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tv   CBS Morning News  CBS  February 26, 2016 4:00am-5:00am CST

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from the broadcast center in new york, good night. the gloves came off i houston. it washe final chance for marco rubio and ted cruz to land blows on front-runner donald trump before super tuesday. here is some of the oox. >> i think if you're going to claim that you're only have the only one that lifted this into the campaign that you acknowledge that you've been find for hiring people to work on your projects illegally. >> i'm the only one o o the stage that's hired people. you haven't hired anybody. i've hired -- by the way i've hired tens of thousands of people. you've hired nobody.
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from your credit cards et cetera. you haven't hired one person. >> he hired workers from poland and he had t tpay $1 million. >> that's wrong. >> people can look it up. i'm sure people are googling it right now. polish workers, you'll see $1 million for hiring illegal workers on his projects. he did it. that happened. >> i've hired tens of thousands of people over my lifetime. tens of thousands. >> many from other countries. >> be quiet. let me talk within i've hired tens of thousands of people. he brings up something from 30 years ago. it worked out very well. everybody was happy. by the way, the laws were totally different. that was a whole different world, but i've hired people. nobody up here has hired people. >> marco is right that a federal government found donald guilty
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and found a $1 million judgment againsnshim. >> mr. trump. >> i can only say this and i've said it loud and clear for many years and many of these people are sitting in the audience right now because the audience is packed with them and they're packed with you, i've had an amazing relationship with politicians, both democrat, republican, because i was a businessman. as one magazine he's a world class businessman. i got along with everybody. you get along with nobody. you don't have one repubtican -- you don't have one republican senator and you work with them every day of your life, although you skipped a lot of time, these are minor details, but you don't have one republican senator backing you. you don't have the endorsememe of one republican senator and you work with these people. you should be ashamed of yourself. >> i think donald is right, he
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will cut deals in washington. he is right, he's given hundreds of -- the next democratic primary is saturday in south carolina and here is nancy cordes. >> we could turn this into ary vooif al. >> reporter: hillary clinton and her preacher came out today as she court reporter black crowds in south carolina. >> i think we need more singing, don't you? i sing because i'm happy. >> reporter: in michigan bernie sanders was focussed on minorities too meeting with residents in flint. >> this water is brown and they continue to ignore it. >> reporter: neither candidate can win in the delegate rich super tuesday states without minority support. in 2008 african-americans alone made up half of the democratic electorate in alabama and georgia and nearly a third in virginia and tennessee. 32% of democratic voters in
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>> when you have people like trump saying that mexicans are rapists or criminals that is an outrage. >> reporter: a new national poll finding clinton leading sanders among hispanic voters by a margin of two to one. her husband's crime bill has been a sticking point for some. two black lives protesters night. >> can i talk? >> reporter: the protesters were escorted out and clinton later said she was sorry for some of the terms she used in the 90s including the phrase super predators. she says it was a poor choice of words. both clinton and sanders want to reform the way drug crimes in particular are handled because
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and latinos are ending up behind bars. this evening president obama claimed progress against the isis terrorist group in syria. he said that isis has lost 40% of its teitory, cut the pay of its trps and is reduced to ususg civilians as human shields, but the wider war in syria is not going mr. obama's way. american backed rebels are on the run. the forces of the assad dictatorship are advancing for the first time in years because of russian air support and iranian troops. it is rare dpor a reporter to get into syria, butut our elizabeth palmer covered the dictator's advance today. >> reporter: this used to be a neighborhood. now it's a battlefield where the syrian army says it's got the enemy on the run. there's just been an air strike bebend me.
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center of damascus and the syrian army is trying to clear this suburb of opposition fighters. there is certainly no cease fire here at the moment and there's not going to be in he time soon. one of the syrian soldiers takes us to see the buildings half a mile away where he says the rebels are now hiding. overhead we can hear the helicopters scouting their target, then -- what are they hitting? they're terrorists, he says. those are barrel bombs? barrel bombs are basically con sters filled with explosives rolled out of a chopper. they'r'r cheap, but horribly inaccurate. are there any civil yaps left over there? no, no, he says, only fighters, but there are fighters families
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near by we enter tunnels soldiers say were dugug by by fighters where they hid and fought for years. the general leads the way through ruins he now controls. you're still using air strikes in the suburb in order to fight? yes, he says, because they're dangerous for syria and the world so we're justified in using any weapons that are legal, but that means when this overstretched and under trained army does gain ground, it's victories look like nothing more than a few blocks of rubblele but the truth is that by now all sides in this war are completely exhausted and unlikely as it sounds just a couple of suburbs over the army has reached a mini truce with the rebels to allow food and supplies to reach civili civilians.
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today, the director of the f.b.i. said that his battltlwith apple is the toughest fight he's faced in government. a federal magistrate ordered apple to unlock the iphone of one of the san bernardino terrorists, but today, apple toto the court that order is dangerous. jeff pegues has more. >> reporter: in its filing, apple says the f.b.i. is seeking a dangerous power and that it would be forced to dedicate six to 10 apple engineers to create new code that apple calls the government operating system or government o.s. apple said there would even have to be a government's forensics lab on company grounds that could be used to open hundreds of other seized devices in law
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apple says: if it creates software to break into the iphone, criminals will view the c ce as a prize. >> this is the hardest question i have seen in government. >> reporter: f.b.i. director james comey reassured members of congress today that the bureau only wanted access to the iphone used by san bernardino terrorist syed farook. comey said the f.b.i. is standing on firm legal ground, but congress needs to set the limits on how far government investigators can go. >> i'm a huge fan of privacy. i love encryption. it's a great thing. but our need for public safety and our need for privacy are crashing into each other, and we've got to sort that out as a people. >> reporter: apple agrees that congress should have a bigger role in this debate, but, scott, the court case is moving forward. google a a facebook are expected to file legal papers in support of apple. >> pelley: jeff pegues for us
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jeff, thank you. tornadoes in several states yesterday killed at least four people, including three in waverly, virginia, where we find chip reid tonight. >> man, it's an experience, man. you goto experience it to talk about it. >> reporter: vincent donond was about to sit down right here to watch tv when the tornado slammed into his mobile home, sheering off the roof and the wall. do you feel lucky to be alive? >> i'm not lucky. i'm blessed. >> reporter: but the tornado tore his neighbor's mobile home from its foundation and sent it sailing across a highway. a two-year-old boy, his father, and another man died. their r dies and other debriri were found 300 yards away. somehow, the boy's mother survived with serious injuries. in nearby appomattox, virginia, a 78-year-old man died and 100 buildings were damaged after a funnel cloud left an eight-mile path of destruction. at least three tornadoes were reported in north carolina.
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were leveled. in pennsylvania, a tornado ripped through amish country, hitting structures in narvon. a torrential downpour lead to flash flooding in and around washington, d.c. and left one major road flooded for the morning commute. in the new york area, a gust of wind sent this truck airborne. and,d,cott, take a look at this. off queens, new york, 12-foot waves capsized a coast guard boat as it was trying to rescue fishermen on another vessel that had run aground. and back h he in waverly, virginia, you're looking at a photograph of a-plus tires before the tornado. now you're looking at a-plus tires after the tornado. this was the garage door. that up there is the metal that was once the roof. scott, it's a good example of what happens when a tornado meets a building made of sheet metal. >> pelley: and we want to point out, no one was injured in the coast guard incident today. chip, thanks very much.
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portable electronics has triggered huge demand for rechargeable batteries, but many of these batteries are now bursting into flames in places you would least expect. vinita nair is looking into this. >> reporter: when the fire first ignited, employees at thth kentucky gas station thought it was a bomb. it turned out to be an e- cigarette that exploded in josh hamilton's pants. he suffered third degree burns. it's just the lateststncident involving defective lithium ion batteries that power e- cigarettes. 22-year-old evan spahlinger had to be placed in a medically induced coma for three days after one of them blew up in his mouth. >> it's an alternative to smoking cigarettes. it's supposed to be a safer and a healthier way of doing it. >> reporter: the same battery cells that power e-cigarettes, so power hoverboards. since december there have been 52 reported incidents involving hoverboards catching on fire. jay whitacre is a professor at
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he said the demand to make these products cheaper and more powerful has led some companies to cut corners. >> what we're seeing right now is a situation where maybe some of these batteries are simply not made to the same standard as the battery that are made say, at sony or panasonic, which have much more stringent quality control. >> reporter: whitacre says that lithium-ion-n-wered items like e-cigarettes and hoverboards are considered high-power applications. if their batteries are badly designed when they are crged they can overheat. is it something thth the user is doing incorrectly? >> no. in general, with this kind of technology, it's very difficult for the user to be at fault. there is a well-controlled charging circuit, and there should be a good package t tt the cell lives in. both of those things should be designed to protect the user. >> reporter: industry advocates say these incidents are still rare and that users should always use compatible batteries and chargers. they say to avoid battery contact with metal objects, scott, such as coins, keys, or jewelry.
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>> pelley: airbus has an idea that could revolutionize the in- flight experience. think flying station wagon. here's kris van cleave. >> reporter: jet maker airbus wants to patent a seating concept taking a row of three airline seats and tuing it into a rapidly and easily reconfigurable bench. it could seat the traditional three passengers, shift to two people who need additional space, including overweight passengers, or even fit a fourth person, like two parents and two small children. the airlines will c csider ything that allows them to make a buck.
4:20 am
the editor of "usa today's" "today in the sky" blog. >> if we've seen nothing else in the airline industry, they're very clever about coming up with ways to sell seats to passengers, especially when they can charge more for either seats that are better or for seats that are less awful. >> reporter: airbus previously sought patents for a design stacking passengers and this semi-standing concept. seat maker zodiac created a hexagon pattern where the middle seat faces the passengers in the aisle and window while adding up to 30 more passengers per plane. tennessee congressman stephen cohen worries extra seats could jeopardize safety making it hard to evacuate within the required 90 seconds as seen in this video. he's authored a bill requiring the f.a.a. to set minimum seat- size standards. >> if people can't get out of an airplane in emergency conditions they lose their lives. it shouldn't be after there's an accident. after there's an accident, it's too late and people are dead.
4:21 am
now, scott, will an airline say they want these seats and will safety regulators ever allow em to be installed i ia plane? >> pelley: kris van cleave, thank you, kris. what's killing players in the
4:22 am
what a new study has found next. >> pelley: heart problems account for three-quarters of sports-related deaths in young athletes. now, a new study may help save lives, and here's dr. jon lapook. >> reporter: two years ago, isaiah austin was one of t t nation's top college basketball players. then, a physical before the n.b.a. draft revealed a heart problem, ending his career. >> i just didn't know what to do with it, but it was just-- you know, just accepting it, accepting that life and health is more important than a game.
4:23 am
sports-related sudn cardiac death is highest among basketball players. one big question is what's a normal heart size for these athletes? to find out, dr. david engel and colleagues reviewed the heart ultrasounds of more than 500 n.b.a. players. when you first saw them, you thought these are big hearts. these are abnormal? >> the first instinct is to say these hearts are enlarged. we're not used to seeing hearts for people that are this big. the average n.b.a. player is 6'7" and the average weight is 222 pounds. >> reporter: it turns out, like any other muscle, the heart gets bigger with exercise, although the hearts of the n.b.a. players were about 10% thicker than normal, that was not felt to be dangerous. the research establishes a baseline for doctors going forward. and how does this help us? >> this should help us distinguish those changes from dangerous heart condions that can lead to sudden cardiac death. >> reporter: in additiononthey found that the aorta, the major
4:24 am
also bigger in these athletes and knowing that will help with future diagnosis. scott, dr. engel says this is now a model for evaluating athletes in other sports. >> pelley: jon lapook, thank you very much, jon. well, soccer's biggest star came through with heart today for his biggest fan. murtaza ahmadidia five-year-old from afghanistan was photographed wearing a lionel messi shirt made from a plastic bag. it went viral so messi sent him an autographed shirt froro argentina's national team. the bag has been retired. up next, a math teacher's
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>> p pley: we end tonight t th a solution to a math problem that has stumped the best minds for centuries. how do you get school kids to succeed at calculus? here's mireya villarreal. >> reporter: from the outside, lincoln high school does not look like a place that inspires greatness. old, with gates on the windows, in a tough east l.a. neighborhood. >> today is all about making your life easier. >> reporter: but look beyond all of that, and you'll find this man, anthony yom. >> this is almost similar to this guy right here, right? >> reporter: the son of korean immigrants, yom teaches what is considered the hardest class in school, advanced placement calculus. >> one of my strategies, really
4:28 am
shamed of asking questions. do you get it? >> reporter: his approach to teaching goes beyond calculating the slope of a curve. school, on weekends, and even holidays. the hard work has paid off. >> it's not always fun, but i do know for sure, once they get the score and if i ask them, "hey, was it worth it?" every single one of them say it was so worth it. >> reporter: for three years in a row, everyrytudent that has walked into his class has passed the a.p. calculus test. and this year, one student, cedrick argueta, got every question right. >> his style of teaching commands respect and his personality is very likable. he gets to know his students on a personal level. >> reporter: what is the secret here? >> they know that i sincerely care about them, and it's prep for them. >> reporter: with love? >> yeah, with love. >> reporter: cedrick argueta and yom were both ordered by the l.a. school board and president obama invited cedrick to the white house science fair.
4:29 am
cal-tech and become a rocket scientist, while yom's focus is on his next batch of calculus students. >> this is not rocket science. >> reporter: mireya villarreal, cbs news, los angeles.
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evening news for tonight. captioning funby c captioning funded by cbs it's friday, february 26th, 2016. this is the "cbs morning news." targeted at random. a gunman opens fire at his workplace, killing at least three people before he is brought down by a hero cop. >> do you know where donald is w? >> no, no, no. >> donald trump fends off closest attacks from fell competitors before super tuesday. adding insult to injury. airline passssgers cheer when a boy and his terminally ill father are removed from a flight. good morning from the studio 57 newsroom at cbs news headquarters in new yoyo. gogo to be with you.
4:31 am
green. this morning, at least ten people are in critical condition following a deadly mass shooting in kansas. three people were kikied and 14 more wounded. police say the gunman identified as cedric ford chose his victims at random. the shootings took place across two towns about 35 miles north of wichita. the victims were hit by gunfire at two separate locations. it all ended when a law enforcfment officer killed ford at a shoot-out at a p pnt where about 150 people were at work. hanna davis of our wichita affiliate kwch is there. good morning. >> reporr: meg, this morning, law enforcement officials are calling this an active workplace violence. they say cedric ford was a painter at excel industries and this is where all of the fatalities occurred d t it spread well beyond this business. >> oh, my god! >> reporter: from fear to relief.
4:32 am
who worked inse the plant. friends and family blocked here as word of the shooting spread. employees are familiar with the gunman. their coworker cedric ford often posted pictures of himself on facebook at work. >> he was a nice guy. when i worked with him on my second shift, we hung out. everything was hunky-dory. i mean, he didn't seem like this nd of guy. >> reporter: the shooting started near the pla. police say ford was firing from a vehicle at other cars. at one point he car-jacked a car and shooting t other driver. the worst of the violent happened at the excel industries plant where ford, armed with a rifle and handgun shot 15 people at excel industries. >> we heard gunshots and people were just running saying somebody was shooting and, next thing you know, i felt i got hit in the leg and that is when i turned and started running. >> the shooter was actively firing on any target that came across his sights. >> reporter: the shooting only stopped when the first law enforcement officer on the scene
4:33 am
>> he took fire. he went inside of that place and saved multiple, multiple lives. a hero, as far as i'm concerned. >> reporter: it's unclear if ford was still employed at excel industries at the time of the shooting. just a few days ago, he posted video to his facebook showing him firing what appears to be an assault rifle into an empty field. meg, as of this morning, investigators have not determined a motive, but they say this is not an act of terrorism. the fbi will be helping with this investigation. from kansas, i'm hanna davis for cbs news. >> thank you, hannb. in the meantimim the final republicic debate before next week's super tuesday was a hold nothing back attack on front-runner donald trump. running out of time to take trump down, both marco rubio and ted cruz ripped trump on everything, from immigration to
4:34 am
on tuesday, 155 of the 595 delegates at stake are up for grabs at cruz's home state in n texas, where a new poll shows cruz leading trump but in rubio rubio's home state of florida, trump holds a sububantial lead. it was a night of back and forth charges anantrump joined the fireworks. >> this guy is a joke artist and this guy is a liar. >> omar villafranca has our report from houston. >> reporter: the candidates took swings at each other over immigration, foreign policy, and the supreme court. front-runner donald trump, at times, got into some heated exchanges with both ted cruz and marco rubio. republican presidential front-runner donald trump was the target of most of the punches in last night's debate. many coming from marco rubio. this fiery exchange on health care was the most tweeted moment of the night. >> the biggest thing we have got and the reason we have no competition is because we have lines around the state. >> that is the only part of the plan? just the lines? interstate competition? >> the nice part you have many different plans.
4:35 am
you'll have so many different plans. >> now he is repeating himself! >> no, i'm not. >> reporter: the attacks between trump and ted cruz got personal. >> look. donald, donald, relax. >> go ahead. i'm relaxed. you're a basket case. >> reporter: trump also took hits from people off stage. the billionaire candidate said he hasn't released his tax returns because he is being audited. but former presidential candidate milt romney responded viaer viaer via twitter. >> he is going to support marco rubio. >> reporter: the top three contenders went head-to-head, the two lower polling candidates john kasich and ben carson struggled to gain the spotlight. >> can someone attack me? >> the former neurosurgeon crititized the tone of thth night. >> i think there was no attempt, whatsoever, to be questionable with the times or the questions. >> reporter: the ohio governor appeared more optimistic. >> i think i penetrated and sent a message to people around the country about the fact that i'm qualified to be president of the
4:36 am
>> reporter: close to 600 delegates are up for grabs in next week's super tuesday contest. no rest for the candidates. they will start crisscrossing the super tuesday ststes this morning. in houston, omar villafranca, cbs news. we will talk with senator marco rubio about last night's debate and what comes next, ahead on "cbs this morning." the battle between apple and the fbi came up in the gop debate. apple has now officially asked a federal judge to reverse her order that it help the fbi hack into a phone used in the san bernardino shootings. both ted cruz and marco rubio said apple should comply. >> all they are asking them to do is disable the self-destruct mode or auto erase mode on one phone in the entire world, but apple doesn't want to do it because they think it hurts their brand. well, let me tell you, their brand is not security to the nanaonal security of the
4:37 am
>> the apple appeal excuses the government of facing dangerous power. lindsey graham did not mince words at the washington press club last night. >> if you kill ted cruz on the floor of theenate and the trial is in the senate, nobody can convict you. graham also imploreded the press to ask donald trump harder questions, saying trump does not understand what makes america great. back to last night's gop % debate. donald trump was questioned about his plans to build a wall l on the border with mexico and have mexico pay for it. yesterday, former mexican president vicente fox said mexico will never pay for a wall. >> how are you going to make them pay for the wall? >> i will and the wall just got ten feet taller,r,elieve me. it just got ten feet taller. >> vice president joe biden called all of the campaign
4:38 am
immigrants dangerous andnd damaging and ill-advised and that it does not represent the view of most america. the democratic p pmary in south carolina is tomorrow. hillary clinton coururthe vote there yesterday. a majority of voters in south carolina are african-americans. bernie sanders focused on minorities as well during a visit to flint, michigan, where told residents fixixi their water crisis was a top priority. >> if there is any silver liningn out of this tragedy is it is my hope that people in america will look at flint and say never again can we allow a community to undergo this. >> the minority vote will play a big role on super tuesday. neither candidate can win the delegate rich states without their vote. nevada governor brian sandoval says he is not interested in being considered for the supreme court. word had leaked that the white house was cocoidering sandoval, a moderate repububcan, to replace antonin scalia. sandoval gave no reason for his decision.
4:39 am
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tell your doctor as symptoms can worsen. serious allergic reactions may occur. see me. see me. see me on my way. find clear skin and a clearer path forward. for a different kind of medicine, ask your dermatologist about cosentyx. vacation ended bitterly for a 7-year-old boy a his terminally ill d d. the family was kicked off an allegiant airlines flight on friday. the boy had an allergic reaction the reaction was the crowd cheering. >> this has to be e memory of my remembering people clapping on the plane when he got off. >> sweet little boy. the airline apologized and booked the family on another flight from washington state back home to phoenix. seaworld admits to spying on the girl scouts face o oosition from the arch bishop of st. .
4:42 am
on the morning newsstand. "the new york times" reports that some roman kamtscatholics are being urged not to support the girl scouts. the arch bishop of st. louis says the scouts back gay rights and other stances at odds with the church. a scout leader says he is misrepresenting the group's positions. the scouts are just starting their cookie drive. the daily beast is reportiti on the cover-up of sex assaults by a british tv star. it says bbc officials knew about the late jimmy savile crimes but did nothing. they say he assaulted 72 children and women while working for the bbc. his youngest victim was 8 years old. "usa today" says bill cosby is setting aside his defamation lawsuit againsns a super model. beverly johnson says the comedian tried to drug and rape her. cosby's lawyers say they will file the suit after he stands trial for sexual assault in pennsylvania. the columbia daily tribune reports of the firing of an
4:43 am
confronted a student journalist. >> i'm media. can i talk to you? >> no! you need to get out! >> laels melissa click called for muscle to remove a student reporter. university of missouri says she will not get severance. brown's quarterback johnny manziel is accused of attacking his girlfriend last month in dallas. it's a misdemeanor charge. heheas not been arresteded the orlando sentinel reports that seaworld admits spying on its critics. the company says workers posed as animal welfare activists to get information and that confirms what peta said months ago. seaworld is not saying whether anyone was fired or disciplined. a reboot of a sitcom from years ago.
4:44 am
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jane likes to mix things up. that's why she loves new light & fit greek non-fat yogurt mousse. so fluffy and airy it's her new 80 calorie obsession. light & fit feel free to enjoy. he's a look at today's forecast in some cities around the country. facebook ceo mark zuckerberg condemned anti-black lives matters vandalism at facebook headquarters. whenever the words black lives matter go up on company walls,
4:46 am
lives matter. this reportedly has been going on for weeks. on the cbs "moneywatch," job cuts at an oil firm and "fuller house" returns to tv. jill wagner is at the new york stock exchange with that and much more. good morning, jill. >> reporter: higher oil prices and encouraged news on manufactured goods. dow finished 212 points higher and s&p gained 21 points and nasdaq rose 39. the oil well drilling services company halliburton is cutting 5,000 more jobs, about 8% of its work force. they say slumping oil prices are forcing its hand and oilrices ve dropped about 70%0%ince their high in 2014. >> german automaker mercedes-benz is bucking its trend by replacing some of the robots on its assembly line with humans. turns out the robots can't keep up with the custom options that mercedes opposite. in it's s-class sedan, there is
4:47 am
mercedes says the variety is too much for the machines. a federal court in california is considering the colin scheduling system at victoria secret stores. at issue whether victoria's secret workers whose shifts are cancelled by phone often within hours of starting time be paid. the california law requires workers who report for work who are sent home early be paid. vivioria's secret argues that law only applies to people who physically show up, according to buzzfeed. "the full house" reboot "fuller house" debuted on netflix overnight. most of the original cast members reprised their roles in the tanner household. the focus is on the recently widowed d.j. tanner who enlists friends to help raise her three sons. >> it is hard to believe it has been 21 years since "full house" went off the air. >> they all look so good, right? >> they really do! they are not aging at all. jiji wagner at the new y yk stock exchange, thank you.
4:48 am
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here's a look at today's forecast in some cs ar forecast in some cities around the country. a little more patient now. more of a teacher right now. curry. there is the record!
4:51 am
nba history for steph curry. the golden state warriors guard sinks a three-pointer in 128 consecutive games. the night gets even better for the reigning mvp. he finishes with 51 points and the warriors top orlando 130-114. golden state is an nba best 52-5. the young afghan boy is one step closer to having his dreams come true. the 7-year-old broke hearts around the world when photos of him wearing a make-shift lionel messi jersey went viral. now instead of a jersey made of plpltic bags, the boy is sporting the real thing donated and signed by his footballer and sometime in the near future, the two will meet face-to-face. five days and one wake-up is all left for scott kelly in space. the astronaut has been counting down his last days for the international space station. thursday, he gave his last interview on board the iss. >> it's not necessarily uncomfortable, but it is a harsh
4:52 am
instance having no running water. you know? it's kind of like i've been in the woods camping for a year with regarar to, like, hygiene. >> he says he misses the companionship more than anything else. kelly comes back to earth on tuesday after his year-lonstay in space. cuban media is reporting this morning, the rolling stones are set to perform in the island nation for the first time ever. according to the report, the legendary rockers will wrap their south american tour in vana in march after president obama's visit to cuba. here are the stones playing last night in sao paulo, brazil.
4:53 am
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don't make the same mistakes the academy did. be sure to have a diverse guest list. okay? >> yeah, diversity. >> if all your friends are white, you are a racist. fix by by sunday, okay? >> there you have it. stephen colbert's tips on throwing a great oscar party. of course, the oscars are on sunday, but as he mentioned, the lack of diversity on sunday is dominating the buzz and the weekend. last night in l.a., the all def awards were held. they will air up against the oscars on sunday. they honored music and entertainment and will be up
4:56 am
"creed" director is hosting a star-studded fund-raiser in flint, michigan, for residents impacted by the water crisis. that event will be streamed online at the same timimas the oscars. everyone is safely at shore after rough waves off new york left them in need of a rescue. the coast guard was sent to help a shipping crew that ran aground but their vessel cap-sized. the forwardsmen -- guardsmen ran to shore. a helicopter lifted them to safety. a pony dressed as a unicorn escaped from a airthday party on wednesdadaafter some close calls with cars. the pony was tracked down by a helicopter. call him a jail bird. a rooster is rousted after people at a tennessee gas station cried foul. the bird had been harassing customers for days. the cops finally got him. video of the roundup is a big internet hit. a wisconsin man marked a birthday milestone as just another day at the office. roman clemons turned 90 years
4:57 am
he went to work as a bagger at triggs as he has since the the lala '80s. he has no plan to retire and reveals the reason why he loves his job. >> i think thahabrings me mostly in the store is my women. oh, yeah. i just have an act for it, i think. and when with you got it, buddy, you got it! >> he is good with the ladies. he says bagging groceries hasn't changed much in three decades. the eggs still go on top. coming up after your local news on "cbs this morning," more on last night's republican debate. we will get analysis from "face the nation" moderator john dickerson. plus, director spike lee joins us in the studio on the academy awards backlash and we will meet a long time security guard at d de university who finally got to s s the blue devils play thanks to two students. that is the "cbs morning news" for this friday. thanks for watching.
4:58 am
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have a great day. right now on cbs 2 this morning...the new information overnight on a barn fire in linn county. the latest details after a shooting spree in kansas ends in a swat stand off. the developing story out of dubuque about a brutal killing and the teen being held responsible. welcome to cbs two this morning...i'm kevin bbarry. barry.and i'm kelly d'ambrosio. d'ambrosio. let's get a check of our cbs 2 weather first forecast. first weather- your planner shows what's ahead- now a live look outside courtesy of our weatherfirst skycam-


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