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tv   CBS 2 News 10  CBS  December 30, 2015 10:00pm-10:35pm CST

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but we begin with continuing coverage of the war on terror. security is being beefed up for new years celebrations in the u.s. and,around the world. brussels, lgium the mayor has canceled fireworks for new year's eve because of the threat of an attack.the announcement came a day after two people were arrested on suspicion of being involved in a terror plot.t. and right now, federal agencies are tightening security around the rose bowl festivities. festivities.that includes the tournament of roses para and the rose bowl game pitting the iowa hawkeyes agaiait stanford friday afternoon. 2 news anchor kevin barry is in pasadena and joins us right now live with more, kevin? with headlines over the past few months often centering around terror attacks - and trying to prevent them, fans can't help but think about it leading up to one of the most well known n wl gagas in college football.
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bernardino it did. it did enter our minds but we felt that we can't live with fear and we should go ahead and proceed with our lives. the news that the rose bowl is one of just a handful of ents around the news years celebrations that federal authorizes are paying extra attention to doesn't faze or surprise janet's husband clint. no it doesn't. in the back of my mind i figured if they were going to cause a big bang they'd try something at a college bowl. the city of pasadena says it didn't surprise them either. just outside city hall - the los angeles county sheriff's department has the square blocked off and they're using it as a commands center. the rose bowl parade will pass by just a block away. when i say we have more resources available - a lot of thosese the public may not actually even see. they weill be deployed along the parade route at key areas for more rapid response. bor says the pasadena police department is
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federal agencies that are partnering to keep everyone safe. he says a year of preparation has resulted in more personnel and specialized equipment. i figure there is probably better securitytyow thananormal sosoe're going anywaygotta live your life. you can't just set and hide in a corner so they win that way too. we alsspoke with iowa presidenbruce harreld today about those security concerns. he says he has faith in the pasadena police department and all the state and federal agencies under their command. we're workrkg with all the locacaauthorities to continue to provide support but it's their show and were actually in their infrastructure and very respectful. they're doing a great job they were e doing a a wonderful job setting upupnd i think we're going to have a wonderful game. the city says the only new
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clear bag policy. they say selfie sticks, umbrellas and drones have always been banned. in pasadena, kevin barry, fox 28 news. new details in the san bernardino mass shooting investigation. investigation.the man whwh purcrcsed two of the weapons used in the attack is now facing terrorism charges.a judge handed down the five-count indictment against enrique marquez today. authorities sasamarquez and syed farook planned two other attacks but never followed through with them.the san bernardino attack killed 14 people.marquez is being held without bond tonight. back to the big game, in less than 48 hours, kirk ferentz and his team will play in iowa's first rose bowl in a quarter century., the head hawk went before the cameras to discuss his team's success so far. 2 sports anchor zach hanley talked with coach ferentz and joins us now live
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even though this is a huge game, the hawks have stuck to the script that got them here... thursdays they don't practice, since the game is on friday instead of saturday, in the hawkeyes world today to is a thursday. and it was alsoso the final time kirk ferentz and stanford head coach david shaw took the podium and all the talk was about the hawkeyes and the iowa way of doing things. "when we go shopping we don't get to go to t t gourmet story i guess. some schools do, they get to pick the guys my sister can tell you are great great football players... we are comfortable with that." that."" all year ygu just watched iowa find a way to win and nobody said anything. they have a great defensive performance, and a great offensive performance and a great team performance... to me that's a sign of a well, coached team, but it's also the sign of a an unselelsh team." team."kirk ferentz was also named the bobby dodd coach of e year... it's his 5thoach
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ason... live in pasadena, zach hanley, cbs 2 news, ten at 10. cbs 2 news is covering all of the fun leading up to the big me on friday. .and be sure to tune in n our road to the roses special tomorrow night at six-30, right here on cbs 2. temps are in the teens and 20s 20s mostly cloudy skies prevail prevail skies will become partly cloudy thursday but it will be cold.
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at 6am to 19 at 3pm 3pm this weather, you have to be prepared for anything... including a worst case scenario. scenario.which begs the question -- if you get stranded, would you be ready? ready?cbs 2 news reporter dora miller was around town today asking and she joins us live with what you need to survive. you might think in this age of cell phones here in eastern iowa you wouldn't have to worry about being tranded... but when we asked what's in your trunk -- we found out some people are ready for anything. anything. "i'm so rey."with a full trunk, shua's ready for whatever nature puts down. down. "i'm ready to dig myself out a little snow cone scoop and besides that i can milk my snow for tt water."he e ys he can handle his worst-case scenario... scenario... "this i can look for help, looking for help,
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at all that help. i'm looking for flags, looking for flares, smoke sisials."d other people's worst-case scenarios... scenarios... "i'm even prepared for other people who aren't ready. you got your jumper cables for people. my car never fails but somebody else's car might."but is it enough?red cross officials says you might want to invest in a few other essentials. "it's really important for people to be prepared and they sometimes think 'it's never going to hapn to m and when you have that kind of attitude, guess what? it's gonna happen to ou." flashlights -- three-day supply of food and water -- and a cell phone charger... things you might want to have in case you find yoursf stranded on the de of the road. road."a glow stick, some firstst aid,d,n case you injure yourself... "a thermal blanket so, i've never even, it's really thin so i don't know if it works."blankets are a good idea... idea... "i got thihig."and d anything else that might protect you from the elements. elements. "i got some jumper cables and a poncho in case it rains."but if luck doesn't go your way -- joshua has a simple theory.
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absolutely. think on your toes." if you want to cover all your bases -- we have the full list of suggested items on our website...covering the corridor in cedar rapids, dora miller cbs 2 news ten at ten other states along the mississippi are bracing for historic floong.thorities say nearly 20 levees along the river could fail- which would cause even greater far at least 20 people have died. cbs 2 news ten at t t ntinues now with new developments in the sexual assault case against bill cosby. cosby.the 78-year-old comedian@ is now charged with assaulting a former employee of templele university.cosby attended the school and is free on bail tonight. tonight.this is the first time he has been criminally charged, despite accusations from more than 50 women.if f convicicd, he could face five to ten years in prison.
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streets of manhattan to honor a former iowan turn new york city police officer. ofofcer.joseph lemm and six others were killed by a suicide bomber in afgahnistan this month. he was a 15 year veteran of the n-y-p-d and a technical sergeant in the r gugud.lemm spent his early childhood in bernard, near dubuque.his four year old son wore his father's hat and saluted his coffin.the 45-year- old also leaeas behind a wife, and teenage e daughter. an iowa woman held hostage for more than a year - may finally be getting compensation for her ordeal. ordeal.kathryn koob of waterloo was one of 53- americans taken hostage during the iranian revolution in 19-79.terms of their release in 19-81 prevented them from suing the government - but the group has been seeking other avenues of compensation ever - koob and her fellow hostages could receive 10-thousand dollars for every
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in couou amount to four-point-four million dollars each including the estates of the hostages who have since di.none of it is taxpayer's coming frfr a french bank that violated sanctions against three countries.koob says it won't erase their lost year - but it will help her fellow hostages know how muchmerica still cares about their sufferinin "it will help them deal with the aftermath of it, helps them understand that people cared about what happened in a real way." way."koob says it could still be eight months or so before the matter is finally settled and the money is distributed. now ten at ten continues with a look at tonight's other stories across the corridor. in tiffin,construction is nearly complete on the new clear creek amana middle on the two-story, 15-million-dollar addition fell behind schedule several months june, the superintendent told cbs 2
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21-hundred students with 100 new children coming into the district each year.he hopes to begin using the new space when classes resume next week. the salvation army in cedar rapids is in it's final push for their red kettle campagin of right now, the organization has raised 82- percent of their 790-ousand dollar goal.the red kettle campaign makes up more than 40- percent of the army's yearly budget.they are still taking donations to reach their goal. that is cbs 2 news ten at ten -- the ccridor's top stories and tomorrow's weather first forecast in the first ten minutes. minutes.but we are just getting started.coming up... up...forget the assembly line. the corridor company creating quality products one itch at
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of the rosebowl continues tomorrow on cbs2!join us at 5am as we g g a behind the e scenes look at what's happening in the big lead up to the game.we'll talk with our crews out in pasadena tomorrow starting at 5am.see you there.
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temperatures are in the teens and 20s 20s skies are mostly cloudy cloudymost of the nation is cold with plenty of 20s and 30s over the midwest midwest tonight's clouds will break for some sun thursday. cold
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years highs today were in the 20s with up 1/2" of snow snow temps are in the teens and 20s
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10 west coast storm will deliver colder air airnw flow with cold air i io the weekend weekend no rain through monday monday no snow w through mondaypredictor clouds tonight will clear out thursday thursdaymostly cloudy and cold
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12-18 partly sunny and cold with highs mid teens to low 20s 20stemperatures will stay cold with dry weather r e next 7 days days just ahead on c-b-s two newsws. news...the company creating a new look for men right here in back in two minutes.
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cordes: most nurses are totoh. they're problem-solvers. they like making things better. people don't have access to healthcare because they just can't afford it. bernie sanders understands how pharmaceutical companies and major medil companies are ripping us off. bernie tells the truth, and he's been consistent. he understands that the system is rigged, and he's the only one who can bring real change.
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fashion is something that's constantly changing but no matter what your taste, some things never go out of style. and a young,g,local compapa is trying to capitalize on character and quality created in the corridor. kevin tomkin is a solon businessman whose success has afforded him enough spare time to develop his art. it's a passion that this perfectionist expresses in leather."it's a constant evolution of finding a different way, a quicker way or a better way to do everything.""he's grown over the last year, i mean now we're pretty much making 5
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gogos."and they're hand-crafting these high-end accessories for gentlemen care, the brainchild of 22-year old conor paulsen who, along with miller, met tomkin in a coffee shop."and it w w almost instant, you know we knew. in the first couple sentences he had talked to us about just being a family man and being genuine and the qualities of a kentleman. " seeking a nostalglg appeal,l, the trio launched gentlemen care in february with a successful crowdfunding campaign that raised the company's initial operating capital."we didn't want to be the leather providers that built ththsmall trinkety-kind of stuff but things that had more meaning to them." everything from bracelets and belts to shaving kits and fully custom messenger bags that are not masasproduced. "every piece is different." being selective, tomkin sources the company's full grain leather direct from the tannery. and while gentlemen care is an e-c-cmerce company, they want their customers to
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can't just go on and purchase a product. our big thing is before wwant to talk about products, we want to get to know you as a customer." and as a custotor, you have a say in he type of leather, choice of hardware, even the thread used for your one-of-a kind product."we really enjoy this consultation-reservation methododogy. **17:28:19:2626 :05 "we're producing something that we can honestly say, 'no one else in the world has this."and you should have it for a very long time. every gentlemen care product carries a lifetime guarantee because this entleman takes pride in each piece he creates. "it's my blood, sweat and tears, it's every mistake i've made prior to that piece being # sold, and all of that goes into that one piece that is offered to somebody that hopefully is going to give it a good home and appreciate all the ood, sweat and tears that went into it." gentlemen care is growing and will be adding a women's line in february.
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browse the company's products and reserve a consultation at cbs s iowa dot com. two days away from smelling the roses... coming up in sports... why you'd be making a mistake`if you overlook this iowa offense... more on that next
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believe it or not... we're
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"granddaddy of them all"... on friday... iowa will play in a rose bowl for the first time since 1991... fox 28 sports anchor zach hanley's been with the hawkeyes all wewe long... zach... we know about christian mccaffery and the stanford offense... but what about the iowa offense?... old school, tough, and phphical... words that describe the iowa offense, not stylish and flashy... because the hawkeyes all about putting on the hard hat and getting the job done. done. all season long the iowa fense had went to work, ignoring he noise. and at the rose bowl it's no different because the only offense being talked about is stanford's. stanford's.: "that's basically how we've done it all year. not many people have talked about is or given us respec but i think that through the tire year we've just gone about our business and obviously our record shows." and with a three headed monster at running back and a
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the hawks plan to fly over a cardinal defense that gives up an average of 23 points per game and nearly 6 yards per play play "obviously statistics don't lie, but at the end of the day we have to make sure that we are just executing all of our assignments." assignments.": "we are just really confident with what we can do as and offense and it doesn't ally matter what defense is out there, what the stats arar we are really confididt in what we can n do and we are just going to go out at do it."confidence that stems from a senior class look for their first bowl win win"it's really rare to see a good college football team that d dsn't have a good d seseor class and that what wev've enjoyed. these guys are determined, i know they want to close their careers on a high note." e hawkeyes didn't practice today, they have a walk through tomorrow and see the stadium for the first time.
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it's the m-v-c-copenen at the mcloud center... u-n-i against the bradley braves... the story early on for u-n-i... was the big men... here's bennett cook... nice little spin into a baby hook... and it's good.... and cook kept cookin' on defense... this is defending the rim... skies for the swat... coach jake's gotta love that... it was too easy for the home team tonight... here's jeremy morgan getting to his spot... and cashing in on the three ball... ball...morgan pourur in 18 pointstsn the night... and the panthers beat up on the braves at home, 80-44... now to hilton coliseum... iowa state at home against coppin state... first half... cyclones rolling... up 2121. momoe morris in transititi... lolo it up to jameel mckay... that never gets old... later in the half... after a steal... deonte burton drops it off to abdul nader... bucket and the foul for the 'clones... burton... fittttg ririt into theheix in ames... then second half... this game well in hand... monte morris just showin' off... pulling up for the baseline jumper... silky smooth... iowa state puts 104 up against coppin state.....ut it won't t
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stay with c-b-s two -terry has
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skies will come partly cloudy thursday b b it w wl be cold. temperatures will rise from 17 at 6am to 19 at 3pm 3pm thanks for watching your cbs 2 news at ten.we'll see you back here tomorrow.
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