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tv   CBS 2 News 10  CBS  December 21, 2015 10:00pm-10:35pm CST

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man and woman were murdered just days apart, allegedly by the same man. man.the homeless community came together then -- and tonight, they're rallying again. 2 news reporter dora miller joins us live in cedar rapids to explain. we're at coe college...where shar mead was found after being strangled to deatatshe was the second homeless person to be murdered in september and tonight -- she and raymond ursino -- were remembered. remembered. it's been a hard year for the homeless in cedar rapids... rapids..."there's a lot of changigi in the sytems, whether you look at mental health or you look at employment, housing opportunities even."and it got harder after two people re murdered in early september. septber."the whole situation is just unbelievable."angela -- and many others -- knew victims raymond and sharon... sharon..."a lot of times they both put a smile on your face." face.""he never caused problems, never hurt nobody and for his life to be taken the way it was, it's not acceptable."they say their
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problem."it's not just cr, it's everywhere. cr has a big problem with homelessness because it's so expensive, so expensive for a place to live." live.""you can't just put somebody in a shelter for 30 days and then kick them out, if you train themgive them job skills, they're going to succeed."but they say the stigma of homelessness has stopped the help from coming. coming."a lot of these homeless people out here, they're not on probation, they're not on parole, they're not criminals." criminals.""some people have hatred towards people that are homeless and it's just not right, it's really not."so to survive, they say they have to stick together... together..."they help each other out, they provide any resources to each other that they might have, they are there for support." support.""safety is in numbers." numbers.""it's been hard, it has because i see everybody struggling every day." this winter, the catherine mcauley center says they have an overflow shelter program... so when temperatures get too low, people have a place to
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cedar rapids, dora miller cbs
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cbs 2 news ten at ten continues now with more of the corridor's top stories. stories.right now in iowa city, police are searching for the man who held up a local fast food restaurara. restaurant.the department tells cbs 2 news, officers were called to the mc-donalds near sycamore mall at about four-30 this morning. morning.investigators don't know whether the robber was armed.but no one was hurt. hurt.if you have any information you're asked to call iowa city area crimestoppers at 3-5-8-tips. a 24-year-old oregon woman is in police custody in las vegas, accused of using her car as a deadly weapon. weapon.officials want know why 24-year-old lakeisha holloway veered off the street and mowed down pedestrians along the busy las vegas strip sunday night.her three year old daughter was in the car at the time of woman was killed and nearly three dozen others injured.holloway will be back in urt on wednesday.
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rifles used in the san bernadino mass shooting, will stay behind bars, without bail. bail.a southern california judge delivered the ruling for enrique marquez today.'s the second time the 24-year-old has been in court since being arrested last week. marquez is also accused of plotting two other attacks with the shooters, plans for both were dropped. if convicted, he could spend up to 35 years in jail. lindsey graham is now back to work workin washington, dc as a senator.the g-o-p presidential hopeful suspended his bid for the oval office this morning. morning.the south carolina senator's campaign failed to gain traction this election season.he plans to stay engaged in the discussion over national security and defeating isis.and graham says he will go out of his way to help the next president. another republican struggling in the polls came to eastern iowa today.former arkansas governor mike huckabee wrapped his busy day in swisher. huckabee spoke at the iowa faith and freedom coalition
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republican, dr ben carson, who was critical of the chance that republicans have a brokered convention next summer, huckabee says it's a good thing for the party. so for all the talk and even the hand-ringing, i think of like the fact that republicans are going to baskin-robins and democrats basically go in and they get one flavor and they better like it because that's all they got." got."huckabee says he isn't worried that the nominee will be determined behind closed doors because there is so much support from voters for candidatat who challenge the establishment. on the democratic side, hillary clinton will be back in eastern iowa tomorrow.the former secretary of state is making good on a promise to visit keota high school.three students used social media to get the candidate to bring her message to the keokuk county 2 news will have complete coverage of clinton's visit.bernie sanders is also campaigning in iowa.e will wrap a three-day swing through the state on wednesday. one more person died on iowa's roads over the weekend. weekend.right now the number
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in iowa stands at 306. 306.the d-o-t is driving that number home for drivers across the state with it's message monday.they use the clever and whitty messages to remind drivers aaut distracted driving.the state patrol says traffic can double and even triple around the holidays. "when you are out there and everything is going great and you've had the best day of your life, it can change in a fraction of a second if you're not paying attention, if you're not prepared." prepared."right now, the d-o-t says the numbers are slightly lower than last ar and they are doing everything thecan improve safetet the road to the therose bowl starts early next tuesday and for those flying to sunny pasadena, the eastern iowa airport will have thirteen charter jets taking manage the crowds, airport officials say they'll have increased staffing to help with parking, check-in and security checkpoints.charter passengers will have two t-s-a lines opop for use.also, when
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doors next week-they'll see the airport's construction area transformed into the hawkeye football field. "our restaurant and our bar ea - we'll have additional offerings" "we also have some trivia games and contests going in the gate areas just to get the festive atmosphere kicked off." off."cbs 2 news will have complete coverage of the big sure to tune in all next week for special reports from zach hanley and kevin barry.we will also be airing a 30 minute special leading up to the game.road to the roses, airs next thursday at six-30. hawkeye fans *driving west will continue to see cheap gas prices.according to gas-buddy-dot com, prices fell four-and-a-half-cents last week. week.right now, the statewide average for a gallon of gas is one-95.that's a nickle below the national average.prices are also 30-cents cheaper than they were at this time last year. track the cheapest prices in your area, log on to
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com. now ten at ten continues with a look at tonight's other stories across the corridor. in cedar rapids,one person is dead following a mobile home fire.authorities were called to the grand view village near willson avenue south-west last night at about seven-15.a woman was found dead inside the ruins of the mobile home. her identity has not been released, d autopsy is being performed to determine the official cause of her death. authorities are also still trying to figure out what sparked the fire. alson cedar rapids, construction crews at the new c-r-s-t center hoisted the final structural beam into place today.the new 37-million dollar office tower, now officially tops out at eleven is expected to be completed by this summer. a new monument is being built to honor eastern iowa's heroes. heroes.the purple heart memori will be built in the front of the eastern iowa
10:09 pm of right now, one-point-eight-million americans have received purple is just one way of honoring men and women who have made the ultimate sacrifice defending our country. applications are now being accepted for a new confidentiality program in iowa, aimed at assisting survivors of domestic violence, sexual abuse and human trafficking. trafficking.the program is about helping victims of violence become survivors.iowa is joining 33 other states that already have the program. organizers say it's the best way to get victims out of abusive situations. congressman dave loebsack is using this week to encourage iowans to give's all apart of the congressman's acts of kindness program. loebsack spent the day volunteering at the community pantry in north liberty and at the johnson county crisis center.loebsack will visit other food pantries and community support centers throughout the state this week. he's scheduled to be in davenport tomorrow. speaking of "iowa nice," iowans are among some of the most generous people in the country.
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volunteering and civic life in america, more then 807- thousand iowans donated more then 70-million hours in 20-14. all that timimranked the state number in the corridor, the cedar rapids metro was ranked fifth among mid-size cities across the all, americans volunteered for r arly eight-billion hours last year. that is cbs 2 news ten at ten -- the corridor's top stories and tomorrow's weather first forecast in the first ten minutes. minutes.but we are just getting started.coming up... up...celebrating christmas in the corridor, czech style.the trip back in time you have to
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cbs 2 this morning,we've heard about how head injuries can happpp in football, but that's not the only sport where player safety has become an concussion conerns are effecting youth hockey, that's tomorrow on cbs
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the force is awake in theaters across the country.the seventh installment of star wars dstroyed box fice records like the death-star this wars junkies in the u.s. and canada spent 247-million dollars to see the the movie took in 528-million dollars and it will bring in more when the movie opens in china next month.and our producer promises this is the last time you'll have to hear about star wars ring ten at 10. nextn c-b-s two news... news...the historic and unique christmas display you have to see right here in the corridor.
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all during this month of december we're taking you to some dazzling light displays as well as quaint villages that remind us all of christmas past. past.tonight cbs 2 news reporter matt hammill explores an ares that's all about tradition - as we celebrate christmas in the corridor. corridor. " czech music 4 seconds "they are decking the grand halls in the village and in the czech and slovak museumthe majestic christmas tree soars to the ceiling covering in unique ornaments ornaments" it's like a
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and we see people all christmas season long taking family pictures in front of it" the decorations of del mills - compliment a classic collection of toys from your child-hooda traditional slvak christmas tree with incredible intricately woven wheat hangings -and a wall of glittering - glass blown - hand painted ornaments from the czech republic.stefanie cone says it's a mix of beauty - and old world. world." there are ornaments that look like ginger break cakes because that's a very traditional way to decorate in the czech and slovak republics with fruit .. nuts .. cookies .. straw ornaments .. very home made and down to earth. " " buzzzzzzzzz "but the stars of the show can be found in window - wonder-land on 16th avenue.if they look familiar - you're probably north of forty. forty." these guys were in the christmas windows of killians department store. "
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elves made toys in killians window for decades - and by the time they came to the museum - they were fling their age. age." you don't look up elf motor on the internet " engineer - elf - grant smith - and his crew - brought them back to life - made parts - borrowed parts - to create what he calls six million dollar man elves - that assers by - love. grant smith - czech and slovak museum - " look it's the guy sawing the board and it's santa claus checking his list and so on .. it's just how they remember it and that's really how we want to keep it. " just part of a holiday feeling - unique to the czech village. village." it seems like christmas used to be when some of us were children or younger - it's not the same as the glitzy mall kind of christmas - it is more nostalgic and coming up in sports sportsthe kennedy girls basketball team -- was in the holiday spirit -- but was their game -- naughty or nice against fairfield -- next on cbs 2
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season opening loss to waukee, the ennedy girls basketball l team has being rolling -- the cougars haven't loss in nearly a month -- and in their final game before the holidya -- the team was beleiving kennedy hosting fairfield -- now if you look closely the cougars have christmas socks on -- and tony vis is doning a
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with the miseltoe moonball -- she knocks the triple down -- kenny jumped out to a 9 nothing leadand they were in the spirit of giving as well - - linden runels -- running the break -- we'll call it a pass -- layla sellers banks it home for two of her 13 points then later in the quarter -- sydney hayden dials long distance and connects -- she had a game high 18 kennedy crusies -- 77 to 34 the final. iowa state couldn't stop the flat top -- and the missouir valley took notice -- as wes wasphun was named the conference's player of the week for his career high 28 points and career high 11 assists in the panther win over the 5th ranked cyclones -- and not to be out done -- nicholas baer's 13 point, 7 rebound, and 6 block performance against drake -- earned the hawkeye forward -- the big 10's freshman of the week. marcus paige and north carolina hosting appalachian statethe marion native is known for his scoring -- but he can play d too - check out paige climbing the latter for
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-- he injuries his ankle paige would leave the game for a while -- but he'd come back in and do this -- a quite night for the preseason all-american -- just 9 points in 17 minutes due to the ankle -- that the team is calling jammed -- carolina wonony 24. nday night david johnson made his third career start for the arizona cardinals and ran his team to a division title while running over the eagles defense on a career night for the former panther johnson rushed for a carere high 187 yards -- on a career high 29 carries -- scoring a career high 3 touchdowns -- he also had 4 catches for 42 yards -- while breaking the cardinins rookok touchdown record -- not bad from a kid from clinton iowa who wasn't really recruited in high school. "it feels good, it definately feels amazing, just can't get complacent, always have to learn. i know i missed a couple holes and i know i had a couple mental errors so i have to continue to get better." better.""he's a very mature yoyng guy and we don't even
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a very talented young man and new that he was going to have a breakout game." and matt campbell brought anothebig recruit to ames --- 6'3 -- 230 pound quarterback -- zeb noland chose iowa state over colorado state, toledo, and alabama -- noland's listed as a 3 star recruit and threw for over 16 hundred yards and 17
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stay with c-b-s paris: there's a lot to do a dairy farm. body's gonna do it for you. you have to get out there and do it yourself. bernie sanders is a well-known friend of family farms. bernie cannot be bought out by big money. bernie's opinion cannot be purchased. it's time for our next president to get in there, roll up his sleeves, take off the gloves, and take on wall street, take on big business, take on big money, and get the working class back to where they should be. he's a rock.
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thanks for watching your >> welcome stephen colbert! captioning sponsoror by cbs >> stephen: welcome, everybody! welcome to "the late show." >> stephen!
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