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tv   CBS2 This Morning Early Edition  CBS  December 8, 2015 5:00am-6:00am CST

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let's get a the f-b-i is now saying the two shooters in san bernardino participated in target practice withidays of he attack th killed 14 people. people.they also believe the o had *both been radicalized for some time, but aren't sure exactly when or how.the new inforamtion comes as county emplees in the area rfturned to work monday.investigators also said they found 1 1pipes in the couple's home, that could have been turned into bombs. president obama says his administration is responding to the volving threat of terrorism and vowed the u-s and d s allies will defeat extremist groups like isis. isis.the department of homeland security will eventually roll out a new terror alert warning system. the current system requires a specific -- credible threat to be activated -- the new one
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step. this will be the third change since the september 11-th attacks. new this morning, an air france flight from san francisco to paris has been diverted to m anonymous threat grounded the plane.all passengers have gotten off the plane safely. air france says the crew decided to divert as a precautionary measure.franan hahabeen in a state of emergency since the november 13-th attacks that killed 130 people. the band that was playing when terrorists stormed a paris concert venue last month was back onsnsge last night.the eagles of death metal were special guests at a u2 concert in the french capital.the band says "we want to offer our heartfelt thanks and appreciation for everything our brothers in u-2 did for us in the aftermath of the november 13 attacks."u-2 cancelled two concerts after the attacks three weeks ago. an international group is detailing where isis has gathered most of its arsenal. arsenanain a report released today, amnesty international says most of the weapons the terror group has were taken
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says decades of reckless arms trading and poorly regulated arms flowing into iraq contributed to them gathering their stockpile of weapons. that includes weapons made in the united states, russia, china and european countries. while the syrian refugee debate continues to o unfold -- the state of utah announced it will assign a police detective to watch over any refugees coming from syria. syria.that detective would join a team of state workers lookokg to fifi them jobs and homes.officials said they would not only monitor for possible problems -- but also connect newcomers with police if they become victims of ime in the state. here in iowa, people at luther college are responding t ta wave o oislamophobia.a group called "just action" released a statement called friendship, not condemns islamophobia and affirms solidarity with muslim students.the group says as presidential hopefuls come through the state, students want to show their support of their classmates and send a strong signal that the community is committed to the values of diversity and
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republican front-runner front-runnerdonald trump made another controversial statement about muslims last night at a rally in south carolina. carolina."donald j. trump is calling for a total and complete shutdown of muslims entering the united states. states.the proposed ban would apply to immigrants and visitors.he later went on to say it would only be until leaders figure out what's going on.many of his republican ollegues quickly condemned the comments. trump is gaining support in the hawkeye state. state.a new c-n-n, o-r-c poll says trump has 33-percent support with iowcaucus voters.sator ted cruz is alsoson the rise in iowa -- coming in at second place with 20-percent.former fronter- runner doctor ben carson is losing ground -- with only 16- percent support. a new poll from monmuth university shows a diffffent front runner in iowa. this poll, ted cruz came in first with 24-percent support, and donald trump lagged behind in second.marco rubio and ben carson were
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o others s crack ten percent support. the national tech advocacy group engine partnered with the technology association of iowa to host this first ever presidential tech town hall monday. martin o'malley and republican carly fiorina spoke at the town hall about how they would support technology growth.engine's executive director julie samuels says many candidates haven't talked about ways to keep the tech indususy afloat - due to other pressing issues. "one of the trends we see in places outside of silicon valley outside of new york that have successful startup communities is that they kind of relelon what it is that their community is already good at. so for instance in iowa you might see more agricultural startups." startups."o'malley and fiorina lked also about healthcare innovations and the importance of keeping young talentntn the cocounity. we a a now into the second week of the edward cusic murder trial. the 47-year-old is accused of killing his mother in their cedar rapids home. home.the jury heard about cusic's mental state from a prosecution witness on monday.
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cusic's i-q tests for the jury. two tests were administered ten months apart from each another. cusic's score differed ightly between the o. based on the tests, a doctor oncluded cusic does not suffer from long term brain damage. "well my opinion about that is his behavior during that call is sufficiently coherent and organized and linear but he does not appear to be majorly intoxicated at that time." time."testimony will resume later this morning. the former car salesman shot by police in cedar rapids, will spend the next six months behind bars. bars.a judge sentenced 27- year-old kyle orth march, officers spotteteorth drdring a dealer-owned car the wrong way on 12-th street northeast.officers then began chasing him and opened fire after orth accelerated towards them.the officers involved in the shooting are not facing charges. the supreme court is refusing to rule on whether cities or
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used in recent shootings. the decision came as they rejected an appeal from gun owners who wanted to challenge a ban on assault weapons in a chicago suburb.the court upheld a lower court's ruling that found local governments do have the right to decide how to regulate firearms. cbs 2 news has learned a court case involving a cedar rapidsds ucking company *will be heard by the supreme court. court.they will review a decision saying c-r-s-t cannot recover four-point-seven million dollars in legal fees. those fees would come from the u-s equal employment opportunity commission which launched a major investigation into an allegation that female truckers were routinely sexually harassed.a decision is expected next year. liday shoppepe aren't spending all their time at the big box stores. stores.gun shop owners across the country say they're seeing record sales after recent shootings including the one last week in san berdino. berdino.the same is s true here in the corridor.we checked in with midwest shooting in hiawatha and cedar valley outfitting in marion.both say
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time gun buyers or people who haven't handled a weapon in years.they tell us the buyers are of all ages - and usually people who have been thinking about purchasing a gun and the recent attacks prompted them to finally do it. "some people say i don't carry a gun to try to be the hero in the mall but if i had the opportunity to try to save lives i probably would, but im not full of bravado and i'm no hero." hero."while some people and lawmakers in washington say the answsw is *fewer weapons rather than more, gun shop owners tell us their customers are happy to go through the educion and required training to be responsible gun owners. it's coming up next... next...the one d d that gives even more meaning to a special
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monday was national pearl harbor remembrance day. day.74 years ago japan launched a surprise attack on the naval base in hawaii, pulling the u-s into world war two. two. weijia jiang shows us how some of the oldest living world war two vets were honored for r their service. service. it's taken a century...and a get frank levingston to the nation's capital.(sot frank levingston/world war ii veteran)"i never thought i'd live to see a day like this." (track 2)at 110 years old, he's the oldest living world war two veteran.the war, just one of many challenges he's lived through.(sot jeph levingston/nephew)"jim crow era, civil rights era...hes' a a gentleman who's been through all of this. (nat sot)from ceremony(track 3)levingston was among the veterans who laid a wreath at the world war two memorial on monday.the ceremony honored the thousand who died 74 years ago...when
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and launched the u-s into war. levingston will also visit the white house for the first time and hopes to meet president obama.(sot frara levingston/woo rld war ii veteran)"i'm erwhelmed and excited to see this."(sot-stand up bridge-weijia jiang/cbs news/washington)veterans traveled here from all over the country...on what's called an "honor flight".the trips are dedicated to bringing vets from all wars to theation's see the morials built in their honor.(t(tck 4) 93 year old army veteran dale robinson remembers the attack on pearl harbor vividly.(sot) "you heard an airplane and it came right down over r our quadrangle."(nat sot)taps from ceremony(track 5)both he and levingston say they are still serving the paying tribute to the victims. (sot dale robinson/world war ii veteran)yes m'aamamthat's what we remember...the fallen guys.(track 6)fallen...but not forgotten.wj, cbs news, washington robinson, that last vet you just saw was honored at last
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gametoo.honor flights here in eastern iowa will resume next year, the first flight isis april 19-th. 19-th. it's now on this morning. morning.after the break... season is over for the cyclones but see why fans in ames are enjoying the beginning of the
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you get better water, and service you can actually count on. dad: hey, culligananan. culligan man: hey! dad: this isisreat! culligan man: i know. anncr: leave it to the experts. with a culligan whole-house water softening system, you get better water, and service you can actually lcome back -- it's now we're taking a look at your_______ your_______ here's a look at some of
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in cedar rapids -- there is a new program to help fund the blic library after voters rejected a 27-cent tax levy. it's called the library champion program -- to support the library through donations. board members say they need the money to continue the high level l programs they have been providing.they say the *public funding the library receives does not cover all of the services. also in cedar rapids, transarica will restructure its wwo major business divisions next year. the insurance and investment firm tells cbs 2 news, the move could result in some layoffs, but a number has not been set. employees learned of the pending changes last week. transamerica employs about 45-hundrededpeople e the cedar rapids metro. in hiawatha today -- high school juniors and seniors and their parents can learn about the college financial aid process.a free seminar is tonight at 6 in the lin county regegnal center -- room 100.students and parents will get answers about paying for
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for the first time in school history the iowa state men are ranked 2nd in coaches poll -- and in the a-p they moved up to 4th, which is their highest ranking since 1956 -- all that happened before they took the court against buffalo georors niang, ready to tame the bulls first half -- niang was feeling it -- matt thomas find him behind the arc -- bang -- bang -- bang -- that was part of a 15 - oh run by i-s-u -- the cyclones led by 9 at the breakbuffalo would cut itito one in the second half -- but naing -- not okay with that -- he hits another triple and then georgous george takes it hard to the rack for two more -- niang finished with a career high 31 -- iowa state stayperfect -- 84 to 63.iowa hosting western illinois -- fran mccafafry said last week he wanted jarrod uthoff to shoot more -- message recieved off the steal -- uthoff -- slams it home -- the hawks started the game on a 15 to 3 run then it was like the hoop was the size of the ocean for former j-hawk -- the triple is gogo in the far cornerand then in the words of the n-b-a jamz video game -- he's heating up -- another three ball from uthoffif you hit 3 threes in a row -- you're on fire -- jarrod uhtoff was on fire --
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of a career high 27 -- iowa cruises -- 90 to 56. iowa is rose bowl bound for the first time since 1991 -- and the team is definately smelling the roses, with over 4 thousand of them delievered to the hawkeye football operations buildingbut now, this team has to do something they haven't done all season n -- bounce back after a loss -- it's a type of adversity the hawks have yet had to face -- so this week before before anything else, kirk ferentz will lean on the leadership fromis seniors "it's all good when everybody is winninin but you really find out how strong of a team is when you take an "l" and see how they bounce back from a loss so it's definiately going to take our senior leadership to get the team to keep going. it's time to move forward and prepare for another r game." game.""we've never played this deep into a season, this is 14 weeks since camp broke. 13 games in that time span so just want to make sure we are smart. i know first and formost on our list right now... getting our players rested."northern iowa advanced to the f-c-s quarterfinals thanks to in large part their rushing attack -- the panthers racked up over 400 yards on the ground against portland state... now u-n-i gets to face a familiar oppenent -- north dakota state it's a regular seseon rematch
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-- earlier this season the panthers lost to the bison on a last second touchdown -- so their is a revenge factor, but mark farley isn't buyi it.. it.."a great motivational speaker or a speech or a revenge factor -- all that stuff lasts for about a play. it comes down to players... the battles on the field will decide the game." game." decide the the field will decide the game.e. gameme"maybe intrinsically... but ... coach farley's been telling us it's a process.
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north dakota state and the rivalry that we have: it's about january ninth." cbs-2 news connects with the us with your story tips at 1-800-222-kganor email us at news at cbs2iowa.comor cononct wiwi us
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thanks. piqtures of an elk drinng wine is something you won't see everyday. a colorado woman n med lori caught the elk in the act, after the animal had picked through a neighbor's recycling bin on the curb. curb.she ked the elk probably chose a red wine "to go with the white snow or to pair with his leafy greens." one media outlet reported this particular red wine would normally sell for over a hundred dollars. good morning again -- it's now
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come...the gift one local business delivered to the hawkeyes to celebrate their rose bowl invitation.'re watching c-b-s 2 this morning --
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right now on cbs 2 this morning...the arrests made in one corridor town tied to a much bigger investigation. the latest information about the potential motives behind a deadly shooting at a planned parenthoododn colorado springs. the new information breaking overnight about oscar pistorious' overturned murder aquittal. welcome to cbs two this morning...i'm kevin bbarry. barry.and i'm kelly d'ambrosio. d'ambrosio. let's get a check of our cbs 2
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in vinton, vinton,officers blocked off several streets and arrested several suspects as part of an on-going drug investation by the vinton police department. department.neighbors tell cbs
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question was damaged by a meth lab fire last year. the department tells cbs 2 news officers arrested five people for manfacturingng meth and having drug paraphenalia.two of the five are now in the benton county jail. in iowa city, firefighters had to battle three structure fires on monday, spread throughout the town. starting at 8, fire crews were sent to streb concrete to find smoke coming from the roof. about an hour later, firefighters were sent to beta theta pi fraternity on the north side of town, to put out flames in a third floor bedroom.m.en nearly an hour after the second fire, firefighters were sent from the frat, to an apartment fire. no residents of the apartment were displaced.the cause of each fire remains under investigation. an update from chicago chicagowhere a afederal civil rights investigation of the chicago police department is getting started. comes nearly two weeks after the city released the dash cam video of a white officer shooting a black teenager 16 times in the street.but its will go well beyond that one shooting death.
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for unconstitutionalolicing practices. that announcncent came just hours before chicago officials announced they will not file charges against another police officer who shot and killed a man last year.cook county attorney anita alvarez says 25-year old ronald johnson was armed and ignored officers commands to drop his gun during the october 20-14 incident. new details from @olorado springs. springs.a law enforcement official says the man charged with the killing of three people at a planned parenthood in november, asked at least one person for directions to the facility before opening fire. prosecutors plan to charge 57- year-o-o robert dear with murder and other crimes tomorrow.officials have refused to comment on a motive for the shooting, but more evidence is@coming out that suggests he was deeply opposed to of h h former wives says he once put glue in the locks of an abortion clinic 20 years ago. new this morning, oscar pistorious was granted bail in a south african
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runner was convicted of murdering his girlfriend reeva steenkamp.he was previously on house arrest on a lesser charge but last week a judge threw out that conviction and instead determined he was guilty of murder.he'll now stay on house arrest pending a new sentencing date. in beijing, china -- officials issued their first-ever red alert for puts restrictions on driving and a ban on a time-lapse of the city -- you can see heavy smog coating the city in several was taken over the last 10 months. chinese president xi jinping has ppmised "action" on greenhouse gas emissions. officials at zoo miami will soon decide whether to open this morning.they were forced to close monday due to record rainfall that caused flooding. walkways bbame flooded, which is an obvious safety hazard for guests.flooding pushed water levels in some moats up to seven feet higher than normal.a zoo skesman says it would be easy for some of the more dangegeus animals --like lions-- to s sm across, do a little pull-up and try to
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continuing coverage of the privatization of medicaid in iowa. iowa.the centers for micare and medicaid services are e planning to visit des momoes today. today.they're taking a look at what's called iowa health link. governor terry branstad is looking for federal approval on the january first switch to allow four private companies to manage medicaid.twtwgroups left from coralville and cedar rapids monday morning to discuss the possible changes with state lawmakers. this bus is here because we are a oup of concerned people who are either those on medicaid, providers of those who are on medicaid or family members who are@on medicai and we are in pposition of governor branstad's proposal to move iowa medicaid to managed care organizations. some are skeptical the private companies s e not ready to take over the state's 4- billion dollar program.state democrats are calling for the companies to release more
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have signed new contracts to provide medicaid. parents are hoping to keep a cedar rapids early childhood program open. open.the saint paul's united methodist church childhood education ogram runs four days week - teaching children basic chchch wants to make its building more accessible - but that means construction.last night-the church passed the final construction plans. parents fear the @construction will prevent the program from continuing. "there are so many questions there are so many uncertainties and there are no hard solid facts." facts." "the whole idea is to look at the spaces we have here and making the very bes use of the spaces thahawe have with a aittle question mark of how construction will interrupt for a very short period of time." time."the pastor says a task force is looking for temporary spots to help the children and d they may not even have to move at all. going to california for the rose bowl is a dream come true for many hawkeye fans...but actually getting a ticket ca be tricky.
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around 22-thousand tickets alloted to them m and football season ticket holders can try to get a ticket in the iowa section for about 150 dollars after completing a reservation -- for long as those tickets last. "the rose bowl will have tickets for sale outside the allotment for each school and if each school doesn't sell their tickets in the allotted time, those tickets will also be avaable." available."if you get tickets another way -- you'll probably be paying a lot more.a check on stub-hub this morning shows the cheapest ticket at 500 dollars. hy-vee delivered a massive amount of yellow roses to the hawkeyes -- to celebrate their invitation to the rose bbl. more than 20-hy vee workers prepared the flowers to decorate the hawkeyes practice center.managers tell cbs 2 news a sea of more than 43- hundred roses will greet the team in the atrium -- staircases and trophy display case.
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coming up next... next...the few seconds that has made one reporter an international sensation.
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a ferocious storm in ireland over the weekend has helped a reporter gain instant fame. fame.and it's all thanks to her over-the-top live shot. shot.jeanne moos shows us how social media was overwhelmed by her shot. shot. while covering a storm , teresa mannion created
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storm with her gale force delivery...(teresa mannion/senior journalist, rta news) "don't make unnecessary journeys. don't take risks on treacherous roads. i think what you're trying to say is i was bellowing and you're absolutely right."but her belllling ended up beloved. the veteran irish tv journalist was dubbed a "national treasure."(teresa mannion/senior journalist, rta news) "and don't swim in the sea. incredibly, people have been spotted in the wawar. llway city coununl says their actions are idiotic."next thing you know teresa's being photoshopped and imitated.(@johnhaynan) "don't make unnecessary journeys. the roads are treacherous."(from sarah kilroy) "you'll get blown away by the horrible sea."from @katieburnett "don't swim in the sea (douse water) incredibly people have been spotted."(teresa mannion/senior journalisis rta news) "i had no idea i was roaring as loudly as i was until i finished that report and the editor says wow you can actually tone it down a bit for the next bulletin."but it
5:32 am
how could she not laugh...(nat laugh) the tidal wave of tweets...(teresa mannion/senior journalist, rta news) "i see the comedy gold in it . i really do.""teresa mannion set torelease a range of waterproofofmascara for christmas."(jeanne moos) "but of all the jokes and takeoffs making the rounds, teresa says this is her absolute favorite she has become a rap remix. (nats remix) "don't make unnecessary journeys. don't take risks on treacherous roads."(teresa mannion/senior journalist, rta news) "(laughs) yes that's the very one."(from @edsongsofpraise) "the world is ending and ireland is sinking goodbye." (teresa mannion/senior journalist, rta news) "(laugh) i'm sorry but you haven't heard the last of me yet."she'll be rapping in the rain on line for eternity. (nats remix) "don't make unnecessary joururys. n't take risks on treacherous roads."jeanne moos...(nats live report) "don't take risks on treacherous roads." (from @johnhaynan) "the roads are treacherous."...cnn(nats remix) "don't take risks on
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it's and you're watching cbs 2 morning...still to come... come...the unprecedented contract that one superstar athlete signed with a well-
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welcome back -- it's now we're taking a look at your_______ your_______ stocks finished lower on wall street to start the week off. the dow closed down 117 points. while the nasdaq lost 40 points.d the s and p dropped 14. oil prices are nearing pre- great recession levels. levels.the price for a barrel of oil fell fivpercent monday tjust below 38- dollars.that's the e second-lowest level since early 2009.just a year- and-a-half ago -- oil was selling at nearly 108 dollars a barrel.the fall comes as major oil-producing nations opted last week not to cut their output.falling oil prices should be good news for u-s drivers -- who will likely
5:35 am
drop. a bibiion dollar coffee deal is ewing. the single cup coffee maker keurig has agreed to be sold to a private equity company- jab holding - for almost 14 billion dollars. the company has been cutting costs, including slashing 5 5percent of its work-force in august. even with the sale, keurig's headquarters will stay in vermont. nancially-strapped puerto rico is raising taxes on companies aking over 2- point-75 billion dollars per year. -- one of the companies impacted by the increase -- doesn't want to pay -- and they're suing puerto rico over's such a dramatic hike that walmart estimates now that walmart estimates now it will have to pay 91.5 - percent of its net income in puerto rico in axes. puerto rico has accused the multi-billion dollar company of not paying ititfair share already.the american territory is 70 billion dollars in debt. their governor has asked congress to allow the island to declare bankruptcy. it looks like king james will be ruling g ke -- for lifefe
5:36 am
lifetime deal with lebron's believed to be nike's first ever lifetime wouldn't say how much the deal was wth, t a source close to the deal told e-s-p-n it's nike's largest single-athlete guarantee ever.james was just a teenager when he first signed with nike in 20-03 for a seven-year, 90-million dollararendorsement deal. someone someone who's job isn't guaranteed, yahoo c-e-o marissa mayer. mayer.some investors and analysts have called on yahoo's board of directors fire her.but that might not be so bad -- ifayer is fired -- she gets a severance package worth nearly 26-million
5:37 am
off first -- mayer would get a pay-out of about 110-million dollars.the onne giant has seen its stock plunge by nearly a third this year, and has lost several senior executives. an ohio man is being asked to take down his nativity scene because it depicts everyone in it asombies. zombies.for the second year in a row, jasen dixon is being asked to remove it from his yard.he said the reason why he put it up last year was a publicity stunt for the haunted house he runs.he brought it back this year because it was such a ait.but there are some who see it as offensive. offensive.last year he was asked to take it down because he didn't have a permit, so he applied for one this year but got denied because the zoning code doesn't allow that kind of structure in his yard.but he's not buying it. he thinks the city doesn't want this structure up because it's offensive to some people. people.if he doesn't ake it down he could get fined 500
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it's coming up next... terrorist attacks in the recent months are changing some people's holiday shopping lists. lists. dad: i'm on it. culligan man: dude. don't do it yourself. dad: no? culligan man: no. anncr: leave it to the experts. with a culligan whole-house water softening system, you u t better water, and service you can actually count on.
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here's a look at some of eastern iowa's top stories -- on this morning... in waterloo - a hearing has been rescheduled for a man convicted in a homicide case. case.perquondis perquondis holmes wants a new trial because cebook photos were shown during his orginal trial when he argues they weren't supposed to be.the prosecutor who introduced the photos also refused to come to the stand when the defense called them.
5:42 am
for his involvement in the death of dae-quan campbell two years ago.his hearing will be in january. also in black hawk county -- authorities are investigating a body found in the cedar river.a trapper discovered the e remains sunday rning northwest of gilbertville. right now -- police are not saying if it was a man or a autopsy from the state medical examiner is planned for today. in north liberty tonight - the cici council will disisss weapons on pupuic property. last month - leaders discussed a weapons bans, but did not come up with a plan for an ordinance or resolution.right now - state code ohibits weapons from being within a thousand feet of schools and city rks.tonight's discussion will take place during the city counil meeting, which starts at six- 30. following last week's attack in california, president obama asked americans to live their lives wiwiout fear.for some, thatatmeans being protected. protected.gun sales have seen record numbers so far this holiday shopping 2 reporter matt hammil explains how tha't's continued in the corridor. corridor. nats gugu - " boom
5:43 am
on the indoor range - midwest shooting is seeing a lot of long time - gun owners - qualifying to renew their gun permits.nat - cocks gun - (( 9:27:34 )) " click click " nats while see gun - (( 9:20:26)) " there's alototf fire time inquireies. " but out front near the gun displays - - general manager chad christoph - saysthere are a lot of new's the same story - - all across the owners say people of all ages who have been thinking about it - are finally buying guns.chad says - (( 9:23:14)) " maybe never had one or the last time they had firearms was in the service during world war two .. that are mply saying the world is getting crazy and world events look familiar and i want the ability to defend." ernie (( 9:07:44 )) " one of the best selling things right now is just smaller guns people can conceal. " at cedar valley outfitters in marion - the store is never empty.nats with video of f stomers - (( 9:03:36 )) " there's 22 year old girls and there's 72 year old ladies and everything in between. "owner ernie traw - says shoppers fear more shootings - and more gun control.amy - - who is looking for a new gun - sasa it's clear - you have to be prepared.amy ((9:12:20
5:44 am
husband for myself , for my family. you just never know what you're going to run into in the world anymore and i choose to protect myself and those i love. " traw says - contrary to the stereotype - people should be glad there are more legal - trained gun owners.ernie - (( 9:05:15 )) " some people say i don't carry y gun to try to be the hero in the mall but if i had the opportunity to try to save lives i probably would, but im not full of bravado and i'm no hero. "nat guns - boom boom since last week's attack, an assault weapons ban already failed in congress. if you're just getting up, good morning -- it's now after the break... break...the special and unexpected end to one rock concert in paris.'re watching c-b-s 2 this morning -- covering the
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right now on cbs 2 this mornqng...the latest details about the san bernardino shooters and what led up to their deadly rampage. the new steps utah is taking to watch *and protect refugees resettling in that state. the latest controversial comments from the republican presidential race front-runner ababt muslims in the u-s.
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morning...i'm kevin barry.
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