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tv   CBS2 News Live at 5  CBS  August 29, 2016 5:00pm-5:31pm CDT

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at five,the country is mourning the loss of a man who turned characters into unforgettable friends. the country is morning and loss of a man who turned characters into unforgettable friends pick we take a look at the legacy of gene wilder. that story in a moment first let's find out how long this muggy weather will be around from our chief meteorologist. not only is it muggy, here thunderstorm scattered around western iowa. locally heavy rains have occurred in a short period of time. they are few and far between. temperatures are coolest in the north where we have readings in the upper 70s while down south it is 84 degrees in washington. the official high in cedar rapids got up to 87 degrees. here's the radar. you can see the scattered nature of the storms.
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it is hard to predict where they will be orwell there will move. you can see the thunderstorms are located -- or where they will be or where they will move. you can see the thunderstorms are located just to the south. storms will be back in the 4 case -- forecast in the afternoon. it is another warm day with temperatures in the 80s. beyond that, another change coming for the weekend. will have details on that in a couple minutes pick vowing to customers who say the life-saving device cost too much . we tell you how much money patients could save. anyone with severe allergies knows epipen could be the difference between life and death. right now a 2 pack cost more than $600, but that is about to change. today the manufacturer mylan said they will create a generic version of the pen for
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they have a monopoly on the epipen injectors after they are competitor was taken off the market. the fda in -- objected to a generic version. this move could help mylan from keeping other companies jumping into the market. they say they will save patients and they are budgets. >> it does thing. this is $3.50 versus $400. i went and grabbed in orange pretending that it was a patient's skin. we talked through how do withdraw the medication. it is a cost-saving to our patients and the departments. center ideas like this may inspire other companies looking like this -- looking at this
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right now teenagers who focus on a single sport could be hurting themselves. they face a higher risk of overuse injuries, stress and burnout. doctors recommend children pay multiple sports in there late high school years. doctors at the university of arkansas say they have ruben what many student athletes -- proven what many students athl researchers say adolescents -- know. adolescents -- researchers say adolescents who sit on the sidelines twice as long to recover. today, for the first time ever, drone pilots in the united states can actually become commercial pilots if
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this does not impact rules for recreational drone flyers, but before the rules went into the fact turn into effect, and people needed full commercial licenses to operate third-round . the rules spell out where, when and how pilots can fly and they are a much better match to the qualifications needed for these small aircraft. industry has a solid platform to move forward. >> it is out there for commercial moves -- now that they have this set in stone there are so many possibilities to use drones for commercial services. coming up: we take a look at what those possibilities are and where the business has room to grow. now for the latest on the presidential race: donald trump continues his push to win over minority voters while supporters of democrat hillary clinton pushed back over
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while she was secretary of state . donald trump is planning a speech at a predominantly african-american church in detroit this week. today he tweeted that america's inner cities are dangerous because of democrats. he also use an example of the shooting a basketball superstar dwayne wade's cousin in chicago as proof that african-americans will vote for him. the clinton campaign fights rumors that do preferential treatment while she was secretary of state. . >> our mission as cbs 2 news is to connect the presidential candidates to our viewers to better inform and empower you. we have reached out to the candidates to take part in extended interviews not only with the station but our sister stations across the country . we will to hear from you. tell us what you would like to know from the candidates. you can share your thoughts with us by email or facebook.
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lo gene wilder was a music maker and a dreamer of dreams. the actor graduated from the university of iowa in 1955. he died today at 83, but his unforgettable characters will remain with us for decades. michelle turner takes a look at his inspiring career. >> reporter: you can say was mel brooks who first saw something funny in actor gene wilder. his breakthrough role as the neurotic accountant in producers earned him a nomination for best supporting actor. >> [ video playback ] >> reporter: gene wilder was born in milwaukee wisconsin and cut the acting bug by doing theater. his professional relationship with brooks was akin to lightning in a bottle. he earned his 2nd oscar not, this time for best adapted screenplay for they are perry on frankenstein.
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>> reporter: his role as a hard drinking gunslinger in blazing saddles also help to submit his rise to stardom. >> [ video playback ] >> reporter: perhaps the film imagination."his private life >> [ video playback ] >> reporter: his private life became public with his marriage in 1984 2 saturday night light -- livestock gilda radley. sadly she was diagnosed with ovarian cancer and died 3 years later. gene wilder dealt with his grief by establishing guilders club, a home away from home for patients and families. he teamed up with richard pryor for a string of successful comedies including start crazy and see no evil; hear no evil. by the 1990s he remarried and kept his career going with various projects. however, in 1999, the performer was
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with the help of chemotherapy and stem cell transplant, he made a complete recovery. except for a few small tv rose, he focuses energy -- roles , he focuses energy on writing. gene wilder will be remembered for his wit and warmth and his memorable performances that
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tomorrow on cbs 2 this morning. busy scdu member of the family make it hard for everyone to see each o. other.learn about the positive effects of sharing one meal together at the end of every day.that's tomorrow on cbs 2 new orleans - and those who lost their homes - are marking the city of new orleans and those who lost there homes are marking 11 years since hurricane katrina hit. the storm hit august 29, 2005
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and mississippi river. the category 3 storm killed more than 1800 people and forced more than 1 million from there homes. the mayor and neighbors are holding a special prayer service to honor the victims. here at home there is mugginess out there that are sort of tropical in its own -- it is our own tropical environment. >> guess, up in iowa it is thick . >> it has last several days every time we get this type of air mass we get storms developing. we have seen that today . we will show you that on the radar. our temperature in cedar rapids has cooled a few degrees. we're down to 82 degrees. our dewpoint is at 74. it is plenty humid around eastern iowa and main parts of the midwest. there is our temperature at 82 degrees with the wind blowing
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to the northwest . as you go further to the southeast, temperatures are a little bit warmer. in washington it is 84 with thunderstorms which will hold the temperatures in iowa city right around 79 degrees. it depends on where you are in relation to the showers and storms. there is tropical moisture coming up in the southwest. that is sitting over the top of us. with the heat of the day do the thing and then they die out. high temperatures have been affected by those. the sunshine was more platelet -- prevalent . and spencer in the northwest corner of the state, still warm with the reading of 85. here is the radar now. you can see the thunderstorms cover about 30 to 40 percent. the
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these the rain comes down for a short period of time. some of the storms extend just southwest of waterloo to cedar falls. these are now moving into northwestern denton county. that storm is no doubt producing heavy rain of at least an inch in our. they don't move very fast and they kind of -- an hour. they don't move very fast and they kind of dissipate. as we go to the satellite, with high-pressure over the eastern united states, you can see the circulation is tapping into all of the gulf of mexico moisture in bringing the steamy conditions to the parts -- to this part of the northwest. tomorrow our temperature should be back in the low to mid-80s. dewpoints should be back in the 70s for the afternoon. that will create a lot of stickiness out there. here and there scattered showers and
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in the forecast until a cold front crosses the area sometime tomorrow night or wednesday. currently is located well to the northwest. it should make some progress to the southeast., through on wednesday. after that the jet stream does a buckle and comes in from the northwest here you will like forecast a lot better as we cooldown temperatures and slow down on the humidity. our forecast for tonight: we are right around 65 to 69 degrees. widely scattered storms but hours . we will get patchy fog in spots in the morning. tomorrow we do it all over again with temperatures right around 80 touch 85 degrees. scattered showers and storms in the afternoon. here's your extended forecast: notice the cooling that starts on wednesday. by thursday we're down to 73 degrees. 75 friday. the holiday weekend looks good. it will start to warm up sunday and monday, but nothing out of line and right now friday and saturday look to
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millennials. there is apparently a major ideological divide when it comes to bar soap. consumer research shows young people think bar soap is inherently gross. sales have been on the decline in the past several years. most young buyers say they believe bacteria lives on bar soaps and they'd never use it on their faces. what do you think? is bar soap getting a raw deal? let us know by heading to our facebook page, kgan cbs 2. still ahead live at five... we head into the kitchen for a labor day treat. black sheep social club joins us at broadcast park with some recipes to whet your taste buds on a day off from work. this is a live look over iowa city - you can see some of the washington street construction there at the intersection with dubuque street. there's more news ahead when live at 5 continues on cbs 2.
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today, many of you will be enjoying a day off from work, labor day is nearly here and to get us prepared is josh o
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you will enjoy a day off from work. never day -- labor day is here and josh is here to get us ready. he has brought in some fun cocktail recipes we can make while we put our feet up at home and enjoy the weather. thank you for being here. love your voice - -- mustache. it is very cool . a goals -- goes with the whole bartender thing from back in the day . what you can to make for us today -- 2 drinks >> to drinks. we are going to do a sao de plumo.. >> grapefruit rattler is a great for beer; correct?
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>> the cycling is a strawberry petrone cooler. smith -- patron cooler. >> tell us what you do so we can mimic this at home. >> we will take the patron reposado. this classifies how long it has been aging. the longer it ages it changes the fla flavors? >> just the flavors -- not necessarily better or worse , just the flavors? . >> just the flavors. patron is a great way to elevate your cocktails at home . >> how about this? >> lime juice about half an ounce. make sure you use fresh squeezed lime juice. it will
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>> simple syrup. we take water and sugar, heat the water up and dissolve the sugar in it. it is equal proportions and then let it cool down. allows more sugar to dissolve into it. >> and how many ounces? >> one ounce. >> we have the recipe by the way for you guys . we will have that in one 2nd. >> we already have ice in the shaker so we are going to shake we wanted to be nice and chilled and frothy.. >> you are good at that. . >> how long have you been shaking, sales? >> -- cocktails ? >> about 12 years. >> so, you are a pro and you have that down. >> just pour this into the glass and we will top it with the rattler..
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a margarita and color. >> a little. >> 4 times take, we may not have time for the 2nd one so i will step out and let you keep going. go ahead and present it as you would. >> that looks delicious. our producers just said they are going to give us 30 more 2nd so we are good. that is gorgeous. that is a nice summer refreshing drink -- 2nd seconds so we are good. that is gorgeous. it is a nice summer refreshing drink. >> so here we will do a strawberry and a half -- some strawberry, half an ounce. again, a half an ounce of lime juice. after that will be the blanco tequila. >> again, we have these recipes
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our wes a piece -- website if we can do that . in the meantime, we will close with josh. think -- thank you so much for coming . you can keep going. black sheep is where you can get these. blackshear social club. our pleasure to have you josh -- black sheep social club. our pleasure to have you josh. let's take a live look at iowa city . we will have
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department is hoping a unique partner will help them get a texas police department is hoping a unique partner will help them get much-needed equipment. make the french texas paid. right now the department -- pig . right now the office has 9 officers and police cars. the pagan's -- pig's latest efforts, to be a costar in a children's's look.-- children's book .
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they forget i am a police officer. honestly there are people that wouldn't normally talk to us but they see the hague -- pig and it all goes out the window. >> if you can raise $10,000 he will officially sworn in as a police officer. i'm guessing he is more concerned with eating and hanging around then police work. >> fine looking pig -- >> well fed pig we do have some storms out there. one strong one is around garrison in northwest benton county. it has potential to produce hail and heavy rainfall. these will be scattered around tonight. tomorrow temperatures score? i wanna see if it changed. credit scores don't change that much, do they? really? i'll take it.
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right? when was the last time you checked? yeah, i'd better check my credit score. here, try credit karma. it's free. all right. no more surprises.
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captioning sponsored by cbs >> calling it quits, hillary clinton's top aide huma abedin splits with former congressman anthony weiner after he is caught up in another sexting scandal. also tonight a wild scene at lax. >> it was chaotic. we saw j running towards us. >> for the second time this month, reports of gunfire touch off panic at a major u.s. airport raising concerns about security. >> takata is linked to another death, this time a truck carrying air bag inflators explodes and levels a house. an remembering gene wilder and his comedy from willie wonka to young frankenstein.


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