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tv   CBS2 This Morning Early Edition  CBS  January 14, 2016 5:00am-6:00am CST

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this is my last night with you right now on cbs 2 this morning...the finale to the lotto fever that's been building for weeks. why some corridor school districts are saying the governor's plan to fund schools still isn't enough the corridor community trying follow johnson county's lead -- and raisisthe minimum wage. welcome to cbs two this morning...i'm kevin barry. barry.and i'm kelly d'ambrosio. d'ambrosio. let's get a check of our cbs 2
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new this mornini morningif you're watching this -- it's time to get up for work -- you did not win a billion dollars. dollars.but lottery officials say three very lucky people will be spliting the one-point-6 billion dollar prize.jackpot winning tickets were sold in california, tennessee and florida. florida.the news caused celebration at this 7-eleven in chino hills, california, where one of the tickets was purchased.that store will earar 1-million bucks for selling the ticket.right now, it's unknown if there were any *other winning tickets. if no one would've won last night's drawing, lottery officials say the next jackpot would've soared to 2-billioiodollars. here in iowa, no one matched all six numbers, but according to the iowa lottery, one person matched five, netting them 2-million dollars with a power play option. option.iowa lottery players broke sales records -- trying to win that billion dollar prize. prize.and that means more money coming back to iowans. 25 percent of ticket sales
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the majority oothat money goes to the state's general fund.the rest goes to the vision iowa program to help tourism -- and 2-point-5 million dollars goes to the iowa veterans trust fund. i have to approve applications for the veterans trust fund, which can be used to help veterans who are under 200 percent poverty level and under $15,000 in assets assetsthe rest of the money goes to lottery operational costs and, of course, the prize money. some area schools say governor branstad's proposed boost in education spending isn't enough. enough.during his condition of the e ate address, the governor proposed a two-point-45-percent increase in funding next school year, that's more than 145 million dollars more in funding.clear creek amana school board president steve swenka tells cbs 2 news they need four- percent just to keep up with inflation. the state board of regents is also competing for it's fair share of funding.the board represents iowa's three state universities and they're e
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dollars.but the governor is setting aside only eight- million.democrats want lawmakers to approve more money for higher education -- but republicans sayt is getting hard to stretch an already y ght budget. the success of agriculture in iowa is directly tied to everything from school funding to the state budget. budget.and many we talked to at yesterday's w-m-t ag expo say 20-16 could be a chalalnging year for the state. after a string of exceptionally good years in agriculture, farmers and those working in equipment and service say crop prices and costs could mean some belt- tighteteng. " some have spent that income, some have invested that income and some have saved that income .. well we're getting ready to give it all back, it's a little bit like we're at the gambling table and when you win a little you better put some in your pocket." pocket."governor branstad has said concerns over ag revenues in iowa are behind his conservative approach to school fununng and the state budget. back at the capitol, it was the chief justice of the iowa supreme court's turn to go before lawmakers.chief justice mark cady delivered
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speech -- highlighting advancements in protecting children -- trying to end racial disparity and improving transparency.but the chief justice also spoke about human trafficking -- calling it an issue iowans can no longer see as just an urban problem. it exists as a dark underworld in many communities across iowa and is associated with some of iowa's most iconic places and ents. there is no justice when children are abused and exploloed. justice cady said iowa needs a prompt and comprehensive effort to identify victims of sex trafficking in iowa so the state can provide services victims need. breaking news overnight in indonesia, indonesia,a terror attack has been carried out in thehe capital city of jakakaa. people are dead so far, including five attackers, but authorities say the death toll will likely rise.authorities said the attack imitated the terror acts in paris.uters is reporting that the terror
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responsibility for the attack. we'll continue to track this developing story, and bring you updateteall morning long. in a cbs 2 news follow up, up,there's controversy over a new video from iranian state t- v, that shows a u.s. sailor apologizing following their capture earlier this week. week."it was s mistake, that was our fault, and we apologise for our mistake. iranian behavior was fantastic while we were here, we thank you very much for your hospitality and your assistance." assistance."the sailor is s not identified by name, but is called the commander of the group.right now, it's unclear whether the sailor was speaking voluntarily.the u-s central command is sayingnghe video looks to be authentic, but they could not speak on the conditions or what the crew was experiencing at the time.the ten sailors were released yesterday and are now back in the`united states. but at least two g-o-p presidential esidentialcandidatat are speaking out about the situation.both chris christie and marco rubio commented on the sailors at campaign stops wednesday.
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outrageous and shows how little iran respects current president barack obama.rubio said it angered him to watch the broadcast of the 10 service members captured in the persian gulf.he told voters if he's elected he plans to reverse the nuclear deal at was recently reached with iran. those two candidates -- and five others will take center stage tonight in the next republican debate.'s a smaller cast of candidates in the prime time show-down -- since hoho fox business network relegated rand paul and carly fiorina to the early bout.but in an interview earlier this week -- paul said won't participate if he's not in the first t er.the undercard event begins at 5 tonight -- while the main debate is scheduled to start at 8. ted cruz is sitting at the top of the g-o-p candidates in iowa -- at least in the latest des moinesesregister poll.and now he's gotten an endorsement from a reality t-v star. star.a-and-e duck dynasty personality phil robertson has endorsed the texas senator. cruz issued a statement saying he was thrilled t tve his
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robertson's endorsement could give the cruz campaign an even bigger boost with evangelical voters. the des moines register released their newest democratic poll just minutes ago. ago.the new numbers show hillary clinton leading bernie sanders by just two points -- 42 to 40.a national poll released just days ago show the rara between the two heating up, with sanders trailing by just 7 points. there will soon be debate in linn county countyover a potential minimum wage's been a few months since *johnson cocoty ised its wage, which will eventually hit 10-10 an hour. it seems as though linn county is considering the same thing.supervisor brent oleson says raising the minimum wage to 10-10 an hour would help boost the county's ececomy, decrease employee turnover and reduce food local business owner told cbs 2 news they agree linn county should raise the minimum wage, but it would not affect their business because they already papatheir employees more. "we try to take care of our
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we don't pay minimum wage here, it gives people more of an incentive--feeling appreciatete going to work and understanding even if they are not capable of getting 'x' amount of, that they will be getting a wage thats survivle." survivable." "i think it's imporornt to get the public discussion started but do it in a thoughtful reasonable, measured approach." approach."supervisor oleson wants to create a group of small business owners, city leaders and workers to just discuss raising the wage--and d come up with proposals of how it could be accomplished. more than a third of linn county residents are senior citizens.but they've been without a senior center since the flood of 2008. 2008seniors have now bebe memeing at different locations throughout the county to socialize and exercise. wednesday -- seniors gathered at the jean oxley center to talk more about the issue. -- and at the meeting -- they y got a verbalommittment to create a new center. i am ecstatic. it's wonderful. the turnout demonstrates how
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center if the plan goes through -- county supervisors are thinking about creating space for seniors in the linn county public health building. it's after the break... a teacher is turning heartbreak on the football field into a learning tool in the classroom.
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here's a look outsideour temps are warm this morning in the 20s and 30sour temp chance is around 15-20 degrees warmer forecasted highs today: upper 30s and low 40sr temps will be warmer where there is less snow.our headlines show mainly sunny skies, warm temps and a cold weekend aheadsatellite and radar shows some clouds in eastern iowar winds are light and breezy in some spots from the southwinds will chance directions after midnigig and cold air from t t nonohwest will push into eastern iowathe winds will drop our temps and thanks to a cold front moving in we'll see really cold air on sunday with temps below 0.predcitor shows sunshine today with clouds building tonight. there's a small chance for some light rain and snow tomorrow morning. today: sun & clouds. temps in the upper 30s and low 40s. tonight: clouds build with a slight chance for scsc lt. rain/snow mix. lows s the 20s our seven day shows temps dropping through sunday with highs below 0. temps stay pretty normal for next week with a slight chance for snow
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most minnesota viking fans are still trying to coco with blair walsh's missed field goal last sunday, that would've sent them on to the next round of the playoffs. playoffs.but one minnesota teacher, is turning that heartbreaking plpl, into a learning moment for r her first graders. graders.susan-elizabeth littlefield has more. more. the whiteboard in sarah myhre'u first grade class at northpoint elementary in blaine shows the subject we have all been talking about.adults were not nday."you could see that they were spitting out exactly what their parents were saying at homeme myhre said "a lot of like, 'oh, he should be fired!'" the teachers saw it as a teaching moment. it fit right into theirirearning targets, specifically the lesson of empathy.myhre and her peers came up with an assignment:
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and encouragement, and that is just what they is proof teach you life's most important lessons, first grade will. the class also created artwork for wawah. they are mailing the gifts of encouragement to the vikings so blair can get them right away. the letters touched the vikings kicker.this morning he's even going to stop by
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visit. it's now on this morning. morning.stililto come... me...see if the u-u-i men could string together a pair
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welcome back -- it's now we're taking a look at your_______ your_______ here's a look at some of eastern iowa's top stories -- on this morning... some big changes to a growing community mean some local businesses have to get out of the way.the city of hiawawha condemneneour sports and papa's sports bars near the intersection of north center point road and robins road. they're being forced out so the city can build a new intersection at thahalocation. owner joe zoll refused to sell, so the city took action through eminent domain laws.a date for a final closure of the two bars has not been set. there's a promising year in store for r e corridor's economy. several people at wednesday's annual economic forecast luncheon think so --
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the corridor business journal. they say some of the biggest opportunities will come from an expandingngob rket. charles evans of the federal reserve bank of chicago, was the keynote speaker at the event. lieutenant governor kim reynolds will be in cedar rapids today following the 20-16 condition of the state address.s.on tuesday governor branstad proposed an increase in educaton funding by 145 million dollars.lieutenant governor reynolds is attending a rotary club meeting at noon. this season it's not the u-n-i panthers -- it's the u-n-i jekyll and hydes -- sometimes on the b bketball court the guys p py great -- take against iowa state or north carolina for instance -- and then sometimes the panthers look -- not so great u-n-i trying to win back to back games for the first time since november -- taking on indiana stateand they got off to a great start -- wes wasphun -- takes it hard to the rack for two plus 1 -- he finished with 16 points and 4 boardsand bennett koch
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koch tied a career high with 18 points -- the panthers led by 7 at the breakbut the second half belonged to the sycamores and brenton scott -- who droppepein a cool 30 points -- panthers lose 72 to 60. 60.playing on the road requires tremendous execution... tremendous attention to detail... anan you've got to do it the entire time... and right now we haven't been able to do it consistently enough to find one on the road... junior college hoops -- kirkwood hosting d-macc - and the eagles were scorchin' the nets from the start... josh bartlett spots up from deep.. and starts this one the right way... 3-0 kirkwood.. then it was hunter rhodes getting a good look at the rim... and he knocks down the triple... kirkwood wins 100 to 59 the final. . bluder's bunch is in the middle of a brutal strecht -- 5 big 10 games in a span of 12 days -- with three of them on the road -- the good news for their tired legs and sore
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badgers a team iowa has beaten 15 straight times -- hawks looking totomake it 16and to say they flew out of the gates would be an understatmen t -- ally disterhoft dials long distance and connects from deep -- iowa led by 16 in the ththd quarterthe badgers would claw back -- but disterhoft -- not leaving the kohl center without a "w" -- the drive to the cup for 2 of her team high&18 points --and then whitney jennings -- breaks wiscscsin down on the driblle -- she added in 11 -- iowa wins 57 to 54.back to johnson ha -- kirkwood women trying to snap d-macc's 7 game winning streak... in the third... eagles up big... and they keep their foot on the gas... ariana dampier finishes in transition then in the fourth... caitlin sudduth lets it fly from long range... she getstshe roll for 3 of f her team high 16 -- kirkwood wins 72 -- 57. cbs-2 news connects with the us with your story tips at 1-800-222-kganor email us at news at
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(phone ringing) you can't deal with something, by ignoring it. but that's how some presidential candidates sese to be dealing with social security.
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so our next president needs a real plan to keep qt strong. (elephant noise) (donkey noise) hey candidates, answer the c cl already. here's a look outside...our current temps..winds are a bit brzy from the south in some cationssatellite andndadar show some clouds passing rough eastern iowaour planner shows sunny skies today with temps warming into the 40s! enjoy!
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earlier this week we showed
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fugitive who sent police a selfie saying he thought his mugshot was horrible.that man has now been caught. caught.take a look!here's his new mug shot!donald pugh was wanted by lima, ohio police for failing to appear in court. sheriff's officials say a tip led to that arrest.they believe his selfie led to his capture.ey used the hashtag "thanks for e selfie." good morning again -- it's now coming up.. up..the arrest made in eastern iowa, in connection to a death at a daycare last june.'re watching c-b-s 2 this morning -- covering the
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cordes: most nurses are tough. they're problem-solvers. they like making things better. people don't have access to healthcare because they just can't afford it. bernie sanders understands how pharmaceutical companies and major medical companies are ripping us off. bernie tells the t tth, and he's been consistent. he understands that the system is rigged,
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i'm bernie sanders, and i approve this message. right n on cbs 2 this morning...the breaeang news overnight after a terrorist attack rocks one southeast asian capital city. the fate for two cedar rapids police officers involved in a foot chase -- and deadly shooting in october. the resultltof a new health study that could help in the
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welcome to cbs two this morning...i'm kevin barry. d'ambrosio. let's get a check of our cbs 2 weather first forecast. here's a look outside...our current temps..winds are a bit breezy from the south in some locationssatellite and radar show some clouds passing through eastern iowaour planner shows sunny skies today with temps warming into the 40s! enjoy!
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breaking news overnight in indonesia, indonesia,a terror attack has been carried out in the capital city of jakarta. people are dead so far -- including four attackers,s,ut authorities say e death toll will likely rise. rise.authorities said the
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acts in paris in november. reuters is reporting right now that the terror group isis has just claimed responsibility fofothe attack.we'll continue to track this developing story, and bring you updates all morning long. more people have been arrested in turkey following a suicide bombing that killed at least 10 german tourists. tourists.lice in turkeyeyave detained four more suspects. the turkish prime minister visited the attack site on wednesday.he says militants loyal to isis carried out the attack.authorities say the suicide bomber slipped into the country from syria and was not tracked by turkish security.turkey joined the u.s.-led fight against isis last year. an update to a death investigation in italy. italy.a suspect is now in custody in the strangulation death of american ashley olsen. the 35-year-old was found dead last weekend in her apartment. a senegalese immigrant was ararsted.authorities say y e man was known to them for being involved in the local drug scene.the arrest was based on d-n-a evidence taken from the scene and
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in another update,the first u-s lawsuit against malaysia airlines for their mysterious flight disappearance has been filed. filed.the flight from kuala lumpur to beijing -- carrying 239 passengers and crew -- disappeared two years ago.and most of the wreckage -- except for a piece of a wing -- has not been found.the lawsuit was filed in federal court in washington d-c by philip wood's sons -- he died in the attorney representing them said the compensation offered by the insurance company on behalf of the airline was "offensive." the man who admitted to killing three people at a colorado planned parenthood clinicicays the shooting wasas not planned.he spoke to a denver t-v station from his jail cell on wednesday -- and told them the shooting was spur of the moment.robert dear also said he targeted the organization because they -- in his words -- "murder little babies."dear is facing 179 charges -- including murder and attempted murder. cbs 2 news is learning new details about an officer- involved shoototg. shshting.linn county attorney
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cedar rapids police officers will *not face charges for killing a suspect in october. october.21-year-old jonathan gossman died when officers lucas jones and bryson garringer shot at him a combined 25 times. times.officers were conducting a drug investigation when gossman fled from a traffic stop.the department says gossman pointed a loaoad gun at one of the officers.that's when they opened autopsy revealed gossman had meth in his system when he was shot and killed. an arrest has been made in an infant's death at a wwerloo daycare. daycare.back in june - police responded to the daycare because the 18-month-old boy was unconscious in a car seat. the child was ken to the hospital where he died from what the state medical examiner ruled "mechanical asphyxiation" from a seat strap.on wednesday - amy hangartner was charged with child endangerment after an investigation into the death. hangartner was the care prider when the child died. thisisorning - she remains in the black hawk county jail. as we've seen at the start of
5:29 am imagine not having a warm home to spend the freezing cold nights. that's a reality many people have to deal with every year, year,cbs two news reporter stephanie johnson has more on efforts to prevent anyone from sleeping out in the cold. cold.each year the willis dady shelter provides a place to stay for nearly 400 hundred single men and families around the corridor. corridor.the shelter provides individuals with bedding, clothing, and food.the shelter also works closely with the police department.on very cold nights, like ones we've seen just this past week, police officers can bring homeless individuals to the center. executive director, phoebe trepp,says although they have helped many people there's still more to be done. capacity is over 90 percent throughout the year and especially in the winter. we see trendsdsthroughout the year so during the winter we see more single people looking for shelter and in the summer we see more families and those numbers are not going down if
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and more people every year.a if you know anybody in need of housing you should call 319-366-7999. ( graphic at bottomf screen)stephanie johnsov...cbs2 news. thankstephanie..a corridor high school is teaching students about life by giving them a chance to understand someone else's. else's.ten linn-mar high school students volunteered to write pen pal letters to syrian refugees last year.the acher ofofhe governrnnt class says it was crucial for the seniors to put a face and a name to the people affected by war.students say it wasn't only educational for their pen palsl-- but for them too. "to have t t handwritten letter sent all the way from across the country, that feeling is something i can't describe." "i didn't really think people all the way across the world had many similarities with me, so then when i started talking to her, i realizededhat we were more similar than i thought." thought."the seniors will be going to college later this year -- so they gave their social media information to their pen pals to try to keep in touch. a mumps outbreak hasasbeen reported at a central iowa high school.
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indianola have been diagnosed with mumps since december. authorities say at least two were *not vaccinated. studentsts are required to be vaccinated, although, exceptions are made through a medical or religious waiver.teachers have now been instructed to disinfect their rooms before each class period. warning labels on sugar sweetened drinks, could help parents avoid buying the drinks for their kids, according to a new study. study.the warnings would be similar in the labels on tobacco products.researchers from the university of pennsylvania found when lalals rn of obesity, diabetes and tooth decay, parents are much less likely to purchase the drinks. turning now to marion...'s a celebration for ramsey's wine bistro in the uptown district.a grand re- opening last night marked the completion of an expansion -- doubling their space on 7th avenue. it also features a new live music venue and enough room for private partrts. "its the community that really makes this business great and
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people"besides the extra space -- ramsms's now features more food selections. it's still ahead... ahead...the shocking story behind one group of co-workers trying to all win the lottery together.
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here's a look outsideour temps are warm this morning in the 20s and 30sour temp chance is around 15-20 degrees warmer forecasted highs today: upper 30s and low 40sour temps will be warmer where there is less snow.our headlines show mainly sunny skies, warm temps and a coco weekend aheadsatellite and radar shows some clouds in eastern iowaour winds are light and breezy in some spots from the southwinds will chance directions after midnight and cold air from the northwest will push into eastern iowathe winds will drop our temps and thanks to a cold front moving in we'll see really cold air on sunday with temps below 0.predcitor shows sunshine today with clouou building tonight. there'e'a small chance for some lilit rain and snow tomorrow morning. today: sun & clouds. temps in the upper 30s and low 40s. tonight: clouds build with a slight chance for sct. lt. rain/snow mix. lows in the 20s our seven day shows temps dropping through sunday with highs below 0. temps stay pretty normal for next week
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we all joke about, and no doubt, some people would actually do it.but manyny fantasize ababt quitting their job the second they win the powerball jackpot. jackpot.well after a brief mixup after last saturday's drawing, one restaurant employee actually did in new jersey. jersey.jay dow shows us what happened. happened julian trejos is on the job running the valet station at grissini's restaurant in englewood cliffs, new jersey,
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other choice.we'll explain in a moment."11.""yes!""47.""yes!" .but first, let's ststt with this scene."62.""yes!""63." at the restaurant's bar, as julian's coworkers read the pooled tickets they purchaseas a group. incredibly, they hit every number."powerball 17.""yeah!"it was surreal.( dro maza / restaurant cook ) "that was the 20 minutes most important of my life. i feel... i feel great."valet drivers, bus boys, cooks in the kitchen -- including pedro maza -- all thought that thth were going to share in the winnings and begin a new life. remember, saturday's jackpot was already a record 900- million dollars.they would each get away with a cool 22- mimiion bucks.yes, of course, they already did the math -- after honest.we all
5:36 am
he had hit every nunber, one of the cooks tososd his apron and quit on the spot. "powerball 17."there was only one problem.okay, listen carefully.theorkers read numbers from t previous wednesday's powerball jackpot, for which no winning numbers were a few days to when they bought their ticket for saturday night's drawing.they were on eir phones, during the drawing, looking at an out-of-date website that listed an old set of winning was left to bartender charles poveromo and host cladio campos to break the bad news.( cladio "...and i'm staring on his phone. i didn't want to believe that, but iust like, 'okay, that's the truth.' the guys are stiti jumping around over there. i'm like, 'oh, my god.'"( jay dow / reporter ) "is this one of those guys who was jumping around?"( cladio campos / restaurant host ) "yes. yes."( charles poveromo / restaurant bartender ) "i realized that something that wrong."( jay dow / reporter ) "you guys had been steve harvey'd."( charles poveromo /
5:37 am
we had." it's and you're watching cbs 2 this morning... morning...up n nt in business news... one shop in los angeles is getting a big pay day from "el chapo's"arrest. >> i'm alex trebek.
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with no obligation. welcome back -- it's now we're taking a look at your_______ your_______ fears over the ongoing plunge in oil prices used stos to plummet on wednesday.the dow fell 365-points.nasdaq dropped 159.and the s and p 500 lost nearly 50. chipotle says it is confident
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coming to an end. end.chipotle's c-e-o says its executives met with officials from the centers for disease control and prevention last week.he says the restaurant chain is hopefulhe c-d-c will soon declare t e-coli outbreak over.the outbreak began in october and infected dozens of people in nine u-s states.the restaurant will launch a new marketing campaign next month aimed at luring back customers. after a little more than two years on air - the news channel al-jazeera america is shutting down. down.president kate o-brian said their last day on air would be april 30-th.the news channel had been suffering from low ratings since its launch -- averaging between 20- thousand and 40-thousand viewers a day.some experts say the decision to shutdown may
5:41 am
prices -- since e the al-jazeera media group is owned by the oil-rich government of qatar. big changes are ahead for fortune-500 company general electric. electric.g-e says it's moving its headquarters ttboston - c-e-o jeffrey immelt says the decision came after reports that connecticut intended to raise their tax rate -by another 750-million-dollars. immelt says boston is a betttt environment for the company and added they're receiving an incentives package for the move. hong kong says it's phasing@ out the sale of ivory in the city. citytythth's from the city c-e-o's annual policy address. importing and exporting ivory is already banned in the city -- but licensed sellers are @ allowed to trade ivory material that dates back to bebere a 19-89 international trade ban .activists claim that rule has allowed illegal ivory to come into the city. a clothing store in los angeles is cashing in on drug lord e echapo's shion. the photo taken during the secret interview
5:42 am
penn, the fugitive was wearing a distinct blue and gray collared shirt.that shirt happens to be sold at barabas in l-a.and the retailer is now advertising it as the "most wanted shirt." selling for 128 dollars.right now it's back ordered. big news for friends of the hit tv show "friends." the cast may soon be reunited. reunited.yesterday the hashtag friends reunion started trending because reports came out they'd get back together for a two hour friends reunion special.but put on the's not what you think it's not a twowo hour continuation of the story's a special to honor the director james
5:43 am
projects will appear as well. and the sad part is the friends might t even appear at the same n-b-c chairman said he doesn't know if they can logistically pull it off. it's coming up... up...the popular food that could be puttingngpregnant
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danger. here's a look outside...our current temps..winds are a bit breezy from the south in some locationssatellite and radar show some clouds passing through eastern iowaour planner shows sunny skies
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here's a look at some of eastern iowa's top stories -- on this morning... gas prices in the corridor are getting closer to the dollar-60 cedar rapids s -- gas-buddydydot-com says prices can be found for as low as a buck-61.that's 35-cents lower than iowa's state-wide
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the country - the average is a dollar-93. the governororof vermont will be in the corridor today campaigning for hillary clinton.peter shumlin will make a visit to clinton's organizing office in cedar rapids.shumlin has endorsed clinton since may, a servrv as chair of the democratic governors association. one of the most commonly consumed foods in the world *may put pregnant women at a higher risk for developing gestational diabetes. diabetes.nielle nottingham has more on how women can reduce that risk. risk. laurie finberg never thought twice about eating a baked potato-even before she was expecting.(laurie finberer expectant mom)(8:38)"i had a a pretty balanced healthy diet before i was pregnant, yeah potatoes are part of my diet"a new study from the national institutes of health suggests women should take a closer look at their pre-pregnancy meals. it und eating potatoes before conceiving may be linked to gestational diabetes. (dr. aldo palmieri//ucla santa monica hospital )"potatoes elevate blood sugar in people mor
5:47 am
food. so they are carbohydrate s and all carbohydrates have that potential" researchers asked more than 15-thousand women how often they ate potatoes over a 10 year period and tracked their pregnancies. women who ate more potatoes had higher rates of gestational diabetes than those who consumed fewer potatoes. (danielle nottingham, cbs news, santa monica)"researchers found substitutiti other vegetables, legumes, and whole grain foods for two servings of potatoes week lowered the risk of gestational diabetes by 9 to 12 percent" the study did not find that potatoes directly cause gestational diabetes. but other foods do. (dr. aldo palmieri//ucla santa monica hospital) "all the sugary drinks and the sserts also substantially elevate blood sugar"obity is one of the main risk factors for gestational diabetes. doctors say expepeant moms like finberg should always maintain a healthy weight. danielle nottingham, cbs news, santa monica, ca. the cdc says more than 9 percent of pregnant women will develop gestational diababes. affects the mother in late pregnancy. if you're just getting up, good morning -- it's now
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next...the latest reality tv star to get involved in the 2016 race for the white house.'re watching c-b-s 2
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right now on cbs 2 this morning...the finale to the lotto fever that's been building for weeks. why some corridor scholl districts are saying the governor's plan to fund
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