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field. we take u to a massive pep rally in pasadena. we'll get to those celebrations a bit, but first, celebrations in germany are tense tonight after a terror threat. seconds ago, it struck midnight in munich but an hour before that, , ficials closed down train stations and stopped all trains from running. they say there was a credible threat and are urging people to avoid crowds. stay with c c 2 news and we'll keep you updated as more on this story comes in. a 25-year-old man from hills is safe tonight after falling through happened late this morning while 25-year-old jared bushell walked over frozen wetlands in the hawkeye wildlife area in oxford. 2 news reporter mellaney moore was there when emergency crews were onon scene today y d joins us live. we had temperatures well over freezing last week.experts say it's not safe to be on the ice right now.
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officials say y shell called 911 when he fell through the ice into waist deep water and got stuck in mud.two sheriff deputies in dry suits broke through ice in and a half thick to get him out.officials say he w w cold, but had d insulated waders and they released him from the scene. they say ice needs to be four inches thick to walk on and at least five for atvs or vehicles, but ice is never 100 percent sasa. chris kochanny, public education captain23:38:10 have a cell phone, go with a partner, have a piece of rope or a ladder that if somebody were to fall throh, you can slide that out on the ice and allow them to grab onto that and rescue them and then of course call 911 if somebody does fall through the ice. ice.if you have questions about whether of not you should go out on ice, the fire department says to check the iowa dnr's ice reports s and check the ice yoyoself. now let's check in with chief meteorologist terry swails
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this new year's eve while a lot of us are busy thinking about our new year's plans, the cedar
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looking for input on next year's school calendar. cbs 2 news anchor scott sanborn explains why it has a few parents upset. karen - only months after a debate over school start dates, the cedar rapids district is proposing another big change for families. on its website, the district posted the proposed school calendar which shows a late start every wednesday of the year. the district says a committee studied professional learning time andndound teachers needed more. so, they've recommended having classes start late every wednesday. that means elementary students would begin school at 10:25 and middle and high schoooo student's classes would start at 9:20. some parents have expressed frustration ver the late start, saying it could adversely effect their schedules depending on work hours. e district says supervision will be provided before school for elementary students on those days. the district is accepting feedback on this plan until
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their email address on our website, cbs 2 iowa dot com. in california, hawkeyes are gathering in droves on the u-s-s iowa. cbs 2 news reporter kevin barry is at the pep rally and brings us the excitment as the hawks prepare for battle in the rose bowl. ship is at capacity at 2-thousand people. mamang sure they don't go o over. huge line of fans waiting to get on/eating bbq
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- waiting to hear the much bigger 5 inch cannons later. he runs, catches, returns punts and kicks.. and even throws the ball! this season he set the ncaa record for all purpose yards in a season with 3 thousand 4 hundred 96 yards.... and the hawks know stopping the ap player of the year won't be easy, but their up for the challenge
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him.....or else he is going to hurt us. us.mccaffrey averages 8 and a half yards per play... but if the hawks can keep him in check, they should be just fine... one of college football's best players has been arrested oy days away from his team's bowl game. game.san antonio police say t-c-u quarteback trevon boykin assaulted an officer.they say boykin was in a bar when people recognized him and they exchanged words.they say he t upset, took a swing and ended up hitting a bar employee. when he was taken outside the bar, police say he also hit an officer. boyk is san antonio with his team for this weekend's alamo bowl. that game. if you're like a lot of us here at broadcast park, you've
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5..4...3...2...1.. happy new year! year!of course it's not new years, yet - that's what times square looked like last new year. totoght, millions around the world will be gathering to ring in 2016. with terror threats across the world, some celebratons have been cancelled and others have boosted security. brusseland paris just rang in the new year minutes ago. those cities cancelled annual celebrations because of security concerns. here's a live look at a celebration in new years eve me just a few hours early today for hundreds of kids and parents at the cedar rapids public library. cbs 2 news reporter joy howe is here to show us how it all went down. it *camemeown with 2-thousand balloons did, at the stroke of 12...but in this case, 12 *pm. it's a great way to get the entire family involved in celebrating the new year - and
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absoluly free. ((nats, singing "let them go")) if you're ready to let 2015 go...and you don't want to stay up until midnight to do it ((nat pop ofhonk" toy))then $ the cedar rapids publi library is the best placeceo lilio your way into 2016. we have red carpet interviews interviewer nick borrowed our mic and officially took over, asking the serious questions. cl 0006go "are you having a good day? are you excited for e new year? 03.20.027 pepeect. lady of few words i like it. to get good grades. that's a good goal, you know where that starts? at the library right @here with the books 03.18.021 start right at the library. like that plug? that's a prerey good plug, right? his resolution this year? me personally, i just like to party, boogie have a good time 4-year-old tabrie knows how to do that. she's got extra pep in her step today, celebrating her birthday and new years. momma helped me makakmy headband, and i got this 052ub so much fu for so many people. and free, like all the programs we have the library, complplely
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library stays committed to, despite their tough news of 2015, learning they would be dealing with some cutbacks after voters decided not to help support the libraryry further with tax dollars. 03.14.06 it's about the community, sure we have some tough times and some adjustments we'll make, but our goal is still the same, it's the maireason we're here, if we don't do that, then what is there? they know their place in our community....and just how many people count on them. ((balloons released, screaming g sues)) so, happy new year from the cedar rapids public library. happy new year to you, too the cedar rapids public library says, they're making this "noon" years eve a tradition - and other libraries across the corridor are getting on board too, offering their own family-new year's celebrations.
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iowans are headed out in force to help those affected by historic missouri flooding. meanwhile, a live look in los angeles as hawk fans continue tailgate celebrations ahead of
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you got people working incredibly long hours. median family income today -- $4,000 less than it was in 1999.
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what this campaign is about is to demand that we create an economy that works for all of us rather than a handful of billionais. if you work 40 hours a week in america, you should not live in poverty. i'm bernie sande, and i approve this message. countdown to the rose bowl is on!join us at 5am as cbs2 continues coverage of all the preperation and events.we're checking in with our sports crew out in padena.see yo tomorrow in 2016! midwest are marking a somber new years eve. dead floodwaters continue to ri in missouri - swelling to levels higher thahathey've ever been. major highways have
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families ordered to evacuate. at this point, officials estimate more than 100-homes have been destroyed. 45-iowa national guard members have been dispatched to missouri to
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still ahead live at five... major changes could be coming to your beauty routine. the unexpected consequences left behind after micro-beads in face and body washes go down the drain. this is a live look at there's more news ahead when live at 5
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a new trick for thinking about your new year's resolution might help you keep it. a time magazine contributor - tired of *failing her resolutions - went to an expert for help.the expert told her there are two categories of resolutions, promotion goals and prevention goals. promotions are about aspirations like running a marathon.prevention goals are about maintaining what you have, such as paying bills on time. experts say prevention goals have a higher success rate because when you fail to
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better next time improves. millions will be raising a glass tonight to ring in the new year. for some that glass will be filled with orange wine. wine.first produced thousands of years ago in eastern europe, orange wine faded away in - the ancient wine is making a comeback.the wine has tones of amber and is actually not made with oranges.the wine gets its color by leaving crushed white grapes in contact with their skin for an extended period. buyers say they appreciate the history of the wine - while drinkers try to identify the taste. "i think a lot of people like the sense of discovery and for me these wines represent so much of what's very old and what's news.""it's woodsy. it's like a complex white wine" wine" some find the wine too acidic - but it pairs well with meat and also costs a
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white and is not yet widely available. and ladies - before you go out to enjoy that wine - odds are you put your makeup on first. first.right now though - there is a new law affecting your cosmetics and personal care products.those microbeads that are great for exfoliation - are ending up on the dinner table.when the beads go down the drain - they end up in lakes and oceans and are consumed by fish.president obama signed the bi-partisan bill today - banning companies from using the tiny beads. scientists say the beads absorb all sorts of contaminants - bad not just for fish - but humans too. (sot marcus erikson)(19;13;10) they're absorbing industrial chemicals, pesticides from farms. oil drops from cars will stick to these microplastics and microbeads. at that point they can enter the food chain. to give yoyoan idea of how many microbeads make it into our waters - each day there are enough to coat the surface
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another check of the scenery in los angeles. hawks take on the stanford cardinal tomorrow afternoon in the rose bowl. terry will have your final
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evening news: a massive fire in dubai continues to burn... as we count down a major effort is paying off in a big way. more than 27-hundred dollars was donated during the month-long forget the fine supply drive. park cedar rapids accepted donations in return for forgiveness of parking tickets. the donations went toward area homeless
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this . coverage continues now america is not just electing&a president, we're also electing a commander in chief. that choice matters. because strengthening the economy, making healthcarmore affordable, raising incomes. all of that depends on us being boththecure at home and leading the world. i will get up every single day and do whatever it takes to make sure ourpcountry is safe and stro. i'm m llary clinton and iiapprove this messasa.
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