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tv   CBS Morning News  CBS  January 13, 2016 4:00am-5:00am CST

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oh changes are changing changes turn and face >> announcer: this is the cbs "overnight news." president obama went before a joint session of congress to deliver the final state of the union address of his presidency. he didn't outline any new bold proposals, instead, he gave an upbeat assessment of his seven years in office and his hopes for america's future. it was likely mr. obama's final primetime opportunity to speak to the nation before the party primaries begin next month. and it comes at a time when seven out of ten americans say the country is headed in the wrong direction. here's some of what the president had to say. >> we're in the middle of the longest streak of private sector
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[ applause ] more than 14 million jobs, strongest two years of job growth since the 90s. an unemployment rate cut in half. our auto industry just had its best year ever. [ applause ] that's just part of a manufacturing surge that created nearly 900,000 new jobs in the past six years. and we have done all this while cutting our deficits by almost 3/4. [ applause ] anyone claiming that america's economy is in decline is peddling fiction.
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of america's economic decline is political hot air. well so is all of the rhetoric you hear about our enemies getting stronger and america getting weaker. i mean, let me tell you something. the united states of america is the most powerful nation on earth. period. [ applause ] period. it's not even close. it's not even close. it's not even close. we spend more on our military than the next eight nations combined. our troops are the finest fighting force in the history of the world. [ applause ]
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isil over the top claims that this is world war iii, just play into their hands. masses of fighters on the back of pickup trucks, twisted souls plotting in apartments or garages, they pose an enormous danger to civilians. they have to be stopped. but they do not threaten our national existence. the future we want, all of us want, opportunity and security for our families, a rising standard of living, a sustainable peaceful planet or our kids. all of that is within our reach. but it will only happen if we work together. it will only happen if we can have rational constructive
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it will only happen if we fix our politics. >> a new cbs news/"the new york times" poll out moments ago shows the democratic race tightening. have a look. last month hillary clinton had a 20-point lead nationally over bernie sanders. tonight, sanders has cut clinton's lead to 7. the senator from vermont talked to our nancy cordes. >> i think so. >> reporter: for senator sanders was better than the last. a new hampshire poll showed him widening his lead over clinton, 53 to 39. an iowa poll showed him pulling ahead by five points. a 16-point swing in one month. do you now kid yourself the front-runner, at least in the two states? >> i am feeling better and better that we can win both states. when we began in iowa, i think the first poll had us at 2%. 2%. >> reporter: his reversal of
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up her attacks in ames, iowa where she called his medicare for all plan impractical. even risky. >> if that is the kind of revolution he is talking about, i am worried, folks. >> her daughter chelsea carried the message to new hampshire. >> senator sanders wants to dismantle obama care. >> indication that the clinton campaign is getting very, very nervous. >> reporter: if you win in iowa, and new hampshire, how do you compete in south carolina, florida, states where hillary clinton has a huge organization and a huge head start in the polls. >> gee, nancy, that's the question that was asked of me eight and a half month as go about iowa and new hampshire. well things have changed. things will change in nevada and south carolina. >> they are going to have to change in a few weeks. >> well we have pretty good ground organizations as well. >> reporter: clinton supporters argue this is just the natural tightening you see at the end of any race. but even sanders admitted to us, scott, that he is resonating even more than he ever expected.
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nancy, thank you. on the republican side, our national poll finds donald trump leading his closest rival, ted cruz, nearly 2 to 1. marco rubio is the only other candidate in double digits. here's major garrett. >> did he not get the memo live free or die? >> reporter: ted cruz deadlocked with donald trump for first in iowa returned to new hampshire for the first time in two months and again tried to dispel trump planted questions about his birth in canada and legal status for the white house. >> the legal question is quite straight forward which is the children of u.s. citizens born abroad are natural born citizens or by birth. >> reporter: one of cruz's law professors at harvard, democrat lawrence tribe, wrote the constitutional definition of a natural born citizen is unsettled. john mccain confronted similar questions as gop nominee in 2008. mccain was born on a u.s.
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>> i am very confident that ted cruz is legitimately qualified to run for president. but it need, it needs to be looked into. >> reporter: what do you think trump and to a lesser extent ted cruz have tapped into within the republican conversation? >> anger, frustration. >> does donald trump represent the party of abraham lincoln and ronald reagan? >> i think he wants to. i disagree with him on a number of the statements and positions that he has taken, obviously. but if that's the verdict of the republican party and the majority of americans, then i will do everything i can to help that president. >> mccain supported lindsay graham and told us now is not the time to endorse any other republican. scott, mccain said he will endorse the party's nominee no matter who it is, because party loyalty will not allow him to walk away. >> major garrett, thank you.
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all: cbs cares! president obama interrupted preparations for tonight's state of the union address to deal with the breaking development in the persian gulf. iran seized two small u.s. navy boats and took 10 crew members into custody. cbs news national security correspondent david martin is following this story at the pentagon. >> reporter: the two small boats were en route from kuwait to bahrain ended up on iran's farsi island in the persian gulf. u.s. officials believe the boats and ten soilors were picked up after they had suffered a mechanical breakdown and drifted into iranian territory waters. officials do not know if shots were fired but say iran's foreign minister personally assured secretary of state kerry
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continue their journey. it would seem a harmness incident, except two weeks ago iranian revolutionary guard ships fired off rockets within a mile of the aircraft carrier truman. the rockets were aimed the other way, but firing munitions in crowded shipping lanes drew a strong protest from the u.s. scott, u.s. officials expect the sailors will be allowed to continue their journey as soon as it is day light in the persian gulf. >> david martin, reporting at the pentagon, thank you. tonight cbs news has confirmed that 10 yemenis, held at guantanamo bay will be transferred to middle eastern countries now willing to take them. with that, the population at the u.s. detention camp for terror suspects will fall below 100 for the first time. president obama vowed to close guantanamo in his first address to congress in 2009, but
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>> in turkey today, a suicide bomber blew himself up in a section of istanbul that is most often packed with foreign tourists. at least ten people were killed. 15 wounded. turkey's government blames isis, but not everyone is convinced. holly williams is there. >> reporter: the deadly explosion targeted istanbul's historic heart, just yard from monuments dating back 2,000 years. at least 8 of those who lost their lives were german tourists. this image captures the moment of the blast. jostein neilson from norway was hit by shranel from the bomb. we were splattered said his wife magna, our clothes my jacket was splattered with burned human remains. the turkish government blamed a syrian suicide bomber and said
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but so far the terrorist group, which normally celebrates its atrocities, has not taken responsibility. this attack comes just three months after two suicide bombers targeted a peace rally in the turkish capital ankara. more than 100 people were killed in the deadliest terror attack in turkey's modern history. turkey's a member of the u.s.-led coalition against isis, and has tightened its border security to try to stop the flow of militants to syria. turkey is also engaged in a violent conflict with militants from the country's kurdish minority. after a cease-fire collapse last year. some here in turkey believe this spate of deadly attacks shows syria's civil war is spilling across the border. but, scott, others blame the turkish government, because of its ongoing clashes with the country's kurdish militants. >> holly williams in istanbul,
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>> today, mexican authorities released a new video of the capture of the drug kingpin known as el chapo. he was caught friday, six months after escaping from prison. the video shows how he nearly got away again. manuel bojorquez is in mexico. [ gunfire ] when mexican marines first raided the house there was no sign of the notorious drug lord instead inside a maze of dark rooms captured on helmet cameras the marines found cartel members on the floor. upstairs a stack of dvds, featured kate del castillo, the "rolling stone" interview for sean penn. then they found this. a light chain inside a closet that unlocked an unusual panel behind this mirror revealing a hidden door and el chapo's
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and he almost managed to get away, fleeing through wood panelled tunnels, el chapo made it several blocks to the city storm sewers before he was finally arrested. the government said it had been watching the house for weeks after a cartel member known for his tunnel making expertise was spotted going inside. today, el chapo is locked up here at the same prison he escaped from six months ago awaiting possible extradition to the u.s. but former mexican foreign minister jorge castaneda cautioned capturing el chapo won't make a dent in the drug business. >> there is no reason to believe that less drugs in in all are entering the united states from mexico than before. >> reporter: so el chapo being in prison doesn't change any of the operation? >> i don't think so. >> reporter: here at the prison federal police beefed up security. guzman's oldest son is believed to be filling his father's role in the cartel now. scott, a twitter message claiming to be from ivan guzman
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arrest. >> manuel, thank you. >> well, winter was awfully slow to arrive in the northeast. now it has come in with a vengeance. driving was nearly impossible south of buffalo, new york. 2 feet of snow since yesterday. in eastern indiana, have a look, mangled trucks scattered all over i-70. they crashed in blizzard conditions. but no serious injuries. >> it's not just cold, descending from the north. canadians are streaming over the border to buy powerball tickets today, the jackpot for tomorrow night's drawing grew to at least $1.5 billion. more than 19 million dollars worth of tickets are being sold every hour. well you can't put a price on clean water in one city where the supplies are tainted with lead. the cbs "overnight news" will be ri there's moving... and there's moving with move free ultra.
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>> we have breaking news -- >> intelligence officials blame common smart phone apps for helping the terrorists. families in flint, michigan, finally saw clean water delivered door to door today. their tap water has been tainted with lead for nearly two years after the city began drawing
4:20 am
money. the number of children with high lead levels in their blood has doubled. adriana diaz is in flint. >> reporter: flint residents have been waiting a long time for this. >> water and this is replacement filter. >> reporter: volunteers and state troopers handled out bottled water and filters a week after governor rick snyder declared a state of emergency for the city. >> pretty stressful. you got to go pay your water bills. then go and buy water too. >> reporter: back in october that drinking water in flint was declared unsafe. recently unearthed e-mails suggest state officials knew about the lead problem as far back as july when an internal health study found high lead levels in flint children after the 2014 water switch. residents weren't told there was a problem two months later and continued to drink contaminated water. governor snyder came to flint yesterday.
4:21 am
going on with the state i am responsible for state government. >> reporter: the flint resident said that the governor's words ring hollow. >> we are the walking dead. we just haven't had the dirt thrown upon us yet. >> reporter: she worries about her kids. their pediatrician told her contaminated drinking watt r may be what's behind their skin rashes and mouth sores. known indicators of lead exposure. >> it's frustrating and irritating because nobody cares. >> reporter: why do you think people don't care? >> because it's -- it's a high crime rate here. and there is more, poor african-americans. you know? snyder don't care. he don't stay here. >> reporter: today the governor's office told us state experts originally concluded higher lead levels were simply seasonal.
4:22 am
confirmed lead in the water. still, scott, the federal justice department is launching an investigation. >> joe biden reveals a secret
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come back. david bowie never had a number one album, but that is about to change. billboard says black star is headed to the top with 130,000 albums expected to sell this week. the album debuted friday. bowie died of cancer on sunday. in an interview with cnn, vice president joe biden has revealed a touching moment with president obama. the subject was biden's son
4:24 am
general, who was battling cancer. >> i said, you know, my concern is, i said, if beau resigns, he had no, there, there's no -- nothing to fall back on. his salary, i said but i worked it out. i said, joeill and i will sell the house. he got up. don't sell the house. promise me you won't sell the house. he will be mad at me saying this. he said whfratever you need. i will give you the money. i said i don't think we will have to. he said promise me.
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>> first lady michelle obama invited more than a dozen people to sit with her in the house chamber tonight for the state of the union address. including one young boy from bear, delaware. chip reid has his story. >> welcome, tom vilsack, nice to meet you. >> nice to meet you too. >> reporter: in washington, braeden manering, and his mother in tow, had meetings with the secretary of agriculture and home state senator, tom carper of delaware. you may be wondering what a 12-year-old did to earn such special treatment. well it started when he was just 9 and entered a recipe in the first lady's healthy eating
4:27 am
he won and was invited to the kids state dinner at the white house where mrs. obama challenged him to make a difference in his community. two days later when he saw a homeless man on the street in the rain inspiration struck. >> i couldn't stop thinking about him and how he could be cold, hungry, tired. >> reporter: so he put together a bag of food and asked his mother to help him find the man. >> i got out of the car gave him the bag and umbrella. he said, thank you, son. then i knew what to do. >> reporter: he knew he had to feed the hungry. he created brae's brown bag which so far has distributed 4,600 bags of healthy food. how does it make you feel? >> it makes me feel happy. and but at the same time not very happy. because i know they're all out there. but -- as long as, as long as i'm there, he'll be good. >> reporter: his mother christie
4:28 am
believe this is her son. >> people often say, you are doing a great job raising him. and i say, he's raising me too. so -- >> reporter: he says the key is to change how people see the homeless. >> i treat them as if they were my family. >> reporter: he hopes his seat of honor tonight in washington will inspire others to feel that way too. chip reid, cbs news, washington. >> that's the "overnight news" for this wednesday. for some of you the news continues. for others, check back with us a little bit later for the morning news and of course, "cbs this morning."
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scott pelley. captioning funded by cbs it's wednesday, january 13th, 2016. this is the "cbs morning news." an unfolding crisis in the persian gulf this morning. iran's military is holding ten members of the united states navy after their ship drifts into iranian waters. president obama gives his final state of the union address, tossing out some traditions and throwing a few jabs. and the nfl is returning to los angeles. more than 20 years after they skipped town for st. louis, the rams are coming back to the city they called home for decades and
4:30 am
another team. and climate change agreement, and america's resolve against terrorism. >> when you come after americans, we go after you and it may take time, but we have
4:31 am
no limits. >> weijia jiang has more from washington. >> that's why i stand here as confident as i have ever been. that the state of our union is strong. >> reporter: in his seventh and final state of the union address, president obama aimed to set his legacy and focus on the future. >> the future we want, all of us want, opportunity and security for our families, all that is within our reach. >> reporter: the president spoke less about policy and more on changing washington, admitting he failed to bring the parties together. >> it's one of the few regrets of my presidency, that the rancor and suspicion between the parties has gotten worse, instead of better. >> reporter: president obama did not mention any gop presidential candidates by name, but he warned against rhetoric over islam. >> when politicians insult
4:32 am
fellow citizens, it's just yang. >> reporter: south carolina governor nikki haley gave the president's response and echoing for the president to calm the anti-muslim rhetoric. >> no one to work hard and abide by our laws and should ever feel unwelcome in this country. >> reporter: the republican governor -- >> we are feeling a national crushing death and insurance plan making insurance let affordable and doctors less available. >> reporter: reaction to the state of the union from the campaign trail was swift with republican presidential front-runner donald trump taking to twitter, calling the president's speech here in washington boring, slow, and lethargic. texas senator ted cruz, who opted to skip the speech washings in new hampshire. >> it was more of the same. it was sadly, i think it was less a state of the union than it was a state of denial. >> reporter: today, president obama will head to omaha to push the major themes of his address.
4:33 am
washington. joining is a deputy political editor for butfeed news. kyle, thank you for joining us. you watched the speech. i want to ask you. this morning, his critics and his friends, what do you think people will be talking about today? >> i think everyone this morning will be talking about not only what president obama said, but what also south carolina republican governor nikki haley said in response, which was both of them took failed chops at donald trump. and president obama's call for for -- and nikki haley said we should ignore the calls of the angriest voices. not mentioning trump by name but thinly chops to donald trump and his message. which dominated the campaign coverage and campaign in general the last few months. >> his shadow certainly looms
4:34 am
definitely an indication of that. typically, the state of the union address is meant to sort of rally supporters, clarify the agenda moving forward, but this is president obama's last year. it's also an election year. it's been a very heated election so far. so what do you think the purpose of the speech was? >> well, i think the purpose for him, mainly, was defending his legacy and the whole speech was really a response to how his legacy has been characterized by republicans throughout the campaign. and so i think the second purpose was to lay out a democratic and progressive agenda that can be carried on by hillary clinton or bernie sanders, whoever is the nominee. >> whoever ends up winning. kyle blaine, you are the deputy political editor for buzzfeed news, thank you for joining us this morning and getting up early. >> thank you. coming up on "cbs this morning," we will discuss the president's address with vice president joe biden, hillary clinton, and nikki haley.
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getting closer. polls indicate that bernie sanders has widened his lead over hillary clinton in new hampshire and now leads clinton in iowa. a new cbs news/"the new york times" poll indicates how the race is tightening nationally. in december, clinton held a 20-point lead. now her margin over sanders is just seven points. sanders says clinton is certainly feeling the heat. >> we had three or four separate attacks, and when you see that many attacks, and i am sure that more will be coming, it is an indication that the clinton campaign is getting very, very nervous. >> sanders support has risen among mostly younger voters and liberals. mexican officials say they are investigating the meeting between lug drug -- drug lord joaquin "el chapo" guzman and sean penn. penn interviewed guzman while he was a fugitive. mexico officials want to see if
4:36 am
guzman was captured friday on a raid on mexico's pacific coast and held in the same prison he escaped from last july but is constantly being moved. this morning, an area of low pressure has shifted over the great lakes, bringing lake-effect snow to portions of new york and new england. meanwhile, moderate snow showers developed over the mid-atlantic and upper midwest. philadelphia saw its first snow squalls of the season. wind gusts of 50 miles per hour were reported. a lake-effect snow watch is in effect in buffalo, new york, until tomorrow. some parts of the city could get a foot of snow and snow and strong winds have made a mess of travel in indiana. near richmond, one highway pileup involved nine trucks and four cars. three people were injured. coming up on the "morning news." the fun is over at party city. a mountain of party supplies tumbled from shelves after a huge collapse. later, football returns to los angeles with the rams
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rescuers in oakland, california, worked into the night to dig out a contractor trapped after a trench collapsed around him. it happened around noon. the man was buried up to his chest in clay-like mud. by late last night, one of his feet remained stuck in the mud. the firefighters say he appears to be doing okay. chaos at a party city store and the director of national intelligence is hit by a hacker. those are some of the headlines on the morning newsstand. "the washington post" reports a teenage hacker claims he broke into accounts belonging to the director of national intelligence. the hacker says he got into james clapper and his wife's personal e-mail account and home phone. he is one of the hackers who allegedly broke into the private e-mail account of the cia last fall. the fbi is investigating. "the new york times" reports
4:40 am
turkey. the suicide bombing yesterday in istanbul's tourist district killed ten foreigners and wounded 15 others. it is the first time isis struck turkey's tourism sector. "the detroit free press". reporters the michigan governor's activated the national guard to help distribute drinking water in flint. lead contaminated the water after the city switched from the detroit supply to the flint river in 2014. it found that the unhealthy water affected children. the first guardsmen arrived today, growing to more than 30 by friday. amid criticism the governor acted too slowly. >> i have apologized for what has gone on with the state and i am responsible for state government. >> the justice department is investigating. the "miami herald" said
4:41 am
party supply store near boca raton. shelves after shelves came down at this party city on tuesday. three suffered minor injuries. the cause of the collapse is under investigation. the "los angeles times" reports disney's newest theme park is set to open in shanghai. the 5.5 billion dollar shanghai disney resort opens its doors on june 16th. it will be disney's second largest theme park behind disney world in orlando. up next. the rams return. the nfl owners overwhelmingly agree to allow the rams to pack their bags and head back to los angeles. at del monte, corn is packed at the peak of freshness with just water and a dash of sea salt. nothing else.
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here's a look at today's forecast in some cities around the country. after a 21-year absence, nfl football is returning to los angeles. the st. louis rams, who left l.a. in 1994, are coming back and that is not all. the san diego chargers were given the okay to join the rams in a new stadium. the oakland raiders could also have the option to move. omar villafranca is at the nfl owners meetings in houston with the details. >> reporter: after several rounds of votes here on tuesday, the nfl owners came to a near unanimous decision. 30 of the 32 owners decided to
4:44 am
where they played from 1946 until 1994. the only question is will the country's second largest media market have one team or two? >> l.a. rams! l.a. rams! >> reporter: football fans in los angeles are excited over the nfl's return, after a 21-year absence. >> i am so disappointed. i've been able to be at two super bowls and really being able to experience all of that for years. i really am -- we are going to miss them. >> while in st. louis, they are distraught over the news that the team they cheered on since 1994 will be returning to l.a. next season. nfl commissioner roger goodell making it official with an announcement on tuesday. rams owner stan kroenke's $1.8 billion plan is what helped get the deal done. >> you do not want to come into los angeles without something that is really first class because that is what is
4:45 am
>> reporter: the future of two other nfl teams remains uncertain. the san diego chargers have a year-long option to join the rams in l.a. if they choose not to, that opens the door for the oakland raiders to come back. the raiders left los angeles in 1994, the same year the rams left town. all three teams have battled with their respective cities over financing of new stadiums. the relocation agreement guarantees the chargers and raiders $100 million to build new stadiums in san diego and oakland. the last nfl team to change cities was the houston oilers. they left for tennessee in 1997 and became the titans. ironically, the coach of the oils at the time was jeff fisher, who is the coach of the soon to be l.a. rams. omar villafranca, cbs news.
4:46 am
be ready until 2019. until then, they will play in the old coliseum. coming up, a black eye for the patriots. coach bill belichick sports a mystery shiner at a press conference. and, later, the search for a dancing package thief caught red-handed on video. we all want to be healthier, but lets just get real, we also want to loose weight. what's great about the smartpoints program is you do both, it's not counting calories it's counting points. which actually is like kind of a game.
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when you realize that you don't have to give up anything,
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here's a look at today's
4:49 am
the country. driverless cars are supposed an out of control car drove itself in circles and in reverse on a busy stream. video caught this car doing doughnuts yesterday. police used stop sticks normally used in high-speed chases to stop the car. no one was hurt and it was likely a mechanical problem. i thought driverless cars were supposed to be the next big thing? not so much. new england patriots coach bill belichick is known for wearing a hooded sweatshirt when he prowls the sidelines, but during his news conference tuesday, he was sporting something else. a black eye. belichick wouldn't tell reporters how he got the shiner. >> i don't think they list injured coaches on the injury report, but i'm sure if we are required to do it, we will do it. >> is that a little sarcasm there? bill belichick's patriots kick off our coverage of the nfl divisional playoff this weekend. new england hosts kansas city on saturday.
4:50 am
steelers travel to denver to take on the broncos. and you can watch it all right here on cbs. coming up after your local news on "cbs this morning," vice president joe biden. i'm anne-marie green.
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but i'm okay. 84-year-old media mogul rupert murdoch this year proposed to 59-year-old former model jerry hall. hall said yes, because she didn't feel like standing in line for powerball tickets. >> the powerball jackpot has climbed to $1.5 billion. the largest in the world. the price could climb throughout the day as more people rush to grab tickets before tonight's drawing. odds of winning it all? 1 in 292.million. workers at a new jersey restaurant got a rude awakening after they thought they won the
4:53 am
weekend. tracy korokco of our new york station wcbs reports. >> 63, yes! powerball, 17! yes! >> reporter: video captures the ecstatic moments that the employees at this restaurant in englewood cliff, new jersey, thought they hit the $950 million powerball jackpot on saturday night, changing their lives forever. >> it was a feeling of excitement, of glory. >> everybody happy. jumping up and down. everybody hugging each other. >> reporter: that is until the heartbreaking realization they were looking at the winning numbers from a previous drawing! >> i got a text from a friend of mine and he sent me numbers which we thought were the winning numbers, but it turned out to be wednesday night's numbers. >> reporter: bartender and organizer of the 42-person pool charles povoromo says it was simply an honest mistake. >> i had to call my wife. she should know, right?
4:54 am
double-check. sure enough, i got on the phone and shaking and i went to the website and they finally had set of different numbers. >> reporter: the celebration quickly turned to disappointment. >> i would have been sorry to lose all of the employees. i mean, the dishwashers were very happy they didn't have to wash dishes any more. the valet parker told the guy, get rid of his own car. >> reporter: was it a joke? no, it was no joke! i thought they would take it a lot harder than they did but, you know, nobody won it, so that made it a little easier. >> maybe a little. at least for that, a little moment they knew what it was like to be billionaires. just for a couple of seconds. that was tracy korokco reporting. coming up after your local news on "cbs this morning," tv host bill o'reilly joins us in the studio with reaction to the state of the union. we speak with the ceo and cofounder of the review website yelp and actor paul giamatti
4:55 am
about his new show "billions." that is the "cbs morning news" for this wednesday. thanks for watching. i'm anne-marie green.
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