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tv   CBS This Morning  CBS  January 6, 2016 7:00am-9:00am CST

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your world in 90 seconds. >> they say it was a hydrogen bomb. >> north korea claims a fourth nuclear attack. >> united nations security council called an emergency meeting today. >> south korea suggests it was an atomic bomb. >> in the west, the first major el nino storm slammed california with record rain. flooding roads, stranding motorists. >> i can't move! >> every time i think about those kids, it gets me mad. >> president obama announces executive orders tightening up the sales of firearms. >> republicans push to respond. >> we are safer because we have law abiding citizens. >> deadly attack in afghanistan. a u.s. service member killed and two others wounded during an taliban. >> donald trump went after ted cruz and the fact he was born in canada.
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fonzie jumping the shark and i think i'm going to stick with that tweet. $450 million. >> this is the winning ticket. nobody needs to come down here. >> jewelry store thief on a five-state crime spree appears to have pulled off her sixth heist in north carolina. >> high school basketball coach appears to head-butt a referee. >> it's not clear if this coach will face disciplinary action. >> a driver losing control of his car on a dash cam video. the driver posted this video on monday to promote car safety. >> oh, no! >> on "cbs this morning." >> a group of radical extremists have taken over federal buildings in a remote building in oregon. >> the militia say they are ready for the response. >> you have guys holed up in a building out of nowhere and nobody coming out. isn't that what prison already
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this morning" sponsored by toyota. let's go places! welcome to "cbs this morning." the united states has a new and powerful reason to worry about north korea. the secretive nation, this morning, claims it successfully tested its first hydrogen bomb. earthquake monitors picked upper measured at 5.1 in magnitude. but many experts are skeptical. they say the explosion was much smaller than what an h-bomb detonation would produce. >> this is north korea's fourth claim of a nuclear test and the first since 2013. in a statement, the white house says the u.s. will respond appropriately to any north korean out, it was
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man-made. on state tv today, north korea claims its first-ever test of a miniaturized hydrogen bomb was a perfect success. north korea took aim at the u.s. and said the test was a self-defense measure. the explosion, which registered as a magnitude 5.1 quake, took place near an area where nuclear tests were carried out in 2006 and 2009 and 2013. in south korea south korea citizens watched nervously. the military cast doubt on whether the explosion was big enough to be a hydrogen bomb. north korea is infamous for its saber rattling but a hydrogen bomb would be a major advance in technology. it's nor powerful and more difficult to make than an atomic
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north korean tv showed what is a personal note from the lead kim jong-un signing off on the hydrogen bomb test on december 15th. when we were in north korea in october, it appears relations with china were warming, its biggest ally. china sent a military official to the military parade we attended but, today, china joined neighbors in the region and strongly condemned the nuclear test. other than word? china's part? china has been making active efforts towards the goal of peninsula denuclearization in words and in actions. of the united nations security council which is set
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>> thanks, seth doane in cbs news senior national security annist juan zarate is now a member of the council on foreign relations task forces on north korea. juan, good morning. >> good morning, charlie. >> reporter: let me begin with this. united states to determine if this was an h-bomb, a hydrogen bomb and if they have confirmation, what will it thank chang? >> charlie, this could be a game-changer if it finds out it is a hydrogen bomb. this will take weeks to determine what happened. we don't know for sure, yet. if it was a hydrogen bomb it would leap forward for north korea and much more powerful weapon and if they are on the verge of militarization that means they are close to put that on a warhead and potentially
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>> what is the key question in terms of ability to launch. what strike capabilities do we have? >> north korea has been testing recently some launch ballistic missiles and they have been trying to develop other ba ballistic capabilities. analysts don't think they have reached the stage of being a successful missile program but they are advancing and not just there, but advancing with a nuclear program. whether or not it was a hydrogen bomb, this is an advancement in their nuclear program. >> juan, why would they do it and what can you tell us about the leads kim jong-un? much about the leader. he is erratic and inexperienced. the most contact we have had with him is through dennis rodman, and so this is a regime and a kim dynasty about its stability and projecting strength.
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they have used nuclear program and military test to deterring what they want at the negotiating table. for now, we are not in negotiations and this is a wicked, thorny problem for the administration. >> very dicey. we will be following if. thank you, juan zarate. the two leading republican candidates are having their sharpest clash of the campaign this morning. donald trump told an interviewer that ted cruz could face legal trouble as a gop nominee because of where he was born.
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that the trump campaign is going who shivered outside in the cold for hours before seeing the high school packed to see the front-runner. donald trump is acting like a politician in peril. hitting ted cruz on an issue he once dismissed. >> people were worried if he wasn't born in this country, which he wasn't, he was born in canada. the problem is that if the democrats bring a lawsuit, the lawsuit could take years to resolve and how do you have a candidate where there is something, you know, over the head of the party and that individual. >> reporter: trump then pretended he wasn't trying to take cruz down a peg in iowa where the two are locked in a battle for first. >> i hope this would not be a reason for disqualification. >> reporter: before appearing with cruz in september, trump said cruz's birth was nonissue. cruz was born in canada to an american mother and making him a u.s. citizen.
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when cruz was four. cruz's response is to fonzie jumping a shark on "happy days" a tv show, representing an entertainment phrase gone hopelessly stale. >> i'm going to stick with fonzie jumping the shark and i'm going to let the rest of y'all battle it out. >> reporter: on the battle front of tv ads, cruz tried to tap the same vein of frustration trump has inspired. >> politics of it would be very, very different if a bunch of lawyers or bankers were crossing the rio grande. >> reporter: chris christie's super pact trying to close the
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produced this ad on the prison rubio cannot, quote, slime his way to the white house. >> major, thanks. president obama says he is taking common sense steps to strengthen background checks for gun sales. his announcement brought a rare show of emotion from the president but, this morning, his executive actions face strong political opposition from republicans and a few democrats. margaret brennan is at the white house where the president spelled out his plan to bypass congress. margaret, good morning. >> reporter: good morning. well, president obama mourned a wave of gun violence in america and said he is trying to tighten restrictions on gun sales. the moment became one of the most heartfelt speeches of his presidency. the president wipes away tears while remembering the 20 schoolchildren killed in newtown, connecticut, three years ago. >> first graders in newtown --
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every time i think about those kids, it gets me mad! and, by the way, it happens on the streets of chicago every day. >> reporter: flanked by the relatives of shooting victims, the president announced stricter gun rules that white house officials say he can approve without approve from congress. the executive actions require all gun dealers to be licensed and conduct background checks. would hire 200 additional atf investigators to make background checks more effective, and dedicate $500 million to mental health stream. utah republican jason chaffetz called the president's move an abuse of power. >> the president can't un unilaterally make up new laws.
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american has heard about background checks is the absolute fallacy that what we need is more. >> reporter: the president said after watching the national rifle association to lobby congress to kill gun legislation shortly after the newtown massacre, he had no choice. >> that's why we are here today. not to debate the last mass shooting but to do something to try to prevent the next one. >> that's not going to be enough. >> reporter: former atf director michael bucchard making background checks will not prevent the next shooting. >> we have been understaff a number of of years. i don't think it will make much of a difference. >> reporter: white house officials admit these are, at best, modest proposals for more regulation, but say it's the most the president can do without help from congress. >> margaret, thank you so much. el nino is threatening parts of the west this morning with more dangerous weather. heavy rain and high winds will
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today's storm is the second in a series of systems. six inches of rain could fall by friday. some drivers around los angeles had to ditch their flooded cars and there is damage from a reported tornado nearby. ben tracy is next to the los angeles river. ben, good morning. >> reporter: norah, good morning. we are catching a break from the rain right now but we are expecting another round of these el nino storms. take a look at this. the l.a. river which, yesterday, rose by about ten feet and has dropped all the way back down, but just this morning, we are expecting the river to start rising again as the rain returns opinion the los angeles river was rushing with rapid. water levels rose from less than an inch deep tuesday morning to several feet by mid-day. overnight in san diego, lifeguards rescued two homeless men rising in the san diego river. >> we were hitting logs and debris in the current and at one point swept in the current down
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around. >> reporter: as much as 3 inches of rain fell across parts of southern california on tuesday. snarling traffic on muddy roadways and sending stranded drivers scrambling for safety. >> i saw cars going through it, so i thought, oh, i i'm fine, until i foltelt my car slightly lift off and then i felt all the water and i can't move. >> reporter: reports of tornado in l.a. county blew out roofs and windows in eight commercial buildings. the strong winds downed power lines and sent debris crashing into wishleds.ndshielded. the heavy rain in southern california is now threatening danger mudslides. ed heinlein has instructed retaining walls around his home. >> likely the house will be shoved into the street and the pick it up. >> reporter: in the sierra first
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concern and causing two feet to fall today and not stopping truckers to plow through. >> you have to do it to get the freight on the other side. >> reporter: there is, of course, an upside to all of this wild weather. after four years of drought, california needs all of the rain and snow it can get. gayle? >> thank you very much, ben. the threat of flooding in tennessee is prompting officials to go door-to-door in memphis warning people to get out. flood warnings in place all along the mississippi river. the rising water is already blamed for at least 25 deaths in illinois and missouri. residents fear sewage and toxins are mixed in with the water inside of their home. the fbi is asking the public to complete the picture of what the san bernardino killers did after the deadly attack. investigators pierced together a time line from december 2nd, the day syed rizwan farook and tashfeen malik murdered 14 people and wounded 22 others.
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a.m., an 18-minute gap in the nearly four hours until the 3:00 p.m. gun battle in which the people died. the fbi is trying to account for the missing minutes in case the pair made an unknown stop or talked with others that the fbi wants to interview. on tuesday, tonya couch appeared before a los angeles judge and waved her extradition. her son is still in mexico reaches a texas jail, she will face a million dollar bond. tonya couch was barely visible as she stood behind a partition in a los angeles courtroom on
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after spending nearly a week in a california jail, the 48-year-old mother agreed to be extradited. texas authorities will now bring her back to tarrant county and facing third-degree follow knee charge for allegedly helping her son escape to mexico. >> i'm hoping if everything goes smoothly later this week we will get her back here. >> reporter: in mexico city, ethan couch had a meeting of his own. reporters swarmed his high-powered mexico attorney the celebration city where couch is being held. >> very respectful. >> does he want to go home? >> reporter: benitez didn't say much about their visit but confirmed he spoke with couch about his return to the u.s. >> i'm not at liberty to disclose what we talked aboutship i'm so sorry. >> reporter: couch and his december. at one point the teenager visited this puerto vallarta strip club.
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return to texas. the troubled 18-year-old was sent to ten years of juvenile probation in ft. worth for killing four people at a 2013 drunk driving car wreck. couch allegedly violated that probation when he fled to mexico in december. >> i'll be satisfied when we have them both locked up here.happens, that extradition could take several months to get ethan back to the u.s. an arrest in a road rage killing of a college student we have been reporting on. ahead the marine facing charges and how some video inside a club could help investigators.
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powerball fever is spreading across the million with a $450 million jackpot on the line.
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store that rah already these fishermen off the australian coast ran into one angry marlin. look at this. they were trying to reel this big guy in last week. >> how much fun is that? >> it leaped out of the water and nearly harpoons the fishermen! the marlin missed and unwas able to unhook himself and swum aware. the marlin said you try to harpoon me, i can kick your butt. >> what are you saying, charlie? >> nothing. >> you were going to say
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you were going to say something! you self-edited. >> say it, charlie. >> no, i'm not saying it. >> come on! it's a new year, a new you! >> let's it out, charlie, let it out. welcome back. chicken! coming up this half hour a major settlement after one is accused of misleading customers with suggestions of brain training. jill schlesinger shows us how this could influence other companies. a u.s. marine is accused of a new year day murder that happened after a party during an apparent act of road rage. we will show you what led to his arrest about a thousand miles from the crime scene. that story is ahead. time to show you some of the morning's headlines from around the globe. new york times reports on outrage in germany after gangs allegedly assaulted women in cologne on new year's eve. the suspects appeared to be north african, arabs. this comes amid tension over the huge influx of migrants into germany.
7:28 am
violence against women and 90 women satisfy they were groped during the cologne celebration and one says she was rape. "the boston globe," camille kos cosby was supposed to testify today. seven women brought a assault against bill cosby saying he sexual assaulted them decades ago. he denied those allegations. a state of emergency for the city of flint, michigan, over its water crisis. dangerous levels of lead leaped into the city's drinking water after it switched from detroit's water system to the flint river to save money. the declaration opens door for federal aid and comes as the u.s. attorney office joins the epa in a investigation. 90 pounds of beef recalled from some walmart's store that may be contaminated with wood
7:29 am
the packages have used by date of may 17th, may 29th, and june 6th. no one has reported getting sick. "wall street journal" reports on record car sales in 2015. automakers sold 17.5 million cars and light trucks last year up 5%. americans spent $570 billion on new vehicles and cheap gas and a surge of younger buyers are behind the sale. a u.s. marine is under the arrest after the shooting death of a college student on new year's death. corporal eric jamal johnson was taken in custody in arizona, a thousand miles from the crime scene in denton, texas. manuel bojorquez is on the street where sara mutschlechner was gunned down. >> the flowers here at the spot
7:30 am
in the head and crashed her call. numerous authorities were involved in the search on for her alleged killer with investigators using clues on social media to track him down. this surveillance video obtained by ktv shows the area where sara mutschlechner was shot on new year's day. the dark car speeds away the student's sedan is seen moments before it crashes. on tuesday, officials arrested marine corporal eric jamal johnson. do you believe he is the shooter? >> he was seen in wa handgun in the vehicle right before the time the shots were fired from the vehicle. >> reporter: 20-year-old mutschlechner was a student studying television, radio and film and she was the designated driver for her friends at a new year's eve party.
7:31 am
intersection and argument broke out after had he made lewd comments to mutschlechner's car. they had attended the party earlier that night with at least two of the people in johnson's car. >> a couple of threats were thrown. about that time they were driving through an intersection and that is when several shots were fired. >> reporter: police studied photos and videos of the party hosted on twitter and zeroed in on a user named santana sage who witnesses told them was the shooter. investigators then found photos of santana sage next to a car with a visible license plate. that vehicle was traced to johnson who police learned also owned a honda pilot, similar to the suv driven by the gunman. mutschlechner's parents say they are trying to focus on the good times with their daughter. >> we are all going to miss her. and some people don't get to have their kids 20 years. we have to be blessed with what we had with her and the time spent with her.
7:32 am
still being held in arizona. police here in denton say they will try to extradite him and charge him with murder. so far, they have not made any other arrests. >> manuel, thank you. the company behind a popular brain training app will pay to fill accusation to deceive customers. lumosity suggested the games could delay dementia and alzheimer's disease without offering any scientific proof. cbs news business analyst jill schlesinger is here. according to the ftc, how far did this company go in deceiving customers? >> well, obviously, if it says we can help you prevent these very serious conditions, like alzheimer's or dementia or memory loss is a big statement. the bigger issue the government said they said that and had nothing to back it up. they also used search words. if you searched for dementia the
7:33 am
and pop that into your browser and you would see that ad come up so naturally you would be inclined. i searched for dementia and something is promising to help me avoid these conditions and the government did take action. i should note the final is for $50. . the government said the company was in poor condition it could only afford $2 million. >> end of company? >> not yet. the company comes out and says, hey, you know what? this is not about our product, it's about our marketing practices. they had a very specific statement that said that. now, interestingly enough, this is called the brain training industry, right? scientists have been worried about this and about the promises that had been made in this industry in 2014, 70 prominent neuropsychologists who said we are worried about these they are promising. >> do you think this will affect product? look. the most important thing to
7:34 am
government says under federal law, only products that have been vetted by the fda are able well, just to note. today the fda has not approved any brain training program so this is critical baugh this sales of about a billion dollars so there will be a lot of careful scrutiny here. the ftc has gone on the rampage with other companies and other appears. they got this industry in the cross-hairs so the companies have to be careful now. >> so keep doing sabuko? >> talk to your friends. >> hello, charlie. talk to friends. tonight's powerball jomtackpot has grown to nearly $500,000 and that is a lot of money! >> people are buying ticket coast-to-coast. we are at a store here in brooklyn with a history of
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anncr: a culligan whole-house water softening system turns your problem water into culligan water, pure and simple. i came in like a wrecking ball >> oh, my god. >> oh, you -- >> that is a story about a high school coach who was upset and then just sort of head-butts a referee. that's not good. he hit him so hard that the ref hit the floor. the coach was upset about a foul call near the game and another video seems to show it was a chest bump but when you look at it from this angle, it looks like a head-butt from here. he is on leave from further teaching or coaching. sale of powerball tickets are surging this morning.
7:40 am
the jackpot has climbed to $450 million. that would be among the largest payouts in the game's history. 70 to 80% of winning tickets have been won by tickets chosen by the computers. the quick pick tickets. demarco morgan is in new york. >> reporter: back in 2013, this bakery and deli sold a winning jackpot ticket and today's prize worth three times as much, people are flocking to see if history will repeat itself. the country is poised for the latest huge powerball jomtackpot. for a $2 investment, customers hope to strike it rich with a winning combination. what are you going to do if you win all of that money? >> i'm going to move to florida.
7:41 am
jackpot grew to $450 after saturday's drawing came and went without a winner. more people buy a ticket when the jackpot creases and further increases the payout. yolanda vega. >> people don't wantot ranks at the fourth largest in powerball history. the estimate odds of winning? in 1291 million. last one was $590.5 million was awarded in 2013 of then an 84-year-old woman from florida was the sole winner. she bought her quick pick ticket after another customer let her go ahead in line. >> i had a nice feeling last night. maybe i'll win. >> reporter: still, those slim
7:42 am
the dreamers away. knowing that your chances in wing -- the odds are 1 in on went unclaimed and after a year, all winning tickets expire. >> oh, my. gayle, how many tickets have you bout? bought? >> i bought a couple. that is me standing in line. somebody has to win. >> why not you? >> that's what i said. nobody would be happy if i won but i would be thrilled. >> for the first time i'm attempted to buy. i've never bought a lottery ticket before. >> neither has charlie. >> no, i have not. >> i play all the time. thank you, demarco. the annual consumer electronics
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7:48 am
uz in a tweet, cruz saying the following. >> all in fun. those are nice looking boots and they look good on him, so there! there is new progress in the war on cancer. our dr. david agus is in the green room with two of the top cancer specialists.
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good morning. it is wednesday, real l ws ahead, including the future of cancer prevention and treatment. dr. david agus and a panel of experts will share how your body can help you fight the disease. but first, here is today's "eye opener" " 8:00. >> that test took north korea's neighbor by surprise. the u.s. is trying to determine whether this was a hydrogen bomb. >> if it was a h hrogen bomb that will demonstrate a technological leap forward for north korea.
7:53 am
again, questioning whether cruz's birth in canada might ise legal obstacles in his bid for the white house. >> president obama mourned a wave of gun violence in america and said he's trying to tighten restrictions on gun sales. >> we arar expecting anothth round of el nino storms. >> the house will be shoved into the street. >> the bakery and deli sold a winning ticket for a jackpot over $130 million. today's prize worth m me than three times as much. >> there's a really nice, tight, black lamborghini i would love to buy. >> meet one of my staff members, diana chang.g. hey, diana. >> hey. >> you're getting your driver's license. >> mm-hmm. >> i want you to learn what it's like to drive when there are other passengers in the car. >> hey! >> without power windows is a big mistake.
7:54 am
i'm charlie rose with gayle king and norah o'donnell. north korea claims this morning that it successfully tested its first hydrogen bomb. governments around the world are reacting with alarm and skepticism skepticism. the test registered overnight as a magnitude 5.1 earthquake ceceered at a site where nuclear tests were carried out in 2006, 2009 and 2013. north korea's announcement on state-run television took aim at the united statat. it said t t test was a self-defense measure. >> now, people across the border in south korea watched very nervously, but south rea's military says that it doubts that the explosiononas big enoughgho be a hydrogen bomb. united nations security council today. president obama surrounded himself with relatives of shooting victims as he announced nene federer rules for gun sales. the executive actions require all gun dealers to be licensed and conduct background checks.
7:55 am
more investigators to make those checks more e fective. there are also plans to increase mental health treatment and improve reporting the background check system. the president has seen a string of mass shootings during his term and he spoke about them during his remarks tuesday. his responses have evolved from grief and empathy to frustration and anger. the president shared a new level of that emotion tuesday talkingng about balancing the right to bear arms with other rights. >> our unalienable right to life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness, those rights were stripped from college kids in blacksburg and santa barbara, and from high schoolers at columbmbe. and from first graders in newtown. every time i think about those
7:56 am
and by the way, it happens on the streets of chicago every day. >> the president also said that if you pass a background check, you can buy a gun. and he said his plan was not a plot to take anybody's weapons away, but republicans campaigning for the president callededhe move an abuse of power. >> because, you know, you can't get your way in congress, you can't take your toys and go home. you can't do things that the constitution doesn't allowou to do. >> what he's basically doing, he's issuing things and ignoring the legality of it. >> president obama came out with yet another set of laws, executive actions trying to go arms. >> i just think this is a liberal agenda on his part that makes no sense. >> just wants to sign executive orders all the me. no good. it's no good. it's no good. it's no fair and they're not going to screw around with the second amendment, okay.
7:57 am
>> comments from people campaigning for the presidency. a cbs news/new york times poll found 87% of republicans favor background checks on gun buyers. >> for the first time donald trump openly suggested ted cruz's birth in canada might raise legal obstacles to his white house bid. >> people are worried that if he weren't born in this country, which he wasn't, he was born in canada. the problem is if the democrats bring a lawsuit, the lawsuit could take years to resolve and how do you have a candidada with something over the head of the party and that individual. >> cruz was born in canada to an american mother. his family moved to the united states when he was 4. the constitution says no person except a naturalorn citizen shall be eligible to the office of president. it does not define what natural born means.
7:58 am
congressional research service clarifies natural born means people born abroad to u.s. citizen parents. the state department agrees. it says, quote, a child born abroad to one u.s. citizen rent acqcqres u.s. citizenship at birth. since cruz is born to an american mother, he has natural born citizenship. >> this was alal an issue as i recall with senator mccain who was born overseas because his father was serving in the navy, so it has been discussed before. >> it's very clear. a san dieao man says that the tsa overreacted in the search of hisis 10-year-old daughter. agents at raleigh-durham international airport patted her down last week for about two mites. it's all because she had a juice box in her cacay-on luggage. the father said all that extra screening took nearly an hour. the tsa says in this case agents followed approve procedures. only on "cbs this mornini," you're seeing one of the hottest
7:59 am
tv buzzing around. the consumer electronics show in las vegas. here's a view from the drone itself. brian cooley shows us how this could be a big year for drones. plus the next generation of tvs, appliances and virtual
8:00 am
all boy toys for charlie./ soccer. how the nfl is defending itself against hundreds of angry children and their parents. that's coming up next on "cbs this morning." right or wrong tonight we sail the flu virus hits big. with aches, chills, and fever,
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>> you a youth soccer league is going up against the nfl in a california courtroom. the soccer league claims the city of santa clara is illegally allowing the nfl to use fields next to levi's stadium which is hosting super bowl 50 next month.
8:04 am
super bowl 50 correspondents s d they are concerned the nfl will ruin the park for some 1500 kids who play there. michelle, good morning. >> good morning. on tuesday a judge denied the soccer league's request for a temporary restraining order, so at least for now the national football league is moving forward with their plans for the field ahead of the big game. hundreds of kids play soccer on this pristine turf every week. but on monday, crews began transforming the field into the nfl media camp for the biggest event in american sports, the super bowl. the nfl andnd the city of santa clara say the league was granted permission to use the fields in 2013 as part of an agreement made during the super bowl bidding process. the city owns the fields, but the soccer league that uses them claims it only learned about the nfl's full plans two weeks ago. the soccer fields will be closed until march, and the league is now scramblingg to find
8:05 am
>> to kind of just bull doze over the kids, to hand overhe park to the nfl and not be accountable to making sure that the kids have a place to play, that's outrageous. >> gabe foo is a board member for santa clara youth soccer. he's concerned the nfl willl damage the fields. >> we have yet to see anything on paper from the nfl or the city that proves that they're ing to return it in the same condition. >> sophia mendoza hopes to play soccer in college. she says closing the complex could hurt her chances of being recruited. >> it's way easier to play and show off and showcase yourself on a good field than it is on a high school field or just a park with some grass. thout those fields, then we don't get the same exposure. >> the n n says it will minimize any impact on the fields and is installing plastic flooring to protect the grass.
8:06 am
the nfl and 49ers have already committed to replace at noost to the city of santa clara the two natural grass fields. >> these professional athletes, you know, coming for the super bowl, they have their careers built. they have their whole lives already set. we're just getting started. we're young athletes trying to build our careers. >> the nfl and the soccer league will face off in court on january 11th. the soccer league is asking for a commitment from santa clara to ensure theoccer teams will have a place to play. >> wow. that could be interesting. >> the irony is that we are the ones that will be in that facility. it's all for the media. so yeah. >> there is a little bit of irony there, michelle. thank you very much. new developments in how you can increase your odds of
8:07 am
our dr. david agus is in the toyota green room with some of the country's leading cancer specialists. ahead, their expert views on the future of cancer treatments. and tomorrow don dahler will take us to the slopes. >> reporter: it's been a late start to winter here in the northeast, but thanks to colder machines, the skieason has finally arrived. i'm don dahler. we'll have that tomorrow on "cbs this morning." i've smoked a lot and quit a lot, but ended up nowhere. now i use this. the nicoderm cq patch, wiwi unique extended release technology, helps prevent the urge to smoke all day. i want this time to be my last time. nicoderm cq. quilted northern works so w wl people can forgett their bathroom experience. just like they forgot conductor randy, who sees all and forgets nothing.
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i'm here at my house, on thanksgiving day and i have a massive heart attack right in my driveway. the doctor put me on a bar aspirin regimen. be sure to talk to your doctor before you begin an aspirin regimen. go talk to your doctor.
8:09 am
america is not just electingng president, we're also electinga commander in chief. that choice matters. because strengthening the economy, making healthcare more affordable, raisininincomes. all of that depends on us being both secure at home and leading the world. i will get up every single day and do whatever it takes to make sure our country is safe and strong. i'm hillary clinton and i approve this message.
8:10 am
the leading names in tech are in las vegas today for the international consumer electronics show. largest. itkind features tvs and cars and wearable devices and drones. >> this year, it is expected to draw at least 150,000 people spread across more than two million square feet of@ exhibition space. ryan cooley ofc cnet is at the
8:11 am
we hear this morning tvehiclcl. >> we have heard about a company that been unveiled with a new look. what is so different about it? >> this one over my shoulder is one more like a helicopter. quad quadcopter. the disk xhosa fixed wing flying airplane stril drone. it can do 50 miles per hour, gayle. you want to be careful with that one. it will also go up to two kilometers in range and run on a battery. >> i hear that headsets are expectedo increase by 500% and gopro is getting into it? >> we all know that virtual reality most of&us have seen
8:12 am
that is n n so much new as the cameras that will acquire or shoot the video that you then watch later. here is a new gopro camera that will be coming out soon. a gunchbunch in a frame that sync them together and software that stitches them into one seamless 360 bold that you kind of get in wearing the goggles. this is what is coming next. vr camerasas for the consumer. >> how about televisions per se? >> televisions all about about hdr. the lastoliday season and thth is more pixels in the picture. more important and i want people to understand this is something call high dynamic range, hdj. a television can show really dark areas and really bright and more of thth colors your eye can see all at once. it's a large harder to measure but it's very big right now.
8:13 am
pimples up nice and personal. nice. we have been talking about a refrigerator and something about a washer and dryer. >> lg showed a refrigerator you can walk up to and wave your foot in front of it. kind of like the tailgate on some modern cars. and it will automatically pop the door open in case your arms are just too full of groceries and/or kids. then a glass door on it that is smoked for darkness. tap on it with your knuckles and it goes light. you can peek in without having to ope the door and see what is in there. >> it's so harar to openn the door. so hard to open that refrigerator door! i know! >> yeah. old first world problems, right. samsung has a refrigerator with built-in cameras now that take shots of what t in there. so when you're at the store and aren't sure if you're out of something, log into the fridge and take a pengek on your phone. >> wha about the washing machine? >> oh, this is one from mamathon. a a art-up in silicon valley. a great story. a washer and dryer in one machine. not stacked.
8:14 am
but unlike some models they sell in europe%that are like th, this one has aull vented instructions and means it's a real dryer and really work. saying, look. it's not aboutt being smaller but easier.% put all of your clothes in once. there is no second trip to have to c cnge them into the dryer! what is fascinating is it can tell if you left your phone in your clothes and send you a message that you need to come and get it! >> how? >> it better not be because my phphe is already in the washer, right, so it better not be a text message. >> before the water starts? >> let's hope it starts before the watete flowow how about driverless cars? >> seeing a lot of those here tonight and next is the detroit auto show. the thing here we are even seeing a car that was a drone and prototype car that takes
8:15 am
>> brian cooleyey thanks so much and have a fun time in vegas. "homeland" star damian lewis is coming back in the good morning, i'm _______it's eight-25 on this wednesday morning. your top stories are coming up in just a moment... but righnow -- let's take a look at what's happening outside e --jujuin has your cbs 2
8:16 am
putting the waterloopolice force on edge.the crcrtor of the page even posted intentions to harm members of the police department. department.the page was quickly taken down after gaining alot of attention from residents and officers.but local authorities s sasathe overwhelming support from social media users has been *positive.police say this doesn't change their mind about social media in general because they tend to use it to their advantage.since the anti- police page was taken down, a *pro-waterloo police page has been created. the u-s army corps of engineers is urging people to be extremely careful near coralvle lake. lake.right now -- the lake is about ten feet highererhan normal -- but that level is decreasing rapidly making it extremely dangerous.the army corps says falling through the ice right now leaves little chance for escape.the warning came just a day after the body of 17-year-old tanner wymer was found in the lake after his canoe capsized sunday. memorial service is now set for the solon high school will be friday afternoooofor tannenewith funeral services at saint
8:17 am
solon on saturday.instead of flowers -- tanner's family is asking that donations be made to the tanner wymer memorial fund. in cedar rapids -- c-street southwest will be closing near tait cummins memorial park on thursday.crews will soon be installing a new sewer line in the area.the work is expected to take two montnt to finish. in iowa city -- police say someone is passing out fake one-hundred dollar bills across town.investigators were able to track the fake bills by the serial number.all residents and businesses are being asked to check any one- hundred-dollar-bills they may have gotten since new year's see the serial numbers officers are tracking right now -- head to our website, cbs 2 iowa dot com.m. don't forget -- cbs 2 connects with you - call cbs 2 if you see news happen.800 222 kgan. you can also email tips, pictures, and even video --to ws -- at cbcb2 iowa dot com. that's a quick look at your wednesdaymorning news.get more news anytime online - at cbs 2
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8:18 am
day. and we going to let it burn >> clearly, this driver in russia wasn't thinking. she is trying to pump the gas but it's so cold, the gas pump is frozen. what does she do? uses a cigarette lighter to defrost th pump handle! a really badad idea! >> and then she tried to blow it on! >> the gas vapors ignite and when she tries to pull the gas pump out, it explodes. we know w e person taking thihi video says i'm out of here and wiles just drives away. >> she didn't try to douse it with vodkao put it out.
8:19 am
morning." do not try that at home! coming up in this half hour, nearly 14 million americans are cancer survivors. and there are exciting new ways to fight this disease. dr. dad agus and two of his fellow cancer specialists dr. jude gasher on the right and dash anna parker are in our green hoomroomroom. >> actor damian lewis on his new role as a hedge fund manager in the drama "billions." the "homeland" star is in our toyota green room and very exciting. that is ahead as well. time to show you some of the morning's headlines from around the globe. u.s. news and world report shows two new dog breeds recognized by the american kennel club. this is reserved and graceful and noble sloghi and a
8:20 am
the american hairless terrier is alert and curious and energetic and small. both breeds will be eligible to compete in the westminster kennel club show next year. >> i love dogs. "usa today" reports hudson. there he is. one of the more m morable moments on "the idol" show. two experts compared online ratings of 800 books and founds books are rated higher 74% of the time and movies higher 4% of
8:21 am
only about 1% are ranked mucp better than books. we continue this mornin with our look at the brave new world of health. that includes promising new ways to prevent and treat cancer. our dr. david agus, his new book is cled "the luckyky years." he writes one day cancer will be a manageable condition much in the way people can live with arges and type 1 diababes. >> he is here along with dr. judy gasher and also anna barker, former deputy director at the national director of the cancer institute. pleased to have you all here. 44 years ago, president nixon declared a war on cancer. where are wee inhat war? >> you know, i don't think we have won at all and i think we are actually just at the beginning of the war. for the first time ever, i can
8:22 am
have optimism. not optimism i can cure t tm but optimism i can make them live longer and better with than horrible disease. >> what has changed? >> we have two kinds of therapy. precision medicine and immunotherapy that is offering a staggering hope in this disease and both of them is actually in practice. >> i know you agree on that. how did immunotherapy works? it's helped president jimmy carter. >> it has looked in way of treating cancer. in years past what we have done is target the cancer and cut it out and treat with a tox cal chem. now immunotherapy is looking us to change the immune system and entirely different way of treating cancer. it's 40 years in the making but we are there andnde are seeing a lot of responses. durable responses in patients we have never seen before. >> how does it work? >> it's pretty exciting. >> how does it work?
8:23 am
it can work by turning on your lympho cites or taking things off cancer cells called checkpoint inhibitors are popular now. >> the cancer -- this block that don't eat me signal to allow the cells to come in and eat them. > we wantt that. judy, you talk about the genetics. angelina jolie brought a lot to thebraach regime. >> not very many people have a strong gene like anklegelina jolie. we save lives for those people. for the rest of us who don't have those genes, all of our genes have a role in balancing what we are exposed to and how we fight them off rselves. so our genes are still important. finally, our cancers have their
8:24 am
that is where targeted therapies and physician medicines come when you can understand part of the biology driving that tumor and those genes that are making it different and target those. >> but it's still such a scary thing. i'm going to get a mammogram on friday and it's alws a very nerve w wcking thing. you look at the statistics where it says every three minutes, two people in the u.s. die from cancer. when you hear the "c" word you think, oh, no, it's over. i don't understand, david with, all of the b bins we have working on i i and a a of the technology, that we still can't say we can cure it. >> listen. i'm with you. we have to approach it in a different way. historicallyly we target the cancer cell but more we are trying to change the system. my job is to target that cancer and kill the cell and to change you where the doesn't want to grow and a new way of approaching and i hope we yield from it but you're right, we failed. my business has nodone as well as we could have.
8:25 am
is this disease. every disease, there are similarities, but the cancer cells can be different within an individually and the cancers between individuals canning dwight -- can be quite different. the challenge is to target each individual and their genes that get translated. it's a huge challenge. we don't underestimate the challenge. >> are we looking at the possibility that some of the new therapies can attack a number of different cancers, not just a specific cancer? >> correct. we are seeing what we call signatures. changes in the genes that look productive reproducible from one type of cancer to the other. your risk of kidney cancer is what for lung cancer what you receive fromidneycancer. we are just understanding the changes to let us target that
8:26 am
>> you offer an anecdote about steve jobs' kansas city. >> he was safe on a lily pad but once the cancer progressed he was swimming again in the pond. what is truru that anna said. 1840s we started to characterize cancer by body parts and it hasn't changed since. we will categorize them by on switches and a new way you'll not have lung cancer but something of the kind. >> let's talk about prevention. the thing that most people should start focusing on. you say in your book what you do early on i i life affects what you do later in life. what can we do when we think about prevention? >> i think there is a lot we can do. >> yes. >> unfortunately, much of it is the basic things we have already known. >> yes. >> we would prevent cancer if we could get rid of cigarettes. >> environmental factors? >> the environmental factors and lifestyle factors. the things you can control. if you can heat a healthy diet and exercise and try to take good care of yourselel and not
8:27 am
risks by 40%. 40% is huge. then youe left with all of those -- and in trying stay ahead. so that is what we talked about genetics genetics. some people will learn they can prevent. others have to play the healthy lifestyle game all their lives. we talked about early detection. that is still important. we do beat some cancers when we find them early. >> do yoyothink -- do you agree with dr. agus about baby aspinner every day? >> yes, 100%. >> 100%? >> yes! >> andfor heart disease too. it's a two-fer. >> prostate cancer, baby as aspinneras aspirin. damian lewis has a new role.
8:28 am
we will ask him about that. what about those james bond rumors that keep bubbling up out you, damian lewis? over here, damian. behind your shoulder. there you are! >> oh, there you go! >> pretty nice. in the middle of a time when senior poverty is increasing. republicans and some democrats came up with a brilliant idea for cutting cost-of-living adjustments for social security. we said, "ititill be over our d dd bodies if you cut social security."
8:29 am
to extend the solvency of social security and expand benefits for people who desperately need them.
8:30 am
on averara, it takes three ndred americans working for a solid d ar, to make as much money as one top ceo. it's called the wage gap. and the republicans will make it worse by lowering taxes for those at the top and letting corporations write their own rules. hillary clinton will work to close the wage gap.
8:31 am
a higher minimum wage, lower taxes for the mimile class. she gets the job done for us. i'm hillary clinton and i approve this message. everything. >> so the truth.
8:32 am
you came this close to blowing into a million piece. did you tell him that? >> i didn't wear a bomb! >> damian lewis became a star as brodie on "homeland." and now to star in "billions." he plays a powerful hedge fund manager in his scess and expensive real estate gets the attention of the u u. attorney whwh thinks the hedge fund isn't trading above board. >> you're sending me messages. i'm here. >> well, in my office thought you might buy that house. i told them you have big -- but not that big. >> yeah, right. i'll probably pass. it's so nice, though, you know? feels like you're part of the beach and ocean and all that air out there? you know about it. your daddy has got a little place out there. he must let you use a bedroom some weekends if you say please.
8:33 am
>> wow! damian lewis! good morning. >> you're in trouble! >> you know? >> let's just say this is not objective because we are all huge fans of you. we loved "homeland" and this. is it fun playing a billionaire? billionaire. i'd like to know what it's like to be a billionaire. it was good fun. in terms of production value on the show, you know, we were moments in a yacht and helicopter and fast cars and all of that kind of stuff and using the beautiful new york -- >> did you talk to hedge fund guys who m me so much money every year? >> i did. they were all fascinating. all with a compelling defense for being billionaires, being hedge fund titans. >> i don't know if you've seen it. a piece in "wall street journal" today in the business section about how the writersetith a u.s. attorney here in new york to also get a sense for thihi
8:34 am
so it's not so far-fetched and not so fictional. >> no. and i'm not going to mention any names but in recent history, i think there has been this relationship played out a little bit between the u.s. attorney and the financial titans here in new york. >> investigation continues. >> so we hope -- w hope that much -- in fact, you led with that clip of "homeland" much of the way "homeland" dovetailed in a enout of the news. >> tell us what that conflicic is between the u.s. attorney played by giomadi and you pying the businessman. >> you'relaying the role of who is bigger. just saying. >> there is only one winner! you're right. you' right to say that it's kings in their kingdoms. itit chiefs and this is about power. it's power politics.
8:35 am
political power and financial power. and what are these guys prepared to do to retain that power? and also, you know, it is an entertaining piece. >> it is. >> it is about these two guys slugging it out, two heavyweights slugging it out. it's also, you know, carefully just threaded in there, a little argument, a little discourse on libertarian versus regulation, new money versus old money. i'm a blue collar guy, come up fromomot very much humblbl beginning ananmade a lot of money and in some ways he represents the american idea. giamad ericks's character i ivy league and decided to took very little money to fight in the public's name. so he believes i'm doing wrong things. my turf. >> it opens with a kinky sex scene. >> i knew you were going to watch the show. >> i'm not getting hooked on another drama. it started with that, and he
8:36 am
i want to talk about your accent. how did you decide which new york accent you were going to do? >> generous of you. as long as i have some kind of new york accent. >> you do. >> we wanted it to be -- look. when i first took it, i thought, great i can do my job and bada, bada boom and it would be raunchy and fantastic and doing this the whole time using my hands a lot. and i did try that for about half a day and brian and david, the show's creators, took me to one side and said, this is fine, but it's not our show. so this guy is from yonkers, okay? so in the end, i decided the rhythms and the emphasis the way new york speaks with that and emphatic quality with pace and was the most important thing to latch on to, so hope i've found that. >> andrew ross is a friend of a lot of people on this show. he did what?
8:37 am
>> andrew is a cocreator o othe show and coexecutive producer. he gave access because of his ties with the financial times." he had access to all of these guys. so it allowed brian and david to go and sit down with these guys and talk with them and create source material. >> are you going to be the next james bond? >> no. kill you. >> would you like to? would you like that job? i think you would be great at it. >> james bond? >> yes. >> that is the multimillion dollar question. >> no. come on. >> look. when you're growing up as a kid, you know, if someone said to you would you like to be james bond? you would love to say you'd love for it t t happennd would i it? >> i guess we will have to stay tuned. >> we and i
8:38 am
>> stay tuned.d. the premiere off "billions" i is the economy rigged? well, the 15 richest americans acquired more wealth in two years than the bottom 100 million people combined. i'm bernie sanders, and i approve thls message.
8:39 am
and the ultra-rich pay their fair share of taxes, provide living wages for working people, ensure equal pay for women. the middle c css will continue to disappear unless we level the playing field. with your help, as president, we will. d: i know. spots. culligan man: the problem is your water! anncr: a culligan whole-house water conditioning system gets rid of sediment or impurities. so keeping everything spotless is effortless. mo hey. dad: the cululgan man. culligan man: morning! culligan man: the problem is your water! anncr: a culligan whole-house water conditioning system gets rid of sediment or impurities. so keeping everything spotless is effortless. dad: spots. culligan man: the problem is your water!
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8:41 am
to keep it strong. (elephant noise) (donkey noise) hey candidates,,answer the call already. you got people working incredibly long hours. median family income today -- $4,000 less than it was in 1999. the bottom line of this economy is that it is rigged. what this cacaaign is about is to demand that we create
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rather than a handful of billionaires. if you w wk 40 hours a week in america, you should not live in poverty. i'm bernie sanders, and i approve this message. wayne: who wants to look fancy? - go big or go home! wayne: you got the big deal! but you know what i'm good at, giving stuff away! jonathan: it's a new living room! you won zonk bobbleheads! - that has to be the biggest deal of forever! jonathan: it's time for "let's make a deal!" now here's tv''s big dealer, wayne brady! wayne: hey, everybody, welcome to "let's make a deal." i'm your host, wayne brady, let's do it. three people, let's go, let's see. the e pcake, the cone headadwith the green headband. the cone head with the green headband anfelix in the lederhosen, come on over here.
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