accounts that mcdonald never threatened him. the 14-year veteran was charged with first-degree murder on tuesy. >> people willlludge this split-second actions of my client. however, the standard in this case is what was my client experiencing at the time in which he made the split-second dedesion to fire?
4:33 am
>> reporter: prosecutors say mcdonald was carrying a knife at the time of the shooting and take the drug pcp was in his system. marlie hall, cbs news. coming up "cbs this morning," we will be live with the latest on the police protests in chicago and reaction to the shooting video. one of the pilots of a russian jet shot down by turkey is in the hands of the syrian's army and is being burned to his base. turkey said it fired on the war plane along the syrian border after it invaded turkish air space. video shows the fighter jet on fire before it crashes. russia says syria rebels killed one pilot as he parachuted to the ground. russians president vladimir putin warns there will be turkey downing its jet. this mornini in brussels. schools in a subway y e reopening in the belgian capital after four days of security lockdown. but the government is maintaining the highest level of
4:34 am
safety alert over fears of an imminent paris-style terror hundreds of police and soldiers are on patrol.l. prosecutors in paris have charged the man who housed the apparent ring leader of the terror attacks. jawad bendadad is the first person linked to the terrorists. jawad says he doesn't know who they were. prosecutors revealed the ring leader abdelhamid abaaoud returned to the theater after the attacks and while the police wereretill there. >> i i egypt's sinai peninsula, seven people are dead. the attackers penetrated heavy security. video shows a sophisticated network of isis tunnels under the iraqi town of sinjar. they were used to store e ammunition and a shelter from coalition air strikes. kurdish troops found boxes of u.s.-made amaunition. the white house tuesday,
4:35 am
president obama stood shoulder-to-shoulder with french president francois hollande against isis. >> i will note tolerated. >> it must be destroyed and we must do it together. >> they pledged to escalate terror strikes against the terror group. the presisint called on russia to join the western alliance and end support for syrian's president. the heightened of concerns millions g ready to hit the road for the holiday. according to aaa, nearly 47 million people will travel 50 miles or more this thanksgiving. that is the most since 2007. don champion is at new york's penn station with more on what travelers safe. go morning, don. >> reporter: good morning, anne-marie. it is get-away day. the day before thanksgiving and onof the busiest travel days of the year. behind me, penn station will be busy today.
4:36 am
the mad dash out of town comes just days after the state department issued that worldwide terror alert for americans in new york city, you can already see a stepped-up security presence. hundreds of ofofcers are on gugud. heheily armed soldiers on patrol at laguardia airport. it's part of an increased effort to prevent a terror attack like the one in paris. >> i w w surprised at, like, the amount of soldier types. i was like, wow, it's getting really serious. >> it's a little bit scary but i trust the way everythinis under control. >> reporter: new york city police putting up barricades and standing on guard. the nypd rolling out its counterterrorism grgrp, specially trained officers. more than a million people are expected to line the streets for the thanksgiving day parade. >> some of those officers would be equipped with the long guns, as we refer to them, the rifles. we will have additional hercules teams, those are the heavily armed entities that are around the area of the parade but, i think the police presence will heighten the sense of security.
4:37 am
>> reporter: despite the government's travel warning, officials say it's not necessary to change your plans. >> what this is not saying is don't travel. we want americans to travel to travel domesticallyly overseas. >> reporter: but some travelers are still a little jittery. >> we were very, very nervous and anxious about it all. we were, like, i don't know if we want to go, but we didn't want to cancel this because we wanted to see family. >> reporter: even with the warning, it is important to note there are no credible or specific threats against the homeland. there is a bit of good news for the millions of americans who will be driving this week. gas prices are at their lowest level since 2008. the national average foror gallon of regular unleaded stands at just over $2 a gallon. gobble, gobble. >> that is good news. don champion at new york's penn station, thank you very much, don. some drivers will be battling the elements this
4:38 am
holiday season. an intense storm over the wintry weather to the east. heavy snow i iin the forecast could move into the plains by thanksgiving. snow blanketed roads in the roads in oregon making travel dangerous. traction. crews are still working to restore power to families in poe -- to thousands of families in spokane, washington, nearly a week after wind knocks down power lines. meteorologist eric fisher of our boston station wbz shows us thehe forecast on this big travel day. >> reporter: of course, you know it's a busy day for travel ross the country. mississippi, not much going on at all this wednesday. quiet and cool in the northeast. quieieand seasonal weather across the southeast, and a few showers moving through the upper midwest as we move into the afternoon. most of the action we are watching is across the intermountain west with rain and snowfall and pretty significant sierra picked up more than a foot and more snowfall coming down today and spreading across
4:39 am
idaho across the wasatch mountain range and across much of wyoming. much-needed snowfall. great for the ski areas but watch out for treacherous travel in the passes. quiet on the west coast and the mess in the middle. rain breaking out on thanksgiving day. snow coming down across parts of the rockies and watch the ice driving across the plains, especially into parts of kansas and western oklahoma on thanksgiving. then the story for the end of this week and this weekend is heavy rainfalllleveloping. the dallas area stretching up through oklahoma and moving into missouri and arkansas. in dallas, we are likely going to see our wettest year ever recorded set with this storm and keeping an eye out for some flooding. i'i'meteorologist eric fisher for cbs nene. travel safe coming up on the "morning news." a shooting investigation into the nfl. rams wide receiver stedman bailey is injured in a shooting incident. we will tell you about that. upstage by an impersonator. donald trump meets his match. this is the "cbs morning news."
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pope francis left italy this morning and is due to arrive in africa for a thrhr-nation visit to the continent. he'll arrive in nairobi, kenya, before traveling to uganda and the central african republic. the pope will speak to africa's fast growing catholic population. an nfl player is injured in a shooting. a new finding in a deadly air strike at an afghan hospital. those are some of the headlines the morning newsstands. "the new york titis" says the pentagon will release details today on the u.s. air strike of an afghanistan hospital run by doctors without borders. the attack last month killed 30 people. the times reports the investigation found a series of human errors, failures in procedure, and technical prprlems. "usa today" reports st. louis rams wide receiver stedman bailey is in the hospital after being shot in the head. bailey is reportedly in critical, but stable, condition,
4:43 am
gunman shot him twice while he was sitting in a car last night. the injuries were not considered life-threatening. he is expected to undergo surgery later this morning. the "minneapolis starribune" reports police arrested three white men in connection with a shooting at a protest by black lives matter. police say the men turned themselves in following monday's shooting that wounded five protesters. prosecutors may treat the shooting as a hate crime. "the myrtle beach sun news" reports that donald trump's family joined him on stage. while he was campaigning in south carolina, the gop frfrt-runner says he hasasever done that before and he also brought up a supporter of a crowd from thousands and someone who looked remarkably familiar. >> do you believe this guy? look at that. what the hell? come here a minute. >> trump described the supporter as having a big,g,eautiful head of hair. "the washington post" honors the 100th anniversary of albert
4:44 am
eieitein's generally of relatively. it explains gravity and how it affects matter, light and time. it explains black holes, the big bang, and it's even used to make your gps work more accurately. still to come, amazon space mission. the online retailer makes a big
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making space tourism a reality. here's a look at today's
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the country. private space company blue origin, founded by amazon ceo jeff bezos, says it achieved a milestone. on monday, it launched a rocket from texas, then landed it upright for reuse. bezos announced the news on "cbs this morning." the rocket flew 62 miles high before releasing a capsule and touching back down. it's designed to carry space tourists. bezos tweeted the rarest of beasts. a used rocket controlled landing, not easy, but done right, can look easy. elon musk, ceo of spacex tweeted back the following. on the cbs "moneywatch"
4:47 am
controversy, and another e. coli outbreak this time centered on a warehouse store chain. jail wagner it he e new york stock exchange with that and more. >> reporter: there is an e. coli outbreak linked to costco chicken salad. the cdc says 19 people in colorado are sick. anybody who brought the chicken throw it out. the s&p 500 gained two and the nasdaq was flat yesterday. the u.s. department of transportation may loosen its role on self-driving cars. right now the cars are limited to testing only with a licensed driver behind the wheel to take over in an n ergency. goobleg google wants to remove the steering wheel and pedals once
4:48 am
a new tv series for amazon is causingontroversy in n n york city. this subway car is covered inside and out promoting the man in the high castle. the show imagines what the world would be like if the allies lost world war iiii amazon is pulling the ads. >> a whole lot of controversy and a whole lot of attention. >> all press is good press, right? >> yeah, right. jill wagner at the new york stock exchange, thanks a lot, jill. coming up on "cbs this morning," we will speak with the ceo of target, brian cornell. still ahead, a miracle baby. a newborn is discovered abandoned in a nativity scene at a new york city church. and the demolition of a smoke stack goes terribly wrong as it crashes down on the driver of an excavator. well, and take of what makes you, excavator. excavator.excavator. excavator. aveeno daily moisturizing lotion
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here's a look at today's
4:51 am
the country. the demolition of this old smoke stack in alabama nearly cost one worker his life. as it came down, the smoke stack fell the wrong way, nearly on top of the excavator and the man operating it inside. fortunately, the cab protected the man inside from the falling debris and he was able to walk away. president obama awarded the naigs's highest civilian honor to 17 americans. the recipients of the medical of freedom included steven spielberg and barbra streisand. the grandnephew of shirley chisholm, the first african-american woman elected to congress, accepted the medal on her behalf. police are searching for
4:52 am
nativity center at a new york city church. the newborn was found at the holy child of the jesus church. the baby was checked out at a hospital and is healthy. >> the church is meant to be a home for those in need. pope francis preaches about mercy and this is actually a year of mercy. what more merciful way to live, but a way to give a home or somebody in need. >> state law allows newborns to be dropped off to a safe haven like a church. there is already an adoption under way. golden state warriors are owners of the nba's best-ever start to a season. the warriors win their record 16th straight game. the defending champions had no problems beating their instate rivals, the los angeles lakers 111-77. golden state has won 20 straight regular season games dating back to last season. coming up after your local news on "cbs this morning," the fight against shrinking airline seats.
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hundreds of protesters faced off with police overnight in the streets of chicago. they are upset about a video that shows the shooting of a black teen by a white police officer. we have a warning for you now. the police cruiser dash cam video is pretty disturbing. it shows 17-year-old laquan mcdonald moving away from police as he is shot. officer jason van dyke fires 16 times. he was charged with murder tuesday. cbs news digital journalist alex pena is covering the protest and is joining us from chicago on the phone. alex, good morning. we know now that the officer has been charged. so give us an idea of why protesters felt the need to
4:56 am
well, the protesters here, despite the indictment yesterday, there were still a lot of unanswered questions wanted answers, which is one of the reasons that they took to the streets. one of the protesters told me one of the reasons is they wanted to know why the video hadn't been released until now. this happened in october of 2014. is one of their questions. officer charged so late? why was he charged today? why was he indicted yesterday when this had happened so long ago? in fact, according to the city attorney, she says that the video was one of the most graphic and one of the most violent she had seen in her time serving as state attorney. protesters are asking if this was the case, why did it take so long? of course, her response was these sort of things, they take time and particularly police shootings, they take time. the protests -- protesters had a
4:57 am
the streets. the past few months covering a number of protests. how would you characterize what you saw here in chicago, compared to some of the other places you've been? >> reporter: sure. well, the situation here is certainly very different. for one, the group is much smaller. the protest we saw last night, we probably saw a hundred protesters, more or less. it was much less. the protests were overall peaceful and very little violence like what we saw in ferguson or baltimore. in baltimore, it was an indictment of the police officer that actually ended the massive protests, whereas, here in chicago, it was an indictment that essentially brought them out into on the streets. scenario in terms of how the police shootings were being handled. smaller number of people and much more peaceful than what we saw in baltimore and ferguson. you so much, alex. >> reporter: thank you. coming up after your local
4:58 am
news on "cbs this morning," as we travel for thanksgiving, we will tell you about a push to give airline passengers more seat room. plus, new pressure on the boy scouts of america to allow girls as members. and we will meet a chef who is part of the game to table movement, which encourages the use of wild animals in our meals. that is the "cbs morning news" for this wednesday. thanks for watching. i'm anne-marie green.
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