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tv   Face the Nation  CBS  January 31, 2016 9:30am-10:00am CST

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first time in campaign 26?, 2016, iowans are digging out from a last-minute blizzard of presidential craziness. >> it has reached hollywood heights. >> welcome with the next president of the united states, donald j trump! >> dickerson: and the pleas from the candidates have reached a wacky urgency. >> i want to ask everyone here to vote for me ten times. >> with some candidates promising to do just about anything for a vote. >> i can do whatever you wanan but almost anything. i don't -- >> i don't dance and i don't sing. >> one company did sing. >> this land is your land, this nd is my land -- -- >> dickerson: we will sit down with republican front runner donald trump, plus the candidates some say have the hot hand going into the voting, marcoubio, we will also have lots of political analysis on both races.
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voting in iowa and new hampshire a week away, no time to duck out. >> call donald trump and try to get him to do the debate. >> dickerson: it is all coming up on "face the captioning sponsored by cbs nation". >> good morning and welcome to "face the naon". i am john dickerson. the fil precaucus numbers are in. and according to the bloomberg politics des moines register poll, hillary clinton is up over bernie sanders, 45 to 32 percent among likely democratic caucus goers, on the other side, donald trump is on top with 28 percent support, ted cruz is next at 23, marco rubio is at 15, ben carson at 10 percent support, the rest of the field is in single digits. >> we caught up with donald trump on the campaign trail in new hampshire earlier. we began our conversation with his boycott of the fox news debate. >> in 2011 you weren't participating in a debate an you said of the republicans who
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seeing a lot of counsel here are we, not a lot of counsel, these republicans are supposed to be brave. you? >> you are sharp, because there was no reason, i was doing the moderation, i mean it was for a news things and i asked the owner, a friend of mine a very good guy would i don't you do i guess i will do it. >> but here is the difference, i was treated verynfairly by fox. i was treated, they weren't treated badly, i was treated very badly by fox, they issued a statement that was an inappropriate statement. now what happened is since then they have been very nice and ey tried very much to get me to do the debate, by that time, the event, might counter event had taken off and, you know, you have thousands of people standing out of the building it is amazing. >> what about this charge, though, it is a press release like if you -- >> that's okay. >> dickerson: you were offended by -- that is being a little -- >> you know what i did? i raiaid $6 million for vets. that is more important, frankly than doing a debate.
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post" had a poll that said seven in ten voters have a high level of anxiety about you. why do you think that is?s? >> well, look, i am a strong guy. i am going to make our country great again, which is what we want, and i would say that, you know, i can think of people that maybe they would have a little bit less anxiety about but they won't get anything done and we are in trouble. >> dickerson: you talked about being unprectable, is that unpriblghtbility causes people the anxiety? >> i think, so i think we have to be unpredictable, our enemies know what we are going to do, whether it is battle, whether it is war, whether it is finance, you have to be somewhat unpredictable. as an example, i mean, right now, i am the leader by a lotn terms of the republicans side and i am beating hillary in the polls. i hate to give you as an example an answer, you will ask ma question very strategic question, , ybe a military type question and i have a very strong answer in mind but there is something about giving you th answer that bothers me very much because basically the enemy
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if you are president, people have this anxious feeling about you, you have to fix this, people can't be all anxious. >> i really don't think that, i think once with they know me, in fact i was listening to one of your cohorts recently, lasas week and they said they have never seen favorables go up so much so fast as my favorables. >> >> dickerson: but there is a lot of drama around your campaign, you are occasionally in twitter wars. is that presidentntl, do you think these twitters back and forth? >> well, i have been on twitter wars, before i was a politician and i am carrying it on, i including myself, now a lot of them arere dropping out and many more will be dropping out and get it down to a normal number but i was being barraged from all different sides, having twitter is great and between facebook and t7itter and instagram i have 12 million people, more than 1212illion peopop, so it is a great way of getting the word out, but certainly i mean, look, i went to great schools, i was a good student all of that stuff, i a very capable of slowing down twitter oror doing whatever i want to do, but twitter is actually i
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wonderful modern way of communicating. >> dickerson: in iowa, your campaign is based on the idea you are a winner, does that mean you have to win iowa? >> i don't have to win it and right now you and i are sitting in new hampshire and as you know i have a very substantial lead in new hampshire but i think it would be really good to win iowa, i would like to win iowa, i am doing really well with the evangelicals and in iowa but also doing tremendously well all over the country with the evangelicals i am leading by a lot. i am doing great wjth the tea party and doing well with all groups. . now have fairly substantial lead in iowa. i think we have a good chance of winning iowa, i would like to. >> dickerson: weeks ago it was tight never iowa and now you are ahead by a little more, why do you think that? >> well, i think that ted cruz has been severely affected by the goldman sachs loans, which he didn't disclose, and it was on his personal financial form and the citibank loans he didn't disclose into couldn't that have been a mistake? >> it could have beenn but its two l lns, give me a break, okay an he is supposed to be robin hood for everybody, he didn't disclose it because he didn't want with to say he is dealing
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says he sold his assets much more important ishe whole fact he was born i in canada. and he was a citizen of canada until a -- a certain time ago and there are constitional lawyers coming out, lawrence tribe is sort of a m mdle ground, numbers he says it is untested but many lawyers coming, top constitutional lawyers that ted cruz can't run for president and be president because of the fact he was born in canada. i think has has a huge effect. >> dickerson: in your r rlies you talk to people and if talk to people that talk to, go to your rallies and they like you are uncompromising and i tald to washington law make whores are overcoming their skepticism out you by thinking, he is going to compromise, he is going to make deals in washington, which one is right? >> i think everyone is right, i mean, honestly i they are, think they are all right, i am a tough deal makerernd we have to make deals, it is funny when i see ted cruz standing in the senate and nobody else is with him and standing by himself and you have all of these otheroliticians, senators, and congressmen, generally and he is trying to --
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it is wonderful and i can understand how a radio show host could say, oh isn't that wonderful, he he is not going to@ get anything done, you have to g able to get things done. ted doesn't have an endorsement from one united states senator. >> dickerson: but he would say that is great -- >> no that is bad. >> dickerson: you have said terrible things about them in washington. you have to have -- >> a lot of them are very good people and some are people that won't get it done. i mean the recent budget that was passed is a horror show, it never should have been passed et cetera, et cetera but when ted doesn't have one senate like a mike lee who is a very conservative good, good, good guy, why isn't he getting the endorsements and i get the endorsements from sarah palin and jerry falwell, jr. and i have incredible, even sheriff joe endorsed me which means i am the best in the world. >> dickerson: knows are not senators but outside of washington. >> still they are very important people. as an example, sheriff joe, arizona,. >> dickerson: joe arpaio.
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means, i am toughest on the border. >> dickerson: why do you think, you have a lot of working people at your rallies, you are more than any other company, you live a life that is most distant from them, why do they support you? >> because i am a job producer. i produced 10s of thousands of jobs over my lifetime, right now i am producing thousands of jobs. that includes healtltare, education,n,or families, you know, et cetera, et cetera. and i grew up, me and my father was a builder in queens and i worked with people that worked on building houses, and building whatater. i mean i r rate to them, i love people, i love those people, i love the policemen, i love the firemen, for whatever reason, it is strange, i mean -- >> dickerson: you don't ride three buses and -- >> dickerson: second job. >> i have, i have the ultimate bus called the 727,, you know, and now it is a 757, actually, when i think of it, but somehow i always had great relationships with the workers.
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i used to work during the summer building houses in brooklyn and queens. i mean i just worked with them. these are i iredible people. ey have been hurt very badly. the middle income people in our country have been hurt very badly, that's why i am doing a big tax cut for them. >> person sanders says he can appeal to some of your voters and make a pitch to themem >> would you make a pitch to bernie sanders? >> i think i will appeal to them. one thing, to a certain degree on his trade, we are gettivg horribly beaten in trade the difference is i will make great trade deals he is not capable of doing it, he is incapable of doing it and, you know, he just won't be able to do that. >> dickerson: but heoes at least acknowledge we are getting just absolutely ripped by china and all of these other countries. same. i think a lot of his people will come over. a one of the reasons that iowa and i think the other guys won't win i will get states they never will get, i havav a chance of getting new york as an example and a good chance of getting virginia i will get pennsylvania, i will get ohio, i will get michigan, i will get
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just came down, i am at 48, the sitting senator i think is at 11 or 12, and a former governor is in the eights. but i think i will win florida, and i win a lot of states and one of the reasons i win them, a lot of democrats are going to cross over 0 to me because they are tired of what is happening. >> dickerson: when you are in iowa and went to a church service the sermon was in part on humility,hat did you take away from that? >> well, you know, they didn't know i was coming because of security reasons. okay? and so we just so sort of showed curricula or maybe iwas a combines dense but it was actually onumility, i don't know it was very good and a nice sermon, a beautiful church, i liked it. >> dickerson: but it was humility, a lot of people -- your name is on everything, you -- we often talked abovt you types brag doash i can't, your pitch. >> i know but there is more humility than you would think, believe me. >> dickerson: hidden humility. >> we are all the same and all going to the same place, probably one of two places, you know, but we are all the same and i do have actuallyuch more humility than a lot of people would think.
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>> i would rather not play my cards. i want to be unpredictable. >> dickerson: who do you like in the super bowl? >> well, chair lie naah team is sort of a hot team and the quarterback is doing great. i very much have always liked peyton manning, he is a very gooduy, i know him. and he is a very, very good guy. so i have to go with the person i know and i like the other team i think the other team looks fantastic, probably they would be favored byomething, but i will stick with at peyton because he is a very good guy. >> dickerson: all right, mr. trump. thanks so much. >> thank you very much. >> dickerson: des moines senator, there is a lot of chatter you may be getting a lot of the last minute votes going your way, how does it feel? >> well, we about our campaign here andnde continin to feel that it is growing in our support and see what it leads to monday night, i mean ted cruz is clearly the front runner coming into the
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volunteers on the ground, he spent an exorbitant amount of time here, tremendous amount of time here, and we have got, he has gotten everies every endorsement he wanted it is a tough hill to climb but we feel positive what it means going into new hampshire, we will leave as soon as the caucus is over and we will be in new hampshire early tuesday morning ready to work. >> dickerson: sounds like you are setting expectations for your opponent there, he is calling you thehe republican obama, what do y y think of that? >> well, other than the fact i oppose virtually everything barack obama stands for, it is kind of bizarre because ted is leading in a lot of the polls, he has a vast organization here an spent a lot of money and his campaign has bragged repeatedly about how well they are going to do here so it is kind of strange at the last minute they pivoted all of their attacks against me andd disingenuous attacks, they took a video of an interview i did in 2007 in florida and clipped it so my full statements wasn't heard, and it makes it sounds like i support cap and trade and this already has s en lampooned and mocked for years
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the same thing, it is a weird and last-minute desperation attack. it is not really -- i don't understand why. he has got such a strong organization here in iowa, but it is all fine. we are going to be okay. we feel good about it into but maybe it is a good thing he is attacking you, it means you must be doing sething right. >> well, we have taken more than anybody else in attacks, jeb bush's super pac spent close to close to $30 million on television which is more than every attack on every other company combined and then you add ted cruz's attacks, yeah, when people don't attack a company, they have no chance to win with so we feel good about it and even better about the fact it is having no impact and we are continuing to work and move forward with our message so we are going to close , we are going to close strong here with our message, we like where that leads and we look forward to moving on as well to new hampshire and south carolina which comes up shortly after that. >> dickerson: let me ask you about the jeb bush attacks from his super pac, who spent a lotot of time attacking you, stephen haze of the weekly standard says
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attacks may be to make donald trump the nominee, what do you think of thaha >> well, donald trump i don't believe is going to be the nominee with that said, yeah, jeb has a right to spend his money any way he wants. i think people have noticed, that it is close to $30 million of attack ads against me and i knew that when i got into this race that the establishment, many people in the republican establishment didn't want me to run, they thought i needed to wait my turn or wait in line but i just felt after seven years of barack obama, this was no time for patience, it was a time for action and so i ran i and i knew i would face some of this, this is big dollar checks written with into that super pac i am sure some of the pple who ote those checks are didippointed and others perhaps this is what they intended all along, but in the end, this election is in god's hand as everything is so we will do our about where that leads. >> dickerson: you said t t establishment doeoe't want you, but when i talked to people who would be considered good members in good standing of the establishment, they do want you.
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you, you are the hope against ted cruz and donald trump. >> if that was the case i wouldn't have raised only six where filled the third quarter of last year and i would be the one with $100 millili super pac, but it is fine, look in the endnd we have to unify the republican party and in essence we won't be able to succeed if we can't unify the republican party and the conservative movement and then we have to grow it and reach out to people that haven't voted for us before. and convince them that conservativism is the right approach for america. i believe that, i know that i am the company that can best, most quickly unify the party, unify the conservative movement and grow it and i know i ii am the nominee i defeat person with any sanders or hillary clinton and that's why i know in the end we will be successful, we feel very positive about our campaign. >> dickerson: let me ask you about the question of immigration, there was a sharp set of exchanges between you and senator cruz during the debate youyou said of ted cruise it is built on a lie he is more conservative than the other candidates. but on the key piece of legislation on immigration, isn't the voter who cares about
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need to know you voted for it and he voted against it? >> well, ted act like some purist and that's not a fact, ted helped designed george w. bush's immigration platform, when he was working on his campaign, and there are memos that show that, and then as a senator, on cbs, and the national broadcast, ted said there had to be a c cpromise about the people who are here illegally, something he now calls am necessary, amnesty but that's what he was for, in the senate he talked about wanting to pass immigration reform and bringing people out of the adows, et cetera so he is not what he portrays himself to be. the bottom line is that this is an issue that does need to be confronted and does need to be fixed. it cannot coinue the way it is. and it will not happen mprehensively there is no way to pass a comprehensive bill, that has been tried, i saw it and it doesn't work, the only way forward is to do this by beginning with border enforcement and conflicicof the american people that immigration is under control but i think the lie is that ted continues to try
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conservative in the race and rand paul made the same point, and ononhis issue and others, ted has been very calculated, taking one position at one place and a different position somewhere else and voters see through that and in time it will catch up with him and already started, to i believe. >> dickekeon: so your point of view is not about brace, about something big you are making a character attack here? >> well, it is not a character attack, it is his record, i mean, he used to supportrt -- doubling the number of green cards and now he is against it, he used to support a 500 percent increase in guest worker visas and now he is against that. he used to be in favor of birthright citizenship and now hehes against it. i mean on issue, he goes talking tough on china but leaves out the fact he defended a chinese company that stole inventions from an american, a floridian, a constituent of mine and h h was a defense counsel for the chinese company. so just on issue after issue you see incredible calculation, he goes to new york and raises millions of dollars and then goes to the rest of the country and attacks new york values.
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overtime people start to realize that those are real calculation here politically and just catches up with you. >> dickerson: all right. senator rubio, we are going to have to end there it, thank you so much f f being witit us. >> thank you. thank you for having me. >> dickerson: we will be back in one minute with a closer look at where the race in iowa stands. >> reflexes faster than the speed of thought. can a business have a spirit? can a business have a soul?
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>> dickerson: we are j jned nonoby company president and, ann selzer who is here the talk about her new bloomberg des moines iowa poll, let's talk with the republicans, what did you learn, what did you see i i the numbers about trump voters? >> well, one of the things we love about getting fresh data about a race and especially this close to the caucus is it starts to put some interesting puzzle pieces together. as y y can see, donald trump is leading the race by five points, but the constituencies of that lead are very interesting, so he
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modedetes, he does especially well with people who consider themselves predominant he mainstream republicans, but he also does very well, his strongest showing is with people o say the system is rigged in favor of the rich and powerful, so you kind of have an interesting group of people who have come t7gether to support donald trump as our leader in our poll. >> dickerson: and what about ted cruz? he is not too far behind donald trump, what do you find about his voters? >> he is not too far behind, but he has slipped out of first place, so you alwaysyshink about the momentum on caucuses it is always important to get hot at the end so you have that enthusiasm. ted cruz does very well with people who consider themselves very conservatate. he also does and has done traditional which, traditionally well with he, with evangelical history, we know from caucus history this is a group that is more likely to show up on caucus night, soun aittle scenario test in hour data to to say what if they show up in higher
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suggest? he can bring that number a lot closer on caucus night with a constituency. >> dickerson: speaking of turnout, one of the big quest questions is whether or whether donald trump who is doing ate very different way than it normally is done in iowa whether his enthusiastic supersonics porters at the rallies will actctlly go to the gyms and churches and caucus, what do you think about that? >> well, there are a couple of data points on that, first of all he has the highest percentagef any company of his supporters saying theyeyre locked in, that they cannot be moved so that is a very nice hinge for a company to have. but we also .. asked respondents, how enthusiastic would youu bee if company x were the nominee and donald trump's numbers are not that enthusiastic, much higher for ted cruz, much higher for marco rubio, so that is just a little hint, , there enough enthusiasmsm among his core that they will go out on caucus night, show up and support him. >> dickerson: and what about quickly on the republican side,
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are they going anyway, do o u think? how many of them are there? >> well, the way with that i look at late deciding, it is a relatively small group, but for donald trump and for ted cruz, but it is closer to half of the people supporting every other company who would say i can still change my mind. and what is different about caucuses is room. to show up t vote at the primary there is a law about how far back any electioneering can happen but there will be electioneering in that caucus room, and all of those candidates with two or three percentage points support may be courted to come on board with someone who you think has a chance to win and that might be marco rubio or it could be ted cruz or possibly donald trump, alalough he is a moror isolating character. >> dickerson: swimming swrks switching over to the democratic side, also close between person with any sanders and hillary clinton. >> what do you see in the numbers that is interesting to you? >> what is interesting to me is
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race right now but hillary clinton's numbers show kind of an undergirding of strength, she is a very strong number, 83 percent of her supporters who say they are lockeke in. her issue, and this is kind of a good thing, bad thing, she is a, she does very well with older voters, bernie sanders does very well with younger voters, he kind of has that obama coalition, t t first timers, people who consider themselves independent rather than democrat, and the youth vote, those are all less reliable but has a enthusiasm going for hihithat if he can get thosese people out on caucus night we can see a surprise in those rooms. >> dickerson: all right, ann selzer with the wonderful des moines register bloomberg poll, thanks so much for being with us and giving us all of those insights. we will be right back with more politics.
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>> dickerson: stay with us. we have got a lot more coming up. and to keep on top of all of the polititil news during the week please describe to our "face the nation" 2016 diary podcast. you can find it on i-tunes or on your podcast app. we will beight back.
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_[ stand,. >> dickerson: some of our cbs stations are leaving us now, but
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right back with our campaign reporters and with our panel. stay with us.
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