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tv   CBS2 This Morning Early Edition  CBS  August 26, 2016 5:00am-6:01am CDT

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right now on cbs 2 this morning...the new flooding concerns this morning - as iowa rivers swell up. how one couple was able to survive - even though they were caught in the middle of flash flooding. and the new war on words on the campaign trail between hillary clinton and donald trump. welcome to cbs two this morning...i'm kelly d'ambrosio.kevin barry has the day off. off.
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flooding remains a top concern for some communities in eastern iowa.last night - high water levels along the turkey river forced evacuations. fayette county emergency crested in elgin this morning - near levels seen during the floods of oh-8. and now as the water moves downstream - the river is getting closer to cresting in another north-east iowa town. 2 news reporter stephanie johnson is live right now in inelkader - along the turkey river - good morning stephanie.
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on thursday authorities said the flooding occurring in clayton county's elkader and elsewhere could worsen today. the river is forecasted to hit twenty-seven feet in elkader---that is fifteen feet above flood stage and just three- quarters of a foot under the record crest of more than twenty-seven point sevety-five feet in 2008. meanwhile as flooding continues fr river residents are holding onto hope. "the town is come back beautifully.i think if you look up and down main street this is just another hurdle but it's one that the town has gone through and i'm sure that elkader will be back just fine later but now wiithout a lot of efort and not without a lot of help from other people." people."officials here in
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county are holding a meeting today at sure to monitor our facebook and twitter accounts all day long - we'll also give you a full recap on the cbs 2 news at in elkader, stephanie johnson, cbs 2 news. chickasaw county authorities have now identified the man who lost his life during flash flooding on wednesday near lawler.the sheriff's office says 77-year-old albert gott floodwaters swept his car off the road.gott called 911 just before 5 in the morning. authorities found his car first and later found his body less than a half-mile away. a cedar rapids couple is lucky to be alive.they were camping near lansing in allamakee county when flash flooding nearly swept away their cabin. veronica and carl niekamp called for help - early wednesday morning - firefighters arrived at 2 a-m, but the current was so fast - they weren't able to physically reach them for
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chief says if it wasn't for a well-placed tree- the cabin probably would have been swept away. (chief tony becker/ lansing fire dept.) "if those weren't there god knows where we'd be finding them this morning. so, fate or whatever, somebody's watching over them.""if it hadn't been for that hitting the tree, we could've been somewhere else." else."the owners of the campground offered the couple a mobile home since their cabin is basically destroyed. later this morning - governor of the flood damaged areas. areas.he issued a disaster declaration yesterday, opening up state funds to flood victims.the governor's order covers allamakee, clayton, fayette, howard and winneshiek . counties.the iowa individual assistance program provides grants of up to five-thousand dollars for many households. grants cover home or car repairs, replacement of clothing and food, and the cost of temporary housing. housing.if you need to apply for a disaster grant, you'll find a link on our website,
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some flood gauges across iowa have been shut down due to a budget 2 news first told you about the planned shutdown earlier this year.among those that lost funding, the gauge in spillville, which was hit hard by wednesdays flash flooding. but ?was? still in operation. the iowa d-n-r tells cbs 2 news they managed to find funding for this gauge from other sources. the corridor - one of the impacted flood gauges covers indian creek in marion - which is known for flooding. during a disaster like these, public safety is a top priority.but communication between multiple agencies is sometimes tricky. 2 news first showed you two years ago how linn county addressed the upgraded communications system now lets multiple agencies talk to one another when, upgrades like this are rolling out across the state. "much of iowa is moving from a 1930s to a 2000 - 21st century "
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weeks officials in dallas county - in central iowa - will be fully connected by radio to all other public safety's all part of a state-wide effort to close gaps in communications networks.governor terry branstad signed a bill approving more funding to help. state authorities say they saw first hand how successful those communications can be during a stabbing at the state fair. "our dispatcher heard the call directly on the radio and then we were able to take our cameras and zoom in on the incident where the occurred quickly," quickly,"the goal is for 95-percent of the state's public safety agencies to be covered by the projecy when it's finished. a war of words now between hillary clinton and donald trump as both candidates try to court minority voters. new york, trump met with black and hispanic supporters hand-picked by the republican party.right now both candidates are trying to portray each other as discriminatory toward those voters.trump - doubling down on his latest attack.
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selling them down the tubes because she's not doing anything for those communities. she talks a good game. but she doesn't do anythi" anything."clinton also called trump a bigot - and accused him of pandering to a white supremacist movement.and she also questioned his recent focus on minority voters. (hillary clinton/ (d) presidential candidate): "from the start, donald trump has built his campaign on prejudice and paranoia. he's taking hate groups mainstream and helping a radical fringe take over one of america's two major political parties." parties."clinton also pushed back on unfounded accusations that she has poor health.trump and other g-o-p allies have said she is unfit to be president. emails off clinton's private email server could now be released in just a few weeks.a federal judge has ordered the state department to start releasing them - no later than september 13-th.the order is specifically aimed at
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attack on the u-s consulate in benghazi, libya.they'll have to be provided to the conservative legal watch-dog group "judicial watch". our mission at cbs news is to connect the presidential candidates to our viewers to better inform and empower you. we have reached out to the candidates to participate in extended interviews not only with our station but our sister stations across the coun. country.we want to hear from you. tell us what you want to know from the candidates. please share your thoughts with us by email or facebook. tomorrow - donald second annual roast and ride. senator ernst will ride 42 miles throughout des moines - to the iowa fairgrounds on saturday.this is video from the first ever roast and ride last year.that's where a large barbeque will be held - and where trump will share the stage with top state will be trump's fourth time in the state - since he accepted the g-o-p's nomination in july. legal problems for ryan lochte are now heating up upauthorities in brazil charged the american swimmer with filing a bogus robbery rep.
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games, lochte and three other u-s swimmers claimed they were robbed at gunpoint.police say the men were intoxicated and vandalized a gas station bathroom.if convicted of these new charges, lochte could face up to six month in jail or a fine.he's been summonded back to rio - although he does have an option to send a lawyer. lochte has also lost millions in sporting endorsments. it's and right now in it's de. degrees.coming up - he nightclub shooting won't have to worry about anymore.
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it's been nearly two months now since one of the deadliest mass shootings in u-s history. some of the survivors of the attack are getting a weight lifted off their shoulders. shoulders. pulse nightclub pulse victims of the orlando, fla. - victims of the pulse nightclub shooting are reacting to orlando health and florida hospital announcing the health organizations won't charge victims for their medical bills.orlando health is expected to absorb about $5 million in
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times.vulnerable times. it's now on this morning.and if you're in it's degrees.
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school football is finally back.and cedar rapids kennedy begins its quest back to the state title game.
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welcome back -- it's now we're taking a look at your???????
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here's a look at some of eastern iowa's top stories -- on this morning... two groups are now teaming up to help entrepreneurs- and they're working together to provide a mentor to every start up team they work with. the john papa-john entrepreneurial center has now partnered with the iowa city area development group.the two organizations are hoping the program can help those startups become more successful in the corridor. they're funding the program together. right now - there is a new after-school hang out in cedar rapids.the northwest recreation center on 11-th street is now open.the new rec
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building built ?specifically for recreational programming in cedar replaces the "time check recreation center".it includes a full-size gym, activity room, game room and multi-purpose room with dividers. from three-and-eight to the state finals to, well, only time will tell what the kennedy cougars do this fall -- and it all starts tonight.... hosting muscatine at kingston stadium....the first quarter handoff goes to alfonso soko and he's in for the second touchdown of the game -- 15- zip muscatine ..then the second quarter came along and the cougars woke up - tied at 15, feer... the deer -- nick duehr to payton mccarty again - - cougs with their first lead.... but the muskies fire back and win 29-25...and don't forget -- week one of the ot kicks off tomorrow at 10:30 -- sights and sounds from across eastern iowa right here
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here on eastern iowa from across and sounds from across eastern iowa right here on cbs 2.the hawks bring back a lot this fall -- but that hasn't stopped some rookies from vying for playing time. a quarterback, several linemen and a pair of freshmen "in the mix" -- but if k-f had it his way.. they'd all wait a year... except their time -- is now.... now...."six to ten maybe. could be as few as five. certainly more than four from last year. and it could be as many as ten....i'd rahter all the freshmen if i can but we also need to put our best guys out there" there""if he becomes the number two guy, then we'll play him. the depth chart is still very fluid and we got some time before we have to decide exactly what we wanna do" the panthers also have something new this fall -- a
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inspired by something coach farley has been spewing on the sidelines for years -- but this year's senior class has taken it and run with it.. "oh grit, yeah that's something us seniors -- i think it's six or seven of us. it's genuine, integrity, resilience and tenacity... coach farley would always say it and we would l.ook at him like "grit? what's grit?" but we've really bought into it" it""basically you do everything with grit. when you run the ball, gr for a reason... when you pass the ball, grit. when you lifting weights, grit. we're here for a reason." the big ten unveiled its men's basketball conference slate this afternoon. fran mccaffery's squad kicks things off at purdue -- as they look to get off to another hot start in big ten play...some highlights from the eighteen game schedd -- the hawks will play on new years' day for the tenth time in the last seventy years -- they'll also have home-and-home's with nebraska, rutgers, and maryland..the
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season -- teeing off today.... on five, city's alex kooker going going drops in for the picture perfect par finish... the big battle of the day -- between two of the states' best rising sophomores -- kyle spence on six -- yes! pumped -- he was neck in neck atop the leaderboard...with this guy -- cedar falls' ben bermel -- that's one way to avoid bogey on three -- the son of u-n-i coach john bermel's also got great teeth -- cedar falls kernels looking for the sweep of quad cities -- and do so in crushing fashion with a 12-2 victory... switch to u.s. cellular and get 50% off smartphones. it's a deal you don't want to miss. sir, hi. did you just say, "switch and you get 50% off a smartphone?" uh, yes. sorry. hi. hello.
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an animal rescue caught on video and getting lots of laughs online.a university of arkansas police officer helping a skunk with a cup stuck on its head. head.the skunk is walking in circles with the cup over its face and you can see the two officers officer gets brave and slowly sneaks up to grab the cup, then bolts off.he was able to get away before getting sprayed by the skunks defense odor...but the other officcer, wasn't as ended up having to get a new uniform. good morning again -- it's now right now it's degrees in the back to school safety lesson authorities are now stressing after a teen is seriously hurt walking to schoo.'re watching c-b-s 2 this morning -- covering the
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clarence is on a roll. yeah. i wish they'd name an event after me. same here. but the model year end becky event? that's no good... stevent! that's just vandalism. whatever you want to call it, don't miss the volkswagen model year end event. hurry in for a $1,000 volkswagen reward card and a five hundred dollar labor day bonus when you buy or lease a new 2016 passat. cbs 2 this morning...the incident right outside of a corridor high school that sent one teen to the hospital. how another life-saving drug is breaking the banks for many patients.
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professor thinks herky needs a makeover. welcome to cbs two this morning...i'm kelly d'ambrosio.kevin barry has the day off. off.
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in cedar rapids - a student walking to class was hit by a car outside kennedy high school - the incident is now highlighting back to school safety concerns.the 15 year old girl was seriously injured crossing 42-nd street without
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we spoke with say teens in the road are a common hazard near the officials say this is a lesson learned the hard way. it really underscores the the importance of both drivers being very vigilent slow down in school zones as well as the student's have to use the cross walks. those are designed for the safety of the pedestrian as well as the motor. motorist.right now - the victims condition hasn't been released.authorities say the driver will not face charges. new this morning - police on the campus of u-n-i in cedar falls have sent out an alert to students - warning them of two seperate incidents that happened last night. the first incident- a woman reported just after 7 that a male exposed himself near the center for energy and environmental education.also happening last night - a second female reported that a male attempted to fondle her near the same building. authorities aren't saying if the two incidents are related. cbs 2 news continues to track
5:34 am cbs 2 news first reported in july - since 2009 - mylan has increased the price of the life-saving- treatment more than 500- percent.mylan now says it will offer savings card that will cover up to 300 dollars of an epipen is also doubling eligibility for the patient assistance program. a statement sentor chuck grassley says "the announcement thursday doesn't appear to change the product price. the price is what medicare, medicaid and insurance companies pay. what patients who don't get assistance cards pay. and when drug companies offer patient assistance cards, it's usually not clear how many patients benefit."he's asking for a written response from the company. now another life-saving treatment is seeing a price hike too: the past decade it's tripled in price. several years ago a month's prescription went for about 100 -dollars. now- some diabetics pay 500- dollars a month. and if a diabetic's on
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dollar because medicare only covers up to the price insulin went for in 2003 - and pharmacy's can't afford to pick up the slack. we love our diabeteic patients. we try and take care of them. we can lose a little money but we're not going to lose $200 a prescription. prescription.insulin's getting so expensive - clark says he knows a lot of diabetics who cut back on how much insulin they use - or stop using it all together. being forced to do that though - puts them at risk of kidney failure and a corridor doctor created a charity to help ?local diabetics pay for their prescriptions when they can't afford them.tomorrow morning - the unity point clinic diabetes and kidney fund is hosting a 5-k and fun day with music - food and activities for kids. all the money raised will go towards helping local diabetics in need. for more information you can visit our website c-b-s 2 iowa-dot-com. new this morning - the u-s geological survey says an aftershock that registered
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morning - in the same area where a massive quake killed 267 people.there have been several other aftershocks since that intial earthquake - this is video from one caught on camera yesterday.nearly 400 people are still being treated in the hospital.firefighters and rescue crews are using dogs now to try and locate survivors. right now authorities are looking for a suspect that killed two nuns in rural missis. mississippi.the two worked as nurses a they were found stabbed to death in their home thursday morning.authorities think the two nuns - both 68-years-old could have been the victims of a break in and vehicle theft. some of the family memebrs were left stunned when they learned of their deaths. (rosemarie merrill/sister)she was so good to the people down there and they just loved here. (butt) she and sister margaret both went so far above and beyond anything that can be expected of a normal human being.(john merrill/brother)that was my little baby sister - i loved
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recovered.police have not given a potential motive for their murders - and won't say if they were targeted because of their religion. one year ago this morning - a reporter and her cameraman in roanoke, virginia were gunned down on live television. television.alison parker and adam ward were in the middle of a live outdoor interview when a disgruntled former employee shot them to death. the suspect killed himself while on the run from police.a third person - who was being interviewed - was seriously injured but did survive.this morning w-d-b-j will honor parker and ward with a moment of silence on the air. a california judge who has been criticized for giving a former stanford swimmer a light sentence in a rape case will no longer hear criminal cases. cases.a court said judge aaron persky asked to be taken off of those cases.he's now been reassigned to the civil division where he previously served.persky handed down a six-month prison sentence to brock turner - a stanford
5:38 am
assaulting a woman who passed out.turner had been facing 14 years behind bars. in 8 days herky the hawkeye will be back on the sidelines of kinnick stadium - cheering on the football team. team.but one member of the university is wondering if the mascot should have more than just an angry expression on his face.a clinical professor of pediatrics says there are warm and welcoming messages on campus embracing diversity and a supportive atmosphere. but...she says when they are accompanied by herky, his opposite. resmiye oral,md, clinical professor of pediatrics 23:08:34 herky, i think, may need to be liberated to be able to feel other feelings and display those other feelings as well. well.oral sent a message to members of the community, including the faculty senate. its president says they are working to make sure the u-i is a safe, welcoming and inclusive place, but they aren't addressing this, specifically, at this time. but the university's athletic department has responded.
5:39 am
steve roe says "officials are aware of this request and are in the process of formulating a response in regard to the herky images. images.this has started a firey debate throughout the hawkeye community.and we'd like to know what you think. should herky be changed? you can join the discussion right now on our facebook page - just search kgan - cbs 2 iowa. it's and right now in it's de. -the big celebration all across the country - honoring american
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this weekend - all across the country - americans can get into national parks - free of c. charge.chip reid explains what the national park service is celebrating this week. week. in 1872 thomas moran's spectacular paintings of a fantasy-like yellowstone
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excitement that helped lead to the creation of the nation's first national park.but it wasn't until 1916 -- a hundred years ago today -- that the national park service was created to protect the rapidly expanding the park service oversees 413 sites, including 59 major national parks, covering 84 million acres -- from great smoky mountains, the most visited, to the grand canyon, the everglades ...and the newest and waters national monument in maine, designated by president obama just yesterday. mike reynolds is deputy director of the national park service.(sot 10:35:55) so if you're a science person, you can go to edison and be in his lab as if he never had left//if you're a rock climber you can hang upside-down on yosemite national park on 400 foot cliffs, if you're a history buff you can walk through the steps of jackson and lee in the civil war.(standup bridge 12:27:40)decades ago some politicians wanted to turn this old towpath and canal in
5:46 am
nature lovers prevailed. today it's the c&o canal national historical park. it runs 185 miles all the way from west virginia to washington, dc.and it gets almost 5 million visitors a year, including the determan family whose frequent visits have made 9 year old astrid passionate about wildlife. (sot astrid determan)we love to see the animals, the turtles, the salamanders, the egrets // we really love nature. (vo)but keeping the parks in a struggle. there's a $12 billion maintenance backlog. (sot reynolds 10:36:54) we're 100 years old so we have some tarnishing that we have to clean up.congress did increase the budget this year... and entrance fees from about 307 million visitors a year do help. but this weekend in honor of the 100th there will be no charge for admission -- giving all americans a chance to experience a national treasure for free.chip reid, cbs news, potomac maryland
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and you're watching cbs 2 this morning...and if you're in it's degrees. degrees.still ahead - the good news coming for ryan lochte right as he's charged with filing a fake police report in
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earleywine: when legislators fail to invest in education here, it affects all of us in here. without adequate funding, districts are forced to make cuts that could leave our students with obsolete technology, eliminate advanced science classes, or cut funding for the fundamentals, like microscopes and lab equipment, o learn. our students deserve better. it's time for iowa legislators
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taking a look at your??????? your??????? uber already has a stunning loss under their belt this year. says the ride- hauling company posted second quarter losses of 750-million. with big losses in the first quarter that puts uber on track to lose more than a billion dollars in the first half of the year.uber's head of finance says for their drivers are responsible for the company's losses. volkswagen has agreed to compensate nearly 700-thousand u-s dealers.'s for cars on their lots that turned out to be rigged to cheat emissions tests.the deal is likely worth tens of millions of dollars. the automaker says it will pay up within 18 months.the deal with u-s dealers still has to be approved by a federal judge. u-s olympic swimmer ryan lochte has lost several sponsorships over the past
5:50 am
endorsement deal. deal.he signed on with pine brothers cough drops and will appear in several of their ads. locthe admitted to over- exaggerating early-morning events in rio - when he said he was robbed at gunpoint.he's lost four big endorsement deals.pine brothers said just as their cough drops are forgiving to your throat - the company is asking for a little forgiveness for an american swimming legen the skeleton of a dodo bird will be up for auction in the united kingdom. kingdom.the dodo bird is extinct after experts say sailors hunted them into extinction.but summers place auctions is selling what it describes as a rare composite skeleton of a the news says the skeleton was put together by a collector who compiled the bones from private collections and auctions in the 1970s and '80s. british conservationist bill oddie says he hopes the buyer will be one of the major
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chance to see the composite skeleton. it's right now it's degrees in next on cbs 2 this morning - the good that can come - from
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here's a look at some of eastern iowa's top stories -- on this morning... a cedar rapids mother is facing charges after crashing into a semi with her baby in the car. car.according to police reports - it happened earlier
5:55 am
eighty - 380 interchange.they say tenille sulzberger hit the truck - causing her car to flip multiple times.her one-year-old was in a car seat - but was not buckled in properly.both were taken to the hosptial.sulzberger admitted to taking more than her prescribed dose of medication, as well as medication that wasn't hers. she's charged with child endangerment and operating while under the influence. the iowa utlities board has now denieda request from landowners to halt construction plans of the dakota access pipeline cutting through the member board voted yesterday on a stay of construction while a court considers a lawsuit 14 landowners have filed.the suit challenges the board's authority to approve eminent domain for the private pipeline project.22-percent of the pipeline in the hawkeye state has already been built. the boys of fall are back - remember to tune in tongiht to eastern iowa o-t, for full coverage of high school all kicks off on the cbs 2 news ten at ten. we'll have all the action -- all the scores -- and all the
5:56 am
family dinners are one of the most important times of day parents can spend with their kids -- and often -- one of the hardest.tara morgan -- --digs into the issue in this morning's family 4-1-1. 4-1-1. it's the tie that binds. what this family of 7 strives for at least once a week."as we've grown it's a little bit more hectic it's hard to keep us eating dinner every single day." 54;06the shireys fire up the out bond with their five children over food." i want to know what happened at school what happened at practice football practice basketball practice how are grades going. 21;28dr. steven matson with nationwide children's hospital --- says family dinners are a measure of how close a family is. a bond that can help children make better choices."the stronger they are the better their kids are going to do and the better they resist risk
5:57 am
substance abuse but early sexual activity and dangerous driving." 50:38 matson says their peers are the other option for guidance."if you don't have that you're kind of on you own and you get a lot more influence by your peer group"we haven't had any issues with them being in any big trouble 56;52at the shireys house, 'dear jesus thank you for the time we have together and thank you for this foo 3 table becomes a springboard for conversation."we told the boys we were pregnant both times around the dinner table so like big news sometimes we do that. 54;24putting chicken on table it's also a chance for mom, dad and the kids to unwind."it's just a time for them to be themselves and for them to feel cared for. 59:01 dr. matson says making the experience hands on --- can enhance the tradition. "have them learn to cook something or do part of the celebration i think to really continuously reinforce they're your
5:58 am
shireys hope will stay with their children."as long as you're together and you have that love and connection that's what i hope is passed down." 58;34 doctor matson says family dinners are also a good time to talk with children about your family values and expectations. if you're just getting up, good morning -- it's now right now it's degrees in coming up next - the new flood concerns this high water levels are moving down the turkey river.'re watching c-b-s 2 this morning -- covering the
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elf some credit." right now on cbs 2 this sorry about that. morning...the new flooding concerns this morning - as . right now on cbs 2 this morning the new able to survive even though they were caught in the middle of flash flooding. the new war on words on the campaign trail between hillary clinton and donald trump. welcome to cbs 2 this morning, here is what is happening live on i 80 and debutte street. happy friday, i'm kelly d'ambrosio, we are checking in with weather first forecast, justin roberts how is our weekend?


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