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tv   CBS2 News Live at 5  CBS  December 8, 2015 5:00pm-5:30pm CST

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bye-bye. right now, live at five, trp's ntroversial comments, the strong opposition and support the candidate has recieved just 24 hours after saying he wants to block all muslims from coming into the country. but first, the teen accused of killing 15-year-old aaron richardson has pleaded guilty. robert humbles was initially charged with first-degree murder, but today, took a plea deal which lowers the charge to voluntary manslaughter. in september, 14-year-old humbes shot and killed richardson on park avenue. humbles is considered a "youthful offender" by the court, meaning he took the plea in adult court and will be sentenced in juvenile court. the jury heard closing arguments today in the edward cusic murder trial. the defense stressed cusisis memeal alth at the time of
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ago while prosecutors played cusic's 911 recording again for the jury. cbs 2 news reporter stephanie johnson has been at the courthouse a a day yand joins us live, stephanie? prosecutors argued today why cusic should be convicted of first degree murder. murder.prosecutors said cusic was well aware of what he did on the night of his mother's murder. prosecutors said cusic *thought* about it while he walked to the garage to get the crow bar that they say he used to kill her. the prosecution also played cusic's 911 call, showed footage of cusic in the back of the police car and showed a picture of anita cusic-labkons body for the jury. prosecutors reminded the courtroom what cusic had done and what he admitted to in the -11 call. cusic's lawyer denied the prosecution's claims that he *intentionalal* committed such psychologist's diagnosis.
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defense attorney) test shows he has neurocognitive impairment 12:06 12:08 ed cusic was not about to form specific intent sot2: (nic scott: prosecutor) this idea that he thinks.... is ludicrous 1:15-11:16 1:16 the jury started deliberations today but has not returned a verdict. cbs2 news will continue to follow this case and bring you any updates. reporting in cedar rapids, stephanie johnson...cbs2 news at 5 5 the university of iowa hopes a new space will help them continue the fight against
5:03 pm 2 news reporter mellaney moore got a look at the new room today and joins us live in iowa city. city.its called the soft space police department. the university of iowa police police information about sexual violence that occurs. occurs. this is what some of the interview spaces at the university of iowa police department look like.david visin interim assisiant vice president, director of public being some place that's a sterile environment, very institutional, we try to create a place where they're comfortable.u-i-p-d says this new soft interview space is designed to help survivors of xual violence come forwarar and express themselves.david visin interim assistant vice president, director of public safety18:20:12 when we have victims of trauma they experience that trauma and as the chemicals of the brain affect what's going on, their memories, there are certain ways you can improve the recollection of the details of the crime.there are 12 elements in the room's design that agencies hope will make that easier to dimmed lighting, weighted blankets and white noise.jen carlson, rvaexecutive director18:44:0606f we can
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warm, compassionate and empathetic that allows survivors to help counter that neurobiological response, which is a high trauma, high anxiety, also with some memory recall issues.the rape victim advocacy program says that kind of environment and response leads to more and better information.the department used the room for the first time in late november, thanks to partnerships with other university organizations.s. 18:34:55 part of the reason and rationale behind the project was that acknowledgme nt by law enforcement and advocacy services that the environment in a policece station is not always the most conducive for victims of crime. visin says sexual assault is a problem on college campuses nationwide and aunderreporte d crime.18:24:55 anything we can do to improve a survivirs propensity to come forward to law enforcement so we can prosecute this crimes. u-i-p-d says the rm is open to other surrounding law enforcement if they need that
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corridor in iowa city, mellaney moore, cbs 2 news live at five. it was another beautiful the weather center to see if these warm winter temps will stick around. and 40s 40s skies are mostly cloudy cloudysome spotty showers northeast northeast partly sunny weather is
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readings climbing from 35 at 3pm breaking into the newsroom, the house has passed the visa wavier program which amends visa travel practices. it cracks down on visa-free travav and makekea series of other changes like requiring countries to share counter- terrorism information and makes sure travellers are checked against interpol databases. at the same time, new details are coming out in the san bernardino shooting investigation.14-people died and 21-others were hurt in the mass shooting police say was carried out by syed farook and his wife tashfeen malik.we're learning that suspected killer syed farook took out a 28- thousand dollar cash loan in the weeks before the attack. the f-b-i also says malik attended a middle eastern seminary known for it's anti-western views.they say
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media right before the attacks but there so far there is no connection between isis and the attacks.the girlfriend of victim shannon johnson spoke to cbs news about the pain dead. "what t s that grief like for you in the moment when they said, he's gone? it was unbearable. and i stopped it. and i have a wall up right now, but it's like a dam." pifer says johnson was killed after he covered a co-worker with his own body.and there are *two chilling twists to the story.first, farook's co-workers at the county health department had an active shooter training one year ago in the very conference room where the attack occurred. and shannon n hnson will be buried in georgia next to his father - who died more than 30-years ago also while trying to save a co-worker.. the white house is speaking out tonight after republican
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trump called for a ban on all muslim's coming into the u-s. my colleague scott sanborn joins me now to explain the backlash, scott? karen - white house press secretary josh earnest says trumps comments not only increase anti-muslim sentiment, they endanger national security. earnest says that should disqualify trump from being president. many lawmakers agree, saying it is unconstitutional to single people out because of their faith. trump stood by his comments today, saying failure to block muslims would result in a september 11th style attack. he says his message comes from research that shows a large anti-muslim sentiment in the country. many of trumps supporters are standing behind him saying rerent terrorist attacks motivated them to support trump's proposed policy. my friends don't agree with me, they agree@with the other side, but i really believe if you're talking about making america great then we have to be stronon- we have to be vigilant - -nd if we're not vigilant ((natsnd of protest...supporters chanting:
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trump, this latest controversy doesn't seem to have hurt trump in the polls, he is still the leading republican in nearly every national survey. world leaders, icons and news publications are outwardly criticizing his comments. famed harry potter author j-k rowling tweeted today that the evel character voldemort w nowhere near r bad as donald trump. the philadelphia daily news' cover invoked nazi imagery on its front page with donald trump's right arm extended up and outward. their headline read "the new uror." meanwhile, in paris, music played a symbolic role in the fight against terrorism. "people have the power, people have the power."." power."the california band playing the night terrorists
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concert hall came back to the stage last night. eagles ofof death metal joined the rock band u-2 in a surprise finale at their last performance in paris.names of the victims scrolled on a giant screen as the band played. singer jeses hughes thanked rock fans for coming out and said love and music will always overcome terror and evil. after four months away from the set, jon stewart returned to the daily show to advocate for a cause close to his heart. the former host came back as a guest to push for renewing a bill to help 9-11 first responders. back in 2010, congress passed a bill to pay for the healthcare of first responders who got sick working at ground zero. stewart explained that the bill has expired and he inks politics in washington have overshadowed this cause. he says he wants lawmakers to wake up and help those who difficult time. here in the corridor -
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staff may have been exposed to asbestos during renovations at washington high school in cedar rapids. the department of natural resources released itsreport showing violationsnsduring construction including failure to properly remove and seal asbestos. the district has said students and staff were not exposed to asbestos but the rert cites three times they couou have b bn. the state is considering legal action against the district and asbestos removal company. the district says it's reviewing the litigation report and will develop a plan to deal withthhe concerns. coming up on live at 5...just because winter is here, that doesn't necessarily mean allergies are gone!we'll show you how to battle winter allergies. allergies.meanwhile, this is a live look over the cedar river toward second avenue in cedar rapids on this tuesday evening. let's check in with chief meteorologist terry
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often think of allergies as an issue for warmer months, but winter allergies can leave you itchy and sneezy too. doctors say the culprits are not your typical outdoor issues like tree pollens. instead, it's indoor allergens like dust mites and pet dander. regardless of the trigger, you can use the same treatments that you do for summer allergens. and for dust, covering up is important. covers on the mattress, pillow, boxspring, can really make a difference if you're allergic to the dust mites. washing in hot water also helps. helps.experts say pay attention to your symptoms - like runny nose and sneezing and always consult your doctor
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30s and 40s 40ss we are going to be mild with
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normal a few light showers showers skies will clear out tomorrow tomorrow highs dnesday wiill be near 50 50 highs were i ithe mid to upper
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sprinkles current temps are in the 30s and 40s 40sjet will buckle late week week next storm showing over the west for the weekend
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possible some accumulation possible sunday night or monday monday mostly cloudy and mild with lolo in the mid s 3030 partly sunny and mild with highs 46-50 46-50temperatures wiwi warm into friday before it turns much cooler and wetter over
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still ahead live at five... hopes for hillary, what a rural iowa town is doing to get presidential candidates to visit and the success they're seeing. this is a live look at the old capital in iowa city. there's more news aheadadwhen live at 5 continues on cbs 2. 2. for lynn's family, the big stress is paying four hundred dollars a month in medical and drug costs for aidan. for other families it's higherereductibles, premiums and co-pays
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that's why we've got to crack down on price gouging, cap out-of-pocket costs, and fast track approval of less expensive generic drugs. because we've got to get health care costs under control for lynn's family and foyours. i'm hillary clintoand i approve thth message. dear future, life is good. no, great. i'm like, a man. only better. but even though i know everything,
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like that skateboard incident with the squirrel. but life is sweet now. hey, what could go wrong? it's you and me all the way, future. let's get going. the nations highest court is hearing arguments, on a case that could impact how legislative districts are drawn in nearly every state.
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texas ruling eking to change legislative districts so they are represented based on the population of eligible voters. when the state drew boundries, they chose to draw them considering size of towns, not number of eligible voters. that could change the balance of power a single voter has in a district. a rural iowa districis getting a lot of attention after a twitter campaign - keota hopes for hillary. while the presidential hopeful hasn't been yet, others are stopping by. former senator rick santorum visited earlier this year and martin o'malley is in keota tonight. cbs 2 news reporter steffi lee shows us why students there are pushing for candidate visits. keota high school was a stop on the campaign trail for democratic presidential candidate martin o malley as a rereonse to keota sociology. take vo:keota sociology is a class of three students dedicated to making sure the next president has a plan for rural schools.(abby schulte,
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started the course wwting letters to presidential's been a bipartisan effort to engage the town with the candidates so they stay driving factor - is the worry about the lack of school nding.sot: abby schuhue 04043:20 chemistry i ia class a lot of people need for college and we dont have a chemistry.sot: megan adam, senior/04:28:05 maybe something like ap courses that we dononoffer. i mean hey're available to us but our school doesn't offer them.steffi: coming up on the cbs 2 news at six, we'll explain another issue the town faces and o'malley's responses to the keota, steffi lee, cbs 2 news, live at five. "here's a live look in cedar rapids - interstate 380 in the distance behind those christmas lights. terry will have your final
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santa knows how to connect with children all over the world. so it should come as no surprise he is able to speak with a young girl w w has difficulty communicating. three-year-old mali is not deaf but she struggles to speak and understand others. while she was visiting santa last week, he noticed she wasn't talking so he asked if she understood sign language.
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shoulder and signed to ask is she wanted a doll for christmas. her reaction is priceless. and now a final look at your forecast. forecast. partly sunny weweher is expected wednesday with readings climbing from 35 at 8am to 49 at 3pm 3pm that's cbs 2 news live at 5 this . coverage continues now with the cbs evening news and we'll be back here at 6 with
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corridor. it's called a rigged economy,,and this is how it works. most new wealth flows to the top 1%. it's a system held in place by corrupt politics where wall street banks and billionaires buy elections. my campaign is powered by over a million small contributions, people like you who want to fight back. the truth is you can't change a corrupt system by taking its money.
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