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tv   ET Entertainment Tonight  CBS  January 4, 2016 6:30pm-7:00pm CST

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>> plus, who is miranda lambert's newsnuggler. >> from the second i started out, your right there. mary hart backstage at 2016 firsrs award showwith stars gearing up for oscar. >> all of the red carpets, you're going to be walking for the next few weeks. >> oh, dear. >> then remembering natalie cole. >> she's been sick for awhile. she's bee reallyick this time. >> we sit down with her close friend and the sisters she leaves behind. >> she really, real thought that she would overcome this. >> and we're with batch l ltter ben for tonight's wild premier. >> you don't train for that. >> she hit me in the face. >> now in our 35th season, this is "entertainment tonight." >> award season i is officially on. and our very own mary hart is taking bkstage at the first star studded eve the year. i mean star studded. >> here's the big news, is here in the e use tonight. she'll in us in a minute with an exclusive report. first, let's get to gossip of the stars. always busy during the holiday
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season. getting busy, right? >> that's right. love w w in the air as the b bl dro2015. the new year isn't rekindled a old romance. miley cyrus and liam hemsworth reunite down un >> a witness tells us the pair were together in a group at a music festival going on near the hometown where both the hemsworth brothers grew up. they were super affectionate. leeian was seen rubbing her back at one point. they were trying totostay. >> narrator: radar. >> the couple was engaged in 2012 but broke it off the next year. miley's sistold nous hard feelings. >> i mean, you know, they were together so long. they're like family. they're always going to be like family. >> after li miley dated patrick schwarzenegger and seeing a victoria secret angel. justin bieber locking lips with a model. after performing shcrtless at a a new yeye's eve rty in st..
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barts, he posted the pic that send fans into a frenzy. >> they've been really close friends forever. we fo picture of them together when h was 16 years old. she's been at hihiside while he was at so many other in hollywood. it's interesting to see how they turn from friends to lovers. >> yeah, something'sup. todayustin posted this pic and the caption,hey, maybe getet cornrn rows. >> and more new years's snuggling in stbarts, that's where kendall jenner and harry styles sparked rumors of a rekindled rom and next, miranda lambert gets cozy with her new man. and, yeah, she moved on we love their caption, "the snuggle is real." so who is the new guy? >> he ireally new. anderson is completely opposite of blake shelton. it's not this month. >> from nashville to hawaii and
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>> the oscar winner posted this picture vogueshowing off her belely. she is vacationing in hawaii with her husband. and she noticed that she was being photographed at the beach while wading in the surf. she po_ted her beautiful pictcte. i think this photo g ging to be out in n he world. it should be an image that makes me happy. and be the one that was taken with my consent and with a filter. >> back t leo for a second. hissgirlfriend, "sports illustrated" model was not at his st. barts bash. the news came today that they have reportedly broken up6 now interestingly, kelly is playayg the role bay watch movie. leo broke it up. >> george clooney, they're all hooked up. why wnt leo find the right woman? >> we have the right woman here today. mary joins us because onon again she kicked off award season by hosting the palm spring international film festival gala.
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this is the 13 m time. >> it has grown so mu 28 of our 31 honorees have gone on to oscar nominations. how is that for a goodrecord? i think it's going to happen agaiai because the stars this year were bigger and better than ever. >> you get shot out of the barrel. it's like my god. >> the march to the oscars. you make it sound like the death march ormething. >> awawas mayhem. my wife and i get all d autopsy and weup and we get out. >> this whole week is crazy. it's fun. but it is tiring in a way. >> with golden globes just a week away, the film festival red carpet was literally a dress rehearsal. kate winslet was elegant in basic black as she reunited with johnny depp.
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the other kate was stunning blue thanks to mark jabcobs. >> i'm going to it. i learned to crochet recently. so, you know, working on a few things. see what i come up >> academy award winner kate wince winslet. >> i got to reunite with so many old friends i interviewed over the years, especially johnny depp who arrived with his wife. he simply overwhelmed me. >> i love the fact you've done theinterviews and from the second i started out. you were right there. and i was always very happy when i knew i was going to an interview with you. >> awards, whatever,r,ho gives a. [ beep ] but, i except for this one. >> mattdamon's role in "martian" brought him an award. his pal ben affleckkon the award a few years back. >> i'm the chairman. he needs to recognize my chairmanship.
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>> the festival kicks off award seasons. we get to see our favorite rubbbbg elbows. it's alsooour first look at hollywood's fresh faces like alicia vick you'll see a lot more of these ladies in coming weeks. >> we love having you. >> it will be us! >> we're going to have our own band. >> steve carel and christian bail and the big sho the events rowdiest winners. director adam mckay took over as interviewer while i was on stage. >> i have to go back out on stage. >> maybe you can -- why don't you do the interview? interview the guys. >> what are the two times you ever cheated on your taxes? have you ever hit-and-run and killed someone and then just drovaway? guys, what is the most awkward sexual encounter you ever had in your life? >> that would be casting for "the big short". >> there's no cape in the camera. >> the party continued yesterday at the parker palm springs as
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variety for the creative i awards presented by mercedes benz. will smith was honored for his role in "concussion." he wanted to talk about another milestone. he just celebrated his anniversary with his wife jada on new year's eve. >> we have 18 years thisyear. so, you know, i -- we decided we're going foror at least 20. >> he's so funny. i knew he was in the movie "concussion" but jada will give you a concussion. >> she's going nowhere. a little later, i sit down with sisters of your goodod friend natalie cole. and we remember her. she pass away last week. >> she and i had so many wonderful conversations during the years. and she was so candid. so loving.g. and on my last dayhere, she surprised me with a serenade. it makes me tear to even remember. we'll talk about that. "unforgettable." that's all coming up. right now, we're b more
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amy adams is a presenter at the golden globes this sunday. just this rning, the gourmet was revealed. harley is the to sneak a bite. -p>> serving 1500 stars inside the ballroom is a hugeproduction. it takes 40 chefs, 250 servers and 6,000 pounds of baef andeef and salmon. >> they will have filet and salmon and especially requests are accepted. >> since it is globes week, i'm trying to be very well behaved, i'm gong for the vegggg option. gwyneth. >> the biggest party of the year wowot be a party without the booze. 1500 minis o the red carpet, 400 magnums of 2004 and imperial rose, my favorite. 500 specially made cocktails made throughout the evening. cheers. >> this year's host of the golden globebe got into so much
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trouble the last three times he hosted. he actually posted this preemptive strike saying, "because i can see the future, i'd like to apologize now for the things i i said at next week's golden globes." >> he is going to stup. i bet it will be the same flavor for chris rock when he hosts the oscars on abc. we have the new promo. >> much like new year's eve, it will be a night that ends wit a lot of drunk, disappnted people swearing they'll do better next year. >> we're talk together real winner o o the miss universe pageant.
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hear how she says that donald you got people working incredibly long hours. median family income today -- $4,000 less than it was in 1999. the bottom line of this economy is that it is rigged. what this campaign is about is to demandhat we create an economy that works for all of us rather than a handful of billionaires. if you work 40 hours a week in america, you should not live in poverty.
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miss universe, 2015 is colombia! >> oh, those words steve harvey will regret saying forever. he called outhe wrong winner.. the new winner was miss philippines. michelle turner spoke with her today in new york. what did she have to say, m snell. >> as can you imagine this hasn't been easy for either of these ladies. actually this past weekend miss colombia stirred up a little more controversy when she called the blunlder a grea
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i think i would feel the same way. i feel my supporters would fe the same way as well. >> i have to apologize. >> mrs. colombia went on to tell a colombia radi station that the experience. i understand. she was hurting. and was also concerned for her. >> i h that she realizes that this will open doors for her. and i think she will go far. >> donald trump was rly the lyly co-o-oer. >> i iis going to be a challenge for two girls year. >> do you sleep with the crowow on? >> yes. >> okay. not on, but beside yeah, i've done it.
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i have to admit. i'm sorry, >> now, look, i told her james just might be watching she says she can't get a date with him, she also lik seth rogan and channinintatum even though they're both taken. she's been acting since she was 11 years old and still does hollywood aspirations and she sadream. what do you thihi about tha >> i think a lot of people are pulling for her considering what happened. thank you very much. >> coming up next, why did natalie cole keep her illness a secret? we talked to her friend smokey robinson and the singer's broken sisters. >> what was it like for you spending christmas with her? >> th knew it woul be hard. >> then we're with bachelor ben. gearingng up for the big me mere
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(phone ringing) (phone ringing) you can't deal with something by ignoring it . but that's how some presidential candidates seem to be dealing with social security. americans work hard and pay into it, so our next president needs a real plan to keep it strong. (elephant noise) (donkey noise) hey candidates!
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meggin' collie -- mel yin kelly is bearing more than her shoders for the february issue of the mag reflectsing on her career and what it means to be a feminist. she also has tough questions for
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>> how can we trust you to the government whether you can't run a successful campaign? do you feel now that you've gone through the transition that problems you prior are still here? why should the ameri people trust you whether y/u misled them so many times? the 45-year-old who fam called out donald trump for sexism during first gop debate says that trum once tried to whoo her by sending herpress clippings about hself ahd sometimes even called to compliment her own segments she's done. >> it sounded like a guilted suitor. he was like, what is he up to? and then, of course, she it out when he announced candidacy. >> here's what's interesting. she told us she was vio ill before that debate. she had a blanket on her legs and a bucket by her side. >> iknow. tonight tv, two hit reality franchises are back, the biggest lose eastern the bachelor. we were the only ones invited to seat bachelor's shoot writ
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yep, i ben. raining ben it's raining ben get the rain coats ready, lady. the peter bdy look alike is back. >> trying to date 25 more people. you know, you don't train for. that. >> to recap, ben higgins was rejected by kaitlyn on the bachelorette last season. now on the bachelor the manan the ladies are fighting over him, literally. >> she hit me in the face. it iraining ben >> but is the 26-year-old 6'4" business analyst even really singng? >> there's been some reports about you and an old girlfriend meeting up. >> i learn about my life sometime through the tabloids. i say, that's interesting. that happened to me. i didn't experience it. >> come on, little man. for how he'll handle the awkward meet and greets, he takes the worst casesecenario
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>> also on tvtonight, the biggest loser a new house and the new host. and a pair of fami faces. richchd hatch. member richard? mr natural? >> i'm definitely seeing richard in a bikini. i have almost seen richard richard. i mean, it's richard. >> i'm not ashamam. i don't -- it's my bod you know? everybody's got one. so what? >> and over on fox tonight, it's one night event to really usual competition called super human human. the contestants have extraordinary skills and memory hearing and sight. we went behind the scene a woman who had her hands all over shirtless guys. why? because her ility is touch, of course. and whoever proves to be human will win $100,000. that's lovivi
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it's incrededle >> natalie her angelic voice and heavenly spirit really were unforgettable. earlier today, sat down with her sisters as they remember the woman they lovov so dearly. >> that's. that's why darling it's'sincrcrible >> how and why did she keep the illness secret for solong? >> she was very protective of her family and close friends. i don think that she wanted people tototart feeli sorry for her. i think that she really really thought and pred she would overcome >> nbtalie's battled health problems for years. once a serious drug abuser, she contracted he c and had a kidney transplant in >> we knew it would be her last christmas. so when we came to the hospital and spenthristmas eve with her, it was a godsend. it was her favorite time of the
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year. >> she also leaves behind her 38-year-old son. >> he is having a hard time. i think he's going to -- he's going to be a process. >> natalie's family is keeping her spirit alive through the nat king cole foundation. her goododriend smokey robinson says although natalie is gone, her music will live on. >> natalie was re she was goo people. and one of our greatest musical icons ever. she's going to live on on and on. she made great music. and people who knew her loved her.
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>> unforgettable. unforgettableleoo >> natalie being there for my last day meant the world to and one of the highlights of my career. and that wasnatalie. big hearted, kind, classy, and magnificentt vovoce n2008, though, she was so weak her kidneys were failing. you know what? she was alwaysfighter. >> i'm a survivor. i don't know w i really got it from. but i just believe in giving up until, you know, fat lady sings. and the lady hasn't sung yet. >> she was one of a kind. you can expectt bigig celebrity turnout for her funeral. as soon as we get details, we'll let you know. mary, as always, great h you here. we love you. >> i love you guys, too. you and nancy always make feel so welcomed, kevin. >> ththk you. >> all right.
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we'll be right back. days after the paris attacks, senators came together for a top-secret briefing on the terrorist threat... marco rubio was missing - fundraising in california instead. two weeks later, teteorists struck again in san bererrdino... and where was marco? fundraising again in new orleans. over the last 3 years, rubio has miss important national security hearings and missed more total votes than any other senator. polilics first: that's the rubio way. right to rise usa
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>>e're out of time. join us tomorrow though. we have two of our favorite ladies, kirstie alley and valerie bert elly. >> valalie's cooking competition continins on the food network and she took us behind the scenes.
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>> here's a taste, so to speak. bye, everybody. >> how valerie is staying skinny despite working with cookies, cakes, and crying kids. plus. >> look who's back. >> it's kalley. >> a whole lotlighter.
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>> kara: when i was a child, my planet krypton was dying. i wawasent to earth to protect my cousin. but my pod got knocked off-course and by the time i got here, my cousin had already grown up and become superman. and so i hid my popors until recently when an accident forced me to reveal myself to the world. to most people i'm an assistant at catco worldwide media. but in secret, i work with my adoptive sister for the deo to protect my city from alien life and anyone else thateans to cause it harm.
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