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tv   Up to the Minute  CBS  September 2, 2016 3:36am-4:01am CDT

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infrastructure. anthony fox, who took the first flight, expects that to change. >> getting the infrastructure in a place to take this responsibility is require effort on the part of the cubans. >> reporter: she wanted to see cuba as it is now before the rest of america arrives. >> we wanted to get there while it was still raw. >> reporter: and when we talk about tourist infrastructure, there aren't a lot of hotels in santa clara. not a lot of mass transit and take the runway at the airport. there's about 500 feet that we're told is out of service. our pilots said there was a
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a community of neighbors in, indiana are being forced to leave their homes. the epa has placed signs at a housing complex warning not to play in the dirt. >> reporter: this housing complex was on top of what used to be a led refinery. well, now more than four decade later, at least 1,000 people are being forced to vacate. >> i'm angry because my family just got poisoned on someone else being negligent. >> reporter: each of charles and chantal allen's children have higher than normal led levels.
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times higher than normal. >> everyone's test is inaccurate. >> reporter: the mayor notified low income housing residents in july that the epa recently informed him that soil sampling detected led and arsenic in the complex. saying he learned at the end of may. >> they were the eye of the storm of a perfect led storm contamination. and nobody bothered to tell them. >> reporter: attorney ruth represents more than al80 residents. he says documents dating back to 2011 shows the city knew there was a serious problem. >> we're going to find out where the break down occurred and go after that problem and compensate the victims. >> reporter: at the end of the day, is it too late?
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it was. >> reporter: epa officials continue to go door to door, testing each property's land for led. mother of four, sandra smith has been living here for five years. her children's led levels are low. >> was this a project that you were trying to see how long it takes to kill off a bunch of people? you know that's not safe. >> reporter: the east chicago said all of the residents here will be given housing vouchers to help them relocate. meanwhile, this complex will be demolished and the soil will be treated once again. the virtual reality industry is still in its infancy. but the company called rendevor is working towards a future are
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seniors face won't prevent them attending. say a granddaughter's wedding. they'll be able to travel in virtual and real time. >> reporter: the men and women here at the brookdale senior community don't need to take a trip to visit the french country side. they've got the power of virtual reality. they can sore through yosemite national park. an ocean. >> oh, look at that fish. >> reporter: mit grad students are pioneering the use of this technology with seniors. >> i feel for the people living inside these communities, that they don't have enough stimulation. they need to have a sense of wonder about the world again. they need to be curious, exploring and when you're physically not able to do that
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reality's a wonderful aid to provide that. >> reporter: much of the footage is done through google maps footage like this. and 360 degree films. >> i'll go shopping. >> reporter: vanessa has been living her for two years. you talked through the whole event. >> well, my tour -- >> reporter: so you're like this in real life? >> oh, yeah. >> reporter: the experience is even more like marion keith. she got the opportunity to return home. >> you recognize the house? >> wait a minute. oh, don't say that. most beautiful area in the
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emotion. she felt something. >> absolutely. other people in the room felt it and those are powerful moments that picture will provide. >> who did this? >> reporter: in a follow-up interview, we asked keith about her experience, but she strug tooled take us back to that precise moment. what does that tell you is happening? >> without us being there, she wouldn't remember that her husband worked on the back of her house. virtual reality allows us to spark that new memory. >> thank you. >> nothing can ever replace human touch and interaction. >> reporter: neurologist says the brain is a complex organ that benefits from real connection.
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? ? there is no way we're going to get the weirdo in there without anyone noticing. ? ? >> wow. she looks -- >> pretty. good. you look pretty good. >> that's a scene from the new
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netflix has confirmed it will be back next year for a second season. here how twin brothers were inspired to create the show. >> reporter: since its july debut, the buzz surrounding "stranger things" has only grown, in part because of the 1980s nostalgia. they've created their own buzz and curiosity as well. and we met up with them in an '80s themed bar in los angeles. from the outset, "stranger things" has the look, sound and feel of an '80s classic. >> stop it. you're freaking her out. >> reporter: set in 1983, the show follows a group of junior
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friend and along the way meet a girl and inter another dimension. the twin brothers behind the series who actually came of age in the '90s were inspired by the movies they loved growing up. >> our thing was could we go back to the style of blockbusters we do in this new format? >> a lot of our favorite blockbusters, "indiana jones" and these were all original ideas. now it's hard to get something like that made. >> reporter: for one of the main cast members, what's old is new again. >> beatle juice? >> reporter: winoewynona rider the mother of the frantic boy. >> at that point we only had one
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she really loved the script but it was a leap of faith on her part and without her, i don't think the show would have broken through the way it did. >> will, are you here? >> reporter: to find the right mix of younger stars. >> this isn't some lord of the rings book. >> the hobbit. >> reporter: they screened roughly 1,000 odditiaudition ta. >> just one bad child performance would -- i think it would destroy it. >> reporter: in a video posted by actress milly brown on twitter, the brothers witnessed her transform into the supernatural role of 11. >> 11, who is played by milly, because this is a character that doesn't have a lot of lines. but we were in a close up and went, oh, my god. >> reporter: judging from the online buzz and artwork created
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following. >> did you have any clue it would be as successful? >> we thought it would appeal to the people who, like us grew up loving these movies from the '80s. and that it would also work for a newer, younger generation. >> reporter: do you have personal favorite moments in the series where you look at it and you're right back in 1983? >> maybe someone -- people will see that trapper instantly brought back to another time. >> toys are important. >> that falcon was not easy to get. you notice it's hidden under the blanket for the whole show because it was too costly to keep it in there the whole time. >> reporter: but the throwback hit almost wasn't. they were rejected more than a dozen times by mainstream
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connecting with their mainstream world. >> it wasn't something that had been done on television before. there was a line that dustin says in episode six, talking about 11. i feel that way about netflix. netflix is our friend and she's crazy. i think that's why they're so successful. >> reporter: now the brothers are busy plotting how to make season two even stranger. >> there's a lot of unresolved issues. a that's wide open. the goal is that tension is going to be rezausolved. very much then way you do a movie sequel. >> reporter: wednesday netflix released this cryptic trailer of what's to come and video games may somehow be involved in season two. we'll have more on our streaming network all weekend starting tomorrow. the cbs overnight news will
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go to a powerful photo of a moment of kindness show as college football star joining a young student in the cafeteria. after seeing him eating alone at lunch. here's mark sfwlrks >> reporter: he was sitting alone on tuesday. you looked up and there he was? >> yeah. >> and what did he say? >> what's up, dude? >> reporter: he was travis rudolph, a star wide receiver with the florida state football team. five players were visiting the school as part of a community service program. >> he asked me am i going to
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i said are you in the nfl and he said no. >> reporter: rudolph told us he noticed a young kid sitting by himself and headed his way. >> i got two thrislices of pizzd i saw him by himself and something snapped. >> reporter: someone spotted bo and his new friend having lunch sitting with no one else and sent it to the sixth grader's mother. he's autistic and many days no one sits with him at lunch. >> reporter: the thought of him eating alone gets to you. >> reporter: leah will always remember the college football player's kindness to her son. could have sat with anybody and yet he picked bo who was sitting by himself. >> yes. i'm just moved at emotion with his generosity and kindness.
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bo but i'm so grateful he did. that was so kind. >> reporter: she'd thank rudolph in a facebook post. this is one day i didn't have to worry if my sweet boy ate lunch alone because he sat next to someone who was a hero in many eyes. that post has been shared thousands of times since. >> i hope kids welcome him in because he's a generous person and he can be around me >> reporter: when bo walked into lunch on wednesday, every kid wanted to sit with him. >> i'm a super star. everybody recognizes me. >> reporter: tal has a e, florida. >> for some of you the news will continue, for others, check back with us a little later for cbs
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? this is "the cbs overnight news." >> hurricane hermine brought strong winds and heavy rains to florida that hadn't seen a hurricane make land fall since wil watches and warnings were posted all along the east coast as the storm moves north. >> reporter: florida's gulf coast is preparing to get h hammered by hurricane her mine and wind speeds up to 170 miles per hour. and they're shutting their business early. >> for the safety of our employees and for the safety of


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