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tv   CBS2 This Morning Early Edition  CBS  December 30, 2015 5:00am-6:00am CST

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as iowans dig out from this week's winter storm, people across the country continue to face extreme weather.some 18 million americans are facing flooding. flooding.most notably, just to the south of us in missouri. parts of eastern missouri are under water, with the worst yet to come.luckily the rain is over but officials believe many rivers, including the mississippi, will crest sometime tomorrow or friday. that only leaves hours for sandbaggers to prepare for the rising least 13 people have died in missouri alone due to the missouri alone due to the severe
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along with missouri, missouri,flood waters in arkansas are reaching levels that haven't been seen in more than 20 illinois, around a hundred homes are being threatened by rising waters, forcing evacuations.s. and in indiana, massive flooding across the state swamped highways and other roads. it's never fun ending up on the side of the road because of slippery roads from a winter storm.especially when a towing ban delays the time it takes to get your car out of the ditch, and back on the highway. highway.tuesday, towing companies had their hands full, digging cars out all day. cbs 2 2 ws roro along with darrah's towing as they responded to calls after the tow ban was lifted yesterday. they say the storm -- for them -- comes *after the snow is done falling. "it's usually the day y ter the storm hits is when we get really busy, because if they put the tow ban in effect it limits us to just in-town towing." towingto keep yourself from becoming the next victim, they recommend being vigilant on the highways at keeps
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workg on the side of the road -and other drivers -- safe. one person is deadadfter a highway crash h near fairfax. fairfax.the iowa state patrol says an s-u-v driven by 49-year-old terri skalsky, of walford, crosd the center line at the viaduct on highghy 1515and hit another vehicle. skalsky was later pronounced all happened on tuesday just before noon.a third vehicle swerved to avoid the crash.investigators don't believe weather was a factor. a car on fire yesterday afternoon caused another major traffic tie-up in north liberty.crews had toshut down the southbound lanes of i-380, bringing traffic to a standstill.fortunately no one was hurt, and crews cleared the lanes before the evening commute the winter storm brings headaches for many, but for some it uld bring a job! many cities acacss the statat are e forced to spread out their resources of snow plows and their drivers..right now the iowa department of transportation is still oking for a few hundred snow plow drivers,nd that
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cities in the corridor including cedar rapids, marion and coralville. "our goal was to get somewhere around 600 seasonal employees totoaugment our full-time staff this year. we're somewhere in that 400, little over 400 range." range."if you're interested in being a season snow plow driver, we've attached a link to the openings on our dot-com. anybody can become a victim of robbery at any time.officials tell cbs r news they tend to get more reports around the holiday season. 2 reporter stephanie johnson is live in the newsroom with how you can protect yourself stephanie? stephanie?kelly, simply being aware of your surroundings of your surroundings can make a difference differencewhen you are out shopping take notice of where you parked your car. if you are heading out to go somewhere let people know where you're going. if you happen to walk out of a store alone try tagging along with another person or a family. sergeant christy hamblin from
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department says don't hesitate to call authorities if you see anything suspicious. reporting any suspspious activity if someone looks suspicious they're in the mall wspecially at this time of year if they're walking through the mall and they've got their winter coat on but it's all bundled up's kind've suspicious notify somebody at the mall. again, remember to always be aware of your surrrrndings. in the newsroom ... stephanie johnson, cbs 2 news. one in 68 children have autism according to the centers for r diseasascontrol and prevention. prevention.and as that population grows - first responders will more often interact with people who have
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department recently rolled out a program where parents can create a profile for the kids. it's called home again-c-r. parents have to submit a photo - known wandering spots - and typical behaviors.this information will then help officers figure out the best method of approachininthat person. "maybe their first name is greg - that's all we know about them,. so we can search in that database for anybody named greg. then l and behold, we find a picture of f greg a a it happens to match that individual we are with at this time." time."the cedar rapids police department will expand the program early next year so more parents can sign up online. 's just two days before the rose bowl and hawkeye fans are making their way to pasadena. pasadena.another charter flight will take off from the eastern iowa airport this morning at 9-thirty.right here on cbs 2 this morning we told you about flights leaving all y long yesterday heading to fact, 470 hawk fans filled a seven forty seven,
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it's good to see. it's's heartwarming, honestly because it just shows how many people are out there supporting our team. the end of the day, california was invaded by@ about 3,000 iowa fans&at least fromomhe flights that left yeyeerday. and while fans are in california, they've got plenty to do!my cbs 2 this morning co- anchor kevin barry explored one place where they can experience a little bit of iowa in los angeles. angeles. just abobo a few miles from downtown los angeles -- the uss iowa is permanently docked - serving as a museum year round - and bringing a little bit of home out to iowa. vowe spoke with one navy we spoke with one navy veteran who grew up in central iowa and said the model of the ship in the state capitol is the reason she wanted to o be i ithe navy. other folks are just proud to have a piece of iowa leading an entire class of battleships - and now teaching people of@ all ages about how&the united states protected the wwld om the seas. it t s all possible because the hawkeye
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funding to refurbish the ship - and through the work of people like dave way. sotdave waycurator - uss iowa 9:55:03 yeah we were real excited when we learned the iowa hawkwkes were coming theheose bowl. and we were pretty confident that we would have people come out to the ship. as things progressed we thought it made sense have a pep rally thursday the day before the rose bowl is played. llive coming up later today - were talking to iowa president bruce harreld about how prestigious games helps iowa outside the athletic department too. in pasadena, kevin barry, cbs 2 this morning stay with cbs 2 news for complete coverage of the rose bowl.we'll have more reports from kevin and zach hley later in the show and for the rest of the week leading up p ththgame on friday. and that includes our special road to the roses pregame show that airs right here on cbs 2 tomorrow night at will air again on new years day, at 7-thirty a-m on our sister station, fox 28. local band "four star fate" has gone viral in the hawkeye world.
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song "born to rise" into a new war cry called "born to hawk!" at last check it has 155 thousand views and well over 3 thousand 100 shares and it was just posted monday!band member tim king told cbs 2 news where from. "a few weeks ago my grandma said you should do a rose bowl theme song for the hawks. and i was like eh i don't know. she really liked our song born to rise and wrote some lyrics based on the song born to rise and she kept sending to me via email. and i'd get these emails at like 6am and she'd write these lyrics and i was like ok that's enough." enough."the band i iin the process of working with the university of iowa to make sure they are in the clear to play and promote this song. king said they do have the university's blessing, but the school doesn't plan to use their song in any capacity. capacity.if you'd like to hear their song visit our website cbs 2 iowa dot com and we have a link up. it's after the break...
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ficials in california had their hands tied because of a seal. your cbs 2 dad: i'm on it. culligan man: dude. don't do it yourself. dad: no? culligan man: no. anncr: leave it to thehexperts. with a culligan whole-house water softening system, you get better water, and service you can actually count on.
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you get better water, and service you can actually count on. d: hey, culligan man. culligan man: hehe dad: this is grere! culligan man: i know.
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you get better water, and service you can actually wildlife experts have a lot on
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california, after a two-day standoff... th a stubborn seal. seal.the massive seal repeatedly tried totoross a busy highway.chris martinez has the details. details. (nats - seal growl) this elephant seal outmaneuvered rescue workers -- their kayak...(nats) and air horns hardly deterring her from her missioioto cross a nearby highway.but after a two-day battle to keep her off the road -- veterinarians sedated the seal. ((sot: shawn johnson/ marine mammal center, director of veterinary science))"she appears to be a young adult female.// and just took a wrong turn and just ended up in this d dd end, and couldn't find her way out." it took more than a dozen people to load the 900-pound seal on a flatbed truck to move her out of harm's way.((sot: shawn johnson/ marine mammal center, director of veterinary did see a fetus. she is pregnant." (4 sec)the determined female was first spotted monday -- trying to scoot across busy highway 37 in sonoma countya&stopping traffic for more than a mile in both directions.(nats) wildlili experts and highway patrol officers used wooden boards to block the animal's
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the water.but the stubborn seal tried to outsmart thth alal((sot: andrew barclay/ california highway patrol)) "she stayed in here for a while. what we realized she was doing is she was swimming around in circles, and then she'd try to come back up and come out."she *repeatedly* came back to land and tried to crossa&despite efforts to stop her.((sot: shawn johnson/ marine mammal center, director of veterinary science)) "elephant seals are big, large and in charge. and they're stubborn all the time."the seal is being relocated to a nearby preserve at point reyes national seashore, where shsh can give birth to her pup. chris martinez, cbs news. veterinarians tagged the elephant seal so they can track her movements and progess.
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it's now on this morning.and still to come, come,as the hawkeye football team gets ready for the rose bowl, the hawks on the hardwood try to knock off the best team in college basketball..
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here's a look at some of eastern iowa's top stories -- on this morning... in keystone - a 56-year-old man died in a grain accident yesterday afternoon.his name is not being releasededat this titi.officials say y he was vacuuming grain into a semi, when a wall of corn surrounding him collapsed. several emergency crews and volunteers worked for a half-hour totofree him.. iowa city is looking into recycling requirements for landlords.a proposed ordinance would mean landlords would have to provide tents with recycling pick-up.that proposal could reach the city council early next year.right now - landlords are only required to provide trash pick-up for tenants. as iowa football cruised to their best season in program history... their demeanor never changed... whether it was on the field... or in front of cameras and microphones... they're always professional... almost ring... ut today... at rose bowl media day... the hawkeyes let their hair down and had
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reporter zach hanley has more... it was rose bowl media day, which happened to be the last time we were able to talk to the hawkeye players. so everybody on the roster was in one room for one final hoorah media day at the rose bowl was just a little bit different than media day at iowa in augustbbthe: "this is way y different you know.w.e didn't have these scuffles with my picture on or anything like that so it's a lot different." ferentz: "id say the size of the room and the amount of people here right? but it's all good we are thrilled to be here."because iowa is back in the granddaddy of the all and media day means it's almost game daydaniels: "it's an exciting period for everybody on the team just leading up to the game with h all the peoplpl around. we got the team together and just asking us questions about the game just gets us more amped up, more excited to go out there and play. something the hawks can't wait to do because all the talking and talking and taking is tiring.blythe: "i think we are ready just to play. at this point we've done all we can."daniels: "talk is cheep. so you know you want to
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go perfofo. you want to stop all the talking and let your play do all the taking for you."tag-the players are ready. the fans areready... and now we wait... friday at 4 can't come soon enoughthe plplers are ready. the fans are ready... and now we wait... friday at 4 can't come soon enough..... in pasadena... c-b-s two... zach hanley... to hoops now... iowa at home... hosting the nation's number-one team... michigan state... and the hawks were feeling it... nicholas baer fights for the loose ball... no hesitation... and the freshman drills it from n-b-a range... that started a 12-0 run... that was aided by some lucky bounces... dom uhl... uses the window... it was that kinda first half for the hawks.. and the sharpshooting continued in the second... peter jok... get a hand in the man's face... iowa goes up sixteen... then ry xt possessioio.. in transition... jok with the heat check... it's money... the bench is loving it... the fans are loving it... what a win for the hawkeyes... they topple the number one team in the country... 83-70 is the finanafrom carver... iowa starts big ten play 1-0... for
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hawkeye *women* better be road warriors... four of iowa's first six conference games are away from carver... starting on thursday at nebraska... but these hawks don't mind the grind... we're excited to go into the big ten season... make some waves.6. i don't think people expect as much as they did in past years... kinda being that underdog again... even though we're ranked... little bit of
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cordes: most nurses are tough. they're problem-solvers. they like making things better. people don't have access to healthcare because they just cacat afford it. bernie sanders understands how pharmaceutical companies and major medical companies are ripping us off. bernie tells the truth, and he's been consistent. he understands that the system is rigged, and he's the only one who can bring real change.
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here's a look outside...our temps are in the 20ssatellite and adar is showing cloudy skies and some light snow falling in eastern iowa.roads are starting to become snow covered and slick so be cautious!our planner shows temps in the 20s today with light snow sswers this
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the rest of wednesday wednesdaythanks. bacon has somehow developed a cult following.there are websites, dedicated d products that have bacon on's a bit weird.but as we watch this next viral's like it all makes sense.a father video tapes his
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that's melissa and tyler beach you hear laughing and enjoying their son, easton's reaction to bacon. at last check this video has been watched over 907 thousand times.and it's being passed around online today because of people's weird obsession with bacon! good morning again -- it's now when@we return... return...another presidential
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the race. how george e pataki made the announcement, coming up.'re watching c-b-s 2
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right now on cbs 2 this morning...our rose bowl
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little history on one of the oldest bowl games i icollege footbaba. with all eyes out west on the football team, the hawkeye hoops squad makes a huge statement here at home. plus, find out which republican ended his run to be the next commander-in-chief. welcome to cbs two this morning...i'm kelly d'ambrosio. d'ambrosio. let's get a check of our cbs 2 weather first forecast. here's a look outside...our temps are in the 20ssatellite ananradar is showing cloudy skies and some light snow falling in eastern iowa.roads are starting to become snow covered and slick so be cautious5our planner shows temps in the 20s today with light snow showers this morning and cloudy skies for
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hawkeye fans hawkeye fans are still making thier way to cbs 2 this morning co-anchor kevin barry is with them and explains some the rose bowl history. history. sincncthe rose bowl is ononof the most famous and oldest bowl games - really every rose bowl is a piece of history. vo but iowa's only been to pasadena fe times, and they haven't won since coach forest evashevsvs coachehethem inin 1959. but all the pomp and circumstance that surrounds one of the oldest traditions in college football all started as a ploy to get more propel to recognize how nice pasadena was in the winter. the football game was created to showcase the parade - and more than 100 years later - it's safe to say it's a been a success. 9:21:30it does get a huge crowd and it does end up in the new york times and the chicago tribune and it really does let everyone know how great pasadena is which really was the whole poqnt of it. llivecoming up later today
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president bruce harreld about how prestigious games helps iowa outside the athletic department too. in pasadena, kevin barry, cbs 2 this morning. for complete coverage of the granddaddydyf them all, stay with cbs 2 this morning.we'll have more reports from kevin and zach hanley, including the multiple talents of c-j beathard. and don'forget our road to roses pregame special airs tomorrow night right here o o cbs 2 at will also air again on new years day, at 7-thirty a-m on ousister station fox 28. the hawkeye men's hoops team shocked the college basketetll world last night, knocking off the best team in the country. country.iowa hosted the michigan state spartans, and jumped out to an early lead and never looked back, cruising to a 13 poioi win.the hawks gave michigan state their very first loss, and beat a top-ranked team for the first time in 16 years, and for the first time *ever on their home court.the hawks face another tough test on saturday, when they travel to
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one less republican is running for president this morning. morning.former new york governor george pataki is no longer seeking the republican nomination.pataki made the announcement last night during commercials airing in iowa, new hampshire and south carolina.the 70-year-old's campaign never really gained traction among last week's c-n-n-o-r-c poll pataki support. for months, donald trump has held onto the lead in most polls.all while not spending a dime on advertising onon tetevision.but it appears that will soon change. change."we're gonna spend a lot of money over the next four weeks. we don't want to take any chances. we're too close." close."the change in strategy comes as other republicans have slowly risen in the polls, challenging trumps front-runner status.this week, new hampshire's largest newspaper endorsed new jersfy governor chris s ristie over trump. governor christie is polling well in new hampshire, but barely registering here in
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turn that around before the caucuses now a little over a month away. away.christie made multiple stops s in the corridor yesterday, including the hamburg inn in iowa city. christie told supporters the u-s should look at a number of emerging energy options, including ethanol. "there are all kinds of probobms with all different technology what we need to do is to have a balance. and pursue all these things and not invest all that we have invested in ethanol so far and then walk away i think it has a place in our energy portfolio and have to do other things as well." well."christie also said he wouldn't rule out sending u-s forces back to the middle east if he felt the threat from isis or anyone else put american lives at risk.the war on terror has become one of the most talked about topics on the campaign trai among the democrats - bernie sanders is making g s way to dar rapids today. today.he's holding a labor breakfest at the i-b-e-w 405 union hall.the event is free and open to anyone.later, sanders will visit the islamic center.
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happened during a campaign stop in tama for martin o'malley. o'malley.the event was monday, when the weather was awful, and just one single person showed up!the o'malley campaign almost canceled the event because they knew the weweher would make it hard for people to venture out.but the event went on and the former maryland governor sat down one-on-one with that single voter.the attendee said he showed u ubecause he's still unsure of who to support.right now, o'malley is polling in the single digits, well behind hillary clinton and bernie sanders for the democratic nomination. iowans who kkw a soldier killed in n afghanistan are in new york right now to pay their last respects.sargeant joseph lemm was killed in a suicide attack just before christmas. christmas.he was among six soldiers killed when an attacker rammed an explosive- laden motorcycle into their patrol.lemm spent part of his childhood in the dubuque area and many family members still live there.this is video from his wake which was held yesterday.his funeral will take place at saint patrick's
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morning. ethan couch, better known as the "affluenza teen", is expected to be returned to the u-s today. couch's lawyers used an "affluenza" defense to avoid jail time after being convicted of killing four people while driving drunk. that essentially means he's a rich kid whoseseparents didn't set appropriate it looks like his mother, who was arrested with him in mexico on monday, will also face charges. "i think it's particularly satisfying to the families that indeed, i iappears thatat his mother tonya may have committed a crime and may finally be held accountable as well." tonya couch could face anywhere from two to ten years in prison if she's fofod for ethan, prosecutors aren't sure how they will proceed against him. new this morning morningchicago mayor rahm emanuel is expected to announce changes in the way the city's police officers are trained. trained.that will include tasers for every officer responding to a police call. this follows a weekend officer- invovled shooting that killed two people, including one
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accicdently shot. meanwhile the chicago police officer charged in the shooting death of 17-year-old laquan mcdonald pleaded not guty.jason van dyke faces charges of first degree murder and official misconduct.the shooting took place in 20-14, but charges didn't come until dash cam video was released last month. it's coming up after the break... up-close look at some of the prepepations for friday's rose bowl parade.
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right now in pasadena, it's degrees.. which might not sound too bad if you're from iowa. iowa.but it's chilly for southern california.and it's affecting volunteers getting ready for the rose parade on benedict has more. more. things are cking into high gear in pasadena where hundreds of volunteers are putting the finishing touches on the massive floats for this year's tournament of roses parade.dragons, gummy bears, castles, and camels. float themes varied just days before the tournament of rosesess scheduled to begin.advertising caroline reeves has been volunteering at the rose parade since she was a little kid, and this year, she is making sure that the tangerines she is using will make the perfect scales for hehedragon-themed float."i think it's really fun actually knowing how these things get built," reeves said."just being a part of it, being able to watch the floats go down the ststet and say, oh, i did that one little section," reeves added.the low temperatures are actually good
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carnationsblanket the los angeles lakers float, with marigolds and mums making the sun shine a little brighter for the lakers fans doing the decorating."kareem abdul- jabbar is going to sit here, and i'm going to be watching thinking, wow, i did those behind him," kennedy clark
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it's and you're watching cbs 2 this morning... morning...up next in business exercise plans today?we'll tell you what drink you may want to consider before you lace up the
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- it's now we're taking a look at yourur_____ your_______ the markets recovered on tuesday - making a push to close the year with momentum. the dow jumped 192 ints.the nasdaq climbed 66.and the s and p 500 rose 21. dupont is cutting about 17-hundred jobs in its home state of delaware. delaware.the cuts will take place in early 20-16, as part of the company's merger with dow announced the layoffs just four days after christmas.more cuts are now expected around the world. it looks l le santa went hi- tech this christmas season.
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and app installations shattered records this year. the midsize phablet -- a phone and tablet combo -- also gained popularity, acacunting for 27 percent of activations. apple took the top sales spot -- with 49-point-1 percent of all new devices. the countdown to new years eve is on, and netflix is giving parents a way to get their kids into bed early. early.they're offering a wide selection of children's characters to count down to the new year, that can be played anytime of the night. kids choose which character they want to host their new year's eve, and can watch an array of child-friendly and parent approved shows. if you got new cookware for christmas...we've got a recall to warn you about this morning. morning.according to the consumer product safety commission, macy's is recalling more than 120- thousand martha stewart frying pans.rivet covers on those
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pop off and fly across your kitchen.the commission says at least three people have received minor injuries that way.if you have the e frying pans, you should stop using them and return them to macy's for credit. drink coffee today!it could help yoyo endurance during a workout! workout!researchers at the university of georgia say they took a closer look at previous studies on caffeine, coffee and sports.they found significant improvements in endurance performance in five of nine studies.researchers say based on their reviews of these studies... there's evidence that coffee can improve endurance specifically in cycling and running. a video of a video of boxer mike tyson is trending on twitter today. you know we told you yesterday about all the parents who are trying out their kids hoverboards and falling...oh yes!i've watched it like five
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time. i love how you can see his confidence like i got this, its not so hard.and then his daughter says she doesn't want him to fall and down he gogo. it's still ahead on cbs 2 this morning... morning...what experts say were the biggest scams to hurt consumers this year... dad: i'm on it. culligan man: dude. don't do it yourself. dad: no? culligan man: no. anncr: leave it to the experts. with a culligan whole-house water softening system,
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you get better water, and service you can actually count on. dad: hey, culligan man. culligan man: hey! dad: this is great! culligan man: i know.
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you get better water, and service you can actually here's a look at some of eastern iowa's top stories -- on this morning... a statewide ban on bird exhibits at fairs is being pulled on friday.the ban was put in place because of the bird flu outbreak in the spring.iowa ag secretary bill northey on tuesday said this is very good news as the state continues to recover from the epidemic.last spring, iowa lost 32-million chickens and turkeys because of the bird flu, leading to higher egg and poultry prices. iowa's ethanol industry
5:42 am
the fuel this year.ethanol is a corn-based fuel additive. refineries here made more than four-billion gallons of it.the iowa renewable fuels association also says the hawkeye state provided 27- percent of the nation's ethanol supply in 20-15. the better business bureau is out with their top scams of the past year. year.the scams may vary in name, but are all very similar in the way they work.kenneth craig explains. explains. (vo)hundreds of thousands of americans have received a call like this one.(natsot)"the irs has filed a lawsuit against you."con artists posing as irs agents demand immediate payment.(sot-lois)"if i didn't clear it up that they were going to prosecute me"lois - who didn't want to give her last name - paid the scammers 45 hundred dollars in prepaid debit cards(sot-lois)"i panicked"(gfx)the better business bureau says tax cons were by far the top scam of other popular scams criminals pose as debt collectors or tech support.
5:43 am
won a sweepstakes or been awarded a grant.(sot-mary power/president, ceo council of better business bureaus) "the top scams all involve imposters, either someone you know or trust or someone that you're afraid of."the scams have something else in common - the criminal wants money up front.father michael ortiz thought he was a millionaire when he received this phony sweepstakes lettera& all he had to do was pay a 40- thousand tax to receive his prize. (sot-father michael ortiz/scam victim)" hook line and sinker i fell."and the scam artists want an untraceable form of payment. (sot-mary power/president and ceo, council of better business bureaus)"one of the red flags of any scam is if someone is requesting that you pay by prepaid debit card, wire transfer or gift card you should be wary."and experts say if someone is demanding money or if the offer sounds too good to be truea& it's likely a scam.kenneth craig,g, cbs news, new york. to learn more about scams in yoru area, you can check out the better business bureau's scam tracker.we've posted a link to that on our website, cbs-2-iowa-dot-com. if you're just getting up,
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corner...the impact some businesses see when tow-bans are put into place because of the weather.'re watching c-b-s 2 this morning -- covering the
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right now on s 2 this the severe weather that dumped snow here in iowa, caused a whole different problem for our neighbors to the south. the surprising shortage facing the iowa d-o-t after the
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where hawkeye fans are getting
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