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tv   Face the Nation  CBS  January 3, 2016 9:30am-10:00am CST

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i could have said, no, i want to win iowa. >> dickerson: his thoughts about new terror video featuring his controversial position on muslims. >> total and complete shut down of muslims entering the united states. >> dickerson: does it concern you that you're being used in recruitment video by terrorists? >> they use other people, too. i have to say what i have to say. >> dickerson: weighs in an hillary clinton and ted chris and talks about priorities and style as president. >> i would be a much different person i think as president. >> dickerson: look ahead at what 2016 will hold for the bargains isis, u.s. foreign policy and president obama's last year in office. it's a a coming up on "face the nation." captioning sponsored by cbs good morning welcoke to "face the nation" i'm john dickerson. we begin the new year with campaign 2016 and one of the people who continues to shake up the political world, donald trump. we caught up with him at his
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day started our conversation with president obama's expected plan for new executive actions on guns. including expanding background checks purchases at gun shows we askek already trump what he thought about the president's plan. >> welly like it. i don't like anything having to do with changing our second amendment. we have plenty of rules and regulations, there's plenty of things that they can do right now that arelready there that. we have tremendous mental health problem, we're closing places all over the world, all over the country they're closing. all they want to do is ban the guns. it's not the g g that pulls the trigger. i don't like it. i don't like what he's doing. i think that he's looking to do executive orders to do something having to do with guns. dickerson: backgrouou checks happenenor normal gun purchases that are normal store. his argument would be just do it here, this loophole you want to make it the same everywhere. >> but i don't like changing anything. right now they have plenty of les and regulations they
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health. we should be institutions for people that are skos all over the place that's the place here is the problem. i would spend more money on this. here is the problem, the bad guys are always going to get the guns. you can have all the restrictions you want. the bad gu will always have the guns. >> dickerson: let me ask you about executive orders in general, like them, don't like them, the president uses them to go around congress. >> well, i don't like them. executive orders. nobody really knewe even had executive order such a thing. it's supposed to be you get along with congress, you cajole, go back and forth are everybody gets in a room and end up with deals. his comprorose on lots of other things, he giving up on the process an signs executive orders. >> dickerson: if you were president you seem liki kind of guy if you were president you ght use executive order or two. >> lot of precedent that he's doing. amazingly the courts took that
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that was very surprising which is, they did the right thing. so that maybe that one, i would be rescinding a lot of executive orders that he's done. only good about executive order, the new preredent comes in, first day, first hour, first minute you can rescind them. >> dickerson: let me ask you about video being putut by isis group, donald j. trump calling for total and complete shut down. of muslims entering the united states. [ [ eering and applause e can figure out what [bleep] is going on. >> dickerson: then video goes on says, the west will eventually turn against its muslim citizens. theyeyre saying to mususms, either you join jihad or leave the united states because of what mr. trump is proposing. >> look, here is the problem. i bring it up, other people have called me they say, you have guts to bring it up because frankly it's true.
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now people are getting involved. people that are on different persuasions than me right now, john, are saying, you know, maybe trump isn't wrong. we want to examine it. there's a lot of bad stuff going on. i'm watching the news tonight, actually, cbs, and so many of thee elements, you look at germany, you look at brussels, you look all over the world, shutting down cities that never had a problem before. they're shutting down countries that never had a problem before. you look at paris, what happened. you look at california, what happened. maybe it's not politically correct, it's a big problem now we have to sell off the problem idea yououe being used in essentially recruitment video by terrorist organization? >> they use other people, too, what am i going to do. i have to say what i have to say. you know what i have to say, there's a problem. we have to find out what is the >> dickerson: do you think the problem is that -- that the west is on a collision course with
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isis is the problem? >> i think radical islam may be on a collision course with us. you could cake it around a little bit. but it is a very, very deep seeded hatred that's going on. you have a hatred like people willing to give their lives, i have to tell you, it is so big, it is the b bgest thing therere is right now, when i watch president obama, our biggest problem. it's just -- he doesn't want to use the words radical islam. anything having to do with radical and islam. so until he's willing to admit, how can you not at leastalk about the problem. one of the thingng i've done i brought the problem up. the world is talking about what i've said. now big parts of the world are saying, trump is really right at least identifying what's going on.
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problem unless you identify it. >> dickerson: let me ask you about the presidency. will you talk as much as a president as you d/ as a candidate? will you be -- will you be on tvv all the time, giving rallies that kind of thing? >> well, i think i would be giving rallies. i want to rally this country spirit. i would certainly not talk as muchch i'm going to originally 17 people now 14 people and 13 people lot of people are going to be dropping out. >> dickerson: our candidates. >> other candidates. obviously i have to do a lot of tataing, i'm gettiti hit froro 15 different sides i like to defend myself. but i would be a much different person i think as president. but i would be very enthusiastic, like i am right now toward the c cntry. we need spirit. we need a cheerleader. president obama is a bad cheerleader. i thought he would be a good cheerleader, that'one thing i thought that he was going to be a great cheerleader. he's really a big divider. we neeee cheerleading. >> dickerson: you talked to some of our supporters, a few of them
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beresident he'll have people to coach him take off these rough edges of the things he saysys are they right? >> i don't think i have rough edges, i'll be honest with you. i went to ivy league school, i was a good student, i within t the wharton school of finince, one of the great s sools of the world. and i can be more politically correct than any coach that they can get me. i can be the most polically correct person with you. i could say something at the end of this interviewou would say, wow, was that boring. give us -- >> dickerson: give us perfectly political -- >> here is the problem with political correctness, takes too long. we don't have time. i talked to you about anchor babies at one news conference. and one of the reporters, actually from abc, said, that's a derogatory term. i said, why? he said, well, he didn't know why. he said, whatould you call them? the babies of undocumented immigrants -- like seven or eight word definition.
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that. i can be the most politically correct person that you've ever interviewed. takes too much time. >> dickerson: isn't there a cost? think of all the names they call you because of the things you say. >> well, think of the fact that i'm leading in the poll by tremendous margins. i think that's part of is, too. people don't want political correctness, they're tired of it. that's one of the things that has resonated with me. i don't t out of my way to be politically incorrect. when. >> dickerson: then you think of the presidency, not the show part, what sit going to be like? do you think about that, the operation? >> i don't think about it. here is the thing. whatat thinknks the process, we have lot of things to sell. health care problem that's incredible. obamacare going up 45%. u see the deductible that's happening going up so high never going to be able to use it. you look at isis. you look at our militaries in shatter you have the general saying it's not prepared, we're in the prepared as a military we're t prepared. it's been one of the worst -- he
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the beginning, i watched him inter view he was talking about beginning. look at our vets how badly they haveveeen treated. our borders how people are just pouring across our borders. there's plenty to do. >> dickerson: talk about the presidency and finger on the button. united states has not used nuclear weapons since 1945. whwh should it? >> well, it is an absolute last stance. i use the word unpredictable. you want to be unpredictable. somebody recently said i madad a great business deal. the person on the other side was interviewed by a newspaper. how did trump do this. they say he's sonpredictable. i didn't know if they meant it positively or negatively. but he meant it positively. we have to be somewhat unpredictable. nuclear has to be absolutely last stance. i was against the war in iraq. i'm not a fast trigger. you have guys who think are very
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i would b very slow trigger with nuclear. nuclear is a major problem. we have major problems, because you have other people that would be very fast, you look at north korea, some of these counsel trees, i don't think they would hesisite to use it if they really had it. >> dickerson: the united states -- >> it's really a last resort as far as i'm concerned. >> dickerson: president obama signed or said no more spying on allies but r rort in the "wall street journal" that was spying on top israeli officials. would you say no spying on israeli officials at all? >> i would certainly n want to do it. but i have to say this, we're being spied on by everybody. and it's terrible what is going on in that whole thing. we find out that we're being spied on by them. everything is out. the one bad thing about the computer generation, i h he a son, he's nine years old, he can virtually take apart any computer. these people are so brilliant with computers, the old days when you fight a war you give
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envelope now going through so many channels you don't know who is getting it. it's a real problem. the problemith the computer age is, i don't think you have secrecy any more. >> dickerson: you'd leave open possibility of spying on anybody, even allies. >> i would leave open possibilities of doing whatever it takes to make our country very, very strong and tooake our country great again. >> dickerson: let's talk politics for a minute. you said that senator cruz appeared to be copying your immigration plan. your plan as i understand it is deportations then let good ones ck in once they h he left thehe country. >> have to go through a process. dickerson: his plan just deportation. is he he stricter on undocumented -- >> first of all his plan just happened, okay? fact i ias watching the other day, i was watching ted talk, we will build a wall. first time i've heard him. my wife said, oh, look, he's copying what you've been saying for a long period of time. no, no. i'm talking about deportation. and people can come back into the country, not just that group
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but everybody has to come int our country legally. i want a strong border. with it. when i announced that i was immigration. it wasn't even a subject that would have beenn discussed in this debate.e. now it's one of the very big subjects. ted cruz is trying to step up his whole game on amnesty and on illegal immigration because it was actually quite weak. you listen too him and marco rubio trying to solve the problems that they have had in the past because they were both weak on it. i have been very strong on it. so they're trying to get stronger. nobody has that position l le i have t tt position. iment want the wall. i want everybody out. now people are coming to me. but nobody has that issue. nobody is going to be able t do it like me. nobody as anxample on t t wall, nobody is getting mexico to pay for the wall, the cost of the wall, but me. they don't even know. it's not in their vocabulary. >> dickerson: nobody thinks you're going to get --
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so much month are money than what you're talking about. they can -- we have trade deficits, we have -- if you look at the kind of numbers that mexico makes with u u the wall is peanuts. only business person would say. that the politicians don't understand it, they're all talk and to action. >> dickerson: you said that the good ones wouldome back on expedited basis, wouldn't senator cruz say well that's amnesty? >> the good ones would be coming back i would say that we want to have them back. but we want to have lot of other people. we have one problem, we have millions of people on list that have gone through legal process they can't get into the country. we have to take care of them. i want people to come in. they just have to come back legally. >> dickerson: when you say about senator cruzuzot too many evangelicals come out of the cuba? >> it means that cuba generally speaking to a catholic country. and you don't equate evangelicals with cuba. i don't. ii think evangelicals i have -- i
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protestant, but i don't see it as coming out of cuba. >> dickerson: but you're not questioning whether -- as far as you know you could be more devout as you are. >> certainly it's possible. i'm not questioning. i say it in somewhat smiling manner, but there's a little truth to it. >> dickerson: : en we come back in one minute donald trump talks about haak women in the
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iowa. >> dickerson: we're back with more of our interview with donald trump. hillary clinton, what does it me when you say she's playing the woman card?d? >> constantly playing the woman card. personally, i'm not sure that anybody else other than me is going to beat her. i think she's a flawed candidate. you see what h h happened recently and it hasn't been a very pretty picture for her or for bill because i'm the only one that is willing to talk about his problems. i mean what he did and what he
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frankly tererble, especially if she wants to play the woman card. >> dickerson: what does it mean to play the woman card in your view? >> she's playing it. shis pandering, she+s pandering to theheublic and she's pandering to women. and when she did it with me, talked about sexist, i said, me, i have more respect for women by far than hillary clinton has. i will do more for women than hillary clinton will. i'll do far more. including the protection of our country. she caused a aot of the problemss that w w have rightht now. you could say she caused the migration, look at the problems in -- >> dickerson: as secretary of state? >> as secretary of state. the entire world has been upset, the entire world is a different place. did barack obama and hillary clinton's term she's done horrible job. she's caused so many of the problems. let me tell you something,he's caused death.
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with incompetent decisions. i was against the war in iraq, i wasn a politics, but i was against the war in reaction she voted for the war in iraq $she caused -- >> dickerson: she caused death, how? >> look at libya. that was her baby. i'm not even talking about the ambassador and the people with the ambassador, young, wonderful people. with messages coming in by the hundreds and she's not even responding. i'm not talking about. that i'm talkingbout all of the death that's been caused. t only on our -- >> dickerson: that people were saved by going in taking -- >> there is nothing saved. if we would have never done anything in the middle east we'd have much safer world right now. getting rid of saddam hussein, i'm not saying he was a good person. he was a bad person. but what we have now is far worse. all of this has led to isis, all of this has led to the migration. all of this has led to tremendous death and destruction. and she for the most part was in
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>> dickerson: you say you'll do moreor women t tn hillary clinton how do you think woman's experience in daily life is different than the man? >> they have a different life. it's a different life. but at the same time i don't think k men want to be pandered to. i think women don't like hillary clinton to be honest with you, john. i this you that women -- i see it all the time they tell me, you have to beat her, you have to win. she's a terrible person, she's a terrrrle person. women are telling me that. i think, frankly, that women do not like hillary clinton. >> dickerson: are women -- do they have the same advantages of men inoday's world, d d they -- >> i think they have come a long way. i think i've certainly within my company done things that were very different because 30 years ago i had woman in charge of building a massive building on fifth avenue, morehan 0 years ago. nobody would have done that in terms of construction. it was unheard of. i was way ahead, i have so many women execuves. they're incredible. but i have been g gat to women
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business and i've been given great credit for that. >> dickerson: you were going to send $2 million on ads -- >> no. i'i'going to spend $2 million on ads per week at least. >> dickerson: what do people need to know? >> i'm probably wasting the money. but i'm $35 million under budget" was going t t h he that spent by now i haven't spent anything. i almost feel guilty. i'm doing the ads, i'm leading by you will say a lot, you can say the cbs poll, any poll, i'm winning by a lot. i don't think i need the ads. but i'm doing them, i almost feel guilty i'm $35 highway 40 million under budget. i was going to have at least $35 million spenenas of januaryy which is now. i spent almost nothing. i feel guilty. i'm going to spend a little money. i want to be certain -- i think i'll do veve well in iowa. i'll do really well in new hampshire. new hampshire the polls are very, very powerful. very strong. in iowa i'm leading.
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in iowa thenn polol it's 33-20 that i'm leading ted cruz is second. nobody ever talks about that poll, that was is very major poll probably the most expensive poll taken. but i'm at3-20. i think i'm going to d do very well wayne washington i'd love to win iowa. i could have said it differently i i do great with evangelicals d tea party i'm doioi great. i have real good feeling with iowa. >> dickerson: last question. any new year's resolution? >> make our country g2eat again. dickerson: mr.r.rump, thanks sosouch. >> thank you very much. dickerson: we'll be right
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>> dickerson: we're back with some analysis from our political panel. ruth marcus is the columnist with the "washington post." reihan sal marks are is executive editoto of national review. molly ball is politics writer for atlantic and jonathan martin national political correspondent. donald trump, is it essentially now his nomination to lose? on the republican side? >> he has big structural disadvantages. but i'd say the biggest advantage that he has is this. you just saw him talking about l kinds of subjects. but it really is the gut level message, if you look at his support it is heavily concentrated in parts of the couny where over the last 20 years, manufacturing jobs have disappeaead in large numbers. if youook over last 20 years, which industry is it that washington has fought to support. they were really desperate to make sure that our big banks can compete with the banks in london, in t tyo and elsewhere. so they passed series of laws to ensure that they were in the
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where if you lookt our industries, if you look at the rust belts, these parts of thehe country these e e parts of the country where they don't really feel like they have had friends and allies. donald trump doesn't actually talk about industrialization but what he does say is that the people in charge are not listening to you, they are fundamentally untrustworthy where as i am plain spoken and can be trusted. and whichever candidate is going to win is someone who can channel that anger that feeling of being lef out notistened to. >> dickerson: donald trump said he's going to win iowa. >> i was so struck by that at the end. so much of the expectation of these primaries is driven by what the candidates say going in, how they set up their own assumptions about what state they're can go to perform well, only going to do well. by say can that he basically hasas raisis the bar on his own campaign in iowa. the to point where cruz does beat them it's going to be even more of blow for trump otherwise
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trump is so trumpian he can help them selfieses unwittingly sort of raise the bar on himself. >> denies that he said it. ickerson: a winnnn has to win. that's the -- that's the challenge when the votes are cast. >> that is his challenge. but i think to answer your question, it is his to lose right now. he may well notin iowa. we really still do have questions about whether he's trump voters are actually trump voters as opposed to trump supporters. but it is -- i think only word that comes to mind here watching your interview with him was terrific appalling. in terms of his lack of substance. his lack of deep thinking. his failure to answer really serious questions like the one that you asked him about, what is the implication of your turning up in this isis video. because he saidery hururul things that really can encourage people to join isis.
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he doesn't have answers to these questions or any serious questions. and i really am just by myself thunder struck that we're at 2016 and at this point. >> dickerson: we'll talk about more of this, molly, when we get back. sit tight. you sit tight out there we'll be
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panel. >> dickerson: some of our cbs stations are leaving us now. most of you we'll be right back
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nation." days after the paris attacks, senators came together for a top-secret briefing ononhe terrorist threaea.. marco rubio was missing - fundraising in california instead. two weeks later, terrorists struck again in san bernardino... and where was marco? fundraising again in new orleans. over the last 3 years, rubio has missed important national security hearings and missed more total votes than any otherenator. politics first: that's the rubio way. right to rise usa is responsible for the content of this message.
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