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tv   CBS 2 News 10  CBS  February 24, 2016 10:00pm-10:35pm CST

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right now police trying t t piece totother clues from the first homicide in cedar rapids this year. one man dead another shot in ththlake. >> following the latest developments to the story we firsbroke last night. cbs2 news rererter dora miller joins us live with what police are saying and not saying tonight. >>reporter: there is still a lot of questions. policeceare telling us this was not a random act. theyre still conducting interviews with witnesses in the area and laid my family on the floor and took cover, waited for the police to show up before i stuck my head out the door." larry lives at cedar valley townhomes...where the first homicide of the year happened. happened. "when i walked to the parking lot, it was a dude laying in the parking lot and they were performing cpr on him, but from what i saw he was dead before they even showed up."he says even after the heavy police activity around his home... surprisingly, he feels safe. safe."violence is gonna be everywhere, it's not like you can get away from it."
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symptom of other issues that are creating it and so the police department needs to work with the rest of the community to address this problem."cedadarapids police chief wayne jerman says the department already started outreach to the community... one main project -- the police community action team . "their priority and their mission focus is to address gun violence and with this being a gun-related homicide, this would be certainly be something that they would be involved in."that team was - -not working the night of thehe homicide.the 25-year-old who was killed --lived in chicago. that's spurring discussion that the violence comes with the people who move to this area. area. "i don't think it's 100 percent accurate that it's only just people from chicago. are there people from chicago? yes, but we're also seeing other people from metropolitan areas who come here to cr and become involved in this type of activity and it's
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the other victim has not been identified for his safety.but listen to this -- for the month of january, shots fired reports are up by four compared to last year.chief jerman says the fact that there's been in incrase in incidents concerns him. covering the corridor in cedar rapids, dora miller, cbs 2 news ten at 10. violence in cedar rapids was high on the list of topics s discussed at today's state of the city address.mayor ron corbett highlighted the recent activation of a police community action te, or p-cat.he also touched on successes in the last year, including the expansion of the city's medical and arts
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cbs 2 news ten at ten continues now with new information about a deadly chopper crash near pearl harbor. harbor. that helicopter plunged into the wer near the arizona memorial last week. the pilot told investigators he heard a grinding sound and a bang before the crash.he said he was going to land in a grassy area but changed course due to people on the ground. authorities believe that
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passengers.a 16-year-old died from injuries suffered in the crash. some eastern iowans are back in the corridor tonight after a long day at the state house. house.just 24 hours after federal officials pushed the transition to privatized medicaid back another month to april first , many medicaid patients gathered in the capitol rotunda to tell their stories.former iowa governor chet culver was with them, saying governor branstad's process and the three private companies haven't been transparent or calmed the companies have not been transparent or calm -- calm to the concerns of affected citizens. >> we have been told time and time again we will save money and improve delivery of healthcare, we are not seeing any evidence of either one of those things. it is right in our democracy to ask questions. >> they say the extra time is
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healthcare in order. they said there would have been no chance they would have been ready at the first of the year which was the original deadline. the governor said for his part in maintaining overhaul will save the state millions of dollars. he also says patients should get better access to treatment because the companies that operate the system include hundreds of additional doctors not covered by theurrent system. right now, donald trump has a triumphant lead heading into the next gop debate tomorrow night. the billionaire is to spend dominated last nights caucus picking up 46%. marco rubio came in second with nearly 24%. iowa caucus winner, ted cruz came in third with just over 21%. looking at the delicate camera now ahead of super tuesday, trump has 81. rubio and cruz each 17. 11 states will hand out 595 delegates on super tuesday,
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new developments in the battle over the supreme court. republicans say they will not consider any nominee made by president obama. now there are reports that the president might counter that by nominating a republican. sources say nevada governor on the president's short list. the former federal judge considered to be a moderate conservative. another name believed to be on the shortlist is iowa federal judge jane kelly. it is unclear tonight where the president will announce his choice for the court. essentially it is up to iowa senator chuck grassley, chair of the senate judiciary committee, to hold hearings and sent any nominee to the senate for a vote. today senator grassley stressed no matter who the nominee is he does not plan to hold any hearing. >> these are things that we ought to decide in a national election and those can be discussed. if this is an issue in the next
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person it is about the process. >> when there is a vacancy the white house invites the person in grassley's position for a meeting at the white house. next week, despite a ruling that -- despite agreeing there will be no hearings grassley says he is working to arrange that meeting at the white house. a bill that would force iowa drivers to move over for bicycles is gaining traction. today the senate passed legislation that we keep motorists from driving too close to people riding bikes on roadways and bike lanes. the legislation moves to the house for consideration. right now as we headed to march, getting to be taxed time. many are looking forward to a refund, there are thieves making plans to steal the cash and more more. fox 28 reporter matt hammill spend the day investigating how the scam works and can avoid being a victim. >>reporter: this is getting so
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epidemic. not one bit two different scams happening right here in the >> total fraud. >>reporter: attorney general tom miller so concerned, he produced this video, featuring victim jim nordlund, a man claiming to be an irs agent called to say he made mistakes on tax filings and better pay up now. >> i said well i would much rather pay $4300 then get arrested remake the man orders him to put the cash on a prepaid card and given information. >> summonses this is the irs you owe us money and that is a scary call. >>reporter: assistant ag nathan blake says dozens of iowans fall victim every week. >> a scam. a lot of times from overseas. and you find the money is gone, never to be seen again. thousands of dollars. unfortunately, it is
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>> we have had several people attorney the iowa the iowa attorney general says he's especially concerned about seniors who may be more easily confused - or intimidated by some-one claiming to be with the i-r-s. he suggests - family members pass along this warning.matt 10. now ten at ten continues with a look at tonight's other stories across the corridor. in cedar rapids, the city council is considering raising franchise fees with midamerican and alliant energy, as well as linn county r-e-c.that could affect your utility bill. the reason for
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city's arsenal of traffic cameras.uncertainty surrounding their future has the city looking to fill the multi-million dollar budget hole that could open.the city is also facing reduced revenue because of lower commercial property taxes. marion is getting ready to show off offit's main street district the uptown marion commercial real estate showcase highlights current renovations, new construction, and other available property in marion's uptown district. the event kicks off tomorrow night from 4 to 6-30. a cedar rapids theatre company is now celebrating its second season. season.this weekend, you can see revival theatre company's production of "violet."the broadway musical follows the story of a girl's cross the broadway musical follows the story of a girl's cross country journey to seek the healing for mattel about in just -- sick healing from mattel about just.
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tomorrow's weather first forecast in 10 minutes. still to come the steps some women are taking to literally put safety in their own hands. we have a good-looking weekend in store and almost there. definitely worth the wait. temperatures increasing after 30 degrees friday into the 50s saturday and sunday. a slight chance for a few
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temperatures may be tomorrow on cbs 2 this season is in full swing and millions of americans are filling out the paperwork hoping for a return, and *not an audit.find out
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take a second look.that's tomorrow on cbs2. happening now - mourning for the victims of severe . greet and won its victims the severe weather. right now a toddler and two dead and continue to move up the east coast tonight. the national weather service confirms there are more than 200 reports of damage in the region and at least 200,000 people are without power. the storm system also caused multiple buildings to collapse. one in lancaster county, and sylvania. high winds also flipped the semi we see a tree on the core on the george washington bridge the semi on its side because of the high winds at least three people have been killed when the same system tore through louisiana and mississippi last night.
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line of severe weather moving up the coast there. >> minds of develop thing around the system as it moves through it is causing strong winds to develop and there have been 200 reports most have been been wind damage so not all have been tornadoes. over 150 reports have been just from wind damage alone. this is a system not just producing thunderstorms and tornadoes but also snow for parts of the great lakes. you can see the lines moving to new york and boston. the northeastern yet it states leading to strong storms still at this hour. it is going to be moving out and that is definitely good news for those folks on the east coast. it has caused damage from the gulf coast last night through the eastern seaboard this evening. for us, we just have clouds
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because of the system. picking up temperatures right now in the 30s it they will continue to follow the winds out of the north and west ushering in cooler air. sustained between 15 to 20 miles an hour could have guessed up to 30. to the overnight hours temperatures start to fall through the 30s s to the 20s. clouds stick around and we have lows in the mid- to upper 20s across the area. moving forward not much changing for us. temperatures near average for this time of year. the call that pattern continues in a mild weekend is up ahead with springlike temperatures returning. another look at the system, it will be moving out over the next couple hours. as it does it will dry out the east coast. for us clear skies and calm wind over the next 24 hours. winds will stay elevated through the night and into the morning. coming out of the north northwest at about 15-20 miles
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afternoon 1:00 sustained tomorrow at 20 miles an hour. they start to die down friday and switch out of the south and west. that will lead to a warm up in our weather this coming weekend. for now still cool out there, not too bad not much to complain about. clouds will stick around the breeze will stay elevated could have wind gusts up to 30 miles an hour tonight and tomorrow. temperatures across the area mid to upper 20s. tomorrow temperatures will increase into the 30s, below the 40-degree mark and then we will see more sunshine as the afternoon goes on. sunshine will continue for the rest of the week heading into the weekend. temperatures increasing to 54 on saturday. no typo there. a low temperature 42 saturday night. temperatures sunday also very
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temperatures gradually decrease as we get into next week and keeping an eye on another storm system that could approach about this time next week. we can focus on these -- this nice weather coming up ahead. next, that was a senior day send off in cedar falls.
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seniors with a big w. many women are being pro active in self defense in a mber of different ways. earlier this month, i showed you how some are turning to concealed . many women being proactive in self-defense. >> you may remember i should you has some are turning to concealed weapons. in the story you only see on cbs2 we examine more of the physical side of self-defense. >>reporter: nervous smiles, heart beating fast this group of women get ready to face their attackers. i was there with them. more than 20 women all ages, shapes and sizes here to learn how to fight for their lives. >> i'm here because last week i was approached by someone in a parking lot. i panicked. he was approaching me quickly. it happened so fast i was really surprised i panicked. i'm not like that. i did not like feeling powerless.
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how strong she was or if she could defenders of. we both seem found out it doesn't matter how big or strong you are. >> you are capable no matter what your size is of causing shock to the humanbody. >>reporter: chris taught us it is not about being an action star. all you need to do is cause shock to the person. they loosen up and you can run away. . >> the problem is everything we see here is movie oriented. we have to bust the myth of movies and tv. we have to show them it is not real. >>reporter: he showed us moves good for us. things we already know how to do like honking your horn, pushshg your hair back, tying your shoes shoes. we practice the moves on padding but at the end we put them all together to fight our attacker.
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simulation, the guys did not go easy on us. might adrenaline his -- adrenaline pumping. i was shaking but the fighting is in the most important thing the most important thing we learned is to lessen your chances of becoming a victim. >> we are famous for being nice . >>reporter: who cares if people think you are rude. they will get over it. your safety is more important. if someone makes you uncomfortable, get up and moved. a stranger is approaching you tell them to . >> -- get back! >> in charge of my own life, my own body, my decision. >>reporter: when you walk to end from your carpet your cell phone away. walk with straight and dominating posture like you own the parking lot. be aware of who is around you. >> walk to your car quickly locked the door leave the area. so you are not walking out with your groceries with your little ones.
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rule? do whatever you have to do to get away. >> don't be afraid to make a scene. >> you have permission to defend your self and fight back . >> i feel more empowered. i know i am strong enough, setting boundaries and parameters i think is going to make a huge difference. >>reporter: covering the corridor, kelly d'ambrosio, cbs two news. >> if you're interested in taking a self-defense class or want to find out more find the story on our website,
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the hawks it's iowa versus wisconsin -- need i say more -- not . iowa versus wisconsin. need i say more? not only was there a revenge factor on the line they lost five straight against the badgers but iowa had a week to stew over lososg to penn state. you cocod say they were ready to take the court. peter kept the hawks in the 1st half scoring 17 of his game- high 21 points in the first 20 minutes. cox trail by one at the break. second-half they threw out of the gate jerod splashes at home from the city. that put them up six but the badgers bench came up big. ivivsen throws it down four bench points from iowa, 23
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six straight 67-59. senior night for the panthers, final game of the mcleod center you and i put on a show. jeremy morgan giles pond distance that connects, finishes with 11 but the story of the game obviously senior washington loses it, gets it back and still silky smooth on the floater. finished with 16, caught fire in the 2nd half and on three straight threes, panthers pounds 66-34. >> you want your home fans to to see them the way they played over the course of their career. when he makes three in a row that's one of the last things floor, what it should be. >> it is s ant the world to play in front of pretty special fans for the last five years. >> on the women's side iowa
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68-53. -- led the way with the hawks 21 points. the search is over in cedar falls northern iowa found their man in david harris to be the new athletic director. you in a -- officially introduced in this afternoon he comes from iowa state where he was a senior athletic director before that he was associate at uw madison. for harris the message he is bringing a simple be excellent. >> i want us to be excellent in everything we do all theheime on t t field off the fieldldn the community y ing things the right way we want to win championships no doubt we want to win championships we want to be successful. student athletes come here
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help them get to a better . temperatures and 30s
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to thehe0s this weekend and captioning sponsored by cbs ( band playing "late show" theme ) >> stephen colbert.
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>> stephen: hey! welcome to "the late show." ( cheers and applause ) thanks so much! hey! as if i have to ask-- welcome to "the late show,"" i'm stephen colbert. i don't think i have to ask-- how is everybody feeling tonight?t? ( cheeee and applause ) i'm so happy to hear that. we were talking about this before the show. there's so much stress in the world right now, what with the election, and the strife abroad. so when i feel overwhelmed by everything, like i do right now, i do this one thing-- and we talked about it the other night on the show with my good friend casey affleck. i like to go on my computer and get the live feed from the international space station. in fact, if you watched my live super bowl show, you saw me


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