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tv   CBS 2 News 10  CBS  August 25, 2016 10:00pm-10:36pm CDT

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and kind of tragic to go through this again. other. right now. >> it's very, very hard and tragedy tragic to go through this again. >> preparing for more flooding. >> the turkey river continues the rampage on north eastern iowa. a car hits a student outside of school. >> she rolled off the windshield. >> this crash co prevented. >> the skyrockets cost of insulin. >> what some experts say will need to be done to get all medicine prices back under control. flooding is happening right now in the northern counties of the cbs 2 news viewing area. historic and dangerous flooding in the northern
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this is elkader where the turkey river is at levels not seen since 2008. terry joining us now with more. we wanted to give the viewers an update with the turkey river. the latest stage is up to 17 feet, it continues to rise, but is feet. by tomorrow morning the crest should occur around seven am at 27 felt. that will result in major flooding around the elkader area. the good news in all of this, there's no additional rain in the forecast tonight or
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day. tomorrow night we'll see the next chance for showers or storms. we should avoid the rain tomorrow, the high pressure -- yesterday's flash flooding is river flooding. it has forced evacuations. flooding is causing evacuations, fayette county emergency management says within the hour the turkey river will crest 3 feet above the levels of 2008. the governor has opened state funds to victims of the flooding. it covers flood victims in five count's. all day long emergency crews and volunteers have been
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risk from the floodwaters. >> the people of elkader have been through this before. even the high school students remember the flood of 20008 that did its best to washout the town. the difference, this time citizen are ready for this one. >> in 20008 it came up quicker and we weren't able things ngs out of the businesses. >> we got out at 12:30. a lot of us came down to help. >> we found out we could come
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kempton and help. >> central kel dadeer was supposed to have a game tonight. >> the kids, this is one example of the things they do. they are glad to help out. that makes the beauty of the job i have, the kids themselves. >> even though you water, the high-water mark is not expected until 7:00 a.m., tomorrow morning. now that didn't stop citizen from having a sandbag built on the west part of main street. the wall is 7-feet high. some flood games have been shut down due to a budget shortfall.
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shut down. among those that lost funding the gauge in spillville. the gauge was in operation. they managed to find funding from other sources. in the corridor one of the flood gauges covers indian creek in marianne. central indiana residents are cleaning up after tornadoes. the says five twisters ranging from ef 3 to e f1 hit the state. mike pence has stopped campaigning because of the storms. the latest in the race for the white house. bigot... who sees people of color... only as votes."
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sudden and harsh response from the hillary clinton campaign. the democratic nominee pointed to a number of white supremacists who support trump. "he's taking hate groups mainstream and helping a radical fringe take over the republican party." party."trump quickly fired back today, saying it's not racist to want to build a wall protecting americans or keeping islamic terrori from entering the united states with tougher screening. right now - powerful aftershocks are hampering hamperingrescuse efforts in central italy.250-people are and hunders more injured after yesterday's powerful earthquake.crews are working around the clock to find survivors of the magnitued injured. crews are working to find any
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six -- magnitude 6.2 quake. we continue to track the skyrockets price of epipens. as we first reported in july. mylan company has increased the price of the treatment more than 500%. mylan said it will offer savings cards saving up to $300 of a in a statement, senator grassley said the announcement doesn't change the price. the price is what medicaid, medicare and insurance companies pay. what patients who don't get assistance pay. when companies offer cards it's not clear how many patients benefit. another lifesaving
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hike. the increase of insulin. >> about 26 million americans suffer from diabetes and most need insulin every day, but less and less can afford it. several year as go buying a prescription would have cost $100 a month. now it costs about $500 a month. >> doesn't look like much, there's probably $10,000 of insulin. >> craig clark says his customers complain on the price on a regular basis. >> most drugs go up every six months. >> adding to the hike, clark says the government put a cap on how much medicare pays for insulin.
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past decade a lot of patients have opted to cut back on their prescription or stop with but not that much. >> a lot of patients cutback on the presences or stop taking it even at the risk of kidney failure or disabilities. >> as a society we'll pay for the people over 65 and getting complicated. >> she started the diabetes and kidney fund. >> even the charity they can only afford a month. you can find manufacturers coupons for insulin online. also - on saturday the unity point clinic diabetes and kidney fund is hosting a 5-k and fun day called dancing through the decades. information about that is on our website cbs 2 iowa dot com. covering the corridor in cedar
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now ten at ten continues with a look at tonight's other stories across the corridor. a cedar rapids teen is in an iowa city hospital tonight after being hit by a car near kennedy high school.c-r-p-d tells cbs 2 news the 15-year-old was crossing 42nd street near wenig road at about seven-30 this morn the teen was not using a cross walk.authorities aren't releasing her condition.the driver will not face charges. right now - there is a new after-school hang out in cedar rapids.the northwest recreation center on 11th street is now open.the new rec center is the first municipal building built ?specifically for recreational programming in cedar replaces the "time check
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a full-size gym, activity room, game room and multi- purpose room with dividers. we are used to seeing herky cheering on the hawkeyes at university of iowa sporting events.but one member of the u-i faculty says herky isn't happy enough.the clinical professor of pediatrics says there are warm and welcoming messages on campus embracing diversity and a supportive atmosphere.but she also says students may feel the when they encounter herky - she says the look on his face is far from inviting. herky, i think, may need to be liberated to be able to feel other feelings and display those other feelings as well. well. oral sent a message to members of the community, including the faculty senate.the group's president tells fox 28 news they want the campus to be >> she sent a message.
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and inclusive, this issue is one they don't plan on addressing. the corridor top stories, the weather first forecast. still to come, cutting the realtor out of real estate. it seeing a business boom . as we head into the weekend. friday will be another dry day. after that we bring rain drops
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earleywine: when legislators fail to invest in education here, it affects all of us in here. without adequate funding, districts are forced to make cuts that could leave our students with obsolete technology, eliminate advanced science classes, or cut funding for the fundamentals, like microscopes and lab equipment, leading to overcrowded classrooms, making it harder to learn.
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nvest in iowa schools. join us tomorrow on cbs 2 this morning.a new study says thousands of kids miss school - because they're afraid of being bullied. bullied.tomorrow on cbs 2 this morning - find out ways kids can arm themselves against
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it's time for another all about anim terry swales with us. the turkey creek, the levels are inching up. >> the crest has been moving down treatment. elkader is next in line. i have new information i want to pass to you. it's a little bit of the current stage was up to 16.9 feet. that's right. it shouldest crest at 26 1/2 feet. it has to go up. the crest earlier was 27 feet. it's down to 26.5. that's a half a foot lower. i'm sure everybody up that way is happy about that.
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that's been good news for us in eastern iowa. we've seen plenty of that here. our temperature is back at 64 degrees and the skies have cleared in cedar rap i'ds -- rapids. there's patchy fog through the nighttime hours. here's today's high temperature, a lot of places were below readingion in the 70s. the one exception was in bermington. now as we go to the radar, thunderstorms have caused problems around the midwest in resend weeks -- recent weeks. the thunderstorms are in missouri and oklahoma and the texas panhandle. as long as the front stays down there we don't have weather
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night and saturday showers and thunderstorms will be in the forecast. the skies have cleared out nicely. still a few clouds in the southeast, that's where temperatures are candlelightly warmer tonight -- slightly warmer tonight. 61 in charles city where the lows will be in the 50s. going back to the satellite, the clouds are rotating, there' pressure building into the eastern united states, that will have a big impact on our weather as we go through the next 6 to 10 days. it's taking the circulation out of the gulf of mexico and sending it into the midwest. we haven't gotten into that but the moisture will get back in here on sunday, it will be around next week.
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summery pattern next week. another disturbance from the southwest will ride the moisture into the area tomorrow night and saturday and that brings the income round of showers and thunderstorms. as far as the rain forecast, noting huge but totals that exceed a half inch. none of the torrential downpours out of this system. tomorrow's temperature should be back in the upper 70s before the rain arrives to night. the dew point in the 60s. not far away you can see the deep moisture settling down to missouri and moving northward, by sunday the humidity levels will go up. tonight quiet, cool temperature, lows in the mid- 50s to 60 in the south, clear on the partly cloudy skies.
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clouds in eastern iowa. mid-70s in the north, east winds to 5 to 10. the extented forecast has the showers and storms starting friday night. they had gone on saturday. 83 for a high, next week is warm and muggy, with all the moisture there's a chance showers and storms.
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starting your own business has its own special set of struggles.the state of iowa is ranked low in the number of starting your own business has struggles. the state of iowa is ranked low in the number of women-owned business. that. dora miller has the story a woman pursuing her passion. >> it's blowing up. for sale by owner, it's more and more popular here and around the world. it was started by two workers. laura says for her it's more than helping people sell their for an easier way to sell their homes... homes... "i have been in
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years in the banking industry, specifically in real estate." for years, she's pointed those people to a company known for making that process simple. "fsbo homes had an automatic place in the industry. there's always people that needed that option.""for sale by owner" or fsbo was started by two men who wanted to meet an untapped . need. "we saw homeowners begging for consumer to consumer solutions so they could avoid agent commissions." to meet an untapped need. to consumer. have real estate attorney services in house."helping others, being a mother to her son and making her own hours all appealed to laura - even in a state that ranks lower in women owned businesses..but there was another goal she had in mind when she started her own fsbo franchise. franchise."what i'm really looking forward to as i go into turning 30 is starting a ministry and helping more and more people find god."she says
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easy..but it's worth it for her son to know that you don't have to compromise yourself for your dreams . . "finding that balance in my life while taking care of my business and making sure i'm taking care of my customers as well is always the balancing act in life." she hasn't done this alone -- she's had support from different organizations and people...her new storefront in coralville should be up and running by fall.dora miller, cbs 2 news - ten at 10. her new store front should up and running by fall. >> coming up in sports. the high school football season
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from three-and-eight to the state finals to, well, only time will tell what the kennedy cougars do this fall from 3-8 to state finals, to, only the cougars do this fall. the 1st quarter, all muskies, hand off to alfonso and he has the second touchdown of the game. then the 2nd quarter came and the cougars woke up. tied at 15. fear the deer, nick deer to mccarty.
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>> the ot kicks off tomorrow. sights and sounds from eastern iowa on lbs 2. >> hawks bring back a lot, but that hasn't topped had -- farre had it his way they would wait a year. >> could be fick, could be five, more than four a year ago. >> i would like to red shirt all the freshmen. >> the depth chart is fluid. we have time before we have to decide what we want to do. >> the panthers have something new. a new moto. it insided by something the coach has been spewing on the
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and run with it. >> great, yeah, us seniors six or seven, it's genuine,. >> the coach would say, great, what's great. >> you know, we bought into it. >> you do everything it's great. when ulan the ball great. when you hit the weights great. we're here for a reason. >> basketball slate. they kickoff at purdue as they look to get off to another hot start. from highlights from the 18 game schedule. the hawks will play on new year's day. they will have homes and homes with nebraska, rutgers and maryland. the fall golf season teeing
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atop the leaderboard...with this guy -- cedar falls' ben bermel -- that's one way to avoid bogey on three -- the son of u-n-i coach john bermel's also got great teeth -- cedar falls wins it by eight strokes... stay with c-b-s two -terry is back i pledge allegiance, to the flag [continues in background] they're bringing drugs, they're brigning crime, they're rapists... you could see there was blood coming out of her eyes... continues in background] you gotta see this guy; "oh, i don't know what i said. ah, i don't remember." i could stand in the middle of 5th avenue and shoot somebody and i wouldn't lose any voters... get him the hell out of here... get him out of here! get out!
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cbs cbs cbs cbs. tomorrow mix sun and clouds in the morning hours. upper 70s for highs and tomorrow night and saturday
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captioning sponsored by cbs >> stephen: senator kaine, thanks so much for being here. >> absolutely. >> stephen: it's so exciting to have a potential veep on. >> i'm a i never miss an episode of-- (whispering) >> the "late show." >> -- the "late show!" with -- (whispering) >> stephen colbert. >> -- stephen colbert. >> stephen: thanks! have you met my other guest, the great tony hale from hbo? >> yes, i love his show-- ( inaudible ) >> ah.


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