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tv   CBS2 This Morning Early Edition  CBS  January 4, 2016 5:00am-6:00am CST

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authorities in)johnson county will pick up their search today for a missininperson at coralville lake. lala.a water rescue was lauched yesterday after a canoe with two people in it
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capsized.teams were able to get one person out of the icy war.that person was taken to u-i-h-c for treatment.the search for the second person was suspended last night because of the dark.right now - we don't know either person's identity. a similar tragedhappening in wisconsin.susuay, the bodies ofour people were recovered by police after they drowned when their canoe over-turned. rescue crews were notified after friends reported@the group never came back from their trip.investigators believe ice in the water plplayed a role in the boat capsizing. the national transportation safety board has released new images of the sunken el faro sank inoctober when it got caught in a hurricane on its way to puputo co.all 33 people on board died -- making it one of the worst maritime disasters in nearly half-a-century.the n-t-s-b is looking for the ship's black box- which should telelthem more about what happenene authorities in north-east iowa are investigating a fatal shooting in chickasaw county. happened saturday afternoon in the city ofnashuau police say they have the
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gunman in custody.but the ioio d-d-i is still investigatinin and no charges have been filed. we don't know the name of the 56-year-old victim yet, as policare still trying to contact family members.the state medical examinin will conduct an autopsy. the site of the san bernardino shooting rampage that killed 14 people is set to reopen today. today.there will be tighter security as the inland regional center's 600 employees returnrno work.the center has been closed since december 2nd when syed farook and his wife tashfeen malik started their shooting rampage. both were killed later in a shootout with police.farook was an inspector for r san bebeardino county's department of public health. he worked with many of the victims who were at the center for a training session and holiday party. iowa's new program to help survivors of abuse is now up ananrunning. at home launched allows survivors to keep their home address means it's never pried on a driver's license, utility bill, or voter registration.officials hope safe at home will make it
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impossible for an abuser to ever find their victim again. "they have little more step of protection, tt will take, um, somebody a little more work to find where they're at." at."for more information about the safe at home program , and a link to sign up, you can go to our website - cbs 2 iowa dot com. when lawmakaks headadack to des moines this month -- medi- caid will still be a hot topic. december -- federal officials pushed back govenor terry branstad's plan to privatize the program by two months.some papaents and law- makersrsay they have major concerns -- but governor branstad says the change will save the state millions of dollars.some law-makers argue there are far too many un- answered questionon "thehefirst step we need to take on january 11 is a step backwards, review where we are, how to get efficient services to people in need, d how to cover the cost." cost."governor branstad's office says it's now working to avoid confusion and any disruptions in care for
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patients during the next two months. cedar rapids... rapids...a swearing in ceremomo will be held today for recently elected city council members. members.the council will welcome scott overland as the new district two representative -- incumbent scott olson will also be sworn in after he won the district four s st. seat.anne poe and susie weweacht held on to their at-large spots.the swearing in ceremony will be at ten this morning at city hall.the public is invited to attend. today marks a new chapter and moment of history in waterloo. waterloo.quentin hartrtwill be sworn into office as the city's new mayor.after eight years on the council, he becomes waterloo's first black 2 news talked with with him shortly after s viviory in a run-off election. hart says history was never his focus, and that his goal is to bring the community together. "i want to be the mayor that could erase all o othose rrer lines boundry lines but you know i'm african american and i'm absolutely proud of who i am." am."part of hart's platform is to put an end to the g g
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olence that's s aimed lives and put children in the hospital during the past year. in the race for the white house.. house..democratic front-runner hillary clinton will be in cedar rapids three o'clock -- the former secretety of state will b bat new-w- city market.clinton is expected to discuss her plans to help children and families get and stay's part of a two-day swing in iowa which will also take her through davenport and des moines today before she wraps up her trip tomorrow in western iowa. on sunday -- clinton was in new hampshire where she spoke to votes on a number of important topics. of those issues was president obama's pending executive orders on gun controro 2 news reporter stephanie johnson joins us is the studio with more.stephanie? stephanie?clinton made her first campaign appearance of 2016 in new hampshire. while there clinton focused on gun control. clinton applauded president obama's decision to use executive action to tighten federal gun laws. inhe past clinton promisedthat if she was elelted president she would use executive authority
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to close the "gun show" .at the event clinton said 'the country need a bipartisan consenus" to solve the countrs gun issues. and i'm especially concerned because i know what a republican president would mean. i know that republican president would delighw in the very first day reversing executive orders that president obama has made. including one that we expect him to make in the next weeks to try and do more to have more background checks for more gun buyers by requiring more sellers to do them. at one point during the event a gop state representative sat in the audience and mocked hillary clinton about bill clinton's past conduct with women, clinton called her rude and told her that she would never call on her. for cb2 newsws. stephanie johnson johnsonthanks, stephanie a republican candidate will also be in cedar rapids this week. week.tomorrow morning, marco rubio will@be at the marriott
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for a town hall event.rubio s also spoken out on the president's executive orders for gun control.during an event sunday in new hampshire, the florida senator promised to get rid of the orders on his first day in office if elected. "if they viviate the 2nd amendment and undermine our constitutional right to defend ourselves and our families, we will do everything possible over the next year and a half to reverse them. but don't worry, when i'm elected prprident, on my firststay behind that t desk, those orders are gone. (applause)" (applause)"senator rubio said he's deeply committed to the second amendment, calling it a god-given right for americans to defend themselves and their families. the cedadarapids school board is facing a big vote over the 20-16 to 20-17 academic calendar. calendar.a proposal calls for classes to start late every wednesday.the school district says it's so teachers can receive more "professional development" -- but some parents say it's a huge problem for their work schedules. you can weigh in for the last time today before the board votes on the calendar. it's coming up next... next...the major downside to
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it's a new day and age when it comes to traveling and lodging, but what we're about to show you is one about to show you is one home rental gone wrong. wrong.a couple in oakland, california put their home up for rent online, only to have
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it trashed by under-aged tenants on new years eve. eve.jeff bush shares the tale of caution. caution. jim owen and reshma vasanwala were out of town for new year's eve when theyot the call from their neighbors that a big party was goingngn in their house. they had arranged for a guest to stay there on air bnb. bnb."we got a phone call from our nghbor around 10:30 or 10:40, saying that there were about 50 to o kids in my house, partying in my house." the house was in disarray with broken glass on the ground and beer cans everywhere - not what they expected. they have used air bnb for some time and say they have had almost no problems with the company, until now. now. "sofas were outside. the tv was in my bathroom. objects, photos, memorabilia. i have pictures of my nieces that are on my fridge that were completely on the floor, trampled on and torn, with shoe prints all over, their
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cute, little faces."the arrangements were made by a man claiming to be from chicago who said that he and his sister were the only two who would be staying at their house. but that turned out to be untrue. jim and reshma say their guest was not who he said he was. was. "so, we were duped. he came here and they were looking to have a partytywe found out later that it was his 18th birthday, so another big issue is that he was an underage user." the home ownwns say they're no longer using the iowa -- west des moines has already banned short term rentals.air b-n-b says it has zero tolerance for that kind of behavior.
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it's now on this morning. momoing.after the break... break...the next step for hawkeye football after their big loss in one of the biggest bowl games.
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(donkey noise) (elephant noise) (mic screech) there's a big difference between making noise... (mic tap) ...and making sense. (elephant noise) (donkey noise) when it comes to social security, we need more than lip service. our next president needs a real plan to keep social security strong. (elephant noise) hey candidates!
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enough talk. give us a plan. welcome back -- it's now we're taking a look at your_______ your_______ here's a look at some of eastern iowa's top stories -- on this morning... in cedar rapids this morning -- gas can be found for low as a buddy dot com says -- the average price per
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gallon in iowa is at a dollar-87.that's 12-cents under the national average of a buck-99. corridor brides-to-be got some help sunday planning their upcoming weddings.the iowa wedding expo was held at the coralvile marriott.they got to see the latest wedding stlyes, with glimpses of everything from dresses to invitations. more than 60-vendors were there. like it always seems to do -- it has come down to the final week of the seasono crown the n-f-c north champ -- if the packers beat the vikings they take it and earn the three seed in the playoffs -- if the vikings win, same thing the last time the packers lost to the bears, lions and vikings at home -- 19999-- ett favre was a faonaaron rodgers was 8 -- third quarter he gets hit -- and everybody stops because it's an incomplete pass righ? -- wrong -- captian munnerlyn scoops and scores -- vikings go up 11 packers would come cut it to 7 in the 4th arter a field goal
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-- and here's the ensuring kickoff -- core- darrel paterson gets stripped by the kicker -- mason crosby -- and former micah hyde is there for the recovery -- there for the micah hyde is there for the recovery -- mike zimmer -- had some thoughts about that and thth would lead to this s rodgdgs on 4th down --- oh -- right to xavier rhoads -- vikes win the north for the first time since 2009 -- 20 to 13 -- they'll host the seahawks -- packers travel to game of the season for both the bears and the lionsjay cutler trying to end the year on a high note -- the first half washe exact opposite of that t cutler was picked off twice -- once in the red zone -- detroit led 10 nothing at the break4th quarter chicago awakes from hybernation -- cutler hits matt forte on cutler hits hybernation -- cutler hits mattttorte on the swing pass and he scampers up the sidelines for the score -- game tied at 17 lions would take the lead later in the quarter -- so last chance for
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picked off again -- that makes three if you're keeping track at home -- cuddy not a happy camper -- bears lose -- 24 to 20. 20."i thought today was pretty much a microcosim of our season. as i told the fellas in there i'm very very proud of them.. their effort, their spirit, they hung together, we went through a lot,... which pretty good building blocks for the foundations to move forward... i'm not proud of our record, but our guys competed."after the first 6 weeks of the season -- let's be honest, thinking the chiefs had a shot to win the a-f-c west -- was a laughing matter -- but after 9 straight wins -- ansas city needs two things to happen to take the crown -- beat oakland, and have san diego upset denver alex smith trying stay red hot and win their 10th straightand k-c got off to a good start -- smith connects with a wide open jermey maclin -- and he waltzes in for 6 chiefs led by
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4 at the breakthird quarter -- they got special -- oakland on to punt -- and d.j. alexander comes in and blocks it -- the safety is woh two -- and the lead is up to 6then later in the quarter -- more red -- and more smith -- this time to demetrius harris -- chiefs finish the season with 10 straight wins -- 23 to 17 is the final -- they rn the 5th seed because denver won and will face houston in the playoffs. playoffs."i don't want any confusion here, i love every one of these. the team loves every one, you cherh every e of them. if you can win in the national football league that's a major accomplishment. you're talking about 1 game let alone all of them, so there's some pretty good players on the ither side... soi've enjoyed every one of them.. we're not looking back, but we are going to enjoy this one."to women's hoops -- the panthers dropped their first game in m-v-c play -- 60 to 65 against the salukis -- former benton bobcat madison weekly had a huge day for u-n-i -- a
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bernie sanders understands how pharmaceutical companies and major medical companies are ripping us off. bernie tells thetruth, and he's been consistent. he understands thth the system is rigged, and he's the only one who can bring real change.
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the first social media star of 2016 is watermelon boy. boy.the boy named mitchell the boy named mitchell skyrocketd to fame by eating a watermelon like an apple at a cricket game at a melbourne e stadium.
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screen and everyone was fascinated by him.the hashtag watermelon boy started trending on twitter.later on he was interviewed by several d we found out he did it to get attention.he said he noticed people who did weird things got on the big screen and he was hoping it would happen to him.congratulations watermelon boy, you did it. ch?v=mpnfx8ki-ta good morning again -- it's now still to come... come...still to come... three of the corridor's favorite football teams are all heading to the playoffs.
5:25 am' watching c-b-s 2 this morning -- covering the
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right now on cbs 2 this morninin..the search continues for a missing person in the coralville lake after they
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fell out of a canoe. the latest information this morning about a stand off in oregon over how the government is treating ranchers. the final look at the n-f-l playoff picture -- that includes three teams popular in the corridor. welcome to welcome to cbs two this morning...i'm kevin barry. barry.and i'm kelly d'ambrosio. d'ambrosos. let's get a check of our cbs 2
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authorities in johnson county will resume their search today
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lake.they launched a water rescue yesterday after a canoe with two people capsized.teams got one person out of the icy water but the search for the second person was suspended last night because of the dark. right now -- we don't know either person's identity. parts of missouri and illinois are still battling historic flooding this morning . .thousands of people worked through the weekend sand- bagging the most affected areas.the flooding in the two states have killed more than 20 people and forced hundreds of families from their homes. many roads and major highways have also had to be shut down because of all the water.on sunday, illinois governor bruce rauner surveyed some some of the devastation in his state. "if you get a request to evacuate...we can't force people to evacuate. please honor the request. stay safe. a lot of folks don't want to leave their homes understandabl y. they want to fight to protect their home. but the reality is, standing water around your home when it's 30 degrees is very different than when&it's 80 degrees and hypothermia is a big risk." risk."rauner says the illinois
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national guard is on stand-by to help with the flood recovery of the south are also dealing with flooding along the mississippi river, which is expected to crest today in memphis.. presesent obama signed a federal emergency disaster declaration for missouri. meanwhile - parts of the nation's northwest are dealing with portland, oregon - rare snow and freezing rain caused problems on the roads and sidewalks.the city saw an inch fall sunday, with sleet continuing thrgh today.a winter weather advisory is in effect for the area until later this the meantime - area school districts have cancelled classes. also in oregon -- the f-b-i is working toward a peaceful resolution resolutionwith an armed militia group that's taken over a wild-life refuge. refuge.the group sayaythe take- over is to protest the sentence for ranchers who burned federal land.ammon bundy -- the son of clive bundy -- who waged a similar standoff in nevada last year -- is one of ththmen taking part.he says the siege is also
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control of land -- and the group is ready to stay for a year if they have to. "we have no intention on using force or being aggressive or going on the offense. but just as all people have the right to defend themselves, that's exactly what that means." means.""it is the people's facility, owned by the people, and it has been provided for us to be able to come together and united and making a hard stand against this -- this overreach. this taking of the people's land and resources." resources."the ranchers are supposed to start their five year prison sentences today. their attorney says the protestors are *not speaking on their behalf. protests continued sunday in chicago. chicago.demonstrators gathered downtown with the goal of disrupting the game between the bears and detroit lions. the group is upset over recent police-involved shootings, and have made several appearances
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like marching down the magnificent mile. besides calling for mayor rahm emanuel's resignation, the group wants reforms to the chicago police department.they say they plan to protest for 16 days - the number of times 17-year-old laquan mcdonald was shot by a chicago police officer. isis has released a new video, that appears to show five men being shot to death. death.the video has not been independently verified, but resembles past isis videos.the terrorist group claims the men were acting as british spies. one of the five masked executioners, who speaks with a british accent, gives a warning to britain's prime minister david camerononsaying they will continue to wage jihad in the middle east and europe. // shame shame shame on you // //this was the scene sunday outside the saudi embassy in london.protesters were condeming a leadingshiite cleric's execution.he was executed with 46 other
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prisoners in saudi arabia -- the country says it was part of its war on terror.there are growing concerns the executions will lead to more tension with other countries -- like iran.protesters there broke into the saudi embassy and set the buding on fire. flags across mexico today are flying at half staff to honor a mayor gunned down over the weekend. weekend.gisela mota ocampo was shot to death in her home saturday.she had just been sworn in as mayor of a mexico city suburb on friday.police managed to kill two of her attackers, and rest three others.ocampo ran on a campaign of tackling drug crime in an area of mexico infested with drug cartels. president obama will meet today with attorney general loretta lynch to discuss options for tighter gun control policies. the coming days, the president is expected to announce a new executive action with the goal of expanding background checks on gun sales.previous calls for universal background checks have been met with near complete opposition from
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from democrats.the expected executive actions come ahead of the president's annual state of the union address, which is set for january 12-th. the president's potential executive orders on gun control were the talk over the weekend on the campaign trail. jeb bush claimed president obama has a pattern of taking away the rights of americans.both marco rubio and g-o-p front runner donald trump promised to throw out the orders their first day in office. "if it's such a great idea let him go to congress my belief is the best approach to do this is to have these laws thouroughly vetted at the state level." level.""well i don't like it i don't like anything having to do with changing our second amendment we havevelenty of rules and regulations there's plenty of things they can do that are already there right now they don't do them." them."on thursday -- president obama will join c-n-n's anderson cooper for a one-hour -- live town hall event on gun control"guns in america" and will be at 7 p-m -- central time
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//more celebrations like this could soon play out for the space exploration industry. space-x says its falcon nine rocket is ready to fly again.the falcon nine was l lt seen making an incredible up-right landing last month. c-e-o elon musk says returning the rocket without damage is an incredible break-through.landing rockets up-rigig is vital to cutting costs and getting them ready quickly for their next launch. the n-f-l's regular season is over -- with three corridor favorites headed to the playoffs. playoffs.the n-f-c north title was up for grabs last night between the vikings anan ckers.the loser got a wild-card spot.minnesota led by three at the half -- and outscored green bay by two touchdowns in the third quarter.the ckers mounted a small come-back in the @ourth -- but the vikings won 20 to 13 to take the n-f-c north. they will play at home sunday against the two-time reigning n-f-c champion seattle bay travels to washington sunday -- on our
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sister station -- fox 28. over in the a-f-c -- the kansas city chiefs were holding on to their chances of winning the west.they led the oakland raiders by four at halftime -- and also used a third quarter shutout to take a two possession lead into the fourth.the chiefs won 23 to 17 -- closing the regular season on an 11-game winning streak. but it's only good enough for a wild card spot -- because the broncos beat the chargers to win the division -- and home field advantage.the chiefs will play at houston on saturday. be sure to tune in to cbs 2 and fox 28 next weekend for your wild card action.on saturday -- you'll be able to catch the steelers and bengals on cbs 2.kick-off for that game is 7-15. 15.and on sunday - fox 28 will have the packers and washington.that game starts at all leads up to super bowl 50 in san francisco - febraury 7th on cbs 2. it's coming up next... next...the newest way to stay
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with 20-16 well underway - many people are still sticking with their new year's resolutions. most years - the top resolutions were about losing weight and being healthier. healthier.but not everyone will stick to their plans.sara ganim shows us that there's a new way to stay on track.
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keeping our new year's resolutions may mean adding a little balance to our lives. if you focus on being happy and healthy, meeting your goals may become a nice side benefit. if you want to lose weight, instead of subtracting certain foods, add something. eat a serving of vegetables at every meal or add glasses of water to your daily routine. over time these additions will leave no room for unhealthy habits. also step away from the screen whether that's the tv, computer or other devices. being sedentary is not good for the waistline. instead, step outside and get some fresh air. it's good for the mind and body. and stop multitasking, especially when it comes to eating. when you pay attention to what you put in your mouth this cuts down on mindless eating and may help you make better food choices. also, try choosing a theme as your new year's resolution - a word or phrase that describes how you want to
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you should do. for example, words such as authenticity, clarity, or kindness. when you focus on your theme each day, it can have a positive impact on your behavior. for today's
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it's and you're watching cbs 2 this morning... morning...after the break... break...the new look to fast food that mcdonalds is rolling
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"star wars: the force awakens" continues to dominate at the box office. office.the latest installment of the legendary franchise topped the u-s box office again this weekend.this time it brought in more than 88- million dollars."the force awakens" has already earned a little more than 740-million dollars since its release. that's about 20-million less than avatar -- which still is the largest domestic film in history."daddy's home" was the runner-up this weekend -- with 29-million."the hateful eight" is in third place. the powerball jack-pot has climbed to 400-million dollars. dollars.on saturday, three- contestants each won a million dollars, while someone else won two-million.many others won smaller prizes, but no one bought the grand prize-winning ticket.the next chance to win is wednesday.officials say the chances of winning the big prize is about one in 300-million.the largest powerball ticket was won in 20-13 at more than 590-million. mark zuckerberg is making a
5:43 am
major new year's resolution. resolution.the facebook founder says his goal for 20- 16 is to create an artificial intelligence system.zuckerberg posted that he wants to "build a simple a-i to run my home and help me with my work."the 31-year old is known for keeping up with his 20-10 -- he vowed to learn mandarin and he recently gave a 20-minute speech in that language.last year -- he said he would read a new book every two weeks. mc-donald's is offering a glimpse into what the fast food chain may look like in the future. future."mc-donalds next" is a food bar styled restaurant recently opened in hong kong. it offers customers the chance to customize burgers and salads on touchscreens, assembly-line workers then create the meals behind a sheet of glass similar to what
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this year netflix will premiere 15 new original shows! shows!not all of them have set release dates yet, but chelsea handler's new show's called chelsea premieres january's a four part series where she tackles subjects like marriage, racism, drugs and technology.february 26 fuller house premieres, this is the continuation of the much loved sitcom full house. house.then there's another comic book themed show, luke cage, which many are excited about.the ranch stars ashton kutcher about two brothers working at a farm in colorado. and the lemony snicket books come to life, a series of unfortunate events, has no premiere date yet.that's just a few many are looking forward
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it's after the break... break...we hit the streets to see what you think about the chance that president obama could move forward with stricter gun control all by himself in the next few days. your cbs 2 weather first forecast we have...
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president obama is expected to nounce new executive orders on gun control within the
5:47 am
coming days.the president has asked congress to take action on the issue a number of times. 2 news reporter matt hammill shares your thoughts on whether the president is right in going it alone, alone,in today's say what. what. - - 5354dbcbdf7/ " the red coats are coming .. horse whinny " for obvious reasons - the founding fathers equated owning a gun with freedom. freedom. - " bang bang "for many that hasn't changed - but despite the second amendment - for the president - the images of sandy hook - the colorado movie theater - and umpqua college have him by-passing congress. congress." an executive order may be the only way to get something accomplished." jeff says responsible gun owners shouldn't* have a problem - with tougher laws. laws." there's very little accountability there so i think gun shows need to be as heavily regulated as going to a gun shop. " " i think it's a good thing because i think it would be safer for everyone if people who are buying guns actually
5:48 am
" i mean obviously he's trying to make it harder for people to get guns. " but - ben says - fewer guns is not the answer. " it kind of puts fear into peole like okay if i pull a gun here then somebody else might have a gun and pul it on me so i better not do that. " on our facebook page - bradley writes - i don't think gun violence in the u.s. is any worse than in the past. the media is sensationalizing alot of the bad things.richard posts - the criminals don't care, they will get the same illegal guns that they have always gotten celia writes - i carried for 6 years in nevada. i believe in full background checks including finger printingand randi says - hippa is a worse problem where mental health records can not be accessed by authorities. authorities. - bang bang finally - chris says more restrictions probably won't stop a determined shooter.he has a bigger problem - with the president. president." there's a contress because there's a bunch of people who can sit and think about a move like this and try to vote the conscious of the whole country instead of someone saying this is what i
5:49 am
want to do and i really don't care what everybody else thinks. "((matt - 1))you know we always want to hear your can share them right now - on our facebook - page. if you're just getting up, good morning -- it's now still to come... come...when you'll have the last chance to tell the cedar rapids school district what you think about their controversial school calendar for next year.'re watching c-b-s 2 this morning -- covering the
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