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tv   CBS Morning News  CBS  December 29, 2015 4:00am-5:00am CST

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>this is the "cbs overnight news." good evening. ott's off tonight. i'm jeff glor. an ohio grand jury declined to indict two white cleveland police officers, timothy loehmann and frank garmback, in the shooting death of 12-year-old tamir rice. rice was shot in november of last year afr being spotted waving a gun in a park. it turned out to be a toy. the prosecutor called the incident an absolute tragedy, but not a crime. demarco morgan is in cleveland. >> simply put, given this perfrft storm of human errrr, the state's miscommunication by all involved that day, the evidence did not indicate criminal conduct by police. >> reporter: cuyahogogcounty prosecutor tim mcginty says this enhanced video shows 12-year-old tamir rice was pulling a pellet gun out of his waistband when he was shot. >> he ther intended to hananit over to the officers or show it
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no way for the officers to know that. they saw the events unfolding in front of them from a different perspective. >> reporter: the prosecutor said the radio dispatcher was also to ame for not telling the police that the gun may have been fake and the suspect may have been underage. that information came in on a 911 call. >> reporter: but the radio dispatcher told the officers this: >> reporter: officer loehmann shot rice within two secds of pulling up to the scene with his training o oicer frank garmback. the county's public corruption unit chief says officers trained to shoot quickly when they believe a suspecmay open fire. >> it is clear that had these
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a child and the gun was possibly a toy, that would not have considered this incident to have been so serious and most certainly would have used different tactics. >> r rorter: walter madison represents the rice family. >> there was an expectation that this would be the outcome of the grand jury process, but there's nothing like knowing. it's real now and they have to live with that. >> reporter: now, jeff, the family of tamir rice complained the officers were allowed to give statements to the grand jury and were not asked questions, something they say would never happen if a civilian were accused. the officers remain under restricted duty. >> demarco morgan in cleveland tonight. in another major story toght, the storm system that left a path of devastation in the south is heading north and east, adadng more ice and snow to the lethal mix of severe weather. at least 47 deaths are reported in sen states since an outbreak of tornadoes in the south last week. ththstorms also brought t ooding
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travel delays. mark strassmann begins our coverage in el reno, oklahoma. mark? >> reporter: jeff, take a look# athis branch, iced over like so much of this community. police have urged residents to stay off of iced roads, but that often means staying inside houses that have4no heat. across much of western oklahoma, ice one inch thick coated roads and made driving treacherous. tractor-trailers skidded into trouble. nearly 200,000 people are without power. brad and sarah ayers and their three kids need someplace warm to sleep tonight. without power, their house feels almost as coldldnside as outside. what's the worst part? >> having little ones and it being cold, getting real cold. i mean, the outside, you can get rid of all the limbsbsbut in here it gets pretty cold.
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storm's impact stretched from oklahoma to new mexico. interstate 40 closed for more than 200 miles from albuquerque to the texas state line. in amarillo, texas, winds gusted up to 50 miles per hr, nearly 15 inches of snow created drifts that buried cars. in eastern oklahoma, that same storm system brought heavy rains and flooding. the illinois river is expected to crest a a29 feet. since saturday, nearly ten inches of rain has fallen in talaqa, where brian berry lives. >> we normally get 40 inches a year. we got a fourth of that this weekend. it's a crazy year. >> reporter: and a crazy month for the ayers family. they lost power for five days over t tnksgiving when anothth ice storm hit el reno. >> it's starting to get old. oh, definitely. they're trying to do what they can, but it that takes a long
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with power >> reporter: this massive pile is el reno's official dumping ground for folks who live here over the last two ice storms. the residents have brought all the branches and limbs that have fallen on their property and stuck them here, and, jeffffthis pile just keeps on growing. >> mark strassmann, thank you. texas bore the brunt of the weekend storms where at least 11 tornadoes were reported. david begnaud is in rowlett, texas. >> reporter: it was pitch black when the tornado hit. >> oh, my gosh, it's big. >> reporter: this one was 550 yards wide with winds of nearly 180 miles per hour. for 13 miles, it plowed through the cities of garland and rowlett. constance rose's home was nearly demolished. two rooms were untouched, the closets where she and her family, including her two-year- old granddaughter, took shelter. anthe house is a mess. > know.
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alive. >> reporter: nearby, karen swearingen also hid in a closet with her boyfriend and her son trevor who is deaf. >> and it's dark. we had no electricitit and i'm trying to comfort him,m, and it's the only way i could communicate is to hold his hands and i just kept signing, god save us, just god sasa us, god save us. >> reporter: eight people were killed, most in their cars as vehicles went t rborne. tossed by the tornado. back in rowlett, mike girouard and his wife nancy took us to their damaged home on sunday. >> we re on our patio on the ck of the house. reporter: what was s at? >> that was the ceiling falling in. >> reporter: nancy, are you okay? >> no. my boys grew up in this home. everything's gone. >> sorry, baby.
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in a minute. >> reporter: the family of four thth lived inside this home that i am standing on top of tonight were trapped when it collapsed on top of them, rescuers pulled them out with only minor injuries. jeff, tonight they are back here at home with the help of neighbors, salvaging what they can. >> david begnaud in rowlett, texas. the "cbs overnight news" almost sixty million americans are affected by mental illness. together we can help them with three simple words. my name is chris noth and i will listen. from maine to maui, thousands of high school students across the country are getting in on the action by volunteering in their communities. chris young: action teams of high school students are joining volunteers of america and major league baseball playerer to help train and inspire the next generation of volunteers. carlos pea: it's easy to start an action team at your school
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if you were a hippie in the '60s, you need to know. it's the dawning of the age of aquarius. yeah, and something else that's cool. what? osteoporosis is preventable. all: osteo's preventable? right on! if you dig your bones, otect them. all: cbs cares! all of this is creating huge prprlems at airports. since yesterday more than 10,000 flights have been delayed. about 4,100 canceled. many of those in chicago and dallas-fort worth. eric fisher is chief meteorologist at our cbs boston station, wbz. he joins us now. eric, where are these storms headed next? >> reporter: jeff, this whole huge storm system starting to move its way off toward the north and east. tonight, we're watching heavy
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midwest. all this moving into the northeast tomorrow. places that were 70 degrees on christmas eve now getting their first winter storm of the season, a mix of sleet, freezing rain and snow that will cause travel issues out the door tomorrow morning before all this finally moves off to the north and east and out to sea as we head into late tomorrow evening. so across the northeast, new york city will actually a punch into the warmer air, above 50 degrees, but tf boston area across n england and interior parts of new york statat a wiwiry mix that's going g cause quite a few travel issues. now, the lingering thing, even after this whole storm system moves off shore, we have riverh flooding that's reaching historic levels. take a look at the scenes we've been tracking around the mississippi valley in particular. we've had very heavy rain in that basin. so the river flood warnings are out across a broad area. some of f ese crests will be at record levels as we head into the next couple days some, jeff, that's very unusual thing. normally in spring you'd expect mississippi flooding but not in winter. >> eric fisher in boston. eric, thank you. in chicago, outrage after
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two people were killed over the weekend. police admit the death of one was an accident, but they're not saying ectly what happened inside an apartment building. families of ththvictims are demanding answers. anna werner is there. >> reporter: police went to this home on chicago's west side early saturday morng after the father of 19ear-old quintonio legrier called to say his son was threatening him and swinging a baseball bat. ten minutes later on police radio. >> reporter: officers shot and killed legrier, a college student home for christmas break. his mother said his behavior recently changed. they also shot and killed a neighbor by mistake, bettie jones, a mother of five, had been asked by y grier's father to keep an eye out for the arriving officers. jahmal cole was her nephew. >> a 55-year-old lady was shot down by a chicago police officer. in the climate we're in, in chicago, that's almost unbelievable. nobody should be shot down on
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especially was not a person that derved that. >> reporter: there have been weeks of protest over police shootings, including that of 17- year-old laquan mcdonald, who in october of last year was shot 16 times by@an officer now charged with first-degree murder. overerhe weekend, legrier's mother, janet cooksey, stood with others wearing anti-rahm emanuel t-shirts, calling for an investigation. >> when is)the mayor going to step up? when is he going to step up? >> r rorter: responding to the shooting, mayor emanuel issued a statement saying, "it is clear changes are needed to how officers respond to mental health crises." in a measure of ththseriousness of the problems here, jeff, mayor rahm emanuel said today he was cutting short his family vacation trip to cuba to return to chicago. >> anna werner in chicago this evening. > in the presidential campaign, a front-runner feud continues, but donald trump is not limiting his attacks to hillary clinton.
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>> reporter: bill clinton is alwaysys popular draw on thehe democratic campaign trail, but donald trump is warning hillary clinton to keep her husband under wraps. if hillary thinks she can unleash her husband wiwi terrible record of women abuse, trump said on twitter, while playing the women's card on me, she's wrong. trump raised the specter of bill clinton's previous sex scandals after hillary clinton said trump haha"a penchant for sexism." today the clinton campaign announced the former president would campaign on his wife's behalf starting next week with two stops in new hampshire, the state that in 1992 famously made him -- >> the comeback kid. >> reporter: in most national polls trump either trails clinton or runs neck and neck. trump wants to move ahead and signal to gop voters he's eager to c cllenge the clinton brand. >> you see hillary. i mean, did you watch that? what happened to her? >> reporter: but in the republican primary, trump is
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today the largest newspaper in new hampshire compared him t t biff tannen. >> how do you know where i live? >> reporter: the arrogant, money-grubbing bully from "the back to the fvture" movies. in an interview with a new hampshire tv station, trump called the publisher, "a low life." >> the paper is failing. he's doing a terrible job. this man is absolutely terrible. >> reporter: and the clinton campaign just released a statement sayingngillary clinton will not be bullied or distracted by the slings trump has thrown at her and the former president. jeff, the campaign called trump's comments demeaning, his policiesesestructive. >> major garrett, thank you. tonight iraqi troops are on the verge of retaking a key city from isis, a city where americans fought and died during the iraq war. david martin reports on the new battle fororamadi. >> reporter: iraqi soldiers planted their national flag atop ramadi's government center. [gunfire] breaking the death grip isis heldldver the city just 70 miles
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iraqi officials declared ramadi liberated, but u.s. officials cautioned isis still holds neighborhoods in the north and east. that will have to o cleared by house-to-house fighting against snipers and booby traps. fighting has reduced parts of the city to rubb and a return to normal life anyime soon is difficult to imagine. still, taking back this city marked a major milestone for an army which last may had abandoned ramadi in the face of an assault by a much smaller number of isis fighters. it also validated the american strategy of training and equipping iraqi ground troops and backing them up with strikes fromhe air. a total of 630 in and around ramadi. pentagon officials said the operation was a complex one which required the iraqi army cirst to encircle the city and then to cross rivers where the bridges had been blown. the american strategy for dislodging isis seems to be
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but no u.s. official is willing to second the iraqi prime minister's bold claim that 2016 would see the final defeat of isis in iraq. defense secretary carter called the retaking of ramadi's government center a significant step but added, "the fight against isis is far from over." >> david martin tonight. thousands have been forced out of their homes- by a massive gas leak. and -- gone in an instant. 90 years of history tumbles. the "cbs overnight news" will be music throughout "forget about the cowboy walk because of a saggy diaper" "it's time to dance freely" "thanks to new pampers cruisers"" "the first and only diaper that helps distribute wetness evenly into three extra absorb channels." "so it doesn't sag and stays dryer" "so wiggle it" "jiggle it" "and do, whatever that is, in new pampers cruisers"
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a slow motion environmental disaster in california where a torrent of methane gas is spewing into the air. thousands have been relocated. mireya villarreal is in porter ranch. >> reporter: this infrared video shows gas rolling off the top of a nearby ridge down into the community of porter ranch. it was shot by a law firm representing several home owners who are now filing lawsuits against southern california's gas utility company. matt pakucko bought his first home in the porter ranch community eight yeararago because of the scenic views and
4:19 am
music producer. >> i can't work in here. i can't breathe in here. when the wind comes up the hill, the gas comes down here in the fireplacac i can't work. >> reporter: the leak started in october. so far more than 6,500 families have filed for help, but only 2,200 have been relocated. the state agency that monitors air quality estimates nearly 70,000 pounds of gas is being released every hour, roughly a quarter of the methane emissions in california. so cal gas spokesman mike mizarahi. >> once the leak is stopped, we'll be able to evaluate what caused the leak, and we'll be able to evaluate how much natural gas escaped. >> reporter: to fix the problem,m, the gas company drilled a relief well nearby, using magnetic technology, workers have located the leaking well more than 3,000 feet below ground. now they have to drill another 5,000 feet where they'll intersect the faulty well and pump it with mud, water and
4:20 am
it's made pakucko so sick, he had to move out. frustrating for you? >> beyond frustrating. it's a new way of life now. we can't live in our home. how much worse does it get? >> reporter: the leak is expected to be fixed by march, but, jeff, as a precaution, elememtary students that g gto two nearby schools will be relocated until that happens. >> all right, mireya, thank you very much. lots of people love their dogs, but one couplead an unusual and very expensive w w
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that story is just ahead. in pittsburgh today, a bridge that stood for 94 years came crashing down in seconds. it took 1,400 pounds of explosives to turn the greenfield bridge into rubble. it will be replaced by a new bridge in the next two years. a british couple loved their dog so m mh they paid $100,000 to have it cloned after it died. using the dna south korean lab created two identical boxer puppies. the first ononwas born the day after r ristmas. the second is expected any day now. former outfielder dave henderson has died. he spent 14 years in the majors and is best remembered for his dramatic home run in the 1986 american league championship series. that one swing electrified the boston red sox and helped propel them to the world series. henderson died in seattle of a heart attack three months after having a kidney transplant.
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meadowlark lemon was a basketball legend who made everything, even half-court shots, look easy. we'l'lremember him next. woman: what does it feel like when a woman is having a heart attack? chest pain, like there's a ton of weight on your chest. severe shortness of breath. unexplained nausea. cold sweats. ere's an unusual tiredness and fatigue. there's unfamiliar dizziness or light-headedness. unusual pain in your back, neck, jaw, one or both arms, even your upper stomach, are signs you're havinin a heart attack. don't make excuses. make the call to 9-1-1 immediately. learn more at while i was on a combat patrol in baqubah, iraqaq a roroet-propelled grenadede took my arm ofofat the shoulder. i was discharged from the army, and i've been working with
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warriors, you don't have to be severely woundfd to be with the wounded warrior project. we do have a lot of guys that have post-traumatic stress disorder. being able to share your story, i guess it kind of helps you wrap your mind around what did happen over there. my name is norbie, and yes, i do suffer from popo-traumatic stress disorder,
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finally tonight, meadowlark lemon famously said it wasis destiny to make people happy. that he did througug24 years and by his count 16,000 performances with the harlem globetrotters. lemon died yesterday in arizona. don dahler looks back. [harlem globetrotters theme music playing]
4:25 am
in the '70s, there was a2guably no more well-known and beloved athlete in the worod. he s srred in commercials.s. >> i'm a whiz at this whopper biz. >> reporter: and on saturday morng tv. >> that's why i am your leader. i think of those things. >> reporter: but it was on t t court that the man referred to by some as "the clown prince of basketball" reigned supreme. meadowlark lon made it look so easy, the hook shots, the no- look passes, the comic routines. the great wilt chamberlain called meadowlark "the most sensational, asome, incredible basketball player he'd ever seen." after watching a newsreel of the globetrotters when he was 11, lemon decided that, not the nba, would be his future. during his 2003 induction into the basketball hall of fame, the wilmington, north carolina, native described the moment. >> i made my own hoop out of a coat hanger and onion sack. for my basketball i had a
4:26 am
i'dd grab that pole and i would swing along and i would learn how to shoot that hook shot. >> reporter: the globetrotters played to larger crowds than most nba teams. they're credited with helping desegregatatthe sport. after leaving the globetrotters in 1979, lemon eventually became a minister, but every day he would head to the gym to4play the game he loved, the game that loved him back.. >> i've had a wonderful time and the best is yet to come. >> reporter: meadowlark lemon was 83. don dahlerercbs news, new york.. that is the "cbs overnight news" for this tuesday. for some of you, the news continues. for others, check back with us later for the morning news and "cbs this morning." fromomhe broadcast center r new
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it's tuesday, december 29ing, 2015. this i ithe "cbs morning news." a massive storm system, including snow and ice, heads east. but more flooding is forecast for the mid-west and the severe weather that's causing major travel delays. cleveland officials are
4:28 am
jury voted not to indict the police officer who shot and killed 12-year-old tamir rice. and the affluenza defense. the texas teenager who skipped out while serving probation for killing four peoe in a drunken driving wreck is nabbed in mexico. 2340r78 from the studio 57 newsroom at "cbs news headquartersere in new york. good to be with u. i'm anne mariegreen. the northeast is experiencing a winter blast this morning, the same storm that brought devastation to the sth and mid-west. a dangerous combination of s sw and ice is coating areas from pennsylvania to maine. areas farther south are experiencing heavy rain. the massive storm system has forced many qivers in the plains to swell. flash flooding remains a concern and at least 47 people have died over the past few days in events
4:29 am
yoyo. don, good morning. anne-marie. here in new york city the overnight hours have been mostly dominated by rain and a little bit wf mixed precip takes. as you mentioned, elsewhere in the northeast, peoplpl who have been deeming with unseasonably warm temperatures are now bundleing up and pulling out their shovels. snow and freezing rain swept through parts of the northeast overnight as a major winter storm system marches across the country. ahead of the storm, crews in pennsylvania, rushed to treat roadways with salt. while people in parts of massachusetts flocked to hardware stores f f shovels and supplies, last winter, parts of the state saw more than 10 feet of know. >> i had people he at 8:00 in the morning, as the doors opened, it was black fridayish. >> reporter: the messy storm system took aim at the nation's mid-section monday, covering several states in rain and slush. >> it's been really hard. it's#been a long time since we had snow. >> reporter: nearlrlan inch of
4:30 am
oklahoma, where power and heat were knocked out 2,000. >> we have tfittle one and my grandmother, trying to do the best we can. >> reporter: in some places like missouri are monitoring river levels following torrential rainfall. >> if we reach the values we are looking at, they will be record lelels for this time of year. >> reporter: i inorth carolina, crews are inspecting damage from a possible tornadoes. officials say at least free people have been killed in the string of wild weather across the cocotry for thehe past few day, anne-marie. >> don champion in new york, thank you, don. well, residents of the southern plains ravaged by tornadoes are returning to pick up what's left. several twisters last weekend overerrned cars and transformed homes into twisted wood. the most severe and deadly ones were in texas. volunteers there delivered supplies to those 52 piles of rubble. victims s e sharing their
4:31 am
>> if i get in the bathroom, go, go, go. when we went in there, probably ten seconds later, it sounded like a train wreck was going. it was terrifying. we just prayed. we prayed. we grabbed on to each other and prayed. >> in all, nearly 1,500 homes were either damaged or destroyed. chief meteorologist eric fisher of our boston station wbz shows us where the storms are headed next and what to expect ithe aftermath. >> reporter: good morning, eryone, a wintry mess in the northeast. same areas in the 70s a few days ago, getting the first winter storm of the season. a lot coming down like freezing rain and sleet causing issues this rning. heaviest snowfall across northern new england. it wraps up late. maine seeing the highest snow totals. looking at the breakdown, snow totals in southern new england, northern new rk, northern vermont, new hampshire. maine could see a couple areas. up around a foot of total snow.
4:32 am
outages out there in upstate new yoyo, western massachusetts and perhaps even in central new england. all things to consider, a multihazard type of storm system. we are also keeping an eye on the water rising. as this whole storm heads out to sea, leaving numerous floods in the mississippi valley, many reaching record crests over the next 48 hours. i'm teorologist eric fisher for "cbs news." well, the severe weather has crippled travel plans for thousands of people. more than 500 flights today are already cancelled so far. yesterday, nearly 2900 flights were grounded. alalst 4900 were delayed. more than 1,400 of those delays were out of chicago o'hare international airport. frustrated travelers look for alternate plans. protesters arere voicing outrage following a decision not to charge a cleveland police officer. demonstrators marched down the streets in cleveland last night. about 100 morallied in new york cityty. grand jury choseot too
4:33 am
killed tamir rice last year. we have reaction. >> reporter: an ohio grandury decided not to return an indictment in ththfatalhooting death of 12-year-old tamir rice. >> the death of tamir rice was an absolute tragedy. it was horrible, unfortunate and regrettable. but it was not by the law thatt binds this crime. >> reporter: officer timothy loehmann and greg garmback were on restricted duty. >> theres potential d dcipline if t tre is a violalaon of our policies and procedures. >> reporter: the officers say they were fearful when they arrived at a recreation center outside cleveland in 2014. a witness called 911 repepting a guy with a pistol and added the weapon was probably fake. but that point was never passed along to the officer. officials also showed the toy gun next to a real colt modod to illustrate how similar they appear. >> we informed tamir's mother of
4:34 am
>> reporter: an attorney for tamir's mother says the family is saddened and disappointed by this outcome but notice surprised. the lawyer for the boy's father insists the family is still pushing for justice for tamir. >> he'll rest in peace foreverer t know wag he did wrong on that playgrounds. >> reporter: the mayor promises to conduct an honest city probob >> the texas teenanar who made headlines for having so-called affluenza has been detained in mexico. 18-year-old ethan couch and his mother were picked up yesterday. police believevee fled after a video showed a probation violation. two years ago, couch killed four people while driving drunk. he received ten years probation when lawyers used the affluenza defense, saying a privileged upbringing spurred his poor decisions. well, chicago mayor rahm emanuel cut short a vacation in cuba to address the latest police crisis.
4:35 am
killed a 19-year-old man with emotional issues as they responded to a domestic disturbanc they also shot and killed a 55-year-old woman accidentally. emanuel is calling for an immediate review of police training. when it comes to approaching people in crisis. overseas, two people were arrested in belgium for allegedly planning aerrorist attack in brbr els on new year's eve. police arrested the two on sunday and monday. officers searched several homes, finding military clothing and isis propaganda. but no weapons or explosives. . and there was a major step in liberating the iraqi city of ramadi from isis. iraqi troops forced isis militants out of the city's main government complex yesterday. the victory is part of an offensive that began earlier this month. troops are still battling pockets of isis insurgents. coming up on the morning news now, paying tribute to a heavy metal icon, motorhead lead singer lemmy, famous for his
4:36 am
this is the "cbs this morning" news.
4:37 am
this is the "cbs morning n ns." >> motorhead's legendary singer lemmy loses the battle with cancer and iran takes a nuclear step in its agreement. those e the headlines. the "new york times" reports iranurrendered almostll of its uranium. a russian ship left yesterday with the fuel, leaving tehran without enough to build a nuclear weapon. iran is disassembleiei centsry new jerseys and a blue tone yamplutonium reactor. lemmy lmister died, he e s a member of the band in the early '70s before fronting motorhead for 40 years. heied yesterday in los angeles following a brief battle with cancer.
4:38 am
usa today reports president obama is once again america's most admired man. the commander-in-chief claims the top spot in the latest gallup survey for the eighth time a. surprising pair tied for 2nd place, pope francis and donald trump. hillary clinton is now the most admirerewoman for the 14th year in a row. the fitness tracker fitbit appears to be a hot seller for christmas. oil prices dipped. jill wagner is here in new york with that a a morere good m mning. >> reporter: good morning, u.s. crude oil is down 13% as iran prepares to export 3 million gallons a day addingg tohe glut of oil. crude futures have fallen nearly 70% after opec defined to cut prwduction to lift prices. the first day of trading left wall street in the red as the sinking oil prices brought down energy companies.
4:39 am
the s&p fell by 4. nasdaq shows 7. whole foods agreed to settle accusations it overcharged customers. it will conduct quarterly audits. earlier this year, a city investigation found labels on 80 differert pre packaged foods had incorrect weights. samsung plans to span the new uobile payment servici. cheaper samsung phones will begin offering the samsung p p mobile wallet in 2016. it will start being accepted by online retailers. samsung pay is popular if retail stores. and fitbit, fit inside tracker, appears to be a hit this holiday season. it was the most downloaded and the day after. last year the app ranked 18th on christmas. 15 the day after t. devices measure calories, stair climbs and sleep patterns. anne-marie. >> it's a great gift if it's
4:40 am
if you never asked for it, itt could be the beginning of awkward conversations. >> what messages are they trying to say? >> what do you mean i need one of these? jill wagner in new york. thanks a lot. still ahead, a big time rally, denver recovers in the second half against cincinnati as it clinches a playoff spot. half against cincinnati as it clinchs the 2nd spot. . eat over 15 pounds of turkey and sides.
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4:42 am
the country. => > well, in sports the denver brinecosos clinched a playoff birth with an overtime win against cincinnati. brandon mcmanus hit a 37 yard field goal in the opening possession to give the broncos the lead. cincinnati got the ball back. a.j. mccarron fumbled to secure the win. denver beat the bengals 20-17. in baseball the new york yankees traded for one of the dominant relievers in the game. new york got chapman from the cincinnati reds for four minor leakers. major league baseball and florida police are investigating allegations of domestic violence against chapman. he allegedly choked his girlfriends and fired his gun into a garage. meadowlala lemonon is being
4:43 am
basketball court and his ability to make people smile. he led the harlem globe trotters. he died at the age of 83. don lemon reports on the life of this basketball hall of famer. [ music playing ] >> reporter: during his heyday in the '70s, there was arguably nonoore well known and beloved athlete in the world. he starred in commercials. and on saturday morning tv. >> that's why i am your leader. i timothy of those things. >> it was on the court, the crown prince reigngn supreme. meadowlark lemon made it so easy, the hook shots, the no look passes, the comic routine the great wilt chamberlain called meadowlarar the most sensational, awesome incredible
4:44 am
after watching a news reel at the age of 11-he decided that, not the nba, would beeis fututu. after the induction into the basketball hall of fame the wilmington, north carolina native described the moment. >> i made my own hoop out of a hangar and for the basketball, i used a carnation milk can. i swung it around and learned how to shoot that hoop phot. >> reporter: they play to most crowds larger than nba teams. they are credited with segregating the sport. after leaving the sport in 1979, lemon eventually became a minister. every day, he had to head to the gym to play the gamee loved. the game that loved him back. >> i had a wonderful time and the best is yet to come. >> reporter: meadowlark lemon was s 83. don dahler, "cbs news"," new york. >> what a talent.
4:45 am
presidential drone drdra, a man
4:46 am
motorcade is grounded be i the . here's a look at today's forecast in some city itself around the country. >> here's another look at this morning's top stories. a massive storm is coating the northeast in snow and ice it is the same system that delivered heavy rain, blizzards and tornadoes to the south. overall, it is blamed for at least 47 deaths. and a dprj chose not to indict the cleveland police officer who shot and killed 12-year-old tamir rice.
4:47 am
outrage the officer and his partner are on restricicd duty as the city conducts its own investigation. a recreational drone flew past president obama's motorcade in hawaii before secret service agents found the pilot.t. the video shows a plain clothes officer speaking to the pilot, who was unaware the motorcade would be passing through t. pilot brought down the drone and the motorcade continued on. no chargrg were filed. and a british couple hired a south korean lab to clone their dog after it passed away. from the couple's boxer named dylan, t t lab created two identical puppies, one was born the day after christmas, the other today. a giant squid made a rare appearance in japanese bay on christmas eve a. 12 foot juvenile squid swam in the bay for a few hours before heading back out to sea. adult giant squids can grow to
4:48 am
and a wayward seal brought traffic to a standstill in northern california. an elephant seal repeatedly tried to cross the highway yesterday in sonomaa county. it took two hours to get the half on the seal back into the water. coming up after your local news on "cbthis morning," the walking. i'm anne-marie green. this is the "cbs morning news."
4:49 am
good islamic terrorists captured headlines this past year as they launched attacks in europe and beyond, jonathan vigliotti has that and more as he looks back at the y year of i iernational news. >> reporter: terrorists targeted terrorist paris twice. gunmen stormed the newsroom of the provocative newsroom "charlie hebdo," another attacker killed four hostages at
4:50 am
police killed him. ten months later, isis terrorists massacred people inside a concert hall, others set off bobos outside a soccer stadium and gunned down people sitting at cafes. 130 were killed. isis claimed another 224 lives when a bomb exploded on aa russian jetliner as it flew over egypt. the latest round of terror comes as isis seizes me territory in syria and iraq. the u.s.s.nd its allies must launch airstrikes against the terror group and america sent in 200 special forces refugees rushed to get out of the war torn region. nearly 1 million migrants in hungary and germany. thousands died trying, including this syrian toddler who drowned. isis attackers also struck twiwi in tununia killingng 22 people in a national museum and gunning down dozens of tourists sun
4:51 am
>> thiwas a tragic and avoidable accident. >> reporter: t tre was international outrtre after the u.s. carried out an airstrike in afghanistan and mistakenly hit a doctors without borders hospitat killing 24 people. more than 2,000 people died in the annual hajj pilgrimage. the deadliest stampede ever. tensions remained high if israel palestinians carri out a wave of stabbing attacks on jews. a 7.9 magnitude earthquake struck nepal, a suicicil pilot slammed a germannwings plane into the french alps. killing all people on board t. mystery of the missing malaysia flight 370 was solved,d,hen a wing washed up on the coast of africa. they agreed on a climb change to get the countries to reduce the greenhouse gas emissions
4:52 am
planet and britain welcomes prince william and kate's second child. princess charlotte. jonathan gliotti, cbs news, london. >> it's been a busy year, coming upupfter your local news on "cbs this morning," a california gas company has pinpointed a leaking well that forced thousands from their homes. we'll get the details. plus services when rebooking a flight and the growing problem of distracted walking. people are injured while on their smartphones. that's the "cbs news" for this tuesday, thanks for watching. i'm anne-marie green, have a
4:53 am
. cbs 2 this morning...the latest on a crippling winter storm m that's stillllcausing problems right here in the corridor. where authorities located and arrested the so-called "affluenza teen", who fled after violating his probation. plus, what you need to know beforereheading out to clean up from old man winter. welcome to cbs two this morning...and i'm kelly d'ambrosio, kevin barry y preparing for rose bowl coverage this morning.hope you didn't have much trouble yesterday in all that snow! marissa, it was a little nerve&
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marissa, it was all that s sw! yesterday in much troublbl
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