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moment, but first, let's head to the weweher center where justin roberts tells me we're expecting quite
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veterans in cedar rapids say there's new hope tonight, and it comes in the form of a new *home that's being built just for them. today, "patriot place" " s introduced to the community. mayor nats: for all of our veterans that are here today and those that aren't, welcome home the veterans memorial building, a small group gathered to hearar about a big opportunity for cedar rapids veterans. nat pop of kelly at podium kelly ridenour founded the non-profit "healing our heroes" - and says she quickly realized one of t t wounds needed immediate attention. once i got started on the work that i was doing, the housing need in the community was brought to my attention because of the veterans i was working with, so incidentally the very first veteran i ever worked with, wawaliving in his truck at the time the wife,
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veterans says, her dream is finally being realized, in "patriot place." ((nat pop clapping?)) the 9-million dollar facility is specifically for veterans and their families. it will have up to 50 low-income apartments with additional space for veterans services, and be right next door to the va- clinic in cedar rapids. 18.38.54 so people will not only have the supportive services we'll have in n use, they'll have immediate access to their doctor's office mayor ron corbett noted that 16% of the men served at the willis dady shelter are homeless vets - d with that, pledged the city's support of a capital campaign to raise the final 1-point-5 million dolars. nothing like this happens unless there's a community behind it and this community has always been very supportive of their veterans, and of all veterans, and this is one more tangible demonstration of that." with that support, veterans say, comes new hope. we have the opportunity, if we accept this mission and make it haen, that hope can be turned into a
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families, our veterans, our comrades. let's make it happen. "healing our heroes" plans s to submit final financial paperwork for the project in march, and hopes to have ground next july. immigration is a hot topic right now all over the country - and here at home. leaders from all around iowa are calling for more conversations about how immigrants can help with economic growth. 2 news reporter mellaney moore spoke withsome of those leaders today and joins us *live from in iowa city. the iowa chamber alliance has revealed their legislative priorities for 2016.the group brings together representativ es from cities throughout the e ate. of their mains focuses for next year - bringing immigrants to the hawkeye state.the cedar rapids metro economic alliance president serves as chair for the iowa chamber alliance.she says there are foururcritical areas: workforce, economic development, the
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infrastructure.the icad group in iowa city is also trying to make this community more welcoming with an internatatnal taskforce.the group launched a welcome iowa city area website just a week ago providing resources to the international community... and hopefully...making them want to stay. kate moreland, icad group direreor of community relations bring in all sorts of international talent from students to faculty and so that's the make up of our community and as the population of iowa is declining we need to look at ways to bring people to the area. area.the icad group says one thing they want to focus on in the next year is getting more international voices on eir boards and commissions. covering the corridor in iowa city, mellaney moore, cbs 2 news. one of the most wanted men in kansas may be hiding out in *iowa. u-s marsha are searching for bryan levi bridges. they say he and others were trying to rob a home in pittsburg, kansas when the
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bridges is accused of shooting and killing one of the homeowners. officials say he is now on the ruruand has ties to iowa. bridges is 5-foot-7, about 170 pounds and may be going by the name el chinito. there is a 20-thousand dollar reward for information leading to his arreses divers are searching a lake near the site of last week's deadly san bernardino massacre. they are trying to find evidence - including a missing hard-drive that may have been thrown out by the couple who shot and killed 14 people. in 2013, syed farook and tash-feen malik evidently talked about "martyrdom" online but the couple raised no red flags when malik was granted a "fiancee" visa. a friend of farook's told authorities, he'd talked about an attack years ago, but had abandoned it. an official with the u-s treasury says isis is making more than 500-million dollars a year selling *oil - and fighters are using some of that to finance attacks abroad. my colleague scott sanborn
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scott?joy - the u-s and its allies are bombing oil tankers in syria, trying to cut off the islamic state's cashflow. estimates say the terror group brings in about 40-million dollars a month and u-s intelligence says some of that profit is coming from oil sales to the syrian government. that's despite the fact isis is a sworn enemy of president assad's regime. most of the oil fields in syria are currently in isis-controlled territory. once the oil is taken out of the ground, it's sold locally as we as smuggled over the boboers into iraq and turkey. in addition to the money isis is making through oil, its priting from residents and businesses on land they control. estimates shsh the group p kes up to 80-million a month on what isis calls "taxes" on people living witin its caliphate. joy... the defense has rested in the first freddie gray trial.
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testifiedthat he told the other officers, gray *wanted to go to the hospital but he didn't see a reason to call an ambulance. defense e experts testified he actually went above and beyond to check on gray and didn't do *anyting illegal. freddie gray died after being arrested in baltimore. six officers face charges in connection with his death. a former officer in oklahoma has been convicted of raping and assaulting more thbn a dozen women in a low-inco neighborhood he patrolled. a jury convicted daniel holtzclaw and recommended he serve 263 years behind bars. prosecutors say he chose his victims based on their criminal histories. those victims are now speaking out about the fear they felt. i was out there alone and helpless to know what to do, and in my mind, all i could think that he was going to shoot me, that he was going to ll me. he did things to me that i didn't think a police
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holtzclaw s convicted on 18 of the 36 counts he faced. his sentencing is set for next month. women in and around iowa city are learning more about how to defend themselves against sexual predators. wraps up the week-long rape aggression defense the class, women have learned what sexual assault is--and how to survive -- if they find themselves in a dangerous situation. situation.tonight on cbs news ten at ten, you'll hear from studenen taking the class - and find out why they are participating. university of iowa graduate students are asking the school to help them fight *rent increases. the students say rent at "aspire at west campus" is too high and property managers are exploiting stuents. they say the cost is pushing them out of the on-campus housing option. the complex was built by a private company on university land. a one bedroom is listed at 9- hundred-59-dollars a month and student stipends vary but many
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a year. . university president bruce harreld urged the company to listen to student concerns about the rent prices. the compansays the prices are *necessary, based on utility and real estate costs. coming up on live at 5... they're flying off the shelves but not in the skies. why airlines are now banning one of the most popular holiday gifts. meanwhile, thth is interstate 380 southbound near north libery on this friday evening.
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on cbs 2 this morning for a look at the nd of technology terror groups are using to communicate. the government is responding and why it's not
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cbs 2 this morning. 18 corridor men and women have completed a journey that began months ago. today, the cedar rapids regional police academy held a graduation ceremony at veterans memorial coliseum. the new officers will serve in cedar rapids, iowa city, university heights, vinton and west liberty. a cedar rapids woman is celebrbring an exciting journey y at began at a police academy graduation in colorado. kelsey clark was attending her boyfriend's graduation ceremony sterday when she was surprised withth proposal. after getting his badge, officer canaan lee got down on one knee and asked clark to marry him. she said yes and tls cbs 2 news they don't have a date set t t ut she's excited to plan the princess wedding she's always
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still ahead live at five... one of the biggest holiday
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why airlines on't want your hoverboards to fly. this is a live look at there's more news ahead when live at 5
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they're one of the holiday season's most popular gifts. but the u-s consumer product sasaty commission is currently
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hoverboard fires in nine different states. states.and now, some airlines say they might fly, but the hoverboards can't! alrerey one of the season's hottest gifts, it appears hoverboards are continuing to heat up... literally.(nats)a rider from alabama posted this video, saying his hoverboard just cauaut fire. (nats)now this year's must have gifta& is finding its way onto some less popular lists. on thursday, dhe nations three largest airlinesa&banned the scooters from flights. they're concerned about the toy's lithium-ion batteries. (sot-danny kelly/aviation consultantntthe ignite and catch fire very violently." (gfx in) cell phones, tablets and laptops use low wattage lithium ion batttties which fall within faa regulations. but airlines are concerned about the hoverboard's battery. in a statement, delta pointed to the "size or power of their lithium ion batteries" and fofod that the strength of the batteries in hoverboards "often" exceeded government limits for what's allowed onboard an aircraft.
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manufacturer, swagway, blames cheap knockoffs for the problem, saying they "don't compromise when it comes to using the highest quality parts" and urged "customers to be aware of fake units that are being sold on the internet." (gfx out)(nats hoverboard) according to sean kane, the founder of the safety institute, the hugely popular products may eventually be recalled. (sot-sean kane/founder of the safety institute) "they're considered toys but in fact they're not. // you have a product that doesn't have to meet any safety requirements and its finding its way into the us market."> airlines aren't the only ones moving away from hoverboards. online retailer overstock dot- com says it will stop selling the popular product, because of gring safety concerns. "here's a live look a& justin will have your final forecast when live at 5 comes
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"cbs 2 news connects with the
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paris: there's a lot to do on a dairy farm.nobody's gonna do it for you. you have to get out there and do it yourself. bernie sanders is a well-known friend of family farms. bernie cannot be bought out by big money. bernie's opinion cannot be purchased. it's time for our nene president to get i ithere, roll up his sleeves, take off the gloves, and take on wall street, take on big business, take on big money, and get the working class back to where they should be. he's a rock.
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you can help give corridor animals a home for the holidays. holidays.tomorrow from ten to two is the iowa city animal care and adoption center's "holiday with the hounds."you can come and maybe meet *your next family member - or just show up and bring a present r a puppy or cat!shelter stafi say need of washable pet beds and toys. and now a final look at your forecas
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that's cbs 2 news live at 5 this . coverage continues now
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heart disease. asthma. diabetes. 7 out of 10 americans take prescription drugs. but in the last 7 years drugs prices have doubled. hillary's going to take on the drug companies. require medicare to negotiate lower drug prices. lepeople buy their prescription drugs from countries like canada at half the price. and cap monthly prescription costs for every american. the drug companies have been over charging long enough. it's time to fight back. i'm hillary clinton and i approve this message. >> pelley: fire at a california mosque. the f.b.i. is investigating whether r was arson.
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it's been one storm after
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