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tv   CBS2 This Morning Early Edition  CBS  January 8, 2016 5:00am-6:00am CST

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days after he announced executive actions on gun control, the president has continued his pitch... this s time on the road. road.he participated in a town hall meeting at george mason university and defending his actions in front of a televised audience. audien.he stood in front of supporters -- - critics and d soso familiar faces -- including gabby giffords -- the former representative who was shot five years ago.his executive actions have angered republicans -- the n-r-a and her gun rights supporters. the widow of american sniper chris kyle was one of them -- she spoke to the president last night.
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hope that i have the right to protect myself that i don't have to o wind up likekeone of these families. that i have the freedom to carry whatever weapon i need." need."there is a way for us to set up a system where you, a responsible gun owner...can have a firearm to protect yourself, , t where it is much harder for somebody to fill up a car with guns and sell them to 13 year old kids on the streets the president later admitted he never owned a gun and has little experience with firearms -- but said his policies make sense. a new poll suggests more americans agree with him.a cnn-o-r-c poll shows 67- percent of people surveyed say they favor the executive actions he announced earlier this week. week.but not all the polling news is good for r e president. in the same survey -- 57- percent said they didn't believe the actions will be effective in reducing gun- related deathsn the u-s.
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violence right here in cedar rapids thursday. thursday.and now 31-year-old derek bekeris is facing several charges including attempted murder.police lieve he shot at a man who is not being identified. identified.officers were called to seventh avenue southeast yesterday morning on reports of gun fire.they say at least six shots were fired. authorities tell cbs 2 news the victim was not hit.t. a waterloo man now faces 30-years in prison on both gun and drug charges. charges.earlier this week -- a jury found marchello rembert ilty.he was arrested in june for having a loaded p ptol and 15 bags of cocaine.because of prior convictions -- rembert was not allowed to have a gun -- so he faces jailtime and a one-point-two-million dollar fine. we're inching closer to the iowa caucuses.. caucuses..which is the presidential campaigns first test toward seeing who will become each parties nominee. nominee.and a person who went throroh the process himself 20 years s o, was campaigning in the corridor on thursday for his wife and democratic
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former president bill clinton even made an impromptu stop at the newbo city market bere his speech a athe czech and slovak museum in cedar rapids. during the speech, he made a comment on the election so far, saying the way the issues are talked about, *does make a difference. wherever people are fighting all the timim all over the world, good things are not happening. wherever they practice inclusive economics, inclusive social policies, and inclusive politics, good things are happening. the former president made a second stop in eastern iowa last night, speaking in dubuque. today -- hillary clinton's chief rival for the democratic nomination returns to iowa -- bernie sanders is starting a ur day tour throughout the state. state.that includes two stops in cedar rapids.sanders starts at 10-a-m -- talking about paid family leave at the double tree.he's then holding town hall memeing at waverly and toldeo before coming back to cedar rapids tonight at 7 -- for a town hall at the veterans memorial building. on the republican side -- doctor,ben carson made a couple of stops in the
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yesterday.including one to the motorcycle museum in anamosa. doctor carson touched on a number of topics like immigration.he says he draws inspiration from one of the nation's most memorable presidents. "teedy roosevelt said we are a nation of immigrants and we welcome anyone from any country, any race, any religion. if they want to be americans, if they accept our values our principles and our laws. if they don't stay where they are. carson cently shook up his campaign team afteteweeks of falling popo numbers.he's now fallen behind a number of candidates including front runners donald trump and texas senator ted cruz. another republican candidate will be campaning in eastern iowa today. today.kentucky senator rand paul is holding two meet and greets this 4 he'll be at the marion public library and then about a little later at 5-30 -- he'll have a similar event is at the north liberty community center. a group ofofvoters who will take part in their very first presidential election later
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school. students gathered to talk about all the presidential candidates and vote on who they think should lead the nation. before they voted, they took time to talk about why they believed *their choice was the best one. the group says they've learned about iowa's role in the election process, and feel proud their state gets this kind of attention. we kind of talked about how iowa is really important, it makes a difference if people vote here, it kind of makes a basis for the whole campaign in casasyou're wondering, o o the republican side, the students chose ben carson as the winner, followed by donald trump and then marco rubio. and as for the democrats, their choice was bernie sanders by a landslide, followed by martin o'malley and hillary clinton came in third. precinct officials are needed for an upcoming special election in johnson county. county.many of their regular workers are not available due to the short notice and unusual date.workers will need to be a registered voter and attend a training session before handthe pay is 10-75 an hour.potential workers should
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auditor's offifi in iowa cityty also in iowa city, the women's resource and action center is leaving its home of 39 years. years.the university has different long-term plans for the location of their old house and the wrac needs more space for their programs -- services and assistance. they focus on empowerment and social justice services for the university and community. staff members say there has been increasing in interest from college now e wrac has a new and much larger space in the university- owned bowman house. linda stewart kroon (khrown),wrac director06:14:35 it's going to allow us to do, to hosa lot more kinds of programming things in our own space. we reallllhaven't been able to do anything in our own house now for a number of years just because of... we don't have space." space."crews will go into the old house to see what can be salvaged and recycled before it's demolished in march. it's coming up next... next...the quest to find out if you can still safely pop open a long-forgotten bottle of beer.
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see that jill's gobbling up our bird's eyeeriyaki broccoli. (mind-blowing sound) and look ben is going for more buffalo cauliflower.
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everybody's a veggie lover now. what do you think? (mind-blowing sound) mind blown. bird's eye flavor full.
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a canadian scuba diver found a foamy treasure in a canadian harbor last year -- a bottle of beer year -- a bottle of beer that was at least 125 years old. old.e seal was intact -- and plenty of beer-lovers who heard about the find had one question. question.matt woodman explains if the beerertill good enough to drink after all this time. time. a scuba diver, a researcher and a beer enthusiast walked into a lab and uncorked the mystery of an tique bottle of beer.jon crouse, an amateur scuba diver and treasure hunter from nova scotia, found the bottle of beer at the bottom of halifax harbor in november. he kept the bottle,
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and if it was drinkable. the bobole seemed to be well- sealed, and it had a cork inscribed with "a. keith & son brewery."on wednesday, the mysterious, murky liquid was identified.crouse enlisted the help o ochristopher reynolds, co-owner of stillwell beer bar in halifax, and andrew macintosh of dalhousie university, who specializes in fermentation@research. the team tisted the bottle to make sure there was beer inside, and not seawater, before daring to take a swig."it tasted surprisingly good, and surprisingly like beer," reynoldsold cnn affiliate $& ctv.macintosh felt
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the beer he said he differently. he said he tried the beer "for the sake science." it's now this morning. morning.after the break... break...the head of iowa's football program looks back at one of the most successful seasons in program history.
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is the economy rigged? well, the 15 richestmericans acquired more wealth ininwo years than the bottom 100 million people combined.
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my plan -- make wall street banks and the ultra-rich pay their fair share of taxes, provide living wages for working people, ensure equal pay for women. the middle class will continue to disappear unless we level the playing field. with your help, as president, we will. long -- every time we asked kirk ferentz to think about what his team has accomplished up to this point -- his answer would be the same, --- they'll be time for that when the seasonons over -- well now it isand during the final press conference of iowa's historical 2015 season -- captian kirk -- let us in on what this season what like to the head hawk. hawk."when you see peop do
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could do, and attata. that's the joy in coaching or teaching... and to see players kinda see what it takes --- and what it means to be a good teammate -- and really be on a good team ... that's the fun of this whole thing. so... it was a rely fun, really enyable, gratifyiyi year. now the challenge is can we not so much surpass it but what can we do with this opportunity?"the hawks will have to face that challege without jim reid -- the iowa linebaers coach has offically been named the new defensive coordinator at boston cocoege -- which is just 7 miles from his hometown in massachusetts -- reid spent the past three seasons at iowa. lisa bluder will have to wait until next season -- to start conference play 3 and oh for the first time as the the iowa women's head coach -- the hawks blewew 17 point lead at michian -- and falling to the wolverines 82 to 75.tom lilly is the face of xavier girls basketball -- as he should be, he's been there from the stt of the program -- and from the start lilly has bebe successful -- in t trty years of coaching he's had just 2 loosing seasons -- but to the saints -- he's not only know as a winner -- he's the quote master. tom lilly -- our ed thomas coach of the xavier there is a certian tradtiton to uphold when it comes to girls basketball --
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jersey people expect certian things out of you... they expect you to be good and expect you to give it your all."which comes from t tir hehe coach -- --"i put a lot of time, effort, and energy into it.. i just live it 24/7." 24/7." -- a life of basketball that's been pretty successfull for tom lilly -- 13 trips to state -- 4 state titles -- and 501 wins- but when lilly draws up play -- it's not only to put the ball in the basket basket"i think the biggest goal is that we send out outstanding young ladies." ladies.""he always tells us not to just be a basketball player.. he's telling us don't let th define you."and that starts with a quote in practice -- "he gives us a quote every day to relate back to basketball... it's a challenge in life to live those quotes out and every day i'll kind of find myself thinking about those quotes and thinkingng about how they apply to o basketball, but also my life." life.""it just gives us something to think about during practice and just to take awayo every day life... and apply it to ourselves." quotes that will help them through h e day -- from a man who will help them through life... "you know i'm here for them 24/7 for the rest of their lives... anytime you've dedicated and given me that much love and care and respect
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you're a xavier girlrl sketball fafaly member forever and ever and ever ... and that never goes away." away."it's been a rough couple of weeks for the cedar rapids rough-riders -- 2 shoot t losses, an overtimeoss, and a 10 to 1 drdrbing at the hands of green bay -- so you could say mark carlson and the boys were ready to lace up and skate riders taking on the sioux city musketeers and they stampeeded out of,the gates -- ross colton -- with the quick wrter -- he lights the lamp not even 4 minutes into the game -- c-r goes up 1 nothingthen later in the period -- luke morgan -- gets stonewalled at the net -- but his buddy cal burk -- has his back -- he sneaks it ]n -- riders led 2 zip after 1and it was more of the same in the 2nd -- hugh h -ging -- dangle city -- all riders in this one -- 4 to 0 the final. zach johnson was back out on the course -- in hawaii -- for the first round of the hyundai tournament of championsand he started off strong -- on 7 -- zach attack sinks the birdie putt - -he was two under after 9and on 10 --- his approach -- a beauty -- he'd tap in another biride -- but after that -- he's run in to some bogey trouble --- johnson's
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thanks. fox has announced some more stars who'll be joining grease live at the end of the month. boys 2 men! men!the three guys will make a cameo as the teen angel to sing beauty school drop out! what a unique twist!the group announced it the group announced it on their twitter harmonizing to grease is the word. boys ii men sing grease song songng ease live is grease live is right here on fox28 january 31 at 6pm. good morning again -- it's now
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right now on cbs 2 this morning...the new information this morning about terror arrests -- and how the suspects got into the country. how police caught the person they say was using fake money the corridor. why you might have to wait around to buy a powerball jackpot ticket. kevin barry. barry.and i'm kelly d'ambrosio. d'amosio.
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there are new details this morning about a pair of terror arrests in the united states. states.two iraqi refugees, one in california and one in texas,s,re now behind bars following a multi state terror probe. probe.both suspects will appear in a federal court today.court documents show the two came to the united states before 20-10.the suspects communicated over social media allegedly discussing training and fighting a criminal complaint says the california suspect traveled to syria and back to the united states, after fighting
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this new development has reignited the dicussion over allowing syrian and iraqi refugees into the country. texas, where one of the suspects was arrested, governor greg abbott released a statement saying quote.. "this is precisely why i called for a halt to refugees entering the u-s from countries controlled by terrorists." terrorists."following the paris attacks in november, around 30 governors, including iowa's terry branstad oppossed allowing refugees from those countries into their individual states. an update this morning on the failed paris attack that we told you about yesterday morning right outside of a police station. station.a french prosecutor says right now inveigators are unsure of the true identity of the attacker.the suspect t had a butcher knife and was shot dead while carrying documents that identified him as a tunisian national -- which contradicts other information saying he was frommoracco.this came on the one e ar anniversary of the charlie hebdo attacks. we now know when sergeant bowe bergdahl bergdahlwill be court
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desertion and endangering fellow soldiers after disappearing from his military post in afghanistan in 2009 and was then kidnapped and held by the taliban for five years.officials at fort bragg have scheduled the two week court martial to start august 8-th.he'll next be in court on tuesday for a pre-trial hearing. friends and family will come together today to remember the life of tanner wymer. wymer.the solon high senior died sunday when his bobo cacaized on coralville lake.a visitation for tanner will be from 3 to 7 this afternoon at saint mary's catholic church in solon.his funeral will be tomorrow.tanner's family asks that instead of flowersrs memorials be made to the tanner wymer memorial fund at the solon state bank. in iowa city today, road work will be closing down parts of clinton street.from 6 until about noon -- traffic from burlington street to court street will be closed so construction crews can work on a building in the area.drivers are adviseto take an alternate route. another major street closure
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causing headaches this spring. spring.the upcoming project is also causing a lot of uncertainty for businesses in the area. 2 reporter stephanie johnson joins us now, with reaction, stephanie.. stephanie... kevin, kelly, iowa city crews will begin tearing up busy washington stre between clinton and linn street starting this april. apririeverything at and below ground level will be replaced, meaning the street will be closed in different phases.the city tells cbs 2 news they've had a problem with water main breaks and believes replpling them will fix the issue for about 30 to 40 years.some business owners in the area say it might be good for the city, but it could hurt their business. "it's not just that they're closing down the streetetit's all the actual construction so the street is going to be entirely torn up. you're gonna have so much noise and dust and dirt."
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they'll continue talking with the city to minimize the negative impact of the street closure. stephanie johnson, cbs 2 news. thanks stephanie.cedar rapids police have tracked down the man they think has been passing fake money throughout the city. citymendel holmes is accused of giving a fake 100-dollar bill to a clerk at the kum and go station on mount vernon road south-east.his vehicle was reported to police, and he was later arrested during a traffic stop.he's now charged with forgery. also in cedar rapids, richard mcelree is accusededf breaking into the hawkeye convenience store on first avenue wednesday morning.surveillance video allegedly shows mcelree stealing cigarettes -- and lottery tickets.police were able to find him nearby and he now faces urglary charges. the powerball jackpot is drawing thousands of people to their local gas station or grocery store to pick up their "golden ticket." ticket."the powerball jackpot is now aathe highest it's ever hy-vee in cedar rapids told cbs 2 news they
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thursday to pick up a ticket. the iowa lottery tells us they're now having to explain the e game to new players trying to cash in.they recommend grabbing an easy pick or quick pick ticket -- and signing the ticket. "there have been so many jackpot winners that have won with just one ticket. you don't have to go out and buy a bunch of tickets, it only takes one." one."the next powerball drawing wi be saturday night and right now -- the jacot is 700-million dollars.your last chance to purchase a ticket is at 8:59 tomorrow night. night. one of the most exciting football weekends of the year is a day away. away.and you can enjoy that right here on cbs 2.tomorroro night -- the a-f-c wild card playoff game between the pittsburgh steelers and the cincinnati bengalis will be on cbs 2 starting at 7-15.on sunday -- the green bay packers will travel to washington to play the redskins.that gamemes on our sister station -- fox 28, at 3-40. it's after the break...
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survival instinct that helped one man overcome a freak accident.
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who better to handle an emergency situation, with injuries, than a doctor. doctor.but it turns out it was more grit and determination than medical training that helped a minnesota man survive a night outside, in the dea of winter. winter.dee-dee stiepan brings us an incredible story of survival. survival. (nats:'i had gotten one pheasant")dr. richard olsen had a feeling that saturday december 19th would be a lucky day...(nats:i was determined that i iwould be a aucky day because my shooting hadnt been the greatest." )the retired mayo peditrician was hunting in north dakota when he decided to go out one more time before he had to leave.. [take sotduration:0:05]***sot fullll*so much of a hurry that he left his cell phone in his truck.while walking around - olsen approached what he describes as a "bowow in the ground. he says one minute he was walking on flat ground... (nats: "the next minute, i was falling.")[take sot duration:0:12]***sot full***
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know how i would know that without feeling the pain but when i felt that pain, i knew it was really going to be a bad deal.">he had broken his left femur bone... olsen knew his first task needed to be getting to the top of the "bowl" of land... after two exhausting attempts - he did. [take sotduration:0:10]***sot full***he attempted to use his shoot off rounds to get someone's attention - but when that proved unsuccessful - he knew he needed to get closer to the using his good led - upperbody strength and pure determination olsen scooted himself inches at a time.[take sotduration:0:10]***sot full***[cg :c super 2 line\r\rhard olsen\survivor r [cg :c super 2 line\a mayo doctor's story of survival\kimt news 3] thoughts - he knew he had d to block out of his mind to survive.[take sotduration:0:14] ***sot full***
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knee, dig in your heel, check totosee your gloves are on and then push.">bend -dig - gloves - push four commands that olsen focused on for a half a mile until he was able to prop himself up agains a barbed wire fence near the road.he began yelling - waving - trying to get the attention of the cars passing by... he did that for a half an hour when truck driver bryant duncan drove past - then stopped and put his vehicle in reverse. [take sotduration:0:03]***sot full***and when duncan opened the door - that's when olsen knew - that 16 hours after he fell - - 'd been rescued.[take sot duration:0:08]***sot full***focus - self proclaimed stubbornnnns and that luck he was hoping for got him to the side of the road - where he was eventually saved by a montana trucker who made the decision
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dr. olsen had an x-ray earlier this week. it said his leg fracture is doing well, but he does have a little frostbite. it's and you're watching cbs 2 this morning... morning...still to come... come...the advances in drone technology some mpanies are making before they're even being widely used in the
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- it's now we're taking a look at your_______ your_______ the markets will look to bounce back to end the week.on thursday stocks tumbled into triple digit losses for a thirirday.the dow fell 392 points.nasdaq dropped 146.and the s and p 500 lost 47- and some of that poor performance has been blamed on the stock market in china. far today, chinese have been volatile and other asian markets have rebounded. but on thursday, trading there was suspended after big losses. that caused stocks worldwide to fall. chinese firm, ehang has developed a prototype of a
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single person. person.they debuted it at the consumer electronics show in las vegas.engineers say once the destination is entered -- the passenger will only have to push buttons to take off and land.ehang also claimshe 184 can climb to more than eleven- thousand feet and goes about 62 miles an hour -- all on batteries that last up to 23 minutes.don't look for the drone at stores any time soon. the company does not have f-a-a approval for the devices and they aren't being mass produced. walgreens says sales rose more than five percent in the past quarter with the drug store chain filling more prescriptions. walgreens is still in the process of buyiyi rival rite-aid for more than 9 billion dollars---creating the country's biggest drug store chain.but that deal still needs regulatory approval. general mills and warner
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bring some of the most popular super-heroes to your breakfast table. table.before batman and superman battle it out on the big screen -- general mills is rolling out a special cereal centered around both characrs.the cereal boxes hit the shelves around the country starting this week.the batman versus superman: dawn of justice movie comes out this march. netflix has netflix has released the first imagis of the cast and set from "fuller house" the continuation of the f fl house family. and bloggers are analyzing the pictures now, pouring over the purpose of who's looking at who, what their clothes could mean, and wondering how we could ever see bob saget as a nice father figure again.the new show
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it's coming up next... a simple prpruct is helping keke hospitals cleaner -- and safer.
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in the middle of a time when senior poverty is increasing. republicans and some democrats came up with a brilliant idea for cutting cost-of-living adjustments for social security.
5:37 am
if y y cut social security." as president, i will do everything i can to extend the solvency of social security and expand benefits for people who desperately needhem.
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here's a look at some of eastern iowa's top s sries -- on this morning... cedar rapids school leaders next week will update the public about their equity efforts.on tuesday, the board of education will hold a community conversation to discuss current nitiatives and programs in the district. it'll take place from 6 to 8 at the african american museum. everyone is invited to join. a new dunkin' donuts could be coming to marion.right now -- city leadersrsare waiting to hear more about a plan to put the donut shop at the former site of select auto on 7th ave.
5:39 am
store development agreement with eastern iowa food service -- which called for up to 12 locations in the cedar rapids area. new research shows a simple product, could make a big difference in fighting a potentially deadly infection, especial in the hospital. hospital.liz bonis has the details. details.
5:40 am
as a hospital room. ed hooker says cleaners can work well on hard surfaces --but soft ones,, such as matresses can be a problem.** sot **** vo **so doctor hooker..who is a public health speacialist,, decided to head up a research team,, to study this bed d cover,, part of the trinity gaurdion bed protection system.. to see if it might be one more tool --in the fight against c -diff.** sot **< [liz bonis/@lbonis1] clip 1/ tease is at 42:38/ stand up is at: 43: 50 his team then compared beds without that cover , esescially looking a arates of c diff.. and what they found was pretty remarkable.>** sot*< 32: 40 we actually did studies here in cincinnati.. cleveland and indianaopolis,, where we said clean the bed as g gd as you cacaclean it.. and now let me culture it , and i can grow all sorts of lovely bacteria.. all over those matresses after they are officially cleaned.>** vo** in fact his rrearch on this s cover,r,now published in the american journal of infection control in some cases could
5:41 am
infection in hookers team found not only did the cover provide a protectivevebarrier to c-diff --but when removed and washed --**sot**< 33;05 it kills everything ,,it kills all the bacteria.> now there's always a cost - benefit that has to be aalyzed-- analyzed--but doctor hooker says it works out to about 10 dollars a bed system cover. dollars a bed system cover. if you're just getting up, good morning -- it's now coming up next... next...the latest way kids in the corridor are getting ready fofothe 2016 ection -- even if they won't be old enough to vote.'re watching c-b-s 2 this morning -- covering the
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right now on cbs 2 this morning...the president faces critics head on about his new executive actions about gun control. the end to a busy week of politics in the corridor while a former president revisits history in the czech village. the new home for an organization helping women in the iowa city community. welcome e cbs two this morning...i'm kevin bbarry. barry.and i'm kelly d'ambrosio. d'ambrosio.
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