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tv   CBS2 This Morning Early Edition  CBS  December 9, 2015 5:00am-6:00am CST

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cbs 2 this morning...the latest information about the cedar rapids murder trial that's been going for more than a week. the latest changes that make it harder for certain people to come into the united states. the new way that iowans can caucus on february 1st even if they can't be in the hawkeye state in person. welcome to cbs two this morning...i'm kevin barry. barry.and i'm kelly d'ambrosio. d'ambrosio. let's get a check of our cbs 2
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a corridor murder trial could come to end today, after about a week and a half in court. court.the case of edward cusic is now in the hands of linn county jurors. jurors.cusic is the 47- year-old man charged with first degree murder for allegedly killing his mother with a crowbar three years ago. ago.both sides delivered closing arguments tuesday. prosecutors say cusic knew what he did on the night of his mother's murder.cusic's defense team points to a psychologist's diagnosis that he was mentally impaired at the 2 news will have the latest from the courtroom if a verdict comes today.check our facebook page and website for the latest updates. in another corridor court case, the 14-year-old boy who killed 15-year-old aaron richardson this summer has pleaded guilty. part of a deal -- robert humbles pleaded guilty to voluntary manslaughter.he was originally charged with first-degree murder.humbles will be held in a juvenile
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-- then -- he could be moved to prison. a trial date has been set for the man charged in a delaware county bus crash. crash.authorities say on october first, monte klink didn't yield at an intersection near manchester. manchester.klink's vehicle crashed with a west delaware school bus, causing the bus to flip over.33 people were taken to the hopsital - most of them kids.klink last week pleaded not guilty to charges - including o-w-i and serious injury by motor vehicle.his trial is scheduled to start march 23rd. new details this morning on the san bernardino shooter, syed farook. farook.investigators believe he may have plotted another attack in 20-12.they say he conspired with another person and selected a target, but didn't go through with the plan after a round of terror arrests in the area.this new information would help confirm suggestions by some officials that farook was radicalized well before last week's rampage that killed 14 people. first responders spoke last night -- reflecting back on
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bernardino.several officers rushed to the scene during chaotic calls about active first responder is being called a hero for leading survivors out of the building where the shooting took place.detective jorge lozano was caught on cell phone video telling scared workers he'd take a bullet for them if he had to. "i don't feel like a hero whatsoever. anyone behind me or anyone of the people, 300 people that were there would have said the same thing. that's our job to put ourselves in the line of danger to protect the community." community."the detective said he had been scared himself when someone opened a door without announcing themselves. many of the officers talked about how difficult it was -- even with active shooter training to actually go through a real life situation. the house overwhelmingly passed legislation that would overhaul the federal visa waiver program. would bar people from iraq, syria, iran and sudan, or those who have visited those countries in the
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traveling to the united states *without a visa.action on the proposal comes in response to the isis inspired attacks not only in california, but also in paris.the senate may consider the bill... but it's unclear when that would occur. new this morning, a french legal official has identified the third attacker at the bataclan concert hall as a french national who left for syria in 20-13. 20-13.the official did not provide his name.all of the suspects identified so far were either french or belgian, and all were native french speakers.the three who attacked the bataclan were killed.130 people died last paris. in the race for the white house, house,donald trump's controversial comments he made about banning muslims from getting heavy criticizm. criticizm.trump's proposed ban would apply to muslim immigrants and visitors - he says it would only be temporary until elected officials know what's going on. many democrats and republicans have condemned the comments -- including speaker of the house -- paul ryan.
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what's not comment on what's going on in the presidential election. i will take an exception today. this is not conservatism. what was proposed yesterday is not what this party stands for and, more importantly, is not what this country stands for." for."stands for." for."country stands for." for."trump did not back down from the comments -- and said yesterday that a ban is warranted after the attacks in paris and california. trump is still leading in many polls.a new c-n-n o-r-c poll from new hampshire has him getting 32-percent support. this poll was done before he made the comments about banning muslims.trump holds an 18-point lead over his closest rival -- marco rubio.chris christie came in third with 9-percent. on the democratic side of the race, hillary clinton is back in iowa just a few hours she's hosting a town hall in waterloo where she plans to talk about her plan to create good paying jobs for american workers.doors at the sullivan brothers convention
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for more political headlines, join me sunday on iowa in can watch that right here on cbs 2 at 10-30 and on our sister station fox 28 at 9-30. a *rural iowa district is getting a lot of attention after the twitter campaign - keota hopes for hillary started trending. clinton hasn't visited the town yet, but others have stopped by. by.former senator rick santorum visited earlier this year.and last evening, martin o'malley paid the town a visit. he spoke to a crowd of students on tuesday.the keota sociology class that's reaching out to candidates say they want the next president to make sure there are enough funding in education, espeicailly in rural towns. chemistry is a class a lot of people need for college and we dont have a science teacher to teach chemistry. chemistry. maybe something like ap courses that we dont offer. i mean they're available to us but our school doesn't offer them. them.students say they're facing more budget cuts and have lost several resources - such as technology devices. the iowa caucuses are just
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technology this presidential cycle, to get more people involved. involved.the iowa democratic party is creating a virtual caucus location, called a tele- caucus, intended for military members serving out-of-state and iowans living will take place the same evening when the caucuses are held.more information on requirements as well as a link to register can be found on cbs two iowa dot com. the u-s postal service and carriers like u-ps and fed - ex expect a record christmas season as they ship millions of packages. but police warn that you're not the only ones waiting for the delivery.all across the country -- they're investigating thieves who run up and snatch packages right off of front porches. they say if you're not going to be at home -- make arrangements with a neighbor -- have a hold placed on all your packages at the post office or require a signature for the gift to be delivered. retailers may also be able to help. help. shannon stokesberry - crpd crime prevention (( 6:17:19 )) " you know if you order something through an online store but they have a local store, see if it could be sent there .. then you could pick it up there."
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a friend or relative -- crime prevention officers suggest you let that person know so they can look out for the package. fed - ex alone anticipates shipping more than 300 - *million packages.that's an increase of about twelve percent from last year.u-p-s says its shipments are projected to climb ten percent -- with roughly to a billion packages shipped between the two companies.analysts say the rise and popularity of online shopping is fueling the increases. in cedar rapids last night, a four car pile up at the intersection with f avenue northwest closed down some lanes of person was injured in the crash.crews were able to clean up the wreckage and get traffic moving again shortly after it happened. new crash test standards, aimed at making safer vehicles have been implemented by the national highway traffic safety administration. one change will be a smarter crash-test dummy.the neck mimic's head movement more accurately, and the mid- section responds to the seatbelt.the tests will also examine new kinds of
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at an angle rather than head on or t-boned.current tests only look at frontal, side and rollover crashes.the changes take effect in 20-18 for 20-19 models. models.20-18 for 20-19 models. it's coming up next... next...the pros and cons behind one of the biggest decisions this holiday season. your cbs 2 weather first forecast we have... have... automated voice: to file a claim, please state your name. carnie wilson. thank you. can you hold on?
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this time of year, is what kind of christmas tree to buy, fake.several factors go into choosing -- like which is better for the environment. environment.jeff burnside talked with jeff burnside talked with experts and has the answer. answer. (pkg)(nat sot hammering)30 million live christmas trees are sold across the u.s. each year.another 10 million artificial ones like these at ace hardware are bought each year.but the nature conservancy declared which is a more eco-friendly choice. (sot melissa garvey, the nature conservancy 47:00)"we think that buying a real tree is the better environmental option."(tree farm)because while the christmas trees are growing at tree farma&they are taking in co2 - greenhouse
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and they provide some habitat for wildlife.nat sot family in trees(track)charlie and sarah hinckle and friends were surprised to heara&(nat sot saw)a&that cutting a tree was the greener option.(sot charlie and sarah hinckle 18:15)"oh really! i guess we're doing good then. thank goodness."(stand up bridge last take)"the reality is most people don't a christmas tree based on whether it's environmentally friendly. they buy artificial trees because they're convenient and real trees because of tradition and the ambience."(corny christmas sot tree wrapping)the tree wrapping.hauling it home.(nat sot plop on top of car)(sot 46:20)"if you get a real tree, it's made from sunshine, water and a little soil."(sot melissa 46:05 covered with video of artificial tree, and labels)"if you buy an artificial tree, it can be made of polyvinylchloride. pvc."they never decompose. and must be shipped from china. (nat sot cart) joel durant says his customers aren't really interested in the eco option.(sot joel durant 24:36) "no one's ever asked me - besides you."but he believes 23:20)"what my eye tells me is that it's plastic versus real." and he sheepishly told usa& (sot joel 21:30)"ha. there was
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replicant christmas tree." (track)a replicant. versus real. the great christmas tree debate may never be fully resolved. nature conservationists also hope you recycle your real tree so it can be made into mulch and not burned.there are some artificial trees made with recycled materials but they're hard to find find it's now on this morning. morning.after the break... two of iowa's
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welcome back - went two and "if i only went two and two with iowa, i mean, what's the point of playing? obviously the goal is to three-and-one and we obviously
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our hot streak."must be rivarly week on the hardwood -- the cy-hawk series tips off the cy-hawk series tips off thursday -- and for the past two years it's been a cyclone state -- in fact iowa state has beaten iowa 5 out of the last 6 times george niang is 2 and 1 george niang is 2 and 1 against the hawks -- averaging just under 18 points per game -- last year -- in iowa city -- he blew a kiss to the hawks nest -- but it's all in fun -- because niang knows how much this game means to the state. state.i feel like a lot of us aren't even from the state of iowa and we feel the rivalry and i dont wanna say hatred but ... dislike towards.. that other school .... it's all out of good fun, i feel like i just have a competitve nature and that's just me -- i don't really hold back on anything." the panthers got a big road win in virginia -- 73 to 65 over george mason -- paul jesperson and wes washpun dropped in a game high 19 points.nigh it and night out -- it's a battle on the court in the m-v-c -- tonight was no
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rapids washington hosting undefeated cedar falls -- the tigers are ranked 13th in 5-a -- warriors ranked 13th in the tigers are cedar falls -- the tigers are ranked 13th in 5-a -- warriors wanting to protect home courtand wash was fired up -- jah-knee-qua clark dabbin' before the gamereilly johnson sees the dab -- and raises with a dine and dash -- johnson gets the hoop and the harm -- cedar falls jumped out to and early leadwash would battle back -- jessie puk -- coast to coast and 1 -- she had a team high 11but the tigers were too much -- emma gerdes works it down low to cynthia wolf -- she banks it home for two of her 12 -- cedar falls gets the win 63 to 52 staying in the 63 to 52 gets the win cedar falls of her 12 -- home for two of her 12 -- cedar falls gets the win 63 to 52 staying in the m-v-c -- xavier hosting iowa city west -- both team ranked in their respected classesand the saints can get it and go -- hannah helms pushes it ahead to maddie kadlick -- she banks it home for twobut the women of troy were just one step ahead all night -- off the steal -- rachel saunders finds logan cook for the easy lay-up -- west wins 62 to 31 boys hoops -- wamac clash in mount
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western dubuquestangs' up 6 in the third -- connor herrman -- makes it 9 -- he herrman -- connor the third -- connor herrman -- makes it 9 -- he dials long distance and connects for threebut the bobcats would come all the way back... alec wolf-cool -- making moves in the paint -- as western dubuque wins a close one -- 52 to 50elsewhere in the wamac, solon -- hosting central dewittand this one was all spartans -- first quarter - - brevin hill -- drops in the jumper --solon in cruise controlthen streeter mcilravy -- sweetest name in the 3-1-9 -- with the no look dime to adam runyan --spartans stay perfect -- 67 to 45. cbs-2 news connects with the us with your story tips at 1-800-222-your story call us with the corridor.connects with cbs-2 news connects with the us with your story tips at 1-800-222-kganor email us at news at cbs2iowa.comor connect with us on facebook - kgan cbs 2.
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thanks. santa's got a new look in canada. meet fashion santa, paul mason. mason.he thought up this idea two years ago when he grew a beard.he's been a model for more than 30 years.he's been a
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in toronto for two years now. "you get people that are a little confused, but once they think about it for a second they warm up. i mean i am wearing a velvet jacket. it's ferragamo but i am wearing a velvet jacket." jacket." good morning again -- it's now coming up next.... next....the surprising number of people who are plugged in all the time.'re watching c-b-s 2
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it's called a rigged economy, and this is how it works. most new wealth flows to the top 1%. it's a system held in place by corrupt politics where wall street banks and billionaires buy elections. my campaign is powered by over a million small contributions, people like you who want to fight back. the truth is you can't change a corrupt system by taking its money. i'm bernie sanders. i approve this message. join us for real change. cbs 2 this morning...the latest information in the debate over gun rights in north liberty -- and the final decision from the city council. the benefits behind the new spot where certain victims will be able to speak with police. the new reasons this week that chipotle is underfire in one college town. welcome to cbs two this
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barry.and i'm kelly d'ambrosio. d'ambrosio. let's get a check of our cbs 2
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a gun control debate in north liberty has reached a decision. council members and some residents spent last night resovling an issue that was brought up a few weeks ago. ago.that was when some citizens wanted city property to be weapons free weapons free zones.but council members decided last night they would *not create any type of resolution...instead the city determined the recreation center and the
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their policies banning weapons. "after california, what were finding is that more and more law-enforcement officials are saying if you have a permit, please carry. as others have said the police force does the best they can but they respond, they're not proactive." proactive."iowa code does say that schools and parks are weapons free zones...that will be upheld. the council says they do want everyone to feel safe, so this issue has to stay on the top of their minds. gun stocks have soared since president obama's oval office address sunday.shares of smith and wesson as well as sturm and ruger jumped more than five percent yesterday. both companies have seen double-digit stock hikes since the shooting in san bernardino. mass shootings tend to boost u-s gun sales, particularly when the president talks about addressing gun violence.sunday night, he asked congress to make it harder for people on
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to buy guns. the university of iowa hopes a anew approach from their police department will help them continue the fight against sexual violence. violence.the department is now using what they're calling the "soft space."it's a new room designed to make victims more comfortable.local experts say a police station atmosphere isn't always the best place for victims to open up.there are 12 elements in the soft space design that agencies hope will make that easier to come forward -- like dimmed lighting -- weighted blankets and white noise. jen carlson, rvap executive director18:44:06 "if we can create an environment that is warm, compassionate and empathetic that allows survivors to help counter that neurobiological response, which is a high trauma, high anxiety, also with some memory recall issues." issues."u-i-p-d says the room is open to other nearby law enforcement if they need that kind of space.the department partnered with several other university groups to create the room. continuing coverage, coverage,state officials are reviewing contracts of private companies wishing to manage the state's five billion
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program.that comes at the same time federal officials from the centers for medicare and medicaid services began their four-day tour of iowa yesterday.many iowans, specifically ones with health conditions believe the roll-out *will face delays. "we're looking towards organizing, making sure that we make regular visits to the capital during the session - letter writing, we're even looking towards the elections if this continues to be a partisan issue, we're definitely going to be targeting candidates." candidates."rhonda shouse, who lives with a disability herself, says hearing that is encouraging and she believes the change will be delayed until the next session starts in january. a 16-year-old boy in central iowa has died less than five days after collapsing during basketball practice. practice.drew jacobson died at mercy medical center in des moines.the hospital spokesman said the boy had to be revived twice with a defibrillator before being flown to the officials at woodward-grainger would not say what caused him to collapse but do say it was not the result of contact or a
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right now the state is considering legal action against the cedar rapids school district. district.a new report by the iowa deparment of natural resources shows some students and staff may have been exposed to asbestos during renovations at washington high school last year.the d-n-r says the state is also considering action against abatement specialties -- the cedar rapids firm responsible for removing the asbestos.the report says the potential exposure occured three times during the school year.the school district says safety is their top priority and they are cooperating with the d-n-r. an update from a baltimore courtroom. courtroom.defense attorneys will start testimony this morning in the trial of a police officer accused in the death of freddie gray. gray.the prosecutors rested their case yesterday.william porter has pleaded not guilty to several charges including involuntary manslaughter and second-degree assault.he's accused of failing to call medics to help an injured gray... who died in april from a neck injury he suffered
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case is expected to end by december 17th. a motive still hasn't been released for the kidnapping of two students in rochester new york. york.six suspects were arraigned tuesday.court documents say the two students were abducted over the weekend, and spent more than 40 hours being punched and was even shot in the leg with a rifle.the two were rescued when a swat team stormed the home.police are expected to release more information soon, but say for now, the six suspect are facing very serious charges. chipotle is facing scrutiny again after dozens of students got sick after eating at the restaurant. boston college officials said at least 80 students have checked into student health services after eating at a nearby chipotle. a chipotle spokesman says the illness is noro-virus and not related to an e-coli outbreak that's been reported in 9 states. still -- students say they're shocked at how fast this illness spread. "one of our friends was in the infirmary with a concussion
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out there were like ten people in the waiting room, all with buckets, all throwing up from chipotle." chipotle."the massachusetts department of public health is investigating.chipotle stock has been dropping since the e-coli outbreak. more than one in five americans report going online "almost constantly" according t oa new pew research center poll. poll.broken down by age, 36 percent of 18 to 29 year-olds say they spend most of their free time online.among people 65 and older, it's just six percent.the pew research center says this is the first time it has included "almost constantly" as an answer option in its survey of internet usage.their phone survey polled more than two-thousand americans over two months. life expectancy in the united states has stalled for three years straight according to new numbers from the government.a child born last year can expect to live 79 years and about 9's not clear why life expectancy has been flat lately, but experts say suicides and drug overdoses are probably playing a role.the last time it stuck
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in the mid-1980's.the world bank reports the u-s ranks below 40 other countries in life-expectancy. it's still to come... come...the new twist on an old favorite coming out of a nearby midwestern state.
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it's forbidden fruit ((toast a& to shmakon a& to schmakon a& dude a& )) schmacon will be in 2-thousand grocery stores early 2016 ((that's the sizzle a& oh yeah)) schmacon has already been on the shelves in a select number of stores in the midwest and even eastern iowa. iowa.according to it's website, it's available right
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it's and you're watching cbs 2 this morning... morning...coming up next... next...the latest way the presidential campaigns are
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welcome back -- it's now we're taking a look at your_______ your_______ stocks suffered a second straight day of losses tuesday.the dow was down 162 points.nasdaq dropped almost 4.and the s and p 500 lost 13 points. the terrorist attack in paris, is hurting tourism, and the airline industry. far it's cost air france 54-million dollars in lost revenue as travelers cancelled their trips.the airline says the attacks "significantly impacted" traffic to and from paris. before the attacks -- passenger numbers were higher than this same time last year but air france predicts going into 2016 the impact should be limited.impact should be
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struggling financial services giant morgan stanley is shedding jobs. jobs.a person familiar with the matter says the company has cut 12-hundred jobs worldwide in recent days.that includes eliminating about a quarter of morgan stanley's fixed income and commodities businesses.morgan stanley also cut hundreds of human resources and i-t jobs.the company is among several wall street firms struggling with dwindling client activity and trading revenue. google has updated their calender app to help you organize even more. can now add reminders to google calendar.the app has always allowed scheduled events -- but scheduled events come and go while reminders will reappear day after day until you complete a task and swipe it away.the new feature will not only remind you to do tasks -- it will also use the information in your contacts
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girl scouts have sold two and a half million boxes of cookies online this year.that's landed the organization 10-million dollars in sales. it's only the second year scouts have sold cookies on the web.but overall, sales were down a million boxes from the year before.those iconic door-to-door and sidewalk sales are disappearing.the cookie program was originally designed to teach girl scouts about business and how to be entrepreneurs.the organization says by 2017, all girl scout councils will use the digital platform. americans' beer americans' americans' beer preferences have shifted over the last five years.
5:38 am
unveilied the 10 beers americans are no longer drinking based on declining sales.rounding out the top three are miller genuine draft -- milwaukee's best and bud select. the fastest growing beer in the u-s includes stella -- rolling rock and modelo. if you have nothing to wear for your next holiday ugly sweater party, you could use a presidential theme this year. year.many of 20-16's presidential candidates are hoping youll be donning their faces all night. hillary clinton, ted cruz and ben carson have all unveiled their campaign's ugly sweater's for the season. prices range from
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a barbie designed after director ava (duh-ver-nay) duvernay sold out in three hours. hours.many have voiced their disapointment, but mattell hasn't commented. commented.duvernay directed the movie "selma."this doll is one of six mattell will create as part of a special collection.the six dolls are based on six women om variety magazines' from variety magazines' power of women luncheon. it's it's after the break... you can deal with allergies even during the time
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here's a look at some of eastern iowa's top stories -- on this morning... it's computer science education week and to promote the subject -- the cedar rapids community school district is partnering with imagination iowa to teach code. throughout this week, hundeds of students from several schools have the opportunity to participate in what's called hour of code.students are also getting the opportunity to go on tours of local businesses and receive guidance for their college planning. this weekend, the johnson county commission of veterans affairs is offering limited saturday office hours.from 9 to noon, staff will be on hand to assist local veterans on how to get certain benefits available to them.these office hours will also be available on january 9-th, february 13-th and march 12-th, all during the same hours.
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an issue for warmer months, but that's not always the case. case.adam mccoy explains winter allergies can also leave you itchy and sneezy sneezy it's wintera& time to think about youra&. allergies? dr. kathleen sheerin says absolutelya&(dr. kathleen sheerin/ atlanta sheerin/ (dr. kathleen sheerin/ atlanta allergy and asthma clinic: springtime when all of the trees are blooming, it makes a lot of press, but it's snowing outside and people are miserable.)the culprits are not your typical tree pollens, says sheerin, but indoor allergens like dust mites and pet dander.(dr. kathleen sheerin/ atlanta allergy and asthma clinic: if you spend more time inside, then you're going to have more exposure to your pets during the winter season. )but fear nota& regardless of the trigger, the symptoms and the treatments are still the samea&(dr. kathleen sheerin/ atlanta allergy and asthma clinic:you can have itchy eyes, itchy throat, itchy nose, a lot of people do this - we call that the allergic salute. runny sneezy, congestion , and those
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for dust mites, covering-up is the best plan.(dr. kathleen sheerin/ atlanta allergy and asthma clinic) covers on the mattress, pillow, boxspring, are available online, in all of the linen type stores, and can really make a difference if you're allergic to the dust mites. washing in hot water also helps.)for pet allergiesa& keep pets off the furniture, and wash them often. and as always, there are medications that can help.for cnn, i'm adam mccoy. children and people who have a family history of asthma or allergies are more at risk of developing an allergy. if you're just getting up, good morning -- it's now coming up next... next...what the experts say you can do to make sure the grinch stays away from your holiday deliveries.'re watching
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