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tv   CBS2 This Morning Early Edition  CBS  December 31, 2015 5:00am-6:00am CST

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have a great day. right now on cbs 2 this cities across the globe are preparing extra security to ring in the new year. we'll have the latest from pasadena, where security will also be increased, at the rose bowl tomorrow. plus, how bill cosby is facing actual charges, after years of sexual assault accusations from dozens of women. welcome to cbs two this morning...i'm kelly d'ambrosio. d'ambrosio. let's get a check of our cbs 2 weather
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cities around the world are hoping it will be a happy new years eve.e.right now many are preparing for tonight's big celebration with one thing on their mind: keeping everyone safe. the wake of the major terror attacks in san bernardino and paris in the last fewewmonths, many cities are taking a proactive approach, to make sure another attack doesn't happen on one of the biggest nights of the the belgian capital, authorities have canceled new years evfireworks amid fears of a tererrist attack.that decision came one day after police arrested two men with an alleged plot for tonight at popular locations in brussels.
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rested in connectiti to the november attacks in paris.a belgian national was arrested wednesday following a search in a brussels neighborhood. prosecutors say about 10 cellphones were seized during the search. right now, they're being examined. in france, where those terror attacks too place, authorities are preparing for the worst tonight. tonight.the city of paris has just canceled their fireworks display.about 60-thousand police officers and troops will be deployed across the country the celebrations that do happen.several troops who were stationedn sevevel countries in africacaave been brought back to help with patrols. here at home in the united states, the country's biggest city is expecting around 1 million people to converge on times squareo watch the ball drop. drop.and this yeaea thth will be accompanied by 6-thousand of new york city's finest, including members of a new specialized counter-terrorism unit.everyone arriving to watch the ball drop, is going to get screened for weapons with a metal detecting wand. in california, security will
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the rose bowl 2 this morning co-anchor kevin barry explains how fans and local authorities are making sure evererne stays sasa. sasa. new reports out in the last 24 hours say that the rose bowl is one of just a few events around new years getting extra attention from law enforcement trying to prevenenfuture terrors attacks. but that couldn't rattle many of the thousands of hawkeye fans who made their way to pasadena for the rose bowl and everything that leads up to it. the city pasadena police department is in charge of all the state and federal authorities keeping people safe. a year of preparation has resulted in more personal, with re training and better eeipment. william boyerpasasana city spokespersonwhen i say we have more resources available - a lot of those, the public may not actually even see. they weill be depled ong the parade route at key areas for more rapid responseselliveelater today, we'll tell you about the one californian tied to iowa in a special way. in pasadena, kevin barry, cbs 2
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be sure e stay with cbs 2 this morning for contiued coverage of the rose bowl. coming up next half hour, we'll have more reports from both kevin and cbs 2 sport reporter zach hanely. and the road to the roses continues all day long here on cbs s se to catch our pregame special *tonight. it starts right at 6-thirty.but if you miss it tonight, it will air again tomorrow, morning on our sister station fox 28, at 7-30 a-m. now an update in the san bernardino mass shooting investigation. investigation.the man who purchased two of the weapons used in the attack is now officially facing terrorism charges.a judge handed down the five-count indictment against enrique marquez on wudnesday.authorities say marquez and syed farook planned two other attacks but never followed through with them.the san bernardino attack killed 14 people.marquez is morning. prosecutors say the woman accused of running down pedestrians on the las vegas
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marijuana the day of the incident. incident.attorneys say toxicology tests confirm lakeisha holloway had the drug in her person was killed and dozens injured earlier this month.police have described what happened as an "intentional act".holloway is charged with murder and leaving the scene of an accident.her attorneys say she is distraught, but still no ononhas offered d motive for what happened. funeral services were held for a soldier killed in afghanistan who had ties to eastern iowa. iowa.sergeant joseph lemm was among six killed in a suicide attack earlier this montntlemm grew up in the dubuque area. thousands turned out to pay their respects to the new york city police veteran that many called "superman." this picture, taken by an associated press photographer, could d ve you all kinds of emotions.this is sergeant lemm's four-year-old son ryan, saluting his father's flag draped casket.a moment in time, capturing a lifetime of loss a a pain for r e family,
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battlefield. new this morning, the mother of ethan couch has been sent back into the united states after she ananher teenage son flfl the country. prosecutors were investigating whether couch violated his parole.couch is still in mexico, before he could be returned to the u-s. a mexican judge blocked his dedertation. he's now being held at a facility in mexico city.county sheriff dee anderson said it doesn't surprise him that the family fought the deportation. "just another chapter in a long book. it's just, i expected no less. they'll fight every step of the way. i know they're e t going to suddenly turn over a new leaf and say let's go back to texas and face the music. that's not how they've lived." lived."18-year-old couch was given a light sentence after killing four people in a drunk driving crash, when his lawyers argued he suffered
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ans he's a rich kid whose parent's never set him limits. bill cosby has spent decades in front o othe camera entertaining millions, but over the course of the last several years dozens of woman have accused of him of sexual he's been charged for the very first time. time.this is cosby's mugshot ter he was raigned on a charge of aggravated indecent assault, a serious felony, in pennsylvania.he's now free from custody after posting a one million dollar bond. bond.most of the accusations cosby has received from wowon, have passed the time allotted to file a criminal complaint. in this case, the alleged victim says cosby drugged her before sexually assaulting her more than a decade ago. "for many of my 29 clients who alleged that they are victims of bill cosby, seeing him criminally charged and having to face a trial is the best christmas presenenthat they have ever rereived" received"cosby has not entered a plea on the charge yet.if convicted, he could face a sentence of up to 10 years in prison.
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morninin21 p pple were hospitalized with injuries suffered from heavy turbulence on an air canada flight.the plane was flying from shanghai to toronto, but had to be diverted to calgary.some passengers had to be e ken out on stretchers.after the emergency landing, other passengers said they're happy to be on the ground. "suddenly, the flight is just going down and everything is really scary." scary.""it was a little scary, but i'll be honest, all the crew were very professional, they handled themselves very well. everyone stayed calm. a few people had a couple minor injuries...a little bit shaken up, but we made it back safe and sound." sound."the flight was carrying a total of 351 people.three children were injured on the flight. good morning again, thanks for waking up with cbs 2 this's right now on this morning! morning!the cedar the cedar rapids titans and rampage are
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spirit.we'll explain how they're celebrating, coming up.
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later today the cedar rapids rampage will be going head to head with the missouri comets. but first, they're kicking things off with their first ever new year's eve bashcbs 2 reporter stephanie johnson is down at the u.s. cellular center. center.she now joins us live with a preview of some of the fun.stephanie?kelly...we're hereret the cellular center...
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stephanie johnson, cbs 2 stephanie johnson, cbs 2 news. news.thanks, stephanie. it's now on this morning. coming up in your morning sports... spor...why stanford would be making a big mistake if they over-look iowa's offense tomorrow.
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you get better water, and service you can actually welcome back -- it's now we're taking a look at your_______ your_______ here's a look here's a look at some of eastern iowa's top stories -- on this morning... in tiffin, construction is nearly complete on the new clear creek amana ddle on the two-story, 15-million-dollar addition fellllbehihi scheduleleseveral months june, the superintendent told cbs 2 news, the district has about 21-hundred students with 100 new children coming into the district each year.he hopes to begin using the new space when classes resume next week. the salvation army in cedar rapids is in it's final push for their red kettle campagin of right now, the orgagazation haharaised 82- percent of their 790-thousand dollar goal.the red kettle campaign makes up more than0-
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budget.they are still taking donationonto reach their goalal believe it or not... we're ju a day away from the "granddaddy of them all"... on friday... . wa will play in a rose b bl for the first time since 1991... fox 28 sports reporter zach hanley's been with the hawkeyes all week long... and he took a look at the *overlooked* iowa offense.. old school, tough, and d physical... words thth describe the iowa offense, not stylish and flashy... because the hawkeyes all about putting on the hard hat and getting the job done. all season long the iowa offense had went to wo, ignoring he noise. and at the rose bowl it's no different because the only offense being talked about is stanford's. stanford's.: "that's basically how we've done it all year. not many people have talked about is or given us respect, but i think that through the entire year we've e st gone about r business and obviously our record shows." and with a three headed monster at running back and a quarterback that just wins, the hawks plan to fly over a cardinal defense that gives up an average of 23 points perer game a a nearly 6 yards per play play "obviously statistics
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the day we have to make sure that we are just executing all of our assignments." assignments.": "we are just really confident th what we can do as and offense and it doesn't really matter what defense is out there, what the stats are, we are really confident in what we can do and we are just going to go out at do it."confidence that stems from a senior class look for their first bowlwlin wiwi"it's reallylyare to see a good college football team that doesn't have a good senior class and that what wev've enjoyed. these guys are determined, i know they want to closetheir careers on a high note."the hawkeyes didn't practice today, they have a walk through tomorrow and see the stadium for the first time. live in pasadena, zhit's the m-v-c opener at the mcloud ceer... u-n-i against the bradley braves... the story early on for u-n-i... was the big men... here's bennett cook....nice little spin into a baby hook... and it's good.... and cook kept cookin' on defense... this is defending the rim... skies for the swat... coach jake's gotta love that... it was too easy for the home team tonight... here's jeremy morgan getting to his spsp... and cashing in on the three ball...morgan poured in 18 points on the night... and the panthers beat up on the braves at home,
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coliseum... iowa state at home against coppin state... first half... cyclones rollllg... up 21... monte morris in transition... lobs it up to jameel mckay... that never gets old... later in the half... after a steal... deonte burton drops it off to abdul nader... bucket and the foul for the 'clones... burton... fitting right t intoto
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hand... monte morris just showin' off... pulling up for the baseline jumper... silky smooth... iowa state puts 104 up against coppin state... but it won't be that easy on sunday... when they travel to oklahoma... the cbs two commmmity calendar is brought
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thanks. guns n roses will reunite in 2016! 2016!there are several reports that say the bands original members, axl rose and slash, are going to headline the coachella music festival in california in april. april.the last time they played together was in 1993! the band is also reported to be negotiatatg with promoters
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throughout north america.this is a really huge development because you remember slash and axl's relationship was so broken, they refused to perform together just a few years ago in 2012 when they were to be inducted into the rock and roll hall of fame! good morning again -- it's now just around the corner... corner...what you should have
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during winter weather.'re watching c-b-s 2 this morning -- covering the corrrror. is the economy rigged? well, the 15 richest americans acquired more wealth in two yearsrs than the bottom 100 million people combined. i'm bernie sanders, and i approve this message. my plan -- make wall street banks and the ultra-rich y their fair share of taxes, provide living wages for working people, ensure equal pay for women. the middle class will continue to disappear unless#we level the playinfield.
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right now on cbs 2 this
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historic floods th's affecting our neighbors to the east andndsouth. what you should have stowed away in your car, in case you're ever stuck in nasty winter weather. plus, head hawkeye kirk ferentz continues to rack up awards, while preparing for a bowl. welcome to cbs two this morning...i'm kelly d'ambrosio. d'ambrosio. let's get a check of our cbs 2 weather
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catastrophic flooding in our neighboring states is pushing rivers high above their banks. as of this morning, at least 24 people have been killed. most of the e deaths froropeople trying to drive through high, fast moving water. some of the worst flooding in history, parts of saint loius are under water. hundredsf roads and bridges in missouri and illinois are closed, inclcling more than 20 miles of interstate 44!and just about 15 minutes ago, officials were forced to close interstate@55 down due to rising some places, , rivers and streams s ve already crested.. but the mississippi river is expected to sometime today. here in iowa, the storm that brought that historic
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and d the winter, you have to be prepared for anything, including if you vehicle gets 2 news reporter dora miller shows us what you need in case that happens to you. you. "i'm so ready."witita full trunun joshua's ready for whatever nature puts down. down. "i'm ready to dig myself out a little snow cone scoop and besides that i can milk my snow for the watete"he s ss he can handle his worst-case scenario... scenario... "this i can look for help, looking for help, looking for help. oh yey, look at all that help. i'm looking for flags, looking for flares, oke signals."and other people's worst-case scenarios... scenarios... "i'm even prepared for other people who aren't ready. you got your jumper cables for people. my car never fails but somebody else's car might."but is it enough?red cross ofofcials says you might want to invest in a few other essentials. "it's really important for people to be prepared and they sometimes think 'it's never going to happen to me' and when you have that kind of attitude, ess what? it's gonna happen to you." flashlights -- three-day
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and a cell phone charger... things you might want to have in case you find yourself stranded on the side of the road. road."a glow stick, some first aid, in caseseou injure yourself... "a thermal blanket so, i've never even, it's really thin so i don't know if it works."blankews are a good idea... idea... "i got this rug."and ything else that might protect you from the elements. elements. "i got some jumper cables and a poncho in case it rains."but if luck doesn't go your way -- joshua has a mple theory. theory. "use what you have, absolutely. think on your toes." if you want to cover all your bases -- we have the full list of suggested items on our website.. cbs 2 iowa dot com. we now know w the name of a man who died in a grain bin accident tuesday in keystone. keystone.the benton county sheriff tells cbs 2 news 56- year-old alan keith kimm was vacuuming grain into a mi, en a wall of corn surrounding him collapsed. attempts by emergency crews to save him came up short.kimm
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scene.d- in less than 36 hours, kirk ferentz and his team will play in iowa's first rose bowl in a quarter century. century.the head hawk went before the cameras on wednesday to discuss his team's success so far.and even though this is a huge game, the hawks are sticking to the script that got them here... today they team will not practice, but will have a walk through and get to see the actual rose bowl stadium for the first time.yesterday was kirk ferentz and stananrod head coach dadad shaw's final time talking to the media, and all the talk was about the iowa way of doing things. "when weo shopping we don't get to go to the gourmet story i guess. some schools do, theyey get t pick the guys my sister can tell you are great great football players... we are comfortable with that." that."" all year you just watched iowa find a way to win and nobody s sd anything. they have a great defensive performance, and a great offensive performance and a great team performance... to me that's a sign of a well
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the sign of a an unselfish team." team."kirk ferentz was also named the bobby dodd coach of the year... it's his 5th coach of the year honors this season. while e wa football has been storming towards the rose bowl all season, new university of iowa president bruce harreld has had a rocky first few months in 2 this morning co-anchor kevin barry sat down with harreld today to speak with him about how he'll lead the university through the coming months. months. if winning fixes everything, then iowa football is taking fans minds off a lot of their trtrbles.vobut one issue not going away at the university of iowa is the heavy criticism of president bruce harreld. before he even took the office - that's cbs 2 thth morning co-anchor kevivibarry reporting.coming up later today, we'll have a report from pasadena how these prestigious bowl games help the university off thfield. and a roro bowl s sical pregame show will air *tonight on right here on cbs 2!it
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panic, if you miss it tonight, you can watch it tomorrow morning on our sister station fox 28, at 7-thirty. an ambulance was called to the e cedar r pids kindercare - but not for an emergency you might expect. paramedics responded to a group of kids who dished out lots of love. kids`at the daycare baked cookies and made cards to giveo area ramedics. the children also got to see the inside of the ambulance, and the instruments paramedics use to save lives. the director of the kindercare tells cbs 2 news, it's a goodod way y show kids, real-life superheroes work in our community every day. our friends at the cedar valley hane society need your help providing pets with forever homes!right now, theyeye hohoing their new year's challenge.adoption fees are only 25 dollars for cats and 50 bucks for dogs.those fees include spaying an neutering and vaccinations.
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year's is a great time to help out our furry friends. "our goal is to kind of continue to grow our adoption numbers so that we can help animals from here and from afar get good homes. if that is five hundred great, if it's three thousand at's great too.." too.."the shelter is open today til five. good morning again, thanks for waking up with cbs 2 this's right now on this morning! morning!the cedar rapids titans and rampage are getting into the new y yr' spirit. we'll explain how they're celebrating, coming up.
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if you're looking for something to do on this new years eve, the arena soccer team: the cedar rapids rampa
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with the missouri comoms.but first, they're kicking things off with their first ever new year's eve bashcbs 2 reporter stephanie johon is down at the u.s. cellular center. center.she now joins us live with a preview of some of the fun.stephanie?kelly...we're
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live in ... stephanie johnson, cbs 2 news. news.thanks, stephanie. it's and you're watching cbs 2 this morning... morning...up next in business news...why twitter is upgrading some of its policies
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they were one of the hottest holiday gifts out there this year, but they're not allowed in the nation's biggest city. city.two new york state lawmakers are pushing to change that.hoverboards and segways are classfied as motor vehicles in new york city, which means they must be registered.but the problem is, there's technically no way to rester them.two democratic lawmakers say the ban is unnececeary and d nt to make them legal. bill cosby's felony sexual assault charge has not swayed hulu to ditch not swayed charge hasot swayed hulu to ditch the comic's famed show from its playlist. playlist.still, 201 episodes of "the cosby show" are available on the streaming service.several networks nixed projects and cut re-runs of all cosby related programming after dozens of women accused the cocodian of sexual assault this past year.industry insiders suggest that user- controlled streaming removes the need to pull a show from programming. google chrome has a new add-on that lets users ock all
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presidential candidate donald trump.'s called the trump filter and it was launced on christmas eve.a description of the app calls it part of thehe quotot"antidote" for trump's "toxic candidacy."developer rob spectre says he built it to take the spotlight off trump and t people focus on other candidates and the issues of the election cycle.. twitter users who post hateful or violent speech on the social network will be booted from the social media site. site.this, after twitter announced an update to its policy on violent or abusive posts.twitter, fafabook and other social networks have faced criticism for failing to stop terrorists from using their channels to communicate. in response, the social networks have adjusted their policies several times to clamp down on hate speech, while still trying to avoid censorship. the united states postal service has unveiled its 20-16 line-up of stamps. stamps.a highlight of the group is a set of four star trek stamps honoriri the original tv show's 50th anniversary.the star trek
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icons....the uss enterprise, the starfleet insignia, a crew member being beamed up, and a vulcan salute. there are also stamps dedicated to everyone's favorite dwarf planet, pluto, and a book of stamps devoted to pets. on twitter lots of people are talking about new york times writer kyle smith. smith.he wrote an article calling g t star wars starar carrie fisher, for tweeting out to the world to stop debating whether she's aged well. well.smith's article makes the point that although it is horrible that we all have an unhealthy obsession with youth and slim figures, that's the ture of the business and if she didn't want to be scrutinized she should have picked another profession.and as with anything, people online are on both sides of the fight. but needless to say it's gained some traction because star wars. i want to know what you think! i've put a post up on my facebook and twitter page so get over there and tell me
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fashion is something that's constantly changing but no matter your taste, some things never go out of style. and a young, local company is trying to capitalize on character and quality.'s cbs 2 news anchor scott sanborn with this mornrng's created in the corridid. kevin tomkin is a solon businessman whose success has afforded him enough spare time to develop his art. it's a passion that this perfectionist expresses in leather."it's a constant evolution of finding a different way, a quicker way or a better way to do everything.""he's grown over the last year, i mean now we're pretty much making 5 star, ultra-premium leather goods."and they're hand-crafting these high-end accessories for gentlemen care, the brbrnchild of 22-year old conor paulsen who,
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in a coffee shop."and it was almost instant, you@know we knew. in the first couple sentences he had t tked to about just being a family man and being genuine and the qualities of a gentleman. " seeking a nostalgic appeal, the trio launched gentlemen care in february with a successful crowdfunding campaiai that raisis the company's initial operating capital."we didn't want to be the leather providers that built the small trinkety-kind of stuff but things that had moremeaning to them." everything from bracelets and belts to shaving kits and fully custom messenger bags that are not mass produced. "every piece is different." being selective, tomkin sources the company's full grain leather direct from the tannery. and while gentlemen care is an e-commerce company, they want their customers to have a premium experience."you can't just go on and purchase a product. our big thing is before we want to talk about products, we want to get to know you as a customer." and as a customer, you have a say
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of hardware, even the thread used for your one-of-a kind product.t."we really enjoy this consultation-reservation methodology. **17:28:19:26- :05 "we're producing something that we can honestly say, 'no one else in the world has this."and you u ould have it for a very long time. every gentlemen care product carries a lifetime guarantee because this gentleman takes pride in each piece he creates. "it's my bloodsweat and tears, it's every mistake i've made prior to that piece being sold, and all of that goes into that one piece that is offered to somebody that hopefully is goininto give it a good home and appreciate all the blood, sweat and tears that went into it." gentlemen care is growing and will be adding a women's line in february. weweave a link where you can browse the company's products and reserve a consultation at cbs 2 iowa dot com. if you're just getting up,
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stay with us, because after the break... break...the steps being taken around the world as billions of people start celebrating the dawn of 20-16.
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