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tv   CBS2 This Morning Early Edition  CBS  January 1, 2016 5:00am-6:00am CST

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fairing last night with increased fears ofoferror attacks across the g gbe. neneyear, and a new bowl game. we continue our coverage of the rose bowl game. plus, the exciting start to the college football playoff. see who will play for a national title in a little over a week. welcome to cbs two this morning...i'm kelly d'ambrosio. d'ambrosio.
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happy new year and happy new happy new year and welcome to the start of 20-16 !! celebrations took place around the entire globe last night. night.and about a million people crowded into new york
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the famous ball drop right at midnight.organizers expected another 100-million people in the united states to watch it on t-v, with a wwld-wide viewer ship of more than a billion people!this celebration has been going on for more than a century, starting in 19- everything in new york city everything in everything in new yorkity went off without a hitch, but in nearby rochester, that wasn't the case. case.officials were forced to cancel a fireworks celebration there, after arresting a man they say was plotting to carry out a new ar's eve attack. prosecutors s say 25-year-old emanuel lutchman was going to attack a rochester bar with a machete and knives.isis was his inspiration.he's been charged with oviding material support to the terrorist group. new years celebrations were tense in germany too.this is video of the annual celebratioio at the brandenburg gate in berlin.but in munich, train stations were
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possible terror authorities say they concrete information possible plans.the samam brussels and paris to cancel fireworks before celebrations in dubai got underway, auorities had to fight a massive fire in a happened at a 63-story hotel-and-condominium near the world's tallest skyscraper.that's where tens of thousands gathered for a new year's fireworks display. 16-people were hurt. authorities are still trying to pinpoint the fire's cause. but here in the corridor, but here in the corridor, authorities were on patrol last night for a completely different reason. 2 news reporter stephanie johnson n now joining us to explain, stephanie, good morning. morning.good morning kelly. well many people will soon be waking up p a soon be waking up in a haze from celebrating haze from celebrating last night. night.celebrating last night. night.and the cedar and the cedar and the cedar rapids
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police and theheedar and the cedar rapids police department, along with law forcement across the country, across the enforcement law department, rapids police and the cedar and the cedar rapids police department, along with law enforcement country, wanted everyone to wing in the new year . . .'s why they were on patrol to make sure if indulge in alcoholic beverages, get behind the 14:39:52 "they'll do what they call a bar check where they put themselves out there at the bar. it's really kind of a deterrent factor." budded to kia getting you're reay gonna go out hard on new call a cab or designated driver," kelly, drunk did find pull over will now have to papaup to 6-dollars in a firsrs offefee.which is not a start the new corridor... johnson, cbs 2 thanks stephanie.we continue our coverage of the rose bowl the city of pasadena, the rose bowl stadium means more than just college football, it's part of the cbs 2 this morning co-anchor kevin barry explains anchor kevin barry explains how its rootseach back far before the annual bowl far before the annual bowl tradition even started. started. the rose bowl is called the "granddaddy of them all" for the simple reason that it kicked off the annual tradition of playing a college football game e around the new w year. but for a while - the game was the second biggest event of the week. pkg michelle turner the parade came first, the first parade was in890 and that was helel by a local club called thehe vallll hunt club. professoso charles holder suggested they hold a festival to show off to
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show off what a fabulous winter we had. but after a while - southern cifornia's best effort to thumb t tir nose at ththrest of the nation just wasn't getting the attention organizers hoped it would. their solution was to play a football game for the whole nation to see. a rocky start eventually ld to games starting in 1916. turner eventualal these games were getting so popular and creating enough revenue that they decided to build a bowl. the early crowds of 25 thousand people now are dwarfed byby sell out crowd of 92 thousand. upgrades and additions mean the stadium can host olympic events, world cup soscer and five super bowls. turneriis great because you know it's what the founders of the parade wanted. they wanted pasadena to get this national and international attenon and see how great of a winter we have it's also grere because of the green. turner says the latest data from 2013 says 306 million dollars came into la county from the parade
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comparison, the grammys was said to bring in about 82 million.n.ut when the nationalal cameras aren't around - the rose bowl is also the battleground for local turkey tussles between high schools -- and local graduations. turnerto this day it still hosts our very large fourth of july celebration. so it is obviously important on new year's day but when all the tourists leave, for us it's still a major community center llivefor fans and the players - it ends up being one of the spots where the stadium is just as big a draw as the game itself. in los angeles, kevin barry (morning outcues) the game will finally kickoff this afternoon, at four.but don't forget before that, the road to the roses preview show will get you ready for the big showdown between the hawks and will air this mornininat 7-thirty, on our ster station, ox 28. last night, the college football world was focused on the start of the playoffs.both semi final games tookplace on new years eve.. eve..beginning with the orange bowl between the clemson n gers and the oklahoma sooners.clemson trailed at the half by one point before blowing the sooners out in the second half 37-to-17. bnd in the other semi-final game, rrl tide roll.the
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the michigan state spartans in the cotton bowl was fairly close in the first half, ama went up 10-nothing in the second quarter.but never lookekeback, beating the spartans 38-to-zero.alabama and clemson will play for the college football championship, a week fromonday. there are several more bowl games still to o layed. you're looking a aa list of notable games today on new years day, other than the rose bowl.three of iowa's fellow big ten teams will square off, including northwestern, ohio state and mmhigan. a johnson county man is safe and warm this morning, after falling through ice yesterday in the hawkeye wildlife area in oxford. 25ear-old in oxford.wildlife area in oxford.25-year-old jared bushell walked over what he thought to be frozen tlands.ire officials in north liberty say he called 9-1-1 when he becece stuck n mud and waist deep water.two sheriff deputies broke through ice an inch and a half thick
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news that ice needs to be four inches thihi to walk on and at least five for a-t-vs or vehicles.but ice is never 100 percent safe. chris kochanny, public education captain23:38:10 have a cell phone, go with a partrtr, have a piece of rope or a ladder r that if somebody were to fall through, you can slide that out on the ice and allow them to grab onto that and rescue them and then of course call 911 if somebody does fall through the ice. ice.if you have questions about hether of not you should go out on ice, the fire department says to check the iowa d-n-r's fishing reports and check the ice yourself. an update to historic flooding just a few hrs south of the corridor. o r in missouri alone, 12 people have been killed from flood waters, and wide portions of two major interstates, have had to close. in saint louis county, an estimated 7 miles of highway is currently several feet under and cars have been swept away by waters that are 12 feet above flood waters.right now, 45-iowa national guard members are being deployed to missouri toto
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recovery. an allegiant air flight making it's way to cedar rapids on thursday had to make an emergency stop at a tennessee airport. airport.the flight was traveling from orlando and had a ported engine injuries were reported.150 passengers were on board and were returned in a replacement flight.this was at least th third flight from orlando to make an ememgency stop this week alonon it's still ahead to come...a look back at how the technology in our pockets has changed over the years.... \ your cbs 2 weather
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have... i've seen a lot of pictures this morning of your celebrations of the new year.i'm betting most of those pictures were taken on your cell phone. we head into 20-16, tom foreman shows us the influence ofofthe i-phone technology over the years. years. (nat sound/new year's celebration)when the ball comes down, the phones will go up as millionsake pictures to welcome the new year... and in many waysyseach click is testament to the earth shaking impact of one understand, you have to go back to 2007, you have to go back to 2007, when the cell phone industry was exploding... (nats commercial) "everybody loves chocolate..."...and everybody thought it might be a big mistake for computer
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but when steve jobs unveiled the iphone it was different. (steve jobs) "an ipod - a phone - and an internet commununator! (huge applause)" despite early growing pains, it was a game a music player, the iphone took all the best elements of the an internet link it was elegant; as a phone it was fine; and as a camera it had everyo snapping... and soon the the release of each new generatiti was spurring another long line of eager fans...(mos) "i gotta keep up with the latest technology..."(tom foreman/reporting) "certainly, the rise of social media platforms have helped the iphone prosper - and d undeniably, plenty of other phones now do many of the same things."but the iphone remains iconic - one of the most popular ways for us to capture and share popes, presidents, puppies, pre-schoolers, private moments, and public
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hand - or foot - no matter what the new year brings.tom
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it's now dad: i'm on it. culligan man: dude. don't do it yourself. dad: no? culligan man: no. anncr: leave it to the experts. with a culligan whole-house water softening system, you get better water, and service you can actually count on. dad: hey, culligan man. culligan man: hey! d: this is great! rdes: most nurses are tough. they're problem-solvers. they like making things better. people don't have access to healthcare because they just can't afford it. bernie sanders understands how pharmaceutical companies
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bernie tells the truth, and he's been consistent. he understands that the system is rigged, and he's the only one who can brg real change. i'm bernie sanders, and i approve this message. you get better water, and service you can actually count on. dada hey, culligan man..culligan man: hey! dad: this is great! culligan man: i know. anncr: leave it to the experts. with a culligan whole-house water softening system, you get better water, and service you can actually on this morning. morning.just ahead in your morning just ahead in just ahead in here's a look at some of eastern iowa's asome of here's a look at some of eastern iowa's topoptories -- on this morning... an iowa judge says he will *not stand in the way of the plans to revamp the
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medicaid program.iowa's hospital association claims the governor's s plans to turn the four-billion dollar- program to private companies is illegal.the changes were supposed to go into effect today, but the federal government forced the state to put the plans on hhd until march.the judge says it's too early for the court to step in because of the federal delays. the cedar rapids school district is proposing a schedule change that would include late starts every wednesdadaof the year.undede the plan, elementary students will start class at 10:25 and middle and high school students at 9:20. district leaders say supervision will be provided bere school for elementaryrytudents. they would like to hear from parents and caregivers.we've posted the email information to cbs 2 iowa dot com. you can practically smell it --the 2016 rose bowl game just hours away --and cbs 2 sports anchor
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someone who's pretty familiar with both of these squads. there might not be anybody who knows both of these two teams better than anthony herron, former hawkeye, current pac 12 analyst. what's it like to see your former team be back in the rose bowl? bowl?"it's gratifying it really is. as a member of the media and especially etting to work nationally quite a bit, in all different games. you keep the unbiased hat on but as the hawkeyes climbed up the poll during the season d we were in studio at the pac-12 network out in san francisco, and i'd get to read these highlight packages were iowa's having htese dramatic wins late in the game and it was hard not to let that smile ring thorugh as i was reading the highlight packages.were you surprised at all at the historic season that they had? had?"i'd be lying to you zach if i said no. i think there's plenty of analysts out there who follow the game of football closely who think that they can predict things. i feel like i'i' right more often than i'm wrong. i felt like iowa would have a quality season just looking
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that they had, hoping they could do something special, but to go 12-and-oh in the regular season and be just a hair shy ofofhe college football playoff. i don't know if anyone is being truly honest if they predicted that. i'm gonna have you put your analyst hat on: what's it gonna take for iowa to beat stanford? stanfo?"i'd say a matchup that stickckout to m.. there's a lot of positions upfront, on the outside, at the quarterback position where i feel like it's virtually a stalemate between tse two teams. the key match-up i'm gonna watch is christian mccaffery -- but not christian mccaffery the runner-- christian mccaffery the receiver out of the backfield, because iowa does allow their linebackers quite often to be isolated one on one with slot receivers and with running backs. mccaffery plays both h those positions and that's where stanford utilizes him quite a bit. iowa's had a couple of weeks to prepare for that . i think it's gonna be game." on gameday you gonna have any black and gold attire? attire?" i made that the suit that i'm gonna have on for our pregame and postgame that shows on the pac-12 network will be neutral colors for either team but underneathh there will liekly be some
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going."iowa fans will love that. he's anthony herron, former hawkeye, current pac-12 analyst. we'll send it back to you in the studio! thanks zach and don't forget the road to the roses p pview show is this morning on our sister station fox 28 at 7:30. hawkeyes in lincoln this afternoon for the start of big ten play... second quarter, to it... alexa kastahneck buries the 3 ... and hawks not even close to being done... closing seconds of the quarter, ally disterhoft ... .. you like that??? hawks cruising into the second half..and take it 74-68..cedar rapids rampage cedar rapids it 74-68..cedar rapids mpage hosting missouri this afternoon...ccets led 2-1 but early second .. jacob johnson uses his noggin.. and the cedar rapids native ties it up at two a piece --but from there missouri went on a run - - leo gibson with the - - o gigion with the outside of the foot knock to make it 4-to-2.... 11-4 comets the final... cbs-2 news connts with the us with your story tips at 1-800-222-kganor
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cbs2iowa.comor connect with us
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partly sunny skies today, users are all posting their new years resolutions!i want to know what yours are! what
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yours are! wh yours i want to know what yours are! i put a post up on my facebook and twitter page.get over there and let me know! me know! there and let get over twitter page.facebook and on my i put post up are! what yoyos i nt to know resolutions!i want to know what yours are! i put a post up on my facebook and twitter page.get over there and let me know! a few celebrities have posted their new years resolutions. comedian larry the cable guy said: " my resolution last year was to quit rking out ananit went so well that this year i'm resolving to keeping
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good morning again -- it's now after the break... break...when the president is expected to unveil new orders for gun control.'u' watching c-b-s
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corridor. cbs 2 this morning...which stanford cardinal will be the iowa defense's number one priority today in the rose bowl. the two presidintial caidates who took a bump recently on the race for the white house. and the very controversial action the president is expected to make to start the new year. welcome to cbs two this morning...i'm kelly d'ambrosio.
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let's gea check of our cbs 2 weather the day has finally come for the iowa four this afternoon,n,they will make e their long-awaiting return to the rose bowl.and if the hawks walk out of the famed stadium with a win, it will mean their defense playedell against one of the best players in the 2 sports anchch zaza hanley explaiai how iowa plans to stop christian mccaffrey. mccaffrey. he runs, catches, he runs, catches, returns punts and kicks.. and even throws the ballllthis season he set the
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yayas in a season with 3 thousand 4 hundred 96 yards.... and the hawks know stopping the ap player of the year won't be easy, but their up for the challenge ...make sure you can contain him. him.....or else he is going to hurt us.mccaffreaverages 8 and a half yards per play... but if the hawks can keep him in check, they should be just pasadena, zach hanley, cbcb2 sports the gaga will the game will finally kickoff this afternoon, at four.but don't forget before that, the road to the roses preview show will get you ready for the big
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moing at 7-thirty, on r sister station, fox 28. but the rose bowl will be just one of a long list of high-profile bowl games today. you're looking at a list of all the match-ups right now. three of iowa's fellow big ten teams will square off, including northwestern, ohio state and michigan. at the state capitol, capitol,a state legislator says he'll try again to pass a bill this year that would allow fantasy sports players in the state to claim prizes. fantasy sports players in iia ararcurrently banned from cashing in on money prizes. last year, the state senate approved a similar bill, but it failed in the house.the fantasy sports debate has been heating up as supporters aa opopnents argue whether it's like gambling or if it takes skill to win. the year is coming to a rough end for t ben carson campaign. campaign.two of the republican presidential candidate's top paididadvisers left the campaign just a month now before the iowa caucuses.the former neurosurgen has recently tumbled in the
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carson said a major shake-up would be coming to his staff, but he later retracted that comment by saying he had full confidence in his team. on the democratic side, martin o'malley's campaign has hit a bump of its own. he failed to ualify for ohio's primary ballot after falling short of the signatures needed to be considered.his campaign needed one thousand valid signatures, and suitted 11-hundred-75, but the statats election chief only deemed 772 valid. the latest c-n-n poll show's the former maryland governor th just threr percent support. there's a new delay in the releasing of ddocratic candidate hillary clinton's emails.the state department says they will release fewer than the originally expected this month. month.because of the holidays and the sheer amount of the documents involved.yesterday y the state department was suppose to release more than 8- thousand emails, but were only able to get to less than six thousand.a judge ordered t emai@s to be released as part of a freedom of information act request.clinton has been
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email server to conduct official business as secretary of state. the president is expecteto announce a new executive order next week. week.ththwhite house is not sharing the timing of an announcement or what it would consist proposal would be to expand background checks for more gun sales.current law forces all derally licensed firearms dealers to conduct those checks on their buyers. advocacy groups claim so sellers at gun shows are so sellers at gun shows are not licensed.right now, the president is expected to be gigin recommenentions sometime in the next few days. the lawyer for bill cosby says the comedian was charged with a decade old sex crime crimebecause the prosecutor in the case was fulfilling a campaign promise.monique pressley says cosby is in good spirits and will soon be exonerated. she said kevin steele made cosby's case a focal point of his campaign for district attorney and ad make good on his promise. more than 50 women have made similar sex assault accusations against cosby in
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will be held on january 14-th. a woman injured in a fatal crash involving involvingcaitlyn jenner has settled her lawsuit against the reality t-v star.court records do not show the terms of the settlement.the woman sought ununecified damages against the 66-year-old jenner from the crash back in person was killed and several others were injured.prosecutors declined to file manslaughter charges against jenner. starting today, hawaii became the first state to raise the age to buy tobacco to 21. 21.a new law is going into effect that raises the smoking age.some cities aa counties in the u-s alrlrdy have similar smoking laws, but no other state does.anyone under 21 who tries to buy tobacco will pay a 10-dollar fine for the first offffse.the penalty for the store will be 5- hundred dollars, but the fines will go up if the violation is repeated. it's when we return...we get a
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momo interesting floats hawkeye fans will see this morning in pasadena.
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first we are just hours away from the 127-th tournament of roses parade, which will feature nearly 18- million roses on a variety of floats. floats.i spoke to home and garden t-v's paul james about some of the most interesting floats, floats,hawkeye fans will see march down colorado boulevard this morning. morning. ((kelly - kiosk))hawkeye fans
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long before preparations for the game happenend, ararsts re prepping for the tournament of roses parade.i'm joined by the gardner guy, paul james, from hgtv with more!paul, word on the street is that it takes about one year to complete each float. is that true?why does it take that long to make a float?tell us about some of the unique floats this year.afunctional zip linea7 a7 showcasing californinis flflers that bear a 12 f fwers that california's a7 showcasing zip linea7 a7 functional this year.unique floats some of the unique floats this year.a7 functional zip linea7 a7 showcasing california's flowers that bear a 12 billion dollar annual impact on the state's economya7makes objects appear as if they are navigating a river rapida7 a7 dedicated to making a dream come true for a young cancer patientntwhat would most surprise viewers to know about this event?if you could build a float...what would you put
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it's and you're watching cbs 2 this morning... morning...up n nt in business news...he amount on money a new lawsuit against apple is
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welcome - it's now we're taking a look at your_______ your_______ at&t is ditching's now the last of the major u-s mobile phone carriers to ditch two-year contracts to subsidize smartphones. will stop offering them on january 7th. the next day, cuomers will only bable to buy new phones through twtwoptions:paying the full price up-front or paying in installments over time. two-year contracts used to be industry norm but have been phased out.back in augus
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agreements, and t-mobile did so two years ago. apple is facing a class action lawsuit over its latest software upgrade. upgrade.according to the lawsuit....the tech giant's i-o-s-9 sosoware update made i- phone 4s phones slow, buggy and subject to promoted ios-nine as being compatible with the i-phone 4s, and would make the phohos faster and more responsive.the suit is seeking 5-million dollars in damages. if your new years resolution is to be more assertive, google chre has an app for that! that!it's called the "just not sorry" extension.and it helps people avoid using words and phares in emails that can make them sound less confident by underlining them in red, much ke spelelcheck does.some of thososwords include, sorry, actually and was developed by a group of software developers to empower female leaders by communicating more confidently. you're tired of cramped if you're tired of cramped economy seats on international
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option.singa`ore airlines is bringing its premium econony clcls to the us this year.the seats recline eight inchesa&and are 18 to 19 inches wide, in their own private also get free champagne throughout the flight and a sererce called book the cooka&.so you can choose what you want to eat before you even board "star wars" creator george lucas creator "star wars" creator george lucas is apologizing for comparing disney to quote- "white slavers". slavers".lucas says he misspokeke.when he s sd giving movie rights to disney was like selling his kids to white slavers.lucas made that comment in an interview with charlie rose earlier this month.he also told rose he didi't care for the new star wars movie, "the force awakens".but in a statement, lucas says he wants to clarify, and disney is taking great care of the franchise it bought from him three years ago."the force awakens" has
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records since it was released a few weeks ago. the hashtag best nine is trending online today.users have been putting up collages of nine pictures. might be wondering how everyone is doing it.its actually a website called best nine dot asks users for their instagram and then generates the collage containing their nine most liked pictures from the year.
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coming up...the history of one drink many people sipped when the clock ruck midnight just
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i'm sure millions raised a glass of wine last night to celebrate 20-16. 16.and for some, that glass was filled with orange wine.. it's a drink that may sound new, but is actually very old. karina mitchell explains explains (vo-new york)at this new york city wine bar customers aren't just ordering red or white - but - *orange*(sot-) "it'sdifferent"orange wine - which looks almost amber - gets its color by leaving
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contact with their skin fororan extended period.(sot-seth raphaeli/drinks orange wine) "it's woodsy. it's like a complex white wine but you could serve it with a cheeseburger or meat."(bridge: karina mitchell/cbs news/new york)first produced thousands of years ago in eastern europe , orange wine faded as other varieties flourished. but now restaurants nationwide are adding it to their menus. (sot-joe campanale/co-owner, anfora)"i think there's lot of peopop who are curious about it."joe campanale co-owner and executive beverage director of anfora says it's a return to a style that was displaced by dry white wines in the 1960s. and it's creating buzz.(sot-jc)"i think a lot of peoeoe like the sense of discovery and for me these wines represent so much of what's very old and what's news."(or)(sot- jc)"i find with these wines you either love them or you hate them - there's very little middle ground."(sot)(km) "have you ever had orange wine before?" (elliot davies) "never had it or heard of it."(sot)(jason sanders) "it didntave that orange flavor i was expecting, and a little too much acidity for me."(sot)(zac morrow) "yeah.. i like it."although it is enjoying a resurgence - campanale says orange wine is
5:41 am
wont stop some enthusiasts from wanting another pour(sot) (km) "would you order it again?"(sr) "definitely. with a big bowl of meaty pasta. (laughs)"km for cbs news ny experts say if you like sherry you will probably sherry you you like experts say if you like sherry you willhprobably enjoy orange wine. they also add it's generally pricier than other wines and pairs well with meat and fish. if you're just getting up, good morning -- it's now just around d the corner.... corner....the national title game is clemson and alabama made their way to the "ship." "ship."you're watching c-b-s 2 this morning -- covering the
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