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tv   ET Entertainment Tonight  CBS  September 1, 2016 6:30pm-7:01pm CDT

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y22jiy yixy . sharon stone targeted by an obsessed fan. his demands for diamonds and money. we have the bizarre letters from the psych ward. then our "dancing with the stars" predictions after we go inside the rehearsals. >> we are having way too much fun! and the real reason pro mark ballas is not returning. the kiss seen round the world what you don't know about drake and rihanna's new romance. ?? ? ? and the new terminator with arnold's son? a dead ringer for his dad. we have your first look at the incredible remake. >> i'll be back! now for september the 1st, 2016 this is "entertainment
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"basic instinct" star sharon stone is fighting back against an alleged stalker he once showed up at her house. >> he's sitting in a prison psych ward but could be released in a few months. >> sharon was upbeat at a nail salon yesterday, two days after she was granted a restraining order against an alleged 55-year-old alleged stalker. the judge ok'd the order. in the document sharon says she became te bombarded her with letters from the psych ward. in one of those letters, she says he asked her to bring him quote two crown royal bags full of diamonds, my two c.i.a. badges, $20 billion worth of department of treasury checks. she cites another letter quote, i have 11 wives picked out and would cause about 18 kids. you would sit at the other head of the dining table. "e.t." today with rhonda saunders, an international consultant on stalking and
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has been making in the letters to sharon stone about the dinner, about having diamonds, all of these other riches, he is delusional, and just because someone is in prison or in a mental hospital, it doesn't mean that they're getting any treatment whatsoever. >> here's the timeline of sharon's legal battle with the alleged stalker in 2011, she filed a restraining order against the man for quote sh her home. in 2013, that restraining order expired. >> what do you mine, what's the matter? i made a lot of money for you. >> stone is best known for her roles in "casino" and "basic instinct" and is committed to social causes. she got emotional in july talking about police brutality. >> the violence produces more violence. >> despite all this madness. sharon remains focused on doing
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she'll be honored for her humanitarian work by the martha's vineyard film society. the countdown is on to "dancing with the stars" season 23. kicks off in just 11 days and that is your theme. >> i am ready to do this. the question is, are the stars? we take a look to see who's going to burn up the ballroom and who might go bust. >> how is practice? >> good, really good. killing it. >> olympian ryan lochte is used to intense make him a front-runner to win it all? our prediction, only if he can keep focus. he was spotted out at a hot spot. keep the party in check. in the battle of olympians we're betting on laurie hernandez, she and pal chmerkovskiy val are looking strong. val's biggest competition may be his brother, maks, who is paired with tv personality amber rose.
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may be the perfect partner to help her hone her skills. >> we're having way too much fun. >> "little women" starter, star, terra jole, has imitated britney spears in the past. former nfl star calvin johnson was known for his touchdown dances, so far is keeping his practices with pro lindsay arnold closed and away from l.a. in michigan. >> jenna wore a shirt, look what it says. >> but disney star jake austin and partner jenna johnson are flaunting their teamwork. he's 21, her first year as a pro. they're predicting a win. they'll have tough competition with these two -- >> our team name is glamour! >> go glamour. having so much fun.
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back story will get "e.t." attention. the new mom split with her husband of just over a year, he's in rehab. she's paired with gleb artem chigvintsev. >> take over a lead role in the broad way show, jersey boys. mark ballas won't be back. >> i'll be with derek houf and his partner marilu henner, who is considered a front-runner. a big moment between drake and rihanna. he surprised fans in miami when he brought her up on stage and they locked lips they're ready to go public. confirming what we told you on monday, they are together. >> it's on. this lip-lock and full-on pda at sunday's vmas, a concert eye
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time they were being playful, flirty and at one point rihanna even twerked on him. but the drianna lovefest didn't end there. they hit up club 11 in miami. they held hands. we've learned that rihanna has a camo tattoo. 2005 drake meets rihanna. >> the first time 2005. >> it was during the making of her "pon da replay" video. in 2009 they were seen making out in a bowling alley. ?? ?? >> the following year, their first collaboration.
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on his song "take care" with telling lyrics. then when rihanna seemed to rebound with ex chris brown, drake stayed out of the picture. >> we had our moment. >> but that didn't last long. after alelkdly dating on and off for the next two years, they would be spotted together twice more in 2016 and the love-fes continues. >> she's someone i've been in love with since i was 22 years old. >> drake is scheduled to perform in new orleans tomorrow night. speaking of surprises, rihanna's ex chris brown dropped a new track just hours after he was arrested. >> urg not doing this for the fame. this is real? >> this is what happened to you? >> this is what happened to me.
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incriminating texts that one report says are in the hands of brown's attorney, mark geragos sent to a friend tuesday morning. chris brown is kicking me out of his house because i called his friend's jewelry fake. can you come get me. >> he was there in the kitchen area showcasing these diamonds, so of course i'm like oh, pretty. curran went on to text if she couldn't get picked up quote i'm going to set him up and call the cops and say he tried to shoot me and tha lesson. about ten minutes later the 911 dispatcher was sending police. >> for the location, a female is crying, asking for help. baylee told us she ran away from the house and hid under a truck. >> we hid underneath the truck. i'm terrified, are they going to shoot me on the street. >> by 8:30 in the morning. brown's house was surrounded by police there were reports that chris had barricaded himself
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to protest and to clear his innocence. >> barricaded myself in my house. >> have you seen my house? >> that's kind of what brown's friend ray j who was also there, told me. >> how can we barricade ourself in chris's house, it's 10,000 square feet. brown was arrested for suspicion of assault with a deadly weapon and released on bail. >> it's ridiculous. it's ridiculous. >> y'all got to stop playing on me like i'm the villain going crazy. >> one of the keys could be security camera footage that could go a long way to clarifying what happened that night. >> doesn't it always, right? >> the video don't lie. coming up next -- behind the scenes of "the voice" with miley cyrus, revealing her plan to take down blake and adam and a side of the star you've never seen. >> it's very funny, i don't actually love the attention with all the lights. and we're with emma stone in venice, why the oscar nominee
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kate mara sent to determine
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?? look at miley cyrus, the yoga pose, you don't understand the hijinks that ensued once we saw that picture. nancy o'dell went full miley. she flashed all the way back to high school in myrtle beach, south carolina then nischell turner tried to get in the mix. >> i went full miley, okay? nancy and i both. let's listen up we love when miley takes everything to the
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on "the voice." >> i'm going to win, so i'm excited to win the voice. ?? ?? >> i wanted to be on "the voice" as a coach after i mentored last time. i don't think enough people know that how real "the voice" actually is i kind of am used to things in -- this industry not always being what they seem. especially when you watch things on tv this is what it seems like. miley is ready to throw down for season 11, she's loving being first for the show. >> in the world to make this girl cat fight scenario, we're so not so girls, that's actually blake and adam. >> you were better. >> you're not better. >> we're better than you. >> once coach miley got in her playbook? >> first, dress to distract. >> i don't actually love attention on me. i think style can be something that makes you feel comfortable. something to kind of not just have everyone staring into your
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people's style. even if it's totally different from mine. ?? >> number two, be a musical chameleon. >> with me, i don't think there's necessarily that kind of like genre role. i think if you do country because of my background, you could want to be on my team. blake could come out and steal some of adam's team and also i'm a sucker for any and especially a piano ballad. >> and number three use what you've got. >> you can put out something virally on the internet, you don't have to wait for people in suits to tell you you're good enough. you can do it. >> i think she's going to be fantastic. >> with that yoga pose almost made me throw my hip out. still to come, we went to italy on the venice canals with emma stone.
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their new movie, why it's not as sexy as it sounds. >> it's hard for us not to laugh. how much do these two kids look like their superstar parents? cindy crawford's model daughter, a dead ringer for her supermodel mom. >> it's undeniable. >> what she told us about her new acting gig and speaking of acting, we have arnold's son, recreating "the terminator." acting, we have arnold's son, recreating "the terminator." >> hasta la vista, baby.
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hillary clinton: i'm hillary clinton and i approve this message. bob kidder, owner, new england shirt company: this factory has been here since eighteen eighty-three. we have over sixty people here making shirts labled made in america. but donald trump's brand of shirts come from china, his suits from mexico, his coats from india. trump's products there's no place in america that he can make them. well there is. you know donald trump says he'll make america great again while
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come with me if you want to live. >> this year marks the 25th anniversary of "terminator 2: judgment day." and now he's back. well not arnold, but his son, joseph, who looks just like his dad. ?? >> the resemblance, uncanny. >> their similarities? striking. arnold's son, joseph, recreating his dad's "terminator 2: judgment day" scene. shot by shot. >> can't let you talk the man's wheels, son. >> let's get off before i have to put you down.
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trademark terminator death glare. joseph is the son that arnold had outside of his marriage with marchia arnold has maintained a close relationship with joseph who turns 19 next month. the pair hung out together on bikes at the famous muscle beach, joseph taking workout tips from dad. >> judging from might want to think about starring in the next "terminator" film. crazy how much those two look alike. joseph plans on spending the next year studying abroad in europe. we were with another look-alike kid last night as cindy crawford's gorgeous daughter kaia hit the red carpet for the first time as a star. ?? >> she does that same hair flip thing as her mom and she's got
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thing down. yup, just two days shy of turning 15, kaia has got major twinning vibes going on. >> this is your first cover and your mom's first cover. when do people start telling you guys that you looked alike? do you see it? >> i mean people have always told me that. and i never saw it until like a year ago and then i finally was like okay, especially in photos like that, like, yeah, it's undeniable. >> yeah. side-by-side comparisons. the bold eyebrows, the perfect pout. well mom and the entire gerber family came out to support kaia's acting debut in the lifetime preview "sister city." >> you're not my mother. >> someone has to be. come on. >> what drew you to acting? is it something you're going to keep doing, modeling and acting? >> i think i'm focusing on modeling right now. but this was an incredible experience. i could never have imagined
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role. >> but don't think kaia got the part just because of her celeb parents, it turns out cindy made sure she auditioned and drove kaia there herself. >> i feel like who better to guide them. i feel like i'll be a great guide. >> what has mom taught her mini me about handling haters and people who body shame via social media. >> i don't look at it because i know people would never say things like that if they weren't hiding behind a computer. >> the hottest spot for movies venicee italy. >> we're here in the heart of venice on the grand canal where the cast of "la la land" will be celebrating after their big red carpet premiere. but first we picked up star emma stone on the james bond reboat for a little girl chat. >> how do you pick your outfits?
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keep them. i put them on and she takes them away. >> emma is in venice, but channeled some hollywood glam on the red carpet. later short and flirty at the after-party for her new movie, her third with ryan gosling. in it she's a struggling actress and in it she sings. ?? >> what is it like to be serenaded by ryan gosling? >> you know i think you can see it on the screen, it's lovely. sometimes when you're od friends with someone -- >> it is funny when you're friends with someone because it's kind of like, oh, my god. it's hard for us not to laugh i think most of the time. >> and the movie has emma doing a little ballroom dancing, for that she took lessons from a pro. >> we learned some of our dancing from some people -- >> did you? >> artem, the dancer. >> sexy artem. one of my favorite sequences in the film was all of the crazy
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what was your craziest auditions had you to do. >> reading this monologue. why are you reading off the paper? and it was because i just received the paper and she really screamed and i ended up crying. at the end of it which is a little -- a little -- psych-out. >> wow it looks beautiful in venice. wish i was there. >> me, too. >> in our "entertainment tonight" birthdays, which celebrity doctor was once offered a football are you ready for an all-female version of "magic mike" with ellenndndndndndndnd ?
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we asked u.s. cellular customers to show us all the beautiful places they get coverage with our strong signal. you posted from the seashore. you shared from your hike. you showed us this sunset. you posted from the farm. and you adventured way out there... a lot of amazing places. ??
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n our network, and start sharing your moments from the middle of anywhere. at -- britney spears opens up about raising her sons in the spotlight. plus does she regret becoming famous? then -- two of bachelor ben higgins' exes are coming to his reality show.
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and we press play on the exclusive premiere of jason aldean's new song "that plane don't go there." watch the performance on >> announcer: travel considerations provided by -- welcome back. in tonight's "e.t." birthdays which celebrity doctor was offered a college football scholarship? that was dr. phil, who turns 66 today. happy birthday, dr. phil. >> he played a middle linebacker at the university of tulsa. he's tall. breaking news, we're getting our first look at an all-female version of "magic mike." it's um, just watch. >> introducing magic michelle.
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>> you look thirsty. >> olivia munn. and jenna dewan tatum. >> i don't do this to pay for school. i already have a ph.d. and magic michelle, ellen degeneres. >> oh yeah, okay. >> nobody gets your engine running like magic michelle. they've got all the right moves. and a two and a half star rating on yelp. >> the star-studded cast is good, but you've got to give the people what they want. a legendary cameo. >> and introducing -- academy award nominee -- oprah winfrey! [ cheers and applause ] >> magic michelle. >> wow! >> i never knew she was so
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