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tv   CBS Morning News  CBS  December 9, 2015 4:00am-5:00am CST

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prior to the laws changing and i complied with the law. do i miss them? not particularly. >> reporter: the ban, after 35 people massacred in 1996 by a lone gunman. >> i had the authority of an enormous majority, and i had to do something. >> reporter: john howard was the prime minister and fought off opposition from his own party to push the ban through. >> i don't regard this thing as a civil liberties issue. the largest civil right is staying alive. staying alive and being safe from random attack is a more precious civil right than owning a gun. >> reporter: there's a buyback program, confiscating guns. since then the number of deaths
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half. it was in decline before 1996. the ban hasn't stopped gun violence. often with illegal weapons, including a siege in sydney last year by a mentally disturbed gunman who claimed to be inspired by isis. but even steve ballas, a gun shop owner, believes australia's laws are saving lives. >> no doubt. a lot of firearms have been taken out of undesirable hands. there's still a lot out there, but they're thinning them out. >> reporter: if you were in america, you'd probably sell a lot more guns and make a lot more money. >> i suppose sometimes it's not all about the money. >> there are too many guns lying around, and you lose your temper, even rational people pick up a gun and shoot somebody. it's harder if i can put it bluntly, to kill ten people with
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>> reporter: 85% of australians either support the gun laws or think they should be even tougher according to a recent opinion poll. what australia does not have a is powerful and wealthy gun in the u.s. >> holly williams reporting. thank you. in another important story, chicago police already under federal investigation for their questions over a suspect who died in custody. and, again, there is a video of the incident. here's dean reynolds. >> reporter: when the chicago mayor saw this tape of a detainee being tasered and beaten by chicago police in here. either the actions of the officers or the policies of the department. 28-year-old philip coleman soon died from what police said was a fatal drug reaction at the hospital. an autopsy said he had more than
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>> this is happening too much. >> reporter: percy coleman is his father and a former police chief. >> chicago police have 007 badges to kill whoever they want to, and most of them get away from it. >> reporter: a review authority initially found no fault, but with the tape out, it's reopened the case. lawsuits and official attempts at transparency have led to the release of other videos showing chicago cops shooting suspects. there are questions about police accountability. of the 400 police shootings since 2007, they found two unjustified. the university of chicago has studied the intersection of police misconduct and a lack of punishment. >> it starts with the lack of political will to address the underlying, the underlying reasons. >> reporter: law professor, craig futterman led the study
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that protects bad cops are a pattern and practice that needs reviewed. >> 75% of the people shot in chicago are back by police. >> reporter: this is a bad time for the city to lose confidence in its police officers. murders here are up 17% this year. and chicago needs every good cop it can find. >> dean reynolds reporting tonight. thank you. the northwest is bracing for round two of a week-long soaking. much of portland was flooded yesterday. the national weather service said it looked like a fire hose coming in off the pacific. ben tracy is there. >> reporter: more than three inches in 24 hours, a new december record. streets became streams and a giant sink hole ended up in the middle of one road in gresham.
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one fire department rescued people from the water. >> i can't get anywhere i want to go. >> entire neighborhoods were cut off. >> i left at 6:00, and it hadn't rained. now i come back and it's a river. >> reporter: on the coast, 22 foot waves ravaged boats. the coast guard rescued this sailor. the wet weather is a change from drought conditions in the northwest. the region is being battered by an atmospheric river where the jetstream funnels a series of storms one after another. area back to normal rainfall for the year. the sink hole behind me has grown to 20 feet deep. it's done so much damage they say the roadway would be closed for up to 20 days. heavy rain in the forecast today and more flooding. >> drought relief. ben, thank you.
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they announced today that top safety ratings will be much harder to get. kris van cleave on what you can expect. >> reporter: the newly proposed standards are so strict there's not a car on the roads today that would earn five or even four stars. secretary of transportation, anthony foxx. >> our goal is not to just protect people in the event an accident occurs. we ultimately want to eliminate crashes altogether. >> reporter: among the changes are adding new crash tests, including one on angled front crashes and new dummies to better reflect the injuries people suffer from head to foot how much safer do you think cars are going to get because of this rating change? >> we think as auto makers get to five stars, we're talking about some of the most
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opportunities that we've ever seen in automotive industries. >> reporter: the national highway safety administration began the program overall when he took over the agency. >> every time the bar is raised, auto makers get there. it's about saving lives. there have been discussions. incentive, prevent injuries and don't let crashes happen. >> reporter: starting with 2019, there are three rankings. it will also include an overall rating. accident avoidance technology is making its way into cars. the trade association representing car makers says the members will review the proposal, but it was generally supportive of the changes. >> kris, thanks. jon stewart made a surprise
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that's next. jon stewart returned to the daily show on a serious campaign. >> it's jon stewart. >> it had been four months since he was on the set. he was here to shame congress into reauthorizing health care funds for the men and women who responded to 9/11. >> the first responders, many sick with disease have had to travel at their own expense to washington d.c., hundreds of times, to plead for our government to do the right thing. >> five years ago, stewart had four first responders on his show. last night, only one returned. >> out of curiosity, where is everybody? >> 75% of the panel is no longer here. two of the people have illnesses, and john devlin passed away. four men sat here. it's you and i. >> this is the reality of people's lives that are affected
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and the idea that you had to come here five and a half years ago to plead your case on national television to get this done was insulting and embarrassing for us as a nation. >> the health care money is expected to run out by next summer. republican leaders in the house and senate say it will be reauthorized, but they haven't said where or when. >> a glee club burst into song. the conductor decided they needed a conductor.
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the legendary rock band u2 won't let the attackers have the last word in paris. they answered the bombs and bullets with guns, drums, and harmony. >> we are all here tonight. >> reporter: it was much more than a concert. >> reporter: it was an affirmation that life goes on. and it was a tribute to those whose lives had been ended. the victim's names were projected overhead to form the french flag. bono departing from the usual
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fitting, classic, ne me quitte pas, don't leave me. it was an emotional evening, and there was more to come. one band more than any other has been sucked into the bloody history of that night. it was the california band, the eagles of death metal who were on stage at the concert hall when the killers murdered 90 of their fans. >> welcome the eagles of death metal. >> reporter: now the band was back in town. they hadn't played since the night of the attack, and their first number, people have the power had a new and special meaning here. the power of rock and roll. the band's lead singer, jessie hughes.
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this opportunity. i look around and i see, how do i say it? >> reporter: the band that found itself in the middle of a tragedy now part of the healing process that followed. a process that more than three weeks later took them back. there's more healing still to come. mark phillips, cbs news, london. >> that's the cbs overnight news this wednesday. for some of you the news continues. for others, check back for morning news and cbs this
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i'm scott pelley. captioning funded by cbs captioning funded by cbs it's wednesday, december 9th, 2015. this is the "cbs morning news." the backlash against donald trump spreads far and wide, including high ranking members of his own party, but the republican presidential front-runner won't back down from his proposal to ban all muslims from entering the united states. record rains in the northwest triggered devastating floods and landslides and evacuations, and the problems could add up as more wet weather is in the forecast. more trouble for chipotle. at least 80 illnesses are linked to a boston restaurant following
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sickened dozens of people in nine states. and hoverboard hazard. a shopping mall is evacuated when one of the popular gadgets bursts into flames. good morning from the studio 57 newsroom at cbs news headquarters here in new york. good to be with you. . i'm anne-marie green. donald trump is not backing down. his proposal to ban all muslims from entering the u.s. has triggered controversy all across the nation and overseas. josh earnest says it disquf disqualifies him from the presidency. >> it has a dust bin. to the outright lies and even the fake hair. the whole carnival barker
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sometime now. >> don champion is here in new york with more on the fallout from trump's latest provocative comments. >> reporter: this is certainly donald trump has stirred the pot, but not like this. he is being condemned by republicans and democrats alike. trump is denouncing his critics and says his plan is necessary following the attacks in paris and san bernardino. >> somebody in this country has to say what is right. it's short term. let our country get its act together. >> reporter: trump's proposal would apply to immigrants and visitors, american citizens traveling abroad and leaders in the middle east and others would be exempt. trump has made inflammatory remarks before but nothing has elicited this kind of response. >> he's taken a page from the playbook of hitler. >> he is a race xenophobic religious bigot. >> this is both a shameless and dangerous idea.
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our values. >> that kind of crap is not going to work in the united states of america. >> this is not conservatism. what was proposed yesterday is not what this party stands for and, more importantly, it's not what this country stands for. >> reporter: what is not clear is whether trump's proposed ban on muslims will hurt his popularity. a new national poll taken before trump made his proposal found 68% of his supporters would vote for him if he ran as an independent. while many fellow republicans are denouncing trump's plan, they have stopped short of refusing to back him if he is the gop nominee. and for many trump supporters, nothing has changed. >> this idea that he is okay with being out there and saying what he believes and not being afraid, and having a backbone to say it, i'm okay with that. >> reporter: now trump continues to denounce his detractors. he tweeted overnight, wow, what
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so many foolish people that refuse to acknowledge the tremendous danger and uncertainty of certain people coming to the u.s. trump has some more interviews scheduled for today. we will certainly see what he has to say. >> i'm sure whatever it is, it will be interesting. don champion here in new york, thank you very much, don. coming up on "cbs this morning," we will talk about the latest trump candidacy with "face the nation" moderator and cbs news political director, john dickerson and nancy cordes. a french official didn't name the man but he says he is from france and left for syria two years ago. all of the attackers identified so far are french or belgian and spoke french natively. at least 89 people were killed at the hall last month. back at home. the house voted overwhelmingly to tighten controls on travel to the u.s.
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it calls for new visa requirements for citizens of syria and iraq and other countries considered a terrorist hot spot who want to visit the u.s. the current program allows citizens from 38 countries to travel to the u.s. without obtaining a visa. senator ted cruz is proposing a bill that would allow states the right to reject a refuge deemed a security risk. it has the backing of texas' governor greg abbott who wants to make sure syrians who pose a danger to his state are not allowed. the san bernardino attackers borrowed $28,500 two weeks before the deadly rampage. farook got the money from an online lending service. it's reported that some of the money was transferred to farook's mother. reuters reports farook and his wife drained their bank accounts and exhausted their credit line before the attack. one of the first responders to the san bernardino shootings
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the first time. detective george lagano is being called a hero for his actions and what he said. >> try to relax. everyone, try to relax. i'll take a bullet before you do, that's for damn sure, so be cool, okay. >> lagano said he meant what he said and he was trying to calm a frightened child. >> there was a female there with a small child, a little 8-year-old boy who was just terrified and shivering and what i said. i said for them just to kind of were going to do everything we can to get them out of that >> he said any other law enforcement officer would have done the same thing. parts of the pacific northwest are bracing for more rain on the heels of record setting downpours. a series of storms is forecast to pound oregon and washington through the week.
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triggered widespread flooding. cole miller reports from >> reporter: as the rain continues to fall for a third straight day across the northwest, already swollen rivers and creeks have caused major flooding, evacuations and landslides around the area. crews in portland worked into the night to clean up tons of debris along a local highway. we hope to get it cleaned up quickly. >> reporter: the record rainfall dumped rain over the area, triggering dozens of rescues and officials say it could take months to repair this giant sinkhole that opened up in nearby gresham and winds toppled trees on to cars. >> all of a sudden, i heard a big swoosh come down and the next thing i know, we have a tree down. >> reporter: the heavy rain is take ago toll on families along johnson creek, an area that has been plagued by problems. while some people chose to evacuate altogether, others worked together to sandbag their homes.
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behind to on avoid walking or driving through the high water. >> rain coming off lawns, driveways and streets and it's >> reporter: the heavy rain is throughout the week. cole miller for cbs news, portland, oregon. severe flooding closed miami's zoo for several days. record rainfall there filled the zoo's walkways and exhibits with floodwaters. most of the 3,000 animals are safe, but zookeepers worry about prime mates that can't swim and lions in an area separated by most could swim out of their encosures. coming up on the "morning news." an unlikely advocate. quarterback michael vick lobbies for a law to help animals. and caught on tape. a hoverboard gets too hot to
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bursting into flames. employees from a nearby kiosk extinguished the fire. shoppers were evacuated from the mall and one family actually left a stroller behind. no one was hurt, though. football's michael vick rallies for animal rights and the freddie gray case enters a new phase today. those are some of the headlines on the morning newsstand. "the baltimore sun" says attorneys for a police officer accused in the death of freddie kay will start presenting their case. prosecutors rested testimony with the testimony that officer william porter failed to ensure gray's safety who died of severe spinal injuries in police custody. five other officers face trial. "the san francisco chronicle" reports on douglas tompkins who dies in a kayak accident. tompkins was kiayaking in a lake in chile.
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douglas tompkins was 72. pennsylvania's centre daily times reports on michael vick lobbying for animal welfare legislation. the nfl quarterback got the star treatment during his visit to the state capital in harrisburg. he spoke out on behalf of a bill to protect cats and dogs from being left alone in hot cars. >> the bottom line is that all animals require kindness and respect. they depend on us like our children depend on us. >> vick has dedicated himself to animal welfare activism after serving prison time in his role in a dog fighting ring. the "orlando sentinel" reports on a suspected burglar who was killed by an alligator. the 11-foot long gator was in a lake and attacked 22-year-old matthew riggins after he allegedly tried to avoid police. his partially eaten body was
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gator nearby. the "oakland tribune" reports a homeless man survived a dangerous ride in a garbage truck on monday. the man was emptied from a garbage bin where he was sleeping into the truck and the compactor was actually turned on. at the next stop, the compactor was used again! at the third stop, the man climbed out through an opening in the roof without serious injury. up next, juicing up your iphone. we will show you apple's new battery case that will let you use your iphone all day long. if your bladder is calling the shots... may have a medical condition called overactive bladder or oab. you've got to be kidding me. i've had enough! it's time to talk to the doctor. ask your doctor about myrbetriq to treat the oab symptoms of urgency, frequency, and leakage. myrbetriq is the first and only medicine in its class. myrbetriq (mirabegron) may increase blood pressure. tell your doctor right away if you have trouble emptying your bladder or have a weak urine stream.
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here's a look at today's forecast in some cities around the country. new video shows norway's coast guard rescuing a whale. an underwater camera shows how the humpback is completely tangled in a rope and can't swim. the crew uses a pole equipped with a hook and finally they are able to loosen the rope and pull whale. on the cbs "moneywatch." new power for your iphone and outbreak. stock exchange with that and more. public health officials say norovirus sickened people who
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boston, not e. coli. boston officials say an employee was sick while working last week. chipotle has been linked to e. coli outbreak that sickened 52 people in nine states. stocks on wall street fell a second consecutive day. one reason for that? the price of oil is near a seven-year low. the dow lost 162 points and s&p finished 13 points lower, the nasdaq was down three. the federal government is updating its five-star safety rating for new cars. the system will factor in how well occupants are protected in a crash but it will also factor in whether the car's technology to avoid crashes such as sensors and automatic braking or warnings that drivers are drifting into another lane. those new ratings should be available for cars in the model year 2019. apple introduces first battery case charger iphone. it costs $99. apple says it's battery nearly
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phone. there is no on and off switch, because the case knows your phone's battery level. it's reported that apple will introduce the next version of its apple watch in march. according to a website, the new version may include sleep tracking, a health sensor, and a camera. just in time for christmas. patti labelle's sweet potato pies are back at walmart. last month, following an enthusiastic review on youtube, those pies sold out. walmart said it sold one pie per second for 72 hours. thanks to some 2 million pounds of sweet potatoes, the pie should be back on the shelves in most walmarts within two weeks and will be available year-round and still no telling if you could eat it and sing like patti labelle. >> i definitely know i could not eat it and sing like patti labelle. but i could do the first half, eat it. jill wagner at the new york stock exchange, thanks a lot,
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>> they have already set the record for the most consecutive wins to start a season and now the golden state warriors are closing in on breaking the nba's winning streak record. they made it 27 in a row dating back last season against indiana. klay thompson knocked down golden state is 23-0 this season. the all-time record for consecutive wins is 33. up next. heart-to-heart talk and we will tell you why santa is touching with a boy who had autism went viral on social media. "star wars" actor harrison
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trump. when your cold makes you wish... could stay... bed all day... need the power of... new theraflu expressmax.
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here's a look at today's forecast in some cities around
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"star wars" fans started lining up for "the force awakens" 12 days early, they are lining up. yeah. so if you see people in l.a. sitting on the sidewalk in robes, muttering about spaceships, they might be "star wars" fans. >> well, one big "star wars" fan who is in the news these days is donald trump. in addition to saying he loves the sci-fi series, trump says he apologize movies like "air force one" which stars harrison ford as a tough as nails president. ford was asked about trump's admiration as his portrayal as the commander in chief. >> donald, it was a movie. not like this in real life, but how would you know? >> trump and ford have a bit of a history. the actor once rented an apartment in one of trump's
4:38 am
the cusp. the duchess of cambridge made a nod to her late mother-in-law. the duchess of cambridge wore princess diana's tierra. it was a gift from the queen. it has pearls hanging from 19 diamond arches and capped with a bow. >> the santa in a mall in central michigan went an extra mile to make a young boy feel very special. the 6-year-old came to visit santa and tell him what he wanted for christmas. but later he returned and wanted to tell santa something else. >> he said, well, i have autism. i said, well, you're fine. i held on to him and we chatted for a little while. and just a wonderful child. >> the boy's mother says santa told her son it's okay to be yourself. he was worried if he acted out because of his autism, he would end up on the naughty list. coming up after your local news on "cbs this morning," a closer look at apple's first iphone battery case.
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a florida gospel singer dodge a traffic ticket when he was pulled over recently by police. incident. he told his story to justin potter of our orlando affiliate kwmg. >> the craziest thing just happened to me. i'm being pulled over by a police officer and i'm going to pray my way out of this. i said, oh, my god, i'm in trouble. i'm in trouble, because i thought i did something wrong. hello, officers. >> hello. >> great. how are you? >> may i get out of the car? >> yes, you may. >> she asked me what do i do? because i gave her my license, i was dressed up. i told her i was a singer and i
4:41 am
said, sing me a song. so i did and it was action. you are so beautiful to me if it was raining, i would have sang this. raining man hallelujah you're everything i hoped for i loved it because it brought us together and like i say, it left both of us smiling and they made my day out there and i was quite sure through that beautiful song that is made their day so it worked out very well. to me y'all like that? to all of the drivers out there, click it or ticket or you better have a good song to sing! >> that's some pretty good advice. facebook ceo shared a tender moment. mark zuckerberg posted a photo
4:42 am
2-week-old baby boy max. he is on a pa ternity leave. the photo has received more than 2 million likes. no surprise there. coming up after your local news on "cbs this morning," the widow of rock star's scott weiland on why the singer's death should not be glorified. plus, we will show you how m.i.t. is developing new technology that lets you see through walls. >> this is a demo and shows the ability to tracking people through walls. >> dina is a professor leading the project dubbed emerald which has ph.d. student chin demonstrates is a wireless technology that captures motion in real-time regardless of obstruction. >> it is moving. >> chin is not wearing anything special? it's just picking up his movement through the wall? >> yeah. no cell phone, no pendant, no sensor. it's purely based on wireless signals of our body and coming back to the device. >> reporter: what was the inception for this? >> so we work on wireless networks.
4:43 am
wireless networks or wi-fi for purposes other than communications? can you sense the environment with it? and we will you take to scotland, where they are harnessing the power of tidal waves for clean energy. >> that's all ahead on "cbs this morning." that is the "cbs morning news" for this wednesday. thanks for watching. i'm anne-marie green.
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