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tv   CBS 2 News 10  CBS  August 30, 2016 10:00pm-10:36pm CDT

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freedom after human trafficking. trafficking."they took pictures of me and put them on the internet."one woman's personal story of healing and the advice she has for young wo. women."and there's a welcome change coming in our mid week weather, i'll let you know what to expect in your weatherfirst forecast." forecast."and...making sure every vote counts. counts.we are active because we can make difference.the canvassing efforts catching the eyes of state leaders., the corridor's top stories and weather first forecast in the first ten minutes. this is cbs 2 news 10 at 10. right now, an eastern iowan faces charges for allegedly luring two girls from chicago and forcing them into the sex trafficking trade. officers arrested lawrence campbell junior this morning in waterloo.police tell cbs 2 news they discovered the crime yesterday when they caught one of the girl shoplifting at the waterloo target.
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victims live in the u.s.some even live here in the corridor. corridor.but others say they can't wait for a solution... they want to be part of it. 2 news reporter dora miller is here and shares the personal story of a survivor. only one to two percent of trafficking victims are rescued...tonight -- one woman tells her story of brokenness, rescue and restoration. she tonight a woman tell your story of brokenness, rescue and restoration was living just to survive. >> i was very very i-and. i had a rough up bringing bringing. >> reporter: to protect her family, she asked that we conceal her name and identity but her story begins simply now. >> i stayed out in las vegas think it was a good move. >> reporter: in her search to find herself at 18 years old, she made a man to go she says he was different. >> he didn't try to sleep with
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he listens to me tell him about all my brokenness, and he gained my trust that way. >> reporter: but the very thing that ate him different, she found out later, would make him dangerous. just a few weeks into their relationship she realized his intentions weren't. . >> my friend got in the driver seat of the car with a run in his hand and explained to me what his plan was. >> reporter: a plan to profit. >> four days of being starved and drugged and hurt, i finally finally gave in. >> reporter: it was a week of being sold for sex, start and left alone in a hotel room until an angel took a chance and rescued her. >> i just think god -- thank god that one of the men that were there thinking he was
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he ended up deciding that he was going to get me out. >> reporter: she represents the nearly two% were rescued from trafficking but she says her story will and differently. >> i turned to the lord, and my identity is in him. i no longer believe that my body is something to offer to a man. >> reporter: it's not just a global problem. local organizations are fighting for others to have that same hope. >> i think one safer place for women and children as prevention education. >> i've been healed from that through the love of god, but we have to give that love. >> reporter: change interrupted is one local organization that works to physically and spiritually rehabilitate victims. to learn more about their efforts here on the court, go
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>> and a change in the atmosphere will bring nicer conditions for the next several days. right now we are at 71 degrees and the winds are turning from the northwest at 6 miles an hour, indicating the passage of a cold front. the air is moist but eventually drier air will come in from minnesota and wisconsin tonight . temperatures dropped to 64 around charles city and 66 in decorah so there is cooler air in the midwest too. we will see plenty of sunshine tomorrow afternoon and very comfortable temperatures, with highs holding in the upper 70s, lots of sunshine and less humidity. should be a nice day. >> cbs news ten at ten continues now with more of the corridor's top stories. thousands of inmates in iowa will be asked a new question during a restoration.
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explains. >> reporter: under a new policy inmates will be answering a new question. >> we would be asking them what they would prefer. >> reporter: medical director dr. harbans deol says therapy will be available for any transgender inmate who wants treatment. but because there could be a reversible side effect, a medical staff will bring in an expert on transgender health issues >> reporter: so we made a consultation with her to make sure this is what she wants. she will come and interview the patients and draft a protocol for us to do those. we have a consent that we obtain from them as well, just to make sure they understand specifically this is not something that is very likely taken. >> reporter: he said medical professionals will review each case for clothing and specific housing needs. >> what we offer women in a
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they are identified as a female, so offer the same close to them. >> reporter: these areas are only a starting point. deol said he knows different inmates will have different requests and medical needs, and he knows it will take time for the staff and prison population to adjust. he said taking mental health evaluation, doing each inmates medical needs and safety concerns will be crucial going forward. >> we will be due education process for all the staff. last week we talked about developing and e-learning module where we can talk about what transit is and what expectations are. >> reporter: steffi lee, cbs 2 news. >> the doctor said evaluations are given as soon as an inmate enters the system. there are staff that can provide them with needed health care. developing tonight, health insurance rates will soon be going way up for tens of thousands of iowa. the state commissioner tells us those most affected her iowans who buy their own insurance,
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increases for 2017 have been improved -- a proof for lucia, allison and medical individual policyholders. some will face high, as much as 42%. to see the total number of iowans impacted and increases for each company, log on to our website. in the race for the white house, portions of clinton's interview with the fbi could soon be made public -- agency is investigating her use of a private e-mail server during her time as secretary of state. the fbi said clinton was not grossly negligent for handling e-mails on a private server while at the state department. today the state department announced it has found 30 e- mails that they be related to the 2012 benghazi attacks. they are among the thousands of documents recovered from clinton's personal server. donald trump is preparing to clear out questions
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is preparing for what he calls a major policy speech on the issue. he'll make the speech in front of reporters in arizona tomorrow. also tomorrow, this just in minutes ago, trump will travel to mexico to meet with the mexican president. both candidates will face off in the first of three presidential debates on september 26. and that brings us to our question of the day if the presidential election was held today, who would you choose? to cast your vote, click on the questioning of the homepage of cbs 2 >> now we continue to look at other stories across the corridor. a cedar rapids teen driving without a license called a crash that tied up this morning's commute. offers us the great -- the girl lavosa red light. they had an accident and the truck flipped over and landed on a minivan. the driver responsible for the
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iowa city students will head back to class on time tomorrow. today the school day and it early because of heat. district leaders say nearly 77% of classrooms are air- conditioned, but 23% are not. in a letter to parents, the superintendent said the conditions were not ideal for a learning environment, and he called for classes to be called off after speaking to administrators district. >> starting tomorrow the boots will be back out on the streets in the corridor. several area fire departments will be fanning out asking for donations for the muscular dystrophy donate -- foundation. they hope to top last year total of $34,000. funds raised here in the cordero will go directly to the mda clinic. they will also help cover costs of cap courageous and monticello. >> more than one in five americans suffer from l service, a disease without a
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l timers is being held in various locations throughout the state and country come up but they are all posting walks this my. event coordinators in cedar rapids say they are hoping the walk will raise about $185,000. the walk in cedar rapids begin -- the corridor's top stories and tomorrow's weather first forecast in the first ten minut. minutes.still to come... come...getting out the national effort focusing on voters in iowa's first
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i'm hillary clinton and i approve this message. there's a race going on right now. the world's clean energy super power's either going to be germany, china, or us. and i'm going to make sure it's us. from 500 million solar panels installed by the end of my first term, to precision manufacturing. we'll beat the competition and create new high wage jobs. we can do this, millions of jobs right here in america.
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tomorrow on cbs 2 this morning. inspiration can come in all shapes and sizes -- and at the moments it's needed the most. most.learn about the big steps one small girl is taking to help flood victims in louisiana..that's tomorrow on cbs 2 this >> i think you may see an extra spring in people steps tomorrow. >> definitely. why not. we are overdue. >> that was the term. two points. yes, very good. it has been a summer of high dewpoints in eastern iowa and
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humidity off tomorrow so forecast looks nice now as we approach the holiday weekend. seventy-one is the current temperature and winds are northwest, so that indicates that a friend has passed through eastern iowa. even though that has happened, we have a dewpoint of 71, so that drier air is lagging between -- behind the actual front but it will be here during the day tomorrow. here's a look at current temperatures. it's already down to 64 degrees in charles city. you will go well into the 50s sixty-six in decorah and monticello at 70 and, has a temperature of -- tama had a temperature of 67. you can see breaks now in northern iowa and up in minnesota and wisconsin guys have really cleared out, and that is the sunshine that will develop our sunshine tomorrow in the afternoon. should be a much better day across the midwest as all the
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southwest. today's numbers got up to 84 in cedar rapids, iowa city and dubuque. waterloo was a little cooler at 80. there was about two tenths of an inch in iowa city and here there was very little. srs actual high temperatures, you see some of the warmest air was in east central iowa at of that front southeast. that will be kicked out tomorrow and we should see -- shouldn't see temperatures that warm for several days. this storm, which is off the pacific northwest, has forced energy northward and will buckle the jet stream and bring it in from the northwest, taking all this moisture and humidity and shove it well to the southeast of us. here is the front that will do it. you see tonight it into iowa
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afternoon, you see that cold front makes good progress right into the southeastern u.s. with that high-pressure in place that will keep them winds and storms out of our forecast, and bring some very comfortable conditions with below normal temperatures expected starting tomorrow, and continuing at least into saturday, perhaps into sunday. all the heat and humidity should remain well to the west of us, until we get southerly winds to develop sunday night then by monday warm humid conditions are expected to arrive once again. on till that time showers and storms will stay well to the west of us. our next chance of precipitation doesn't come until sunday night or monday and tomorrow looks to be in excellent day. temperatures should be in the 70s and dewpoints will start to crash. those 50s to the south of us will be what we will be experiencing the rest of the week. night skies cooler, 55 in the
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northerly winds continuing and temperatures holding in the mid and upper 70s in most areas, mostly sunny skies in the afternoon. very pleasant conditions returning to eastern iowa. that will hold thursday into saturday. things start to warm up sunday. labor day looks to be warm and humid and there is a chance of scattered under storms. next on cbs 2 news, how one group is working to make sure every vote in eastern iowa accounts. we asked u.s. cellular customers to show us all the beautiful places they get coverage with our strong signal.
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you shared from your hike. you showed us this sunset. you posted from the farm. and you adventured way out there... a lot of amazing places. ?? u.s. cellular put towers where the other guys don't. so join our network, and start sharing your moments from the middle of anywhere. i pledge allegiance, to the flag [continues in background] they're bringing drugs, they're brigning crime, they're rapists...
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e continues in background] you gotta see this guy; "oh, i don't know what i said. ah, i don't remember." i could stand in the middle of 5th avenue and shoot somebody and i wouldn't lose any voters... get him the hell out of here... get him out of here! get out!
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one of the most hotly contested congressional races in the country is right here in eastern iowa. iowa.first district congressman, republican rod blum, is trying to hold off a challenge >> one of the most hotly contested congressional races in the country is right here in eastern iowa. >> first district guzman republican rob bluhm is try to hold off democrat monica burning. right now both candidates are getting help from their political parties and beyond. kevin barry that is literally going door-to- door. >> this girls work with the peace corps took her to places where frustration with political candidates was not something you could easily voice. >> if the wrong leadership takes place. >> reporter: it made her passionate about voting and drove her to great the progressive turn a project.
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cedar rapids. >> reporter: we are trying to engage voters at their door multiple times throughout the election cycle to talk to them about voting in general, and why it is they go out and vote the way they do. >> reporter: they are a super pac but they are not looking to donate money to candidates. they are trying to push democratic voters to the polls. it doesn't always work but over the last few elections there have been over 60 seats in the house of representatives won or lost by just fiv >> so when we know that field effort can turn out as much as eight percentage points, those are the districts we want to be active and because we know we can make a difference come election day. >> reporter: that is what brings them to iowa's first district. democratic challenger monica vernon has a lot of money and support and some comes from the democratic national campaigns committee who put bluhm on the top of their list to take back
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attention. around primaries pac's said, if you vote its public record. >> that type of language, talking about the social aspect of voting, to a certain extent, can really motivate people to go out and vote. >> in my opinion it's all fine line. watch them does imply to be a shame approach. i think there are to many campaign consultants who attracted and think it works so they continue to do that. >> reporter: a recent study suggests it does work. in the august 2006 primary in michigan they had a control group who voted about 30% but when vote is
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them out to the polls more, and did being shown their own voting record or the voting record of their neighbors. the study found that can about reach was more effective than live phone call than nearly as effective as in person doorknocking. >> secretary pate says he doesn't like it, believing that language could lead some voters to feel harassed, but the numbers don't lie. >> we ar not really fire them up with false information. that's not what we do. >> kevin barry reporting. leading up to the iowa caucuses, the cruz campaign got a lot of attention for an inaccurate mail. they say that kind of outreach is out of line. >> be sure to join kevin with iowa in focus right here on sunday at 10:30 on cbs 2.
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gallagher: this type of disaster hits, it's like, "man, what do we do? where do we start?" after the flood, when we came in here, there was nothing left. there's no way we're gonna do this ourselves. people like monica vernon really fought to get the assistance that led to the recovery. it took vision. it took courage. there is a true community spirit. i don't think she asked anybody after the flood whether they were democrat or republican. she took the bull by the horns, saw a problem that needed to be solved, and she solved it. vernon: i'm monica vernon, and i approve this message. "it's a journey. it's week to week. there's so many twists and turns that can take place during the course of a year, and really it just gets down simply to focusing on what's important." that journey for the hawks -- starts saturday against miami of ohio -- the only thing
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the rose bowl loss, not getting back to the big 10 title game -- just the redhawks -- and as pat moroney found out -- the hawks can't wait to buckle their chin straps. no more spring ball, summer workouts, or fall camp - it's finally game week in iowa city - and after beating up on each other for the last nine months - the hawks are ready to beat up on somebody else this saturday we've been waiting for this for a long time - the taste of the rose bowl still hasn't left our mou . >> we've been playing against the schedule - but in the crazy world of college football - there are no easy ones i don't think their record last year shows how good they are - they've got a good team
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we've just gotta treat every team the same and not overlook anyone - because you don't know what's gonna happen during the season seasonsince i've been here we've already lost to two mac schools - so we've got that in the back of our mind the goal is 1 and 0 - and the hawkeyes - aren't taking anything for grd grantedjust look back historically - we've looked really good on opening days somedays - and other days not so much - you know i don't care who our opponent is - we've gotta be ready to go iowa's won 14 of their last 15 season openers - there last loss - came to a different mac team - northern illinois in 2013 - the hawks will look to avoid that same fate this saturday - in iowa city - pat moroney - cbs 2 sports the defending n-f-c noth champs suffered a huge blow today -- viking's q-b -- teddy bridgewater dislocated his knee and tore his a-c-l in a non contact drill during practice -- ending his season before it even begin -- 36 noncontact drill during
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before it even began. shaun hill are the only other quarterback on the deathtrap. >> the woman of troy ended the alliance season last year and had plans to start off nbc divisional play with a win. when my was on another level. hunter sets up currently speeds. seabreeze the heat. lions get the set. belonged to kelsey drake and alliance. drake set two pull record and
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i'm chuck grassley, and i approve this message.
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jobs eliminated. salary cuts. unpaid leave. the governor, auditor and secretary of agriculture voluntarily cut their own pay ten percent. but, lieutenant govenor patty judge refused to cut her hundred and three thousand dollar salary by even a penny.
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>> everyone in a while our atmosphere like to realign itself a bit, and it's in the process of doing that now, and that will mean really good things for us weatherwise the next few days. tomorrow we begin with mid- sixties and end up with 70 degrees and lots of sunshine.
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i'm hillary clinton and i approve this message. there's a race going on right now. the world's clean energy super power's either going to be germany, china, or us. and i'm going to make sure it's us. from 500 million solar panels installed by the end of my first term, to precision manufacturing. we'll beat the competition and create new high wage jobs.
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