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tv   CBS 2 News 6  CBS  December 18, 2015 6:00pm-6:30pm CST

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son still faces every single day. "w"wn he tracked her downwnhe en considered that he would have to potentially kill her son, my grandson. because of that fact, they were inseparable. then he committed this hateful, selfish tragic act against my lynnsey." lynnsey."luerkens was also ordered to pay about 13 thousandndollars to victims services, 150 thousand dollars in restitution and court fees. covering the corridor in cr, dm cbs 2 news a missouri state trooper trooperis now charged in the death of an iowa native. native.brandon ellingson drowned at the lake of the ozarks in may 2014 while in custody.he'd been arrested on suspicion of boating while intoxicated, but then, somehow fell off the boat. now, the trooper who arrested him, anthony piercy, faces a charge involuntary manslaughter.piercy originally
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jury, but an investigative report later revealed that ellingson was standing on the boat in handcuffs when he fell over as it was traveling 40- mph. trooper piercy had said ellingngn was sitting and the boat was going only 10-mph. "based on what he did to my son, with his reckless abadondonment and gross negligence, what he did to brandon obviously shows the type of human being he was and what he thought of my son" son"the u-s justice department is also looking into the case. a national inquiry into a lottery rigging scandal isis expandndg. eddie tipton was convicted of fraud back in july after attempting to claim a 16 and a half million dollar prize in iowa.state lotteries in colorado, wisconsin anan oklahoma have all confirmed they've paid jackpots worth 8 million dollars to tipton associates. tipton is a former multi-state lottery security
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as we're just about 6 weeks away bwayfrom the iowa caucuses on february first, presidential candidates from both parties are making a push through iowa
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one of those candidates is former h-p c-e-o carly fiorina. she hahaa private town hall with employees at mcgraw hill in dubuque, talking mostly about how she would improve education. she says even now that she's dropped out of the top five spots in the polls, she's staying with her campaign strategy i wasn't supposed to get this far and now i'm on that main debate stage and that's thanks in no small measure to the people of iowa so i'm going to iowa and then they're gonna vote. fiorina won't be back until after the holidays - but then iowans can expect to see her in iowa a lot through january until the caucus. fiorina wasn't the only republican candidate in dubuque today. today.marco rubio held a town hall meeting at a steel production facility where he spoke a lot about national security - butalso improving the us econony. he says some business regulations are necessary to make sure the
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presidents don't run the economy. congress doesn't run the economomat least it shouldn't. the economy is run by the private sector and the job of those of us in government is to put in places policies to be the easiest and the best place in the world for the private sector to succeed. rubio says that would allow businesses to create more and better paying jobs.-- that americans would need vocational skills to fil but, iowa democrats int out that some regulationonuld help worker's families live better lives livesprevailing wage in important to me because in iowa we don't happen to have it and it's important to me because when i was growing up my dad missed a lot of birthdays because he was out of town in wisconsin or illinois at jobs that paid better. she says rubio opposing policies like prevailing wage -- which makes sure that
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incomes -- proves that he isn't actually looking out for the best interests of iowa workers. the most polarizing figure of the presidential race will also be visiting iowahis weekend. donald trump will speak at the veterans memoriri cocoseum at two o-clock tomorrow.the billionaire continues to lead national polls, but the latest iowa poll released by quinnipiac university this week has trump and texas senator cruz in a virtual dead heat. it's a big weekend for the democratic party as well. all three candidates will be in new hampshire for the party's third primary debate - and the final one this year. new hampshire's first-in-the- nation primary falls eight days after the iowa caucuses. the latest national poll put out by monmouth university shows clinton with a commanding 33 point lead over bernie sanders.martin o'malley has just four percent support in that same poll. fomore political headlines, be sure to watch iowa in focus with cbs 2 news anchor kevin airs
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on cbs can also catch it at 9-30 on our sister station fox 28. an iowa father faces child endangerment charges after crcrhing into a train.n. the iowa state patrol says joshua thomas caused the crash while his 14-month-old daughter@was in the car. during the morning commute, troopers say instead of waiting in line at the train tracks, thomas drove around several cars. as soon as the train heading east cleared, he drove around the stopopars and crcrhed into a west-bound train. the iowa state patrol says thomas left the scene before troopers got there so he could drop his daughter off at a baby sitter. after that, they say he did come back. thomas now faces charges including child endangerment and driving while barred. in cedar rapids a fire last night hurt one person, , t may have been saved by a good samaritan. happened around ten in the area of i-avenue
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fire department says a injured person had set up a tent at the time amd knocked over a candle.someon who saw the fire helped removed the victim's burning shirt and smothered the flames.the victim, , corey smock was taken to st lukes, but has been moved to university of iowa hospitals and clinics with life- threatening burn injuries. if you're running out of time to get all your holiday gifts wrapped, the arc of east central iowa can give you hand. hand.arc employees and volunteers have set up shop at lindale mall and are wrapping for a cause. they've got the bows, ribbons, boxes and paper for gifts of all shapes and sizes "we always have volunteers here that are helping us wrap. so if you are not a wrapper r or you need some help, they can stop by and drop off their gift. like i said, proceeds then support the arc." arc."you can get your gifts wrapapd at this convenienen
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we are heading into the last scramble before christmas. christmas.there is only one week left to buy gifts or get those last minute packages in the mail. mail.aacbs 2 news reporter mellaney moore explains, that's what is getting some people out and about in johnson county. we are here at coral ridge mall.mall management says tomorrow, the saturday before christmas is one of the biggest shopping days of the year and from what we've seen today, that's already starting. starting. from the looks it, chris schelich and gwen moss have crossed quite a few items off their holiday list.chris schelich (turtleneck) burlington 19:29:13 we're christmas shopping for my kids... and my grandkids... finishing up, $last minu touches theye been tracking down the perfect gifts since 7:00 in the morning.19:29:58 they're busier than what was expected to be today... not as busy as they will be tomorrow. mall staff say they are looking forward to the busy weekend.sse of those christmas gifts will come to places like mail, print and more in north liberty.marissa
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say definitely december 15 is when people start piling in here, we have lines out the door as of noon friday, this store had more business than a full day a different time of the year.reed says there is still hope for some gifts to arrive by christmas.she says its worth a few eera bucks to insure those packages.22:42:45 once in a great while something will come up missing and if you did not pay for tracking and you did not insure it, there's absolutely nothing we can do about it. some mall shoppers say they like the tangible shopping experience and they're thankful to be able to hand deliver their gifts this year. steven harris, iowa city 19:38:38 you get to think of all the people in your life and pick out gifts for them that you think they'll enjoy and give them to them and looking forward to the holidays next week when we can actually see some family we haven't seen in a while. mail print and more says their holiday business strerehes into january d even february with online gifts being returned or exchanged.
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ywhere without seeing something star wars-related. related.but one fan from eastern iowa has a special connection to the classic films. films.still to come at 6. 6.the way star wars gives this man new hope fofoa more
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2 this morning,we typically only hear about hair loss when it happens to men, but nearly half of hair loss suffers are women.on monday, see h a common accessory is giving
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growing their hair. ((kelly)) record setting numbers at the box office for star war s isn't the only way fans are celebrating the premiere. premiere.for one eastern iowa man - a new chapter of this movie also means a new chapter in his life. 2 news reporter steffi lee is here to bring us his story. 41 year old brian kleis isn't your verage star wars fan. fan.his love for the movie series started at a young age. but his medical challenges also started in his teenage years.first he got diabetes - then he had kidney failure, which caused him to get a a kidney and pancreas transplant. his low immune system caused a cut on his leg to get an infection .doctors had to amputate that, but six months ago - he got a special prosthetic leg crafted to have a star wars theme.all he had to choose was the fabric to go on it.brian says it's his way characters.
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and vader - the empire - the sith lord, have had limbs taken off. luke lost his hand, vader has had most of him burnt or taken off." off."the erican prosthetics and orthotics office where ian got his leg sayaythey also added a foot.this helps with shock absorption and walking on uneven pavement. steffi lee, cbs 2 news. a cool windy day in eastern iowa, but warmper temperatures are on the way. way.justin roberts is in for chief meteorologist terry swails and has your cbs 2
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let's hit the mats... coming up in sports... small schools dominated this afternoon... in one of the best wrestling meets of the season... highlights are next... "c 2 news connects with you. call us at 1-800-222-kganemail us at news at cbs 2 iowa dot comconnect with us on facebook
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paris: t tre's a lot to do a dairy farm. nobody's gonna do it for you. you have to get out there and do it yourself. bernie sanders is a well-known friend of family farms. bernie cannot be bought out by big money. bernie's opinion cannot be purchased. it's time for our next president to get in there, roll up his sleeves, take off the gloves, and take on wall street, take on big business, take on big money, and get the rking class back to where they should de. he's a rock.
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it's one of the premier high school wrestling weekends of the year... a chance for the best to meet the best before $- scattering for christmas break... it's the sixth annual battle of waterero... let's get right to it... it's the bracket a final -- number
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western dubuque --lions up 25-12... and at 220 pounds... big logan o'connor turns a takedown... into a pin -- lions win bracket a, 42-21 ... atop bracket b, prairie and don bosco in the final -- chase st. john getting things started off right for the p-hawks with the near fall -- he'd take it at 138 --but the dons battled back -- at 152 -- brice shares with the takedown and the win.... this match was tied at 28... but went down to the eighth criteria... and don bosco wiwi... making it a good day to be one-a... at the battle of waterloo... northern iowa's win over north carolina on november 21st was a big-time upset... but not a complete shock... what was surprising... was how the panthers did it... by holding the tar heels to 67 points... if they want to be giant killers again on saturday against iowa state... they're gonna have to o llow a different blueprint... the high-powered cyclones have scored more than 80 points in seven of their nine games so
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can put the ball in the bucket as well... and they won't shy away from getting up and down the floor with the nation's fifth-ranked team... we have to be who we are... and we have get really good at it...and a big part of our game iour transition offense... wes is terrific in the open floor... we've got guys that can really shoot it.. we know how good they are in transition... and we're gonna have to do some things defensively... and we're nna have to work to get t our defense set... but i don't like changing our offense because iowa state's good at something.. the iowa men haven't played a game in er a week... sometimes... a te can lose their rhythm or focus with that many days off... but the hawkeyes admit... they needed the break... fran mccaffery's team is more than ready to turn the page on their crushingoss iowa ate... but as bad as the hawkeyes hurt... they did some good thingngin ames... and after reflecting on the loss... they're ready for another phase of their season... starting saturday against drake... we took the loss... but we can take a lot of positive out
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long ways to go.. it's the beginning of the season... it's not how you start... it's how you finish... we're gonna keep working hard... we controlled the whole game.. $- until the end... so we can play with anybody in the country... and i think we proved that... but we need to get better... we need to improve in those situations... late game situations... we lost a couple close games this year... and i think we're gonna get better and better as the year progresses... on the iowa women's side... it was revealed yesterday that carly mohns was injured... now we know how bad... the sophomore forward will be opt for four months after having surgery on a torn meniscus... mohns was averaging over thirteen minutes a game for the hawkeyes... another day... another award for deiondre hall... today the u-n-i corner was named a walter camp f-c-s all- american... it's the senior's fifth all-american honor this postseason... hall led the conference with six interceptions in 20-15... will be right back k take
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madonna speaks out on he ex-husband sean pen's lawsuit. what she said claiming sean
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