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tv   CBS2- This Morning  CBS  August 30, 2016 6:00am-7:01am CDT

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right now on cbs 2 this morning...the latest developments in the battle to make life saving medicine more affordable. right now on cbs 2 this
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life-saving medicine more affordable. the battle that could be coming soon for smokers in johnson county. in the education level for state employees. welcome to cbs 2 this morning. this is i-83 where it crosses i- 65 . it is dark at 6:00 but the sun is poking up over the horizon and there are no problems to report so far on this tuesday morning. welcome to cbs 2 this morning. i am kevin barry. >> i am there are lighter showers moving through the forecast, but we will keep an eye on the sky for possibility of heavier showers as the humidity continues to build. let's look at the numbers. 74 at 10 to gert -- a 10:00 this morning. the super whopper 3-d doppler shows a little bit of moisture just off to the east by the
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toward muscatine county. here in cedar rapids, we are cloudy and muggy and we have had rain, but we are drying out. it is 69 right now. visibility is 2 miles at decorah. dubuque to monticello, a little fog. sarah be a check city and 68 at monticello and 71 and iowa city. the wind is out of the the west at 5-10 and it will turn northwest this evening. there will be cooler air in the forecast. satellite radar vocally features showers. across the state more rain is developing back to the west and that will move through from time to time today. we are not expecting anything severe, but we do expect to keep the umbrella on standby. 72 at 9:00 and 78 at noon. 81 at 3:00. i will let you know more coming up in a few minutes.
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and lawmakers. the drug company, mylan , has caved on the cost of the epipen.>> there is also a generic shouldn't -- during and an allergic reaction has boomed. while the company works on that, some first responders say they have managed to find a cheaper solution. >> it does exactly the same thing and this was $3.50 versus $400. i grabbed an orange and i pretended it was a patient's skin and we walk through and taught. the cost to split over to patients and the department. >> reporter: other companies are also looking for new technologies to compete against
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for the change. senator grassley says that is -- that it looks like good news, but the details are important to know. he says he will continue to work with the fda to find alternatives. more parents are refusing to vaccinate their kids. the number of parents has jumped 12% between 2013 in this year. pediatricians say that some parents think that vaccines are unnecessary. cbs 2 news reported last week that some schools and nine counties have immunization rates -- linn county's -- linn county have immunization rates at 90%. right now e-cigarettes are treated the same as regular cigarettes for where they can be used in all communities. both north liberty and
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feet away from a public entrance. county officials are talking to iowa city to add that to the city's ordinance.>> there are some things in e-cigarettes vapor such as organic compounds, format ahead -- formaldehyde, heavy metals and nicotine that can be harmful to help. >> reporter: the department is hoping to make significant progress on this in the next right now linn county officials are investigating the shooting. deputies were called to palo auto show -- salvage before 5:00 on monday afternoon. david mcveigh confessed to shooting melvin roberts in the leg during an argument. no charges have been filed. david mcvay was taken to the hospital for being taken into custody for an outstanding warrant . the gunmen in the baton rouge police killings did not
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gavin long killed three officers outside of a convenient store. he previously posted a video calling for violence against officers in response to police treatment of african-americans. the new document did say that long had an adjustment disorder with depressed mood. that meant he took stressful events harder than expected. law never said combat when he set -- served as a marine in iraq. a controversial decision to not game. the quarterback criticized police officers for what he said is getting paid to you for killing people. he said he will not stand for the star-spangled and her while first hand look at how officers are trained. "we would rather have mr. kaepernick come out and observe what we do and we could learn from him and he could learn from us. dialogue is a good thing.are you going to be a person that actually goes out and does something
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the proverbial monday morning quarterback and criticize and do nothing about it? it?kapernick hasn't responded to the department.we'd like to hear your opinion -- to join the conversation -- head to our facebook page. a false alarm at l-a-x sunday night happened just minutes minutesafter police arrested a man dressed in a zorro costume who had a plastic sword. sword.just about five minutes later - an apparent loud noise set off fears that an active gunman was in the airport. police have not linked the two incidents.a total of five terminals were shut down for false alarm emptied a terminal at new york's j-f-k airport two sunday's ago. governor terry branstad issued an executive order on higher education on monday. monday.he wants 70-percent of sundays ago. eight -- the governor issued an order on higher education. he wants employees to go for a college degree. he also truck -- attack trump's
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clinton's technologies discriminated against ethanol. we have corn-based ethanol plants in our state. that is why trump's standard for corn-based ethanol is -- stand for corn-based ethanol is good for our counties. flooding impacted northeast iowa last week. governor branstad both counties were recently hit by strong storms and flash flooding. the proclamation opens new money for cleanup efforts. five other counties in the region are on the list for storms that hit the same day. right now forecasters are expecting a tropical depression to power to a tropical storm today. warnings have been posted for a
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the storm is still 100 miles from the coast. a second storm is pressing in on mexico. it is expected to curve back north east and that is causing officials in the tampa area to make us -- make preparations. remembering the storm that killed 1800 people 11 years ago this week. katrina hit new orleans and the category 3 storm displaced more than 1 million people in the gulf region and some of them are now picking up the pieces again after major flooding hit the southern part of the state earlier this month. on monday, city officials held a prayer service at the hurricane katrina memorial to honor the victims. just as we become stirrers of trials and tribulations suffered by our parents and grandparents as they have lived their lives in america. our children and grandchildren
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did the impossible and rose like a phoenix from the ashes. >> reporter: katrina has been called the single most catastrophic disaster in u.s. history. cost in a will -- costing $180 billion. it is tuesday morning and 68 degrees in olewein. start -- shocking information about one of hillary clinton's most trusted aides. we will talk about showers in the forecast today. looking at the planner, 72 at 9:00 a.m., 78 at noon in a world that needs a hero, justice is spelled b-o-x.
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it is 6:12. good morning to you and this is the last tuesday in august. we will do it with mostly cloudy skies. a muggy day with passing ship as passing thunderstorms.
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high of about 81 as we head through the afternoon. it will be a mostly cloudy day and it will be muggy with passing the thunderstorms. just east to the dubuque and down to the south -- just to the east of dubuque and down to the south, well to the south of riverside and south of lone tree and west can see some scattered storms. mostly cloudy with upper 60s. winds are calm with 100% humidity. 68 the temperature in oelwein and old -- 70 in washington. temperatures around the state are in the 60s and lower 70s and we will warm to the 80s today. decorah and mason city and
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will keep the scattered showers through the morning and midday. a cold front will move through and they will continue developing through the day. behind the frontal boundary, the wind will shift to the west and that will provide cooler air as we go through the rest of the week. you can see that as the front moves through. we will cool down and high pressure drifts in and it wi clear and cooler for the middle of the week. the predictor has the clouds and they will stick around and the clouds will do the same. most of the rain will be out by 8:00 or 9:00 tonight. a cooler day tomorrow and nicer tomorrow is well. today lower 70s -- upper 70s and lower 80s. upper 50s in the north and low 60s in the south through the
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conditions. tomorrow and north wind at 5- 10. mostly sunny with early clouds tomorrow. though should go by the wayside. 79 in iowa city tomorrow. the forecast is 74 for thursday and then down the 53. friday mid-70s and in the 50s for overnight. saturday and sun -- saturday upper be drive. scattered showers sunday with low 80s. scattered showers on monday with low 80s. next tuesday and wednesday, we will be in the 80s and then we will take a jump to the low 90s by next wednesday and thursday. all the details on as always. people across the state -- started with a new test.
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for the commercial drone pilot exam under that faa rules.>> reporter: the buzz of drones carries beyond their mechanical noise. unmanned aircraft systems give us a different perspective of the world than ever before. from the rubble of an italian earthquake to the devastation of the midwest tornado, to the idea of getting a pizza to drop in as dominoes demonstrated last week in new zealand. >> we just successfully drones have such a potential to connect the world that he gave a model to the pope on monday. it is not lost on the federal aviation administration.>> over the next years, commercial drones could generate millions for the u.s. economy and by 2025 could support as many as 100,000 new jobs. for --
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drone needed a pilot's license which could be time and money consuming. >> $25,000 at a minimum. >> reporter: new faa rules lower the bar. pilots must pass a test and the drone must state an eye view of the operator and they cannot fly above five -- about 400 feet . the faa says the changes could open opportunities from rescues to inspecting utility lines to helping farmers check their crops. with the sky no longer the limit in an industry that is almost what -- was almost unimaginable just a few years ago. in washington, i am melanie schmidt. it will be interesting to see how people will be using them.>> our crop guys drives his atv out and
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drives his atv out to see how the crops are doing. >> think how you could deliver packages and they talked about dominoes too. once they get past the line of sight idea, it could be a big change to the industry. 6:18 right now. it is 78 degrees if you are waking up right now and mount vernon. chaos at lax over the
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welcome back -- it's now we're taking a look at your???????
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seven in 10 women have an unfavorable view of g-o-p presidential candidate donald trump according to a gallop poll this month. there are showers and 68 degrees outside right now. be sure to pack an umbrella and even a rain jacket as well this morning. seven in 10 women have an unfavorable view of gop presidential candidate, donald trump, according to a gallop poll released this month. nearly 10% of americans support him. a sunday rally for donald trump brought two women center stage to speak about two groups of people the republican presidential candidate has struggled with the most - women and minorities.--take lara sot- "certainly never thought i'd be part of an amazing movement."lara trump is married to donald trump's son, eric.we spoke to her one-on- one before she addressed the grassroots organizations, including women 4 trump and the national diversity
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lara sot-"sometimes he goes with his gut and his gut maybe isn't maybe a politician's gut. he speaks from the heart coalition for trump in leesburg, virginia. >> he will do a great job for women. he wants childcare reductions and it is great for the working mom.>> reporter: patton has worked for the trump family for up federal programs.--take lynne sot-"the state department actually brings 100,000 foreign youth to the united states every work in our resorts, our seaside, restaurants, amusement parks, and these are united states every summer. these are programs, jobs and opportunities that my boss wants to give the american people and the inner-city youth.>> reporter: polls show the demo?that women support hillary clinton 2-1 and that trump is slipping.>> i'm tired of the old democrat plantation politics where they get blacks
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from them. >> reporter: they will continue to campaign together. this is their second event and they had to ohio in two weeks. in leesburg -- leesburg
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clouds and showers in the
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stop. 73 is the average temperature. a corn maze in ohio honors lebron james and the cleveland . cavaliers.kelly and greg clement, who own a farm in brunswick, are huge cavaliers
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won their historic n-b-a title this summer. summer.the maze shows lebron's image, next to the words "homegrown hero".it also says "believe-land" and shows an image of the n-b-a finals trophy.the fieldwork apparently caught lebron's attention.he tweeted on friday that the cavs are honored by clements' support. it's right now it's degrees in after the break...the latest details in the push to increase linn county's minimum
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right now on cbs 2 this morning...the next step in linn county's discussion about right now on cbs 2 this morning , the next step in linn county to increase the minimum wage. a new program taking the approach to care for iowa veterans. welcome to cbs 2 news this morning. 380 right now. happy tuesday, i am kelly d let's check the forecast with justin roberts . it looks rainy out there. it is cloudy and muggy and we have had showers and we will see more through the day today. let's look at the past few hours. upper 60s to low 70s out there.
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with just a little bit of light rain across iowa with thunderstorms continuing around the quad cities. we go down to the south to mt. pleasant and near a time not where we have seen rain. here is cedar rapids. foggy and muggy and 69 degrees as of right now here in town. on the northeast side, visibility is about a mile and three quarters in decorah. about a mile in dubuque. just a little extra time with patchy fog. 67 in waterloo. the wind is out of the west at 5-10 and it is calm this morning. the satellite and radar featuring clouds and showers. we will keep the clouds and off and on showers through the day. 72 at 9:00 and 81 will be the top temperature today. the forecast will include nicer and more comfortable weather coming up in about 10 minutes time. guys. thank you justin.
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raising the minimum wage above the federal level. >> they looked at letters from dozens of low-wage workers. they talked about struggles with making ends meet on the current minimum wage. supervisor been rogers is proposing to raise the minimum wage one dollar per year with the limit of $10.25 per hour. >> our hope is that they will move forward with the or our hope now is that the cities in the county will hold the line and do the right thing. >> reporter: boardman numbers -- board members will talk about the proposal later this week. city governments will be able to opt out. at the state level, medicaid providers and patients democrat -- shared
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soaring delayed costs. medicaid is working to address issues in the billing process, but the have not made much progress. another patient says she cannot afford to pay out-of-pocket costs that were denied to her because of medicaid privatization.>> i live on $1100 a month and i cannot afford to pay for the necessary things that i need. >> reporter: the health policy oversight committee met here from dhs officials and other managed care organizations. the state says that it has save $22 million so far. care said her company -- united-healthcare has lost money.she cited a new quarterly report -- but didn't have specific details on a dollar amount.that means all three insurance companies running the new privatized care program have lost money
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recently revealed they've lost tens of millions of dollars. they're the only group to show exact numbers. in iowa city -- a new program is now allowing caregivers to open up their homes for veterans in need.the v-a medical foster home program is an alternative to living in a long-term nursing h. home...the caregiver moves the veteran into their home and provides them with the medical care they need.the local v-a is looking for more caregivers who are willing to house veterans.the coordinator o have to do it alone -- there's a primary care team that will help with the veterans needs. "a lot of veterans could receive care through the va contract nursing home program >> a lot of the veterans could receive care through the program which they would not have to pay for. instead they choose to pay for a medical foster home because they want to live in a home and not live in an institution.>>
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in finding out more about the that's a shift from many recent polls that show her lead growing. growing.clinton leads donald trump by 7 percentage points in a new monmouth university survey released monday.the same poll earlier this month gave clinton a 13-percentage point lead.libertarian party nominee gary johnson got 7-percent support. a top clinton aide says she is now leaving her husband after another sexting scandal.huma abedin is a top hillary clinton aide... separating from her husband -- former new york congressman anthony weiner.he sent new photos to a woman last summer after he stepped down from congress in 20-11 following a separate sexting scandal. republican nominee donald trump is getting ready to clarify the details of his immigration policy tomorrow. tomorrow.trump is set to give the speech in phoenix.the g-o-p nominee has been accused recently of flip-flopping on
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softening his position on the 11 million illegal immigrants in the u-s. as trump prepares to give his speech, one group in cedar rapids is now calling for inclusion. cbs 2 news reporter stephanie johnson is live in cedar rapids with mo. more.good morning kelly--- i'm in green square in downtown cedar rapids and it's here where the group--- positive words and actions--- rallied to spread a simple message treating everyone with respect and observing freedom for all. on monday night-- about thirty american flags and listened to speakers talk about their concerns about immigration. members of the group say right now it's a critical time to discuss the topic.the group's organizer says we're all better off if immigrants in cedar rapids feel welcomed. "i understand we all want to be safe, but i think we're all safer in a society where everybody's a stake holder, where everybody .. if somthing bad happens .. would want to
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would not be afraid to do that." right now the group plans to hold additional meetings and rallies around the area--- to raise awareness about the influence of immigrants here in the corridor. corridor.organizers say they will continue to hold rallies even after the elections--- no matter who wins the white house.cover the corridor in cedar rapids stephanie johnson cbs 2 news. right now -- the f-b-i is warning state voting officials to boost their election securit. security.the warning co after the government agencty uncovered evidence that hackers targeted data systems in illinois and arizona.cyber security officials say these hacks show how vulnerable the election systems can be -- but also show that a nationwide attack is unlikely.right now -- there are more than 8- thousand different voting districts in the country -- all with different ways of running elections. the white house says it has met the goal of relocating 10- thousand syrian refugees to u-s. s.the issue of taking in so
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political issue.republicans warn islamic extremists could use the refugee program to infiltrate the u-s.the obama extremists could use the rip -- the ravaging program to infiltrate -- the refugee program to infiltrate the u.s. the state department out to continue to help just a fraction of the millions left homeless after five years of civil war be roughly on the same pace that we have achieved over the course of the late spring and summer which has been about 2000 per month. again, i could not give you an exact number.>> reporter: homeland security said it deployed additional staff in the past month to speed up the investigation of those fine for application to the u.s. the suspended brazilian
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proceedings overnight after 14 hours of questioning. in the streets of rio, protests interrupted with some turning violent between protesters and police. those protesters oppose the interim president. it is 6:40 on tuesday morning and there is more to come. let's take a look at what -- a what we are looking on for fox 28 morning live. what programs could make heart health care more accessible for iowans in dead after an attack in houston, texas and the suspects are still at large. that is all coming up on fox 28 morning live, the only local news at 7:00 a.m. plenty of sunshine today with some cloud cover and showers. 80s today and 60s overnight.
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it is 6:41 and whether time. mostly cloudy skies -- weather time. mostly cloudy skies with some passing showers and thunderstorms. that could be improved -- bring periods of heavy rain and the potential for moisture today. let's go from here to here and show you the numbers. low 70s and upper 60s. 70s at lunchtime and 81 as we head through the afternoon hours. mostly cloudy was scattered showers. here is doppler radar and you can notice the light rain in north and east iowa. showers around dubuque. as we head to the south, west liberty is dry. muscatine has showers expected. a foggy start in cedar rapids as we look out the door life.
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steamy at 100% humidity. 69 in dubuque and 67 and waterloo and old wine. -- oelwein. 81 today in waterloo and cedar rapids. you will see the 70s and lower 80s off to the west. if you are doing traveling for this weekend, it is hot in phoenix at 106. 70s in san francisco. 90s in salt lake city today and 90s in memphis. the pattern does start down to the south and i will bring some cooler air?and it will bring cooler air to us with 70s and 80s over the weekend. satellite and radar are as you see it. scattered showers and storms around texas. you can see the cloud cover building around florida and they are looking for the possibility of a tropical storm around the gulf and back to the carolinas as we
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into early next week. let's talk about what is happening at home. high pressure is continuing to build and we have a cold front. the frontal boundary will build in and bring us clearing weather overnight tonight. showers will be plenty today because the potential is high and the humidity as high. the clouds will start to move out overnight -- is high. the clouds will start to move out overnight and then give way to more sunshine. a wednesday, thursday, friday and saturday. it will be mainly cloudy with scattered thunder showers and a muggy day today. tonight upper 50s to low 60s in the north. mid-60s in the south with the north breeze at 4-eight miles per hour. 70s for wednesday with mostly sunny skies. lower to mid 70s an overnight low of 55.
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sunshine and a small chance of scattered showers on sunday from late morning and into the afternoon. more scattered shower chances on monday with a high in the 80s. we will be back to summer time weather with low 80s on tuesday and wednesday and upper 80s and low 90s by next thursday. full weather details at thank you justin. now let's look at some of eastern iowa's t s this tuesday morning. the hawkeyes kick off their 2016 college football season on saturday. before that, the crews are cleaning up the stadium after the back porch revival. it was the first ever concert and they are hauling out the equipment so the crews can get the stadium ready for the home opener against ohio. the concert was called a huge success as 50,000 people packed the stadium to cure a number of the country acts.
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stage. he announced the -- announced a charity to help iowans help other iowans. cleanup after another big event in cedar rapids. the second annual farmers market after dark brought in tens of thousands of people. the lions estimate that as many as 30,000 hit the cities us -- the streets of cedar rapids
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i'm hillary clinton and i approve this message. there's a race going on right now. the world's clean energy super power's either going to be germany, china, or us. and i'm going to make sure it's us. from 500 million solar panels installed by the end of my first term, to precision manufacturing. we'll beat the competition and create new high wage jobs.
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i'm patty judge, and if you don't think washington has changed chuck grassley, try and ask him. the senate is broken. why are you leading all the obstruction? if you get your way and defund planned parenthood, where am i going to get my cancer screenings? if i'm paying more for medicine because your medicare plan passes, how do i afford that? are you even listening? i approved this message because, chuck, you've stopped working for iowa. welcome back -- it's now we're taking a look at your???????
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it is 6:48 on tuesday morning. a 50% chance of lightning and storms with a lot of rain and clouds too. it will stay warm too. 81 in cedar rapids and 80 in dubuque. 78 up in decorah. this is a look at i-380 at iowa river. there are a lot of clouds out there today, but nothing you should be concerned about. after pressure from drug it's right now more than 6- hundred dollars.the announcement means a generic version would cost about half as much as the current price. while the company works on that, some first responders say they've managed to find an even cheaper solution.
6:50 am
all our emt's to draw their own medications. the cost savings has bled over to our patients, and also to our depar" department."other companies are also looking for new technologies to compete against the epi-pen shot in the open market.iowa senator chuck grassley is among the lawmakers pushing for the chang. a statement, senator grassley said quote: "this sounds like good news but the details are important to know." grassley says he will continue to work with the food and drug administration to find other more parents are now delaying or refusing to vaccinate their kids.the american academy of pediatrics says the number of parents refusing vaccines jumped 12-percent between 20-13 and this year. year.pediatricians say that some parents think vaccines are unnecessary. 2 news first reported last week that most schools in linn and johnson counties have immunization rates of 90-percent.but -- 19- corridor schools fall short of that number. smokers in johnson county may
6:51 am
in effect in north liberty and coralville - could soon be added in iowa city. city.right now e-cigarettes are treated the same as regular cigarettes for where they can be used in all three up. a policy that is in effect in north liberty and coralville could be in effect and iowa city. right now e-cigarettes are treated the same as regular cigarettes for where they can be used in all communities. libertyville and coralville also have a rule that smokers need to be 25 feet away from a public entrance. they are talking and iowa city to add that to the city's ordinance. >> there are some things in e- cigarette papers such as organic compounds, formaldehyde and nicotinic can be harmful to help. -- to health. >> reporter: they are hoping to make significant progress on this in the next weeks and months. colin kaepernick is still standing for but -- by his
6:52 am
the qb criticized officers for getting paid leave for killing people. he said he will not stand for the national anthem while minorities are mistreated. now the police in san francisco are inviting kaepernick to police training for a firsthand look at how officers are training. we would rather have mr. kaepernick come out and observe what we do. we can learn from him and he can learn are you going to be a person that goes out and does something about it, or the proverbial monday morning quarterback and criticize and do nothing about it?>> reporter: kaepernick has not responded to the department. join the conversation by heading to our facebook page. opening the skies for commercial drone pilots. under the old regulations, you need an actual license for things like surveying and mapping.
6:53 am
actual test. the rules will dictate when and where the drones can be flown.>> the faa has been working on it for some time now and now that they have is set in stone, there are so many possibilities to you drones for commercial services.>> reporter: it does not impact recreational drone fires. it is 6:53 and 70 degrees in a manner. when we come back, we will let you know what you need to know "is that credit karma again?" "just wanna see if my score wanna check yours?" about to start your tuesday.
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"it's girls'night. ah huh." "they said business casual." "i love summer weddings!" "oh no." "yeah, maybe it is time. maybe i should check my credit score." "try credit karma. it's free." "oh woah. that's different."
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here are the three stories you need to know to start your tuesday morning. morning.right now -- linn county authorities are investigating a welcome back. here are the top stories you need to know about to start your tuesday morning. linn county authorities are investigating a shooting in
6:56 am
deputies were called to palo although salvage before 5:00 monday afternoon. they say that david mcvay admitting to -- admitted to shooting melvin roberts. mcveigh said that roberts was trespassing and he shot him in the leg. no charges have been filed. roberts was taken to the hospital before being taken into custody for an outstanding warrant. a disaster proclamation from flooding that impacted northeast iowa last week. governor branstad issued the pot -- week. both counties were hit by strong storms and flash flooding. the proclamation opens up cleanup efforts in five counties are already on the list for storms that same day. disease.he graduated from the university of iowa in 19-55. wilder appeared in iconic movies like blazing saddles. but it was his portrayal of willy wonka - that made him a
6:57 am
yesterday we posted favorite clips. especially from willy wonka and the chocolate factory, there are so many iconic quotes and scenes that people aren't forgetting.>> the original willy wonka was offered to fred astaire and he turned it down.>> he is to -- what is the white -- the right world does
6:58 am
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approve this message. two thousand and nine, the state budget was in shambles. spending was slashed ten percent. jobs eliminated. salary cuts. unpaid leave. the governor, auditor and secretary of agriculture voluntarily cut their own pay ten percent. but, lieutenant govenor patty judge refused to cut her hundred and three thousand dollar salary by even a penny.
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good morning, it is tuesday, august 30th, 2016, welcome to "cbs this morning." new details about the separation of hillary clinton's top aid from her husband, anthony congressman's new sexting scandal. donald trump tries to make it a campaign issue. and the fbi warns that hackers could target the election after reported cyber breaches in two states. top senate leader says the threat of russia manipulating results is real. also this morning, unlikely match creates an unbreakable bond. wisconsin judge receives a life-saving kidney transplant. but we begin this morning


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