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tv   Face the Nation  CBS  February 14, 2016 9:30am-10:00am CST

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jeb is so wrong. jeb is absolutely so wrong. >> great negotiator in -- this is a man who -- >> it was political slug fest at some point. >> why do you lie? >> donald adults learn not to interrupt. >> i know. >> the lines are very, very clear. marco right now supports citizenship for 12 million people here illegally. >> for number of weeks now ted cruz has been telling lies he lied about ben carson in iowa. he lied about -- he lied about marriage. he's lying about -- now he makes things up. >> dickerson: as six remaining republican candidates face off just week before the crucial south carolina primary. >> i got to tell you this is just crazy. this is just nuts. >> dickerson: we'll hear from two of those candidates donald trump and marco rubio about the
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out calling the death of supreme court conservative antonin scalia who died saturday at the age of 79. then we'll check win bernie sanders on the latest development in the democratic race. we'll have brand new cbs battleground tracker poll numbers and plenty of analysis. all ahead on "face the nation." captioning sponsored by cbs good mornings, welcome to "face the nation" from the center here in greenville, south carolina. at last night's republican debate was anything but peaceful. the reputation for brass knuckle candidates they took their brawling primary on to the stage. donald trump was on the offensive attacking george w. bush for the war in iraq. >> obviously the war in iraq is a big, fat mistake george bush made a mistake. we can make mistakes. but that one was a beauty. we should have never been in iraq. we have destabilized the middle east. >> dickerson: you still think he should be impeached. >> do whatever you want you call it whatever you want i want to tell you they lied.
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mass destruction. there were none. they knew there were none. there were no weapons of mass destruction. >> dickerson: okay. all right. >> i am sick and tired of him going after my family. while donald trump is building a reality tv show, my brother was building a security apparatus to keep us safe. i'm proud of what he did. he's had the gal to go -- >> world trade center came down during your brother's dash. >> dickerson: our cbs battleground tracker shows donald trump with a big lead going into the final week before the primary here in south carolina. 4%. ted cruz follows at 20%. marco rubio is at 15. among the rest of the field john kasich has 9% support. jeb bush and ben carson are tied at 6. poll was conducted before last night's debate. we sat down with donald trump last night immediately after the debate asked him how it looked
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>> it was interesting. i mean, they were shooting at me because i'm leading by a lot i found it to be an amazing evening, i thought it was fascinating, actually. i actually liked it as they say, i one many of the debate this might have been my best performance. interesting thing as i was being hit from the sides, here, there, but i think it was probably my best performance. >> dickerson: it seems, though, in some of the things in your campaign moderated you seem to recognize the fact that people might be turned off by constant fighting. >> i do. i went to ivy league school, i know how to be behave. i can be so politically correct you would be bored to tears, john. but i truly understand that but at the same time when somebody comes at you with lies, lot of lies out there, when you look at what cruz did in iowa with the voter -- i don't know if you saw it voter violation, made up the fraudulent -- came to a government demanding that people go out and vote for cruz. when you look at what he did to
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they have to be called out. these are dishonest people. >> dickerson: you mentioned that the world trade center came down during george w. bush's watch. are you blaming him for -- >> not blaming him. the cia and other groups, the cia said there was lot of information that something like that was going to happen. not blaming anybody. it's a tragedy. horrible. worst in our country's history, worse than pearl harbor, talking about civilians not military. thousands of people killeda horror show. now, could he have done something about it? the cia knew about things happening, you could have said, we were safe under his brother. his brother got us into the war in iraq which is one of the worst catastrophes ever. the weapons of mass destruction. the world trade center came down during his reign. you cannot say we were safe under his reidn and the cia said something that was going to happen.
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he lied as you did, weapons weren't there -- >> there were no weapons of mass destruction. >> dickerson: this is the democratic partyline. >> look. i'm a businessman, i built a great company, i'm funding my campaign, people in the audience most were special interests, it was all these people which is fine. it's fine but really not appropriate. but the people in the audience were lobbyists and special interest people. i don't have any of those people because i'm putting up my own money. i tell the truth. there were no weapons of mass destruction. i'm not blaming anybody i'm just saying he went in there, he thought there were weapons of mass destruction, maybe or maybe he didn't, okay? but he thought -- there weren't. i'm telling the truth. >> dickerson: you said he lied that's -- >> but 23 he knew there weren't weapons of mass destruction and he used that as an excuse to go in and try to make up for some sins for previous years, then it would be a lie. but i don't think -- maybe that's true, maybe it isn't
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>> dickerson: impeached. you wouldn't own that any more. you would want -- in 2008 you thought they were -- >> let me tell you something. the war in iraq is a disaster. it started the chain of events that leads now to the migration, maybe the destruction of europe. he started the war in iraq, am i supposed to be a big fan? i'm a republican, i'm a conservative, but the truth is, that we started the war in iraq. we spent $2 trillion on that war. we lost thousands of lives. we have wounded warriors all over the place. it shouldn't have started. would have been so much better off. if you had saddam hussein who is bad guy, but killing terrorists, now, if you want to become a tourist you go to iraq that's like the harvard of terrorism, okay? so, look, it was not a great job. people can say he's popular, i don't know why he's popular also have economic collapse at the end of his term.
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barack obama, without that collapse we wouldn't have had barack obama. >> dickerson: let me ask you about politics, now. you had a tough ad hitting senator cruz saying he couldn't be trusted you pulled it down, but i just watched it on tv. >> no, i pulled it down because i wanted to be nice, i wanted to be a very nice person. then i saw him do negative ad, i put it back up. it's honorable ad, he's a nasty guy. people don't like him. think of it, united states senator, you have a lot of friends that are in the senate, in this case he doesn't have any friends. doesn't have one endorsement from one u.s. senator these are people that work with him. how can that be possible? >> you also have questioned his christianity. is that a christian thing to do? >> i say. the bible. okay? consistently lies. disgrace. what he did with the voter violation, which is a fraud. is a disgrace. you can't do that, you can't
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hold up the bible and then lie. >> dickerson: speaking of holding up the bible you promised not to use profanity any more. >> i've always done it just as way of emphasis and had fun doing it. running politics we can't do it. i get standing ovations the other night, i got standing ovations. lot of times i don't use -- i didn't use the word. i explained that tonight, i hope. >> dickerson: you used a few other words. >> not big deal. you know, jeb bush goes on, he said he's going to rip down his pants and moon everybody on the street. moon everybody. nobody writes about it. it's in couple of papers but nobody writes about it. that's far worse. going to rip down his pants and moon everybody? this is a presidential candidate. >> dickerson: seems like race to the bottom to me. >> it's terrible. i think it's terrible. but i didn't say it he did. >> dickerson: he won new hampshire. give me your sense of the campaign right now? >> i think we're doing great. i just don't people to do robo calls like an example, i deal with manhattan real estate.
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to the politics. robo calls put out. i'm leading by a plot as you know. robo calls put out by we think cruz it was one of his top people. saying donald trump is not going to be running in south carolina, vote for ted cruz. that's a fraud. what i have is because i have a little bit of microphone out there. what i have is i'm able to explain to people that it's a lie. a lot of people couldn't do it. ben carson wasn't able to do that, they hit him very quickly. took away a lot of votes. >> dickerson: your tax returns, when are you going to see them? >> we're working on it very hard. they will be very good. nominations. >> i'm the first one to put my financial statement out. i put out financial statement anything. i have one the world's most complicated tax returns, it's a massive return. but i will get it done as soon as i can. remember this, when i did my financials which are much more financials everybody thought it out.
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everybody was very impressed with them. >> dickerson: the money that you raised what is the status that have? >> giving away a lot of it. much is given away. >> dickerson: how much? >> i don't know. i can tell you -- i don't know. lot just going from the people that made it directly to the veterans groups. but much of it is -- millions have been given out already i'm very proud of it. >> dickerson: drum, thank you very much. >> thank you. >> cbs news conducted overnight poll of what republicans and independents to gauge their reaction to the debate. respondents thought marco rubio was the winner with 32%. donald trump was in second with 24%. john kasich came in third with 19% support. ted cruz behind him at 12%. ben carson at 8%. jeb bush at 5. joining us this morning is winner that have debate at least according to our poll. florida senator marco rubio, what was it like on the stage for you? seemed raucous. >> it was interesting debate. i think it's the smallest stage we've had now with six people. more time for everyone to speak,
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justice scalia left us and passed away i thought that added some somber seriousness to the beginning of the debate. then get into some of the differences. when donald and jeb going at it a little bit, jeb and donald and ted a little bit as well it was a little different from the other debates i think. the crowd was pretty involved, too. >> dickerson: you called senator cruz a liar. >> well, he's lying. obviously in the last couple weeks he has really exhibited this very troubling tendency to say things that aren't true, just making things up. this week alone had to pull an ad because it didn't tell the truth about my position about sank could you ware cities. lied about my position on marriage and planned parenthood. he's not being honest about previous position on immigration. he tried to portray as some sort of purist his record is something very different. these things are being exposed now. it's really a troubling trend. >> dickerson: what do you think that means in terms of the presidency, though? >> i think it means someone is willing to say or do anything to
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even if it's not true. i think it's going to trouble people deeply. we all want to win but you can't just make things up. and if you have a campaign that's willing to do things like what he did to ben carson in iowa, what he apparently is doing here now according to donald trump with robo calls, i don't know. but donald mentioned that. i think it seeks to how you conduct yourself especially in high intensity situations. i think it's very troubling. i hope he'll stop doing it. >> dickerson: you are here in the debate and chris christie wasn't you had quite an exchange in new hampshire, the fact that you survived he didn't, what does that mean? >> ultimately debate wasn't the reason why chris is not in the race now, he'll have to answer that. i like chris christie i think he has a future in public service beyond being governor of new jersey. i don't think we've heard the last of his service, it was very unour year. any other year chris christie would be front runner but we had all these people running, just worked out the way it did. i wish him the best. >> dickerson: what do you think
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bickering is going to help >> ultimately. they had pretty intense debate between her and bernie sanders as well let's not forget that barack obama and hillary clinton said horrible things about each other he ended up winning she ended up working for him. but i would prefer the debates be all about policy. if you watch i never launched these attacks. if i'm attacked i need to respond that was mistake a made a week ago when i didn't. i should have responded about chris' record. you get pummeled for that. i don't like it. but unfortunately 134 times you have to do it because people are saying things that just aren't true. >> dickerson: ask you about replacement to justice scalia, what is going to happen there, do you think? the president said he's going to nominate someone. >> he can nominate someone. the senate is not moving forward on it until after the election. majority leader already made that clear i agree with that. there's been precedent established over 08 years in the last year, especially in the last 11 months you do not have lame duck president make lifetime appointment to the highest court in the land.
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this vacancy will be an issue, voters will get to weigh in then choose a new president then that new president which i expect will be me, will then be able to nominate someone and work with the senate to confirm. >> dickerson: don't the voters weigh in when they pick the president in the first place his powers extend until the last day if there were emergency. >> this is lifetime appointment. not a law you can reverse, this is not a policy you can undo. they're going to be there until they die or leave. that is a very serious thing. so, the president can decide whatever he wants but i'm just telling you the senate is not moving forward. >> dickerson: if you were president would you have ha last year moratorium. >> i would understand, yeah. in fact not just for the supreme court there's practice that in the last eight months of the presidency or nine you stop doing appellate courts as well. i would respect that practice. >> dickerson: if you had -- if you were pad you had nominee to put forward would there be a litmus test? i god governor bush,
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justices who are conservative -- >> not about your views on thish auto us it's very simple. does the justice that we're nominating have consistent and proven record of interpreting the constitution as initially meant. what does society that wrote those words -- what do those words mean to that society at the time in which those words were written in the constitution. that's what i want to have out of justice that looks at legislation says, what was the meaning mind this legislation when it was passed by congress. if you don't like the meaning, then there's a practice, constitution provides a process to change the constitution called article v it gives you a process for changing the constitution. i'm looking for people that are going to look at the constitution and apply it and interpret it based on the original meaning of the words in that document. >> dickerson: talk about politics a little bit. you did well in iowa, less well in new hampshire. how well do you have to do in south carolina and when you have
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>> going to get into the weeds here on politics early on. in these early states it's all proportional. if you look what happens in new hampshire, i finished in fifth but same number of delegates as person who finished in fourth and third. same in iowa. only one less delegate than person who finished in first. in these proportional states we just want to continue to pick up delegates and do consistently well. once we get into the win or take all now stakes become much higher. for us i think it's continuing to do well in these early states. get ourselves in the strong delegate position then really give ourselves the opportunity when race is narrowed to do real well. >> dickerson: is it a one-two process, in other words, basically best governor bush and kasich to be alternative then take on donald trump? >> except if you look at it one of the reason why i'm the candidate that gets attacked by everyone in this race, i've been attacked by ted cruz, attacked by chris christie, attacked by jeb bush, i get attacked by everybody. because i believe our message one that appeals to voters
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so, i think that's why ultimately i am the only one left in this race that can bring this party together quickly and then grow the conservative movement. i've never viewed myself in one on one competition with anyone on that debate stage last night. i have a message that i believe appeals to voters supporting everyone. >> dickerson: senator marco rubio, thanks. we'll be back in a minute. you can't predict... the market. but at t. rowe price,
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through good times and bad. for over 75 years, our clients have relied on us to bring our best thinking to their investments so in a variety of market conditions... you can feel confident... our experience. call a t. rowe price retirement specialist or your advisor see how we can help make the most of your retirement savings. t. rowe price. invest with confidence. j late yesterday afternoon word came that supreme court justice antonin scalia died at the age of 79. a key conservative on the court his death has already had an impact on the presidential campaign. we go to jon crawford outside the supreme court in washington. jan? >> news of scalia's death sent shock waves the loss of this larger than life figure here at
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regardless of your ideology, i think it is almost hard to imagine the when justices return to the bench next week the empty seat will be scalia's. >> the remedy for a case is always subject to the court's discretion. and always depends upon the realities on the ground. >> reporter: he was a giant in the law. nominated by president reagan, justice scalia shaped the conservative legal movement with his sharp intellect and his clear colorful writing. like his dissent calling the court's decision upholding obamacare, pure apple sauce. one of his most significant decisions for the court that the second amendment guarantees an individual right to bear arms. he told ""60 minutes" lesley stahl he couldn't imagine doing anything else. >> when i first came on the court, i thought i would foresure get off as soon as i could, which would have been when i turned 65. because, you know, justices
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so there's no reason not to leave and go off and do something else. i cannot think of what i would do for an encore, i can't think of any other job that i would find as interesting and as satisfying. >> reporter: but almost immediately after the news of his death broke the fight began over his successor the supreme court now is divided 4-4. and republicans already are vowing to block whoever the president sends up. john? >> dickerson: janf they do block the person, what happens to the court? >> reporter: i think that is a very likely scenario that we will not have a ninth justice on the supreme court for the indefinite future that means that the lower court decision all of these controversial cases that the justices will be hearing this term, that decision will remain. so, we are going to have cases this term on affirmative action, 'boring, the future of obamacare, on labor unions, it is a docket chalk full of controversy.
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if the court split 4-4 would stand. it means that all the controversy some ways that we expect here at the court now will be shifted across is the where the fight will be in congress. >> dickerson: all right, jan crawford, thanks so much. we'll be right back with senator bernie sanders. we built our factories here because of a huge natural resource. not the land. the water. or power sources. it's the people. american workers. they build world-class products. and that builds communities. and a better future. for all of us. because making something in america means so much, to so many. weathertech. proudly made in america. wish your skin could bounce back like it used to? neutrogena hydro boost water gel. with hyaluronic acid it plumps skin cells with
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>> dickerson: we're back in south carolina. where democrats will hold their primary a week after republicans on february 27th. our cbs news battleground tracker shows hillary clinton with a wide lead here over bernie sanders at 59% to 40%. senator sanders joins us now from denver, colorado. senator, you hear you have quite a bit of work to do here in south carolina. how do you expect to close the gap between you and secretary clinton? >> well, we have thousands of
9:54 am
we're to knock wrong doors, making phone calls, if you look at that poll, john, what you'll see is that we have already made up a significant difference. the gap used to be much larger, momentum is with us we're going to do quite well in south carolina and by the way we are doing very, very well in nevada as well. >> dickerson: you have a large share if you look inside of the polls you have a large share where voters but having difficulty within african american community. you've been trying to address that. talk about what you've been trying to do and if you've been able to make any progress with african american voters? >> well, i think we certainly have. we started off way, way behind with the african american community. we have closed that gap, still have a long way to go. we have brought on surrogates, we're doing fantastic job for us of people like ben gellous
9:55 am
a former state senator from ohio who has been out there. keith ellison the cochairman of the progressive caucus in the u.s. house we have just great surrogates out there. we are going to speaking in african american communities in the next week and i think you're going to see a lot of momentum for us. >> we have just a minute left, i want to ask you, what is your path when you look at going forward to states after south carolina, where should those who support you be looking for you to do well? >> well, you know, i think we surprised a lot of people in iowa. john, as you may recall, we started off 40 or 50 points behind. we certainly surprised people in new hampshire. and i think we're going to continue to surprise people. right now speaking to you from denver, colorado. last night we had a rally, close to 0,000 people out at that
9:56 am
very well here in colorado. i think we're going to do well in minnesota. i think you are going to see us doing far better across the board. >> dickerson: all right, senator hold it right there. we'll be back with more from you in a moment. we'll take this quick break. your path to retirement... may not always be clear. but at t. rowe price, we can help guide your retirement savings. for over 75 years, investors have relied on our disciplined approach to find long term value. so wherever your retirement journey takes you, we can help you reach your goals. call a t. rowe price retirement specialist or your advisor see how we can help make the most of your retirement savings. t. rowe price. invest with confidence.
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>> dickerson: some are our cbs stations are leave us now. most of you we'll be right back with a lot for "face the nation" and more results from our cbs news battleground tracker and
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