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tv   CBS2 This Morning Early Edition  CBS  November 25, 2015 5:00am-6:00am CST

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right now on cbs 2 this morning...the latest information about gunfire in cedar rapids late last night. the details about what led up to this summer's fatal shooting at coral ridge mall. the chilling video of a chicago police officer shooting and killing a 17-year old that has the windy city on edge. welcome to cbs two this morning...i'm kevin barry. barry.barry. barry.i'm kevin bbarry. barry.and i'm kelly d'ambrosio. d'ambrosio. let's get a check of our cbs 2
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authorities inthe corridor this morning a a searching for someone who fired off gunshots last night in cedar rapids. rapids.police tell cbs 2 news it happened along the 13-00 block of m street southwest. found at the scene but but authoritieiedid not find any suspects after searching the area.police do tell us no injuries have been reported. cbs 2 news will continue to track this story, and bring you updates when more information is released. cbs 2 news is getting a closer look lookat the events surrounding a shooting at a corridor mall. police say alexander kozak shot and killed... killed...andrea farrington at coral ridge mall in 2
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kozak.witnesses say he shot farrington while she was working at the children's museum inside the mall. authorities captured him east of iowa city on i-80.warrants show kozak - who was married - told officers farrington broke up with him through a text message and that caused him to snap.he allegedly drove to his home in north liberty to get a gun and drove back to the mall to shoot farrington. his trial is scheduled to begin in april.because of pre-trial publicity, the case will be held in story county. cbs 2 news also is learning new details in the deadly shooting of a cedar rapids teen.a 14-year-old facing a first a 14-year-old facing a first degree murder charge will now plead guilty to sser charges. charges.robert humbles is pleading guilty to voluntary manslaughter -- reckless use of a firearm and going armed with intent.that could all mean 25 years in prison for shooting and killing 15-year- old aaron richardson in september.humbles will formally plead guilty next month. another corridor community is now getting backlash for a proposal some say would limit
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gun rights. rights.north liberty city leaders discussed banning weapons on city-owned property. they say it was brought to them as a concern from the library board.the city council discussed a ban that would keep all weapons fromomlaces like parks -- the library and city buildings.some residents who oppose the ban say it would infringe on their rights and that the city doesn't have the power to override state code. "if we wananto go to the library or to the park, you'll now put us in a position of choosing to break this ordinance or following our legal right to carry." carry." "there has nevererbeen any intention to pass the ordinance, we can't pass the ordinance that would go against state code." code."last night's city council meeting was only for discussion...the mayor said it's the city council's job to least address concerns made by citizens. breaking overnight, an n-f-l player is now in critical condition after being shot. shot.suspended saint louis ramside receiver stedman bailey was shot lala tuesday
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nighghnot many details have been released so far.bailey is currently serving a four-game ban for violating the league's substance abuse policy. protesters in chicago returned to the e reets last night, after authorities released dash cam video of a black teen being shot by a white police officer. officer.demostrators even blocked a freeway last night. the shooting happened back n 2 news has s decided not to show the entire dash cam video.police say 17- year-old laquan mcdonald had a knife at the time. he was shot 16 times in 15 seconds.the officer who shot him, has now been charged with first degree murder. an update to a similar protest in minneapolis, minneapolis,police have arrested three suspects they say shot into a crowd of protesters on monday.the police department's 4th precinct has been on the scene of constant protests for more than a week, since an officer shot 24-year-d jamar clark. clark's cousin was one of five people shot on monday night. "it doesn't make sense, you know. we were not doing any
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harm, we were just asking questions and the man opens re. and he didn't say 'stop' or 'freeze', he just (inaudible) us on the street and opened fire on us." us."none of the victims have any life-threatening injuries. police say the three suspects in custody are white men in their 20's.investigators are e still l looking for more suspects this morning. today marks 30 years since one of the darkest days in iowa state atletic history. history.on november 25-th 1985 -- 7 members and coaches of the cyclone women's cross country team died in a plane crash.they were on their way home from taking second place in the n-c-double-a championships in milwaukee.the four members of the team that flewewn a different t plane that day will be honoring their teammates at an ceremony in des moines that starts at 4 today. in des moines, a man was arrested right after leaving the hospital.police say 24-year-old troy mure junior was driving a vehicle that slammed into a ultility pole on monday killing a passenger.he's now been charged with vehicular
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homicide and operating while intoxicated and authorities say he was riving way too fast.they say the damage to the car is so severe that at first they couldn't figure out what make or model it was. it's one of the busiest weeks for holiday travel. travel.the eastern iowa airport is reminding p pple construction has shifted the ticket counters to the center of the terminal and airport personnel will be helping with checked luggage.with the worldwide travel alert from the state department, director of marketing pam hinmamasays all travelers should remain vigilant of their surroundings. their motto is if you see something, say something. "be patient, everybody wants to get to where they're going, and if we just tata our time and if we take our time and be patient, we'll get there." there."another important note- anyone planning to bring presents while treling - needs to keep them **unwrapped. sunday will also be a busy day when travelers n nd to budget extra time. many local retailers are trying to keep up with the holiday rush by hiring seasonal help.some stores are still looking for workers. workers.j-c penney in
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coralville doubles its team fromom0 to 80 employees this time of managers say it's necessary with the holiday traffic.according to the most recent numbers from the bureau of labor statistics, iowa's unemployment rate is 3.5 percent. "it's tight in this area. there's a lot of job opportunity, a lot of retail in this area so we're just looking for the right people." people."some stores still looking for workers say they will be taking applications for the next few weeks. the item at the top of many wish lists this christmas is caing some concerns for the airline industry and anyone who flies. flies.the f-a-a estimates nearly one million drones will be given as gifts this year. drones have been found violating the areas around airports and even the w wte house -- so sales crews s at stores like best buy are encouraging customers to learn how to use them responsibly. professional photographer caleb howard has taken some amazing pictures with drones and says it's alalabout education. "there will always be people
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out there who aren't going to follow the laws and regulatins, but it comes down to each individual owner of that craft. the just have to lear to fly safefend be responsible for what they do. " right now -- f-a-a is looking at regulations that may require all drone owners to be registered and could have punishments for anyone who violates the ruleses each year in the united states, more people die from drug overdose than guns and car at home, local agencies are trying to fight prescription drug abuse with drop boxes - places where people can leavavtheir unused or expired drugs. cedar rapids and several other agencies have had them for several, wateoo, coralville, university heights and the johnson county sheriff's office will also have them. "the whole purpose of the drug drop box programs is to prevent that tragedy, too many people abuse prescription drugs." drugs."so far this year, the cedar rapids polole department has respondedeto 60 overdodos and ten deaths because of heroin or prescription drug abuse. it's
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coming up next... next...the plea from one national group when you hit the road t ts holiliy season. season. in your cbs 2 weather first forecast we have...
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triple a-predicts 47 million people will be hitting the roads this thanksgiving holiday. there's an urgent plea for passengers to buckle up in the back seat. seat.kris van cleave hasashe story. ory. (nats s deo ))this dash cam video shows you why if you're sitting in the backseat you should put on a seatbelt--this man and a young child go
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flying through the cabin of the car during a research from the governors highway safety association finds 883 rear seat passengers who weren't wearing a seatbelt died in crashes in 2013...about half would have likely surviveveif they'd only buckled up.((sot 10:35:27 kvc)) kvc: what is about the back seat that makes people think they don't need to wear their seatbelt?((sot 10:35:31)) hedlund: first you have heard for years you are safer in the back seat. second, you don't think about it as much when you get into the back seat, especially something like a taxi. and third, half the states don't have laws requiring belt use in the e ck seat. dr jijihedlund wrote the report...of particular concern are passengers in cabs and ride sharing services like uber. a 2014 new york city taxi commission survey found 62% of riders did not wear their seatbelt. overall more than 1 in 5 backseat passengers don't buckle up--87% of those in the front seat do.((sot 10:37: xx))it's
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cheap, easy, and it may save your life. kris oc tag: according to government data passengers riding in the back seat are three times more likely to die in a crash when not wearing their sstbelt. kvc, cbs news, new york. the report recommends all 50 states to require all passengers wear seatbelts.
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it's now on this morning. morning.after the break... break...the exclusivevegroro that iowa football finally wins in a row.
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welcome back -- it's now we're
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taking a look at your_______ your_______ here's a look at some of eastern iowa's top stories -- on this morning... the salvation army of cedar rapids is celebrating thanksgiving a day early.the non-profit is serving a meal today from 11-30 to one at its facility on c avenue northwest. the meal is open to anyone in need -- and no registration is required also in cedar rapids - the e parks and rrreation department is holding an open swim to celebrate the holiday. people will be able to jump in the water at bender pool from one to four this afternoon. admission is four-dollars and 50-cents.all ages are e welcome. several state lawmakers were in coralville last night where the east central iowa council of governments hosted its annual legislative open house. lawmakers we spoke to say ents like this keep them connected with their constituents.the 20-16
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"ultimate goal is to be national champions at some point, it doesn't matter who you are and especailly where we've put ourselves right now that's a possiblity."a real possibility -- because as of right now the hawkeyes are in the college football playoffs -- let me say that again -- the hawkeyes are in the college football plploffs iowa sits 4th in the latest poll -- behind clemson, alabama, and oklahoma. they're actually 3 wins away from playing for a national championship -- but the guys aren't thinking about that -- as mia o'brein explains -- they're just on the to the next one... another week, another rivalry game for the hawkeyes... hawkeyes..."i think it's grown more into a rivalry these past couple of years, maybe more than people want to admit. "they're kinda making it a rivalry between us but as far as we're concerned it's just another game." because for all
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doesn't feel different... different..."i wouldn't say it's a rivalry. it's just a game between too hard teams and two physical defenses that's going for a trophy."but that's not to say it will bebeasy.. easy.."we're gonna travel up there, it's gonna be a hostile environment, we know they're gonna play tough and it's gonna be hard fought game." game.""every game they've played has been close. they're not one to just lie down and quit--they'll keep fighting until the very end."and even if it doesn't feel like a rivalary game -- friday is still the next step in another goal for the hawks: an undefeated season. "going undefeaead in the regular season, that be awesome. you wanna win every game we've done that so far. we're just one game away from having an undefeated regular season which has obviously never been done here. here."it's just another step. . you know. something that we work on each game is to go out there and win each game and so far we've been able to do that. because rivalry game or not... "it's one of twelve. and this game isn't at the end of the day, any different than it was
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in iowa city, mia o'brien, cbs 2 sports. last season in their regional final -- center point urbananablew a 16 point lead d and lost to mount vernon in heartbreaking fashion -- and that's been on the stormin' pointers' minds all off-season and what better way to tip off the year than hosting the mustangs?kristen elliott takes it hard to the rack for 2 -- giving mount vernon a 3 point lead in the first -- elliot finished with 12but after that it was all c-p-u -- lah-mia sisk -- with the steal ---he completes the dine and dash for 2 of her 11 -- stormin' 49 cbs-2 news connects with the us with your story tips at 1-800-222-kganor email us at news at cbs2iowa.comor connect with us
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thanks. look at this gorgeous tree at a chinese temple. temple.its called a ginkgo tree or a maidenhair tree and this one is 1,400 years old! they believe it was planted by the tang dynasty sometime between the years 618 to 907.'s become a big attraction with lots of people
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stop by to take pictures of it. in the summer the tree grows yellow fruit that apparently stinks but in the winter the tree will be completely bare. good morning again -- it's now still to come... come...the corridor school that got a big payday -- and the insurance company responsible for it..'re watching c-b-s-s2
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right now on cbs 2 this morning...the latest information out of paris about the manhunt for one of the paris attacks planners.$ the fate of the two russian pilots shsh down by turkey -- but captured by syrians. the new ranking for hawkeye football that could be a huge boost to iowa's program. welcome to cbs two this -
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morning...i'm kevin bbarry. barry.and i'm kelly d'ambrosio. d'ambrosio. let's get a check of our cbs 2
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a follow up to the deadly attacks in paris that killed 130 people. people.french authorities now y the man they suspected to be the mastermind of the attacks, was planning another one. one.police say abdelhamid abaahoud wanted to attack the paris' business district.he s killed during a raid in a paris suburb last week.nn a n who housed abaahoud and an accomplice have been arrested on terrorism-related charges. that man says he didn't know who he was exactly and he was just doing them a favor by giving theshelter. students in brussels returned
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to the classroom after a two- day shutdown.the city has been in a constant fear that a terror attack is imminent in the belgium capital city. special measures have been taken -- like not allowing students outside during the day.the subway system in the city is alsoslowing starting up again.more than a thousand soldiers have been deployed to help security. in a sign of solidarity -- president obama welcomed french president francois hollande to the white house on tuesday. tuesday.they both said ty'd rk closely to destroy isis. the u-s has agreed to step up a joint response -- with new efforts to target terrorists' financial networks and increase intelligence sharing. hollande is now heading to russia to hold talks with vladimir putin. that meeting will come just a day after turkey shot down a russian war-plane. plane.putin called the move a stab in the back and threatened turkey with significant consequences. russian officials claim the plane s on a bombing mission in syria and never crossed into turkish airspace. president obama said turkey
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has a right to defend it's airspace -- but pushed for diplomacy and not retaliation. i think it's very important right now w r us to make sure that the russians and the turks are talking to each other to find out exactly what happened and take measures to discourage any ki of escalatiti." eseslation."one of the pilots was killed by syrian rebels on the ground -- the other is safe this morning, he made it back to a russia base. a w round of strong winds hitting washington state, and has knocked ououpower to more than 30-ththsand people. people.several areas are facing freezing forecasts as thanksgiving approaches.this comes after a similar storm last week, that caused damage and even prompted schools in spokane to be closos all this week. as the snow melts here in the corridor, winter storm warnings were issued for parts of oregon and northern's what it looked like in truckee.. which is just a few hours east of sacremento.driving conditions came difficult along interstate 80 there, where they say they got around a half foot of snow.
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a school bus was rammed during a pursuit in pennsylvania. started when state troopers pulled a car over for an expired registration.four men were taken out of the vehicle -- but one jumped back into the car and sped off.troopers exchanged gunfire with the driver -- injuring one officer. duriri the pursuit -- the suspect rammed a police car and later a school bus.then -- the bus and the suspe's vehicle burst into students were on bobrd the bus at the time and the s driver was not injured.two men were taken into custody. in iowa city, city,a new temproary homeless shelter is now getting ready to open.the shelter will be at the former t-m-one building cn south-gate avenue -- across the street from the shelter house.staff f ll cbs 2 news southgate property management is allowing the building to be leased through march.the new shelter is expected to open next month. anamosa high school is 100- thousand dollars richer this morning. morning.the school was one of 800 schools in the running for the grand prize in the celebrate my drive program from statefarm insurance.a
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pep rally was held yesterday to celebrate e e n.the e ney will go toward several upgrades throughout the building like new restrooms. the iowa hawkeyes continue to move up the rankings, and are now poised to make a national title run. run.iowa now sits at 4-th in the college footbaba playoff rankings.clemson, alabama, and oklahoma are the only teams ranked higher.that means if the season ended right now, the hawks would play clemson in the playoffemi-final.iowa will most likely have to win out to secure a playoff bid, the hawks play nebraska in their regular season finale on black friday. and if you plan on following the hawkeyes to lincoln for the game, take memeures will be heightened. officials are asking fans to arrive early. gates open at 1. gates 6 and 8 will actually be closed, and some are closing at will also be required to open any coats for visual inspection.the university says the measures are not related to any specific threats, but are being made following recent international events. today you can help decide whwhh turkey gets a presidential pardon.
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pardon.president obama will hold a traditional ceremony where he spares a turkey before thanksgiving.there are twcontestants -- a turkey named "honest" and another one named "abe".no matter which one e wins -- they both will spend the rest of their days living peacefully on a farm. they've held similar votes in the past -- but this is the first year when you can cast your vote otwitr.'s a live look at the poll l ght now... ... you can find the poll on the national turkey federation's twitter page or
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on white house-dot-gov it's coming up next... next...the simple reason so many women on telelision ended
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a photo is making the rounds on the internet, that show
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wearing the same exact outfit. why are so many wearing the same dress on air? jeanne moos addresses the mystery. mystery. we forecast you'll be showered by female meteorologists wearing the same dress.(shelby hays, koco)"clouds this ternoon."shelby hayes of koco, oklahoma city is one of more than 50 meteorologists... (shelby hays, koco)"it has some fake pockets here with zippers on it."who bought the same 23 dollar dress on amazon. (shelby hays, koco)"i have the blueuene i'm cucuently wearing and i have pink one on the way."turns out these women who do the weather belong to a facebook group and exchange professional advice. and thth's how the perfect t inexpensive tv dress multiplied.(jeanne moos, reporting)"you know at a party two women show up wearing same dress everyone is mortified. this is not like that, right?" (shelby hays, koco)"it's not like that at all. we're such a tight knit group."the creator of this collage of all the
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meteorologists is jennifer myers of fox 4 in dallas... (jennifer myers, kdfw)"and she's cute."seen here wearing the blue version. she has one in purple as well.(jeanne moos, cnn)"but eve meteorologist knows which dress not to buy...the one in green. you wouldn't want to disappear into the green screen."this is the fate of any forecaster caught wearing green..."i can do a headless forecast."network meteorologist s aren't all green with envy over the amazon drere.(al roker, nbc)"wow. my gosh" (ginger zee, abc)"so ginger where's yours? ah they don't come in maternity."the dress meets all tv requirements... .no prints. no lace. nothing reflective. and at least in oklahoma city...(shelby hays, koco)"there's absolutely no cleavage. that cannot happen." but the dress is form fitting, so what to do with your uic pack?(shelby hays, koco)"i'll hook my mm pack on back of one boot."the dress reminds some of star trek.(shelby hays, koco)"that's so funny since we're all science geeks." never mind the percentage chance of rain. the fashion
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outlook is for...(shelby hays, koco)"65% polyester."jeanne moos(jeanne moos, cnn)"the dress."cnn(shelby hays, koco) "the dress. it is very special"
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it's and you're watching cbs 2 this morning... morning...after the break... break...the new record set by one british artist -- passing
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welcome back -- it's now we're
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in paris.. there are more in paris.. there are more armed guards andndewer tourists. tourists.the terrorist attacks have taken a toll on the city's important tourism industry --the louvre and d'orsay museums say they've seen a 30 percent drop in and staurants are also suffering. u-s roads and airports are getting jam-packed -- but that has nothing to do with thanksgiving. thanksgiving.the national highway administration says americans have been traveling in record numbers this year, thanks to a stronger economy and cheaper gas.driving has increased by three percent since september, compared to the same period last year.air travel has seen a bigger jump, according to the b beau of ansportation, rising five percent through august.this thanksgiving travel period is expected to be the busiest in eight years. adele's new album has set a new single week sales record. record.the british artist's latest album "25" sold 2-point-43 million copies
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little more than three days. that surpassed the 2000 sales record from nsync's "no strings attached".adele's "25" also became the top-selling album of 2015 overtaking the 1-point-7 million copies of taylor swift's "1989."the album "25" is the follow upupo her 2011 breakout album "21" which won multiple grammys -- including album of the year and sold more than 11 million copies. amazon says they'll remove new york ubway ads fororheir streaming series "the man in the high castle" it comes after complaints about nazi imagerythe series depicts an alternate reality where germany and japan win world war two.the e s have u-s flags on them that have been refashioned with nazi germany's imperial eagle and japan's rising sun.subway riders complained on social media that they were offensive to people whose relatives were brutalized during world war two. amazon founder jeff bezos has made history. history.his space transportatio n company -- blue origin -- successful launched and
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rocket.bez say the ability to re-fly a rocket will cut costs and be a game-changer for the space industry.after about two more years of test flights -- blue origin will start selling tickets to space. there could soon be a change to food labels that some experts say will makekehem less misleading. misleading.lawmakers introduced legislation to create a standard label for the front of a product with calorie and other nutritional information. it also calls for a clear definition of terms like "natural" and "healthy."." tomorrow our morning show, fox28 morning live will be two hours long, and start at 6am! we've got a chef coming in studio to make thanksgiving food and give some tips on how to make the perfect meal. meal.e'll also be answering your thanksgiving meal. meal.we put a post on our fox28 facebook page asking what is the toughest part about preparing your ththksgiving meal...t.t chef will a awer those questions!so get on over there and let us know!i've also put a post up on my facebook page, if you'd
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it's still to come... come...the e eort to make sure the rules put in place to keep pro football players safe are actually followed. your cbs 2 dad: i'm on it. culligan man: dude. don't do it yoyoself. d: no? culligan m m: no. anncr: leave it to the experts. with a culligan whole-house water softening system, you get better water, and service you can actually count on.
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dad: hey, cuigan man. culligan man: hey! dad: this is great! culligan man: i know.
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you get better water, and service you can actually here's a look at somof eastern iowa's top stories -- on this morng... ththe will be extra iowawastate troopers on state roads for the next few days.with the potential for rain coupled with holiday traffic -- they're warninpeople even more about the dangers of texting while driving.they also urge people e to follow the speed limit and allow more time for travel.and as always - - troopers remind drivers to never drink and drive. the biggest shopping weekend of the year is just a few short days away, and corridor business are reminding you to shop local.they're encouraging you to stop by their shops on small business saturday to complete yr holiday shopping list.several communities are offering special centives to get you out this weekend. leaf collection is set to
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start back up in iowa city. starting friday -- crews will try to make one more round for the season.but they can't guarantee all routes will be covered -- because their operation depends on the trash pick-up will happen on thanksgiving -- so tomorrow's routes will be collected on friday. there's a call for answers in ththn-f-l.'s a story we first brought to you yesterday morning, a quarterback who suffered a concussion left in the news reporter jeff glor talked with a concussion expert to see what needs to happen to prevent this. this. (nats hit)oh boy! you can see him go down and hit the back of the head.(track 1)the hit left quarterback case keenum seizing his helmet in pain. (nat sot/game footage)that helmet to the ground still one ofofthe troubling spots when we talk about concussions at the nfl level. (track 2)dr. dennis cardone is co-director of the concussion center at nyu langone medical center. (sot cardone q&a 19:19:10)(dc) so not a bad hit, but that's certainly a very concerning fall to the ground. // we see him difficulty getting up. he's staggering. ///(jg) for you, these are obvious signs
5:45 am
of a concussion?(dc) these are clear signs of a concussion head injury and certainly something we would be concerned about.(track 3)but keenum stayed in the game... throwing an errant pass before turning the ball over.(track 4) rams head coach jeff fisher. (sot fisher 18:09:40)there is no tv replays on our sideline, and we did not see it on our jumbotron. had we seen that, we would have taken a different course of action. but we were not aware of that. (gfx) the brain is typically protected from light impact by cerebral spinal flui. but a concussion occurs when a blow to the head causes the brain to hit the skull. after years of denying a link between concussions and long term brain impairment, the nfl issued a new protocol in 2013. (gfx out) (kroft 60 minutes) you think the games safer than its ever been before(track 4) (60 minutes)commissioner roger goodell told 60 minutes just last week that concussions are down 35% since 2013.(sot roger goodell)"i do believevit's safer but injuries are part of active sports and they are certainly part of football. football is a contact sport." (track 5) (60 minutes)more than two dozen medical staffers are supposed to keep an eye on players during games... including an
5:46 am
independent spotter in the press box... who has the power to stop the action because of an injury.(track 6)the spotter, fischer says, didn't intervene sunday because rams head trainer reggie scott was on the field.(sot fisher 18:11:05 /// 18:07:34)if the trainer's out there tending to a player, then the assumption is that the trainer is going to take care of it. /// case said he felt he was ok and then reggie was told to leave the field. (sot cardone q&a 19:25:59)(dc) the system fell apart a little bit here and we need to fix it.more poeple in the position to says he needs to come out.probably more independent ppl not in the moment of the game to make an independent decision and potentially the right decision rams coach jeff fisher said team doctors and trainers were involved in a conference call last night. night.they discussed possible tweaks to their game day system, so an incident like that doesnt happen again. if you're just getting up, good morning -- it's now coming up next... next...the newest poll numbers expected to come out any second for the democratic presidential cacaidates in iowa.'re watching c-b-s 2
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right now on right now on cbs 2 this morning...the latest information about gunfire in cedar rapids late last night. the details about what led up to this summer's fatal shooting at coral ridge mall. the chilling video o oa chicago police officer shooting and killing a 17-year old that has the windy city on edge.
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