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tv   CBS 2 News 10  CBS  August 24, 2016 10:00pm-10:36pm CDT

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was filling up and the walls had collapsed."the hel web within right now, flood waters flow through northeast iowa. >> the walls collapsed. >> the help people need and the threat of more rain. >> the storms are taking aim on the out seas -- southeast. finding a way to establish roots without breaking the bank. some are working on ideas make the community affordable for all several inches of rain overnight caused road closures and, one person is dead and others several inches of rain overnight caused road closure and damage. one person is dead and others are trying to pick up the pieces. relief efforts can come from near and far. >> dora miller is live in fort
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we're at the turkey river and the water is so high. it is now at the bottom of the bridge. on the other side of the bridge they used rocks to make sure the rail road tracks don't wash away. we were able to talk to the red cross and what to do if you're not a resident. the red cross takes monetary donations even if physically here. your money can help fick some of it. >> what we can do with financial assistance is mobilize that money and those funds to get and utilize those in a bulk way.
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water, and do it. >> they say what you can do is keep did victims in your thoughts and prayers. the national weather service in lacrosse announced there's a place people can do. those in need of shelter, or food can go to stone ridge community church in decorah. at highway 9. authorities in chick shaw county was not able to help a driver as he gas swept away. a driver called 911 saying floodwaters pushed the car away. after the waters receded the body was found.
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viewers for sharing your foytos with us -- photos with us. if you do approach a road covered with water, find another way. we can use good news after seeing pictures like, that the flash flood watch that was in effect for parts of south eastern iowa has been dropped. you have to get near the missouri no more heavy rain for flashflooded expected here the rest of tonight. very good news there. the front that was going to cause the thunderstorms has moved further to the south and anticipated quicker. that's where the stronger storms will be in parts of north eastern missouri and west central illinois.
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iowa, there's a limited heavy rain. a few more showers expected. tomorrow morning we'll clear out the skies, better conditions, highs in the upper 70s to near 80 degrees. >> when severe weather threatening track it with the weather first weather app, it free to down load. :10@10 continues with more of th to move to a what city may not find an affordable place to rent. >> housing works like any other service, it's ruled by the law of supply and demand. here in a college town a lot of
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apartments behind me. the supply is low, there's not much of them. there's only 2%, less than 2% vacancy, that may not be for long. the city is working on affordable housing action plan to make housing more affordable and available. >> this is a major shift away from done. >> the mayor says families in iowa city spend too much on rent. >> they can't afford to take care of the kids. they can't afford to buy food or get transportation. >> the affordable housing action plan looks to get affordable housing. >> to reform the code, we can create more opportunities for affordable housing. and i think to increase
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recommendations worry mary murphy. >> it may make it too easy to put an apartment building in a residential neighborhood. >> with the enrollment increases at the university of iowa. >> that puts a burden on the community. >> steve gordon is a developer and hopes to work with the city to build. >> we have lane that should be zoned have the ability and willingness to invest in aford able housing. >> it's a great place to live. >> about 60 people showed up for the open house to give comments and questions about the action plan and city council. they will decide what pieces to keep, what pieces to change and which to get rid of.
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can contact iowa cities city managers office to do so. a look at the other stories, this week marks the beginning of a new school year. today we talked with a counselor at clear creek high school. a new anxiety. new schedules, volumes and new people can contribute to that. talk to your students. an accident hurt two parents explaining what happened and alerting them that all students were safe. because of the emergency units responding- the school recommends that parents talk to their kids about the word right now on
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injuries cedar rapids police are warning drivers to keep an eye out for animals in a busy part of town.a truck loaded with horse feed rolled over into the median of highway thirty between edgewood road and williams boulevard.crews were able to clean most of it up - but some it could still be in the median.that could attract deer and other wildlife.the driver in the crash was hurt - but is expected to be o-k. drivers in iowa city are now getting a little relief on the the driver is to be okay. drivers in iowa city is getting relief. area.the project is raising dubuque street and raising and replacing park road bridge. construction is still going on in the area, so the city is the project is raising dubuque street. construction is going on in the area, the city is asking drivers to expect that's a. habitat for humanity is
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need of love. the home repair blitz has dozens of volunteers to landscape, repair and paint homes. it's in wellington heights. one organizers says the paint job alone is worth 1 5 to $18,000. >> it's daunting. but many hands make light work. we've been grateful to the volunteers. >> they are looking for more homeowners to apply for the project and they are always looking for volunteers, go to >> still to come. iowa is not the only place recovering from flooding. the latest information from a devastated louisiana.
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will stay south of our viewing area. no trouble tonight and
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tomorrow on cbs 2 this morning -- back to school means back to doing homework every night for students. students.but that's not the case in one teacher's classroom - find out why tomorrow on cbs 2 this morning. in indiana dozens are injured after multiple tornadoes touched down in parts of central indiana,this is according to an indiana dozens of people are
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tornadoes. this is according to a police spokesman. none of the injuries are serious, the tornadoes tossed cars around. uprooted trees, destroyed homes and buildings. around 40,000 people are without power. the national weather service says at least two tornadoes touched down. >> in louisiana a river has fallen below flood stage, the number of people seeking help is rising. the people registered with the fema is 119,000. aid approved for temporary housing and assistant aance is -- assistance is 132 million. the area could see more rain in the forecast.
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tonight. >> let's talk turkey river. what 8 1/2 inches of rain will do. in north eastern iowa where they had the big rain, the turkey river went up 17 feet in 12 hours time. that's an amazing amount of water. but the turkey is on the way down tonight, and looks like it is taming down. happy to talk about that. i wanted to show you rain. what you're looking at are the doppler rainfall estimates. you have the epicenter east. decorah, 8 1/2 inches of rain last night in the city of decorah, reporting just over 8 inches of rain. all of this region experiencing
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was significant overnight. tonight no rain found in north eastern iowa, and there's not much in the southeastern part. there was a flash flood out for the viewing area. that's been canceled. the heavier rains will materialize. you can see that on the radar, the southeastern tip of iowa. that's going to the thunderstorm, they will train like last night's storms did but south of the viewing area, no issues with flash flooding expected. the last of the showers are moving out of eastern iowa, there may be light showers and sprinkles but not much in the way of storms. we'll clear the skies out as
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illinois and wisconsin. it shows a few thunderstorms at midnight in the southeastern parts of the state. the color goes away by 2:00 in the morning. there's a few lingering showers nothing in the way of significant rains. by seven, 8:00 in the morning the sun is out and that will spread and by afternoon things will look good. as far temperature, readings in the upper 60s, it's 68 degrees. 73 in dubuque, and on this radar, you can see the storms in missouri, that's where the troubles will be with flooding as it works northeast. the skies breaking out in northwestern iowa. that's the sunshine that will be in our skies. we'll look at good temperature.
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70s to lower 80s and the dew point which were in the 70s today will be dropping back into the 60s and 50s, so much cooler and drier air experted to spill in here. a few scattered showers and storms. mostly cloudy skies and temperature from 61 to 68 degrees. and for tomorrow, we expect a chance for a shower early in the day, skies will be clearing out, temperature from the mid- 70's to 80 in iowa city and washington. 76 expected friday, saturday a chance of showers and storms. they move out saturday night willy. the second half of the weekend looks good. .
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survey, more people you might think says stretching the truth is okay. public figures who may be
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tonight - both major party presidential candidates are on the defensive - battling criticisms from the left and the right. there are new questions about how close donors to the clinton foundation were to hillary clinton during her time as secretary of
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there's in questions how close donors clinton foundation were to hillary clinton. more than half the people clinton met gave money to the foundation. donald trump says clinton was running a pay for play scam. that bridges us to the question of the day. do you believe the clinton foundation don't area donors gained favor. donald trump is facing a battle. new york times called the republican nominee a bigot. there's no way to get around it. and anyone who supports bigotry is part of the problem. trump's campaign is trying to change voter who's see him as
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regardless of your party linings, politics are associated with lying. >> it appears many americans are okay with that. nearly 2/3 of those surveyed say sometimes it's okay to stretch the truth. what happens when public figures take advantage of that. >> in one of the biggest scandals of the rio olympic games. ryan lochte embellis that he and three teammates were robbed. it is prompting to wonder why he would lie. >> most people lie because they don't anticipate being caught. >> lochte has covered -- suffered the ire of social media. there could be more consequences. >> when it comes to politics the swepts of lying are hit or
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post's fact-checker blog.and he got the 2015 lie of the year by politi-fact readers, after this claim about u-s muslims on 9-11:sot donald trump, "i watched in jersey city, n.j., where thousands and thousands of people were cheeringa&" vohe still won the republican nominationa&. sot richard vatz, as much as we say we don't want people to lie, we don't really hold it against people if they don't lie to us. gfx/vo meanwhile, hillary clinton has received ?3? washington post pinocchios information about her private email server continue to emerge, counter to claims she made a year ago on the issue. sot hillary clinton (march 2015), "we went through a thorough process to identify all of my work related emails and delivered them to the state department." 4:38sot james comey (july), "the fbi also discovered several thousand work-related emails that were not among the group of 30,000 emails returned by secretary clintona&" voto
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richard vatz, "hillary clinton lies. donald trump lies. we all do it, and that's the truth." sig outin washington, i'm jeff barnd, reporting. our mission at cbs 2 news is to connect the presidential candidates to our viewers to better inform and empower you. we have reached out to the candidates to participate in extended interviews--not only with our station--but our sister stations across the coun. country.we want to hear from you. tell us what you want to know from the candidates. please share your thoughts with us by email or tell us what you want to know from the candidates. we want to give you a voice in this important race for the white house. white house. coming up in sports, ?
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there's just ten days until saturdays at kinnick -- the beginning of iowa's defense campaign.... there's 10 days until saturday's at kennic, the beginning of the campaign. it's business as usual for kirk and friends. the hawks won't look at their week unfoe until next week. as the head hawk noted. that's stiff competition and a
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they will be in 2016. >> trying to introduce different situations. we did the last four minutes of the game. there's things you have to cover. >> cornell returns 14 starters to the gridiron including a large junior class pace by the rams praised the growth of in the rear end. from a coaching perspective, they think they know more than they do. but junior year they settle in, they make plays, they're smarter... leadership as well. so we're excited to see what they can do." do.""last year we were maybe a little less mature. goofing off at practice. just trying to get into the groove of things but now we know what to expect... everybody came in with a very mature mentality just grew up a little bit over the summer" they've taken four of five
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not taking the brooms out just yet -- but opening the door to a sweep of quad cities.... three of a four game set tonight... sean poppen lights out through four -- only allowed a hit -- but nutin-nutin in score column... until the sixth inningto quote the great jon alba, "roll thunder"... roll kernels offense -- brandon lopez base hit to left just as the storms arrive to get c-r on the board... saying goes, when it rains -- it pours -- still sixth -- zander wiel gets enough mustard on it to drive in another -- as the kernels win again 3 - nothing.... quarterfinals in williamsport for johnston little league... down 1-nothing -- two on for -- kaiden dinh -- they may be little -- but these dragons bring the fire -- as iowa takes its first lead....but tennessee also packs a punch -- bases loaded for r.j. moore -- well, that escalated
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advantage goodlestsville -- it was all good from there-- as they win 14 to 3.... stay with c-b-s two -terry has one last look at your weather
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12 heavy rain threat. >> over for eastern iowa. form we'll be clearing out in the morning hours and should be 74 degrees.
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>> stephen: good evening, or top story. yesterday donald trump announced he was softening his stand on immigration. for more, let's go to my colleague, anderson cooper. anderson. >> what? stephen, what-- what are you doing? i'm you for more information, anderson. >> yup, you can't do that. that's something only news anchors get to do. >> stephen: i thought anybody could do it. it looks fun. >> well, they can't. the news throw, it's not a toy. it's a sacred trust. >> stephen: i'm sorry. it won't happen again. to find out why it won't happen again, let's go t to anderson cooper. anderson.


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