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tv   ET Entertainment Tonight  CBS  December 15, 2015 6:30pm-7:00pm CST

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evening. they've been keeping you under wrap >> new "star wars" secrets and reunions. >> our wild night at the biggest celebrity p movie premier ever. >> i just gave it up. >> spoiler alert and swearing. >> i don't mean -- [ beep ] not as good. >> grown up now. hans, not and sophia and joe's first carpet as newlyweds. >> this makes the oscars look like a backyard picnic >> we're with the attorneys for bill cosby. >> mr. cosby has been injured. >> it's a page from the defense lawyers' playbook.
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caught in a class action lawsuit claim his product caused 2 hundred women to gobald. also -- >> i was nervous. >> j-law on"joy." we're with the real life millionaire she plays in the movie. >> can it get any better? >> see you next season,gwen. >> blake begs to keep gwen on "the voice" as stars take sides with their relationship. >> do i think it will last? i don'tknow. >> now in our 35th there is entertainment tonight. >> the wait is over. new "star wars" was shrouded secrecy. people got to see it last night. >> it a true spectacle. i was on the longest r carpet i've ever seen. everybody star everybody, stars included were there to be and see "star wars." >> by the way, i'm not ashamed of it. i was all over the place. everybody was giddy on that red carpet.
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she was in a world of her own. >> what is your first "star wars" memory and bring it to this moment here with your mom. >> me, kicking and screaming because she bugging me to watch it. i was 4 years old. she put it on. >> was she begging you? >> she is a beggar and she's to run. >> what a contrast it must be to the very firs "star wars" premier. >> yeah. all grown up now. >> you've been reading all the rumors online about what this film? >> some you laugh hard and some you go how did they knowthat? >> they brought out sophia joe, reunion of the originals fans. but what has us talking is carrie fisher. >> so i don't -- [ beep ] i mean no as good as. >> swearing, fla the cameras, crazy, awesome usual.
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>> she may have. >> was the tongue? >> there was no tongue. >> i got s minutes. >> i have a condom. you want a condom? >> that is not going to make the show. >> i love talking to you. i remember having fun with you that day. you're really handsome. >> awe. no kiss. but i t carrie kind of felt me up shechlt also said a bunch of stuff that didn't make much sense pridetty sure there was a "star wars" spoiler in there. >> these are my bagels. i don't have the bagels. >> she wears the bagel in the family. and that's my -- oh. >> that is a mystery. >> i just gave it >> you may have given something up. >> you'll know. you'll know what we gave up, it will be i your pants. >> so now that finally out friday, what are people saying? official reviews are embargoed until 12:01 a.m. wednesday. here are the reactions on social media.
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to costumes, fights tow infects effects, an old fashioned movie. >> no more trailers, images, secrets, disneyexpos. no more! today is the day! >> i saw you taking pictures of george lucas on the red carpet. >> there wasn't a day that went created. >> it's amazing. strong. >> the person that's going to nephew. it'sgenerations. pass it on to the next generation. pass it on to the next generation. and that's why it is a cultural phenomenon. >> the secret is out. and my job is done. it's up to you guys now. >> and that will happily take harrison the movie is awesome. kevin, back me up. >> loved it. we stayed out a little too late with our kids on school night. but it was still well worth it. the airport. >> i do. tomorrow night "star wars"
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yet. i got the stars to answer questions from the biggest fans next. >> thanks very much. coming up, serious news. bill cosby is firing back against seven of his accuse he filed a counter lawsuit and we're talking to lawyers both sides of the fight. >> mr. cosby has been injured through the false malicious statements of these seven women accusers. >> cosby file the counter suit yesterday in massachusetts claiming that his ac defamed him. >> just a page from the defense lawyers' playbook. deflect attention away from mr. cosby's actions and place it on something or someone else. >> the course of events started with the initial accusations of assault. >> kept trying to get me to take pills to >> i was devastated. i felt lower than dirt. >> when last year cosby's lawyers claimed the accusations
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unsubstantiated, the seven women sued cosby for defamation. my own bed. >> and now in his action, cosby is claiming among other things emotional emotional distress and that his honorable legacy has been tarnished. >> there's been interference with business cont such as his contract with nbc which was canceled. >> cosby's wife is also mixed up in all of. this she will be an questions under oath. her depositton is scheduled for january 5th. >> tonight on "the voice," a new champion will be crowned. the season will come to an end. that will be an interesting situation. christina aguilera is set to return next season. and that means blake shelton and his girlfriend was out of the seat. so will she be back? well blake is already lo >> are we any closer to adding a fifth chair? >> we love gwen. love all of the coaches. >> but as a producer, is she coming back for se 11? but as an executive producer, carson, i mean --
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once you've been in the kitchen, you're always welcome back on the kitchen. >> any time. >> see you next season, gwen. >> all right. >> okay. >> oo blake put producer carson daily on the spot. but for now, kristina will gwens chair. only knows what i'd be without you >> last night the final four sa for the last time. blake, is of course, on team gwen. >> if you had to choose a contestant with someone else's team to win, who woul choose? >> you left me no choice but to say gwen because it's m goal in life to beat adam or see him -- or see somebody beat him. >> all r we'll find out who wins tonight. one other note, yesterday we mentioned that blake is hosting acms with luke bryant. >> this morning we broke the news on "e.t." on line.
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and another thing, blake and gwen were kept in mind for kathie l hoda as they ran through the favorite moments of 2015. >> when i heard about the gwen stefani -- >> what did you i >> i'll have to say, look, i'm happy that they're happy. i'm 90% happy that they're happy. >> so hoda be 10% heart broken over the love life of super crush blake. but the unfiltered knows what o to say. >> 50% of these things don't last. you put in the fact these on tour. she has kids. he has no kids. we love them both. they're fine. >> so there is still hope for me? >> yes, there is still hope for hoda. >> hey, don't speak. >> so no blake hoda christmas stocking but there is this. >> i did get you something this year you're going to love. >> i want one of those -- >> hover boards. >> yes. she's not hot enough. she needs a hoover board. >> the holiday is bittersweet for kathie lee as her first without husband frank who died suddenly in august.
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thank yo so much. god bless you all. >> she and hoda spending new year's eve with a toast of 2015. >> we're turning up the volume. so our special i going to air right here on nbc. >> one of them was the gladiator, russell crowe. >> yes. >> he showed up. i was afraid of him before he got. there sweetest guy. amy s >> shut up. >> you're so fun. >> it's not over, is it? >> yeah, it's kind ofover. >> what? >> i mean there are shocking moments of 2015. >> whitney couplings. >> she flashed her -- >> yes, she did. >> you want to talk about my flexibility? >> i'm trying to erase that. >> notme, i liked it. >> of course you did. >> you got to adm they have good chemistry. >> so much fun. we also asked them if they have a new year's resolution. just be a better person tomorrow than you are today. hoda said she is also going to clean out her purse again. what is in her purse? >> all right.
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longoria's lavish engagement celebration. plus, channing tatum does beyonce. >> the lip sifrpgsynch railer has been released. >> and the holiday outing with jay z. it is classic. >> she all in. >> that i heart disease. asthma. diabetes. 7 out of 10 americans take prescription drugs. but in the last 7 years drugs prices have doubled. hillary's going to take on the drug companies. require medicare to negotiate lower drug prices. let people buy their prescription drugs from countries like canada at half the price. and cap monthly prescription costs for every american. the drug companies have been over charging long enough. it's time to fight back. i'm hillary clinton
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head.sall in. >> that is ahead. a >> that is ahead. matt damon will receive the chairman's award at the palm springs paris: there's a lot to do on a dairy farm. nobody's gonna do it for you. you have to get out there and do it yourself. bernie sanders is a well-known friend of family farms. bernie cannot be bought out by big money. bernie's opinion cannot be purchased. it's time for our next president to get in there, roll up his sleeves, take off the gloves, and take on wall street,
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and get the working class back to where they should be. he's a rock. sanders: i'm bernie sanders and i approve this message. thnchts . thicrazy! >> soinlt a couple seconds of the trailer of lipsynch but it has people losing their mind. that is channing tatum, yes, it s doing his best beyonce. and we sp to him about it last night at the premier of the hateful eight. the lipsynch battle trailer has been released. >> i don't know that is. >> that is amazing. >> i have no idea that is. that's weird. who is that? >> deny all you want, it's totally you. he tried to shut talks of his appearance. but his competitio appearance
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>> i had added confrontation i was going against my wife. married. >> kurt russell was with goldie and daughter kate flew into the city by chopper. >> why did they say that? >> i actually did. i was so late. i to fly this morning. >> certainly she could get there. >> i wish i had that option getting to work every day. kidding? >> we have more on the other premier, "star wars." >> this movie is re all about the fans. i grabbed my surface tablet and let some of them ask the questions. >> what is the craziest experience you had with fans since you have become part of "star wars"? >> i met 24 lovethis lovely woman at the airport and she started to cry. and s -- >> it's only the beginning. >> which characters from the old series that returned were you
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>> they were all really fun to write. i would say probably hans was the most fun. >> w your earliest sta wars memory? >> being at school in kenya and curling up on a poof in our living room watching themovie. >> and now look at this tonight. it's like -- >> it's otherworldly. >> there is something pretty cool catching stars connect with their fans like. that i love it. our friends at microsoft wanted us to remind you to upgrade your pcs and surface tablets to windows 10 if you haven't done so already. they say it's faster, more secure with lots of new features. >> up next, celebrities endorse prad products but there are allegation that's chaz dean's hair products caused women hair to fall out. >> plus, we sit down with the real joy. so how true to life movie? >> is that accurate?
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merry christmas. always good to see you. >> okay. i mean beyonce just won christmas in my book. no grinch for her. drop the mike, girlfriend. she was christmas from head to toe at her company party in new york. can you imagine her just choosing all the things, the tinsel, ornaments and even her glasses were christmas trees. >> merry christmas, beyonce. let's move on to a story that could be every woman's nightmare. imagine you buy a product that is supposed to help your hair and instead it makes y hair fall out. that's what some women are claiming and they are suing a hair care company that has b endorsed by brooke shields and
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>> if you're having a bad hair day, it's a bad day. >> it may not be a bad hair day alyssa but it is for 200 women who claim the wen bronldand thinning air and bald patches are included in the class action lawsuit which alleges the pro caused significant hair loss. burning of the scalp and is unsafe for use by consumers. >> he made it soft and silky and shiny and look healthy. i literally couldn't believe it. >> but stars like angie harmon sing the praises of the bran which was created by celebrity hairstylist chaz dean who mixed it up in his kitchen. >> i would cleanse my hair and i was like this fee amazing. how can i bring this to my clients? >> dean and the powerful corporation are the defendanteds in the lawsuit. earlier this year, dean made brooke shields the newest wen celebrity brand endorser. attorney and former prosecutor rendalman who isn't
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significant amount of mo could be at stake. of dollars. this is a pretty huge brand. while. and so if they're looking for a settlement, they're looking for a huge settlement. >> dean has an estimated net worth of $10 mill he owns a hollywood salon and often takes private jets to pennsylvania to sell his brand on qvc. despite the lawsuit, there are thousands of positive reviews from customers qvc's website >> you'll feel the difference and you'll see the difference the very first time you use it. >> reps respond to us by our deadline. qvc does comment on pending litigation. as for the 200 women suing wen, their attorney tells "e.t." they're trying to settle t case out of court. now according to the company,
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products have been shipped since 2008. >> a famous product is at the center of the golden globe nominated movie "joy." jennifer lawrence plays the woman who invented the miracle mop. the mop sold millions. creation? we found out when she sat down with the real joy. >> how surreal is this for you? what did you think when y first heard there was going to life? >> well, at first, youknow, i was like that's not possible. yes, it absolutely is surreal. and hearing jennifer lawrence, the hottest, biggest movie star on the planet is playing you. pretty nice. >> pretty nice. i think it's perfect. >> literal lit last mop you'll ever have to buy. >> it's mops, rags to riches story. joy was a divorced mother in her 30s three kids under 7 who imagined a better mop. >> you would like t tliry a new mop.
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a bust on qvc. she had let her do the talking rather than the spokes model. >> who showed you the mop? who sold it to you? who taught you how to use it? who convinced you it was great after you thought it was worthless? >> once on the air, joy cleaned up selling 18,000 mops in 20 minutes. less than 10 years later, she year. >> what was your reaction? >> i was nervous to meet her. i don't have any questions. i didn't even know where to begin. how do you start a multimillion dollar company? >> j-law ca joy's grit and drive in all of her long island looks. >> she had really aggressive hairdos. is that accurate? >> well, you know, when you live a life as a woman, hairdos are like change, right? you go -- what is the first thing you look at when you look at a picture? did i really do that with my
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>> we were talking about that, joy. >> so where is joy today? well now 59, she is still working it on hsn and holds more than 100 patents on her invention. >> if you notice all the clothes at hsn are on huggable hangers. >> from huggable hangers loved by oprah to the travelease tote. >> there is no stopping her empire, even at joy's premier w kids now grown, she kept her message on po >> starting christmas day, joy is goin inspire the world. >> i love this story so much. it's a great story. we want to show you a moment of joy. that is eva longoria and her fiance celebrating their engagement in dubai. they were joined by about 20 friends who sipdhipped on champagne. the celebration and the gourmet
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>> i hope dessert was included. >> in our ooest birthdays, which prime time star started his career as a contestant on "the dating game"? doni danza, done don john david hasslehoff? >> really? the answer is coming up next.hasslehoff? >> don johnson.
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the answer is coming up next. anncr: when the attacks come here... ...the person behind this desk will have to protect your family. will he be impulsive and reckless, like donald trump? will he have voted to dramatically weaken counter-terrorism surveillance, like ted cruz? will he have skipped crucial national security hearings and votes just to campaign, like marco rubio? 27 generals and admirals support jeb bush. because jeb has the experience and knowledge
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right to rise usa is responsible for the content of this message. at -- hello from the other side >> the three most unforgettable moments from adele's concert special. did she break any records whether it came to viewers? find out. plus, kim karda gave birth ten days ago but is telling caitlyn jenner she wants to lose the baby weight now. >> when married, i was 124. i really need to down to 120. >> she needs to drop a whopping
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it's all on which prime time star started his career as a contestant on "the dating game." that is -- come on now. you got it right. >> don johnson. he turn66 today. >> we're breaking so award show news. ll cool jay will return to host the grammys for the fifth year in a row. of course it will be fabulous. the show airs february 15 on cbs. >> he is the best. yesterday i hosted the launch of kobe bryanshoe. nike tricked out a part of staples center to like a laboratory where he cooks up all the innovations. we also talked about life after basketball. will he be spending more time with his girls? >> that's the beautiful part about it.
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