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tv   CBS 2 News Noon  CBS  February 9, 2016 12:00pm-12:30pm CST

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rapids, cloudy skies, 13- degrees. but it is feeling colder. we are in the teens to the south. winds still kicking, they have been kicking all day long, you can probably hear them howling outside, 20-25-milings per hour, that is making far windchill below the zero mark for most of us. clinton, you are above zero. but everybody else is six degrees below zero or more. 13 below in waterloo. and it is going stay cold with the temperatures in the teens. it is colder though, if here, i will break it down for you coming up. kelly. thanks, rebecca. we start in new hampshire where voters are casting their bat lots in the state primaries. the polls didn't open until 8:00 a.m. eastern time this morning, but the fist ballots were actually cast just after midnight. polls at that time and close as soon as all registered voters cast their ballots. right now - the republican
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kasich jumping out in front at first, but now he's tied with ted cruz and donald trump. democratic race. a new poll of likely new hampshire primary voters released last night shows two clear front-runners in today's vote.bernie sanders has a 26-point lead over hillary clinton with 16-percent of democrats undecided. the republican race - trump is in first place at 31 percent.but second place is close with marco rubio holding a three-point advantage over ted cruz.. cruz..not too far behind them is john kasich and jeb bush. after the results from new hampshire come in tonight, the presidential candidates will turn their sites to different states. states.on february 20th - democrats in nevada will hold their primaries, while south on february 20th, democrats in nevada will holds their primaries while south carolina republicans hold theirs. and then the opposite parties will follow the next week. on tuesday, march 1st, comes
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and territories go to the polls right now at the nation's capitol... capitol...president obama is preparing to unveil his eighth and final budget proposal. proposal.the president's budget director usually testifies before the senate and house budget committees about the president's proposal. but this year, the committees are refusing to grant the usual hearings to the director. the plan includes a ten-dollar-a-barrel oil tax for infrastructure and transportation projects, as well as money for cancer research and opioid abuse programs.the proposal is unlikely to pass in the republican controlled congress. cbs 2 news continues to track --proposal is unlikely to pass in the republican controlled congress. cbs1 2-2 news--cbs2 news is continuing to look at the medicaid bill in iowa. on march 1st, a program is going to get from state run to privately run. people have argued for months over the cost and how it is gong to affect people. republican leaders in the
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measure if it passes the democrat led sen not. the former iowa governor is holding several town hall meetings to continue the conversation. he stopped at the coralville public library this morning. he said that privatetizing the system is going cause people to louis $400 million annually. and another man criticized the efforts in holding the meetings the comments the concerns that have been raised today by the people in this room, by concerned iowans across the state has led to the delay. delay.there is another meeting this afternoon at the cedar rapids public library at 2. back at the iowa capitol - the debate over medical marijuana is about to be re-newed. 1-15 this afternoon, a new bill will be unveiled that would make it legal to
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marijuana, along with making cannabis oil in iowa.a similar bill last year was killed by republican law-makers.this year, however, the bill has a republican backer - representative peter cownie. a house fire is now under investigation in waterloo. happened early this morning at the corner of western ave and second street. waterloo police tell cbs 2 news that everyone was able to make it out officials are now trying to figure out how the fire started. officials are now confirming the emerald ash borer in johnson county. county.the tree-destroying insect was found in iowa city, on the university of iowa campus.with this latest confimation, there are now 30 counties in iowa confirmed of found in iowa city. and now there are 30 counties in iowa that are confirmed of having the ash bore. the green bug is known for infecting ash trees, which then have to be removed. since 2,010,000,000s of ash trees have been destroyed
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in north central iowa, i25 is back open for traffic. the 80-mile stretch was shut down because of monday's winter weather that caused some dangerous conditions and led to several crashes. theyable saw about eijrttwo inches november e. coli, but it was the 40-mile per hour winds that made driverring hard. it is back open, but you still need to be careful on the roads. one of the most prolific soccer players in history is on her way in cedar rapids. woman back is going to speak tonight. she is the all-time leading scorer in the history of international soccer. on top of her two olympic gold medals, she also led the u.s. nationals team to a world cup title last summer. right now, millions of people all over the world are celebrating fat tuesday, that includes people down in new orleans.
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the entire year preparing for fat tuesday, it brings in big money for the city, the fat tuesday and mardi gras decembertiveties end tonight- -festivities end tonight at midnight, giving way to ash wednesday. and hour ago, the augusta opened its new location, it is a new orleans style diner that was located in oxford. right now, the restaurant is holding mardi gras festivities. coming up on the cbs2 news at noon, a corridor o tore community is--community is coming together to support a local man.
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involved. take a look at this...high winds in oklahoma caused quite welcome back.
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winds in oklahoma caused quite a problem this morning. it at a lake in oklahoma city where quests were able to--were guests were able to pick up water that crashed over a wall at a park there. the okc area will see winds of up to 60 miles per hour, excuse me, that is gusts, not guests, i kept thinking to myself why are guests picking up water and turning them into waves. okay, gusts of wind are causing the huge waves. it is tuesday, you know. >> it is tuesday. well, we have some gusts of wind here,. >> not as heavy as that? your cbs 2 'weather first' forecast. main weather- your planner shows what's ahead for the next hoursa&- now a live look outside courtesy of our weatherfirst skycama&- a few scattered flurries in the area this morninga&-temperatures around the area are cold to start off the day with wind chills below 0- the regional
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conditions quiet for the rest of the day- moving into a closer view with our 'predictor' forecast we see mainly quiet conditions with a clipper approaching on wednesday that could lead to some light snow and flurries. - today's forecast features mostly cloudy skies, blustery and cold conditions.- tonight's forecast has us looking for partly cloudy and cold conditions with wind chills below zero.- the next three days show cold weather sticking around with a slight chance for snow on wednesday, then a few more clippers move
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a north liberty man needs your
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blind, and recently lost his service dog to cancer. 2 news reporter stephanie johnson now joins us live livefrom the blue bird cafe in north liberty, to show us how you can help todd get a new service dog. dog.hey kelly, i'm sitting here with the restaurant's
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if you would like to give to todd bevans you can donate to his go fund me page. we'll put a link to this page on our website, cbs 2 iowa dot com. covering the corridor in north liberty stephanie johnson cbs 2 news. live in ... stephanie johnson, cbs 2 news. news.thanks, stephanie. all right, thank you, stephanie. make sure to stay be with us. --stay with us. when we come back, how a deal with the justice department
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ferguson, missouri. cbs 2 news continues to follow a train crash out of germany. far nine-peop welcome back. cbs2 news continues to follow so train crash out of germany. so far, nine people have died after two trains collided head on early northering. another 100 people were hurt. at least half of them serious i will. the trains were going and 60 miles per hour when the crash happened. and they believe that the drivers had visual contact
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place at a bend in the track. two of the three data recorders on the trains have been recovered. the planned parenthood clinic where three people were killed in a mass shooting last year will be reopened next week. there will be increased security in colorado springs on monday. it has been closed since the november 25th attack. 179-felony counts including murder and attempted murder. wounded. 57-year-old robert lewis deer is charged with 157 felony counts. the city of council in ferguson, missouri is deciding on a deal that could cost the city $10 million over the next three years. the city reached a tentive settlement with the justice department last month to change the police force after the police shooting death of michael brown. under the deal, the city will have to pay for a doj monitor for at least three years and get a more di serious commission force.
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to vote vot today on whether to approve the settlement. actor hugh jackman is once again battling skin cancer. he posted a picture of himself, an example of what happens when you don't use sunscreen. and this is a basil cell. jackman has been treated for the condition at least three times in the past. coming up on the cbs2 news at noon, it is almost girl
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when you can get a it's almost that time of year again - well, welcome back. it is almost that time of the year, where the girl scout cookies go on sale. actually, they are going on sale this friday. so i hope you have all been doing some extra exercising. i am here with marilyn, and she is going to fill us in on the goodness. so what is going on, how do we
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>> well, the sale is starting friday. you will able to find girls at local businesses such as wal- mart, hi-vees in the area. >> yes, it was a lot newer to girl scouts this year, and it was the online sales. now they were started last year, but this year, there is a new push for the online sales. how does that work? >> well, girls actually have the able to toss customers, they are able to set up their own online store experience. so it is really cool. they can send out e-mail toss customers, they also have their own link to post on social media sights like facebook or twitter, where customers can visit the store an order cookies to be deliver today their house. >> that is great. okay, so we all talk about girl scout cookies, but where does the money go?
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and out of every $4, the packages sell for $4, $1 goes to the baker, but the other three stays within the council to go for programs and things like that. troops maybe money where they participate in programs for girl scouts. also, they participate in not for profit prams and things like that. and they also make program credits. and we have a new camp, it is called camp liberty, so a lot of girls will be using the credits to go to camp. >> and now girl scouts are so much more than just--are so much more than just cookies. but what all do they learn? leadership skills, honestly, response--honesty, responsibility, and when they are selling the cookies, they are running a business, you know, money management, they learn how to count change, how to budget and set goals. >> that is great. were you a girl scout? >> i was a girl scout. and i was also in 4-h.
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>> well, it has meant a lot to me, i think just the skills, the connections that i have formed with other girl scouts and other people, that is a really great tool. i have a caught they are is 15, she has been a girl scout since she was in kindergarten--i have a daughter who is 15, she has been a girl scout since she was 15. >> and where can people get more information? >> they can go to our website. >> all right, perfect. thank you so much. and we will have more weather coming up.
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markets. the panthers were not the only losers on super welcome back. the panthers were not the only poor performance.he had to up a sign that read: "i'm the worst at fantasy football."he blames his poor season on his draft, saying he selected his players using his heart
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