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tv   CBS Evening News With Scott Pelley  CBS  February 24, 2016 5:30pm-6:00pm CST

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>> for me as an african american from a diversity standpoint, i'm definitely carrying on that legacy. >> this is the "cbs evening news" with scott pelley. >> pelley: this could be a dangerous night in the east. a tornado is blamed for at least three deaths in virginia today. twisters were also reported in north carolina and florida. tornado watches and warnings are up from south carolina to new jersey, including washington, d.c., and philadelphia. this is the same system that brought t ath to the south last night and we'll begin our coverage with chip reid. >> a tornado just came through right on 460 right now. it tore the place the pieces. >> reporter: this faceboooo video shows the path of destruction after an apparent tornado ripped through the small town of waverly south of richmond, virginia, this afternoon. state police confirm that three people have died. late today a tweet fromm cbs affiliate wtvr in richmond said,
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confirmed deaths was a young child who died when mobile home was hit." the stationlso reported eight othersrs were injurur. >> everything is destroyed. unbelievable. i mean, unbelievable. >> reporter: the debris field is three miles long. dispatch reptete michael campbell photographed this mobile home ripped open, cars flipped over, sheet metal twisted around telephone poles. roads are blocked by downed tree, power lines and pilesf debris were torn from homes. and take a look at this video of the storm passing over the white house and`the washington monument. some pretty scary stuff. scott, we're being told that just over the boarder from washington in maryland in at least one flood-prone area, people are being rescued from their cars. >> pelley: chip, thanks very much. tornadoes kill at least three ople yesterday in mississippi and louisiana. at an r.v. park in convent, lolisiana, david begnaud found a
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>> i felt stuff hitting my trailer or the r.v., and the next thing i know i went for foard. and next t tng i know it was daylight and i was riding around and around and around, and then i didn't realize until later wh it was. it was like an will be try box i was riding on. >> reporter: 48-year-old barbara posey has a survival story that even she can't believe. >> and then it swung me this way, like back out toward the road. and then i got swung back in the mud hole. >> reporter: this is what her r.v. looks like now, scrap mixed among a mangled mess of personal treasures. >> this is hard to comprehend right now. >> reporter: ricky posey is barbara's husband. he left her bedside today to find items belonging to her
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can see what one storm can do. >> reporter: vehicles were tossed like toys. the tree line is littered with metal. today the give toured the area by helicopter, and from the ground it's obvious what happened here is a disaster. just ask hwlly hana. >> part of my bedroom is over. there my kitchen is over there. my stuff is everywhere. >> reporter: from louisiana to georgia, up to 24 tornadoes were reported yesterday according to the national weather service. back in louisiana, barbara posey's dog is missing, and though she's worried, she's grateful. now... >> g@ne. >> reporter: pieces. >> yeah. that's material things. i'm still here. i'm able to talk to you. i'm able to kiss my husband. i'm lucky. >> repepter: two people diedd at the r.v. park. critically.
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the air tonight, we noticed this electricalox on the ground right in front of what used d be barbara's r.v. she confirms this looked exactly like the power box she was holding on to as she went flying through the air. >> pelley: amazing story. david begnaud, thank you very much some what is coming next? eric fisher is the chief meteorologist at our boston station wbz. eric? >> reporter: scoco, aery destructive couple days. look at the tornado reports from the last 24 hours from the gulf coast. today add additional reports from west virginia. several fatality, unfortunately. tornado watches are something you don't see very much in february extending up into southeastern pennsylvania and southern new hampshire tonight. we're tracking an aggressive line of thunderstorms moving north and east very quickly, york. in fact, all the way up into the warmer temperatures greg into southern new england and early tomorrow morning could even see ththe, as well.
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through d.c., moving through new york. just before midnight tonight. then into the boston area right during the early morning commute before moving off shore. and the snow slowly winding down on the cold side of all of this. so scott, even as the rain and snow tapers off, a lot of wind across the midwest and northeast tomorrow. that t could lead to some flight delays across the area. >> pelley: eric fisher, wbz. eric, thank you very much. well, donald trump is moving like a storm front through the republican primaries and caucuses. last night he won in nevada with marco rubio and ted cruz way back. heading toward super tuesday next week, trump has more delegates than his rivals combined. and dean reynolds is in las vegas. >> reporter: thi confounded republican party establishment may fervently wish what happens in vegas stays in vegas, but donald trump's march to the nomination would be hard to bet against now. today the victor was in virginia, one of 12 states with contests next tuesday.
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evening last night. >> reporter: in nevada3trump ran the table, winning almost every category of voter and by a bigger margin than in new hampshire or south carolina. >> we won with young. we won with old. we won with highly educated. we won with poorly educated. i love the poorly educated. >> reporter: there were twice as many caucus-goers as four years ago. most of them were angry with washington. six out of ten said the next president should be a politital outsider. >> u-s-a, u-s-a! >> reporter: perfect fits for trump, whose rivals sifted the landslide for nuggets of hope in their home states. marco rubio has a bunch of endorsements but no wins. the florida senator told "cbs this morning" that will change. >> we'll win in florida. now that governor busus is no longer in thth race, hip and i split a lot of support in florida that. will help us. as far as going into next week, we feel greatbout almost every state that's on the map. >> reporter: texas senator ted
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in texas where the governor just endorsed him. >> texas has 155 delegates. it is the crown jewel of super tuesday. texas has alone almost 15% of the delegates you need to be the republican nominee. >> reporter: john case, noted that he alone is within the margin of error in a race against trump in ohio, but kasich is the governor of ohio. now, in an effort to slow trump down, there are increasing calal to see his past tax returns. scott, mitt romney, whose own wealth became an issue during his 2012 campaign, said today, "we have good reason t t believe there's a bombshell in donald trump's taxes." >> pelley: and trump has just tweeted that romney's tax returns made him look like a fool. dean reynolds in nevada for us tonight. dean, thank you.
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democrats is south carolina. that's on saturday. and here's nancy cordes. >> reporter: struggling in south carolina, sanders headed to missouri today, where 7,000 people were waiting to lift his spirits. >> democracy is not a spectctor sport. [cheering and applause] all of you and all of the amereran people, , are thehe quarterbacks of our future. >> reporter: bud a win in south carolina and large super tuesday states like texas, virginia and georgia, could give clinton an unsurmountable lead. >> hi. how are you? >> reporter: she's already begun to talk less about sanders and more about republicans. >> they want to turn back all of our rights -- womom's rights, civil right, gay right, voting voting rights, workers' rights. >> reporter: sanders has
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dependent on one thing. >> our job is to create a high voter turnout. >> reporter: but so far democratic turnout is down from 2008 by 25% in iowa, 13% in new hampshire, and 33% in nevada. yo often say you want to create the kind of political revolution that president obama couldn't. is the fact that turnout is lower a sign that that revolution isn't happening in >> no, it's a sign that barack obama ran an unprecedented, brilliant campaign in 2008. i think we have come a long, long way. we are now in the lead in the national polls. i think we have made real progress. >> reporter: the reason sanders wants high turnout is because it would signify that younger voters, who typically back him russia flocking to the polls, but, scott, older voters have always been more reliable voters, and in nevada, for instance, voters went for clinton by a full 50 points. >> pelley: nancy cordes in
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nancy, thanks. today president obama took the podium. there he's moving ahead to nominate a new supreme court justice despite a vow by senate republicans to deny that nominee hearing much less a vote. here's our chief legal correspondent jan crawford. >> reporter: sitting in the oval office with the king of jordan, the president started the hard sell for his eventual supreme court nominee, predicting senate majority leader mitch mcconnell will cave. >> i think it will be very difficult for mr. mcconnell to explain how if the public concludes that this person is very well qualified that the senate should stand in the way simply for political reasons. >> reporter: mr. obama even published a blog, detailing what he is s oking for in a nominee. senate majority leader harry reid offered a surprise pick, nevada's republican governor brian sandoval. >> but i know if he were picked, i wouldupport the man. >> reporter: but republicans like senator mike lee say
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the election, no matter who the nominee is. >> there is absolutely nothing unprecedented and absolutely nothing improper about the senate choosing to withhold its consent to the president's nominee to the supreme court. >> reporter: now sandoval's office says no one has c ctacted him about vetting, but he has called obamacare unconstitutional and has said he would fight to overturn it. and, scott, that's one reason why republicans say that sandoval buzz is just a white house and reid playing games. >> pelley: jan crawford. jan, thanks very much. today a kennedy cousin went back the court hoping to clear his name in a murder that was committed four decades ago. peter van sant of "48 hours" was there. >> reporter: at today's hearg, michael skakel's attorney, herbert santos, told the connecticut supreme court who he believes really killed
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>> the evidence leads to the inescapable conclusion that the probable killer was tommy skakel. now, my client doesn't really want me t say that, it's his brother. >> reporter: dorothy moxley is martha's mother. >> i am sure that michael is the young man who swung the golf club. there's no doubt in my mind about that. >> reporter: moxley was found bludgeoned to d dth with a 6-iron in a wealthy enclave of greenwich, connecticut, in october 1975678 tommy skakel was the last person to be seen with moxley. it was a 25-year-old cold case until a grand jury investigation led to the arrest of michael skakel. skak is the nephew of ethel kennedy. bby kennedy, jr., is his cousin and one of his biggest defenders. >> i know michael skakel. and i know he didn't commit the crime. >> reporter: skakel was convicted in 2002, but released
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appeals court ordered a new trial, finding hifs defense attorney made major mistakes. but state prosecutor susan gill disagrees. >> this was far from a slipshod defense. this was a well-planned, well-thought-out, professional defense. >> do you have any comment on today's proceeds? >> nope. >> reporter: leaving court today, skakel declined to speak. but bobby kennedy, jr., who sat with him during the hearing, did. >> he didn't get fair trial and he's not guilty. >> reporter: we were unable to reach michael's brother tommy skakel for a comment, but years ago he denied having anything to do with moxley's murder. and, scott, the defense attorney says he expects a ruling from the supreme court by the fall. >> pelley: peter van sant rerting on the story tonight. peter, thank you. a jury has found that talcum powder caused a cancer death.
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% >> pelley: a jury in st. louis has awarded $72 million to the family of aoman who claimim that talcum powder gave her cancer. anna werner is following this. >> reporter: 62-year-old jacqueline fox of birmingham, alabama, used talcum powder products for feminine hygiene for decades until she was diagnosed with ovarian cancer in 2013. she died last october. a jury decided johnson & johnson, maker of johnsns's baby powder and shower to shower, was responsible for her cancer. jerry beasley is the family's lawyer. >> there was no question that she was a life time user of talc prurkts and had been using them since birth. there is no question in my mind that the talc caused her death. >> reporter: the american cancer society says results o studies on a possible link
5:47 pm
and ovarian cancer have been mixed. some reported a slightly increased risk, others no increase. dr. daniel kramer of brigham and women's hospital in boston was an expert for the plaintiff. >> i have done several different case control studies of ovarian cancer, all of them have included information onnalc and l of them have found an elevated risk for ovarian cancer associated with talc use. >> reporter: during trial fox's lawyers presented this document from 1997 in which one of johnson & johnson's own consultants noted that studies showed an association between hygienic talc usse and ovarian cancer. this is fox's son. >> the whole fight, not just for her, but for other women. >> reporter: johnson & johnson declined to do an interview, but in a statement said the verdict goes against decades of sound science, proving the safety of
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multiple products. scott, j&j said it sympathizes with fox's family but disagrees with this verdict. >> pelley: anna, thanks very much.
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% presented the nation's highest civilian honor, the congressional gold medal, to civil rights marchers who joined martin luther king, jr., on the road from selma to montgomery, alabama, in 1965. it was a protest of the barriers to voting that were endured by blacks. violent attacks on the marchers re a catalyst for the voting rights act. the medal's inscription calls justice." thousands marched, but tonight
5:56 pm
one man who drove for justice. >> reporter: as sunday's daytona 500 made history -- >> the closest 500 ever. >> reporter: -- 68-year-old frank scott recalled another historic drive. what drove him? >> he had determination. >> reporter: wendell scott was first african american to win a nascar series premier event, the jacksonville 200 in 1936, during the height of the civil rights movement. frank was part of his father's pit crew. >> i mean, we were the only african americans in the setting such as this. we had a lot of death threats. everybody didn't love wendell scott. >> r rorter: in fact, wendell's trophy was given to the second place driver, bud baker, a white racer. wendell scott's family says hours later nasr anowledged he did win and paid him thehe prize money. >> it paved the way for us to make it a little bit easier. >> reporter: darryl bubba
5:57 pm
american to take the checkered flag on nascar's national circuit since scott. he came through nascar's drive for diversity program. >> for me for an african american in the diversity standpoint, i'm definitely carrying on that legacy that he's laid out for us. >> reporter: the scots say minorities and women drivers need to receive the same lucrative sponsorships others, do affording them better equipment. they also startedhe wendell scott foundation to give young minorities new experiences and better job opportunities. if he were alive today, what would he say? >> he would be pleased with a lot, but... >> reporter: but? >> he wouldn't be satisfied. >> reporter: last year wendell scott was inducted into the nascar hall of fame. >> wendell scott fulfilled his destiny >> reporter: he's still the only black driver in it. michelle miller, cbs news, daytona.
5:58 pm
evening news" for tonight. for all of us at cbs news all around the world, good night. captioning sponsored by cbs captioned by media access group at wgbh cbs 2 news, state of the city. how cedar rapids is responding to violence in city neighborhoods and the positive developments being highlighted. highlighted. how cedar rapids is responding to crime in eighborhoods. >> crooks are using new ways to steal your money. what they're doing and how to stop it. >> right now a homicide investigation is under way in cedar rapids. it's the first of 2016. >> police say 25-year-old joseph perkins was shot to death last night and a 21-year- old was hurt. th were found in the parking
5:59 pm
do ra miller is -- dora miller is live with continuing coverage. >> reporter: well, things have calmed down significantly since last night, but police are still investigating exactly what happened here at the townhomes. police say they believe a shooter got out of the vehicle and fired several rounds before aving the scene. they're still investigating how many people were in the car and they're withholding details about what type of car that was. as for the murder victim, police say he has relatives in cedar rapids and chicago. they're not naming the the victim to protect his identity. we did talk to a man who lives in the complex early this morning. he says this type of incident does not affect how safe he feels here. >> it's not normal. violence is everywhere. it don't bother me none. well, it bothers me because i got kids, but other than that,
6:00 pm
>> on cbs 2 news 10 at 10:00, we'll break down the crime ends and take a look back at last year. dora miller, cbs news. >> thank you. violence in cedar rapids was high on the list of topics scussed today in the city about a month now.the program launched last year in an effort to target high-violence areas of the city to provide supporormayor ron corbett also took time to highlight some areas of success, including the expansion of the city's med quarter and arts district along third street.corbett is contininng to ask residents to get involved. "if you make the call to get involved, people will cheer for you. why? becse you made the right call and if you do, it will help make the state of our city even stronger." stronger."the city is also waiting for federal funding to


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